Dalton Briggs and Aspen


After bonding for some time, Aspen and Dalton Briggs are growing closer and closer. It comes as no surprise when Dalton moves in for a kiss during a playful pillow fight, declaring his love for fellow hooker Aspen. The guys finally explore each other’s bodies, leading to a steamy fuck with Dalton stretching Aspen’s tight ass with his monster cock.

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ChaosMen: Oliver King Fucks Phineas – Bareback

ChaosMen: Oliver King Fucks Phineas - Bareback

Oliver King likes to fuck aggressively, and after Phineas’s first time with Vander, Bryan knew he was the right man for the job.

Phineas starts by servicing Oliver, getting him nice and hard. Oliver returns the favor, and with both guys revved up, they 69 suck each other.

Next, Phineas climbs aboard and straddles Oliver’s cock, slipping it nice and smooth. He grinds his ass up and down, pleasuring Oliver with his hole. He rides him reverse and strokes his own dick.

Oliver bends him over the edge of the bed and pounds him extra hard. Phineas loves it!

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A Meaty Thigh Covered In Cum!

A Meaty Thigh Covered In Cum!

Look at that pleased smile at the end!

If that’s not a a sign of a job well done then we don’t know what it is. Webcammer “Gabe” gave us a wonderful show. A muscled body and a charming smile are always a winning combination. Add to that a big cock a an even bigger load and we’re on cloud nine. A thigh covered in cum should be part of everyone’s leg-day!

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Make the jump toe check out the complete video. Share you thoughts on this hottie in the comments!

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Cocksure Men: Peter Comely and Cody Donal Bareback

Cocksure Men: Peter Comely and Cody Donal Bareback

Peter Comely and Cody Donal kiss passionately on a couch. Cody goes down and munches Peter’s crotch. He pulls out Peter’s pecker and sucks it, getting it hard. They blow each other, then Peter turns around showing Cody his sexy ass. Cody tugs on his own rod and rims Peter’s hole. As he licks he milks Peter’s dick. Lubed up with spit, Peter’s ass is ready for Cody’s raw cock. Peter gets on all fours and Cody rams him bareback. Cody wants to feel Peter’s cock in his ass.

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Queer Clicks: October 21, 2016 | Joe Jonas Talks Porn And Gets Wet In The Shower For Notion Magazine , ‘Alan Turing law’: Thousands Of Gay Men To Be Pardoned , & Other News


‘Alan Turing law’: Thousands Of Gay Men To Be Pardoned

“Thousands of living men convicted over consensual same-sex relationships will also be eligible for the pardon. Lib Dem peer Lord Sharkey, who proposed the amendment to the Policing and Crimes Bill, said it was “momentous”. It follows the pardoning of World War Two code-breaker Alan Turing for gross indecency in 2013.” BBC

Step Inside The Technicolor Dream World Of Brazilian Love Motels

“A woman reclines on her back, literal waterfalls running off her naked body. An arrowed sign above her reads, “Las Vegas,” indicating that visitors should turn left. It’s not an ad for a strip club, like you might’ve seen while driving through a number of American cities, but a Brazilian love motel, an establishment meant for couples to retreat for a few nights or a few hours.” Huffington Post

Check Out This Steamy Fan Video for Britney Spears’ ‘Change Your Mind’

“The “Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortez)” fan video we’ve all been waiting for has finally surfaced. The music video for the Britney Spears Glory track features two dancers playing what we can only presume is a gay couple. It’s a mash-up of sexy stereotypical relationship scenes with shirtless dance breaks that have us sweating just as much as the dancers.” Out

Joe Jonas Talks Porn And Gets Wet In The Shower For Notion Magazine

“Since forming his new band DNCE, the former Jonas Brother has made every effort to shed the squeaky clean Disney image that he’s known for, and he’s making his fans – that includes us – very happy in the process.

As well as the stunning photoshoot, the former Jonas Brother spoke to Notion Magazine about the first time he discovered porn, explaining: “I would use my address to log into the websites, and I did this for seven days straight.” Gay Times

Studying the Male Athlete

“The bodies of athletes are not just beautiful in the way that fitness models are, in that they have perfectly formed and exercised bodies. Athletes have bodies that are essentially efficient human machines. They have been trained since youth for specific tasks, feats of strength, and endurance. The body of an ideal soccer player is different than that of a champion swimmer or a gymnast.” Advocate

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Argentine Football Players Marcos Rojo, Ricardo Centurión And Lautaro Geminiani Nude Photos Leak!

Argentine Football Players Marcos Rojo, Ricardo Centurión And Lautaro Geminiani Nude Photos Leak!

A good boy, a bad boy and a rookie, what do they all have in common?

