Queer Clicks: October 21 | Model Zander Hodgson’s Explicit Gay Scene Shocks “Ray Donovan” Viewers, Daniel Radcliffe Gets Wet And Naked With Two Guys In Jungle & Other News

Model Zander Hodgson’s Explicit Gay Scene Shocks “Ray Donovan” Viewers

“We admit: We haven’t seen a single episode of Showtime’s Ray Donovan… but we’re going to change all that tonight. By watching one scene.

The show revolves around Liev Schreiber’s Hollywood “fixer,” who makes powerful industry people’s problems “disappear,” if you catch our hardboiled, gritty gist.” Queerty

Wilson Cruz Blasts Haters Of Star Trek’s Gay Relationship: ‘We Won’t Be Invisible Anymore’

“Wilson Cruz came after homophobic Star Trek fans who are upset that there’s a gay relationship in the new TV series Star Trek: Discovery.” Towleroad

Daniel Radcliffe Gets Wet And Naked With Two Guys In Jungle

“The former Harry Potter star’s no stranger to nudity, having famously appeared stark naked on a West End stage for Equus, and later doing the same on the big screen in films including Kill Your Darlings and What If.

In his latest adventure, Jungle, which tells the harrowing real-life story of adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg, the British actor bares all once again, only this time he’s doing it in an Amazonian river with Alex Russell and Joel Jackson.” Gay Times

This Couple’s Provocative New Photo Series Is Heavenly

“You might recognize handsome and talented Instagram power-couple Rick and Griff Twombley-King from their recent nude playing card inspired shoot. (NSFW)

As a follow-up to that steamy series, the husbands have shared with us their latest provocative project.” Instinct Magazine

Would You Let Your Frenemy Chose Your Tattoo? On MTV?

“A New Show “Just Tattoo Of Us” Features Friends Choosing Revenge Tattoos For Each Other, And This Is Beyond F*cked Up!” Youtube

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Queer Clicks: October 20 | Does Gay Porn Make You Hate Your Body?, Gay Porn Stars Get Naked For Howard Stern’s ‘C**ktober’ Lineup, & Other News

Does Gay Porn Make You Hate Your Body?

“You’d think the fugue state one enters when watching porn would prevent a detailed analysis of how porn actors’ impossibly sculpted bodies compare to one’s own. And you’d think, perhaps, that arguments against something as relaxing and enjoyable as watching porn would be inherently regressive or misguided. But according to a comprehensive study of gay porn viewers published last month in Archives of Sexual Behavior, there are far more unintended side effects to watching reams of lithe models getting nasty with each other than you’d think. ” Vice

Gay Porn Stars Get Naked For Howard Stern’s ‘C**ktober’ Lineup

“Falcon Studios porn stars Skyy Knox, Gabriel Cross, and Fernando del Rio are the latest adult film stars to stop by the Howard Stern show for “Cocktober.” The three muscular gents dropped in for a game in which Gary Dell’Abate (Baba Booey) vowed he could prove to Stern and the listening audience that he could pick out Sal Governale’s package in a lineup.” Instinct Magazine

What’s Up My Butt Challenge — Twink Edition

” few months ago, I teamed up with Brent Everett for the “real” what’s up my butt challenge as a response to the decidedly less explicit version that has become popular on YouTube.

It was a lot of fun. So much fun, in fact, that I enlisted the help of porn stars Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills for round two while filming in the mountains of North Carolina.” Huffington Post

Photograph by Griffin Lotz, (spread Steven Meisel)

Madonna’s ‘Erotica,’ ‘Sex’: Why Musical Masterpiece, Defiant Book Still Matter

“In 1990, Madonna was as astronomically popular as a boundary-bulldozing, unapologetically bacchanalian performance artist could get. Drawing from Harlem drag balls, “Vogue” went Number One nearly worldwide. The tour showcasing it, Blond Ambition, mixed spectacle with social commentary so sharply that it reinvented the pop concert and yielded the smash documentary Truth or Dare. And that year’s The Immaculate Collection, her first greatest-hits set, would eventually rank among the world’s biggest-ever albums, despite MTV banning its gender-blurring and cinematically exquisite “Justify My Love” video. ” Rolling Stone

