Sean Cody: Gabe and Porter Bareback

Sean Cody: Gabe and Porter Bareback

It is fun watching Gabe and Porter having fun together. The way Porter looks when sucking Gabe's hard rod is like a happy boy in a candy store! Absolutely heaven!

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Staxus: Dick Casey's smokin' hot ass gets the interracial double-penetration it deserves!

staxus alejandro benjamin devon dick

Now we've all heard of guys with smokin' hot asses, but this stupendous suck-and-fuck-fest gives that figure of speech a literal interpretation as Benjamin Dunn teams up with Dominican studs Devon LeBron and Alejandro Marbena to provide Dick Casey's rump the kind of rigorous workout it was created for! But it isn't cock that Casey's hole is entertaining - at least to start, anyway - rather (of all things) a cigarette, which Dunn fits snugly into the eager ring for a little comic relief. Not that Casey appears greatly perturbed by such unusual antics, which continue when his white compatriot stuffs the fag down the end of his cock and between his toes.

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Keumgay: Benoît

benoit keumgay

Can a set of four hands turn a straight man gay? Frenchman Benoît's dick seems to think so. This guy's dick keeps losing its direction as 4 hands compete for stroking and grabbing. Benoît, a regular at Keumgay couldn't get enough of gay hands as his instant hard-on showered itself with warm and scattered straight semen. Monsieur Benoît, did you gain some muscle this time?

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Helix Studios: Kody Knight

helix studios kody knight

And then there is this. Kody Knight arrived in my inbox this morning and I'll be honest my boner hasn't gone down since. Twink lover/liker (licker?) or not Helix Studios is producing some of the slickiest porn on the net. They get it and I want it!

Kody makes his debut in this jaw dropping Behind the Scenes look at his first photo shoot/solo scene. The interview accompanying his introductory solo was filmed just one day before his first sex scene where Kody confesses to being a bonafide virgin! Get to know more about the Honors student, star five sport athlete and avid outdoorsman in this intimate interview and jerk off.

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You Love Jack: Nathan Green

You Love Jack: Nathan Green

Nathan reaches in his blue jeans and pulls out his beautiful 6.5 inch uncut cock. Holding it up for the camera's inspection as he looks directly into the lens with those sultry brown eyes. Daring you to stick out your tongue and start licking! He strips naked and pulls his legs up to reveal his tight little asshole.

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QC Art: Wayne Hollander's Amazing Paintings of Dead Porn Stars


Artist Wayne Hollander usually paints day glo pictures of old MGM divas such as Joan Crawford, but for his current collection, he's paid tribute to some of our most beloved, but sadly no longer still with us, gay porn stars.

Wayne says:

In the early '90s, I worked at World of Video on Perry Street. Every new Jeff Stryker or Ryan Idol release would cause sheer catfights upon the day of release, with their fans rushing in to check out the tapes. It was almost as bad as the day a Madonna CD came out! I was so starstruck by these gods who seemingly had everything--perfect bodies/hair/faces. I remember seeing Max Grand on rollerblades and getting the same butterflies I had when I saw Kathie Lee Gifford!

My curiosity only grew as I started to read of the tragic demise of so many of these men who were so idolized by the gay community. A lot if them led lives only Jackie Collins could have dreamed up. I wanted to do a series of portraits that paid tribute to these beautiful and tragic men.

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men com woody colby dan

If picking up hot rugby players was a sport, coach Colby Jansen would be world champion! In part 6 of series, SCRUM, Dan Broughton gets his ass pounded by the irresistible coach and Woody Fox! A stellar finish to what promises to be a classic!

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Maskurbate: Kevin

men of montreal kevin

Kevin told Maskurbate on his first appearance that he preferred blowjobs over sex. So Maskurbate decided to invite him back and give him just what he asked for.

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Hard Brit Lads: Ryan Young and Anthony Fox

hard brit lads ryan anthony

Super cute and ripped, blue eyed hottie, Ryan Young, has a seriously horny session with handsome and defined, big dicked bottom, Anthony Cruz. Starting off with kissing, nipple play and hard bulge groping in their shiny sports shorts, the lads then pull out each others dicks and jerk each other off.. Ryan's is so hard it throbs, Anthony's big, super thick uncut meat rises from semi to stiff as they kiss.

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Falcon Studios: Brandon Jones and Ryan Rose

falcon studios brandon ryan

Christening his new place is the perfect excuse for Ryan Rose to invite Brandon Jones over for a hot afternoon tryst. Once in the bedroom they can't wait to start peeling off the clothes. Brandon is smooth and pale, with a body that promises lots of flexibility for fucking. They grind their faces and crotches together.

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Island Studs: Surfer Max is BACK!

Island Studs: Surfer Max is BACK!

Surfer Max is BACK! The sexy Latino construction worker with the MASSIVE bubble butt and MONSTER Hispanic cock gives us a HOT outdoor jerk off session, cliff-side overlooking the Hawaiian coast.

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Broke Straight Boys: Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode

broke straight boys one thousand

This is definitely a big milestone...1000 scenes of straight guys fucking and sucking for money at Broke Straight Boys! And what better way to celebrate such an accomplishment than with a hardcore group fuckfest, and words can hardly do this smokin' hot orgy scene justice!

These boys are hungry for cock and cut right to the chase, stripping out of their clothes and getting started swallowing dick, slapping ass, and swapping spit as they all take their turn with each other. We've got two guys to one cock, two cocks for one mouth, pairs, threesomes, and at one point these guys form a cock-sucking chain with all five of these studs getting oral action at once!

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