Wank Wank Revolution: Brains & Brawn

Wank Wank Revolution: Brains & Brawn

Gorgeous black fitness buff jacks off at home. Check out all the crazy formulae on the whiteboard in the background! Can anyone make out what formulae they are for?

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Hirsute Car Wank + 100% Hands Free Cum Shot

This week's hot videos at Sticky

We've got not one, but two, hot videos over at Sticky to highlight today. That hands free cum shot is just too incredibly impressive. We think only 1% of the male population can do something like that? Achieving a full on orgasm from start to finish without touching oneself one bit. If you can do that please let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

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Super Hot 10

What’s scorchin’ on QueerClick!

This Week on Sticky Premium

This Week on Sticky Premium

This week on Sticky premium, we have gorgeous studs jerking off, handsome hunks and sexy soldier sharing naked selfies, and stunning cam performers giving fantastic shows.

Check out the teasers after the jump!

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Asian Amateur Videos: Matatuama Train Wank


Remember Matatuama? He's our favourite Japanese exhibitionist from many years ago and we're happy to bring back his entire series of amazingly daring public exposure videos starting with this video. This guy really raised the bar for all future exhibitionists.

Watch Matatuama jacking off on a train on Sticky for free.

Wank Wank Revolution: Latino Cum


Latino hottie finishes his webcam wank with cum pouring outta his lubed up oily dark dick. Watch the clip for free at Sticky!

This Week on Sticky Premium

This Week on Sticky Premium Novak Djokovic hunks studs twinks asians

Did you check out Sticky this week? In Sticky Premium, we have bearded hunks, shaved studs, cute twinks and Asian dudes jerking off for your pleasure. For scandals and leaks, we have tennis world champ Novak Djokovic's leaked cock pix. The alleged nude photos were leaked online through hacked phone on Sunday and spread across the internet like wildfire.

More hot stuff after the jump!

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Bon Voyeur: Cirque Du Fuck


Cirque Du Fuck! This hidden cam sex video has an interesting background story.

"Cirque du Soleil was in Santa Monica a few years ago and they were on their last night and one of the jumping / tumbling hot Euro Beautiful Men kept cruising me. After the show I went Back-tent and gave him my number. We had a good time. This was later that night. He was HUNG and DrEnChEd me. All that jumping around is good for mass volume I guess - he was very sweet."

Watch the video for free on Sticky!

Porndora's Box: This Ass Needs A Dildo

Porndora's Box: This Ass Needs A Dildo

There are so many goodies on the brand new Sticky we are having a hard time (literally!) deciding what to show you. And then we came across a hungry asshole that needs feeding.

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Watch this guy fling and flip and flop and swing his best friend around.



A Brand New Sticky!

Hey dearest citizens of Planet Unicorn! If you haven't already noticed, we have quietly soft-launched an all-new Sticky two weeks ago. It was all rather hush hush. 3000+ user registrations and rounds of stress-tests later, we're super excited to share with you that the gates to Sticky 4 are officially open! *pops confetti*


Wank Wank Revolution: The Million Dollar Spot

Guy cums just by rubbing on one spot!

Of all our years of running QC, this remains one of our favourite videos, simply because it's just so intense! If there's a million dollar g-spot, this guy has it right there.

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Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit.

Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit. Neil Gaiman. Everything Changes

Something's brewing.

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