QueerClick’s 2008 Man of the Year: Leo Giamani

QueerClick's 2008 Man of the Year: Leo Giamani
No one captivated our hearts and cocks in 2008 like Leo Giamani. That’s why the editorial board of QueerClick has picked him to be our 2008 Man of the Year.
He burst onto the gay porn scene in late 2007 before making a notable series of appearances on Randy Blue. He went on to star on other sites like Jake Cruise (including a video with the man himself) and Mighty Men, where he lost his butt virginity.
While most porn amateurs do a few appearances to make a quick buck and then disappear, Leo successfully navigated the cut-throat world of gay porn, built a brand out of his gorgeous body, and worked his way up from amateur to porn star.
We hope to see much more of Mr. Giamani in 2009. Until then, we’ll enjoy his previous appearances, all found on his QC Fan Club page.

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20 Dec 08 By aaron 36 Comments