Island Studs: Roose

Island Studs: Roose

Roose is a thick furry blue collar surfer, who has lived in Hawaii for 10 years with a big wide furry man ass and a full bush of untrimmed dick hair, who walks by the sea with this body board looking for waves, moons the camera outdoors wearing his baggy board shorts, shows off his sunburned back and wide feet, walks fully naked in the forest to the beach, spreads his hairy man butt wide open several times showing us is hairy hole while cleaning the kitchen naked on all fours, jerks his rock hard furry cock and pulls on this balls in 7 different awesome ways before busting an explosive messy load all over the floor while sitting in the kitchen, stands up as his fat beer can dick leaks more cum, and then takes a sexy shower opening his butt hole again and again in this exclusive new video from Island Studs.

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CockyBoys: Just One Night – Levi Karter and Sean Zevran

CockyBoys: Just One Night - Levi Karter and Sean Zevran

Levi Karter sneaks out of the apartment while his boyfriend sleeps and goes out on the prowl to “do his own thing” in the first episode of new series JUST ONE NIGHT. Levi’s night of fun leads him to a lively party at the Museum of Sex where among many familiar faces, he meets a sexy man! After dancing together and playing in “Jump For Joy” bouncy room (filled with giant inflated breasts!) they part and Levi returns home to the waiting arms of Sean Zevran! Sean knows where Levi has been and is totally turned on to know others want what “only I can have”.

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Active Duty: Troi King

Active Duty: Troi King

Troi wants to see if he has what it takes to be a part of the Active Duty squadron and by the thickness of his cock we think he just might fit in. Troi stands tall in the room while he strokes his big thick cock slowly showing off every inch. His chiseled pecks are in great formation and his balls are smooth as ice. His cock is about as thick as a beer can as he continues to show it off for all to see. His balls dangle in front of the camera teasing the viewer as he tugs away on his thick cock.

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MenAtPlay: The Elite – Dato Foland and Enzo Rimenez

MenAtPlay: The Elite - Dato Foland and Enzo Rimenez

Dato Foland always wanted to climb up the social ladder and become one of The Elite. Enzo Rimenez is interested to show him the way and help him with it, but nothing is for free! Dato needs to show Enzo his muscular body and firm butt, while Enzo will teach him how to service his elite master! Hot and sweaty bodies rub each other with beautiful thick cock makes them both a handsome couple to ogle at!

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

A new guy joined our gym and we instantly knew he was QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week material!

A well-defined body and a fun lean back attitude are always a winning combination. Since we saw his toned and muscled torso at the gym’s lift section we knew he had a great body underneath his sporty clothes. But nothing prepared us for what we saw in the showers. The most bubbly butt we have ever seen was the prelude for the big reveal. And when we say big we mean huge. After a few conversations and phone exchanges we got ourselves a new gym buddy. Soon the small talks evolved into full sexting. Before we knew it he was sending his nudes and the part of BF was immediately his!

Make the jump to meet our latest QCNBFOTW. Is this one a keeper? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Active Duty: Kevin Grey and Quentin Gainz Flip Fuck

Active Duty: Kevin Grey and Quentin Gainz Flip Fuck

The boys have just finished working out and now they are checking each other’s fit bodies out in the mirror. They both compliment one another as they move around the room flexing their legs, arms and asses. Soon enough they are both horny from looking at their ripped bodies in the mirror. Kevin jumps onto the bed and Quentin jumps onto his cock with his eager mouth and starts deep throating his shaft. Kevin has his arms up taking in all the enjoyment from a professional cock sucker as every inch of his cock is perfectly paid attention to. Kevin doesn’t want to nut in Quentin’s mouth so they flip positions and Kevin starts to suck on Quentin’s hard cock. Hard and ready Kevin assumes the position and Quentin spreads his legs wide as he slowly pushes his dick into Kevin’s really tight ass. It’s so tight it keeps pushing his dick out but finally Quentin goes balls deep and starts fucking him.

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Kristen Bjorn: Gabriel Lunna and Denis Sokolov

KristenBjorn: Gabriel Lunna and Denis Sokolov

Denis Sokolov has moved into his new apartment and invites Gabriel Lunna over to help him celebrate. Of course, the celebration begins at the front door and before the tour. The guys are quickly stripping out of their underwear and exposing their strong, hard cocks. Gabriel drops to his knees and service Denis’ rock-solid cock with his luscious, wet lips and mouth. Denis always has a deep hunger when Gabriel comes over and today is no exception as he consumes and is fed Gabriel’s rigid cock. Going back and forth with the cock worshiping tends to excite one and both ball sacs have drawn up tight and ready to unload. Denis is excited to show Gabriel his favourite feature in his new apartment, his huge shower. The guys step in and Gabriel allows the water to flow across Denis’ smooth, pink hole just as his tongue follows suit. Gabriel’s expert tongue darts in and out and teases Denis’ hot ass, as it contracts and loosens for that hot tongue. Even the cool water of the shower can’t douse the fire burning deep within Denis’ hot ass. Gabriel feels the same flames burning throughout his cock and flips Denis onto the bed and rams his scorching, raw cock deep into Denis’ searing ass.

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CockyBoys: Arad WinWin Fucks Ollie

CockyBoys: Arad WinWin Fucks Ollie

The moon is full, the tide is high and hormones are racing as Ollie goes on the prowl and follows Arad Winwin to the shore of a windswept beach. Their conversation is brief as Ollie takes Arad to a secluded spot outside a nearby beach house where they make out. Ollie realizes his fantasy of being controlled by an older man as Arad goes down on him. Ollie wants more though and takes Arad inside to give him full rein.

A brief but intense session of shirtless muscle worship leads Arad to discover Ollie’s huge bubble butt and soon the rest of their clothes come off revealing fully hard cocks. Ollie energetically sucks a seated Arad whose excitement is accelerated by watching the action in an adjacent mirror. He then stands Ollie against the wall to tease his ass and then fuck him deep so they can both see themselves in the mirror. Arad doesn’t have to guess if Ollie is enjoying it because Ollie is VERY vocal.

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Active Duty: Bo Connor

Active Duty: Bo Connor

Bo wanted to have an adventure before he gets shipping out to some part of the world. He contacts Active Duty and they decided to give him a shot and see if he has what it takes to be an Active Duty soldier. He has a very nice thick cock with great length. He has a few tattoos but just the right amount so it’s not overbearing and he has the perfect amount of hair. Bo makes look like your average next door type of guy but he has a secret in that he can only cum in a specific kind of way which you will find out at the very end of the scene.

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