Japan Boyz: Bound To You


Trussed up and ready to submit, Ayumu‘s color is definitely red. Khan goes slowly and everything is filmed up-close for JapanBoyz.com members. Some good vibrations add to this pairing. Using his skilled and quick hands, Khan, who will top, lubes and sleeves his partner; Ayumu’s reaction is very hard to tell as he is aroused.


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AsianBoys.XXX: Rockin’ The Cock


This AsianBoys.XXX compilation is full of boys who like to play with others and themselves. Whether they’re sucking, fingering or fucking, these twinks know how to blow a load. Spew along as we put together some clips that are sure to have you reaching for the cum rag. Starring: Hisoka, Jun, Khan, Kiba, Reiji, Riku, Seki, Sen, Souma and Yuki.


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Olympic Swimmer Nathan Adrian Deserves A Gold Medal For His Naked Butt!


With a mere 30 days left, the Olympics fever is just starting to heat up. And if you’re not feeling it yet, here’s something that will raise you a few degrees!

Three-time Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian is poised to be the breakthrough star of Rio 2016. Will he be able to step out of the shadows cast by Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps? He certainly has the talent and other assets!

Broad shoulders, a tiny waist and a super cute smile are among his best features but we have just discovered another one that put him in our “to-do” list of hot athletes. His naked bubbly ass! 27yo Nathan, who’s 6’6″ tall (1.98 m) and 227 lb. (103 kg) recently completed a photoshoot where he got rid off his swimming trunks. And he jumped into the pool in his gorgeous birthday suit! In the process, he revealed not only a perfect body (as you’d expect from a pro swimmer) but also a sun-free butt. Those tan-lines are sooo sexy! Don’t you agree?

Make the jump to see the naked body of Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian. And Let us know what you think in the comments!


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PeterFever: Peter Le – Naughty Guy


Many years ago, Peter lived in an apartment complex where he had a neighbor named Evan. Peter had invited him along with some other neighbors to his house warming. Throughout the night his piercing eyes followed Peter. At one point Evan signaled Peter into the bedroom, locked the door, and begged to be fucked. Peter pounded his ass hard and returned to the party like nothing happened.

Now secluded in the sanctuary of his room, Peter still gets off remembering that perfect ass of Evan’s.


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AsianBoys.XXX: Seki & Takumi Part 2


In this second-half of AsianBoys.XXX video, Seki begins to work on Takumi; what else are oral friends for? Teasing his way down to his partner’s shaft, Seki has the boy hard and twitching with each lick after he arouses his partner’s nipples. Bending Takumi‘s legs back, Seki works in a finger while his other hand strokes the boy’s thick meat. Adding some suck-tion to the fun, Takumi’s cock soon glistens with precum. Eyes on the prize, Seki tugs one out of Takumi and looks on while he blows up to his own neck. Even flaccid, Seki continues to take ahold of Takumi’s gorgeous cock.


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PeterFever: Peter Le – The Wrestler


Heading home from his powerlifting session at the gym, Peter‘s singlet was tightly hugging every inch of his body. As he pulled it off, memories from high school started coming back to him. During wrestling practice, the team mates would work pinning each other down and one of them, Julian, would pin him down longer than needed. One day Julian met Peter in the locker room and ripped off his singlet and sucked him off. It was one of Peter’s first encounters and it still gets him off today.


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