New Site Attack:

straightboyz straightboyz

Here's a new site guys that we are really quite excited to be sharing! We've been fans of these videos on Xtube and now Straightboyz has their own site....and it's amateur porn done right. It's a healthy dose of fetish, a large portion of sexy amateur guys, and just plain fun.

The premise is simple: straight guy is gently restrained and they are serviced. It's obvious from the get go that these guys really, really enjoy the edging. Straightboyz gets a full dick up review from us....stay tuned to this space for more, but also visit them and watch the previews. They are worth a visit!!

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William Higgins: Martin Merlot and Arny Dornan

william higgins martin arny

Martin Merlot
is a great looking guy who needs a massage. Laying on the ed, in only his underwear, he is joined by Arny Donan. Arny kneels at the side of Martin and, using oil, gets right to work on massaging him. His hands work all over Martin's back, and then up to the shoulders. Arny pulls the shorts off Martin's ass, so that he can work the lower back some, before moving down to the thighs. He massages the thighs and down to the calf muscles and then removes Martin's underwear. That ass looks so good and Arny quickly gets to work on it.

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Super Hot 10

What’s scorchin’ on QueerClick!

Lucio Saints: Arnau Vila & Lucio Saints

lucio saints arnau vila

Last week Arnau Vilá make his debut in a solo video at LucioSaints and now he´s ready for a second round where he has to prove that he can also handle a big cock. Lucio proved to be an intense fuckmate, making him swallow his cock deep and stretching Arnau's hole like never before, demonstrating that Arnau has talent!

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Ask QC: Is 'sexting' just fun or is it cheating?

Ask QC

Hi QC,

Would you say that 'sexting' is cheating? I'm steady dating my current boy friend for just over a year now, but I dated a lot before I met him so some of my former bf's sometimes send texts and flirt a bit.

My current bf knows I text a lot but he says going too far and sexting is cheating, I don't really see it like that, it's just messing around and having a laugh, but he's now told me to stop - is that fair?


Hi DT and thanks for writing in with your questions and concerns. Any relationship has to have its boundaries clearly drawn out, and this doesn't necessarliy happen immediately when two people first get together. Swapping flirtatious text messages with former boy friends may be seen as over stepping the line in some relationships, in others it may not been seen as that. So its imporatant to establish those boundaries and rules and something you both need to do and agree upon together. What may seem like some innocent fun to one person may feel more serious to another person, so respecting each others views is imperative if you are both to establish trust together. So, dear QC readers, what tips and advice can you give DT? Have you been in this situation with your partner before? Is 'sexting' cheating or not? If you can help in any way, then please share your wisdom and advice for all in the QComments section!

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

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Legend Men: Silas

legend men silas

Silas is yet another hottie from Legend Men and he is definitely legendary!

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Kristen Bjorn: James Castle, Juanjo Rodriguez, Caleb Ramble

kristen bjorn juanjo james cale

Juanjo and Caleb are neighbors of convenience. Caleb notices Juanjo in the window and is invited over for a raw afternoon of sex. Quickly stripping down and sporting their huge uncut cocks. Juanjo jumps on Caleb's massive cock and begins deep-throating it with complete ease. Caleb switches up with Juanjo and delivers the same pleasure to his neighbor. Caleb takes a few pics of Juanjo and entices his friend James to join them. James shows up and it immediately treated to two hot cocks to service.

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Raging Stallion: Derek Parker, Draven Torres, FX Rijos

raging stallion draven fx derek

Illuminated by the neon glow of the tattoo parlor's sign, Draven Torres, FX Rijos and Derek Parker don't mince around waiting for a reason to fuck. They're all tatted-up, bearded studs with big dicks, huge muscles, and sex on the brain. FX fills Derek's mouth with uncut cock while Draven looks on, kneading the bulge in his jeans. Draven pulls out his cock and pushes it into Derek's face, jockeying for space next to FX. After some aggressive kissing,

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Extra Big Dicks: Andrew Collins and Dustin Steele

extra big dicks andrew dustin

"Going Steady" is the name of Extra Big Dick's new sizzling scene. It stars sexy Andrew Collins and hunky Dustin Steele. The guys are out on their first date. Sweet right. Well, it's going so well that Dustin invites Andrew in for some cold brewskies. Beer apparently makes Andrew horny because he begins to grope Dustin's bulky bulge. A smile takes over his face after realizing that his date has a third leg.

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Colt Studio: Lance Seawell and Scott Dermitt

colt studio lance scott

Love and lust join together as two hunky studs Lance Seawell and Scott Dermitt enjoy a little outdoor solitude; free to kiss, undress and explore each other's bodies with carefree abandon. Muscular toned bodies merge and clothes are stripped away as kissing leads to hot give-and-take cock worship. After Lance gets Scott's thick uncut pole standing at attention, Scott returns the favor and slurps lovingly on Lance's thick uncut monster.

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Men Over 30: Cameron Kincade and Mike Gaite

men over 30 cameron mike

This week, Men Over 30 brings you "A Bottom In Need," starring Cameron Kincade and Mike Gaite. Poor Cameron is burnt out. After long hours at his demanding job, Cameron is passed out in bed. Mike, on the other hand, is frisky. After all, Cameron has not put-out in weeks. Cameron awakens to Mike bitching about the lack of nookie lately. Cameron reassures Mike that everything is all right. He then adds that he's naked under blanket and ready for a BJ.

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CockSureMen: Mark Brown Barebacks Luke

CockSureMen: Mark Brown Barebacks Luke

Hot studs Mark Brown and Luke kiss and rub each others hard bodies. Mark takes Luke's shirt off and licks his nips. Luke takes Mark's shirt off and feels the hard cock through his jeans. Luke pulls his dick out and strokes. Mark jacks Luke's cock then goes down and sucks.

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Czech Hunter #155

czechhunter 155

Today Czech Hunter found himself on a major bridge in the heart of the city. He switched on the cam and tried his luck with the first dude passing. It was very short and Czech Hunter almost got punched. The Guy got so offended that he pushed him quite hard. But luckily the next young lad was the cutie he was hoping for.

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