TGIF- Best Of QueerClick 2010 – Part Three


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We have come to the third and final installment of our year end roundup of the best posts for 2010. We would like to thank you for a porntastic 2010! QueerClick will continue to deliver great updates and exciting news in 2011. Have a blast!

31 Dec 10 By Editor D 6 Comments

First Auditions: Jim

First Auditions: Jim
New at First Auditions, sexy young Jim was a teen army cadet. He finds himself in a similar position to a lot of young men today. It’s difficult to find work so Jim wants to take advantage of his natural talent for having as much sex as possible. For exhibitionist guys like this an audition is a golden opportunity to make a lot of money doing something he loves. It’s horny hearing about Jim’s secret pervy side which he must have only confessed to a few people in his 20 years. It’s especially sexy watching him submit to a very intimate physical inspection and imagining what dirty thoughts must have been going through his mind.

31 Dec 10 By Jo 1 Comment

Extra Big Dicks: Mason Coxx & Jess Taylor

Mason and Jess at Extra Big Dicks
Topping off 2010 with a bang, Extra Big Dicks brings you 2 new faces this week, Jess Taylor and Mason Coxx. Mason is shaving as Jess comes in to ‘get him going’ and he manages to do just that. They end up on the couch and decide they can be fashionably late for the party. They make out as Mason pulls Jess’ dick free and swallows it. “You like that cock?” teases Jess as he starts to fuck Mason’s face. Mason slurps on that meat while Jess moans his appreciation. Mason’s own 9″ cock is rock hard and at attention. That cock soon gets the attention it deserves. Mason then spreads that smooth ass open as he aims his meat at its intended target. He shoves inside as Jess’ ass concedes. Jess can only groan and beg for more as Mason’s smooth balls meet his ass.

31 Dec 10 By redmonkey 2 Comments

Gay Rent Boys: Jan and Jiroslav

Gay Rent Boys: Jan and Jiroslav
Both amateur Czech gay rent boys, 19yo Jan and 18yo Jiroslav, possess the genetic combination of golden skin, blond hair, green/blue eyes, huge uncut cocks and firm, maturing, adolescent bodies. For $500 Jiroslav agrees to get fucked up the ass. To get in the mood Jan is eager to kiss then suck Jiroslav’s big cock. Jiroslav reciprocates and get’s Jan’s cock big and hard enough for him to insert between his buttocks. Jan goes slow, using his sturdy legs and firm butt to back his slow but powerful thrusts into Jiroslav’s ass. In summary: enjoyable fuck action with 2 hot, gay European boys!
The boys are bought for you at

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Lucas Entertainment: Jonathan Agassi and Scott Carter

Jonathan Agassi and Scott Carter in After Hours at Lucas Entertainment
In this opening scene of After Hours by Lucas Entertainment, we’re offered some amazing shots of South Berlin where we find Jay Roberts and Scott Carter discussing some important business. Soon, the gorgeous and sexy Jonathan Agassi joins them. After Jay leaves, Jonathan and Scott escape to some inconspicuous park bench for some lunchtime heavy petting. When these two execs get overheated, they retreat to an obscure flat where they continue there make out session and Scott devours Jonathan’s beautiful cock. Before they can even get out of their suits, Jonathan has Scott on his back, his skilled tongue and fingers firmly lodged in Scott’s furry manhole. It seems like Jonathan’s craving for Scott’s tight asshole is insatiable, and that piggy bottom loves getting abused and misused by the fiercely aggressive Agassi. When these two pigs get around to fucking, Jonathan jackhammers Scott’s hole until the cum oozes out of Scott’s dick. Jonathan gets a good taste of Scott’s jizz before shooting all over Carter’s face an d mouth. Jonathan spits all of it down Carter’s hungry throat and the boys kiss. These workhorses know that all the real work gets done after hours.

31 Dec 10 By redmonkey 1 Comment

IAOOC – DeepBlue

IAOOC - DeepBlue
Sometimes our IAOOC guys are just average Joes who decide to snap some bathroom shots with their cell phones. But not DeepBlue—he looks like a porn star who put some thought into his pics by hiring a professional to take them. And though we’re not sure if he’s trying to break into porn, he’d make an awesome bottom. He’s so hot that we couldn’t resist putting a few teasing nude pics here. But if you really wanna get wet with DeepBlue, just wait till you see him without a stitch.
Take the plunge, after the jump!

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College Dudes: Jarrod Price Fucks Ashton Rush

College Dudes: Jarrod Price Fucks Ashton Rush
Jarrod Price and Ashton Rush sizzle in this fuck scene. From the very beginning you can tell that Ashton is really into Jarrod, and Ashton is looking to please. Jarrod of course is his typical self – confident and ready to pound some hole very hard. Both of these guys start the action with some hot blow jobs. After Jarrod blows Ashton, he rips his pants right off and Ashton starts riding.

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TGIF- Best Of QueerClick 2010 – Part One


Chaos Men: Miles Bentley Race: Josh Harris (5) Sean Cody: Landon and Dennis IAOOC - Special Colt Studio: Jason Crystal Men At Play: David Jones Sean Cody: Mack Michael Lucas Asks The Advocate Active Duty: Fox, Diego and Austin Bel Ami: 27 Boys, 27 Cocks, 27 Cumshots - The Video

Hey guys! We have come to the end of 2010, and what a year this has been! We did a count, and up till this point of writing, here are the number of posts we have done on QC network:
QC Main: 5,583
QC Espanol: 2,293
QC Asians: 2,082
QC Twinks: 770
QCX: 756
Sticky: 12,502
Grand Total: 23,986
That is equivalent to a whopping average of 65 posts a day, everyday, for 365 days! That translates into a new post every 22 minutes all year round! May we have a small pat on our backs, please?
In addition, we amassed over 23,000 approved comments. Thank you for your keen involvement, gentlemen.
To wrap up a fine year of porn, we are making the final TGIF of 2010 a bumper issue! We went deep into our archives to cherry pick the best 30 posts of the year. Let’s just say we had a really tough time shortlisting. We are splitting the countdown into 3 parts (which will be released throughout the day). Without further ado here are our 21st-30th best posts of 2010. Enjoy!

31 Dec 10 By Editor D 7 Comments

Corbin Fisher: Josh Fucks Justin

Corbin Fisher: Josh Fucks Justin
Out in the yard, Josh and Justin toss the football around. But it’s not long before these two shirtless guys are getting heated up – and ready to work off some of that aggression in the bedroom!
The guys kiss passionately. Josh kisses Justin’s stomach and neck. He gets Justin’s pants off so he can swallow Justin’s cock to the root. It’s so tasty, Josh takes his time, sucking on the head and going up and down on the shaft.

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31 Dec 10 By scotchtape 3 Comments