Icon Male: Ty Roderick and Alexander Greene

iconmale ty alexander

Alexander Greene's girlfriend is best friends with Ty Roderick's girlfriend, but what the girls don't know is that their boyfriends are secretly hooking up behind their backs. The guys get together at Ty's mom's place because she's out of town, giving them a secluded place to let out their lust. They are both discussing how fucked up their situation is when Alexander reachers for Ty and pulls him into a soft kiss. The guys sit down on the couch and start rubbing each other's dicks through their pants.

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Three updates from Men.com for your consideration. After the jump you have such studs as Tommy Defendi, Colby Janson and Paul Walker to enjoy.

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Master Kirk Trashes His Sub At Brutal Tops

Master Kirk Trashes His Sub At Brutal Tops

Lashed to a bench, completely nude, the squirming sub is powerless, BrutalTops' Master Kirk returns to finish off the humiliation of pathetic sub Elliott. He barks orders at him, gobs in his face and snots into his worthless mouth. But Master Kirk has something worse for sub Elliott, he decides to inject water deep into the sub's arsehole and when the filthy water gushes out, the Master catches it in a glass and orders the sad loser to drink it down. Will this feeble sub ever be able to sit down again after this merciless arse whipping?

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The Guy Site: Big Muscle Jay

The Guy Site: Big Muscle Jay

A new 250 pound body builder. Jay's gorgeous and ready to get naked for your viewing pleasure.

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Falcon Studios: Marcus Ruhl and Angel Rock

falcon studios marcus angel

Love is in the air when Angel Rock coaxes his hunky boyfriend Marcus Ruhl to join him in the shower. The two chiseled hunks make out under the running water which makes their huge cocks hard. After a playful sword fight they jump out of the shower so Marcus can go down on Angel's thick uncut cock. Marcus means business; he sucks Angel's cock from the tip to the balls like a true deep-throat expert. Angel nearly blows his Latin load but instead jumps up and sucks Marcus' big one.

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CFNMTV.com - Rich Stud Cameron Stripped

CFNMTV.com - Rich Stud Cameron Stripped

The women of Barkwith Manor conspire against rich boy and sexy heir Cameron in the new video at CFNMTV.

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College Dudes: Tyler Rush and Alex Greene

College Dudes: Tyler Rush and Alex Greene

Their lips lock and their shirts come off, their hands explore each other's sexy, muscular bodies ... Tyler Rush and Alex Greene are horny as fuck, and the chemistry between them makes this scene extra steamy! When both of these boys find themselves naked, Alex drops to the floor between Tyler's legs and takes his cock in his mouth, licking his balls and sucking that dick until Tyler is ready for fucking.

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The Casting Room: Jaime

The Casting Room: Jaime

Jaime has a really horny dark brooding look about him like a boxer ready to pounce. He's a sporty hetero who likes watching as much dirty porn as possible. He's appeared in multiple horny man on man videos but TheCastingRoom was the first place he appeared naked.

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ChaosMen: Devin Dixon and Glenn - Serviced

ChaosMen: Devin Dixon and Glenn - Serviced

Devin Dixon was in town over the holidays, and Bryan jumped at a chance to work with this hot little stud! Glenn had ONE day off himself, so the timing was perfect.

Glenn does construction, and when he shows up in his work clothing he gets even hotter.

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Ask QC: Why did him telling me he loved me scare me off?


Dear Ask QC,

Well I didn't think I would be writing in, but well, here I am...

I've been dating a really hot guy (J) for the last 9 months, at first nothing more than a few hook ups and a bit of fun together but since Christmas I guess we got more involved with each other.

I didn't really think too much to be honest, I just thought we were getting along well, dating more, movies, meals, working out together, generally just hanging out and having a good time together... and of course having great sex too. Btw, we are both 28 years old, he runs his own business and I'm in the corporate world. We each have our own apartments close by but I have to move out of my place soon as the lease is expiring and will not be renewed.

So J asked me to move in to his place and I agreed I could do that while I find a new place as so far I've had no luck in finding the right apartment. It was then that he said I don't have to find a new place because he loves me and wants me to stay permanently and be with him forever.

I have to say I was shocked and blindsided with that one! I didn't see that coming at all, and it's really kinda scared me off - although I don't know why. I like him a lot, but I can't say that I love him and I feel moving in with him would be dishonest in that respect and would be a disaster, I really didn't know how to answer him either, I was literally speechless. This happened during a romantic dinner over Valentines and I feel really idiotic now in just nodding and agreeing with everything he said. I didn't actually say the words to him "I love you" but I went along with everything else just stupidly grinning, even going back to his place again that night, and yes we had great sex, it was fantastic very energetic and passionate.

My problem here is that is that I feel very dishonest and I guess I am totally scared off by the whole situation. If he had said just move in and see how it goes I would have been fine, but now I feel that by moving in I am committing to something on false pretenses. But here's the thing, I don't discount the possibility of falling in love with him, it's just that I don't feel it yet... it may happen, or it may never happen but now I am feeling pressured and don't know how to back out.

So the contract on my apartment is looming over me now, it only has a few weeks left and I have to be out. J thinks I will be moving in with him, and in fact has already suggested moving some of my things over this coming weekend. So this is freaking me out a bit now, do I tell him I don't love him? Do I try and find another place to live? Should I just end it? I'm really torn here, he's a really lovely guy and I feel I have led him along even though that wasn't my intention. I feel I've made the biggest mistake of my life, or I am about to...

If you know of any help or ways in which I can solve this situation I'd really be thankful.


Hi H and thanks for writing in with your questions and concerns. Firstly, don't ever regret making mistakes, we are all human and non of us are perfect. Making mistakes is all part of life and learning from them is how we grow. Perhaps you didn't respond in the appropriate way intially, but J did also spring this upon you. He may also have misread your signals when you said you need a new place to live and taken these as hints that you want to move in with him and on a more permanent basis. Declaring your love for someone is always a bold move and not without risks, he obviously felt comfortable enough with you to be able to say that. The main thing here is to resolve the situation you are in and reaching out for help is the first step. So, dear QC readers have you any advice for H? If you can help in anyway then please share your thoughts and experiences in the QComments section!

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

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Sean Cody: Clint 3

Sean Cody: Clint 3

Clint is kind of shy, but he has a handsome face, a nice body and an uncut cock that shoots fountain of white protein cum far and high! We are looking forward to see his pair up with the Sean Cody men as he fires the cum and drenching them in it! DAYUM!

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Active Duty: Randy and Tim

Active Duty: Randy and Tim

Randy looks like he could pick Tim up and throw him across the room if he wanted, but you'll soon find out it's quite the opposite, as Tim has his way with our G.I. giant, who just bends over and takes it!

There's some nice warm-up action between the boys as Tim gets things going, wielding a dick in each hand as Randy uses his free hands to caress Tim's thigh. Tim's eyes keep heading down to Randy's crotch, and eventually his mouth follows suit, giving Randy's cock a good tending to.

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