Staxus: Sam Williams

staxus sam williams

Sam Williams is a new face at Staxus, and what a face, and body, and dicks and... Well you get the idea. He's smoking hot and really looks great in front of the camera. Here's a little tease of a set we are publishing tomorrow where he and Carl Ross have some fun together. If you can't wait, and we can't blame you, you can see more at Staxus.

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The Casting Room: Darren

The Casting Room: Darren

At The Casting Room, young hetero Darren arrives in the casting room as innocent as can be. He's grown some whiskers to make him look older when he goes out to bars and clubs. He's got a rampant sex drive and desire to fuck more than wank off.

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Active Duty: Ron


Meet Rod, he stands at 5'11" tall and weighs in at a muscular 180-185 lbs. As a brand new Active Duty recruit, he was a little bit nervous and said he really didn't know what to expect because he's never really done anything like this before. But he, and his thick cock, delivered a really good show! For a solo scene, he ended up doing everything and the some, like gyrating and flipping over onto the bed, giving it a great work out and a great view of his ass!

More after the jump!

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Cocky Boys: Gabriel Clark Fucks Kevin Carson

Cocky Boys: Gabriel Clark Fucks Kevin Carson

CockyBoys brings you a sizzling new scene with dominating top, Gabriel Clark and sexy Kevin Carson. Gabriel used his soul melting smile to give all the pleasure a top wants to give his bottom.

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Straight Fraternity: Max

straight fraternity max

Max heard from some of his buddies about the Straight Fraternity gloryhole and recently decided to try it out. In just a few moments, he's moaning in pleasure as his big, uncut cock is deep-throated and sucked dry.

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Raging Stallion: Andrew Stark and Ludo Sander

raging stallion ludo andrew

Touch: it's the most primal means of communication, and from the moment Andrew Stark and Ludo Sander embrace, it's clear they're both ready to fuck. Andrew's body is tall, smooth and muscled. His rock-hard cock pushes deep in Ludo's mouth, but the blowjob is just the warmup round. Andrew spears Ludo from behind, eliciting a gasp of pleasure. 'Oh, like that, slap that harder,' says Ludo, and Andrew responds with gusto; he grabs Ludo's wrists and pushes him face-first into the bed with powerful thrusts.

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Helix Studios: Jesse Montgomery and Zac Steven

helix jessie zac

"You know, you looked really good in your Downward Dog position," says the fair-haired Jesse Montgomery to his yoga buddy, Zac Steven, "I really couldn't stop staring." And so begins "Yoga Thunder" -- the new, hot bareback scene from Helix Studios. Jesse and Zac had been doing yoga at the park all morning. Now they are lying side by side on their apartment floor, just chilling. But not for long, because Zac takes Jesse's compliment as a flirtation and their Chi's are instantly infused with raw passion.

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Men of Montreal: Felix Brazeau

men of montreal felix brazeau

This is the kind of shoot you always enjoy. Marko Lebeau and Felix Brazeau were hanging out one Sunday afternoon and chillin'. The subject soon turned to sex and Marko recalled Felix's beginnings with Men of Montreal and how no one would have thought that he would become such an insane power bottom.

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SuckoffGuys: Kyle Daggett

suck off guys kyle

Aaron and Seth had previously filmed Kyle plastering JJ's face with his load. Serving as cameraman for that scene, Seth was just inches away from Kyle's cock as it erupted with cum and covered JJ's face. Seth contained himself during that shoot but just knew he had to get a taste of Kyle's thick load.

Thankfully for Seth, Kyle was excited to return and share more of his spunk! Kyle shows up with a new haircut and is looking fit and fresh as ever.

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Corbin Fisher: Quinn and Zeb Swap Loads

Corbin Fisher: Quinn and Zeb Swap Loads

Playful. Intimate. Affectionate. These words describe the sexual chemistry of Quinn and Zeb! That it manages to be all of those, as well as intense and downright hot makes this one an instant hit. Granted, with Quinn and Zeb paired up, we do not have expected any less!

More Corbin Fisher: Quinn and Zeb Swap Loads 'Howl' Part 2 with Paddy O'Brian, Jessy Ares & Gabriel Clark 'Howl' Part 2 with Paddy O'Brian, Jessy Ares & Gabriel Clark

Leading up to his insane gangbang in part 4 of the halloween series "Howl", Paddy O'Brian gets fucked tag team style by Gabriel Clark & Jessy Ares. Plenty of rimming gets Paddy's straight ass ready for one hell of a good ass pounding!

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Sean Cody: Brody and Blake Bareback

Sean Cody: Brody and Blake Bareback

Brody and Blake are busy preparing the pumpkins for Halloween, but that has not stopped them from taking time out for some hot fun with each other. Blake's sexy ass gets a good plough and pump from Brody's thick beautiful cock. You just cannot miss out the boys firing out awesome streams of white cum everywhere! DELICIOUS!

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