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Queer Clicks: October 18 | On Its 40th Anniversary, Revisiting The Powerful Communal Vision Of The Joy Of Gay Sex, A Highly Unorthodox Orthodox Calendar , & Other News

On Its 40th Anniversary, Revisiting The Powerful Communal Vision Of The Joy Of Gay Sex

“When I started college at Tufts University 30 years ago this fall, my active sex life was a mere two months old and included just two partners. Early in my first semester, in the tiny library in our campus gay group’s cramped office on the third floor of an unmarked clapboard house, I found The Joy of Gay Sex, which Edmund White co-authored with Dr. Charles Silverstein a decade earlier, in 1977. Too nervous to take it back to my dorm, I sat on a rump-sprung sofa behind the office’s closed doors and nervously flipped through the pages. Although the book was only 10 years old, it already seemed like a document from a distant age.” Slate

Penises Everywhere – Here’s What Happens At Japan’s Annual Phallus Festival Shinto Kanamra Matsuri

“Unless you are in Japan in April, in which case your first thought is probably about giant penises.

For the Japanese, spring marks the celebration of Shinto Kanamra Matsuri, otherwise known as The Festival Of The Steel Phallus.

The day-long festival takes place on the first Sunday of April at the Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki, a city just south of Tokyo.” Metro

A Highly Unorthodox Orthodox Calendar

OC (Orthodox Calendar) is the title of wall calendars and videos first published in 2012, featuring nude and seminude photographs of members of the Orthodox Church. Over the years, the pictures have provoked, amused, stirred controversy, upset or avenged you. #OC2018 marks a special occasion. This celebratory special edition comes as an album with a curated selection of their best pictures to date and a special anniversary photo shoot of intergalactic hooker Sherry Vine.” Advocate

Geofrey Reynoso By Stavros Christodoulou

“yprian hottie, Geofrey Reynoso joins us for a DNA model feature thanks to photographer Stavros Christodoulou ,

28-years-old Geofrey was born in New Yorkand is currently living in California working as a real estate agent. You’ll catch him at the gym 5 times a week. Currently working on my pilot’s license, he tells DAN that he hasn’t whether to make a career out of flying or if it’s just for sport.” DNA Magazine

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Queer Clicks: October 17 | Me Too: The Difficult Truths About Gay Men And Sexual Assault, 102 Photos To Trigger Your Underwear Fetish, & Other News

Me Too: The Difficult Truths About Gay Men And Sexual Assault

“I have never told anyone this ― not my best friend, not my boyfriend, not my mother, not my brothers: nine months ago I invited a stranger over to have sex and it went further than I wanted it to and it did not stop when I tried to stop it.

He was an acrobat on tour in New York City who I met on Grindr and as cliche as it sounds, I was excited by the thought of him twisting and untwisting in my bed. I wanted to see exactly what he could do ― and do to me ― with his beautiful German body.” HuffPost

102 Photos To Trigger Your Underwear Fetish

“Marco Marco, the very popular Los Angeles-based men’s underwear and apparel designer, puts on the show of shows every year for Style Fashion Week. The show, held this weekend at West Hollywood’s Pacific Design Center, was a sexy, slinky event that encouraged lavish self-expression from the audience.” Advocate

Pietro Boselli And Nyle DiMarco… Together At Last!

“Maths-teacher/model/miff-making wunderkind Pietro Boselli has teamed up with equally-sexy Nyle DiMarco for a handful of impromptu Instagram posts that have lit up the Internet.

