Gemini Men: HandBallin’ Alexey

Alexey has done a lot of XXX videos both topping and bottoming. Here he films a first for him: Alexey gets fisted. No plot, just the blonde Russian Cannon ready to play. In a position of total submission with his hands behind his head, legs spread wide, we have full access to his hot hole. Priming it with first one, than two fingers, the digits quickly increase: three, four. Then he takes all five digits. The look of on his face as his eyes close in total ecstasy shows you how much he’s into it!

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Raging Stallion: Logan Stevens, Brian Bonds, Wade Wolfgar and Dev Tyler

As moans echo out through every corner of the bathhouse, Wade Wolfgar and Logan Stevens are already spit-roasting Brian Bonds in the main room. With Brian’s mouth filled with Wade’s cock, and his ass bred by Logan’s pole, Brian loves every inch given to him. While the trio is getting down and dirty, Dev Tyler steps in to join in on the fun. Dev takes his place with Wade and gets to work sucking his thick cock while Logan keeps fucking Brian bareback.

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CockyBoys: Tayte Hanson and Brock Banks

CockyBoys: Tayte Hanson and Brock Banks

A little flirting goes a long way as you’ll see when an excited Brock Banks and Tayte Hanson finally get together several months after first meeting. In bed their lips meet passionately but soon Tayte’s mouth travels down to Brock’s cock which grows thick in his mouth and throat. As it hardens Tayte’s happy hunger increases, especially as Brock pumps his mouth.

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Sean Cody: Jax – Home Video

Sean Cody: Jax - Home Video

“So, who wants to watch me play with myself?” asks tall and muscular Sean Cody stud Jax. Since quarantine began, Jax hasn’t been able to do all his favorite things like hitting the gym, going to the beach, or just getting outside and connecting with people. In fact, he’s been doing a whole lot of playing with himself, and he’s brought his two favorite toys: a dildo that hits just the right spots and a tight stroker to give his cock the tight butthole action it’s been missing.

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