Chaos Men: Clyde and Vander – RAW

Chaos Men: Clyde and Vander - RAW
It was time for Clyde to suck some dick. Chaos Men thought it would make it easy on him by blindfolding him, and having Vander use the rope cuffs on him. Make him feel “passive” about it… but it also helps to hide how big Vander’s cock is.
Clyde does look like he was ‘made to’ suck Vander’s cock, and though he is gagging and fighting back the urge to toss his lunch, he tries. Chaos Men then had Vander take off the blindfold and told him every time he felt he was going to gag, to just lick around his cock. He did much better, and though there are some grimaces and dry heaves, he did a fine job with a very “advanced” cock.
Clyde got a boner while Vander was eating out his hot muscle ass. So maybe the tying thing worked. It sure was easy to flip him on over to suck his hard dick. Clyde doesn’t wear deodorant, so Vander was in armpit piggy heaven licking his pit and sucking his cock.

Chaos Men: Clyde and Vander - RAW
You would think that Clyde would be getting fucked, but alas, he is likely not going in that direction (ok so he is a big baby about it.. but so was Taylor!) Vander just goes from sucking him to sitting on his cock.
Vander accidentally dumps his load while riding Clyde’s cock. Gotta give Clyde AND Vander props. Clyde stayed hard with another guy’s jizz on him, and Vander just kept at it until his dick woke back up again. As for Clyde cumming, he does have the one issue where he has to fuck someone till he cums. So he busts all over his hole and shoves it in. What is awesome is there is cum dripping out of Vander’s hole, and Vander just busts out his second load!
Vander came with his own idea about the ending. He really loves it when a guy gets dumped in, then the Top goes around and makes him clean his cock off. There was no doubt he was eating Clyde’s load fresh from his own ass.
Vander left that shoot EXTREMELY satisfied! We think you will too!

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