Corbin Fisher: Quinn Rocks Aiden’s World (with preview video)

Corbin Fisher: Quinn Rocks Aiden's World
You might find it hard to believe that Aiden’s world could be rocked after all the sexual shenanigans we’ve seen him in – triple loads, quadruple loads, double penetrations, dominations, toys, quintuple loads… what’s that? We haven’t seen that? Oh… well maybe one day 😉
If you think Aiden’s world can’t be rocked, you reckon without the power of Quinn! Quinn’s energy is amazing enough when he’s clothed. Once he’s naked in bed, watch out!

Corbin Fisher: Quinn Rocks Aiden's World
While Quinn loves to fuck, it can’t be denied he’s a powerful bottom. Aiden is always looking for the chance to fuck more, and he and Quinn were getting along so well while hanging out, it struck Corbin Fisher that this could be a potent combination.
Corbin Fisher: Quinn Rocks Aiden's World
It is! From the get-go, these two couldn’t keep their hands and mouths (or dicks) off each other. They were both so excited to be playing with each other, they took advantage of every second they had together.
Quinn’s ass was aching for Aiden’s cock after all the foreplay. Aiden was longing to pound that sweet ass. It was a match made in heaven. Quinn hung on as hard as he could as Aiden fucked him harder and harder.
Corbin Fisher: Quinn Rocks Aiden's World
Aiden lifts Quinn up and fucks him standing up. Quinn rides Aiden’s cock and then blows his load all over Aiden. Quinn begs for Aiden’s huge load in his mouth – and he gets it! Aiden says Quinn rocked his world – and it shows!

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