Ellis Lacy, X Factor UK Contestant, Measures His Cock In A Series Of Leaked Nude Photos!

Ellis Lacy, X Factor UK Contestant Measures His Cock In A Series Of Leaked Nude Photos!

He may not have gotten too far in the competition but you probably remember X Factor UK contestant, and Royal Navy engineer, Ellis Lacy. This 22yo, in addition to his passion for music, is a “weapons expert” as he stated during the interview portion of his Tv intervention in the reality show and we could add that he’s a bit of a show off. Ellis was also an MMA fighter a few years ago and has kept training in the gym ever since and adding even more tattoos to his body. He not only sings, he plays the guitar too and there’s another instrument that he likes to play… His cock!
In fact, as the leaked photos prove, Ellis seems to be kind of obsessed with his penis, specially the size of it (who can blame him for that, is there a man on the face of the Earth not obsessed with that topic?) Turns out that the set of photos in which he shows off his fit body and measures his cock is just the tip of the iceberg. Ellis Lacy does not only trains at the gym, he trains every muscle in his body, every single one of them if you know what we mean. He has kept a secret YouTube vlog where he records the progress of the penis enlargement method he uses and you can see him in his bathroom playing with his cock, a ruler, and a water-based pump. If you need to know his numbers he said his cock (when soft) was 13.1 centimeters in length (5.15 inches) 11.2 centimeters (4.4 inches) in girth and 14.5 centimeters (5.7 inches) in length 12.4 centimeters (4.8 inches) in girth right after pumping in the shower, he didn’t say the measurements of his cock when hard but it looks like a very nice uncut cock. We wonder what would Simon Cowell or his 1D friend Louis Tomlinson think about his penis? Make the jump to check him out and don’t forger to share your opinions in the comments!

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Bentley Race: Tim Brant

Bentley Race: Tim Brant

During Ben’s stay in the apartment in Berlin he was contacted by this guy who was keen to meet him for a shoot and also talk about photography. He thought that geeky guy was really cute, so invited him over. Tim Brant is also a photographer so they had a lot to talk about. It was his first time however getting naked in front of the camera. You could tell that he was a bit nervous and unsure about it all. But he soon relaxed as he stripped out of some sports gear in the apartment and out on the balcony.

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[UPDATED] OMG, It’s Tom Hardy’s Naked Butt! The English Actor Was Caught Stripping Off His Clothes While Filming His New MiniSeries

OMG! It's Tom Hardys' Naked Butt!!! The English Actor Was Caught Stripping Off His Clothes While Filming His New Tv Show

To say we have a thing for English actor Tom Hardy would be an understatement. He has earned so many points with us that everything he does just keeps adding to his appeal. Specially his commitment to the roles he plays and the fondness for stripping off in front of a camera, any kind of camera. What brought us here is the most recent appearance of his naked body. You’ll see, Tom is currently on location of his upcoming period drama miniseries, which he also produces, called Taboo and we’re glad to report that there’s nothing mini or taboo regarding Mr. Hardy!
The 38yo Academy Award nominee braved the elements and took an icy plunge into the cold Essex waters wearing nothing but his own skin and his tattoos (he has added via the make-up department some intricate geometric and banded tattoos across his body to the real ones he already has for this character). Unfortunately we can’t tell if there was some shrinkage because the paparazzi pixalated his crotch area despite that the actor didn’t cover his modesty with a burlap bag as it is usual in this type of productions (See Update below.) But we do have a clear view of his muscular physique and that beyond perfect butt before and after he jumped on the murky waters. Best part is that Tom was completely aware of the presence of the photographers and he’s even seen giggling at them minutes before covering again his body with some thermal outdoor clothing. QC readers, what do you think of this new leaked images of Tom Hardy going naked on set of his upcoming miniseries? Let us know in the comments!

[Update 2016-02-09] Finally, the alleged cock picks have leaked! Ok, guys we are optimistic by nature but we recommend to take this with a huge grain of salt. Someone sent us via Twitter the unpixellated photos. We can’t confirm, nor deny, their authenticity so we are leaving this on the hands of our readers. What do you guys think of these alleged new photos of Tom Hardy’s cock on the set of his miniseries? Join the debate after the jump!

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Island Studs: Killer Cock Kurt


Horse-hung Hawaiian Musician Kurt is a talkative American-Hawaiian twink with a tight all-natural smooth boy-body, full bush of dark dick hair, big low hanging balls and a GIANT 9″ perfect Monster Cock, who sings to the camera completely naked with a throbbing rock hard dick while playing his Ukulele, opens his smooth ass cheeks WIDE OPEN while sweeping up around the pool and shoots an explosive cum shot in this Exclusive video from Island Studs!

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Military Classified: Boss


The BOSS is back and this young little straight stud has returned and this time its personal! This is the next episode in the seduction of the Boss and today Military Classified has convinced him to bend my ass offer and fuck my ass for the first time on camera. Today is the day that the Boss makes good on his promise to Rob and Rob’s ass is in direct line of fire. You would think you know the ending to this movie but its NOTHING like you think.

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Raging Stallion: Andre Suarez and Sean Zevran


From the lust in Andrea Suarez‘ eyes you can see he can’t wait to explore every inch of Sean Zevran‘s muscular physique — with his tongue! Sean whips out his hard cock and Andrea immediately succumbs to his cock-sucking urges by dropping straight to his knees and serving him with wet deep-throat action. After a thorough rimming of Andrea’s hungry hole, Sean sits back inviting Andrea to take his dick for an exhilarating ride.

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Randy Blue: Preston Cole and Devon Felix


Preston Cole and Devon Felix look so hot together. Both are beefy with gorgeous eyes. Devon’s dark skin looks so hot up against the alabaster skin of Preston. They both have long hard dicks and there is nothing hotter than watching a gay guy fuck a straight dude up the ass raw. Watch as Preston slides his uncut cock in Devon as he yells out in pain and ecstasy. He fucks him hard and roughs until finally he cums all over Devon’s hairy butt and shoves the jizz back inside.

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Amateur College Sex: Jake Gets Laid

Amateur College Sex: Jake Gets Laid

When it comes to blond, buff, blue-eyed Jake we will watch him do just about anything! Wash dishes, fold laundry – but of course, if given the chance, it’s seeing him strip down to get off! Lucky for us, he’s not into doing chores as much as he is getting laid!

Jake holds none of his testosterone fueled, raw, sexual energy back as he hammers down into the coed. Jamie takes a hard plowing as Jake thrusts in every inch of his sizeable cock – and she’d have it no other way!

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Lucas Entertainment: Derek Allan and Massimo Piano – Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Derek Allan and Massimo Piano - Bareback

Lucas Entertainment’s new exclusive Mexican model Derek Allan has an incredible smile, which is a nice compliment to an overall hot package. With that in mind, you can’t go wrong with pairing him up with Massimo Piano, who has a perfect amount for Derek to suck on. If you’re looking for top-only Massimo action, your search is over. Derek Allan looks like he was born to ride the raw uncut cock of Massimo Piano!

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