Heath Ledger Nude

Heath Ledger Nude
No doubt you would have already seen these, but here are the biggest and clearest Heath Ledger nude shots we’ve come across. Look at the folds of foreskin pulled back!
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17 Nov 05 By Editor D 100 Comments


  • scott says:

    I’ve been drooling over these since we first saw them…can’t wait to see the movie….too bad Jake felt the need for a body double.

  • squid says:

    People got really stupid over these photos, especially the size queens (as usual). We should be commending Heath for getting his kit off and giving us something to look at, not snicker endlessly about his size (a size which I think is just fine!). There are several other shots in the series that are not as flattering as these, which usually get those most display time. So thanks for showing these ones instead!

  • Zandilar says:

    He’s still hot, only thing better would have been a nice view of him hard

  • Greg says:


  • ANONYMOUS says:

    This photo is so very unflattering.

  • Bob says:

    he looks like a 50 year old man in these pics

  • Larry says:

    Jake insists in interviews that he didnt use a body double,, whatever toothy tile, come out already.

  • Casanova94114 says:

    These pix of Heath suck. Musta been snapped by some dumb voyeur. Or is Heath really this not-so-hot?

  • John says:

    WOW. He’s normal looking, sorry to all those Tommy Lee lovers, but this is a good looking Aussie with a hot bod and i’m drooling. WOW

  • Vic says:

    First – he’s a real man among men and you don’t need a ‘hard’ shot to feel his raw sex appeal.
    Second – This is just juvenille. He courageously took on this role in defense of the gay community. It’s disgraceful and a stab in the back to reward him this way by posting up vulnerable pictures of him.
    Get a Life People –

  • Gary says:

    Nothing wrong with the size of his dick. It’s flacid so one can only guess how big it is when erect. I would guess between 7″-8″ What do you think?

  • Kev says:

    7″-8″ sounds reasonable… It looks cut than uncut.

  • Randy says:

    He is a GOD among Men….:)

  • Joey says:

    Hi bitches-first of all he is FLACCID-hello! He looks adorable and he can shove that thing up my ass anytime. 7-8 inches doesn’t really matter. Uncut, cut….it’s still a penis on a hot guy. Bob and Greg are obviously straight and hate hot Australian men…no worry more dick for me.

  • ray says:

    My god, i love Heath!! he is my man…

  • smoothmouth says:

    LOL I can just about imagine what Bob and Greg look like in the nude. lmao Most likely no dicks to be found on either. Heath is a fair actor and a ballsy one to take on this roll, that body I would kill for.

  • Darrell says:

    I think he looks great! So many men are bashful about exposing themselves. I see nothing wrong with it. You certainly cannot tell the size of a guy’s dick when he does not have a hard on. Who knows, he may have already been in the cold water as they often rehearse things over and over again, and we all know what cold water does. Nervousness can also make you shrink. With someone taking photos and cameras on you while you are naked, you might be a tad bit nervous.

  • Frank says:

    Little disappointed at the lack of body hair. Probably shaved a little to make his dick look longer. Great shot. Can’t wait to see the film!!!

  • Jaime says:

    I would say it’s about a 6”. I think 7” is pushing it, but it seems fine to me.

  • Phillip says:

    How absurd to be shocked by photos of relaxing nudity.There can be no other relaxing thing than to watch nude bodies…

  • Chris says:

    His character, and as an guy in real life, make me respect him even more, regardless of dick size. I’m sure everyone on this post would love to cuddle up to Heath on a cold, lonely night and just talk, even if he had a vagina!

  • Greg says:

    Just HOT and looks okay to me! love this hot man! for goodness sakes people calgary canada naked!!! I have a big dick, but not where its 30 degrees with 75 people standin round, wow!!! go Heath!

  • Miles says:

    Where are these photos from? the movie (brokeback) or what? and who the fuck cares about dick size, Heath is HOT!

  • Omaria says:

    I LOVE IT!
    I LUV
    ME SO HORNY!!!

  • Frank says:

    He’s gotta be bi!

  • Nikko says:

    I think it looks like a good size. Who knows how cold it was out and how many times he had to jump in that cold water before these pics were taken.

  • Me&Her says:

    Hi, we’re both female and came across these after reading somehtign on imdb but he looks damn fine to us! And a lot of our male straihgt and gay friends agree too! Fuck what size he is!

