THIS changes the definition of "Not Safe For Work".

Chicago Gay Games

Chicago organisers of the Gay Games VII Sports and Cultural Festival are reminding worldwide LGBT athletes and artists that early registration for the 2006 quadrennial sports and culture event closes on December 31 - TODAY!

Registration is available online at www.gaygames.org or by calling (773) 907-2006. On January 1 the base registration fee for Gay Games VII increases from US$125 to US$175. The additional sports and cultural event fees remain the same, ranging from US$35 to US$124. The sailing event has now reached capacity, and the golf competition is filling up quickly. Gay Games VII will take place 15-22 July 2006 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

All are eligible to participate. There are no qualifiers. Athletes and artists that are beginners to recreational, masters to elite levels, are welcome at the Gay Games.

Visit www.gaygameschicago.org for more info. (via Fridae.com)

Super Hot 10

What’s scorchin’ on QueerClick!

Bumper Updates at Sean Cody

This week, Sean Cody brings us not one, but TWO updates! Happy New Year!

Update #1:

Trey at SeanCody.com

Trey is a fan of the site who contacted Sean Cody recently with one wish — to give either Ross or Patrick a nice, long blow job. Trey is very oral and loves big cocks. As luck would have it he's local, so they had him out for a meeting. He's all smiles and very polite, with a toned body and an exotic look. They loved his enthusiasm and invited him back to do a video the next day.

Trey at SeanCody.com

It's easy to tell that Trey loves to be naked and he's very sexual. Plus, he's quite the shooter!


Update #2:

Trey gives Ross a blowjob on Sean Cody

How Sean Cody manages to meet a hot straight guy on the street and get him to film his first same-sex encounter a month later continues to bewilder us. But hey, no one is complaining!

Ross is a shy, quiet guy whom you would never suspect of being as open-minded as he has become. The pale, smooth-skinned guy has a lean and tight body. And of course, he also owns a cock that is FAT and JUICY (See below - told ya!). After his first video it took some work, but Ross finally agreed to get his first blow job by another guy.

Trey gives Ross a blowjob on Sean Codyg

On the day of the shoot, Ross was so nervous he was shaking. Trey, the lucky volunteer, was very excited about what was to transpire and very quickly made Ross feel comfortable. It wasn't long before Ross' cock was at full mast and Trey was in heaven...

Check out the new videos of Trey and Ross on Sean Cody or by clicking on any of the free pictures we've prepared for you below.

More Bumper Updates at Sean Cody

Robbie Williams Gallery

Check out the Robbie Williams Gallery!

We've added 144 sexy pictures of Robbie Williams to the Celebrity Gallery as a treat to mark the last day of 2004. Robbie grabbing his crotch. Robbie with breasts. Robbie pit shots. Robbie butt shots. Robbie in heels...you name it. The pictures are both sexy and amusing - just like Robbie himself.

At last count, we now have more than 1,500 active registered users in the Gallery section and we see more and more sign ups each day which is very encouraging for us. =) The gallery is absolutely free so please feel free to check it out.

Bon appetite!

Fernando Bengoechea & Nate Berkus

Hey guys, a weblog "News On Fernando Bengoechea & Nate Berkus" has been set up to keep everyone posted on the latest news on Fernando and Nate. (Thanks Kathy!)

Deveroos by Yoko Devereaux


We're absolutely in love with Deveroos - the Underoos for grown-ups. Yoko Devereaux will be launching this new line of t-shirt and brief sets which is inspired by the late 70s underwear Underoos. Several great collaborators were brought in for the project including Surface to Air, Michael Bevilacqua, Colur and Boiler Mag. (thanks Josh!)

Yoko Devereaux, a very successful conceptual menswear start-up line based in Brooklyn, New York, is one of the emerging bright spots on the New York’s menswear scene. Co-founded by long-time friends, Andrew Salzer and Thomas Meus, the line is inspired by both classic menswear history and the emerging, ever-changing voice of the youthful independent street culture in New York City.

Elton John and David Furnish Married?

Elton John is reported to have married long-time partner David Furnish at a Christmas Christening party held by David and Victoria Beckham.

The pair were among a star-studded guest list at the December 23 bash at the Beckham's English country home to celebrate the baptism of the couple's two sons, Brooklyn and Romeo.

They left the party with a "just married" sign in the back of their car.

Jeremy The Strongest Man

Meet the strongest man on earth - Jeremy Bailey.

Jeremy Bailey - the strongest man on earth

In this experimental video, Jeremy tries to "perform" by holding his camera in his hand in a perpendicular angle to his body for as long as his arm can support it. But we suspect this is actually an erotic video in disguise. Look at how his facial expressions degenerate into lip-biting contortions and agony as he builds up to a climatic finish complete with heavy-breathing, moans, groans, and whimpering sighs of pain and pleasure.

And for the record, he lasted 4 minutes and 14 seconds.

A Little Red Box

Public Service Announcement: We've added a little red box to the right column which will lead you to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) website where you can make an online contribution towards helping our counterparts in disaster-torn Southeast Asia.

In a world of poverty, war, displacement and disaster, the IFRC serves those in need without regard as to race, religion, class or political belief. No contribution is too small and we hope you can support these relief efforts. Thanks!

Holeproof Underdak

Holeproof Underdaks commercial

Still on the topic of underwear. But now with a pocket.

