Fan Fiction: Please Don’t Break Me – Part 1


‘Please Don’t Break Me Part 1’ is a brand new series by The star of this episode is Rafael Alencar and his famous eleven-and-a-half-inch uncut cock. In this first episode, he is paired up with bottom boy Tino Cortez and his tiny, tight asshole. Drill my Hole, which released this scene, is part of network, and when you join as a full member, you get access to over 687 gay porn movies to sit back and jerk your cock to; as you watch greedy tight bottoms being punished by big hard cocks. Many of the men in ‘Drill My Hole’ are also on some of the other sites such as: Darius Ferdynand and Hector De Silva in ‘The Weekend Away Part 2’ and Johnny Rapid and Paddy O’Brian, who are both all exclusive to and star in ‘5 Years In The Making.’ The guys in this site are varied, from cute young guys, twinks like Tino Cortez, to hot hunks and daddy figures such as Dirk Caber and Rafael Alencar.

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Happy Chinese New Sheep/Goat Year 2015!

Happy New Year 2015

It’s Chinese New Year eve and Team QC would love to send our warmest love and wishes to our Chinese readers (you make a huge part of our readership) from all over the world. Meh great health, abundance and happiness fill your Year of the Sheep/Goat. Enjoy your festivities and precious time with the family.

Team QC

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Grapefruit Lover Makes The Best BJ Noise Ever!

Meet Denise Walker (aka Angel). She’s a classy ass dame who wants to teach you how to pleasure a man using nothing more than your mouth and a grapefruit. But before you watch her instructional video, know this — Angel makes dick-sucking noises like a congested goblin! Dear God it’s horrid, and you’ll definitely want to hear it.
According to Angel, every man can’t wait to be blindfolded and blowjobbed with a citrus — citric acid and sensitive cock-skin be damned! Plus, grapefruit and cock are both low-calorie foods, meaning that her grapefruit-blowjob trick could just save your marriage and help you shed a few pounds in the process.
Hear Angel’s ghastly BJ noise and learn more about citrus-love after the jump!

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Which Of These 8 Hercules Is The Hottest?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you realize that dual heartthrobs Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kellan “Twilight” Lutz are both currently starring in films where they play demi-god muscleman Hercules. In both movies, they get shirtless and kill a bunch of things while turning on gay and straight men alike. We initially thought about comparing them to see which makes the better Hercules, but then we thought of something waaaaay hotter.
Why have two Herculeses battle it out when you can have a steamy battle royale between seven Herculeses (or is the plural of Hercules Herculi?). So for your spectating pleasure, behold as we put an ex-wrestler and ex-vampire against some of the finest muscular legends ever put on celluloid! Which shall win? We present, you decide.

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Dylan Knight, Men On Pogo Sticks Wear The Sluttiest Underwear Ever

Does your underwear have a waistband? What??! It does??! OMG, what are you, a prude from the Victorian Age? The future of underwear is an ankle sock’s worth of fabric that barely covers your dong and requires you to clench a fabric stick between your ass.
It’s true! Just check out PetitQ, an edgy French underwear company famous for their one-sided thongs, assless banana-slings and teeny-tiny cock socks. Don’t believe us? Just check out their incredibly hot photo gallery.
Versatile top and occasional acrobat Dylan Knight apparently modeled for Petit Q in the same set where he fucked Armond Rizzo, showing off the tiny-little baby boot nestled around his not-so-tiny man-cock. For a couple more pics of Mr. Knight as well as a naughty bonus surprise, click after the jump!

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WUBBING! – The Floppy Dick Dance Sensation!

Admit it: you like to rock out with your cock out. You like dancing with your big dick and balls floppin’ around. The only problem? It’s illegal to do in public… until now!
Meet Wubbing — the big-dick dance craze that’s danglin’ ’round the world! Just get your dancing friends, a pair of wubbing shorts and you’re ready to do da stanky leg while letting your dingle-dang swang!
Wubbing shorts come with a huge wang that’s larger than (most) dicks, giving you a big, bad bulge to swing while doing your thing! Wubbing is easy to do but hard to master — there’s a countless number of moves including Teacher’s Pet, The Whistle and our personal favorite, Stirring the Mayonnaise!
Oddly enough, we’re pretty sure this dance craze is totally fake, but that didn’t stop this determined dance crew from making a website and a mini-documentary about the trials and travails of dancing with a big fake dick. Watch the video after the jump!

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Chinpoko Poll: Is It Wrong To Enjoy X-Rated Pics Of Deceased Porn Stars?

