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Men of Montreal: Felix Brazeau and Alexy Tyler

men of montreal alexy felix

Today's release was supposed to be a threesome but as sometimes happens, one of the models was a last minute no show. He later contacted us to inform the guys of a car accident on his way. Nothing serious but nonetheless untimely for their schedule.

So Men of Montreal proceeded with two guys that had come together when Felix Brazeau was only starting out. Alexy Tyler pummeled his ass then, but today each guy was to get a piece of ass.As they joined each other in the bathtub, both chatted to get caught up on each others doings since their first encounter a year and a half ago.

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Angelo's Initiation @ Fratpad

fratpad angelo initiation

There is a long standing tradition at Fratpad of the initiation ritual. After all the pad is really just like a fraternity, granted a fraternity where the guys are naked most of the time.

was a real sport as the ritual wore on...but that might be slightly disingenuous as he really seemed to be having a hell of a time. The guys were merciless and he kept on smiling all the while. It must be quite an experience, how often do you have a roomful of naked guys cavorting around and acting like sexy versions of overgrown young men?

We are looking forward to seeing lots more of Angelo!!

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Sean Cody: Roger (2)

Sean Cody: Roger (2)

Roger is passionate about physical fitness and we can totally see it from his amazing body. Muscular body with a beautiful cock that fires streams of white protein that you just have to see it in action!

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Hot House: Jimmy Durano and Johnny V.

hothouse johhny jimmy

Hot House loves Jimmy Durano not just because of his ripped body, but because he is a sexual powerhouse. Pair him with the hottest newcomer in porn, exclusive Johnny V and you have a pairing that will go down as one of the best of the year. Johnny is a superstar in the making, and this scene shows off his best attributes--a fine face, a muscle butt like no other, a great cock, and a torso from a Roman statue.

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Men At Play: Full Throttle - Denis Vega and Jessy Ares

Men At Play: Full Throttle - Denis Vega and Jessy Ares

MenAtPlay bring us a special Feature Presentation with two of the hottest and most handsome men around - Denis Vega & Jessy Ares. Denis is called for an important and very secret meeting, so secret in fact that he's taken out to sea on a private boat to meet the elusive Mr Ares. Jessy insists on personally vetting all his recruits and proceeds to put Denis through the paces to see if he measures up to his very high demands.

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Videochat Eroticologist: Aaron Summer

flirt4free aaron summers

If you're looking for a kinky Latino, look no further than Aaron Summer. With interests in armpit licking, bondage, exhibitionism, and ass to mouth, this boy likes an umbrella of categories. I could definitely see myself having some fun with this Leo. Speaking both Spanish and English, this versatile uncut athlete sports a whopping 10 inch cock. With great blue eyes, this hairy Latino just begs for a good fucking.

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GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

We have a hunch that this edition of GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week is going to remain in your memory as one of those were it was really hard to pick a favourite. And that's definitely a good thing! So many good choices are gonna leave your head spinning. Should we pick a gorgeous bubble butt? Or wait, what is that? A huge anaconda freed from his pants. Or should we pick those abs of steel? Why not all of them! Or better yet, pick the best bits of each and make the perfect Franken-GWiP'er in your head! Either way, don't hesitate in telling us your preferences in the comments!

More after the jump!

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Randy Blue: Zane Porter and Angel Santiago

randy blue zane angel

Zane Porter and Angel Santiago finally let their feelings come out and they decide to take turns fucking the hell out of each other. You have been waiting for four episodes for these two to finally go at it and they really let loose. There is dick sucking, rimming and hardcore ass pounding by these two hot muscle hunks. This is gay porn at its finest.

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PowerMen: Roy Morris

powermen roy morris

Handsome musclepup Roy Morris likes to show off his body on the street - and why shouldn't he? He's young, he's handsome, he's blessed with that tough young profile - and he's right there in his Boy-to-Man muscle period! Boy-to-Man Muscle: that brief blip of time in a young bodybuilder's physique where he blooms with the glow of youth while sporting the thick muscle density of the mature bodybuilder. And by the way, does Roy have glutes! Here's one young muscle turk who prizes his round, ripped ass cheeks as much as he does his powerful engine.

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The REAL Reason You're Circumcised

The REAL Reason You're Circumcised

Enough said. Now you know. Please don't be angry.

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Meet Brody Lasko @ Broke Straight Boys

broke straight boys brody lasko

Brody Lasko is a gorgeous young twink who's ready to show us what he's got! He's new to Broke Straight Boys, and even though he's 100% straight, he's ready to take some dick up the ass for cash...but not just yet!

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