Fucking Travis at CorbinFisher.com

Fucking Travis at CorbinFisher.com
Travis has had himself quite a wild time since first arriving at CF, and has already engaged in some pretty intense action with some other CF studs. Earning himself an ever-growing number of fans with each video, Travis has engaged in a number of really hot firsts and it’s time to take things to yet another new level as Travis gets fucked for the very first time ever!
Trevor may seem like a strange candidate to take someone’s cherry for the sole reason that he has a big, big dick! Trevor’s tall frame is matched by a long, thick cock that can split a guy in two and you’d think that alone would be too much for any guy to take as their first dick.

Fucking Travis at CorbinFisher.com
But at the same time, Trevor is passionate, intense, and really knows how to put the guys around him at ease. He’s so chill and easygoing and such a cool guy that others are immediately comfortable around him.
While sucking Trevor’s big dick, he really looked like he was enjoying doing it and committed to it, despite some initial awkwardness. And when sitting on Trevor’s massive cock, Travis looked more fascinated by the entire experience than scared or anxious.
If anything, that’s really the overriding theme of this video – Travis being fascinated by it all. It’s evident in his facial expressions throughout, and Trevor really got off on being the one to treat a guy to that kind of experience. There’s no fast and furious pounding or anyone’s hole being slammed and drilled. Rather, there’s a patient and gentle, almost mentor-like Trevor guiding a curious and fascinated Travis through a wonderful new experience.

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