Keumgay: Steff

keumgay steff

, like most of us didn't have time to visit the gym over the holidays. He was eager to return to his favorite gym, both to workout as well as hunt for hot men. He didn't have long to wait before he saw Steff. He was working out wearing skimpy shorts and Keumgay began to fantasize about what Steff was packing.

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All American Heroes: Logan and Tyler

all american heroes logan tyler

Navy Corpsman Logan is on his feet all day while he's at the clinic, and after a full day of running around, his dogs are tired and sore. Private Tyler is pretty good at providing relief and gives an awesome foot massage. So he naturally offers Logan some hands-on attention. Logan has big man feet, and Tyler goes right to work kneading them deeply. Logan is clearly feeling it as the bulge in his trousers starts to grow.

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Titan Men: Dirk Caber and Nick Prescott

titanmen dirk nick

Dirk Caber twitches as he sleeps, his hot bod at the mercy of Nick Prescott in his dream. With his wrists and ankles bound to a table, Dirk's cock drips and throbs as his balls--squeezed in a stretcher--get bluer by the second. Dirk spits a flying wad that lands on Nick's scruffy chin, the two soon kissing as Nick teases and edges his bud--squeezing his nipples, tonguing him, spitting in his mouth, exchanging pit licks.

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Staxus: Arthur Kral and Harry Vakker

staxus arthur harry

We've all heard about mobile-phone dating apps surely, but it seems that Arthur Kral has discovered an almost unbelievable service - at least if this terrific little scene is to be believed. For no sooner has he registered his interest via the said service than his would-be date has appeared. Not only that, but Harry Vakker - who, it must be said here and now, is a mighty handsome fucker - materializes wearing nothing more than a pair of sexy briefs and a smile!

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Active Duty: Austin

Active Duty: Austin

Hot blond hottie Austin is wild! Right from the moment the camera was set to record he was all fired up, it looked like he was just dying put a finger in his ass. He gives us a nice long show as he moves while stripping off his clothes and stroking his huge cock. Austin is 5'10', 165 lbs. and full of life and cum, he blew a huge load all over his chest! It's a really wild jerk off session that you don't want to miss.

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Icon Male: Connor Maguire and Nick Capra

iconmale connor nick

Connor Maguire shows up at Nick Capra's place to see if his girlfriend is there, as she isn't returning his calls. Nick tells him that she has gone on a trip to Miami with her girlfriends without telling him, because she suspects him of being gay. Connor admits to Nick that she's probably right, and that he's been lying to himself because lately he's been more attracted to his girlfriend's father.

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QC Crimes: Johnny Rapid Arrested!

QC Crimes: Johnny Rapid Arrested!

The lines of fiction and reality got more than blurry for Gay-for-pay porn star Johnny Rapid when he got arrested in Georgia after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. News report confirm that he apparently, after an argument that got very heated, knocked his girlfriend to the ground outside a bowling alley after she refused to coax a 14 year old Asian female they met there to join them for sex. Pretty heavy stuff, but it doesn't stop there. The couple then left the bowling alley together but began arguing in the car, he stopped the car and started hitting her again. The result, she ended up with red marks on her lips, swollen eyes, broken fingernail, blood on her right ear lobe where her earring had been torn out. The incident happened last October, but Johnny wasn't arrested until December 15 in Oxford, Georgia, and he was then released the next day on $2500 bail.

Johnny has bottomed more than 80 times, at least on screen, and participated in a now legendary prison-themed scene with Rafael Alencar. We're sure his new reality isn't exactly a fantasy for him now, at least he looks good in orange and he's had LOTS of practice in the porn sets to face this kind of situation!

Original source: Str8upgayporn, omgblog

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Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

These guys really get into it showing off their naked bodies and smacking each others' asses and Eric Deman has the video to prove it! The two sporty dudes were filmed in the shower where they engage in some really hot bro action. We hope next time they take the action to the locker room or the bedroom!

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The Guy Site: Ty

the-guy site ty

Ty is looking to make a name for himself in bodybuilding so he wanted a little anonymity by wearing a hat. He doesn't even take it off in the shower. Except for the top of his head, you get to see everything else from his thighs on up including of course his long uncut dick.

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Butch Dixon: Tom Negro

Butch Dixon: Tom Negro

A mean MOFO, that's how Butch Dixon describes this studly specimen. In addition to his bristling beard, Tom Negro has a hard tool standing proud of his pubic bush.Tom makes his creamy good debut stroking that fat member and creaming up a spunky mess!

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UKNaked Men: Delta Kobra and Craig Daniel

UKNaked Men: Delta Kobra and Craig Daniel

First time barebacker Delta Kobra and oversexed top guy Craig Daniel are an explosive combination. They suck, rim and fuck like there's no tomorrow, Delta loves his daddies and when Craig is revved up he luvs taking raw, uncut cock. Torn between pleasure and pain the bottom rides that pole like a pro until Delta's big, balls clench to empty a monster load between the arse cheeks. He then proceeds to stick the whole length back into his sore butt!

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ChaosMen: Kato Serviced by Ransom

ChaosMen: Kato Serviced by Ransom

Ransom gets his cock hard quickly, then Kato soon realizes he is not only going to stay hard, but going to have to fight from cumming! He warns off Ransom a couple times as he lays there in astonishment.

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