DT Jocks

We love the DT Jocks line of retro-looking underwear. But we love the models filling them too. (via Fleshbot)

DT Jocks

Super72 @ Dudes Nude

When was the last time you visited Dudes Nude? This amateur site has a plethora of guys who do not mind sharing their goods with us. A hot-favourite of ours, you can find countless short jerk-off video clips on site - absolutely free! If you have not dropped by, make sure you set aside a good weekend to plough through everything.

But what caught our eyes today and prompted this post are Super72's aesthetically pleasing photos and collages. This guy's got a keen sense of style and layout. He's also a big fan of electronic music (with an A-Z list to prove). There's obviously some digital work put into his video as well. We like!

Super72 at DudesNude

Some of you have written to say you have problems viewing the profile. In order to view or search the profiles, you'll first need to log in. Hope this helps. =)

Was Jesus Gay?

As Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus few of them will have been told anything about the sexuality of Jesus, yet a growing group of Biblical scholars believe that Christ may have had at least one sexual relationship with another male. More at Rainbow Network.

The Humiliator


"The name says it all! This stylish and comfortable gag may be worn for extended periods of time. The 'Scott Paul' designed mouth piece provides a firm and biteable surface. It allows easy breathing with no bitter taste."

The Humiliator

Scott Paul designs a unique line of adult products. Check out the "High Stepper", the stand-up "Corner Cage", and the very painful looking "Bumblebee".

So Enrique's Not Gay?

BUSTED! We made a recent post on Enrique Iglesias and a nude Anna Kournikova and one of our readers, EyeOpener, has pointed us to Kournikova Fakeland which has more than 300 resplendent fake compositions of Anna in the nude.

Fake Anna Kournikova

TMFU only creates Anna fakes. A great load of time goes into collecting suitable bodyshots and headshots. The gazillion shots of Anna in all angles available on the net make it relatively easier to come up with convincing fakes.

So now we'll suspend our disbelief until we find further proof that Enrique's gay.

Thanks EyeOpener! You sure opened ours! =)

Jet Li Escapes Tsunami

Action star Jet Li and daughter escape tsunami.

In addition to Fernando Bengoechea, another photographer Simon Atlee is reported missing. The Briton was with his girlfriend, Petra Nemcova, Czech supermodel and 2003 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue covergirl, on holiday across the Indian Ocean in Phuket, when the raging surf attacked their beachfront bungalow at the resort of Kaho Lak. Meanwhile, Oscar-winning British director Richard Attenborough mourns the loss of his 14-year-old granddaughter who was killed by the crashing waves.

Shot by Simon Atlee

Nathan at Corbin Fisher

Corbin Fisher's new freshman, Nathan, is a 20-year-old southern stud who applied to model through the site. The athletic guy is very outgoing, friendly, and eager to please. He is a sophomore in college and will be majoring in Engineering. He has a very nicely shaped physique and an oversized, thick cock that he regularly works hot loads from.

20 year old NathanNathan wanks off a hot load at CorbinFisher.com

Nathan has a 8.5 inch cut dickCheck out Nathan and other hot freshmen at CorbinFisher.com

Catch Nathan jerk off at CorbinFisher.comFreshmen aplenty at Corbin Fisher

Will Young In Drag

Fancy seeing Will Young in a wig, dress, heels and wearing full makeup?

Well, we almost could have!

There are apparently photos of the British gay pop star in drag. The existence of the pictures came to light after a man tried to sell them to two daily newspapers. The Brit tabloids are notorious for publishing embarrassing pix of celebrities - and pay far more than the thief would have made by trying to blackmail Young.

But, this time one of the papers found a conscience - or at least feared publishing the shots would land them in trouble accused of being an accomplice to the theft. So, it turned the would-be seller over to police.

In court cocaine addict Sharife El-Whabe, 24, pleaded guilty to having stolen property but he denied breaking into Young's apartment and stealing the photographs. El-Whabe is looking at jail time. He'll be sentenced after New Year's.

Young burst onto the music scene by winning Pop Idol, the UK original of the American series American Idol.

Will Young

Ball Control

Amazing ball control.

Gay Club Bombed in New Zealand

A popular gay nightclub in New Zealand was hit with a fire bomb Monday night, sending about 20 people running for the exits. No one was hurt. (More at Queerday and New Zealand Herald)

Nate Berkus Safe But Fernando Bengoechea Missing

Chicago's NBC5 reported last night that, Nate Berkus' family and friends had lost contact with him, but this morning's New York Post quotes an Oprah spokeswoman as saying that Nate was still safe and on his way to the U.S. embassy in Sri Lanka.

Fernando Bengoechea & Nate Berkus.jpg

The New York Times has however reported sad news that Fernando Bengoechea (Nate's "partner") is among the eight (latest figure: 12) Americans dead. (via Zionide)

This notice was found on CNN:

"We are searching for my brother, Fernando Bengoechea. We know that he was swept by the waves with his friend, Nate Berkus, and then separated. Nate has been rescued but Fernando is still missing. They were in Sri Lanka at the Sturdust Beach Hotel in Arugam Bay. He is 39 years old, white, 5'8", brown hair, green eyes and has braces in his teeth. marilisa@maradonausa.com"

Fernando Bengoechea is a NYC based photographer whose star is quickly rising. He was born in Buenos Aires and grew up mostly in Brazil. Fluent in five languages and well-traveled, he arrived in New York to study cinematography and photography. Within only a few years he had an exciting career path laid out in front of him. His works include those of Donna Karan, and Naomi Cambell.

