2-Taboos-In-1!!! The Peters Twins Are Bel Ami’s Muscle Bareback Twincest Couple

Bel Ami Packages 3 Taboos In 1 With Bareback Muscle Twincest
EDITOR’S NOTE: We know how strongly some of you will feel about muscle bareback twincest, so we’ve placed the hardcore pics and an interview with the twins on QCX.
If you’ve ever fucked someone who looks like you you know the masturbatory quality of dopplebangers. Sure, you might be uber-hot, but isn’t it a tad narcissistic to fuck a guy who looks just like you? Guys who do that are so vain that they probably think this post is about them.
But we can forgive a little narcissism, especially when you’re as amazingly hot as the Peters Twins, Milo and Elijah. They’re Bel Ami’s 19-year-old twincest muscle pair! These twin Czech jocks have grown up playing on the same basketball, football and handball teams and also geek out to cooking and video games. They started bi, but are 100% gay—and like watching porn and having sex together.
It’s straight-to-hell sinful but hot as hell too. So hot, in fact that we’re gonna put their interview and XXX pics on QCX… believe us… YOU DEFINITELY WANT TO SEE THIS!!!

04 Dec 09 By paperbagwriter 30 Comments