Japan Boyz: Manabu


Manabu is just 18: young, sexy and with a voice. He’s here to fulfill a fantasy he has about doing porn. Exploring his body, and taking off his underwear, this boy has got a big cut cock and a pair of nice-sized nuts. Sitting on a glass tabletop, he tugs feverishly; he is close. Cumming, a thick pile of jizz pools on the surface. This boy can make a mess anywhere he wants for JapanBoyz.com.


23 Sep 16 By Laam 2 Comments

PeterFever: Disciplinary Action – David Plaza & Jessie Lee


Jessie had the audacity to show up late and leave early during his shift. David needed him to straighten up his act but nothing he said made an impression on Jessie. To make him understand the seriousness of the matter, David disciplined him the hard way, giving mister hot shot a good old fashion spanking.

Watch David Plaza give Jessie Lee a hard slap on the ass in Novella Series Season 6 Episode 10,” Disciplinary Action”.


20 Sep 16 By Laam 2 Comments