He has an official website.

Nate Berkus, an interior designer who quickly became TV's hottest decorator after being "touched by Oprah's stardom" heads his own Chicago design firm, Nate Berkus Associates.

Thai Court Slaps Porn Charges On Expats

A former Australian diplomat and his American business partner have been convicted on “pornography� charges for distributing "Thai Guys" - a free Bangkok gay magazine cum tourist guide.

Thai Guys magazine covers

In March this year, Bangkok police said they found hundreds of videos and photographs, many containing explicit images of men having sex with pre-pubescent boys, in one of their homes. Thai authorities accused Scoble, from Sydney, of using his agency as a front to introduce foreign men to Thai boys. (more at Fridae.com)

The printed version of "Thai Guys" is published 10 times a year and distributed in all major gay venues in Thailand.

Personals on Thai Guys Online

The QueerClick team managed to find the online version of the magazine. The site looks a tad backdated, but apart from gay-and-Thai-related feature articles, it has endless scrolls of pictures in galleries such as "Faces" where you can find many personals of Thai boys and their admirers.

With the owners going behind bars now (one charged for 7 months and the other 8), we wonder what will happen to the site.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

A high-end dating agency, VXO Partners, boasts of a clientele with the following qualities:

- Decision makers
- Goal-oriented
- Busy, accomplished men from virtually every chosen life path
- High achievers ranging in age from their 30's to 60's
- More than 90% have advanced degrees
- Average annual income is more than 6-digits
- 7-figure average net worth
- Travel often, exotic vacations, spa-goers
- Have multiple residences
- Attend theater and cultural events
- Health conscious
- Fashion conscious

With a tagline like "Very Extraordinary Matchmaking for Men of Means" (what a marblemouthful!), we guess only the very mean, er...extraordinary need apply.

(via boy's briefs)

South-East Asian Earthquake & Tsunami Blogs

The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami blog. (via Towleroad)

Here's a blog with some first person accounts of the disaster.

Helicopter Fuck!

Micky Yanai demonstrates the Helicopter Fuck!

Meet Micky Yanai from Nippon.

He is already old age.

He is afraid that suddenly he cannot do Helicopter Fuck.

Please give him oppotunity [sic] for Helicopter Fuck.

But don't forget, he is not gay. He need only woman for Helicopter Fuck.

Watch the Helicopter Fuck movie clip (Quicktime; 9.72MB).

(cue music)...I'm spinnin' around...move outta my way...

Arnold Is Cumming Everywhere

Arnold loves cumming

Whilst we're on the topic of California, here's a classic video clip of the California Governor sharing with us how he enjoys cumming at home, in the gym, and backstage!! Be afraid, Californians. Be very afraid.


Homoerotic California MTV

California...here we come...right back where we started from....CALIFORNEEEAAAHHH~!

Gay Tourists Stranded After Big Quake & Tsunami

At least seven Asian nations and one in East Africa, including Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand, are ruined in the wake of the most powerful tsunami (triggered by a powerful earthquake, measuring 9.0 on the Richter Scale, centered off the coast of Indonesia's Sumatra Island) to strike the region in decades. Phuket, the most well known and popular gay beach destination was one of the most hardly hit areas.

The beaches at Phuket, popular with gay tourists from Australia, North America and Europe, were filled with people. This was the height of the tourist season. Many people were in the water when the giant waves, as high as four storeys, struck without warning.

Some people were standing by the beaches, taking pictures of the phenomena, until the waves engulfed them. This is a living nightmare reminiscent of the movie "The Day After Tomorrow".

The latest death toll stands at more than 23,700 (including the Thailand King's 21-year-old grandson) at this point of writing but thousands more are reported missing and the death toll is expected to rise. About a million people are displaced. This ranks as the biggest earthquake in the world in 40 years, and the 5th biggest in history, even toppling the magnitude of the '95 Kobe Earthquake.

Here is an animation of the tsunami which shows the wave of the tsunami moving outward from the island chain north of Sumatra. Remarkably, it travelled the 750 miles to Sri Lanka and Eastern India in only 100 minutes. Here's another animation (Quicktime).

Our hearts and condolences go out to the many victims of the catastrophe as well as their families and friends. A global relief effort is now underway. We pray for the speedy restoration of order.

[QC: One of our team members had earlier intended to vacation at Phuket and The Maldives. We're so relieved he's fine. Another one has bought tickets to Phuket for a holiday with his boyfriend next week. Not sure if he's going now.]

Joey at NextDoorMale

Joey at Next Door Male

Joey is a 22 year old Italian stallion, who is extremely sexual and really gets off in his debut as a Next Door Male. Joey is in medical school and had just finished off a late night being on-call at the hospital when he shot this video. You can tell he was happy to kick back, relax, and get off.

Joey is an Italian stud

Watch Joey in three scenes. In his video, he first starts out in the living room. The next scene is in the kitchen after a long run in a nearby park. And the final scene is him taking it all off (and then getting off) in the bedroom. See the video of Joey and other equally hot guys at NextDoorMale.com.

Joey the medical student jerks off after his night-call

See Joey jerk off at NextDoorMale.com

Check out Joey's jerkoff video at NextDoorMale.com

3 hot scenes of Joey in this video

Dirk Gets Fucked At Corbin Fisher

Dirk, a bona fide straight boy, with no prior inclination to swing the other way, has been expanding his sexual horizons.

