BlackeyMadison – The God Of XTube

BlackeyMadison cums using a computer cable wrapped around his dick! Handsfree cumshot!

Handsfree cumshots are a rarity. Mainly cos few guys hate to ruin a full orgasm. Great handsfree cumshot videos are even rarer. But we’ve found one which we picked up via Sticky which we’d love to share. In this bizarre video, BlackeyMadison, whom we’re coining “The God Of XTube”, cums totally handsfree, with a computer cable wrapped around and on the underside of his cockhead. Just by lightly touching it, without moving the cable at all, BM cums. This intense sensation of reaching ejaculation with minimal brushing is what we call “hair-trigger orgasm.”
How many of you have experienced cumming this way? Would you say the orgasm is even more intense and usually only achievable when you are super horny and sensitive?

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08 Dec 13 By queerclick

Wank: “Autumn”

Wank: Autumn
Anything can happen in the woods… You can even encounter xTuber Germany-XXL stroking his huge thick cock having an outdoor wank! Just watch him cum gallons over the Autumn leaves while having a very intense orgasm in the solitude of the wild. Seems like the cold didn’t affect his hard on at all!
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05 Dec 13 By G.

Wank: Cum With Face

Wank: Cum With Face
That cock undoubtedly earns 5 stars for perfection!!! In this wank session, bi-sexual xTuber dsmguy1971, who is from Princeton, New Jersey, got a fatty and he took it for a car ride. You can tell he was really hoping to get caught while he was stroking it. The geyser coming out of his cock is just mesmerizing!!!
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03 Dec 13 By G.

Porn Break: What Do You Want To Test?

It’s World AIDS Awareness Day—and along with mentioning it’s a great day to go find out your status or educate yourself about the virus and what is does mean if you do test positive—it’s also a good time to see what others are doing to promote healthy education. In scouring the Web for a good video to remind our negative friends to go get tested, we came across this video from Sweden. While we’re not sure if the message is very hard-hitting… these frosting-rubbing naked wrestlers did catch out attention… and we’re not complaining. The point of all of this is simple: An HIV test is easy to do. If you do test positive, you can still very much have a good life. And of course, if you are negative, play safe and test yourself often to know you status. Not knowing is actually far more dangerous.
Now back to those wrestlers…

01 Dec 13 By redmonkey

Harry Styles Gay Rumors: Dead Parrot Comedy Group Reenacts YouTube Comment War

The YouTube comments section can sometimes make you question humanity. Harry Style’s sexuality have long been debated and diehard One Direction fans are not happy with the speculation. Watch this Oscar-worthy short film which has ‘Sophie Danze’ and ‘Jilianlovesthebeibs’ re-enacting a YouTube comments fued.
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28 Nov 13 By queerclick

Wank: Dildo Hole

Wank: Dildo Hole
Butt lovers this one is for you! Mysterious xTuber nyaff, who is a verstile/bottom in the UK, has a fit body and gorgeous bubble butt that is craving for something to be shoved deep inside it. Enter the huge cucumber shaped dildo to the rescue. Watch him as his legs go up to expose his perfect hole and your cock will surely go rock hard!
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23 Nov 13 By G.

Wank: Bear In The Woods

Wank: Bear In The Woods
And here we have the bear, in his natural habitat, doing what the bear does best, having a wank in the wild! xTuber a2quietman stripped down to his boxer briefs, not before checking if someone else was around, and let nature run its course. Although he describes himself as a shy guy, we’re pretty sure he was hoping to get caught. You’ll find it’s extremely easy to masturbate to this video, specially if you are an outdoorsy kind of person who appreciates the idea of being naked in nature as liberating!
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20 Nov 13 By G.

Wank: Cumshot After Gym

Wank: Cumshot After Gym
Nothing like a cum shower after a hard workout! xTuber Urjabl, who you probably remember from his “Facial Cumshot” wank session, blames his hornyness on having “too much testosterone…” going on. Well, if this is the result of having too much testosterone on your system, then we’re thankful for it! Just watch him having a different kind of post-workout exercise, which in itself, it is workout, leaving his chest covered in cum!
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16 Nov 13 By G.