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Here's a glimpse at some of the most recent updates at, what are you waiting for head on over and get into all of the action!

Mariano at

bad boy personae

Mariano is a bit of a rebel. He has a Harley, wears a leather and he's been known to break hearts all over the country as he is a bit of a vagabond. He's really quite intelligent, so the bad boy personae is a bit of an act. But all of his partners never complain.

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cute boys fucking

Cute boys sucking and fucking in this update from BoysClub18 this week, and let's be honest isn't that why we are here? To watch cute boys fucking and jerking themselves into ecstacy.

Ashton at

a hottie in heat

Ashton is too hot to cool down, and way to sexy to ever have clothes on. We submit he has a civic duty to remain naked at all times, don't you agree?

Ben at

nineteen and horny

Ben is a fan of public sex, he told the photgrapher that he had gotten head while watching a football game in the stands. After the blowjob he and a hot dilf had sex in a stall in the bathroom.

Adrian at


Adrian is going to school to be an architect, he is a fan of Art Deco and dreams of designing a building in Los Angeles. All we can say is that he is the architect of several wild fantasies floating thru our head at the moment.

Michael at


Michael is a pizza fanatic, he considers it a staple of his diet. The only problem is he has developed a taste for pizza with a special ingredient that only he can supply! He's asked the delivery guy if they can 'accomodate' his request and so far they have said no...but he keeps asking.

Angelo at

a smoldering sexuality

Tall, thin and sexy as all get out Angelo is one of the new updates at BoysClub18. He has a smoldering sexuality that really ignites our fire.

Frederico at

craving a lil backend filling

Santa left Frederico a single gift this year, a shiny new blue dildo, and of course Frederico wastes no time before breaking it in. He takes it with him wherever he goes because you never know when you might crave a lil back end action.

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