Wank Wank Revolution: Trainstroking

Guy strokes his hard cock on train

OMG! Horny executive strokes his stiff cock through his pants on the train! From the looks of it, he's got a big one lurking in there.

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Men.com: Dirk Caber & Tom Faulk

Men.com: Dirk Caber & Tom Faulk

Part 3 of Central Park Cruising features a hot hookup between Dirk Caber and Tom Faulk. The guys waste little time getting alone and naked. Both guys are 100% versatile and 100% horny and the sex is hot!

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Super Hot 10

What’s scorchin’ on QueerClick!

Voyeurboys: Jaden Storm

voyeurboys jaden storm

One of the things I love about watching Jaden Storm is that when he looks into the camera, he looks...stares really...he's thinking about you watching him. He's hot, hella hot and damn charismatic, but knowing he is being watched completes him in a way. He isn't just selling it...he's living it!

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The Casting Room: Efraim and Vartez

The Casting Room: Efraim and Vartez

At The Casting Room, Efraim and Vartez are buddies who are both looking for extra cash so they come in together to audition for porn. They sometimes fuck around with each other but are completely open sexually. Despite having no experience making porn they are both athletic, horny and eager to try anything. They enthusiastically pose their asses in the air pulling their cheeks apart so whoever is watching can imagine plowing into them.

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Gayhoopla: The Edge of Desire - Part 3

gayhoopla ken jeff max

Max Summerfield always had a thing for being the badass of the house. No one ever fucked with him or gave him shit. How could it be anymore ironic that he himself, would dream of being scared and not so macho. Max finds himself running from something that he's first unsure of. He finds himself locked in a closet alone in the pitch black. After the door creaked open, Max finds Ken Ott and Jeff Niels on their knees, cuffed around Max's leg

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CFNMTV.com - Men's Naked Hostel

CFNMTV.com - Men's Naked Hostel

In the new video at CFNMTV.com, two men check into a mixed hostel trying to save money. The two hot men go to shower and when they return to their bedroom naked they discover how little privacy they have with other people coming in and out witnessing their total nudity.

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Island Studs: Cum Fest ­Six Studs with X­tra Thick Jizz!

Island Studs: Cum Fest ­Six Studs with X­tra Thick Jizz!

Each of these 6 Island Studs is a big cummer and each, when left alone, has a unique way of getting himself off! Each of the 6 scenes have been expanded and enhanced from original videos previously released. Each contains the explosive moment from 2 different camera angles: One a close-up of the happy dick and the other of the model's cock, chest and organismic face! Enjoy this special Island Studs Cum Fest with Tony, Autry, Stocky Stan, Zach, Glenn and Rico!

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Ask QC: Too scared to have sex!

Ask QC

Hi there,

I'm afraid to have actual sex, what I mean is I JO a lot, webcam with guys and all but when it comes to meeting up I'm afraid of catching a sexual disease. Its like I got a phobia about it.

I'm 18 and I know a lot of guys hook up and have loads of sex, and the idea of sex is great but I cant get over the fear I may fuck up my life if I catch STD, Herpes or HIV

This week I was webcamming this guy who lives nearby, it was freaking awesome but then he wanted to meet up and I had to tell him that we couldnt kiss or touch even if we used condoms. Then he was like, well bye then! That really sucked :(

It's like I got a phobia now about sexual contact, and I don't know what to do about it or how to stop it. I still live at home and I can't tell my parents about this, what should I do?

Thanks, Corey

Hi Corey and thanks for writing in with your questions and concerns. There's nothing wrong with being cautious about choosing sexual partners, but if you feel that is becoming extreme we recommend you seek professional advice too. There should be gay youth groups and sexual advice groups in your area, Google for them and give them a call. You will then be able to speak to someone who can give you professional advice and help on how to overcome your fears. And of course, there is an abundance of help and advice from our own dear QC readers, what tips and advice can you give Corey? If you can help him in any way, then please share your wisdom and advice with all in the QComments section!

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

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English Lads: Harry Long and Aaron Janes

English Lads: Harry Long and Aaron Janes

Harry Long and Aaron Janes are just so adorable. So what do you do when you have two straight young blond men? Well... you strip them both down, admire their uncut cocks, have them wank till they are hard and get them to do the only game you can play where there isn't contact; a sword fight.

There is quite a lot of contact as Harry and Aaron can't believe what they are doing, but judging by their hard uncut cocks they don't seem to mind!

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Spunkworthy: Blowing Nevin

Spunkworthy: Blowing Nevin

Hairy, horny, and rock-fucking-hard. Three ways you just have to agree are the best way to have a Marine for his first bj from a guy. Nevin was nervous, too. Or so he said.

"For real this time." he said as the cameras were warming up, dismissing the nerves he had before his last shoots. Hard dicks don't lie, though. Nerves or not, Nevin was packing one stiff cock behind his denim.

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Kristen Bjorn: Tony Gys, Darius Ferdynand and Gorka Martin

kristen bjorn tony darius gorka

This new scene from Kristen Bjorn -- "Men In The City 2 - A Lucky Day" -- features some succulent, Euro beefcake in hot three-way action. Tony Gys and Gorka Martin are both muscle-bound Spaniards with 7-inch dicks. Darius Ferdynand hails all the way from Hungary; he has a hard, chiseled body and a 9-inch cock. The adventure begins when Darius asks Tony to come over for some man-to-man fun, and tony brings along his fuck-buddy Gorka.

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Bentley Race: Ryan Anderson and Jet Wellington

bentley race jet ryan

For the first time together on screen, or anywhere else, Bentley Race presents Aussie mates Jet Wellington and Ryan Anderson. Both hunks had shot quite a few scenes for Bentley Race individually, but they had never ever met each other. Now see them together at last in this red-hot, new scene.

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