  • EARL SHIVERS says:


  • Michael says:

    Damn – he looks good – why didn’t that scene make it into the movie – hope it gets into the DVD for home sales.

  • jake says:

    as a medical professional its obvious hes uncut and has a nice average size penis
    to all those idiots trying to make something out of his naked body or dick size im sure they would have few people interested in them naked
    grow up you bitches whoever you are
    (signedvanother hot australian)

  • bubba joe smith says:

    Now that’s a fine piece of meat, I’d like to sink my teeth into that.
    yummy papa chulo!

  • Jeanette says:

    Wow, no complaining there! For all of you who dislike this picture, your standards are too high, so stick em up your ass. Speaking of sticking thinks up ppl’s ass’s…haha jk. Um yah he is PERFECT. Theres nothing I’d change about him… Its big soft, imagine what it look like hard…OUCH!

  • Frank says:

    I still think he’s gay.

  • Nikki says:

    Just saw the movie last night and loved it. I knew when he jumped off into the water we saw something large swinging (LOL). Heath was hot in this movie and said alot for the gay community. I’m proud of him for playing this role as a straight male.

  • Mark says:

    I just saw the movie and thought it was really great. Heath is as cool as Jake. What performance! Big, small…who cares? I am sure he know how to use it…Congratulations, Heath…the movie is great!And you are really a hot star!

  • joe says:

    He is hot. He is thoughtful and mature and I think he is a man among men as an earlier writer stated. He has shown himself to be one of the finest actors of our time. He has a range and depth of understanding, feeling and emotion that is difficult to comprehend in a 26 year old. He took a great professional risk to play his role which, of course, did turn out fabulously for him. I have seen this movie 4 times and have left the theater in tears each time. Both my partner and I, as well as many other people I know, have been troubled by this movie for weeks after seeing it. I agree with an earlier poster that it is disrespectful to show such a vulnerable picture of such a nice man and great actor after he gave our community such a beautiful performance. But he is hot and I look at the pics daily.

  • Nate says:

    I think it would do him good to do a few more nude pics because I don’t know about the rest of you but I have been waiting for this for a while and I would love it if there were more pics out there like this one so if any one thinks they have a better body (or any part of it) than he does better take some time to consider all the things that are effecting the “hardness” of his still flaterin dick (I mean which one of you would be willing to do what he did? that’s what I thaought.) SO if for some reason Heath get’s to read this I think you should do more shots like this guy or not it would really boost your “rating” everyone agree? Well maby its just me but you shuld still do it.

  • Ennis Del Mar says:

    I agree to what joe said. This movie did make me sullen and withdrawn for weeks. It was really heartbreaking and I was in tears when I left the theatre. Just thinking of the last words of the movie “Jack, I swear..” makes me melancholic. THUMBS UP for Heath and Jake! (PS: I dont care about he’s penis, I just love him for who he is!)

  • Damien Thompson says:

    Hi everyone im a trained male nurse im not gay but heath is one of my fave celebrities. i have met heath before when he was filming a scene for home and away years and years ago in australia he bashed his head and yes i was the medical attendant on site for the show a penis is a penis people no matter what he does with it, it is still a penis and seriously take this from me a str8 guy size doent matter i have guys come into the hospital and say they want a penis enlargement i tell them dont bother ur penis is yours and dont go putting silicone in it, its stupid. anyways have fun enjoy these pics for he is just your average male aussie and so what if you dont like his penis he does ok.
    Damien Thompson

  • Damien Thompson says:

    Hey guys me again i just wanted to say that i downloaded the movie last night and watched it 3 times and cried for all three times i watched i dont know what is is with people being so worry about penises he is an actor and a bloddy damn well good one for that matter dont knock him for who he is plz hes great and funny like i said have fun enjoy
    Damien Thompson

  • Marco says:

