GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week


We are welcoming you back to your dose of happy pill you only have to take once every week. This is Guys with iPhones!

These guys will bless your screens with their worship-worthy nude bodies and pleasant aura from their faces to bring a smile to yours. Burn your eyes with this weeks 10 alluring naked selfies and feel free to examine each and every detail so you’d know which one will make it atop your faves list. Seducing you with all their bare skins should be the last thing to do for you to perfectly wrap this weekend up. So we are giving you our picks for this edition of Guys with iPhones.

Make a jump and tell us what you think about this week’s picks. Who are your favorites? Tell us everything in the comments below!

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20 Oct 18 By Miguel 12 Comments

Strange Sex Encounters That Might Weird You Out!


Saying it was confusing may still be putting it mildly. But there are times that we just wanna ask “What the hell is happening?” getting all weirded out in a sexcapade. I have this group in a forum where we share common experiences as gay men in their 20s. We talk about everything without revealing our identities until we had a night out. We talked about our weirdest sex encounters and here are some of their stories I think would be fun to share.

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19 Oct 18 By Miguel 2 Comments

Austin Wolf and The Delta Airlines Aircraft Hook-Up Video


Austin Wolf is in the middle of a scandal after getting involved in an aircraft lavatory sexy time with an employee of Delta Airlines. The employee, who was wearing his uniform by that time, has since been suspended.

The clip has surfaced online and lots of copies were all over Twitter. Many have seen the clips but looks like most of them now were taken down. According to some, it was an 8 minute-long video but unfortunately, it’ll give you a hard time to look for this version. However, we have obtained a shorter version of the clip where you can clearly see Wolf’s arm tattoo and mostly, the airline staff’s face.

The airline company has also released an official statement about the incident saying “This video does not reflect the standards of professionalism expected of our employees while representing the Delta brand or traveling as passengers on Delta aircraft. We have suspended the employee and are conducting a full investigation.

Here are some stills from said clip:

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18 Oct 18 By Miguel 7 Comments

Well-Built Daddy Shows Off His Hot Bod And Hard Cock!


He may have gotten all you want in a man’s physique but he wants to show you more to your satisfaction!

This hottie is already super sexy with his undies. Nice built, big arms, hot chest, etc… However, he definitely into turning it up a notch. It’s really nice seeing him with that hunter green undies but he knows we would see him better without those. See him pull his already stiff dick out and slap his hand with it just to show how steel-hard it is already. It’s going to turn you on much like how he is turned on in the video!

You might want to consider getting Premium on Sticky and watch our exclusive clips that will erotically satisfy you every single day. New videos are being uploaded non-stop.

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18 Oct 18 By Miguel 8 Comments

In And Out of Clothes: Hugh Jackman VS Ryan Reynolds


It’s Deadpool and Wolverine on the table this time on In and Out of Clothes.

Marvel World will be shaken to see how their characters played by Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds be seen naked. Well, we are not gonna let you imagine because we know nobody has real x-ray visions. You may have seen Ryan’s thingy in Gone Girl but it was really brief so here’s a re-imagined picture of his member. And he is going against Hugh Jackman which we all know, can win a hot dad award anytime. But in this battle, who do you think will triumph?

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17 Oct 18 By Miguel 8 Comments