Jake Cruise: Jasun Mark and Max Blake

Jasun Mark and Max Blake at Jake Cruise
So Max Blake was scheduled to do his massage scene with Jake Cruise and Jake couldn’t do it. Instead of rescheduling the shoot, Jake asked Jasun Mark, the behind-the-scenes mastermind of so many of the hot scenarios that come from Cocksure Men and even Jake Cruise if he thought Max Blake was hot. Jasun responded, “Yes, I think Max is a big beefy slab of happiness and that furry chest, thick good ol’ boy accent, hairy ass and handsome face are a complete package for me.”
“Well,” Jake responded, “Do you wanna step in and be Jake for a Day?”
So, this update is Jasun’s first on-camera appearance at Jake Cruise. And he does it all like a pro. Of course, like Jasun said, Max is a stud. And how could anyone resist that hairy, wonderful ass or beautiful cock. Max squirmed and squealed a little but Jasun didn’t take “no” for an answer. He and Jasun (laughed a lot) and sure looked like they had a great time. After they were done, Max looked at Jasun and said “I can’t believe y’all licked my ‘tater hole.” Enjoy!

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02 Jan 10 By redmonkey 4 Comments