Queer Clicks: February 22 | All Fired Up: Ceramics With a Queer Twist, Insta-Stud: Obaid Habibi, & Other News

Aaron Jay Young’s Self-Portrait Series Explores the Queer Male Body

“In his ongoing self-portrait photography series, Aaron Jay Young captures the varying energies of masculinity and femininity channeled through the queer male body. His images explore gender, humanity, and performativity, as well as being really hot. You can order prints hereOut

All Fired Up: Ceramics With a Queer Twist

“In this exhibition at Pennsylvania’s Allegheny College, the semantic geography of the word “trade” is explored to move it beyond male sexuality and sex acts specifically, and to reconceive the word within the broader realm of queer art theory to explore nonnormative identities, power play, desire, and the allure of risky assignations.” Advocate

Insta-Stud: Obaid Habibi

“Do you like your men with a little hair on their chest? Then you’ll enjoy our latest Insta-Stud. He’s got fur in all the right places.

Obaid Habibi is a stunning male specimen. He’s got that whole mysterious vibe about him. From what I can tell, he’s of Syrian descent but now calls Germany his home.” Homorazzi

Calum Scott Goes Shirtless for ‘Gay Times’ Cover, His First Ever!

“Calum Scott puts his muscles on display while going shirtless for Gay Times magazine’s March 2018 issue, his first ever cover spread for a magazine!” Just Jared

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Queer Clicks: February 21 | Gus Kenworthy Keeps Injuring Himself—This Time It Was His Juicy Peach , Before You Post Your Next Gym Selfie, Read This Hilarious Rant Against Gay Body Shaming, & Other News

Gus Kenworthy Keeps Injuring Himself—This Time It Was His Juicy Peach

“Snowboarder Gus Kenworthy hasn’t been having the best of luck in PyeongChang: A few days ago, he broke his thumb during practice, posting a picture on Twitter while simultaneously dissing Vice President Mike Pence. And this morning, the out hunk posted an Instagram showing a severe hematoma (blood clot) on his hip from another injury sustained earlier this week. ” New Now Next

Before You Post Your Next Gym Selfie, Read This Hilarious Rant Against Gay Body Shaming

“The LGBTQ community already has a high rate of eating disorders and body dysmorphia. So when gay Australian comedian Joel Creasey saw gay men discussing diets and gym workouts in the lead up to Sydney’s Gay Mardi Gras “as if they’re training for the Olympics or to compete in Miss Universe,” he felt compelled to say something. His gay body shaming rant has since gotten increasing attention.” New Now Next

Russell Tovey’s New Footballer Fiancé Has A Secret Adult Film Past

“On the grand spectrum of scandals, having an adult entertainment past ranks right up there with, say, racking up $700 in credit card debt and then paying it off over a reasonable amount of time. Busted.

However, the former certainly makes for a better pics-or-it-didn’t-happen moment.

And that’s the second-hour angle to Russell Tovey‘s engagement announcement. Fun! ” Queerty

“Apparently, I’m all about eyes these days. Our latest Insta-Stud has a stunning pair like our previous selection, Jorge Del Rio Romero.

Meet Fernando Pas. From what I can tell, he’s a male model from Germany. Check out more pics below.” Homorazzi

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Queer Clicks: February 19 | And You Thought There Was Nothing Left To Learn About Anal Sex…. , Gus Kenworthy Shares Historic Kiss with Boyfriend on live TV, & Other News

And You Thought There Was Nothing Left To Learn About Anal Sex…

“Anal sex. It’s a thing that happens. Especially when you’re gay.

Bespoke Surgical, a private gay proctological and anal surgery practice with offices in New York City and Los Angeles, interviewed 300 gay men of various ages about their anal sex habits.

Here’s what they found:

13% of gay men have anal sex daily
39% of gay men have it a couple times a week
24% of gay men have it a couple times a month
5 in 6 gay men have it at least a few times a year
One in six has it less than once a year

The breakdown of guys who identify as tops, bottoms, or versatile was fairly even. 39% said they prefer topping, compared to 33% who said they are vers, and 29% who said they prefer being on bottom. ” Queerty

OUT Magazine Reveals 2018 Most Eligible Bachelors List

“Did you spend Valentine’s Day alone? If you don’t want a repeat for 2019, OUT magazine is here to help you out. The publication has unveiled its annual roundup of the 100 most eligible bachelors out there looking for love.

