Sean Cody: Liam (2)

Sean Cody: Liam (2)

Liam is such a mesmerising handsome chap who goes to gym everyday, and we can see it from his tight lean muscular body. He loves to practise his punches and maybe he can have a good round with one of the other Sean Cody men too!

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Power Men: Viny Knight

powermen viny knight

Bald, tattooed, ripped, hung, and nicely seasoned muscleman and performer Viny Knight returns for Round 2 at, and once again this quietly confident muscle daddy entertains with a round of polished muscle posing and a healthy session of muscle play. So check out just how and why the no-holds-barred performances of the Eastern European musclemen and competitive bodybuilders at Power Men remain the gold standard of adult musclemen flexing, posing, and playing.

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Super Hot 10

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NextDoorMale: Joey Jay

NextDoorMale: Joey Jay

Get your tan oil ready and put your fist in the air; Joey Jay is to get down. Confident and cocky, Joey doesn't take life too seriously unless we're talking about getting nasty, and then he's all business. Originally from Detroit, this Sicilian born hunk has finally made it Next Door, and he couldn't be more eager to show he belongs. A real extrovert when the camera is on, Joey strokes his long cock as he reclines in the gym, stretching out and spreading is legs wide as he fingers his own hole.

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Falcon Studios: Ricky Decker and Jimmy Durano

falcon studios ricky jimmy

Naked, hard and hungry, Ricky Decker and Jimmy Durano eye each other across the room. They are separated by little more than the length of their cocks. Jimmy is slip-sliding his heavily veined foreskin across his thick shaft as he moves closer, not stopping until Ricky's cock is lodged deeply in his throat. Ricky basks in the attention before returning it, wetly challenging his gag reflex as he deep-throats Jimmy. Jimmy's lust is focused on Ricky's hard ass and its tasty center.

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Men of Montreal: Scott Lapoint

men montreal scott lapoint

It was kinda appropriate that Scott Lapoint was wearing cargo pants for this scene as he has the look of a service man. Such, however, is not the case. Scott is an industrial worker by day and a male stripper by night in one of the City's well-known male dancers clubs. He's originally from the South Shore suburbs of Montreal, but now lives in the city. He enjoys living in the core, because it's closer to work and a lot more vibrant.

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Military Classified: August

military classified august

August arrived at Military Classified's studio and was calm, cool and collected. They went over the scene, filled out the paperwork and it was right down to business! Rob did another photo shoot with this stud because he loves this tall, lean, smooth and hot straight body. Rob always includes a photo sets when its a new model but Rob really wanted to take more of August because he was definitely enthralled with this boy.

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ChaosMen: Joaquin

ChaosMen: Joaquin

Joaquin is half Native American (Cherokee) and is obviously interested in fitness.

He just turned 30 and is an amazing shape. He has a steady girl, and she is a fitness model too. He has done nudes with photographers, and is very natural in front of the camera.

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The Casting Room: Dennis

The Casting Room: Dennis

Dennis is an eager young straight guy who has never appeared naked on camera before arriving at TheCastingRoom. As an inexperienced guy he only has his hot body and high sex drive to offer. He needs guidance and advice about how to ease himself into the business and learn what he's prepared to do for the right money. This an intense eye opening experience for this tender lamb. He obediently gets in every position to show off his fantastic fit body, big bulging balls and tight untouched arsehole.

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Active Duty: Gannon and Morgan

Active Duty: Gannon and Morgan

We knew it would happen, but not this fast! ActiveDuty wasted no time getting their new recruit Gannon hooked up with another guy! And a tight-fitting wrestling singlet covered Morgan is waiting to get his dick sucked and his ass eaten for the very first time. You'll see, Morgan was a championship wrestler in school and one of his fantasies was to get dirty with another dude while wearing the sporting gear. If you're a fan of dudes in singlets, you're going go bananas over this update.

More after the jump!

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Raging Stallion: Adam Ramzi and Chris Bines

raging stallion adam chris

Adam Ramzi's meaty cock lies heavily across his thigh as Chris Bines nuzzles his scruffy face. Adam's body is covered with hair: the buzzed sides of his head, the stubble on his jaw, the black fur blanketing his chest and legs. Chris, with a defined body and light brown fur, dives in face first. His lips explore Adam's mouth, tease his nips, and finally wrap around Adam's erect cock. Adam engages all the muscles in his ass as he face fucks Chris, then turns around to suck Chris' substantial cock and lick his nuts.

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In the new video at, office girls Clarissa and Ursula are enjoying having Robbie around - it certainly makes things more interesting. While he tries desperately to make a sales call, the two of them begin to strip him off and explore his naked body.

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Ask QC: Is there that much difference between cut vs. uncut

Ask QC

Hey there, Ask QC,

I'm an American guy, and to this point I've only ever encountered cut cocks.

I'm about to go to Europe for a year, and I guess most guys in Europe are uncut... and I don't know how to approach an uncut cock.

Is there a difference if I'm giving him a blowjob? And what about if I let him fuck me? Is there that much difference between cut vs. uncut?

If there's any special tricks that will help me drive him over the edge, please share!



Hi S and thanks for writing in with your questions and concerns. There's a long running debate regarding the differences and preferences between circumcised and uncircumcised cock's, but here at QC we like to think that we all just love cock no matter what! Everyone has their preferences of course and we respect that, but this is an interesting question to pose particularly as you will be in Europe for a year. And so, dear QC readers, what tips and advice can you offer S? If you can help in any way, then please share your wisdom and advice for all in the QComments section!

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

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