Voyeur & Spy: Caught Wanking

Voyeur spy cam video lovers rejoice! A young Asian bloke relieves himself to mobile porn in the airport toilet cubicle. Must have been a long way from home and waiting for his transit flight.

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Sticky – Two Week Roundup

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Japan Boyz: Another Day At The Beach – Taku, Jo & Takeru

After a bit of splashing, the boys lie in the grass to dry, and tease. Once in the hotel room, the trio relax and have some fun; right to left, Taku, Jo and Takeru are all so cute and sexy. Letting their mouths and hands wander, by the time they stretch out in bed, Takeru is fully hard and ready to be unwrapped. Enjoying the size, Jo takes in as much as he can of Takeru; Taku stands to be serviced by Takeru. Next, it’s Jo’s turn for a suck, as Takeru laps at every inch. Taku moves south onto Takeru’s cock; the girth is a mouthful.


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