Hey QueerClickers, it’s me Chinpoko with a new sex question! Last time I asked what you folks thought of a black porn compilation titled after 12 Years A Slave! An equal amount of you were either slightly offended or didn’t mind — a few of you couldn’t wait to get your cum-covered mitts on a copy yourself — scandalous!
But let’s switch gears for a sec. I’ve been away for a while and when I came back to my desk at QC Headquarters, I noticed that one of my favorite porn stars passed away. You may remember short, hung hottie Cameron Fox from his work at Falcon — he was only 5’8″ but he had a nine-inch cock and knew how to give as well as he took. He passed away at the age of 36 earlier in June. How sad!
He started doing porn in 1999 at the age of 22 and then retired in 2005. And now he’s gone!!!
While researching this article, I started watching some of his old videos… and then I got horny while watching and ended up cumming. Then I started getting pictures of Fox together for this post… and then I got hard again. And I began to wonder, “Is it in bad taste to post and get off to naked sex pics of porn stars that have just passed away?” That’s where I turn to you, faithful readers!

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Three Unexpected Scenarios Perfect For Fleshlights!

A Fleshlight became headline news earlier this month when the newspaper The Guardian tweeted a now deleted picture of the items taken by humanitarian relief worker David Higgins to Afghanistan. You’ll notice in the picture above that among the first aid kit, water filter and distress beacon, Higgins also packed a Fleshlight shaped like a butthole.
We imagine it’s sandy and lonely in the desert caverns of Afghanistan. It’s also probably hard to find a willing partner or sheep to stick your dick into, so it makes sense to bring a Fleshlight to help stay healthy and sane (too much cum clouds the brain and makes men cranky).
But you don’t need a foreign aid worker to need a Fleshlight. In fact, we thought of at least three other situations where it’d pay to have Fleshlight ready. So don’t be caught empty-handed. Click over and see when you should have a Fleshlight handy right away!

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Queerying: John Falocco for tMf Issue #12

The latest issue of The Male Form (aka tMF magazine) features page after page of stunning male beauties like Heath Jordan, Boomer Banks, Adam Wirthmore and Adam Ramzi in breathtaking photos unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
It also features the work of longtime photographer John Falocco. He got his start photographing dancers in Manhattan, and then models from agencies as he gradually progressed commercially to beauty, fashion, and fitness photography. And all his experience comes through in his shots — each photo tells a story and radiates with the intensity of his model.
Not only is Mr. Falocco a talented photographer — he also has his own collection of swimwear and activewear with fashions that feel as sexy and comfortable as his models look. We caught up with him and asked him about pre-porn men’s physique magazines, his influences and his thoughts on male grooming. See his thoughts after the jump!

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Chinpoko Poll: What’s Your Opinion Of This ‘Slave’ Porn Video?

Hey hey hey QueerClickers! It’s me, Chinpoko and boy do I have a doozy of a question for you today!
But first, my last question asked how much porn you watch each week and it turns out that most of you watch porn three to four hours a week — seems about right. Funny thing though, six percent of you watch more than seventeen hours of porn a week! To those people, let me ask, have you ever considered writing for QueerClick? You’re definitely qualified.
So, it turns out that the European porn studio Eurocreme just released a compilation video called (get this) 12 Inches A Slave. The title plays off the Academy Award winning film 12 Years A Slave, which is a harrowing tale about a free black man who gets kidnapped and sold into slavery in pre-Civil War America. Of course, he has the ever-living fuck beaten out of him on a regular basis because, y’know, slavery.
Even though Eurocreme’s video features sexy porn studs like Tyson Tyler, Tyson Ford, and Drew Brody — all of which have appeared repeatedly on QueerClick — some people called the video pretty tasteless (especially considering that Tyson Tyler didn’t even realize he was in it, they just took an old scene of his and ran it).
Racism in porn has long been a touchy subject whether it’s Bel-Ami calling one of their actors “mulatto” or porn star Brock Richmond using the n-word. But what think you of this latest racial kerfuffle — offensive or overwrought?

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What’s With Porn Stars Touching Their Own Butts?

An on-going trend porn has recently come to our attention, and it’s one that makes very little sense. Every so often, while plowing a man’s face or butthole, the thruster will put one hand on their own ass for reasons that we we cannot for the life of us figure out.
We can literally count the number of time we’ve ever put our own hand on our ass while fucking another man’s hole — IT’S ZERO. Seriously. The only reason we would ever rest a hand on our ass would be if it was extremely tired from fisting or something.
Sure, all sorts of things happen in porn that never happen in real life. For example, we’ve never fucked the pizza boy, had a corporate gangbang in an executive office or dressed up in a Jason mask to fuck someone in hockey gear (okay, maybe we have done some of those.
But could it be that putting a hand on your own ass serves some sort of greater unknown purpose in gay porn? We were curious and decided to take a closer look. Click over to see what we found…

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