CockyBoys: Cole Claire and Taylor Reign

CockyBoys: Cole Claire and Taylor Reign
CockyBoys Summer Sale 2018!

Summer At CockyBoys means country boy Cole Claire gets to recapture a simply joy of the season by wearing as few clothes as possible… and being around other like-minded guys such as Taylor Reign. After spending some naturally intimate time with him, Taylor is emboldened to seek out Cole and start things up and that’s just fine with hard and horny Cole. He loves the attention, as well as Taylor’s body and his cock on the way to another summer staple at CockyBoys: outdoor sex!

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18 Jul 18 By Ken 2 Comments

Active Duty: James Stone

Active Duty: James Stone

James is your average sexy male without the average cock. His thick dick and sexy low hanging balls look ripe for any vet to take advantage of. His smooth body has just the right amount of hair as he spreads his legs wide so we can see every inch of that hard dick being stroked up and down. He has a good grip on that dick as he twists and turns it fast and slow showing it off. He glances at the camera and his stare goes deep as he builds up his nut. James stands tall as we get to see all his glory from every direction as he continues to tug on his hard shaft.

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18 Jul 18 By Ken 1 Comment

Extra Milky Cumshot Explosion By This Delicious Stud Is A Must See!

If you’re a certified cum lover, this one’s for your appetite!

Our stud does not want you to watch him just lying on his couch for he knows it’ll be a boring sight to witness. But we’re actually fine with him super naked lying down. We’re not complaining but he does not want us to prolong the agony. He starts off by showing that super big dick already hard for it to be stroked. That’s exactly where he proceeds. He continuously thrust that mighty rod while changing the camera angle, making sure we are all going to witness his cum-filled climax. It’s something you’re never ready for but still eager to expect. The clip ends with his super milky cum shooting from his cock onto his fine chest and abs. You need to watch the titillating video!

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17 Jul 18 By Miguel 7 Comments

Ten “Hot Couples” From Instagram You Need In Your Life This Week!

Another week means it’s another rundown of the hottest guys from Instagram. But this time, it’s going to be double trouble!

What’s better than a hot guy? Two hot guys of course. And this time, we are going to give you not just ten. But 20 sexy hunks will be coming your way. They’re not just random guys we got from your favorite photo app though. Today, we are going to show you ten hot couples. They’re here not just to satisfy your craving for raw meats and seductive poses, they also want to show you that #RelationshipGoals can make you hotter and more satisfied because they believe that making love might be sexy but loving someone is sexier! Each couple is stunning and will make your hearts melt. They all want you to witness that they exhibit undeniable sweetness, pouring chemistry, and overflowing sex appeal as partners which flourish their relationships more and more as they stand the tests of time!

Make a jump and take a look at these hot and sweet couples as they show you what love is before your very eyes! Who do you think has made the hottest couple among them? Vote in the poll and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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16 Jul 18 By Miguel 7 Comments

Sexy Skinhead Does A Sultry “Cumshow” For You To Enjoy!

You will love what this hunk is going to show just for your entertainment!

A super meaty man looks like he’s always been camera-ready. A natural-born tease! Beautiful face, large arms, huggable pecs and those tasty sets of abs are a perfect mix of a successful seduction. He knows where to put his hands so you’ll get more excited as you watch him do these sexy deeds for you. He plays with his nipples, sucks his fingers, and most importantly, jack-off that long steel hard rod. His physique is already a complete meal but his cock is the ultimate main course. and let us not forget his cum which we will consider as the dessert! What a lovely day to get off with him!

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16 Jul 18 By Miguel 7 Comments

QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

If you want to play dress up, our QC’s Nude Boyfriend Of The Week is the perfect guy for you!

This hunk is like a doll. You can dress him up, then take his clothes off. But we are certain that you won’t be able to stop him from getting totally naked. But it’s totally fine! Just look at him! Eitherways, he looks good with his corporate appeal and casual clothes on. But of course, he looks better with all those fabrics stripped off from his body. Him with all these covers defeats the purpose of getting a nude boyfriend for the week anyway. And once getting him naked, make sure to explore those muscles he has been hiding underneath those fancy garments. The abs are a killer! Those lean arms and shoulders are perfectly sculpted! Get a boytoy that can do both!

Make the jump and tell us what you think of our star for the week. Is he worth keeping for another week? Or shall we put his clothes back on? Let us know in the comments below!

