New Site Attack: Asianschlong


Urban legend has it that Asian Men are, how shall we put this, not so endowed. Enter Jeremy Long stage left to place a nail in the coffin for that myth. It could be the California sun, in the water supply? Jeremy just returned to a new semester at college but he has plenty of time to dip his huge wick into cervixes, cervices?. Yeah he’s straight…we are holding out…but his videos are fucking hot. Seriously he’s amazing and the camera loves him. Check out the trailer video after the jump it’s worth it and it will make an impression! Can’t wait check out Asianschlong.

Do your self a favor and check out the previews after the jump. Be warned as there is fish after the jump, but there is also one freaking amazing schlong too.

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TitanMen: Colby White And Dario Beck – Spur Of The Moment

TitanMen: Colby White And Dario Beck - Spur Of The Moment

Colby White is lounging on his deck when approached by “handyman” TitanMen exclusive Dario Beck. “I guess there’s just one thing left to do before you go,” says Colby, looking up at the blue collar stud. “Show me your dick.” Taken off guard, Dario quickly warms up to the idea, releasing his uncut beast and stroking it as Colby stares at him, taking out his own boner to jack off. Colby stands up and faces Dario, eye to eye and cock to cock, the two taking each other in as they stroke.

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Deviant Otter: Pent Up


Devin is always thrilled when a random dude shows up to fuck around and is cool with some of the action being filmed. He met this dude, Miguel, off a hookup app this past week and really didn’t know what to expect. At first Devin thought Miguel might stab him and steal things, but he was willing to take that risk because Miguel was pent up and would probably do anything Devin wanted. Luckily the only thing he ended up taking from Devin was his piss and cum, and the only stabbing going on was Devin cock in Miguel’s throat.

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Maverick Men Directs: ‘Southern Fired Raw Dogs’ – Andrew & Josh


Southern Fried Raw Dogs is all about that oh-so-sweet-and-sexy southern hospitality. The chemistry between Andrew and Josh is undeniable. These two hung southern boys were flirty with each other moments after they were introduced. Cole and Hunter matched these two true bottoms and forced one of them to be top daddy. Much to their shock and amazement, it turned out to be one of Maverick Men Directs‘ most aggressive fucking videos ever.

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Falcon Studios: Mike de Marko, Dylan Knight and Brandon Jones


There’s nothing like a bit of sweaty, summertime soccer to get temperatures and dicks rising. Brandon Jones, Mike De Marko and Dylan Knight start kicking the ball around for a bit of fun, and before long they’re down to their jockstraps. Dylan gets down on his knees to service Brandon and Mike’s cocks at the same time. Then Mike gets on all fours and sucks Brandon’s cock while Dylan fills Mike’s ass from behind.

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Raging Stallion: Rylan Knox and Ryan Rose


Rylan Knox is giving Ryan Rose a lap dance out by the pool, and Ryan’s hands are already squeezing Rylan’s taut ass beneath his swimsuit. Rylan turns around and swallows Ryan’s massive member for an epic blowjob that has Ryan writhing in ecstasy. Turning Rylan around, Ryan goes down on Rylan’s ass, and the sound of men in pursuit of total sexual pleasure fill the afternoon air.

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Gayhoopla: Cole Money and Max Summerfield


Was Cole Money really having engine problems? Or was Max Summerfield used as a pawn to get Cole’s nut off? Lets pretend we care and just watch Cole seduce Max’s hard bodied cock in his mouth. Cole tasted Max’s sweaty cock dripping down his throat. He then to Max inside to fuck his big booty with his monster cock. This was the biggest cock Max has ever had, and you can tell by his facial expressions that he meant ever moan.

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Sean Cody: Brodie and Curtis Bareback

Sean Cody: Brodie and Curtis Bareback
Sean Cody $1 Trial Promo

Brodie and Curtis are both experienced at sucking cocks and rimming the ass. Curtis starts by sucking Brodie’s hard and delicious cock, while Brodie services Curtis’ ass with his wet tongue, preparing for the fuck session! Brodie fucks Curtis deep and hard as Curtis moans with pleasure. It’s definitely an awesomely hot session from these 2 handsome men that you would not want to miss! DAYUM!

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Corbin Fisher: Kenny Bangs Colt

Corbin Fisher: Kenny Bangs Colt
Corbin Fisher: Back To School Sale

Kenny and Colt start off making out slowly and passionately but they ramp things up quickly and the intensity skyrockets! First he swallow’s Colt’s long cock, then turns him around for a thorough licking.

With Colt on his knees, Kenny slides in carefully but the tempo kicks into high gear quickly and Kenny jackhammers Colt’s tight ass! Colt takes every inch, no matter how hard he’s being pounded.

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QC’s Wish You Were Queer: Rugby Player Sam Stanley – Scratch That, He’s Gay!

QC's Wish You Were Queer: Rugby Player Sam Stanley - Scratch That, He's Gay!

In our WYWQ section we feature straight men that because of their good looks or their compromise in the fight for LGBT rights we’d love to count as players in our team. So it’s not very often that we happily had to reverse a wish because it was already granted! That’s exactly what happened in Sam Stanley’s case, this handsome 23-year-old Samoan-English rugby star has just made public his sexual orientation and in doing so he has become the first professional English rugby union player to come out as gay!

“I didn’t want to accept it, I felt that being different wasn’t right. I had a girlfriend and I was thinking that, like some people say, maybe it is just a phase.” Sam Stanley.

He’s as dreamy as he gets and despite his young age he has made quite a career playing for Saracens F.C. and eventually competing for the national team in several matches and in four World Series events in 2014. In addition to his love for the sport he likes to sing and play the guitar naked on Instagram. His cover of James Bay’s ‘We are on Fire’ is quite good! Stanley said the he struggled with the idea of coming out for the past 14 months but the support of his teammates and coaches was an important factor. Super fit Sam is not only breaking barriers in a very macho sport but it seems that he has another battle in front of him as rumors are flying that he’s dating a man quite older than him. He has not made it official yet but he thanked his partner for taking him to a Bette Middler concert and called him “my man” on IG almost a month before the coming out announcement. Will he make a stand against ageism in the gay community?

QC reader, what do you think of Sam Stanley coming out story? Join the conversation in the comments!

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