A few months ago, he was talked into getting a blowjob from Pete...with the lure of a fat pay cheque. Even with the money, he was apprehensive at the thought of it - but it turned out he liked Pete's skilled suckjob after all.

Dirk gets fuckedSee Dirk being deflowered for the first time

After the BJ, Corbin Fisher offered to take things further. Dirk replied that getting a BJ was probably the furthest he would consider - and that while he MAY top a guy at some point, under no circumstances would he bottom...Fast forward a month, and surprise surprise, Dirk called up! He said he thought it over and was willing to explore some more with Petey boy.

That resulted in the hot fuck video, "Dirk Fucks Pete". It started off a bit awkward since it was his first time plowing another guy in the ass - but he was soon pounding the bejeezus out of Pete and really getting into it before blowing a huge load...he commented afterwards how fucking Pete's ass was better than fucking most girls he had been with (if only the other straight guys knew)! He loved how Pete's tight ass felt wrapped around his own straight boy cock.

Dirk gets plowed in the ass at CorbinFisher.comDirk takes Pete's huge cock like a man

After trying and enjoying both the BJ and topping Pete, Dirk said he would CONSIDER bottoming, if the money was right and if he was paired with someone less endowed than Pete.

A less endowed guy was thence lined up, BUT the bloke cancelled at the last minute! Uh-oh. Lucky for us, Dirk had already made plans for the money he would be paid for making the video. Pete was the only one available on short notice and so he agreed to bottom for Pete's monster dick!! He said he would "just grab the sheets a little tighter".

See the sizzling video at CorbinFisher.comDirk continues to explore his sexual boundaries at CorbinFisher.com

You will have to watch the video at CorbinFisher.com to see the rest of the story! This is a genuine straight boy enjoying the pleasure of being deflowered by another guy for the very first time!!


Matrix - Deleted Gay Scene

The One gets screwed

Bet you didn't know The One got screwed.

Endless Love

Bush and Blair's endless love.

Beckham Plugs Owen

David Beckham fucks Michael Owen

Dream team, no?

LOTR - The True Story

LOTR - The true story

Ladies and gentlemen, the true story of The Lord of the Rings.


Do you know why cannibals show you pornographic pictures if you were ever captured?

Answer here.

Too Much Pubes, Robbie!

Robbie Williams loves to touch his crotch!

From the grapevines: Robbie Williams has been slammed for showing too much pubic hair in his pop videos. The hunk was told to clean up his act by US music bosses.

They ordered him to pull up his jeans during filming because they hung too close to his crotch.

He Shoots, He Scores.

Sky Showbiz's earlier article regarding Will Young entitled "He Shoots, He Scores" is no longer available as they have been informed by solicitors acting for Will Young that it is untrue and that Will Young is not and has never been involved in any relationship with a Premiership footballer.

His solicitors further informed them that the Daily Star article which was the source of the allegations is currently the subject of legal correspondence.

Butt Shots Gallery

QueerClick Butt Shots Gallery

We are happy to announce there are 90 new bubbly butt shots in the ever-growing Gallery section. Check them out.

Paula Abdul Has a Dick!

Straight Up Now Tell Me About It!

You'll never see Paula Abdul in the same way again. Yes, the American Idol guest judge has been harbouring a deep secret. Yikes! Is this what the Promise of a New Day is all about? Does that still make her Forever Our Girl? *Okay, enough with the puns*


With that, we'd like to announce the addition of another new category on QueerClick. "Dead Ringer" will aim to highlight those rare instances where porn stars/performers strike an intriguing resemblance to another celebrity or well-known personality.

LOTR Gay Bar

That explains Gandalf's perpetual grin.

Lost Sesame Street Scene

You'll Come One Day.

Naked French Men

Naked French men behaving weirdly

Not exactly Dieux Du Stade 2005, but they are naked & French.

Shoutout to The Sweetest Tongue

Thanks for the links, Stan. Looks like you already knew Enrique was gay. Now we only need proof about Ricky and Robbie.

Kylie's Pussy Slip

Kylie's pussy supposedly appears round about the 5th second in this slow-moed video of her performing "I Believe In You". But we can't spot the feline. Can you?

Enrique Iglesias is Gay!

Well, at least FHM thinks so.

"Not even a pants-stretching erection?" He is thus either gay or microsized. See bottom left picture.

Anna Kournikova nude with Enrique Iglesias

Anyhow, thought this FHM scan of a nude Anna Kournikova (nice butt!) together with Enrique Iglesias might be of interest to some. FHM suggested to their readers to cover up their left eyes since they didn't Photoshop Enrique out of the picture. But of course it depends on your inclination. Cover at will!

Room Mates

Room Mates

That's what room mates are for. not exactly amateur porn, but...haha! Friggin' hilarious.

Here's a shorter clip with just the final scene. (Thanks Kontraband)

*Gawd, I miss my room mates all of a sudden*

Mr. Limpy

Mr. Limpy

Mr. Limpy - Feels just like the real thing.

It's Hot!...No?

Simple Sun Ad

Watch very closely.

Seth at Sean Cody

Meet Seth.

Seth from Sean Cody

Perfect skin and tan - Check!

Puppy-dog brown eyes - Check!