Apparently, they’ll be collaborating on some sort of video project. Yes, we want more details, too.” Queerty

Chris Hughes Wants To Quench Your Thirst With Water Made From His Bottled Tears

“When fans saw Chris Hughes in a Calvin Klein-style ad for bottled water infused with his own tears this week, they thought the reality star must have lost his mind. Instead, he was using the clip as a way to promote mental-health awareness.

The musician was known for crying a lot during his run on the U.K. reality show Love Island, and is now speaking out on the importance of not bottling up your emotions in the faux water ad. “> NewNowNext

Oliver Baggerman Is Such A Sexy Tease

“If you knew a guy who looked a lot like Oliver Baggerman, from his handsome face to his impressive teasing cock bulge, you would lust after him too, right guys?

Well, I do know someone who looks a lot like this guy, and I do indeed lust after him. In fact, I lust after him so much I almost switched gyms and took up running just to hang out with him more.” Gay Body Blog

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Queer Clicks: October 17 | Straight To The Heart: Hollywood’s Hetero Approach To Casting Gay Cinema, 7 Struggles Of Gay Dating When You’re Super Attractive, & Other News

Straight To The Heart: Hollywood’s Hetero Approach To Casting Gay Cinema

“Every time a new movie about a gay relationship comes out, the question gets asked: “Why did they have to cast straight actors?” White actors playing characters of colour is seen as inappropriate; what about straight actors playing gay characters?

The issue has risen again with Call Me By Your Name, a new film detailing a romance between a precocious teenager (Timothée Chalamet) and the Adonis-like American grad student (Armie Hammer) who’s staying at his Italian country home. It’s already being talked of in Oscar terms. Does it matter that both leads are straight? As were Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain; Annette Bening and Julianne Moore in The Kids Are All Right; Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor in I Love You Phillip Morris; and so on.” The Guardian

7 Struggles Of Gay Dating When You’re Super Attractive

“Given how many men talk about the difficulty of gay dating, I thought I’d introduce a topic that doesn’t get nearly enough attention.

No, this isn’t another post about being fat and gay. And it’s not another article about sexual compatibility. Instead, I want to talk about the very real problem of gay dating when you’re super attractive.” GayPopBuzz

Outrageous Male Fashion Show in 1951!

“Male models show off leopard print underwear and skimpy beach clothes at this very progressive 1950s fashion show in a very intimate setting. Fashion designer Dale Cavana narrates the show, explaining his camp designs. Cavana had a shop on Kinnerton street with a predominantly gay clientele.” YouTube

Terry Miller, The Official Tom’s Man Invites Us Into His Bathroom

We are fans of hair but sometimes shaving is a good thing! Just watch out for those perky nips….

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Queer Clicks: October 16 | The Nearly-Forgotten ‘Michael’s Thing,’ New York’s Premiere Gay Mag From 1970 – 2000, Australian Firefighters Are Taking Pics With Animals For Charity, & Other News

The Nearly-Forgotten ‘Michael’s Thing,’ New York’s Premiere Gay Mag From 1970 – 2000

“Those of you watching HBO’s The Deuce will probably remember a recent scene in a recent episode that finds Vince Martino (James Franco, who also plays his twin brother) inquiring about a gay bar guide, asking a bartender, “The gay one, too? What’s it called? ‘Michael’s Stick’?”

The bartender clarifies: The name is Michael’s Thing.” Queerty

US Rapper The Game Continues To Shock Fans With Explicit Selfies

“We’re not sure why (well, we can guess – he has a new album out), but hip-hop star The Game has found a new hobby: posting seriously raunchy selfies on Instagram.

The US rapper, who’s scored three UK Top Tens with hits like Hate It or Love It, first sent fans into meltdown last Friday (October 30) after sharing a bathroom selfie which proved in no uncertain terms that he has, well, game.” Attitude

Australian Firefighters Are Taking Pics With Animals For Charity

“We have another calendar for you all to check out and this one comes from Down Under.

The Australian Firefighters, not the Perth ones, have released their annual calendar again and it’s a sight to behold.

