Brutal Tops Administer Dental Gag Cocktail

Brutal Tops Administer Dental Gag Cocktail
Masters Dave and Maurice are using a captive sub in a public toilet. They use the lucky lad’s mouth as a cocktail shaker. With a mouth spreader cruelly holding the bottom’s jaw wide apart the naked spittoon must kneel on the ground, head back, to accept whatever fluids the tops decide to deposit in his gullet.
Masters Dave and Maurice gob into his mouth for starters. This is soon followed by the tops’ snot and copious amounts of back-of-the-throat sputum. Naturally Dave pisses into his mouth and Maurice follows this up with a monumental sperm chaser.
With the gag removed ginger must gargle the heady mixture of the tops’ bodily fluids which are then topped off with huge strings of gob and snot from the boys and more piss from Mo. Download intense new gay BDSM videos from BrutalTops.

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Naked Kombat: Scout and Cameron Adams

naked kombat scout cameron adams
Sexy Cameron Adams is fast becoming an NK powerhouse. He returns to take on a rough and ready newcomer. Scout is a regular everyday kinda guy. He saw NK and he wants to challenge one of their fighters. Cameron vows to wipe the mat with Scout’s beard and then fuck his furry fuck hole into oblivion. Scout has muscles that he’s built up chopping wood and plans to use them to dominate his opponent and pound his ass hard and deep. It’s the battle of beauty and the beast that ends in an wild fuck and a cum-shot finale for the record books.

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Bound In Public: Cameron Adams and Drew Cutler

bound in public cameron adams drew cutler
Naked and in tight bondage, sexy stud Cameron Adams is dragged through the cheering crowd of thousands like a dog and humiliated at Folsom Street Fair. Many people take photos and grope the tied up boy. After enduring some hard flogging, nipple and ball punishment and a crawl through the toilets, he’s dragged to a back yard party. The horned up guests shove their cocks down his throat, gang fuck his tight little hole, and cover him in cum like the street trash he is. It’s the best Folsom Street Fair ever!

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Amateur College Sex: Connor & Delila

Amateur College Sex: Connor & Delila
Corbin Fisher’s blonde and buff stud shows over and over again how much fun he has with whoever he fucks. And Delila has no problems taking control of a situation and making it more fun!
Delila makes Connor take his shirt off first, so she can enjoy the view of his chiseled body. She sucks his big cock and kisses him. When she takes off her bra, she tells him to stop laying there, being lazy. He jumps up and kisses her tits passionately.

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Bound Gods: Vince Ferelli and Spencer Reed

bound gods spencer reed vince ferelli
Private Spencer Reed is doing clean up duty at Fort Cox when lieutenant Vince Ferelli walks in. Beefy boys are rare on base and Vince is checking Spencer out. Using his military rank to harass the stud, Vince makes Spencer do push-ups and sit-ups. Vince ties up his innocent victim and sucks his hard cock. Confused, Spencer begs his lieutenant to stop. Vince gets carried away and tries to fuck the helpless stud. Spencer breaks free and gives the bad lieutenant a taste of his own medicine.

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Bare Back That Hole: Peter Axel, Greg York and Sage Daniels

bare back that hole peter greg sage
This scene opens with Peter, Greg, and Sage kissing, licking, and groping one another. Each of them is sucking and licking on one another’s hard cock. It doesn’t take long for the action to heat up as these guys bend over for one another and do some hot choo choo train ass eating. Peter and Greg devour Sage’s ass in preparation for the hard raw cocks that they will be sticking into him. The action steps into high gear as Greg slides his thick bare cock into Sage’s eager butthole. Greg throws Sage onto his stomach and plows his hole bare while Peter eats and licks Greg’s hairy hole from behind. A series of hot flip fucks ensue as Peter, Greg and Sage each take their turns on each other’s bareback holes.

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Cody Cummings: Cody Cummings, Crissy Moon and Johnny Torque – Cody’s Shameless Plug

Cody Cummings: Cody Cummings, Crissy Moon and Johnny Torque
If you know Cody Cummings, you know he’s no pushover. He has strict, non-negotiable limits for himself. There’s no getting around it, some things Cody just won’t do. If Crissy Moon and Johnny Torque think they can convince the NextDoor Stallion to take a beaded plug in the ass, it’s gonna take some SERIOUS coaxing!

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Breed Me Raw: Nate Storm and Caleb Lucas

breed me raw nate caleb
Nate Storm doesn’t top to much but when he does he wants little white booty. Caleb Lucas takes on Nate by servicing his sweet black cock with the back of his throat. He then sucks on those hard muscle pecs to get Nate moaning for some white boy ass. Caleb gladly takes that long back cock bareback in his tight white hole. Nate does some power fucking to show this white boy how to take his black cock deep! Caleb gets rewarded with a nice juicy load up his bubble butt for a job well done!

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Straight Hell: Terry(5)

Straight Hell: Terry(5)
Handsome straight man Terry is accustomed to being admired by everyone he knows. But StraightHell Dave has turned this proud hetero into his new naked pet straight boy. Terry is shamed that a man sucks his cock. The ungrateful struggling man is treated to cock and balls torture. He’s ordered to blow Dave until he has a large hardon. Then Terry’s straight virgin asshole is fucked by a man for the first time. Dave licks up all the sperm he’s shot over Terry’s manly body and then makes Terry open his mouth wide so he can spit it down the straight man’s throat. See the most inventive and sadistic S&M videos at StraightHell!

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Club Inferno Dungeon: Alexsander Freitas and Patrick Ryan

club inferno dungeon alexsander freitas patrick ryan
Alexsander Freitas, an aggressive Latin top, knows how to bust a hole! When he catches red-headed bottom-boy Patrick Ryan fingering his ass Freitas instinctively grabs the biggest dildo he can find and works it into Ryan’s puckered butthole. The giant toy only makes Ryan crave more – and Freitas responds with his greased up fist. The anal stimulation proves almost too much for Ryan who finger-fucks his own hole while Freitas jacks and blows!

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Boys Pissing: Paulo

boys pissing paulo
18 year-old Paulo Malone stands on the kitchen counter in only his boxer briefs. Once he wets his undies, he unleashes his huge stream of piss all over himself! Dripping wet, Paulo works on his huge uncut cock and before he gets off, he releases another one of his powerful piss streams right into his face and mouth! After stroking his fat 9 incher, Paulo shoots one of the biggest loads you’ve ever seen…giving himself a face full of his own jizz! In the end, he cleans up by spraying himself down with yet another huge piss!

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