If you answered the above question with “a leaked set of naked photos on the same week” then you were correct! In a matter of hours three professional footballer from the same country got their cocks exposed for the world to see. It seems scandals from the south always come in three. Well, sometimes in four too.

The first player from the pack is Marcos Rojo. The charismatic defender from the National team who is currently signed to Manchester United seems to be the most “affected” by these news. Football fans are mercilessly mocking the 26yo player on social media circles because among his set of photos there’s a shot of his naked butt in bed. Although his face is never seen there’s no denying it’s him. His tattoos, specially the ones on his thighs, totally gave him away. The origin of his leak is unclear. Some are connecting these images to an affair he had in the UK with fitness instructor Sarah Watson in 2014. Others are saying that Marcos, who is married and has one daughter, could had been caught sexting with a third woman in Argentina as recently as this same month. Putting all aside, we can say that at least he has a pretty good endowment!

Next on our list is Ricardo Centurión. The 23yo left winger currently signed to Boca Juniors. After a long time playing for São Paulo FC in Brazil he returned to Argentina. Expectations after his arrival were high as Boca needed a player to replace Daniel Osvaldo after his exit from the team and a seemly never-ending losing streak. Since then Centurión has given nothing but headaches to his club. Clashes with the head coach in and outside the locker room, the resurface of photos from his younger days holding an alleged unregistered gun, a car crash in company of friends were he smashed a BMW after a party night, to make things worse he fled the scene of the accident causing troubles with the police. His performance on the field has been qualified as “irregular” at best by sports journalists and now the cherry on top. His nudes leaked. This new scandal only solidifies his status as the bad boy from the group.

Last but not least, Lautaro Geminiani. An up and coming star in the local scene. He plays for Patronato de Paraná FC. Unlike the other two players who expressed their shock over the news the 25yo defender surprised everyone with his chilled response to the leak. After being confronted by the reporters he confirmed it was him in the photos and declared “I’m ok with it (the leak) This is the sort of thing you do when you are young. I’m calm.” He might look calm as he says but Argentine football fans everywhere seem to be losing their minds over the size, and thickness, of his cock!

Make the jump to check out the naked photos of Argentine football players Marcos Rojo, Ricardo Centurión and Lautaro Geminiani. Don’t forget to share your impressions in the comments!

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Raw Castings: Ty and Dax


Ty loves porn. At home he’s had to surf cam sites to be on screen, but here in Vegas he gets a chance at the real thing. Ty’s had some earth-shattering experiences with big dicks before, so he knows he can handle the casting director. And with a kinky side, Ty can do more in a scene than your average amateur. Dax sits back when they first meet and allows Ty to do his thing, which means gagging on Dax’s cock until it’s rock-hard and glistening.

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Broke Straight Boys: The Two Kaden’s Fuck Raw


You knew it would happen sooner or later, with both Kaden’s around at the same time, Broke Straight Boys just had to put them in the studio together. Kaden Alexander (who we’ll just refer to as Kaden) invites Kaden Porter to show him what he has learned so far on his time with , and he takes that invitation and goes down on Kaden, sucking that cock and showing him what he’s got.

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Happy 10th Anniversary Maskurbate!


Maskurbate was created in 2006 by Pascal, an amateur videographer, after he tumbled on a unique way of enticing straight guys to let him film them — by offering them a mask to hide their identities. Filmed in an intimate one-on-one setting, Pascal soon found these so-called straight guys would lose their inhibitions behind the mask. The result? Tons of the hottest guys stripping, stroking their hard cocks, and pushing beyond their limits. From solo masturbation videos, to blowjobs and even first time anal sex — Maskurbate has it all!

For 10 years we have lusted after these beefy Québécois studs, for many years as they teased us from behind their masks till recently when the masks came off to reveal that oh so lust worthy studliness that gets more than just our maple syrup flowing. Over the next 10 days we will be revisiting all of the highlights Maskurbate has given us. Oh and he have a special membership offer to give you as well: 50% of membership for the first month, that’s $14.95, and rebilling at only $19.95! But act fast as this is a limited exclusive offer!

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Next Door World: Johnny Riley and Jake Davis


With his family new to the area, Johnny Riley hasn’t seen much action since he moved, either sexual or social, so when local pastor’s son Jake Davis invites him over, Johnny is excited, and when he sees how big the pastor’s house is, he seriously considers pursuing a career in the spiritual sciences.

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Bel Ami: Brian Jovovich and Peter Arnaud


It’s time for another Offensively Large update today, and it is even better than normal in that is a 2 day double scene. In part 1 we have Brian Jovovich fucking XXL Peter Annaud, and in part 2 they are joined by perennial favorite, Jack Harrer, who turns the tabled on Brian and teams up with Peter to give Brian twice as much as what he gave to Peter in part 1.

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