Japan Boyz: Odaiba Beach Boyz – Bukkake Cum Facial


Eegii and Ayumu get their turn by the window; this JapanBoyz.com film is going to have more than one great view. Priming the bottom, Eegii’s fingers explore before he is blown. Using the chair to pair, the top thrusts from below as Ayumu’s hole takes a bit to get used to that big dick. Tapping the right spot, Ayumu’s hard dick waves as he is fucked in various positions; the energy is hot as these two twinks go at it. Pulling out, the top then sucks and strokes his partner until he blows; the pool of fun is substantial. Eegii’s turn to blow has both his bottoms ready for the blast; he blows like a winner.


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Japan Boyz: Davey’s Summer Mishap Part 2


Driving out to California to meet some hot guys, Davey de la Cruz chats as he grows. In this JapanBoyz.com episode, there are two very sexy guys who enjoy the same type of gaming. Having fun at the tournament, Davey brings him up to the hotel room; looks like game time isn’t over for either of these players. In the shower, the pair lathers as they kiss intimately. Wet and horny, they move to the bed to continue the fun; the boys are up and good to go as I get in some tight shots of Davey gobbling down Kai’s joystick. After some sexy 69ing, Kai gloves up his partner then gets on all fours. Pushing his thick cock into Kai, Davey lets out a sensual moan; soon the bottom echoes the feeling.


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StraightMenXXX: Bi Kai Blew & The Fly Flew


Kai, 23 is bi. He likes to date girls and hook up with guys. Born in China, he has been here 13 years and is working not only on his hot body, but also on a degree in Science. Naked, he lies on the bed and goes right for the vibrator, damn, he’s up quick. Nothing wrong with a fast shoot. Giving StraightMenXXX.com members a nice look at all ass-pects of Kai’s physique, he then stretches out and works his cut dick and big balls.


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