Sean Cody: Parker and Tanner Bareback

Sean Cody: Parker and Tanner Bareback

Parker is having a new experience over at Sean Cody. It's going to be a flip fuck with Tanner. Both handsome chaps are totally having such a good time with one another from all the fucking, moaning and kissing. You are just going to enjoy spending time with them!

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Jet Wang: Caid on QC Asians

Jet Wang: Caid

Jetwang model Caid meets tons of hot Asian guys at work as a construction worker. With his good looks and fine ripped body, he wouldn't have any problem picking up anyone he wants.

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NextDoorMale: Alexander

NextDoorMale: Alexander

Alexander is a small town guy with southern charm and a nice hard cock to boot. Originally born south of the border, this regular Joe is the epitome of the guy next door. Unassuming until his cock is out, Alexander's personality comes alive in the shower, as he puts his wet body in display, leaning against the shower wall as he plays with his shaft, water running down his chest and down the crack of his ass.

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Queerism - Paraphilia

Queerism - Paraphilia

noun: The experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, or individuals. The condition is characterized by abnormal sexual desires typically involving extreme or dangerous activities.

example: Johnies parahilia became apparent when he listed extra curricular activities on his job application as "Necrophiliac Sky Diving"!

Thanks to Mr Blobby for submitting this Queerism! Do you have an interesting or unusual Queerism of your own you wish to share? Submit your Queerism HERE.

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Breaking Sad: Porn Star Bruno Knight Fails At Butt-Smuggling Meth


You would think a vers top like Bruno Knight would make a good smuggler because he certainly knows how to pack his shit — just look how well he packed Ben Brown's shit and how well Thierry Lamasse packed his fudge in return.

But alas! Knight got fingered (tee-hee) by an L.A. airport. Drug Enforcement Agency official this last month for smuggling a half pound of crystal meth in his buh-ho. Apparently shoving large dicks into butts doesn't prepare one for essentially doing the same thing in the black market.

According to Str8 Up Gay Porn, on June 16, 2014 the DEA warned LAX Customs and Border Protection officials that Knight might try to smuggle some drugs onto his Virgin Atlantic flight to London. Apparently, when the officers approached Knight, he looked sweaty and nervous and told them that he had done meth, weed, coke and GHB during L.A. Pride weekend. He also mentioned that he was a porn star.

Okay, so far so good... though he might have wanted to leave out telling cops that he's done literally every drug in the universe. They then took him to an inspection area, searched his backpack and found nothing — phew! But then they noticed Knight sweating and acting even more erratically. And after a while, he admitted to the officers that he had stuck "three large objects" containing meth into his ass.

Before we continue, let us take a brief moment to remember another great porn star-slash-alleged butt smuggler — Zane from Chaos Men". As you may recall, retired porn slut Mason Wyler said that during a hook-up with Zane, Zane would:

"lock himself in the bathroom for hours at a time to shit out the drugs and snort them... Or he had really bad allergies that left behind a white, powdery, crystal-like residue all over my bathroom counter and that were only triggered during really long dumps. You decide."

That's brilliant. Anyhow, the best part of Knight's drug mule adventure is yet to come (and by "best" we mean "worst")...

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Videochat Eroticologist: Jaden Storm

eroticologist jaden storm

If you're looking for a cute guy with a nice,tight body, look for Jaden Storm on Flirt4free. This Gemini has short blonde hair, green eyes, and stands at an excellent 6'2. I'd love to touch this hottie's body, play with his hole, and fuck him till he moaned my name. His 7 inch cut cock would fit great in my hand and his balls look very suckable. Jaden says he is a try-sexual, which I would love to explore with him.

Jaden was naked on top of me, pushing a condom onto my dick. HIs hard body hovered above me, I rubbed my hands on his soft skin. He looked down at me as he sat down, slowly inching my dick inside of him. He began to ride me as my hips pulsed with his rhythm. I grinned and tackled him over on the bed, sliding downwards and pushing his legs backwards. I began to eat his ass as he wrapped his legs around my head. I held onto his thighs for grip as I tongue fucked him, gasping for air as I shoved some fingers into him. Licking around my fingers, I grabbed Jaden's throbbing cock with my other hand. His moans alone made me so close to cumming. I jerked his cock for a couple seconds then pushed his legs to his chest.

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Sean Cody: Milo

Sean Cody: Milo

Milo is very sweet and hot! He has a sexy lean body and a beautiful fat dick. He loves jerking off and cums buckets!

More Sean Cody: Milo - David's Lockeroom Surprise - David's Lockeroom Surprise

In "David's Lockeroom Surprise" at, it's the day of the rounders match and David should be on the sports pitch training with his teammates. Instead he's rushed into the locker room deeply upset and feeling very sorry for himself. He feels all alone and helpless. Why is he always the one who gets picked on by the school bully? After such a bad start surely today can only get better?

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Active Duty: Cruz and Sonny

Active Duty: Cruz and Sonny

How fast they grow, we only just met Cruz the other day, and now we're excited to see him paired up with newbie Sonny for a hot scene and it's a bareback one no less! They guys are going 1000 miles per hour. Kissing, trading blowjobs and rimjobs. You name it, they did it all. Cruz is quickly becoming a fan-favourite at ActiveDuty and Sonny's got a monster-thick beer can dick that leaves Cruz gritting his teeth and panting like he was about to give birth. Someone is gonna walk funny tomorrow!

More after the jump!

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Men of Montreal: Alec Leduc and Emilio Calabria

men of montreal alec emilio

Marko met up with newcomer, Emilio Calabria, to talk more about Emilio's plans. He wanted to show Emilio some of the guys on the site and see who he would team him up with for his first guy-on-guy scene with us. Already, Marko had mentioned that Alec Leduc was at his place and he could introduce him to Emilio.

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ChaosMen: Trux

ChaosMen: Trux

Trux is friends with Teo. He (Trux) has a girlfriend here in Austin, and so the two of them try to come down to visit as often as they can.

This visit, Teo had a car, so he brought Trux and his girlfriend out to the studio.

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The Casting Room: Adrian

The Casting Room: Adrian

Making his debut in The Casting Room, Adrian is a really cocky straight guy who keeps his emotions tightly under control. He's an active sportsman giving him a naturally broad muscular chest and a trim waistline. As a natural exhibitionist he's really into group sex where he's being watched by a lot of people and anything goes as long as it's not too kinky. His large powerful buttocks spread to reveal his perfectly virginal asshole. It's a sight to behold. Unfortunately like most proud hetero men this area is a strict no go zone.

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