Four Argentine Football Players In Trouble For Leaked Naked Photos – Boca Juniors’ Daniel Osvaldo And Sebastian Palacios, Racing FC’s Ricardo Noir And Banfield AC’s Fabian Noguera Cocks Exposed!


A string of scandals involving leaked naked photos of high profile players have shaken the football scene in Argentina, the country’s most popular sport, and these four athletes are at the center of it all!

Seemly unconnected, but in some cases separated for only hours, the leaks started first with 24yo Boca Juniors‘s forward Sebastián Palacios, who was mercilessly mocked on social media circles by his rivals because of the size of his manhood. Palacios’ couch reprehended him and was benched for several games in an attempt to lower his profile. But as controversy was winding down for him another of his teammate’s own PR nightmare was about to being.

Daniel Osvaldo, also from Boca Juniors, who is no stranger to clashes with the media and has been nicknamed “Mr. Scandal” for that, saw the naked photos he sent to one of his mistresses going viral. Amid poor results on the field, a messy divorce with accusations of domestic violence, failure of providing child support and fights in the locker-rooms with the manager, Osvaldo (who was born in Argentina but became an Italian citizen in 2007 to play on the National Team) was expelled from the club and is currently a free agent in search of a new team.

The last two cases exploded on sports news sites across Latin America only hours apart. Banfield AC central defender Fabián Noguera, who is 23, took a photo of his cock in fully hard state and allegedly sent the image to an unidentified woman who shared it via WhatsApp with a circle of friends who made it public. Noguera’s case shares similarities with the final man on our list.

Racing FC‘s striker Ricardo Noir claims that his phone was hacked and his nude photo was not sent to anyone and yet the virality of it all originated via Whatsapp. In the photo the 29yo is seen in his bathroom completely naked grabbing his hard uncut cock with a firm grip. Noir has expressed that this is the second time he’s reevaluating continuing his sports career since a couple of years ago persistent rumors about a gay relationship with the goalkeeper from his previous team, Sebastián Peratta, caused “unnecessary stress” to his marriage.

Make the jump to see the leaked nude photos of these four Argentine football player and let us know who is your favorite in the comments!

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CollegeDudes: Alexander Greene and Seth Stark Flip Fuck

CollegeDudes: Alexander Greene and Seth Stark Flip Fuck

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Broke Straight Boys: Levi Jackson Fucks Zeno Kostas


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ChaosMen: Regan

ChaosMen: Regan

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Is Sunbathing A Good Excuse To Have A Wank Outside?


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Sean Cody: Levi (2)

Sean Cody: Levi (2)

Levi is so adorable! He’s bisexual and has been playing sports (mainly baseball) for a long time – a natural born athlete according to himself. He’s definitely an interesting guy, especially when he told us about his secret stash of dildos hidden in his base drum at home.

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