    Hello everyone! I saw the movie and, if I can, I will see it again soon. As I someone said, it troubled me for hours after as well…difficult to get it out off your system without thinking about it a lot. It made me feel sad and, maybe,even jealous! I thought it was a beautiful movie and very well acted and written. Yeah, I left the cinema in tears, feeling sorry for something that I couldn’t really figure it out. The depth of emotions acquired there is fabulously hard to get for such young cast. And I may find, as well, a bit disrespectfull showing an unauthorized pics of such fine actor (but were we all very curious to see it?) when he did it so well representing the gay (?) community, but I must confess I loved it when I saw it as Heath, the man, is such a hunk, and that’s what we do: we appreciate male figures (and not just that!)! But appears to me that, trying to imagine Heath’s dick size, is a bit silly…as we all know that it doesn’t make sense… But, I must say, he is quite a good-looking man, not just because of his talent and the fact he is a movie star…(do we need more?), his character is very “likable” in the movie! I saw some of his movies in the past but just now I was impressed by his acting skills (I already thought he was hot before!)…Anyway, great movie, great body…pennis size? We can always make it enjoyable, can’t we?

  • ian says:

    hi all, i saw this pic from another link and all my friends discussed about his penis size. i don’t see anything sexual about this pic and though I have yet to see the movie, I think this guy deserve some respect. he is hot but this pic doesn’t depict that at all. i find nude men in relaxed form more attractive than with an erection.

  • Damien Thompson says:

    Hey guys me again it is great to see so many people agreeing that HEATH is a NORMAL PERSON he is a great person, i dont agree with the people knocking him, for a naked stint in a movie, you know it is hard for male and female actors to get naked in a movie where it will be showed to millions of public everyday form its release. try and accept this for an actor not just some humbug Ciao Damien Thompson

  • Danny says:

    Heath is one good looking man that has a good looking dick and yummy balls. Nuff said.

  • I just saw the movie and it was quite emotional for me. I want to see it again. I could care less about the dick size of either guy. I think both of the guys need an award for their courageous performance. I think they are both hot and served the communition with honor.

  • cumboy says:

    Come on guys, I want him up my arse right now!

  • Michelle says:

    I have been a huge fan of Heath’s for many, many years. Not only do I find his movies fantasic, but he is absolutely gorgeous! I have waited eons to see this pic and it’s everything that I hoped it would be and more. He’s goregeous and gutsy! Few men would even think twice about doing a movie like this! It leaves me with wanting more! YUMMY

  • schmackos says:

    it looks normal sized. he’s way cute. and having seen other photos from the same series he looks like he’s definitely cut or has the world’s shortest foreskin.
    good on him for doing the scene himself

  • Loren Wyatt says:

    Heath Ledger bared his soul creating Enis. The nude pics, were just a step he had to take to help pave the way for future movies, documentaries, and films. This is the beginning of understanding. Congrat’s Heath, we’re proud of you!

  • kaleb says:

    so is cut or uncut

  • Paul says:

    For all you guys who didn’t think Heath looked “buff” enough. He said the director WANTED him to build himself up for the movie but he saw the character as a dirt-poor ranchhand who doesn’t go to the gym, doesn’t wear Calvin Klein underwear and “certainly” doesn’t eat big meals. I think he looks like a what a poor, straight guy, out in the boonies back then, probably would have looked like. After seeing his performance in the film you just want to hold him anyway, buff or no buff, dick or no dick.

  • Rick says:

    IT looks yummy to me!

  • dundeelad21 says:

    looks nice 😉

  • Matt Lenswer says:

    As a Straight guy, I found this site because my friend said it was lindsay naked (my bad). Brokeback mountian is a awsum movie even too the straight communtity it displays such a awusm picture of what its like being confused with your own sexuality. Heath my hats off too you and jake thank you for making such a Good movie, my girlfriend and I will be seeing it again. And leave him alone about his penis. IM A AUSSIE ASWELL!!!!! AND AUSSIES HAVE HUGE HARD PENIS

  • Nic says:

    Heath is a fantasic actor and on top of that he’s extremely hot. He’s very cute and his chest is to die for. I couldn’t help but jerk off a number of times when I saw these pictures. His sweet pecks and build is something I’d like to drag my tounge over. His musculine are and legs are very attractive. I only wish I got to see his cute, tight little ass as well. Oh and as for his penis. That’s one thing that turned me on extremely and is yet to turn me off. His penis is perfect.It’s a perfect size and I can’t wait to see him in action. I’m going to love this movie, and I know I’ll love heath even more. Help he admits he’s homosexual at heart. Oh and Matt Lanswer is exactly right. I’ll think I’ll go jack off again now

  • Jeff/Barberton,Ohio says:

    WOW ! i think i broke my back falling out of my computer chair onto a mountain of “Heath ! will you marry me?” AND…can i unfold your foreskin?
    HOTT !forget the horse ride a cowboy….

