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dragged to his knees to service cock
We often find ourselves undressing people with our eyes, but when our co-workers are as sexy as Julian its not hard to get carried away and imagine yourself being dragged to your knees to service his thick hard cock. Or having him throw you against the desk to work on your hungry ass from behind. Or even picture him shooting his hot thick load all over you whilst you lay there waiting hungrily! It’s almost enough to make you blow your own load… it was certainly enough for Erik.

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Dylan and Everett at

Dylan and Everett at
We’re sure you all recognize both Dylan and Everett from performances they both have given in the past but MC decided to pair up the two because he knows that Dylan is a little more experienced than Everett. The combination of these two proved to be real interesting as MC signed them both on for dual blowjobs. We must say that all the heterosexual testosterone that was in the air that day made for an awesome blowjob scene that we’re sure you will all enjoy.

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Jordan at

Jordan is a builder and eager to get out his kit and show off his body! He is nicely tanned and toned and you never get to see him completely soft, once its out and a few strokes and its like a rock! Jordan is big, his massive great cock is quite a handful and you can watch him relish in showing off his body. Jordan gets quite experimental and lies back and starts fingering his ass and then shoves in two! All this fingering gets him quite aroused and he squirts a massive load over his chest, neck and chin! See the unedited, fully exposed images over at English Lads!

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StripSearchVideos Update
Strip Search Videos have unearthed some truly rare footage from a real prison. This is an authentic video of new inmates being led through in a strip search line. Each one has to strip naked, display his genitals for inspection and squat to ensure he isn’t hiding anything in his ass. These are mean hard straight men being put in the rare vulnerable position of being completely exposed and humiliated. There are many heart-racingly hot guys that have to show it all at Strip Search Videos!

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Art School Model
Sexy jock-boy Shaun is in a whole heap of trouble. He’s failing his classes miserably and the only way he’s going to be allowed to pass is if he does some special extra credit for his stern teacher. Becoming a model sounds easy to the handsome lad, but it’s a much more revealing photo shoot than he suspected. We love the way Shaun goes very pink-cheeked as he gets embarrassed displaying his naked body and he has a very luscious pink cock which is made very hard against the poor boy’s will. The full horny video is now on CFNM TV!

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