Just a few who made the cut include Adam Lambert, figure skater Adam Rippon (top left), Tituss Burgess, athlete Michael Sam (top right), musician Olly Alexander, Jake Shears, supermodel Nyle DiMarco, designer Prabal Gurung (bottom left), comedian Matteo Lane (bottom right), YouTube star Tyler Oakley, EJ Johnson and Andrew Rannells.” Homorazzi

Gus Kenworthy Shares Historic Kiss with Boyfriend on live TV

“Be still our beating hearts! Winter Olympian Gus Kenworthy made history after he planted a kiss on his boyfriends lips, live on NBC primetime television! A huge moment for the LGBTQ community, this is Gus’ first Olympics event as an out gay man. Speaking afterwards, Kenworthy stated “That’s something that I wanted at the last Olympics was to share a kiss with my boyfriend at the bottom and it was something I was too scared to do for myself, and so to be able to do that, to give him a kiss, to have that affection broadcasted for the world is incredible”” Instinct Magazine

Max Small By Andrew Stubbersfield – Part 3

“This was one of the most last minute shoots I’ve ever done but the results were amazing. It was a pleasure working with the beautiful Kiwi who hopes to make Australia his home soon.“ – Photographer Andrew Stubbersfield on working with model Max Small. DNA Magazine

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Queer Clicks: February 18 | ‘Butterscotch Goddam’ is Fischerspooner’s Fresh, Sticky, Sexy Love Affair, Insta-Stud: Jorge Del Rio Romero, & Other News

73 Images of Leathermen on Exhibition at the Faultline

The three-day leatherfest took place at one of Los Angeles’s most popular leather and fetish bars, the Faultline. Luis Ramos was crowned Mr. Faultline Leather 2018. Advocate

Insta-Stud: Jorge Del Rio Romero

“Those eyes!!! I could get lost looking at those bad boys all day, and more importantly, all night. Meet Jorge Del Rio Romero– a green-eyed stunning Spanish male model.” Homorazzi

‘Butterscotch Goddam’ Is Fischerspooner’s Fresh, Sticky, Sexy Love Affair

“Fischerspooner today released the video for “Butterscotch Goddam”, the follow-up to its sexual deep dive “Top Brazil” which took viewers into the depths of a sex club. Both come from the group’s new LP Sir, released today.

“Butterscotch” is “about a tumultuous love affair,” its director Carlo Van de Roer told NME.” Towleroad

Celebrating Chinese Year Of The Dog With Tim

“Photographer West Phillips is helping us bring in the Chinese New Year with an extraordinary series of photography celebrating the beauty of Asian men, today we feature the beautiful Tim.” DNA Magazine

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Queer Clicks: February 17 | Here’s What Happened When A Male Sex Worker Said, ‘Me Too’, Celebrating Chinese Year Of The Dog With Yan, & Other News

Here’s What Happened When A Male Sex Worker Said, ‘Me Too’

“Actor Tegan Zayne has risen to the top of the gay adult film industry in three short years, but he says he is fighting a deeply personal, behind-the-scenes battle.

Last month, the 26-year-old Brooklynite came forward with rape allegations against another adult film actor, Topher DiMaggio. The incident took place, he said, when the men were sharing a room at an upstate New York location ― he can’t remember the name of the town or the exact date ― on the night before they were scheduled to film a X-rated scene for the adults-only site CockyBoys in the summer of 2016.” Huffpost

Meet The Hunky Pit Crew Of “Drag Race Thailand”

“Are you thirsty for Drag Race Thailand? The trailer gave us a first glimpse of the hunky Pit Crew bringing out trays of refreshments for the queens. It certainly made us parched!Luckily, we have some deets—and Instagram accounts—for a trio of the show’s muscular gofers. ” NewNowNext

Gay Twitter Is Swooning Over Olympic Skater Javier Fernández And His “A$$ Of An Angel”

“We’re totally crushing on Javier Fernández after watching him compete in the Figure Skating Men Short Program last night.

