Colt Studio: Jason Crystal

colt studio jason crystal
Relaxing in the shade on a secluded park bench, Jason Crystal feels a sudden deep down urge to get naked. The thrill of being naked outdoors gets his juices flowing. Throwing caution to the wind Jason sprawls himself out on the park bench and gets down to business.
Pumping his hard cock he fantasizes about some hot outdoor action. He imagines a hot stud is watching him, right now. Watching him as he lays naked on the park bench. Checking out his rock-hard muscled body. Watching him pump that big dick. Watching him as he gets closer to the edge. Watching as he blows his huge load.
Drenched in cum, Jason gives a devilish smile and looks you directly in the eye as he strokes the last juicy drops from his swollen cock.
Jason Crystal is also Kay from DominicFord. Check out all his past performances on QC here.

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07 Mar 10 By Dave 28 Comments