Authentic Footballers: Maximo

authentic footballers maximo

Authentic Footballers had to stop Maximo during the jerking off videos (both of them) so as to give these two clips a reasonable duration. This horny guy was ready to cum a couple of minutes after he started to wank. Jerking off for the camera aroused him too much and the result is that his first blast of jizz reached his shoulder.

Maximo is a nice and friendly footballer, a bit out of fit but yet very skilled. He's got hair in his groin and around his anus, and a quite fat and big cock!

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Picture This: Dane Sulliuvan


In case you were wondering whether 19 year old British bi-curious lad Dane Sullivan enjoyed his first experience of getting naked, hard and horny on camera last year, for top UK porn site picturethis-studios, we think the appearance of this brand new shoot will probably answer that question. The truth is he absolutely loved it and quite clearly discovered some hidden exhibitionist tendencies that along the way.

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My Life In Leather: The Awakening


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Privoy: Kendrick T. 01, aka Anthony, aka ironaddict, aka ironaddict455

privoy kendrick

Kendrick, aka Ironaddict455 on Youtube and Muscle Corps, as well as Anthony on All American Guys, is a master of the cocky flex. His ripped body is pretty fucking amazing!! He loves to posse for the camera and for years we have salivated and wondered what he was packing in is undies. Well, thanks to Privoy, now we know and after watching this video more times than we would care to admit we can honestly say he's got it all.

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All Australian Boys: Izak

all australian boys izak
all australian boys izak- sale

You may remember All Australian Boys did a shoot with country boy Izac about 7 months ago. At that time he didn't want to do a gloryhole shoot. On this shoot they didn't just get him to the gloryhole, they also got young Mason, one of their young models to suck Izak.

Mason is the apprentice of Dirty Dave. Izak was a bit reluctant at first but when his cock got really hard and Dirty Dave sucked on it his doubts evaporated. Then young padawan Mason sucked Izac with a passionate commitment to make him cum. Which he did - not just once but twice!

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Active Duty: James (II) and Niko

Active Duty: James (II) and Niko

Hot new guy James gets his ActiveDuty hard core debut and Niko is the lucky guy to do the honors! This big fella hoists out his big thick one as soon as the clothes come off and, as the true gentleman that he is, he compliments Niko's amazing ass rewarding him with a cheeky slap on the meaty rear end that foreshadows what is about to come. He just "can't wait to be in that fucking hole." The vigorous rhythm they get into almost breaks the bed. "Wowsers" is a good word to describe what just happened!

More after the jump!

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Power Men: Max Hilton

power men max hilton

Max Hilton's back, and's hardass bad boy is ready as always to deliver his special mix of muscle entertainment, blending leather with solid big muscles. After swigging from a bottle of cold beer, Max strips down to show off what he's got with raw show of naked flexing. Max is a tough customer who demands you pay attention to his supple, powerful physique - or else. Unsmiling, solid, hard as nails and ready to rumble, it's a muscle show for fans who like their bodybuilders to take a walk on the dark side.

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Sean Cody: Stan (2)

Sean Cody: Stan (2)

Stan is such a handsome find over at Sean Cody. His adorable smile, mesmerising eyes, bubbly butt and hard cock are everything we love about this wonderful chap.

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Queerism - Scrotum Cleavage

Queerism - Scrotum Cleavage

noun: The hollow formed on the scrotum between the testicles when wearing particularly small and tight shorts such that the scrotum hangs out either side and is exposed to others.

example: "Hey Shane, if you pull those shorts up any higher you'll have a total scrotum cleavage!

Thanks Finn for this Queerism! Do you have an interesting or unusual Queerism of your own you wish to share? Submit your Queerism HERE.

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Latin Jocks: Vicente

latin jocks vicente

Vicente, a hot Brazilian stud loves a good game of soccer and can't wait for the World Cup to arrive in just 8 weeks! This is his first time on the 'Net and we're hoping it won't be his last. Vicente is 6'-1" and 205 lbs of pure sex appeal. And no top will want to miss out on his stunning ass!!!

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Raging Stallion: Shawn Wolfe and Damien Crosse

raging stallion shawn damien

Two scruffy faced men kiss passionately. Sandy blond Shawn Wolfe is rock hard from tongue wrestling sexy Latin Damien Crosse and Damien wants that cock in his mouth. He strokes his own uncut cock while spit washing and sucking Shawn who soon returns the favor with gusto making sure Damien's meat is extra wet and ready for his ass. Shawn lies back, spread his legs and takes that cock like a man. Damien pounds Shawn hard then flips him over and pummels him doggie style.

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NextDoorMale: Johnny Diesel

NextDoorMale: Johnny Diesel

As the light disappears Johnny moves inside form the balcony, kindling a fire and relaxing with a drink. He unbuttons his shirt and slides if off, throwing open his jeans and pulling his cock out, massaging the tip and fingering his exposed taint as he downs the last of his bottle.

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