Every year since 1993, a calendar has come out with photos of hot and beefy firefighters.

On top of just generally being hot and an item of thirst trap glory, it’s also been a pinnacle of charity too.” Instinct Magazine

Colton Haynes And Billy Eichner Just Had Sex On American Horror Story

“Yep, we didn’t think it was possible either, but creator Ryan Murphy is delivering one of the most queer seasons of the show with Cult, which plays off all of our fears following Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States.

Lead character Ally, played by Sarah Paulson, has a family with her wife and son, while pro-Trump antagonist Kai Anderson, portrayed by mainstay Evan Peters, promises to do anything to keep his followers happy.” Gay Times

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Queer Clicks: October 15 | There Is A New Subset Of Straight Men Who Like To Masturbate Together, ‘Bromances’ Are More Rewarding For Straight Men Than Their Girlfriends, Says Study, & Other News

There Is A New Subset Of Straight Men Who Like To Masturbate Together

“What happens if you (actually) identify as straight but enjoy masturbating with your other (so called) straight male friends without touching? This is what is now known as “buddy baiting”.

Not only that, but there are also straight men who enjoy watching another man or two penetrate a woman, and become aroused by said woman but also enjoy watching the men in the scene. They don’t necessarily want to pound the guy, they just think it’s hot. The terms here are ““heteroflexible” or “straightish”.” Instinct Magazine

The First Episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 is Coming Sooner Than You Think: Next Week!

“VH1 announced today that Season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars gets kicked off next Friday, October 20th with an hour-long special revealing the queens making their comeback on the new season.

Said RuPaul: “Millions of fans have their favorite queens that they THINK should be on All Stars 3. But the final decision is mine to make. Prepare to be gagged.”

The elite group of queens given a shot at redemption this season will battle it out to see if they have what it takes to win their spot in the “Drag Race Hall of Fame” and the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar.” The bar has been raised for the third season of “All Stars,” and with so many unexpected twists and turns around every corner, the only option for the competing queens is to rise to the occasion or to sashay away.” Towleroad

‘Bromances’ Are More Rewarding For Straight Men Than Their Girlfriends, Says Study

“There’s been a major cultural shift in the idea of masculinity over the past few years.

Men used to fear the idea of being labelled gay, but with huge steps made toward an equal society, nowadays “bromances” have become the norm for heterosexual guys.

In fact, a new study has found that so-called “bromances” are actually more healthy and “judgement” free than actual romances.” Attitude

Jared North By Philip Rugel

“Meet Jared, he’s a model and professional ballet dancer. He works in construction with the hope to move to L.A.

“Jared is a natural model, he moves with masculine grace in front of any camera”.” DNA Magazine

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Queer Clicks: October 14 | How A Porn Star Became The Poster Boy For Fashion’s Most Exciting Comeback, Tom of Finland’s Maximum Tumescence, & Other News

How A Porn Star Became The Poster Boy For Fashion’s Most Exciting Comeback

“Brody Blomqvist, a modern day Adonis of the hustler variety, a Tom of Finland drawing come to life, sits across from me on the roof of the Tillary hotel in Brooklyn, wearing a cap, jeans and a tank top. “I’ll dress masc,” he says. “How many times, as gay men, do we fetishize our oppressors?” He’s just been photographed here with his cock out—a move that’s now passé in his work as a gay porn star. On camera, the 25-year-old appears macho and charming, almost disarmingly so, before pounding a hot co-star into a headboard. Off camera, he is verbose and coy, thoughts running faster than his chiseled jaw can deliver them between puffs of smoke. He’s not ashamed of his work; it pays the bills. But boy would he prefer to be doing something—anything—else.” Interview Magazine

Tom of Finland’s Maximum Tumescence

“In order to crack the nut that is Tom of Finland—brand name for the Scandanavian pornographic artist whose drawings might be the definitive modern gay erotica—filmmaker Dome Karuskoski has made a bio-pic titled Tom of Finland whose concept accepts the notorious porn creations as personal expression.

