- Doctor Makes Henry Display His Asshole - Doctor Makes Henry Display His Asshole

In the video The Claim at CFNMTV, Henry Lemming thought all he'd have to do was to see a doctor and have his ears examined in order to get a generous payoff from his employer.

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Less Labor, More Pleasure - The Aneros is ON SALE!

aneros labor day

It's a holiday weekend here in the US and what better way to celebrate than to get yourself an exquisite sex toy! We have had some experience with this little guy, and like the adage goes...don't let the size fool you. The Aneros could very well give you the most intense orgasm you have EVER HAD!

Check out a 'hands on' review by donmike here.

Super Hot 10

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Sean Cody: Sawyer and Porter Bareback

Sean Cody: Sawyer and Porter Bareback

Porter and Sawyer are totally rallying to have some fun with each other. We love how eager Sawyer is as he kisses Porter. Porter is definitely enjoying the good fuck from Sawyer judging from all the moans and groans! The explosive streams of cum from both guys at the end is just something you cannot miss! DAYUM!

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Military Classified: Booker

military classified booker

Booker is the 909 area code and he currently has a girlfriend! When Military Classified meet him he needed cash asap and Rob proposed the idea he had and he was surprised Booker didn't turn around and kick his ass. To Rob's amazement, he answered back, "how much?"

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Ask QC: How can I be a good (bad?) Master?

Ask QC

Hi there Ask QC guys,

I'm in my mid-40's and been around the block a few times sexually, or at least I thought so until recently. I was in a long term relationship until last year when after 14 years things just fell apart and we realized that we were no longer compatible (he was still into doing a lot of recreational drugs and partying as though we were still students, whereas the reality is that I hold down a senior management position and high pressure job)

Part of my release from the stresses of work has been having a great sex life, and after splittling from my ex, I was missing that from my life too. So I decided to try some hook up sites and apps, which really opened up a new door to me (the apps weren't around when I got into my LTR). I've really been enjoying the diversity out there, really I have, but I even surprised myself recently when this super hot younger guy (22) asked if he could be my sexual slave/servant/submissive.

Not having tried that before I thought I would give it a go and actually really got turned on by the fact here is this guy who will do anything I want sexually. He actually wants to be abused both verbally, physically and sexually to the point where I call him insulting names and degrade him. He says he wants to be dominated and humiliated, and its strange because although I have never had any feelings towards doing this to another guy before, its as though something has been "unlocked" in me sexually. I get a "high" from it and he does too. We have really long sessions (3-4 hours) and afterwards we both feel really good about things, he's a very sweet guy and I treat him with the utmost respect outside of the bedroom.

He now wants me to piss on him, spit in his face and beat him harder (we have just been doing mild spanking). I'm not sure how far this will go but I'm willing to try as I want to be a better (or badder depending on how you look at it) Master in these situations with him.

My questions is this, how can I improve in being a hot dominant Master/Daddy? I want to be able to surprise him and take things up to another level - I'm pretty new at this so even though I've checked out the sites on QCX and I think it would be really great to hear from other QC readers here who are experienced at this and can pass on their best tips - thanks guys, appreciate it much!


Hi Theo and thanks for writing in with your questions and concerns. There are so many different aspects and genres to gay sex aren't there? And sometimes, perhaps a new experience is all it takes to discover that you actually really enjoy that too! So, dear QC readers, what tips and advice can you give Theo? Are you into Master/Slave role play or do you just enjoy dominating your partner or being humiliated by him in the bedroom? What works in these situations and what doesn't? What would you suggest for Theo to bring things to the next level? If you can help in any way, then please share your wisdom and advice for all in the QComments section!

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

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All American Guys: Nick Gosling

all american guys nick gosling

We stumbled on these picks of All American Hottie Nick Gosling. He is rocking a new hair style and some really sexy facial hair....add a guitar and he looks like he could be rocking out in a Seattle garage and melting the hearts of guys and gals around the world.

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Legend Men: Eli Taylor

legend-men eli taylor

Eli Taylor
is a Cosmo drinking self confessed sex animal. He really likes to top but has found that a fair number of fellas have a certain degree of difficulty taking his jumbo sized manhood. When he does find an open room at the in he is in bossy top heaven...and he is relentless.

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Czech Hunter #156

czechhunter 156

It was the third time that Czech Hunter saw this guy at the station. Needless to say he was prepared and turned on his camera as he saw him again. This Prague guy didn't know it but he was going to make some quick cash...and be wiping jizz of of his sweet face. File under you never know what a day has in store for you!

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The Guy Site: J.T.

the guy site jt

J.T. was born in Bulgaria. He's got a great body and a nice uncut dick. We think his best feature though is his perfectly suckable nipples.

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Gratuitous Post of the Day - Men in Underwear, the Rick Day Video Edition

H+A+R+D by C-IN2 from RICK DAY / RICKDAYNYC on Vimeo.



Hunks of Sweden: Peter

hunks of sweden peter

We can almost envision Corbin Fisher seeing Peter and thinking 'bloody hell...I need to go to Sweden!" Peter is a blonde haired, ripped marvel. He is an incredible specimen don't you think? He is the very definition of a hunk of Sweden!

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Guybone: Ruckus Tops Zeke Johnson

guybone ruckus zeke

Tats and boners. Pretty much sums up these two sexpots. Guybone had been dying to film something in a car, so when the opportunity finally presented itself with Ruckus and Zeke, all of them were really excited to try it. They found a nice shady spot and parked the car. They were already boned in the backseat and Guybone just had to start rolling.

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