Sean Cody: Gregory(2)

Gregory really went out of his way to be as creative as possible.

"What if I straddle this chair?" he asked, pointing at a random piece of furniture. "I bet that would turn people on!"

We knew that he was going to be fun! In fact, we spent a lot of time trying to get him to stop cracking jokes. Really cheesy jokes at that!

Sean Cody: Gregory(2)

But his infectious smile and laugh won out every time!

"You know you're fucking adorable, right?"

"Nah..." he replied, looking at the ground. "Well... kinda..."

Sean Cody: Gregory(2)

Gregory has a really nice ass and he said lots of people notice.

"Mainly girls... that like to stare at asses, I guess," he explained. "I never knew that that was such a big thing... for girls."

Sean Cody: Gregory(2)

He has a remarkable body that is almost completely hairless... with the exception of his nice, dark bush!

After he had cum all over the place (and there was a lot of it!) he was still ready to go...

"That was fun," he said with a big grin. "Lets do it again!"