[Video] Chinese Hottie Rui Qi Webcam Video Leaked!








We posted screengrabs of Rui Qi's jerk-off video last month, and thanks to our reader Soya, we now have the webcam wank video. Cum in and check it out!

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Model Brian Nieh Naked Pix Leaked









Brian Nieh is a mixed Latin Chinese model, he loves showing off his sexy muscular body and erotic shots. Recently, his naked selfies got leaked! Check out Brian Nieh's big cock and hot ass after the jump!

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Chinese Hottie Rui Qi Jerk-off Video Leaked!





Rui Qi appeared on a dating program last year and was loved by the audience. Now a jerk-off video of his has surfaced. Check out the screengrabs after the jump!

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Cute Filipino Raffy Gavina (Chino) Jerk-Off Video Leaked

Cute Filipino Raffy Gavina (Chino) Jerk-Off Video Leaked

Raffy Gavina's jerk-off video was uploaded onto YouTube and then duly removed. Word has it that he uploaded it himself. Was it intentional or by mistake, or even worse, did someone else hacked his account and uploaded it?

Anyway, we get to watch this Asian cutie stroking his fat cock & shooting a hot load!

Naked photos plus leaked video link after the jump!

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Thai TV Presenter Jacksaelao Saelao Jerk-off Video Leaked






Thai TV presenter Jacksaelao Saelao recently made a police report because a jerk-off video of his had been posted online without his permission.

Okay, we don't really know who he is either and you can't see much from those censored screenshots, but we did a little searching around and it turns out Mr Saelao has quite a beefy body hidden underneath those shirts and suits, he's also packing an impressive fat meaty cock. Check out his muscular body & thick dick inside!

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[Video] South Korean Model Jiho Lee's Wank Video LEAKED!

[Video] South Korean Model Jiho Lee's Wank Video LEAKED!

QC now has South Korean model Jiho Lee's wank video. In the video, Jiho plays with his fat cock, strokes it till it gets rock hard, then shows off his proud meat-stick on cam.

Check out more hot photos of Jiho & watch the video on QC main blog!

Singapore Model Michyala Naked Photos Leaked






Okay, we don't know who she is either, but check out her BF! Lucky girl!





Leehom Wang, a singer-songwriter, and Li Yundi, a pianist, are rumored to be a gay couple, which the two celebs have denied numerous times and haven't been seen together in the past year. A couple of days ago, Leehom revealed on his Weibo that he'd been in a relationship with a young woman named Li Jinglei for several years, and within 24 hours, Yundi announced that he had been dating his girlfriend Tian Fei last year. Nitizens are intrigued... Are they trying to cover the fact that they are still together? More after the jump! :)

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China's New Internet Phenomena - Model Laurence Liang



Chinese model Laurence Liang (梁超) posted a personal ad on his Weibo page a couple of days ago and it soon became the new Internet phenomena in China. Netizens were stunned that a 30yo handsome model with such physique and wealth is still single, so the post got reposted like crazy and many left comments wishing to date this cute rich bachelor. However, netizens are not so easily fooled. Soon they discovered that all the photos he posted were other models' work. It turns out that Laurence is a photoshop guru! ;)

More pix after the jump!

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Singapore ManHunt 2013 Scandal



Singapore ManHunt 2013 finalist Kendrick Lim denies that he is the guy in the nude photo scandal. Check out the nude photo on QC Sticky and let us know what you think.

Daniel Matsunaga SM Fashion Shoot






Daniel Matsunaga is a Brazilian-Japanese model and actor. He became known in Philippines by appearing in Cosmopolitan Philippines's September 2009 Cosmo Men supplement. He recently did a photo shoot for SM Men's Fashion. It seems that they had fun while travelling to Ipil Island. Better pic after the jump!

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Alleged Fuck Video of Nic Tay?

Nic Tay Cobalt

Nic Tay Cobalt

Nic Tay Cobalt


An alleged sex video of Singaporean underwear and fitness model, Nic Tay, has surfaced on the Interwebs. The video is of low quality so it's difficult to verify the authenticity of the claim. But if it's indeed Nic, he's quite the vocally responsive bottom!

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