David Hernandez’s Two Degrees of Separation from Porn!

David Hernandez is 2 degrees away from porn!
While the rest of the world is speculating on David Hernandez’s sexuality and scouring for pictures of him stripping (which probably do not exist), we (who have waaaay too much time to snoop around) at the QC quarters have fished out something rather obscure BUT related to Hernandez! Let’s call it the Two Degrees of Separation from Porn Scoop!
Stay tuned for the juice. 😉
Sorry this took a while (we were trying to figure out if it was Justin Timberlake featuring Madonna on “4 Minutes to Save the World” instead of the other way round) but here’s the meat! Grand reveal after the jump!

David Hernandez & Ryan Steele
So here’s what happened. We deployed our best recce troops to scour for more information on the rumoured stripper photos and chanced upon some videos of David Hernandez singing with his mates (on a cruise ship if we’re not wrong). It’s a group called Vinyl Four who does great harmonising!

But here’s what’s interesting! We found one of the other boys rather familiar and immediately ran the photos through our proprietary Face Recognition Application at QC Labs. Turns out our porny hunch was right! “Cliff” has posed nude on DirtyBoy before as “Ryan Steele” and we’ve actually covered him in our archives! [QC Link] Here are a few more new shots.
David Hernandez & Ryan Steele
That concludes our lil nugget. Now if you’ll excuse moi, I have 4 minutes to save the world.
Ryan Steele at DirtyBoyVideo.com

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