Lean, muscular physique - Check!

Dead ringer for Jake Gyllenhaal? - CHECK!!!

Seth is a Jake Gyllenhaal lookalike

And if you think that's wild, wait till you see what's underneath his baggy cargo shorts!! This guy has got the lowest-hanging pair of goose-sized nuts that hangs halfway down his knees!

Seth has always wanted to go rock climbing (the bulge in those shorts caught between the harness is like wow), so they took him to one of those indoor climbing facilities for a "warm up" in the video.

Seth reveal a very muscular uppper torso

The incredible thing about Seth is that he's very demure and doesn't know how hot he is. When asked if he gets a lot of compliments on his balls, he said "no" and looked as if he was being asked that question for the very first time.

Check out some more hot images below or on SeanCody.com by clicking on any of the pictures below.

More Seth at Sean Cody


Merry X'mas from QueerClick.com

Thank you everyone for your keen readership and amazing support. Enjoy the hols and we look forward to a great 2005 ahead!

Lymphogranuloma Venereum

San Francisco public health officials on Monday sounded the alarm in the US about a rare and "potentially debilitating" sexually transmitted disease known as lymphogranuloma venereum, or LGV – which was reported recently in the Netherlands – turned up among a small number of MSM patients in the city.

The disease is a form of the common sexually transmitted infection chlamydia – but this particular strain can cause scarring of the genitals and colon, and can produce a swelling and bursting of lymph glands near the groin. Also unlike routine cases of chlamydia, LGV can cause severe urinary and/or gastrointestinal distress, including inflammation and bleeding of the rectum and colon. Men who suffer from rectal symptoms are most likely to have acquired the infection through unprotected anal intercourse. However if caught in time, the illness is treatable with antibiotics. More at Fridae.com


Watching gay porn on your iPod is now a reality.

iFck - Porn video on your iPod Photo. (via Fleshbot)

Mark or Clint?

Every now and then, during our scavenging for good materials for this site, we come across models who appear not just in one gay porn site, but in two or more. Some of these models may not be solely exclusive to any one site, but there are always a few, despite being promoted as exclusive models, who will later pop up in another site, mostly using a different name or persona. Some may use other methods to "cover" up.

"Split Identities" will be uncovering these instances. This is not an attempt to expose or embarrass any of the models. Our efforts stem from our motivation to bring interesting tidbits which will continue to entertain you and make for informational reads by discovering these coincidences. The truth is out there. We do a bit of homework and present them to you. =)

For our very first post, we bring you Mark or Clint? *tada!*

Mark or Clint?

"Mark" appears on ChaosInAustin.com and as "Clint" at SeanCody.com. He is muscular and very big, with a deep big voice to match. On the former site, he was decribed as having "lots of energy", and being "real stoked about taking some photos and making money." The guy has had a rough year and was trying hard to get back on his feet.

At SeanCody.com, the model notes mentioned that Clint was referred by a photographer via email. Clint had been working hard on his body and wanted to do a little "erotic" modeling. If we dare venture a guess, the photographer would be Bryan from ChaosInAustin. =) On ChaosInAustin, there is mention of Mark doing video work (which is pretty hot! Check out the money shotsss) at SeanCody.com. So it's no secret except...is he Mark or Clint?

Mark/Clint is available for modeling, dancing at clubs, and also doing massage. You can find his profile on Men4RentNow.com or you can email him to setup a photo session or massage.

For more gorgeous pictures of Mark, visit ChaosInAustin.com, or drop by SeanCody.com for Clint's solo video.

This concludes our very first Split Identities feature! Hope you enjoyed it.

Split Identities

We'll be starting a new category called "Split Identities" very soon. These entries will be fairly fun to make, and to read as well! The next post should be within the next few hours (we need to go out and grab lunch). Stay tuned. Meanwhile, have a guess what it's going to be about. ;)

Shoutout to Immediate Release

Hey hey! Thanks loads for the link, mate. =)

"Immediate Release" spotlights gay and lesbian interests, pop culture, politics, entertainment, news, art, design, music, and fashion and everything else in between. Part online magazine and part musings, "Immediate Release" is quick, current and fulfilling like any "immediate release" should be.

Chaos In Austin

Beautiful photos of men from Chaos In Austin

ChaosInAustin.com has been around for about 5 years. It started out as simple ego site (which he has truthfully claimed was a tool to get laid) for Bryan Ockert but has since grown into a highly popular haunt. So popular that bandwidth has become a major issue for Bryan (monthly bills were exceeding $450)! Realising his hobby and ego site was becoming way too expensive, he started to create membership areas to make the site pay for itself ($15 per month; $10 for recurring memberships - very reasonable).

Bryan's pictures have graced the catalogues of Ajaxx, Solis, etc. His work is beautiful and at last count, there were 103 gorgeous models! No less! In addition, 3-4 models are added to the site each month.

The highly anticipated video section has however met with some issues (supposed to be launched mid-August this year). First there were encoding issues and now it seems like there are some probs with the billing agency. Good things are worth waiting for so let's hope we get to see them soon.

If you haven't already been to the site, visit it now. Loads of preview photos.

Hudson Wright

Photos by Hudson Wright

Eye candies by photographer, Hudson Wright.

Hung Over

With X'mas just a couple of days away, Gay365.com offers some simple notes on how to avoid getting that hangover over. Ignore at your own wish.