The film takes on Touko Laaksonen’s real-life experience as a World War II soldier in the Finnish army who channeled his battlefield experience of masculine camaraderie (military, illicit and tragic) into private sketches. Karukoski and actor Pekka Strang in the morose lead role depict Laaksonen’s biography along with his inner life.” Out

Magic Mike’s Alex Pettyfer Shows Off His ‘Happy Trail’ On Instagram

“What a view! Magic Mike star Alex Pettyfer treated us to a beautiful vista from up atop Table Mountain National Park in South Africa.” Instinct Magazine

Dan Hyman Gets Wet For Attitude’s Dsquared2 Special

“Here’s a little something to get you through this wintry Monday: Model Dan Hyman has tried on Dsquared2‘s Autumn Winter ’15 collection for an Attitude special!” Attitude

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Queer Clicks: October 13 | Guess Which A-Gay Is Replacing Kathy Griffin As Anderson Cooper’s NYE Cohost?, These ‘Gayby’ Stars Reunited For A New Series That’s Bloody Good Fun, & Other News

Guess Which A-Gay Is Replacing Kathy Griffin As Anderson Cooper’s NYE Cohost?

“After her whole Trump decapitated head kerfuffle, Kathy Griffin’s world basically turned upside-down.

Was it fair? Hell no.

Did she lose her gig as Anderson Cooper‘s New Years Eve cohost on CNN? Yes, she sure did.”Queerty

These ‘Gayby’ Stars Reunited For A New Series That’s Bloody Good Fun

” “Queer as Folk” icon Randy Harrison becomes a hipster tour guide in this exclusive clip from his new web series, “New York Is Dead.”

HuffPost got a first look at the series before its Funny or Die premiere this Friday. The black comedy, which marks Harrison’s directorial debut, follows down-and-out artists Felix (Matthew Wilkas) and Cathy (Jenn Harris), who are struggling to make ends meet in New York. One day, they’re given the chance to earn a fortune and wipe out some of their mounting debt… by killing a stranger. ” Huffington Post

Colton Haynes And Billy Eichner Had Some Steamy Sex On ‘American Horror Story: Cult’

“Colton Haynes teased a sex scene between he and Billy Eichner on this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Cult and viewers were not disappointed.” Towleroad

Gay Iraqi-American Twin Zach Zakar Goes Full Frontal

“Over the summer, the Zakar twins shared their coming out story.

Then last month, the gay Iraqi-American brothers dove into more intimate matters with Comedy Central show host Daniel Tosh.” Instinct Magazine

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Queer Clicks: October 11 | Single & Fabulous? | ‘Should Our Fantasies Remain Just That?’, Gay Adult Star Pleads Guilty To Conspiring To Sell $1 Million Worth Of Marijuana & Other News

Single & Fabulous? | ‘Should Our Fantasies Remain Just That?’

” “So what porn are you into?” Ugh. Guess I minced straight into that one.

‘K’ and I had met through a mutual friend earlier this year, before meeting for a drink in a local pub. It wasn’t long after that our texts became more than flirty. We’re both gay men with smartphones after all.

He’d made a joke about spending the weekend cracking one out, and I insinuated that you could tell a lot from a man by the type of porn he watches. And here we are.

I was hesitant to reply.” Attitude

Gay Adult Star Pleads Guilty To Conspiring To Sell $1 Million Worth Of Marijuana

“Gay adult star Chris Bines — aka Steven Sholly — is pleading guilty to conspiracy to sell $1 million in marijuana, along with seven other suspects.

Gay Star News reports Bines entered a plea to a felony drug trafficking charge.

