Cal and Jacob at (part 1)

what will he do for a ring?
Jacob is back for another shoot with, and he would like to make as much money with as possible again. The last time he got fucked by Tyler from the car show. Jacob spent the money that he made last time on a pretty big insurance payment, and now wanted to turn around and possibly get engaged to his girlfriend. BSB asked him if he had a good time getting fucked, and right away he said that he didn’t like it, it wasn’t for him, so BSB knew that there was probably not going to be anything going up his tight little ass again. However, BSB hope was that they could get him to fuck another guy to make the money to by the ring that he had his eyes set on.

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PJ and Corbin at

an appreciative audience of onlookers
PJ and Corbin are school buddies, they take the same classes during the day and toss back a few beers at night. One night they were hanging out in a secluded corner of the bar playing the slots. PJ turned to Corbin and said “let’s make this a little more interesting, everytime we win something we have to take off a piece of clothing.” Corbin agreed and after a winning streak they found themselves almost naked and getting very horny. After some mutual blowjobs they wind up with jizz on their faces and an audience of appreciative onlookers!

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4-Way at

super hot 4 way sex
Nothing perks up a weekend like a sizzling 4way! Especially when it stars amazing young guys like Zack Randall, Jeremiah Johnson, Shane Allen & Phillip! This video starts out with the boys hanging out in my room. One thing leads to another and the clothes start flying! The boys start exploring each other’s smooth, tight bodies, which leads to some intense cock sucking and rimming action. Then bottom boys Shane and Phillip bend over and open their willing holes for a throw pounding from Zack and Jeremiah! Then, after what seemed like hours of exquisite ecstasy, the boys take turns blowing their loads in Phillip’s mouth!

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