The 26-year-old from Spain (who goes by Javi for short) had us swooning as he channelled his inner Charlie Chapman by wearing a fitted black blazer embroidered with a flower and performing to the soundtrack of Chaplin’s 1936 film Modern Times. ” Queerty

Celebrating Chinese Year Of The Dog With Yan

“Photographer West Phillips is helping us bring in the Chinese New Year with an extraordinary series of photography celebrating the beauty of Asian men, today we feature the beautiful Yen.”

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Queer Clicks: February 16 | Let’s Talk About Gay Olympic Figure Skater Jorik Hendrickx,

Let’s Talk About Gay Olympic Figure Skater Jorik Hendrickx

“eet Jorik Hendrickx. He’s currently representing Belgium in the men’s figure skating competition at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. He’s also gay.

The 25-year-old, brown-eyed Belgian has been out to his friends and family for the past four years. But it wasn’t until recently that he started talking about it publicly. ” Queerty

New Survey Finds 13% Of Gay Men Have Anal Sex Every Day

“Two new surveys offer some surprising findings about gay men and their sexual behavior.

The first, conducted by British gay health charity GMFA, surveyed nearly 1,000 respondents about infidelity, with 58% stating they had been unfaithful. (Interestingly, only 45% said their partner found out.)” New Now Next

You Scrub Mine, and I’ll Scrub Yours

“Tired of fighting the restaurant crowd on Valentine’s Day? Forget it. It’s way too late to get a table anywhere anyway. May we suggest you ditch the meal, and schedule your date for the bathroom? The latest photoshoot for Studio Ready’s Valentine’s Day campaign features the hunktastic Seth Fornea and Boomer Banks playing around in bed, in the bath, and in the shower. The shoot took place in a Brooklyn penthouse overlooking Manhattan.” Advocate

Cheyenne Jackson’s Gay Sex Scene In Hello Again Has Got Everyone Talking

“The musical, based on Michael John LaChiusa’s celebrated Off-Broadway show of the same name, follows 10 ‘lost souls’ whose stories intertwine across 10 different time periods in the history of New York City.” Gay Times

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Queer Clicks: February 15 | A Film Probes The Legacy Of BUTT Magazine, From Ice Age Dildos To VR, An Academic Explains The History And Future Of Sex Toys, & Other News

A Film Probes The Legacy Of BUTT Magazine

“At the beginning of the 2000s, Dutch publishers Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom started to edit BUTT with the aim to tackle the then mainstream gay aesthetic of perfectly groomed men with something dirtier, frank, and authentic.” Hyperallergic

From Ice Age Dildos To VR, An Academic Explains The History And Future Of Sex Toys

“The first sex toys date from the Ice Age, yet selling them is still illegal in Alabama today. Throughout history, sex toys have been more than just objects, writes Hallie Lieberman, who has a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in sex toy history and is the author of Buzz: A Stimulating History of the Sex Toy (Pegasus Books). They’re a reflection of our approval, or fear, toward sexuality, and our attempts to control it. ” The Verge

Adam Rippon: Proud To Be America’s (Gay) Sweetheart

“After wowing the Olympic judges and the media covering the games in South Korea, figure skater Adam Rippon has been embraced by the American public.

Speaking to the media this week, Rippon was asked again about his feud with homophobic Vice President Mike Pence. Rippon answered by saying, “I don’t want my Olympic experience to be about Mike Pence. I want it to be about my amazing skating and being America’s sweetheart.”” Advocate

Gay Twitter has fallen for Olympic luger Chris Mazdzer. Hard.

“Last week, an Olympic striptease video introduced us to luger Chris Mazdzer. “Oh, hi,” we said to no one in particular. And we weren’t the only ones.

Since that video dropped, it seems all of Gay Twitter is feeling swept up in this 2018 silver medalist Olympic glory ” Queerty

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Queer Clicks: February 14 | Will Pornography Ever Be Banned?, Team USA’s Firstly Openly Gay Winter Olympian Adam Rippon Thought He’d Never Be Able To Come Out, & Other News

Will Pornography Ever Be Banned?

