Corbin Fisher: Galen’s First Time

Corbin Fisher: Galen's First Time

Freshman Galen has been having tons of fun with the coed girls, but didn’t want to limit his fun to just that. So Corbin Fisher all-star Quinn asked to take a crack at him and see if he could show him a whole new avenue for a good time!

Galen and Quinn get right into it. Quinn takes out Galen’s big cock and gives him a muscle-twitching blowjob. Galen’s face is in awe in the moments when Quinn is swallowing him up balls deep. Quinn invites Galen to a taste and is immensely impressed with the vigor and enthusiasm the blue-eyed hunk has for pleasuring another man.

Corbin Fisher: Galen's First Time

Quinn eases himself onto Galen’s rod and is impressed once again! Galen thrusts up as Quinn bears down, while running his hands all over Quinn’s strong body. Quinn has to hold off from touching himself because Galen has him edging almost right away! Both men are rock-hard as they switch to doggy-style, then missionary. When Quinn can’t take it anymore he has Galen stroke him off – his cock and hand in perfect temp! Quinn blasts a load all over himself and Galen asks him if he can cum now. Not only does he get a yes – he also gets every last drop of jizz sucked off his dick!

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10 Dec 16 By Ken 6 Comments