Corbin Fisher: Connor Owns Ellis


Connor - the tall, buff, big-dicked power top. Ellis - the lean, tight-bodied, insatiable power bottom. Get these two together, and nothing short of relentlessly hard, furious, deep, and intense fucking follows!

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At, rumours have spread amongst the men about this recruitment office. Let the officers have their way with you and you'll receive favourable treatment. Getting placed in the right regiment means faster advancement through the ranks and new boy Paul is ambitious about becoming a lieutenant.

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Active Duty: James

Active Duty: James

"It's always a pleasure," coming in, says James. Well the "pleasure" was all ours! In his second time in front of the ActiveDuty camera, deep-voiced James and his big dick look more comfortable and ready to share more of his sex-driven persona with us. He's still testing the waters and we can't wait to see him paired with another hot guy in some steamy action. Will James return and cross the line? Make your bet and tell us in the comments!

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Men of Montreal: Derek Thibeau

men of montreal derek thibeau

Derek Thibeau (pronounced Tee bow) is a hunky 6'3', 210 lbs MMA fighter who came to Men of Montreal a few weeks back looking to make some extra cash. He's 28 y.o. and defines himself as bi-curious. You wouldn't guess it with his inked body, shaved head and tall stature, but this guy is a gentle giant. He may be charming, but, as a fighter, he's definitely not some you would want cross.

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Circus School @ UK Naked Men

uk naked men woody antonio

UK Naked Men's new scene, "Circus School, "begins with the hunky Woody Fox doing some nude rope-work. No, that's not a euphemism for a torrid sex act. The guy is REALLY twirling on a rope in the center ring of a surrealist-ish circus. A distinguished looking man who has been watching him perform, Antonio Garcia, approaches. He seems intrigued by Woody's fit physique and aerial talents. Turns out the man is a director who wants to cast Woody in some high-flying show. But first, Woody has to perform private tricks for him the old-fashioned way: on his knees -- then on his back.

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Bentley Race: Adam El Shawar

bentley race adam

Bentley Race never guessed that his straight buddy, Adam El Shawar, would be this popular when he first posted his photos last year. The handsome 24-year-old hails from Melbourne, where he plays soccer. Adam was just hanging out with Bentley, getting naked up on his inner city rooftop. They liked each other personally and Adam was asked back to Bentley's flat to do just one more hot show.

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NextDoorBuddies: Mark Long Fucks Drake Tyler

NextDoorBuddies: Mark Long Fucks Drake Tyler

Drake Tyler is caught between his sense of duty and his desire for booty. Charged with the task of painting a house, he just can't help his perverted curiosities, so when Mark Long, his employer, steps out for job, Drake seizes the opportunity to rummage around in Mark's drawers a little. And as much as he likes sniffing Mark's underwear, what he'd really like to do is come face to face with the real thing, so when Mark comes home and accuses Drake of going through his stuff, Drake realizes he'd better do something to change the subject before he gets fired. Thinking quickly, he tears Mark's shorts down and shoves Mark's cock into his mouth, gagging on it instantly, deep-throating it in hopes that Mark will have mercy on him.

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ChaosMen: Dusty and Troi - Serviced

ChaosMen: Dusty and Troi - Serviced

After the first couple uncomfortable minutes, Dusty sure does like getting his cock sucked and never once falters! He likely would have sucked back, but the inside of his mouth was sore from the car accident the week before, and Troi has a cock that will stretch anyone's mouth beyond capacity.

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All American Heroes: Tyler and Rizzo

all american heroes tyler rizzo

Private Tyler is a hot muscled Army stud, who has a taste for a nice set of abs, and he is really wanting to take a look at Petty Officer Rizzo's. Thankfully, Rizzo is only to happy to show off his lean toned body as long as his buddy returns the favor. Pretty soon both are shirtless and clearly happy with what they are seeing. They wind up lip locked within minutes, bodies pressed together, in one of the most passionate kisses. Then Rizzo takes the lead and works his lips down Tyler's muscled chest and abs before taking Tyler's cock balls deep in his mouth for some hot oral action.

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Ken Ott takes Max Summerfield and Phillip Anadarko @Gayhoopla

gayhoopla ken max phillip

It was finals week for Ken Ott's local college and he had to really get some cramming in. Already stressed, anxious, and tired, Ken was completely distracted with Phillip Anadarko just laughing his happy big ass off at the TV. After several times asking Phillip to nicely shut his mouth, Phillip came over to rub Ken's neck. Phillip understood how much stress and pressure Ken was dealing with at the moment, so decided he'd just blow him.

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Helix Studios: Jack Rayder and Dustin Gold

helix dustin jack

"Making Waves" is the new scene from Helix Studios. It's back to the beach with Dustin Gold as Frankie and Jack Rayder as Annette. The rambunctious twinks are giddy about their big vacation in Southern California. The first thing they do is head to the beach for a fast swim. But that beach is damn cold, as the boys soon find out. Instead of swimming, they have a fantastic time walking through the sand talking, tanning, and horsing around. As usual, the horsing around turns to flirting around and, well...It's way too cold to play there, so the effervescent boys head back to their cozy beach house for some real fun.

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Amateur College Sex: Brandon Cums On Camille

Amateur College Sex: Brandon Cums On Camille

As impressive as Brandon looked in his introductory solo, he's looking even hotter here. With that tall, defined, hairy-chested frame and that big dick, he sets out to get in to some hot action and show us just how well he can fuck.

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