“SPLOOGE! Yep, that’s likely a sound we’ve all heard while watching pornography. It’s apparent that anything can be healthy in doses. Pornography is likely no exception. A flaky hookup, poor date, or simply time alone can all be healed with a simple search engine to locate your next favorite pornography video…for the next few minutes. Porn, however, can certainly become an addiction. I’ve encountered friends who would much rather have a virtual date than an actual human being. In theory, it makes me a little fearful with all of the robotic sex dolls that appear to be on the up and up!” Instinct Magazine

Why Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ Is The Emotional Makeover Show You Need To Warm Your Heart This Winter

“Netflix’s new reality series Queer Eye, which premiered in early February, is a reboot of the 2003-2007 Bravo hit. And while the makeover show may seem like something light to switch on while you’re getting a jump start on spring cleaning and need a boost of ’00s nostalgia, it’s actually a heavier but more satisfying life. Because, spoiler alert, the Queer Eye revival is super emotional and heartwarming. Leave your cynicism at the door with your cargo pants, because Queer Eye will give you all the feels — like a leave-in product for the soul.” Bustle

Team USA’s Firstly Openly Gay Winter Olympian Adam Rippon Thought He’d Never Be Able To Come Out

“Adam Rippon will be the first out gay man to represent America in the Winter Olympics when he skates out onto the ice in South Korea later this month.

But as the 28-year-old figure skater and former US National Champion readily admits, however, there was a time when he believed that particular feat would never come to pass – at least not for him.” Attitude

15 Swanky Pics From the Chulo Underwear Fashion Show at Manhattan’s Museum of Sex

“The sexy styles of Chulo Underwear were on display at the label’s second fashion show during New York Fashion Week, held at the Museum of Sex in Manhattan. “Chulo is a cultural clothing line that donates proceeds to help marginalized young people,” the brand’s website reads. “Our hope as a brand is to make fashion that is fun and that helps us ‘fun’-draise for our communities.” ” HornetApp

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Queer Clicks: February 13 | Malaysian Newspaper Issues “Tips” On Spotting Homosexuals, Andrew Christian Beheads Topher DiMaggio, & Other News

10 Photos of Dominik On the Rocks by Stas Vokman

“Like photographer Stas Vokman, we like our men on the rocks with a twist. The natural beauty of the landscape is enhanced here by Dominik. You can find out more about this trainer and student at his Instagram and Facebook pages.” Advocate

Malaysian Newspaper Issues “Tips” On Spotting Homosexuals

“Telltale signs include beards, gym memberships, and logos on clothing. A major paper in Malaysia is being ridiculed for publishing a checklist on spotting gays and lesbians. According to an article in Sinar Harian, gay men can be identified by their love of beards, going to the gym (to ogle other men), and sporting brand names on their clothes. In addition, their eyes light up when they see handsome men.” NewNowNext

Andrew Christian Beheads Topher DiMaggio

“Topher DiMaggio looks… different.

Last week underwear brand Andrew Christian placed the model and brand ambassador on “indefinite suspension” while the company looks into the many claims against him ranging from verbal harassment to rape. ” Queerty

The First Openly Gay Olympians Share a Kiss in Defiance of the Vice President

“Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon, the first openly gay men to ever make it to the Olympics, were too adorable for words in a series of photos Kenworthy posted on social media this weekend. Not only did they share possibly the cutest “we wish they were boyfriends” kiss ever, they also had a very shady message for Vice President Pence, who Rippon recently declined to meet.” Out

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Queer Clicks: February 12 | Sexy Peruvian Chef Franco Noriega Accidentally Gives Fans An Eyeful, Adam Rippon And Wesley Woods Kissed Gus Kenworthy, & Other News

Adam Rippon And Wesley Woods Kissed Gus Kenworthy

“Openly Gay Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy has been the talk of gay news for a year now since he came out.

Since then, he’s become the face of gay athletes and everyone loves to both talk about him and look at him. But it also looks like everyone can’t help wanting to kiss him too.” Gay Pop Buzz

Sexy Peruvian Chef Franco Noriega Accidentally Gives Fans An Eyeful

“In 2016 we told you about Franco Noriega, a Peruvian chef and former pro swimmer who first caught our attention by whipping up some chia pudding in some very short-short short-shorts.

Well nobody expects him to stay covered up like that all the time–this isn’t Puritanical Salem–sometimes you have to let it all hang free.