  • Greg says:

    I think that this is one of the Greatest films of our time, and Heath and Jake, you’ve outdone yourselves this time. You are the bomb, baby!LOL

  • Rod says:

    The average white male has a 5 1/2 in fully erect penis. Black males, 6 inches. Every man on the internet somehow has a 7 to 14 inch penis? I finally figured it out, you start measuring at your asshole, over the balls and then add 1 inch just to be sure.
    P.S. Jake Gyllenhaal is much hotter. Those blue eyes looking out from underneath that black cowboy hat just slays me.

  • Joe says:

    Both Heath and Jake did an outstanding job…hat’s off to you guys for doing such an excellent job in this film…especailly to Ang Lee…incredibly moving film…with UNIVERSAL themes that we all can relate too…regardless of sexual orientation….do you realize that when “Jack and Ennis” are living their truth, the visual is breath taking, powerful, bright, vivd colors, beautiful strong shots “IN NATURE”. When they are living their “other lives” (not standing in their truth) the colors are drab, often dusty and gray, the scenes are often cluttered, and feels opressive. The music was always subtle, haunting and hopeful at times… never overpowering the scene… Brilliant film making…no wonder it was such an impactful film. I too left the theatre with a mixture of feelings…saddness mostly from remembering the first time I was with a guy before I had a “name” for it…not gay, not straight, just a strong tug of the heart, body and soul towards another guy…
    I am grateful for the reminder of the purity of those initial feelings….Joe

  • don says:

    he is wonderful, i just can’t wait for the movie be released here in the philipines, me and my honey will be watching it, i promise. i found it nice the way critics say about it. it opens the eyes of the public tothe third sex who also deserves love in the world. philippines is one among the country that could hardly adapt this kind of set up…thanks to the movie and to its maker.

  • wowman says:

    Heath looks okay…but I must say as someone who as seen the Colin Ferrell sex tape, Colin wins hands down…for an Irish boy, he is a leprechaun that’s packing….

  • joe says:

    Colin is a pig. Heath is a gentleman and a great actor.

  • craig says:

    i am now in love with heath…craig

  • BRAD says:


  • Brian says:

    HOT pics Heath – even with that disco bush!

  • Vanessa says:

    Great pics. I’m actually just going to see the movie today. I don’t see why they had to delete these from the movie. They’re obviously already all over the internet and any dumbass can find them. And even if everyone can’t find them I’m sure the pics have been passed along by friends who have passed it to theirs and so on! The people who try to keep brief shots like this out of the movies need to get their heads examined if they thought something like this wasn’t going to get out especially when this film will probably cause plenty of controversy because of the way society is today.

  • Kara says:

    The movie was amazing, Jake was amazing, Heath was amazing. He is a disturbingly handsome man, with a disturbingly yummy looking penis.

  • jason says:

    have seen the movie twice now. no words can say how i feel about the movie or the acting. i agree so much with past postings from joe–ang lee directed a great movie, heath and jake acted it out to perfection. all deserve oscars. i too left the theater sad, and thought about it for weeks after. stirred alot of memories up for me, of loving one so badly, want to scream it to the world, but afraid to even whisper it—missing someone so much “it did hurt”. heath was just great–for a straight man to play this part, with such conviction, is unreal to me. without giving the plot away, i have to say his acting in the last scenes were the best. when he went to jacks parents house–you could really feel the pain, that he was protraying on the screen–hope you take home the oscar heath, you deserve it–great acting!

  • peter says:

    i watch brokeback mountain 3 times in one day.
    i still miss the moving story so that i fall in love with the hot Heath, and i want him to fuck
    me ,how i wish i was jack. i feel so lonely ,i love his pictures. i want some hot guys toLOL.

  • peter says:

    like it

  • pete clyde says:

    Heath and Jake! I salute you guys! You both are the best! We are very proud of you! Keep it up… tc.
    Deserve to get an OSCAR!!!

  • Sarah says:

    Heath rocks! His body rocks! And anyone who says different, is just a jealous wannabe!

