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Celebrate Pride on Milking Muscle (OnlyFans) With an EXCLUSIVE Discount!

Happy Pride Month! To celebrate the best month of the year, Milking Muscle is exclusively giving 50% off membership!

That’s 250+ videos, with 3 new videos added each week for only $7.50! Milking Muscle also has no PPV so you get to enjoy everything for one low price with viewing each video as many times as you want.
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OnlyFans has Been Playing Footsie With us all Along

So that’s that, the shoe dropped and OnlyFans is dropping sex like the dirty, icky thing it is. In the end it’s quite a gamble for the company, when you consider that the company has paid out billions of dollars to creators, several of which earn over a million dollars annually, sex is what built the empire. The numbers are mind boggling when you consider that OnlyFans keeps 20% of what all of it’s creators earn. To say this announcement is seismic would be a bit of an understatement.

The company’s roots can be traced back to 2011 when Tim Stokely started a niche platform that focused on the BDSM and fetish market, allowing for the sale of direct content from the creators. The secure, reliable platform was the key, creating the marketplace and ecosystem was everything.

One can’t overlook that the dynamic of sexual content was changing with the advent of cell phones and other technologies that allowed the average guy or gal to produce content. It was a perfect synergy just waiting, the kindling was laid, and the spark was about to ignite a flame that would evolve from fetish content to superstars like Cardi B joining the platform.

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Colby Knox: Meet Blake Dyson

Colby Knox: Meet Blake Dyson

While Blake was a part of the epic Christmas orgy a couple months back, it’s not quite the same as some one on one time with Mickey Knox. Believe it or not, even though he has done hundreds of scenes, Mickey still gets a little nervous before each scene. You can judge his compatibility with his scene partners by how quick those jitters wear off, in this case though, he was smooth sailing from start to finish.

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We are Fans of OnlyFans: xxx_sean_costin – Featuring an Exclusive Preview!

We are Fans of OnlyFans: xxx_sean_costin - Featuring an Exclusive Preview!

When Sean Costin tags you on Twitter your heart flutters a bit. Well at least mine does. And when he sends you an exlusive preview of a new vid not released on his OnlyFans that seals the deal. Everything about Sean is larger than life: his AMAZEBALLS body, his smile and his sweet personality. It doesn’t hurt that I fantasize about getting lost between his thighs…oh the size of them….fans self. OH and his dick…yeah THAT’s larger than life too. Check out the exclusive preview after the jump and then go show Sean some love!

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