Badpuppy: Ivan Pisecky

badpuppy ivan
Ivan Pisecky is an 18 year old Jock from Europe, who is a very popular quarterback on his Freshmen football team. When Ivan is not on the field, he’s playing the field, never at a loss for companionship. Ivan also loves to show off for the camera, as you can tell in his video. As he touches and caresses his body, stripping out of his clothes, he is passionate in front of the camera. When he spreads his butt cheeks, his hairy hole is exposed and is screaming for attention.

badpuppy ivan
His uncut cock is simply perfect in all ways and obviously a tool that he is very proud of. As he jerks off for us, his big brown eyes are looking right back at you, drawing you right into the room with him, just in time to watch him shoot a thick load of cum across his well chiseled abs.

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01 May 11 By Dave 13 Comments