New York Straight Men: Hector

new york straight men hector
Meet Hector! He is a proud Puerto Rican in his mid 30’s who hails from The Bronx.He is a live-in superintendent for a small apt building up there. He is divorced with a couple of kids and lives with his current girlfriend/common law wife.
Every year NYC holds its famous Puerto Rican Day Parade! When NYC Puerto Rican residents show their pride. The rest of us just admire them! Some of us get to admire them up close…looking up at a hard cock ready for a blowjob.

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30 Jun 13 By Dave 2 Comments

Military Classified: Abel’s Anal Fuck (with preview video)

Military Classified: Abel's Anal Fuck
Abel has returned once again and this time he has a few more tats, a firmer ass, ripped abs but his ass pounding is still the same… HOT! Back in his cammies to perform for Rob, Abel has come back to take command of Rob’s ass one more time before he’s back to college after the military.
Abel already knows how tight Rob’s ass is, so this time he takes extra care in making sure he fucks Rob’s ass in as many positions as possible before he blows!

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30 Jun 13 By Ken 11 Comments

Bulldog Pit: Luke Desmond

bulldog pit luke desmond
Water falling from the ceiling and cascading on Luke Desmond’s foggy brain is a hell of a sharp morning wake up call. Finding he’s alone and in an abandoned room with just a mattress and a camera pointing right at him. He hears the distorted voice of his boyfriend (Ashley Ryder) over the speakers and what follows is a twisted game of let see how much his hot young pink boy pussy can take.

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30 Jun 13 By Dave 7 Comments

QC Roundup — June 30

Time continues to scurry past, here on Planet Unicorn. This week brought us all kinds of hot new stuff, including more Kirk Norcross nudes, a preposterously sexy new SC model (we’ve got our fingers crossed that he turns out to be a bottom), and a to-die-for Nude Boyfriend of the Week. Check ’em out, rub one out, and report back in. We’ll wait.
Gotten off yet? Got that sort-of-sleepy glaze that comes over you right after cumming? Good. Please proceed reading.

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30 Jun 13 By will 4 Comments

Active Duty: David

active duty david
So, Dink has been sitting on a little stockpile of special videos that they’ve shot over the years of his most popular models. And, these aren’t your typical videos. They’ve tried something new with them — adding music, and different kinds of editing. We think a lot of you may really enjoy them and their different kind of approach. They’re more — how do we put it? They are more sensual, that’s for sure.

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30 Jun 13 By Dave 17 Comments