But seriously mates, if you drink, don't drive. Alright, end of public announcement. =)

China's gays know little about AIDS

Harbin, China – A report in the state run Xinhuanet reported that according to the country's first ever survey on homosexuals, at least 80 percent of China's estimated five to 10 million gays mistakenly believe they are safe from HIV/AIDS. Conducted by the center of AIDS control and prevention under the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with its branch office in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, they survey, found 80.6 percent of the gay men are totally ignorant of their exposure to the virus or underestimate the risk. (via Fridae.com)

Paradise Ball 09

Paradise Ball 09 in Tokyo

WhiteBall - Paradise Ball 09 to be held at Ageha, Tokyo, promises a "filthy and gorgeous" time.

Men At Play

If you're into masculine men in formal businesswear, MenatPlay will leave you panting for more. Here you can enjoy the hottest suited guys in high quality images and video action. All movies are 100% original and exclusive, which means you will not see them anywhere else.

High quality images and videos of men in suits at Men At Play!

The guys (mostly European which means uncut tools aplenty!) are all handsome, well-built, and very well-groomed. They fill their suits, shirts and pants so well (think GQ smart!) you'll half want them to keep their clothes on, and half want them to peel everything off. But worry not as these blokes pleasure you through the various stages of derobing. Whatever your fancy, these guys look equally amazing with their clothes on and off, hard or soft.

Check out other hot men at  MenatPlay.net

In real life you can only afford furtive glances at straight guys as beautiful as this but on MenatPlay you can stare for as long as you like!

Check out some more hot images below or on MenatPlay by clicking on any of the pictures below.

More Men At Play

Cam at Corbin Fisher

Cam is one of those cute college studs that you would never expect to get naked on camera. He attends a small college in the deep south and is a fairly conservative guy. He is in his 2nd year and majors in journalism (hmm, wonder if his sword is mightier than his pen?).

New cutie Cam at Corbin Fisher!

A friend of Corbin Fisher approached Cam and gave him his card. Cam emailed the next day with a bunch of questions. After some to-ing and fro-ing via email and phone, he finally agreed to model for the site.

Check out Cam's jerk off video at Amateur College Men!

Cam was shy at first, but by the time the cameras got rolling, he had opened up quite a bit.

Cam's huge tool!

Cam's physique is lean with a great set of abs and a 9.5-inch uncut cock. And don't let his innocent looks fool you, this stud is an expert at working his monster tool! Check him and other hotties out at Corbin Fisher (aka Amateur College Men).

What's Wrong?

What's wrong with this picture?

Rosie O'Donnell to Join QAF

Comedienne Rosie O'Donnell is set to join the cast of TV show Queer As Folk in its upcoming season.

In the show, O'Donnell will play a character who has eyes for Deborah (played by Sharon Gless), according to industry sources.

Hot Naked Rugby

The Seattle Quake Rugby Football Club is the Northwest's first primarily gay men's rugby team, bringing one of the world's most popular games to new players who may not otherwise have considered playing.

You know what is coming dunchya? Yes, it's the C-word!

One of the shots from the Quake 2005 Photo Calendar

See the Men of Quake in all their glory in this much-anticipated Quake 2005 Photo Calendar. It features twelve professional images of Quake members in revealing poses.

(via Towleroad)

Singapore PM's Comments on Rejection of Gay Party

Update to our earlier post on Singapore's gay event SnowBall: Singapore's Prime Minister has for the first time commented on the rejection of an entertainment licence to hold SnowBall, saying that "the party should not be targeted at gays alone."

SuprNova Shuts Down

Bit Torrent site SuprNova shuts down due to surmounting pressure from the Motion Picture Association of America. The site was a host for bit torrent links, one of the leading methods of P2P.

Christian Bale Back in Form

The "Batman Begins" trailer shows Christian Bale in great form.

Christian Bale

This year, for "The Machinist", Christian Bale dropped from about 190 pounds in weight down to about 130 pounds to make this film. Bale had actually wanted to drop down to 110 pounds, but that they would not let him go below 130 out of fear that his health could be in too much danger if he did. His diet consisted of one can of tuna and an apple per day. His 63 pound weight loss is said to be a record for any actor for a movie role. He has since gained the weight back and is in great form to fill up the latex suit.

We suspect this guy is a balloon in disguise.

(via Boy's Briefs)

On another note, this marks our 101th QueerClicky entry! Thanks for everyone's support! =)

Patrick Wilson Images

As promised, some Patrick Wilson images have been uploaded in the Celebrities Gallery.

We found a very rare image (see below) of Patrick doing the Full Monty but it's super-duper-small! So if anyone of you came across a larger image, please let us know! Mucho gracias!

Patrick Wilson in Full Monty

Alan Smith's Bulge

Nice bulge, Smith! (courtesy of The Bulge Report)

Alan Smith from Manchester United shows us his winning bulge!

Patrick Wilson Naked

With the release of "The Phantom of the Opera" this Christmas, Patrick Wilson is back in the limelight playing the role of Raoul, Christine's childhood sweetheart.

Patrick Wilson in The Phantom of the Opera

Patrick had earlier captivated us with his intricate portrayal of the tormented gay Mormon in "Angels in America", in which he was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.