Or in this case, float free.” Queerty

Tom Ford Debuts First Underwear Line At New York Fashion Week

“This week Tom Ford debuted his first line of men’s underwear at New York Fashion Week. After showcasing tailored suits, snakeskin-print jeans and lamé blazers, the designer-filmmaker sent 20 male models down the catwalk at Park Avenue Armory wearing nothing but boxers in shades of nude and matching socks. ” New Now Next

The Complete Out Competitor Guide To The 2018 Winter Olympics

“Officially each country sends its own team to the Olympics, however, we feel as though we’re better represented by team LGBT.

Here are all the (known) out and proud athletes representing team LGBT at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics, their events and results as they happen.” DNA Magazine

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Queer Clicks: February 09 | Meet the Guy Making Those Viral ‘Boy Versions’ of Your Favorite Pop Songs, Brent Corrigan & JJ Knight Get Romantic For AdamMale V-Day Promo, & Other News

Meet the Guy Making Those Viral ‘Boy Versions’ of Your Favorite Pop Songs

“Jake Wilson is the mastermind behind some of our favorite viral internet creations. The Los Angeles-based director, writer, actor and producer has lately been known for his “boy version” videos — where he takes his favorite pop song of the moment and reimagines the accompanying video with sexy boys instead.” Hornet App

American Crime Story: Gay Shame And The Redemption Of David Madson

“At this point, TV viewers tuning in to Season 2 of American Crime Story will have sensed that something’s up. Promotional materials promised a glitzy, pulpy dive into the high-fashion world of the Versace family, and a grisly murder in sunny Miami. But after two episodes with nary a Versace in sight (don’t worry, they’ll be back), audiences must have realized that producer Ryan Murphy and writer Tom Rob Smith actually had a different—and, in my opinion, better—show in mind.” Vanity Fair

Brent Corrigan & JJ Knight Get Romantic For AdamMale V-Day Promo

“Forget flowers and chocolate. Nothing says “I love you” like a box of sex toys, right?

Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight are here to show you how to inject some sexy fun on Valentine’s Day. The real-life porn couple are adorably sweet in this video, it’s hard not to have a little relationship envy. ” Homorazzi

Bermuda Has Officially Become The First Country To Repeal Same-Sex Marriage

“In an unprecedented move, Bermuda has become the first country to legalise and then repeal same-sex marriage.

The island nation and North Atlantic British Overseas Territory’s Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage last year with a landmark ruling, after it deemed a ban on such a union a discriminatory violation of human rights.

Today, Governor John Rankin signed a bill replacing the legislation with The Domestic Partnership Act, which will allow gay and straight couples to form domestic partnerships in the government’s attempt at offering “equal rights”. ” Gay Times

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Queer Clicks: February 08 | Has Gay Porn Gone Too Far? Man Has Sex With Stuffed My Little Pony Unicorn, Japanese Government Tells Hotels To Stop Turning Away Gay Couples, & Other News

Has Gay Porn Gone Too Far? Man Has Sex With Stuffed My Little Pony Unicorn

“A gay porn studio is under fire for using a stuffed My Little Pony unicorn as a sex toy.

No, we didn’t think we’d ever be writing that sentence either.

Entitled ‘A Brony And His Ponies’, the Alternadudes scene sees one man take his obsession a little too far.” Gay Star News

Japanese Government Tells Hotels To Stop Turning Away Gay Couples

“Japan’s Ministry of Health is ordering hotels to stop discriminating against LGBT guests.

A January 31 directive reinforces existing anti-discrimination laws, reminding hotel owners not to refuse admission “on grounds of their sexual orientation or gender identity and take proper care of them.”

Making same-sex couples sleep in double beds was cited as an example of discriminatory behavior.” New Now Next

Proprioception And 10 Insanely Hot Fitness Tips From Instagrammers Who Would Know

“Is there any more readily available source of fitness wisdom than Instagram? Poke around for a few minutes and you’ll find a never-ending stream of athletes and trainers, only too happy to divulge the secrets of their physical fitness journey. ” Queerty

Timo By Paul Van Der Linde

Timo is a German guy that has not that much experience in front of the camera, but loves to pose and show some sexy body. I loved working with this funny and handsome guy!“ – Photographer Paul Van Der Linde on working with model Timo. DNA Magazine

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Queer Clicks: February 07 | Wait, Should I Eat This If I’m Going to Bottom Later?. Gus Kenworthy Shows Ellen His Battle Wounds, But Nobody’s Looking At The Bruise, & Other News

Wait, Should I Eat This If I’m Going to Bottom Later?

