Harlem Hookups: Pete Hardy

harlem hookups pete hardy

So here is more of Pete Hardy. A hardy boy that can't get enough of my ass. This was the very next day after he came over from a grindr chat and dumped a late night load in harlem hookups' ass. This time he wanted him eating on his knees...so he did what he was told and he served him that beautiful big white dick right in his hungry raw hole. His cum shots are epic!!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Alex and Elliott

guys in sweatpants alex elliott

Versatile boys have more fun. Exhibit A. Guys In Sweatpants put Alex and Elliott on the bed, turned on a webcam, and let them go at it... then they filmed it. Elliott is a good top, but an insatiable bottom... and it just so happens that Alex is too!

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College Dudes: Roman Daniels and Taylor Blaise

college dudes roman taylor

Roman Daniels and Taylor Blaise are college dudes from Ohio, looking to have some fun in the big city. And what can be more fun than fucking your brains out in front of the College Dudes cameras? "Roman Daniels Tops Taylor Blaise" is the name of this scene; however, the two studs are unsure who will fuck whom when they get there. As Roman says at the end of the interview segment, "What happens, happens, right..."

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Sean Cody: Jack and Randy Bareback

Sean Cody: Jack and Randy Bareback

Jack and Randy spent some time together do some outdoor workout, before heading back indoor for some sexual workout! Jack's awesome cock gives Randy's hot ass a good pump as the boys moan and groan throughout the amazing sex session!

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Watch this guy fling and flip and flop and swing his best friend around.


Fratpad: Angelo and Rico Have A New Toy!

fratpad new toy

So a new vibrating butt plug arrived via post and Angelo and Rico wanted to try it out. See how it performed at Fratpad!

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A Brand New Sticky!

Hey dearest citizens of Planet Unicorn! If you haven't already noticed, we have quietly soft-launched an all-new Sticky two weeks ago. It was all rather hush hush. 3000+ user registrations and rounds of stress-tests later, we're super excited to share with you that the gates to Sticky 4 are officially open! *pops confetti*


Spunkworthy: Cole

Spunkworthy: Cole

One of the things we love about working with military guys is that they tell all of their buddies that they're doing porn. And then they all want in on the action, too.

Cole is one of Nevin's friends who falls into that category. Except that he'd actually been approached once before about getting naked on camera at an age that... well, let's just say not an age where it would have worked out very well. But now, at long last!

"Better late than never," Cole joked.

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GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

In this edition lots of new faces (and new cocks) are making their GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week debut but some familiar faces (and cocks) make an spectacular return. These sex-driven GWiP'ers are bringing their big guns on display to capture your attention and boy they succeeded at that! There are so many great choices that you will likely have a tough time choosing but one thing is sure, your eyes are going to have a feast with the spectacle!

More after the jump!

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All American Guys: Jadsen

all american guys jadsen

Jadsen has an almost dreamy beauty, he is intense and serious, but don't let that fool you as he has an incredible sense of humor and loves to laugh. Laugh or serious, it is rather moot after we saw the pics of his butt in the shower. With an ass like that everything else sort of fades away. A classic in the making at All American Guys!

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Straightboyz - Straight Boy Sunday

straightboyz brent jako jaxon

Straightboyz.net invited some of the guys over to have some beer and watch a game on TV. They arrived early and a little horny so they all agreed that blowjobs would be quite ok before the game. Brendt, Jako and Jaxon chit chat a bit as the camera is set up, but before long the clothes come off and the guys are getting hard.

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MenPOV: Roman Chase and Shawn Andrews

menpov roman shawn

Roman Chase and Shawn Andrews, shot in the 'you are there' MenPOV style is a hot scene. Seth Andrews arrived at the studio with Roman Chase in tow. Seth explained with a sheepish grin, that he had seen Shawn running the other day in the park, his cock flopping around in his shorts as he ran and Roman just knew that he wanted him.

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