Queer Clicks: December 8, 2016 | Join Neil Patrick Harris For Dinner & A Broadway Show, All Proceeds Go to Fight AIDS, Freddy Krave’s Very Special Holiday Gifts, & Other News


Join Neil Patrick Harris For Dinner & A Broadway Show, All Proceeds Go to Fight AIDS

“Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka have become America’s gay sweethearts. Now, they’re offering an evening on the town to a couple of lucky fans, raising money for (RED) and their goal of an AIDS-free generation. The winners will win a trip to New York where they’ll get to see the city with their celebrity hosts and join them for dinner and a Broadway show.” Out

Freddy Krave’s Very Special Holiday Gifts

“Seems like Freddy Krave’s photos are now a seasonal tradition here at The Advocate. If you are not familiar with this talented photographer, his self-portraits, and his sexy friends, check out these links to our previous galleries on Freddy: Freddy Krave Is His Own Best Model and PHOTOS: Holiday Krave-ingsAdvocate

Paranormal Organization Claims Gay Men are Possessed by Female Ghosts

“According to a paranormal organization 85% of all gay men aren’t really gay, they’re just possessed by female ghosts that cause them to have attractions towards men.

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SRF), which has 12,000 followers on Twitter, claims, “The main reason behind the gay orientation of some men is that they are possessed by female ghosts. It is the female ghost in them that is attracted to other men.”” Towleroad

Facebook Censors “Red Hot” Calendar Boys For Being Too Damn Sexy

“The boys from the Red Hot calendar series are hot, yes. But are they possibly too hot? That’s what the apparently censorius people over at Facebook have ultimately decided, because several shots from their 2017 calendar were banned from the social media site on account of being too revealing. Though, don’t worry, the official Red Hot Facebook page is still very much up online.” Queerty

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Darren Chidgey, From MTV’s The Valleys, Alleged Cock Pics Surface!

Darren Chidgey, From MTV’s The Valleys, Alleged Cock Pics Surface!

Holy jeebus tattoo, we think we have a match for these dick pics!

Darren Chidgey, one of the Brit stars of MTV’s The Valleys, got his Brit sausage exposed!

If you didn’t watch the show here’s what you need to know. The reality TV series followed a group from South Wales Valleys as they move to Cardiff. Think of it as Geordie Shore but with more sheep. Among the young lads we found today’s man in question, aspiring model “Chidgey”. Now he was a bit of a ladies man inside the house, and even complained that one of the girls in the show “broke” his penis, but he ended up making out with cast-mate Jason Suminski stating “ “F**k it, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” . The incident raised some questions about his sexuality but apparently everyhing ended with that on-screen kiss. For Jason it was different though, he never admitted a crush on him but on one occasion he took Chidgey’s favorite stuffed bunny to the bathtub and rubbed the toy against his private parts! Sadly the show was not renewed for another season but thanks to this leak we have a new development.

Chidgey has been allegedly caught sending photos of his hard cock. We have to use the word “allegedly” because the images in question didn’t feature his face but the tattoo on his arm practically confirms in on a 100%!

Make the jump to check out The Valleys’ Chidgey’s cock pics and let us know what do you think in the comments!

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Titan Men: Dallas Steele and Mitch Vaughn Flip Fuck – Stopover In Bonds Corner

Titan Men: Dallas Steele and Mitch Vaughn Flip Fuck - Stopover In Bonds Corner

After a memorable doomsday bunker encounter, Dallas Steele hitchhikes across the dessert after his Jeep breaks down. He gets picked up by Mitch Vaughn, who watches the stud relieve himself before hopping in. The driver makes a pit stop to his shop: “You kind of like showing off your equipment, don’t you?” The two stare at each other as they stroke their big cocks, then swap sucks as Mitch’s extended tongue begs for more.

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MormonBoyz: Elder Dobrovnik and President Ballard


Elder Dobrovnik lathered up his muscular, long body as he showered off the remaining oils from his skin. His body was still energized from his recent encounter with President Oaks.

Having done as he was asked by the Priesthood and brought Elder Esplin back into the fold, he showed that he was not only loyal and obedient, but that he could serve the broader needs of the Order as well.

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Next Door Raw: Dante Martin and Griffin Barrows


Returning home from the casino, Dante Martin notices boyfriend Griffin Barrows is decidedly quiet and sad. Once prodded, Griffin confesses to losing all his money at the tables that night, and wonders how he’ll pay the rent or even buy food. Dante is understanding in his damage control, telling Griffin they’ll be ok, and that he can lend him some money til he gets paid again. Griffin smiles weakly, thankfully promising to pay Dante back. Dante tells him he can start to pay it back right now… with that ass.