“While it often seems like Mother Nature thought of everything, she forgot to give the bottoms of the world something they’d really love: a self-cleaning functionality. Unless you systematically douche or don’t eat anything for 24 hours before sex (neither of which are recommended, by the way), there’s always that sneaking fear of an “accident” once things get hot and heavy and bottoming is in the cards. But is there a special “bottom diet” that could offer guidance?” Hornet App

Gus Kenworthy Shows Ellen His Battle Wounds, But Nobody’s Looking At The Bruise

“Stopping by Ellen, out skier Gus Kenworthy expressed his excitement for the upcoming Games, including meeting all the other athletes.

By “other athletes,” it’s safe to assume he primarily meant the Team USA bobsledding team. And while this year’s Games haven’t started yet, they’ve already been successful for Kenworthy.

He and figure skater Adam Rippon are the first two out gay men to compete on Team USA for an Olympic medal. Win! ” Queerty

Super Bowl Advert Features Football Players In Same-Sex Dance Routine

“While two NFL teams compete on the field during the Super Bowl each year, an equally fierce competition takes place during the commercial breaks as companies do their best to outdo each other with big-budget, viral adverts.

This year, an advert featuring for the National Football League featuring two sporting legends – Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. – was the undoubted winner of the best commercial break award.” GayTimes

See Frontal Male Particles In Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’!

“Fans of men out there or simply fans of everything that’s right, light, bright, and tight in the world might have caught wind of a certain new Netflix series, Altered Carbon, that doesn’t shy away from showing off a certain part ot the male anatomy! The hit new series is Netflix’s latest entry into the crowded man meat marketplace, and it’s definitely streaming platform’s most dudity-focused show since Sense8 Inches. I mean Sense8. Inches. Altered Carbon is based on the book of the same name, and stars a stacked or the freaking Gawds Joel Kinnaman.” Instinct Magazine

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Queer Clicks: February 06 | Secret Gay Porgs In The Last Jedi Have Twitter Freaking Out, & Other News

Secret Gay Porgs In The Last Jedi Have Twitter Freaking Out

“An eagle-eyed Twitter user spotted two Porgs snuggling with each other in the background of a scene on Ahch-To and noticed that both of the creatures were male. Officially, male Porgs are slightly larger and have orange feathers around their eyes, which both of the Porgs in question have. The image of the two gay Porgs has since taken the internet by storm and people are freaking out that they didn’t notice the small detail right away.” Movie Web

This Thread About Bringing the Crop Top Back for Men Is Exactly What the World Needs

“Recently, Reddit user Adcro asked for a simple request in the ‘GayBros’ subreddit forum. “Dear 1980s, can we please have loose crop tops on boys again? Thanks x.” And it was accompanied by the following image.

Sexy? We know. But what started as one simple request turned into a 100 comment conversation on crop tops for men in no less than 24 hours. Some of the response we anti-crop top, and few were downright mean, but the majority of man were living for the idea of a crop top comeback.” HornetApp

YouTube Singer Bryan Hawn Accuses Porn Star Topher DiMaggio Of Sexual Assault

“A fourth man has come forward with claims that porn star Topher DiMaggio sexually assaulted them.

Last month, porn star Tegan Zayne alleged that Topher raped him the night before the pair shot a scene together. Shortly after, two unidentified men also accused the porn star of rape, followed by a third man who was allegedly raped in the bathroom of a friend’s house.

Now, YouTuber Bryan Hawn has come forward with his own claims and recalled how aggressive Topher was to him during a night our in Los Angeles during an interview. ” Attitude

River Viiperi Graces Gay Times Magazine February 2018 Issue

“I’ve been obsessed with River Viiperi ever since he started in the modeling business. The Spanish-Finnish stunner has that boy-next-door vibe but also has that bad boy edge. It’s no wonder Paris Hilton dated him back in 2012.

The 26-year-old male model graces the February 2018 issue of Gay Times Magazine. “A proud and outspoken ally, we spend the night with model River Viiperi to discuss his close affinity with the LGBTQ community, his new look, and why not giving a fuck is totally his new mantra for life. Here he is boys, it’s River 2.0,” writes the British glossy. ” Homorazzi

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