Patrick Wilson

The multi-talented guy just gets hotter with each new thing he does - from Broadway to TV, and now the silver screen. After POTO, next year we'll be seeing him in "Hard Candy", a provocative drama about a 32 year-old man who takes home a 14 year-old girl he meets on the Internet, with surprising consequences. He dated Jennifer Love Hewitt (!?) as well as Scarlett Johansson ("non-exclusively"), but is now dating actress, Dagmara Dominczyk ("Enchanted April").

So where is all this leading to? A screen capture taken off "Angels in America" of Patrick Wilson in the buff! Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way...Enjoy! We'll also be adding some more images of Patrick to the Gallery, including the image below, but much BIGGER. Stay tuned!

Patrick Wilson with his dangling balls

Shoutout to Danny

Danny, thanks very much for the "proceed with caution" link! We like that. ;)

Yummy Spread at GetButch.com

Excuse me Sir, do you have a X'mas promo where the clothes come bundled with the model? Dunno about you, but we think the Spring '05 preview fashion photos from Butch are yummylicious!

Yummy fashion spread at Butch

On another note, if you're running out of X'mas gift ideas...

Phil at NextDoorMale

NextDoorMale is fast becoming a new favourite online hangout for amateur lovers. Their wide range of goodlookers are diverse enough for a nice handful whom you may daydream about. Most of the guys are in their 20's who are clean cut and in shape, and have a good physique. These are real blokes with regular jobs and a very large majority of them have never been completely naked in front of a camera before.

More hot guys and exclusive videos at amateur site NextDoorMale.com

Their latest update sees Phil back at NextDoorMale.com - and once again, the 19 year-old college wrestler is looking amazing, even without his summer tan.

Phil at NextDoorMale.com

Click here to check Phil and his buddies out online or click below to see a few more sample pics.

More Phil at NextDoorMale

Blowing Clay on Sean Cody

Sean Cody update (that's another reason why we love weekends)!

Clay was one of those straight guys who made it clear he would not perform with another guy. He had previously rejected Sean Cody's offer to receive oral sex, twice.

Clay from Sean Cody

But what about the proverbial saying "never say never'?

Time went on and Clay was regularly referring his hot friends to model for the website. One fine day he popped the million-dollar question about what an all-guy blow job video would entail. Oral sex on his cock, balls, and anal region was the answer. Like most straight guys, he wasn't comfortable with the anal part, but said he would consider. A week later, the guy agreed.

In this update, Clay is serviced by master cock sucker (hmm...) Foster. As it wasn't clear if Clay fully understood the concept of having his ass eaten, they played the video by ear. See how when Foster started licking and teasing Clay's asshole, Clay's dick gets harder and harder without even being touched! A true sign of being turned on!

Clay getting his first blowjob from Master Cock Sucker, Foster

Before you know it, Clay's cock was rock hard and Foster was devouring him.

Check out the hot scene in the pics below or on SeanCody.com by clicking on any of the pictures below.

More Blowing Clay on Sean Cody


New amateur site on the block! HomeMadeMen.com is run by Cow Stream Media partners Aaron & Seth. Both Aaron and Seth have performed in numerous videos themselves for Cow Stream Media including solo, couple and group scenes. They're slowly retiring to behind the cameras.

HomeMadeMen.com is currently looking for video contributions from amateurs. Selected entries will be paid and then entered into a contest with a cash prize of $1000 for the top spot!

Cow Stream Media is the company behind such sites as GUYSonVIDEO.com (hot site with a myriad of guys jacking off their tools), BarebackPlace.com, and VideoBoysUSA.com

A myriad of guys jerking off on GUYSonVIDEO.com

Shoutout to The G Spot

Looks like we've touched The G Spot! Thanks for the link! You guys are sweet.

Shoutout to Bob

Hey Bob, thanks for the link. Appreciate it. =)

Yahoo! Video Search

People, Yahoo! Video Search could be your next playground. (via Fleshbot)

Alta Vista also has a video search function. If you're using these tools to search for what the rest of the world are, do remember to deactivate the "family filter" or "safe mode" (one of the rare moments you need not play safe) lest you get happy Disneyland cartoon clips as returns.


Our previous post on Bae Yong-Jun has created quite a fair bit of buzz and one of our trusty readers (hey, thanks loads for the tip!) has kindly informed us that the photo album "THE IMAGE VOL.ONE" is exclusively available for international order on YesAsia.com.

Keep your contributions and ideas rolling in. QueerClick is for all to share and enjoy! =)

Muscle Gallery: Denis Sergovskiy

muscle gallery denis sergovskiy

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Denis Sergovskiy is one of the most exciting muscle sensations to hit the bodybuilding competition scene in a long time. Muscle Gallery met him at an event in 2005, just before he burst onto the American bodybuilding scene. Originally from Moscow, Denis has lived in the U.S.for only three years--and already, he speaks fluent English (or should we say .... American?). Currently living in Las Vegas, Denis decided to compete at the NPC 2007 Mr. LA. where he took the Super Heavyweight Class.

More Muscle Gallery: Denis Sergovskiy

Eminem Bares Butt

What happens when you're Eminem and accused of homophobia? You start baring your bottom whenever you get a chance. (via Fleshbot, via Towleroad)

Here are some Eminem's bubble butt shots.

It's Raining Calendars!

As the year draws to a close, yummy calendars are everywhere!

No Snowball

Singapore authorities rejected Snowball.04 license application and a subsequent appeal to overturn the rejection.