The model was indicted for conspiracy to sell one-hundred kilos of marijuana.” Queerty

30 Photos Of Nude Working Men By Paul Freeman

Larrikin Yakka is the second in the Paul Freeman Larrikin series, this time featuring a sensual array of men in gritty and evocative work environments, from the seedier parts of Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood to the olive groves and dilapidated villas of Puglia in southern Italy and out to the red mud and mechanics’ sheds of central Australia.” Advocate

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Queer Clicks: October 10 | Sculptor’s Miniature Freddie Mercury Creation Will Blow Your Mind, What Is It About Russian Bodybuilders?, & Other News

Shirtless Jason Momoa is the Best Part of the New Justice League Trailer

“No matter how hard DC tries, they can’t seem to get people to care about Justice League. I loved Wonder Woman as much as the next girl, but the DC cinematic universe just feels tired in comparison to Marvel — although to be fair, Marvel is pretty tired at this point as well.

Thankfully, the upcoming Justice League movie does have one thing going for it: Jason Momoa’s torso, which is prominently featured in the film’s new trailer. There’s also a grieving Amy Adams and a world falling apart in the wake of Superman’s demise, but shirtless Aquaman is really what it’s all about.” Out

Sculptor’s Miniature Freddie Mercury Creation Will Blow Your Mind

“In the following video, supremely talented sculptor Juliana LePine peels back the curtain to reveal her fascinating process. From the outside looking in, she’s playing God, taking a piece of clay and slowly but surely eking out a humble homunculus in Freddy Mercury’s likeness. ” Queerty

A Silver Fox Dates A 24-Year-Old With More ‘Daddy Issues’ Than You Can Imagine In ‘Call Your Father’

“Jordan Firstman dives deep into the generational dating divide in his short film Call Your Father, a dark comedy chronicling a poignant yet disastrous hook-up between a salt-and-pepper ‘daddy’ and a 24-year-old “poet” who’s great at sex but possesses far less developed social skills.

The short film, which is a very quick and sharp 18 minutes, was written and directed by Firstman, and co-stars Firstman and Craig Chester (Swoon, Grief, Circuit, and dozens of other indie films over the years).” Towleroad

photographer Andrei Vishnyakov

What Is It About Russian Bodybuilders?

“There are sure a lot of bodybuilders in Russia. Maybe they are taking cues from President Vladimir Putin and his well-known shirtless shots. It does seem ironic that in a country that can be so homophobic there are so many young men practically flaunting their near-naked bodies at eacho other. But all the better for photographer Andrei Vishnyakov.” Advocate

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Queer Clicks: October 09 | 11 Chappy #Instastuds That Will Get Your Blood Pumping, Meet Christian Bordin: The French Hunk Who’s Not Afraid To Show It All Off, & Other News

11 Chappy #Instastuds That Will Get Your Blood Pumping

“From 13 Reasons Why star Brandon Flynn to Aaron Carter, the last few months have introduced us to more boys-who-like-boys than ever before. In a world that seems to be getting gayer by the second (#bless), we rely on Chappy, the only gay dating app that lets us choose between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now to meet all of these new and beautiful men.

An app that actually knows what gay men want? Finally.

Here are ten Chappy Insta-guys that are sure to start your weekend off right. ” Queerty

Meet Christian Bordin: The French Hunk Who’s Not Afraid To Show It All Off

“The French hunk – who currently lives in London – has walked Fashion Week runways all over the world, as well as being in campaigns for some of the biggest clothing brands out there.

And it’s easy to see why…

The ripped model has got a fine physique as well as a handsome face. What a dreamboat.” Gay Times

Here’s A Comic Book About The Secret World Of Male Escorts & Sexual Politics

“With this weekend being Comic Con in New York City, it is fitting to highlight ones that are being designed for the LGBT community. What if there was one that dove deep into the secret world of male escorts & sexual politics? Well… brace yourself, fellow gays, because there is one and it’s definitely a series you are going to want to divulge.