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Men.com: Topher Di Maggio and Adam Bryant


Adam Bryant has only ever bottomed once, and is nervous about his second time. He hires Topher DiMaggio to work his hole, taking the time to open him up before taking his ass and pumping it full of his cock.

See more at Men.com.

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Active Duty: Tex Long

Active Duty: Tex Long
Active Duty 50% OFF!

Tex Long is Active Duty‘s newest recruit and he’s absolutely delicious! He’s a tall, fun-loving gym rat with just a great attitude. Tex simply exudes a sweet warmth that we know will bring a wonderful vibe to the squad. Once Claude lets him get down to it, Tex pulls off his tank top and we see his lightly tattooed, heavily toned upper body. Tex has the type of body we can’t resist: his long, powerful torso and those athletic arms are so sexy! Then Tex takes off his shorts and undies to fatten up his gorgeous dick. As he lays on the bed, getting his cock rock solid for us, Claude moves in tight for a closer look. There’s a moment when we start out looking into Tex’s dreamy, blue eyes, then a slow pan down to see Tex’s fair complexion with just the right amount of chest hair, then down to his luscious erection. From the bed, Tex goes to his feet and Claude gets the shot from underneath. We just love seeing those tight balls. Tex is that rare kind of specimen… strength, masculinity, and style.

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Have You Ever Masturbated At The Showroom Of A Store?

Have You Ever Masturbated At The Showroom Of A Store?

This daredevil was apparently honoring a dare but we have a feeling had always wanted to do this!

Crouching behind a display hot tub this geeky dude tried his best to make sure no one was watching. His buddy filmed from behind as he stroked his hard cock. So hot!

This video is a FREE sample from the Premium section of Sticky. When you sign up for a premium account you can immediately dive in and discover gems like this one.

Watch the video in its entirety after the jump. Have you ever done something similar to this? Share your anecdotes in the comments!

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All Australian Boys: Vincent

All Australian Boys: Vincent

Vincent is a straight, exuberant young AFL Footballer, originally from country Victoria. Doing beach shoots to him was very foreign but when All Australian Boys asked him to run into the water and back. He loved it and felt at ease. “This is like footy training” he said. Vincent is also an A grade sprinter representing Victoria.

You will see in vid when he runs out of the water, the explosive speed he has, once on the beach. In the studio he sat on the couch and watched lesbian porn and started to get hard. All Australian Boys new model Bree leaned over and started to suck his big cock and in no time it was rock hard.

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Maskurbate: Jeremy Unmasked

Maskurbate: Jeremy Unmasked
Maskurbate 50% OFF!

Jeremy finally takes off his mask! It’s been a while since we last saw Jeremy but he’s still the gorgeous hunk we remembered. When he approached Maskurbate to do a comeback video, they had to convince him to be unmasked because he’s got such a beautiful face. We think people like him so much because of his very natural build. This guy doesn’t take any chemicals to grow his muscles. It’s all hard construction work and good nutrition.

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Queer Clicks: December 7, 2016 | Edgy Gay Skit Makes A Resurgence, These 7 ‘Secret’ Erogenous Zones for Guys Might Make Your Head Spin, & Other News

Handsfree Snapchatting

Edgy Gay Skit Makes A Resurgence

“Kids in the Hall was a revolutionary comedy sketch show created by Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels in the 1980s. In 1989 the Kids in the Hall produced the skit Running Faggot, which has seen a resurgence in views on social media this week, introducing a whole new generation to the comedy troupe’s antics.” Advocate

These 7 ‘Secret’ Erogenous Zones for Guys Might Make Your Head Spin

“Davey Wavey enlisted gay adult film star Calvin Banks to help him showcase 7 ‘secret’ erogenous zones on the male body that can add a little extra stimulation to your bedroom life.

Using something called body mapping, Wavey explained that a lot of sensual pleasure can be derived from areas of the body you might not expect (in addition to some you may).” Towleroad

Snapchat Has Unwittingly Created A New Sex Toy

“Congratulations to Snapchat, makers of an adult app that for some reason we all continue to pretend is not an adult app. They have now invented a device, their first piece of hardware, and we will all pretend we are not using as a bedroom accessory.” Queerty

Gus Kenworthy and Robbie Rogers inspire a young athlete on ‘The Real O’Neals’

“This week’s episode of ABC’s comedy The Real O’Neals — featuring gay athletes and intellectual cheerleaders — may seem like a lovely attempt at undermining stereotypes.

It’s so much more.” OutSports

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