[UPDATED] Did Michael Lucas Destroy A California Mansion? Owner Sued Him For Leaving “Urine, Semen And Fecal Matter All Over The Property” – The Lucas Entertainment CEO Later Denied The Accusations

Did Michael Lucas Destroyed A California Mansion? Owner Sued Him For Leavind “Urine, Semen And Fecal Matter All Over The Property” The Lucas Entertainment CEO Denies The Accusations

Controversy keeps following Michael Lucas, in an article published by the DailyMail the home owner of a California residence, Kristina Knapic, makes serious allegations that the founder and CEO of LucasEnt. destroyed a mansion located northwest of Los Angeles in Ojai, California after using the luxurious home for filming hardcore sex scenes. Details of the damages to the property are quite shocking, used enemas kits, sex toys and bodily fluids like urine, fecal matter and semen were supposedly found all over the premises. And perhaps the most serious accusations is that the place was rented under false pretenses using a fake name (the renter supposedly expressed that the intention was of using the mansion as a summer vacation,) it is unclear if a fake ID was presented when papers were signed.

Knapic said that they determined the identity of the people that used her house after finding a Lucas Entertainment business card. Damages were extensive in the furniture, carpets, upholstery, walls and the hot tub was described as found still filled with brownish water. Other various sexual devices were found in the beds and in the trash. According to the lawsuit there’s a $30,000 claim to Airbnb for the misconduct of the renter. Here at the QC headquarters we have inspected some of the recent scenes released by LucasEntertainment and we found at least two movies filmed in a bedroom that look extremely similar to the photos published in Yelp by the owner of the mansion, specifically the bed used in “Evan Lance and Spencer Whitman Flip Fuck” and “Jake Andrews and Ashton Summers Fuck Rafael Lords” so the matter that if filming took place or not is more or less clear than what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

Michael Lucas has responded to these accusations claiming Knapic is a “professional extortionist” and that the bodily fluids that she says were found perhaps belong to her also stating that her accusations are not true citing previous (now-deleted) bad Yelp reviews and the fact that the mansion was not the church-like place that was described adding that there was a “fairly well-equipped sex dungeon” not mentioned in the description of the place at the time that it was rented. Lucas also included a previous exchange with the home owner via text messages that was nothing but cordial. In a lengthy letter penned by Lucas that was published by Queerty the porn mogul completely dismisses the lawsuit and concludes that “is absolutely without any merit whatsoever” but now that lawyers are involved we’re not sure the how this story will end. QC reader, what are your thoughts on this story? Make the jump to join the discussion in the comments!

[UPDATE 15-11-26]
Lucas Entertainment has released an statement addressing this situation adding new information from his side of the story remarking that Ms. Knapic stayed in the guest house of the mansion during his whole stay and that cleaning staff was sent before leaving the property. Make the jump to read the official position of Michael Lucas.

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Deviant Otter: Stuffing A Redneck – Gauge


‘Tis the season for some stuffing! Stuffing a hot redneck that is. Being straight, country, and having ink, Gauge had Devin leaking from the moment he sent him some nudes. His virgin hole had never been popped so Devin eased him in at first by a jacking off session watching straight porn, but after fucking around with a dildo he was ready for the real thing. Gauge may have come here being a country boy, but he left with a little city in him.

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Celebrate Thanksgiving And Black Friday With These Offerings From Aneros

Celebrate Thanksgiving And Black Friday With These Offerings From Aneros

Thanksgiving has arrived and Black Friday is almost here too, what a better way to celebrate with some of the incredible sex toys that Aneros has to offer! The selection is incredible theis year and there are deals that are just too good to let them pass. Like MGX Classic (Black Friday Edition) for a 50% off or the ultra-quiet vibrator Muze at 25% off. Make sure to search the entire catalog because you can find gems like the always handy Wipes at a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offer or the entire Classic Line at 30%. And make sure to use think link or just click on the image above and remember to use the Saving Discount Code BLACK2015 in the checkout for an additional 20% off sitewide! If these deals are not tempting enough Aneros also offers Free domestic shipping in orders above 75$. Which Aneros device are you planning to get? Take advantage of these savings and remember to ACT FAST!!!

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Helix Studios: Evan Parker, Troy Ryan and Brad Chase


Magic truly happens here at Helix Studios. We see this on display once again as what appears to be just another very pretty and playful photoshoot with Brad Chase, Evan Parker, and Troy Ryan transforms into a hot & heavy threeway throw-down. Don’t miss your favorite freshmen as they engage in a superb suckfest, sizzling spitroast, and double-barrelled facial finale in this absolutely exquisite twink trifecta.

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IconMale: Tayveon Martin, Kory Houston and Brad Kalvo


Tayveon Martin and and Kory Houston are sitting in bed with Brad Kalvo, who is forced to come clean to his boys about the fun he’s been having with each other on the side. Although Kory puts up a fight when Brad suggests that they try something between all three of them, his mind is changed when Brad showing passionately kisses him. Neglecting Tayveon is not an option and Brad kisses him with equal intensity.

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Corbin Fisher: Truman’s Tag Team

Corbin Fisher: Truman's Tag Team

Any horny moment is an opportunity to have an awesome and memorable time! What starts as Truman jerking off turns into a party when Kellan, then Tobias, join in!

The guys strip down and take turns kissing each other and sucking Truman’s lucky cock. They simultaneously lick up and down his shaft, smiling at each other then they put their hard dicks in his face to get sucked while they make out.

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Bel Ami: Thom Jacobs and Tony Conrad


Those of you who are members of KinkyAngels.com will need no introduction to Thom as he has already appeared in a couple of scenes over there, but this is his first appearance here on BelAmiOnline. As he is relatively new, we have paired him up here with the more experienced Tony Conrad. You can expect to see more of Thom in the future, how much depends on how much you like him.

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Sean Cody: Cory and Lane Bareback

Sean Cody: Cory and Lane Bareback
Sean Cody $1 Trial Promo

“How you been?” Sean Cody asked Cory. It’s been a while since we have seen him on the site. “I’m good, I’m good. Been hitting the gym a lot and working on some stuff here and there.”

Cory usually trims his chest hair when he comes out but this time he let it really grow out. “I like it!” Lane said as he ran his hand through it. Looks manly.”

“Are you jealous Lane?” Sean Cody asked “I mean kind of, I’m pretty hairless…I’m hoping as I get older some will sprout out!”

These two had a great time fucking and just for fun we cranked up the temperature in the room so we could see Cory really sweat!

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Raging Stallion: Andrew Stark and Ricky Decker


Andrew Stark claims that a midnight tryst in the kitchen will cure Ricky Decker‘s insomnia. Ricky’s dubious, but when Andrew pulls out a hard, fat cock, Ricky figures it’s better than a glass of warm milk and he agrees to ‘give it a shot.’ He kneels and sucks Andrew’s veiny member with long swallows, stroking the shaft and squeezing his nuts.

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William Higgins: Michal Kozub


Michal Kozub likes sports, football and fitness. In this Dream Set he looks so masculine, with his handsome face and hot body. Smartly dressed at the start Michal soon opens his shirt to reveal his hot, hairy, chest. He looks like the perfect fashion model as he removes the shirt and trails it over his right shoulder. He then sits and relaxes on the bed, bare-chested and looking great.

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