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15 Jul 18 By Miguel 6 Comments

Inked Hunk Flaunts His Beautiful Body and Hard Cock

When you have it, flaunt it! That’s a mantra this sexy boy may have always been trying to live up to!

Tattooed chest and arms, muscular build, and a handsome face. You wouldn’t dare look for another one when you’re possessing someone like this hunk who wants to put on a show for you! He starts with his shirt on but he knows we deserve what comes next. He may have known that everyone wants to see him without everything on, in his complete nakedness. So that’s what he does next. That visual when he takes his shirt off is the new ASMR. He flashes his nice hard cock and that can be too much but it’s all worth it!

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15 Jul 18 By Miguel 2 Comments

MenAtPlay: The Drop – Salvador Mendoza and Xavi Duran

MenAtPlay: The Drop - Salvador Mendoza and Xavi Duran

Over at MenAtPlay, Xavi Duran has a package to deliver to Salvador Mendoza. Beside dropping the package, Salvador has other plans for Xavi at the deserted carpark. Xavi’s tight fitting pants were pulled down, revealing his beautiful bubble butt and thick hard cock. Salvador sucked on Xavi’s thick cock while Xavi can’t wait to get his cock into Salvador’s warm hole.

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15 Jul 18 By Ken 3 Comments

GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

You certainly know what time it is! It’s time for another edition of Guys with iPhones!

All they need is a camera phone, a mirror, and themselves in their most beautiful form. And all we need is their dicks and muscles to get through the day! We are already thankful enough just to see them shirtless but oh boy! These men want us to know that they are the most generous. These modern epitomai of aesthetics are gonna take over again so brace yourselves! Here are the ten gorgeous men we have for you who have two tools for a total kill. Their camera phones and that “tool” down there!

Tell us what you think about this week’s selections. Who’s going to make it atop your favorite lists? Let us know in the comments below!

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14 Jul 18 By Miguel 13 Comments

Hot Hunk Gives You An Explosive Cumshot You Need To See!

An epic cumshot is coming your way with this clip we’re gonna show you!

Another day, another bearded guy. We just can’t get enough of that sexy facial hair. But aside from that of course, this is going to be a post to emphasize his glorious cum shooting! You may notice his hunky physique which is already something you can get off to but there is more if you wait for the final blow. He starts by stroking his cock, making sure he touches every inch of it for a greater sensation. He may have kept it for days already and decides to wank it all off for us to see. He ends the jack-off tape with a bang. Creamy goodness all over his muscular abs. He definitely shows what we’ve been wanting to see from him!

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14 Jul 18 By Miguel 4 Comments

Kristen Bjorn: Gabriel Lunna and Juanjo Rodriguez

Kristen Bjorn: Gabriel Lunna and Juanjo Rodriguez

Juanjo Rodriguez and Gabriel Lunna were heavily cruising each other at the gym, so Juanjo waits outside to see if Gabriel is truly interested. Sure, enough he is as the two spot each other outside of the gym and make a connection. Juanjo invites Gabriel back to his place where there are immediately found in their underwear. The guys begin to size each other up, but it is their hard cocks that reveal the true effect of what they have caused each other’s cocks to do. As the seductive stroking, stripping and gazing continues the guys move in and contact has been established. Juanjo takes Gabriel’s upturned steel rod into his mouth and revels in the pleasure it brings as it fills his mouth. Gabriel loves the feel of a hot man’s mouth on his cock and begins to fuck Juanjo with a smooth penetrating rhythm. Juanjo stands up and feeds his throbbing cock into Gabriel’s mouth and down his throat. Gabriel is thrown onto his back and his legs spread wide open as Juanjo darts his probing tongue in and out of his hot, pink hole.

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14 Jul 18 By Ken 2 Comments

Handsome Bearded Guy Jacks Off While Playing With His Nipples!

Our hairy star of the day is too horny to handle the heat!

With his pretty face and facial hair, we’re sure that this cutie has broken many hearts. But there’s actually more he can offer besides his beautiful face. This boy can surely turn you on just by showing you his flushing cheeks while he is feeling himself. He will make you watch every second of him jerking-off his very thick cock. For added pleasure, he plays with his nipple trying to amplify the tingling sensation he is getting from the stimulation. He may not have come explosively but that jizz stuck on his sexy pubes is the last thing you would want your eyes to be stuck onto!

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13 Jul 18 By Miguel 2 Comments