Would You Rent Sean Xavier?

Would You Rent Sean Xavier?

You may wanna check this stud out whenever you’re traveling to California and need a hunky, delectable company.

Get it on with a pro brought to you by Sean Xavier. He can surely bring you that porn star experience once meeting up with him. Fulfill all your fantasies with his lustful physique and tempting techniques. According to his bio on this rent site, he will not be done until you’re moaning his name. Well, that is very persuasive but you will never know until you try him. He also stated that if you want some sample of whatever might go down once getting him, you can check out Lucas Entertainment, Raging Stallions and other studios he has worked with. Maybe that would be enough to convince you with this hunk’s performance. This versatile is a self-professed pleaser so you better check if he really lives up by that proclamation. He can say all these flowery words to make you take him but the question is, would you rent Sean Xavier?

Check out some of his hottest pics and ring in your thoughts in the comments and poll section below!

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11 Sep 18 By Miguel 2 Comments