Dave Davenport, who created iconic comic series such as “Hard To Swallow”, has teamed up with porn star Bryan Knights to create a new series called “Velvet Collar”. Bryan takes the role of the author, where Dave is the artist. ” Instinct Magazine

Luis Navarro By Andrew Stubbersfield

“Today we check out the beautiful 27-year-old Luis Navarro. From Mexico, Luis is a Licensed Civil Engineer, and studying an accounting diploma in Sydney..

DNA spoke with Luis:

“I’m passionate about art and culture, that’s why if I have free time i deal with my brush and paint. Given an opportunity I wanted to become a successful model that inspire others to dream big and make that dream come true.”” DNA Magazine

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Queer Clicks: October 07 | 96 Wet, Creamy, Splash Shots, Among Other Things, Bromans Star Claims To Have The Largest Penis On Reality Television, & Other News

96 Wet, Creamy, Splash Shots, Among Other Things

“Accomplished D.C. photographer Tim Morton needs a helping hand to produce Cream, his fine art photography book exploring the tension between thick muscular men and thick streams of cream splashing all over them. We’re in.” Advocate

Yikes! Turns Out Charles-Laurent Marchand’s Got Quite A Large Aubergine

“If he’s not spending the weekend naked and teasing us about it on social media, he’s celebrating political events like the recent French election by flashing followers with photos of his peachy rear end.

But his latest photo shows that he’s also quite a big fan of cooking and… well, aubergines.

Posting about his daily antics, Charles-Laurent uploaded a photo of him looking cheeky with the large aubergine to his Instagram Story. Cheeky smile and all!” Gay Times

Bromans Star Claims To Have The Largest Penis On Reality Television

“If you’ve got a keen eye or a good memory, you likely recognize him as one of the many hunks to strip down on the competition show’s premier episode.

Or you may recognize Myers from the many times his shown of his impressive endowment on Instagram.

And now, he’s now boldly claiming to have the biggest penis on reality television.

Speaking of his impressive package, Myers recently told The Sun that he’s down for a “penis competition” with fellow reality star Chris Hughes.” Instinct Magazine

PHOTOGRAPHER: Daniel Jaems |

Max Emerson and Andres Camilo

“The super sexy duo Max Emerson and his hunky military boyfriend Andres Camilo have teamed up with our mate, photographer Daniel Jaems for this sexy three part shoot.

Part of Daniel’s classic Obsession series, they boys come in at No. 21.” DNA Magazaine

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Queer Clicks: October 06 | Viral Ad Destroys Homophobia In 30 Hilarious Seconds, 64 Photos Get You Ready for Beardlandia, & Other News

Viral Ad Destroys Homophobia In 30 Hilarious Seconds

“Fact: People who go around using the term “gay” as a shoo-in for “weak” or “disappointing” are never less than obnoxious, and it’s surprising to still encounter the gaffe from time to time. Well, a new video by New Zealand LGBTQ organization Rainbow Youth tackles the exasperating phenomenon head on.” Queerty

64 Photos Get You Ready for Beardlandia

“Could there be a better ground zero for beards and bears than Portland, Ore.? Join the hirsute at the 2nd Annual Beardlandia as they celebrate a big weekend of events and entertainment to showcase all of what Portland has to offer. Beards, cubs, otters, chubs, chasers, and friends from around the globe come to Portland for one big weekend! Last year was a giant success, and organizers predict 2017’s weekend will be even bigger and better.” Advocate

This Video Brilliantly Shows What would Happen If Straight Couples Were Treated Like Gay Couples On Holiday

“The new research has been conducted to highlight the disparity between the experiences of LGBT+ people and straight people while getting away, with many gay people opting to ‘go back into the closet’ for fear of discrimination.

One in three LGBT+ travellers have experienced discrimination while on holiday, which includes judgement and ridicule.

From those asked, 58% said they had been stared at while with their partner abroad, while 29% revealed that they had actually been verbally abused.” Gay Times

Gideon Connelly By CJC Photography

“Gideon Connelly currently is in the Air Force, he is a personal trainer and models in his spare time. His images have been featured on 11 romance books covers.

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