The event, organised by Jungle Media/Fridae.com (Asia's Gay and Lesbian Network) was intended as a Christmas celebration for the Singaporean gay and lesbian community, as well as many hundreds of tourists expected to travel to the sunny island for the event.

In giving its reasons, the authorities said in a statement: “Singapore is indeed opening up. But we are still, by and large, a conservative society. The blatant public display involving intimate behaviour of people of the same sex exhibited at the previous events organised by Jungle Media/Fridae.com would be an affront and unacceptable to the large majority of Singaporeans.�

Reluctant Young Men Abused for Money

Reluctant young men being tortured and abused for money!

Why Reluctant Young Men? These amateur videos feature gay and straight young guys experiencing their first spanking, tickle torture, teasing, milking and cum control sessions. These are not guys who enjoy these activities. They reluctantly agree to appear in a fetish video for the money. This is the real thing. The spanking, tickling and teasing is intense (check out some of the models who were so edged to cumming for hours they virtually get into a trance), there's no acting here.

Straight Porn for Gays?

Can straight porn appeal to gay men?

Whilst Gay Porn Blog contemplates if it's normal for women to enjoy gay porn (and how gay porn may be better than straight porn just 'cos the guys are so much cuterer!), it should be a fun exercise to reverse the question and ponder if it's normal for gay men to enjoy straight porn. And if so, what sort of straight porn, and what particular aspects do you enjoy most?

Do/can you enjoy straight porn?

New Releases from Japan Pictures

Japan Pictures produces high quality gay Asian porn

Following two hugely successful titles, Japan Pictures releases "Perfect Body 3" under their "P-Body" label. Japan Pictures have been dishing out title after title of the most powerful and erotically-charged performances of the fittest Japanese male athletes.

Perfect Body 3 from Japan Pictures

The company which is celebrating their 3rd anniversary this December, has a few labels under their belt. Apart from the "P-Body" label which showcases real Asian muscle-clad athletes, they have the "Karada" label (wildly successful series which rocked Japan's gay porn industry), "Mega Panic" label, "Team White" label and "Ex" label which is basically a wet dream list of real sportsmen from the realms of soccer, gymnastics, rugby, swimming, you-name-it!

How Many Hot Asian Men can you handle?

There are a total of 22 titles under "Ex" label, and the latest release "EX22 HOW MANY MEN!!" continues to deliver and impress with seven young, gorgeous athletes-next-door in their prime form, complete with, rugby thighs, and their signature supercharged performances with intense (facial) expressions.

Forget about (forgettable) Asian porn from America, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan...basically everywhere else outside Japan. It's not called the Land of the Rising-this-and-that for no reason!

QueerClick on Fleshbot!

Here's a shoutout to the wonderful folks at Fleshbot for noticing our lil post on Bae Yong-Jun. You guys rock!

Nathan at Sean Cody

New hottie at Sean Cody! Nathan is a straight soccer player who is engaged to his girlfriend of five years. When asked if his girlfriend knew about his erotic modeling, he grinned and claimed she did. Apparently, she is OK with it as long as no other women are involved! Don't think we'll have much of a problem there, girl.

New hottie Nathan at Sean Cody

Nathan is a bit quiet but not at all ashamed of his beautiful, smooth body (why would anyone with assets like that?). He looks very conservative, but looks can be deceiving.

Check him out in the pics below or on SeanCody.com by clicking on any of the pictures below.

Nathan revealing it all at SeanCody.com

More Nathan at Sean Cody

Dudes Off Campus Revamp

Dudes Off Campus (DOC) - has undergone a recent revamp. The site was relaunched to give users expanded access to interactive picture galleries, forums, polls and news. The site promises an all-new DOC Trick and video chat rooms, so stay tuned!

The site is a chockful of Amateur, Voyeur and Candid shots! So if those perfectly chiseled models and too-goodlooking models/pornstars don't do anything for you, you know where to head for real guy-next-doors who're willing to pull them pants down and show you their furniture, er, goods!


Mark Dalton Arrest Saga

News of porn star Mark Dalton's arrest for domestic violence charges first appeared in late October. Then earlier this month, sources confirmed that the 24-year-old was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment for violating his probation and possessing a controlled substance. What's interesting is his arrest was triggered by an assault charge by an ex-girlfriend, and that charge has now been dropped.


Meanwhile, the guy denies striking his girlfriend saying “I’m the nicest person in the world. I especially wouldn’t hit a damned girl.� He has since hired a new attorney to avoid the 5-year sentence. He has also acknowledged his marriage to another woman.

Apparently, Dalton (real name: Jeremy Sons!) wants his fans to write him in prison!! You can try doing so at:

Jeremy Sons 87129
127 N. Woodrow
Denton, TX 76205

Mark "fully intends on resuming his career as soon as he possibly can and wishes everyone a very healthy and happy holiday season."

Bae Yong-Jun

Korean actor and currently red-hot superstar, Bae Yong-jun, also widely known as “Yong-sama� in Japan, is the center of attention again, with his recently published photobook "THE IMAGE VOL. ONE". His transformation from Gentleman to Muscleman is absolutely amazing following a high-protein diet.


THE IMAGE VOL. ONE Official Website. And more Bae Yong-jun buffed body shots.

Colin Farrell's Bratwurst

If you haven't already seen, Colin Farrell's penis is making the rounds online. That and his pair of, er, debatable balls.

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