H0230: Gold Pack ( ゴールドパック )

H0230: Gold Pack ( ゴールドパック )

Grab the gold pack before it's gone.

Japan Boyz: Sensual Pleasures Part One

Japan Boyz: Sensual Pleasures Part One

Sometimes the chemistry of two hot twinks just works, as it does here with these JapanBoyz.com models. Haruto is on bottom and Ichiro is on top, appropriately enough. While the boys caress, suck and get to know one another, sexual energy fills the air and as Ichiro removes Haruto's jean, his bulge more than fills those underwear. "Scenting" his way in, the top laps at his partner's ball before pulling his underwear all the way off. The two then passionately kiss before Haruto unleashes Ichiro's big cock.

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H0230: Hideyuki Kirihara

H0230: Hideyuki Kirihara

桐原 秀行 (Hideyuki Kirihara)

Age: 20歳 Height: 180cm Weight: 63kg

Download his videos at H0230.com.

ManHoleJP: Katuyuki Kuroki & Hentai Aniki


Katuyuki Kuroki 黒木 克行 (24歳/170cm/63kg)
Hentai Aniki 変態 兄貴 (30歳/174cm/68kg)

超肉体派の2人の激突! 変態兄貴の餌食となった克行! 変態兄貴の淫乱プレーに克行は成す術も無くただ弄ばれる! 2人の硬直した肉棒がうなりを上げる! 克行の締まりのいいアナルがヒクヒクと変態兄貴の肉棒を呼び込む! 盛りのついた男達の熱きプレイを是非ご覧あれ!

H0230: Takashi Sone

h0230 Takashi Sone

曽根 隆 (Takashi Sone)

Age: N/A Height: 175cm Weight: 65kg

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Boys Star Movie: Kinky Dads

boysstarmovie Boys Star Movie: Kinky Dads

This is one kinky mother fucker who needs to be sucked, hard. And when another dad walks in, things go from electric to manual. Sometimes the old ways are the best for BoysStarMovie.com. On his knees and "thoroughly sucking," both these dads seem to like the pace of the "class;" remember, you can't get "a head" unless you apply yourself.

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ManHoleJP: Tomoya Shimizu

ManHoleJP: Tomoya Shimizu

Japanese gay porn site ManHoleJP.com offers HD movies of a wide range of Japanese men, including handsome, clear-cut, athletic, wild and more...

モデル名:清水 友也 (23歳/176cm/66kg)

バッキバキの肉体!清水友也 登場! 説明不要な素晴らしい筋肉! 日頃の鍛錬を欠かさず肉体を日々イジメ抜く友也の筋トレシーン!

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H0230: Erection 勃起特集

H0230: Erection 勃起特集

A collection of erect Japanese cocks.

Japan Boyz: Fuji & Khan Pair & Share

Japan Boyz:  Fuji & Khan Pair & Share

Always wanted to be a fly on the wall; "cumming" in on Khan and Fuji, fresh from the shower, they are ready to get dirty. The two super sexy, super horny JapanBoyz.com twinks like what they feel and suck. As Khan blows his partner, Fuji tenderly caresses him. Swapping positions, we also get a look at that hot hole. Playfully docking their cocks, their desires are not only apparent, they're rock hard.

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H0230: Kazuto Hiyama

H0230: Kazuto Hiyama

桧山 和斗 (Kazuto Hiyama)

Age: 21歳 Height: 165cm Weight: 63kg

Download his videos at H0230.com.

H0230: Kaname Ishikawa

h0230 kaname ishikawa

石川 要 (Kaname Ishikawa)

Age: 26歳 Height: 170cm Weight: 60kg

Download his videos at H0230.com.

H0230: Hidekazu Urayama

h0230 hidekazu urayama

浦山 秀和 (Hidekazu Urayama)

Age: N/A Height: 172cm Weight: 56kg

Download his videos at H0230.com.



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