Amateur College Sex: Ashley Dominates Harper and Reed

Amateur College Sex: Ashley Dominates Harper and Reed
Two hot studs plus Mistress Ashley equals – well, we think you know!
Harper and Reed are Ashley’s new playthings. They were a little nervous and they weren’t quite sure what to expect. To be honest, we’re never sure what to expect! Ashley loves to bring new toys and new situation for the guys to experience.
Ashley tells them to strip down to their underwear, so she can see what she’s working with. She makes them bend over and spread their asses, letting them know she’s going to fuck those asses. Harper and Reed have to beg her to fuck them.

Amateur College Sex: Ashley Dominates Harper and Reed
Ashley lets them know their nervousness is turning her on! Harper and Reed lie head to head and she straddles their faces to let them eat her out at the same time. She rubs Reed’s chiseled body as Harper sticks his tongue into her pussy. Ashley pulls out her double-headed dildo. Harper and Reed get on their hands and knees, ass to ass and Ashley asks if she has hungry holes to fill. They answer that she does. She slides the ends of the dildo into each of their tight asses.
Reed and Harper back into each other to take every inch of the dildo. Ashley reaches in between them to work the toy back and forth. Harper takes the lead, grinding back and forth against Reed. Ashley strokes their cocks for them.
Amateur College Sex: Ashley Dominates Harper and Reed
Harper feeds Reed his cock, as Ashley uses her strap-on to tease Reed’s hole. Reed jerks his dick as Harper rams his cock into Reed’s mouth. She has Harper come behind her and fuck her as she fucks Reed.
Ashley pulls out and feeds Harper her strap-on, making him suck it. Harper moves over to suck Reed’s cock as Ashley blindfolds Reed. Ashley and Harper suck Reed, before smacking his chest with a flogger! Reed is definitely getting the full-on domination treatment – and he loves it.
Amateur College Sex: Ashley Dominates Harper and Reed
Harper sits down on Reed’s cock, bouncing up and down on it. Ashley strokes Harper’s rock-hard dick as he rides Reed. Ashley tells Harper to go all the way down, and she flogs Harper as he gets fucked. Ashley sits on Reed’s face and has Harper slide his cock into Reed’s ass.
Harper lies back down, and Ashley brings out the double-header again. She pushes back and forth between them. She won’t let them cum yet and pulls Reed’s hand off his cock when he gets close. She jerks a load out of Harper, then helps Reed cum as well.
We think they had a great time… because Ashley still can’t find that double-headed dildo anywhere!

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