Extra Big Dicks: Jay Alexander & Eli Lewis

Jay and Eli are in Jay’s bedroom kissing passionately and rubbing each other all over. It is the moment of truth for Eli tonight and the question is, Can Eli handle Jay’s big cock? He is extremely nervous and hesitant about the whole situation. He has to fit 9 inches of long dick plus girth into his tight little butt. After some reassuring from Jay, Eli agrees for the big step. Eli starts out by sucking Jay’s big thick cock gagging and taking every inch down his throat. Jay flips him over and rims Eli’s beautiful round ass tongue fucking Eli until his dick is rock hard.


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Japan Boyz: Kinjiro & Takeru

Takeru is not only hung, he kisses wonderfully. Lying back he then takes Kinjiro‘s dick into his mouth; he really knows how to work a guy. Takeru fingered Kinjiro for a bit, but there’s no real way to prepare for his monster. Adding lube, they work together; after a while, he slides in more easily. Slowly, the alternating sensation of pressure and pleasure has Kinjiro hard as Takeru pumps easily. He then pulls out, takes off the condom, and they stroke together, intertwined. Docking their cocks, Takeru starts to cum and that drives Kinjiro over the edge. Together they finish as their cocks continue to drip and rub. Kinjiro was the bottom in this sexy JapanBoyz.com film.


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