SpunkWorthy: Wayne

SpunkWorthy: Wayne

Get your giddy-up ready. Wayne is a 20 y/o country boy Jason had been talking with for the past couple months before the stars aligned and he made it in for his first porn shoot.

He showed up complete with cowboy boots, a shiny belt buckle, and some tight-fitting jeans that showed off a big bulge in his crotch. His southern drawl was just icing on the cake.

Wayne actually did rodeo through high school, along with football and baseball. He only told one buddy about coming by, but said he’d thought about doing porn for years.

“Hell, ever since I started watching porn I thought, ‘Now that guy’s livin’ the life.'”

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Men.com: Dato Foland and Tayte Hanson

Tayte Hanson gets a chance to experience Dato Foland’s cock.

See more at Men.com.

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Ugly Sweater, Pretty Cock!

Ugly Sweater, Pretty Cock!

Ditch the ugly sweater we have another thing in mind to keep you warm cutie!

Sartorial choices aside this hot dude got our attention the moment he showed up with no pants on. The stroking of his cock was just plus really! Would you like to brave the winter with him by your side?

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Watch the complete video after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Corbin Fisher: Luke Fucks Grant – Bareback

Corbin Fisher: Luke Fucks Grant - Bareback

There are some guys that just ooze sexuality and chemistry and know how to make some quality, captivating porn. So putting Luke and Grant together, you can expect them not only to put on an incredibly hot show – but also have a blast enjoying each other’s bodies and getting off!

They take their time, rubbing their beautiful bodies together. Luke buries his face between Grants cheeks to adore Grant’s hole with his mouth, then glides his throbbing cock into Grant slowly so that they both can relish in each individual inch.

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Bentley Race: Valentine Defarge Fucks Reece Anderson

Bentley Race: Valentine Defarge Fucks Reece Anderson

One of the most fun and hot shoots so far this summer happened when Ben hooked up his French mate Val with Aussie boy Reece Anderson. These guys were all over each other from the very start of the shoot. The guys started out doing some cheeky shots in the public stairwell before heading back to the studio to film the boys getting naked and fucking. They had a little fun with the shoot by having Reece start out as the pizza delivery boy. Well Val had no interest in pizza after seeing who was delivering it!

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Queer Clicks: January 21, 2017 | Aspen Gay Ski Week Celebrates 40 Years , 17 Things Gay Guys Should Do in 2017, & Other News

Photo by Julie Soefer

Aspen Gay Ski Week Celebrates 40 Years

“Now in its 40th year, Aspen Gay Ski week serves as an annual burst of LGBT pride on the ski slopes. It’s a time of celebration, dress-up and camaraderie. It’s a symbol of solidarity that attendees say is needed now as much as it ever was.” Aspen Public Radio

Brad Marchand Is 100% right. The NHL Will Completely Accept A Gay Athlete

“Nobody should be surprised by the answer Brad Marchand gave when asked about having a gay teammate. It’s not that Marchand was being “politically correct” or “trying to say the right thing.”

When the Boston Bruins winger told ESPN this week that a gay athlete would absolutely be accepted by his teammates in the NHL, he was speaking what we have known to be true for years.” Out Sports

17 Things Gay Guys Should Do in 2017

“1. Learn the art of flirting. Seriously. We spend so much time on dating websites and apps that we forget how to flirt in real life. So! Strike up a conversation with the cute boy at the bar, coffee shop or the Ace Hotel or wherever cute boys gather near you. Flirt, bitches, flirt!” Splice Today

Sherry Vine Is Ready For The Resistance With ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’

“Sherry Vine, the drag performer known for her deliciously raunchy reboots of pop hits, has bigger things on her mind these days: Donald Trump and the culture wars he is bringing back to the nation.

She’s back with a new clip using Billy Joel’s classic anthem “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. While Joel’s hit was meant to call out the world’s malevolent events from the ’50s to the late ’80s, Vine has her eyes on a more modern era and its oppressors.” Towleroad

Twins Josh and Chris Zatopek Are Stylish & Shirtless Cowboys For City Book Editorial

“Houston twins, Josh and Chris Zatopek, star in an editorial titled “Good Morning America” for City Book Houston. They model rugged, yet stylish, pieces from Givenchy, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Prada and much more for the frontier-inspired shoot. Check out a few images from the spread below snapped by Julie Sofer.” Homorazzi

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