  • Mich says:

    How does Vic know Heath did the Ennis role in defence of the gay community. Sounds a bit too altruistic to me. Heath chose to do the nude shots and there is nothing degrading in nudity – it is the most natural state of human beings.
    Brokeback moved me in a profound way and I have seen the movie countless times now – and every time is like the first time.

  • Me says:

    I live with my partner of twenty years on a small farm in Oregon. I found the film very moving. Thanks to all those who had the courage and guts to create this movie. It’s a keeper.

  • joe says:

    These nude photos were shot by papparazzi, not the film crew. Heath is on record as being very upset over the existence of these pictures. He had contracted for no frontal nudity in the film. I doubt Heath made the film for altruistic reasons, he made the film for about $3,000,000 and a chance to star in a great work of art. But he is a friend of the gay community and he does deserve our respect for bringing to life such a deeply and troubling character as Ennis del Mar. He gave us a beautiful performance.

  • Andy UK says:

    whats wrong with some folks? Nothing wrong with Heath AT ALL don’t think I would be too pleased with nutters yaddering on about my cock, he didn’t do the film for that as some sensible folks with more than two brain cells have already noted. Please get a life and am sure the knockers wouldnt get their kit off and would be happy with a smidgen of this guys talent!

  • Matt says:

    Heath Ledger is my favorite actor. He was amazing in Brokeback Mountain. The story moved me! I fell in love with the relationship between Ennis and Jack. Now everytime I see Heath I get that feeling in my stomach like you get when you have a crush on someone. Sadly, I’m too young for him, at 16 ^.^ I’m bi lol, my friend found these pics here, and I almost died lmao. Anne Hathaway has nice breasts in BBM, for any str8 guys here lol.
    BTW – Heath has a normal penis! Same as anyone in my gym class! Ppl expect celebs to have fifty-foot ones or something, he’s normal, average, naturally uncut, I love him! Who really cares about size. I mean I wouldn’t do him, cuz I’m not like that (buttsecks is nasty to me), but I’d sure as hell kiss him!!! Or hug him!!! Perhaps, let him blow me, but I wouldn’t blow him (Eww dick in mouth) I hope he’s gay or bi at least! Okay, I’ve decided, we will jerk each other off ^.^
    BTW again – Don’t make fun of his dick, cuz mine looks the exact same way in cold air!!! He’s like my penis twin, I swear. I might have the best idea of how big his dick is when erect cuz it looks like mine ^.^ Normally mine is about 6, but if I’m very aroused it goes almost to 7. It’s prob the same with him, kayz?

  • Brent says:

    Heath and Jake are damn good actors, they both have all my respect for playing those parts, that was very courageous and honorable of them to play in that movie, who gives a damn if they are gay or not, they still should get a lot of respect for even the parts in Brokeback alone. Also, tell me guys, if you were in a beatiful place like that with no one else but a sexy man like either one of them, you wouldn’t want that, I mean c’mon!!!!
    Yes, he does have a gorgeous body and a nice dick, who cares about the size, as they say, “it’s not the size of the tool, it’s how you use it.” I agree with a few of the readers, especially the one that said he’s been waiting for this, and yes, he does need to do more scenes like this, but where is Jake?? Love ya Heath & Jake, keep it up!!

  • young gun says:

    I am only 18, and I am a REAL cowboy is a small western town in Ca. I have never seen another man before, but if Heath is even half of what he looks like in these pictures, I’d take him in a heart-beat! I watched the movie probably 7 times and it impacted my life more than anything I’ve ever seen before. I thought I was the only cowboy that ever had those feelings and I am more gratefull than anyone could ever know for someone like him to have taken that role and made it so real, makes me want him even more. But these should probably not have been shown. I couldnt imagine how much courage it took to do these………….Thank you Heath!

  • Kevin says:

    Man the pic is nice of Heath man give me a break we are looking at this man and sizing him up. I think his movie was great . And I have love someone such as the movie that I thought I would die and seeing this movie made me as someone else said . I brought the movie and each time I watch it I pull something new from the movie..Kevin

  • Not says:

    I am Thai person.I like Heath Ledger very much.

  • Sol says:

    Great Shot Yes!
    Get a life! Move on already.

