AsianBoys.XXX: Manabu


Manabu is 20, new to modeling and in college. Playing for both teams, he is bisexual and hopes to be paired with others. Removing his shirt, this boy has a very fit body and loves to have his nipples played with. As the AsianBoys.XXX twink takes off his fully-packed underwear, he reveals a nice sized uncut cock and large ballsack, covered in thatch.


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Island Studs: Kanoa


Kanoa is a beautiful Hawaiian Surfer Twink with a natural smooth body, beautiful white bubble boy butt, and a thick bush of dark untrimmed dick hair who strokes his throbber while working as our nudist house boy, takes a long piss in the garden, flexes and poses proudly with his hard Hawaiian cock, before shooting a massive load of jizz in this Exclusive new film from Island Studs. Kanoa, which means “the free one” in Hawaiian, is also a sexy and very intriguing local surfer with cocky bad boy attitude but a sweet shyness which is so adorable to watch.


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Japan Boyz: A BLAST OF RELIEF – Fuji & Mirai


Knowing these two would be happy to connect, has brought them together. Fuji and Mirai chat; stress has been building in Fuji’s body and his partner is here to help, and bottom. Kissing and caressing has both boys hard; the hot blowjobs also assist with the tension relief. Fuji stands and face-fucks his partner before they intertwine for some sensual 69ing.


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AsianBoys.XXX: Ayumu & Riku


After a date, Ayumu in pink and Riku in plaid, go back to the apartment for some adventure on AsianBoys.XXX. With Riku all over his partner’s nipples, Ayumu moans from the start; wait until he has Riku’s cock in him. Both boys have a nice long suck of one another before the top turns and tastes his boy’s ass.


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