  • Katie says:

    OH BABY I WANT YOU :))*@~*@~*@~*

  • yotyler says:

    heath is the greatest no matter what.it doesn’t matter what size his dick is as long as he can do “nice” things with it,plus he has a great body. so fuck anybody how says something bad about him. heath you rock ma’ man.

  • Bil says:

    Its a bit small hay… im 15 and i’v got 9″ so sorry heath but at least we all aussies hay lol.

  • Guy in the wrong place says:

    I don’t even know how I got on this site. especially since I’m straight. Being bored online just clicking away as u can see is not always the best! It seems like everyone on this site is very sensitve about the whole penis thing. How bout everyone just drop it all together. Yes it does not matter when it comes to penis sieze. I would explain the whole thing about the female simulation and how anyone could be great and all. But I doubt homosexual men want to hear about that. But in a way the same rule applys for gay sex. I mean think about it, can any guy on this site that might have bashed Heath for his cock fit a large sieze like 7, 8, or higher? The human body is simply not made to endure such maybe for some but pain is highly probable to play a major rule.

  • Buddha says:

    It looks pretty hot to me!

  • tenzer says:

    sexy, smart,briliant actor, does not matter his cock is small

  • annie says:

    Yummy. Would have sucked the whole thing into my mouth.

  • Kimberly says:

    I think he looks GREAT. He does not look likem a50 year old man that person who said that Is out of there mind. Heath Ledger looks GREAT no matter what I am quite older then he is. The Love I have in my HEART for him Is very very true, I didn’t know him I saw all his movies, I am married have 4 children and three grandchildren, My oldest is 27 years old a son, my next one is 25 years old a son and 2 children,and my next one is 22 a son and 1 child, and my last child is a girl and is i collage and works to pay for her car payments and insurance.All my sons have a good career with full benefits IRA and pension they have to work 30 years then they can retire, they all work for there dad, my Husband, we’ve been together for 29 years and still going strong. i am 45 years old, so don’t anything bad about Heath Ledger I feel in heart very strongly that some how Heath and I are connected SOUL MATES somehow I love him some how deep in my heart. most people can’t feel that, they just have a crush on him. I am still grieving over him and I feel very sad for his family. Never say anything bad about him ,he was a very good person, sometimes people get to much stress and can’t handle it, then they get mixed up with the wrong people and wrong things and it’s not always their fault, especially when ther all alone with no family around. Family is the main source in every ones life to help them to get through there demands, since his was so far away and he was lonely and didn’t have his family right there close to him so they could be his support.I LOVE YOU HEATH LEDGER and I will miss you for ever. My heart goes out to his family. God Bless all of you,and be strong. Sincerely your soul mate Kimberly from Las Vegas Nevada.

  • adrian says:

    that is so hooooooooottttttttt ok and it’s so funny and heath ledger’s dick is like a huge wrinkly finger with hair.It’s very sexy. I love it so much.

  • heathy_fan says:

    so sexyyyyyyyyyyy,so big :*:*:* :O:O:O i love you heathy,u r so sexy here,sexyyyyyy……….so big …….so sexy body :*

  • ashley says:

    ok, ive always had a huge crush on him, trust me i still do, but i thought it would be bigger for a hunk…….

  • Amanda says:

    I love heath. uh, penis, I don’t know…lol >.<

  • casey says:

    i love this pic its sexy

  • allan says:

    O_O no is Heath Ledger i don’t believe!!!!!

  • Joe says:

    I love dick and I just wish he was alive (and gay) so he could fuck me with it. So hot!

  • Harry Coble says:

    As for the penis. He has a very loose circumcision. It looks exactly like my father’s. He was born in a small town in Oregon. His doctor was in his 70s. When I was circumcised in NYC mine was tight. He said to my mother why did they take off so much skin. She told my that when I was 11 years old.

  • pants says:

    Heath is flaccid in this picture.  There are growers and showers.  Heath is clearly a grower.  average grower is at least double in length and width when he's hard.  I'd say Heath is around seven to eight inches when hard.  He was brave for doing these nude shots and clearly doesn't feel insecure about his flaccid cock which let me tell you, most men are.

  • matt says:

    He has (unlike all US males, an uncut penis, foreskin retracted.Foreskin and frenulum have 4000 extra sex-sensitive nerve endings which dissappear with circumcision !He must have enjoyed sex a lot!

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