At The Seashore:

a hot young guy by the sea

A hot young guy getting naked by the sea makes our day all the better!

Kyle at

a pizza boy deliv

Kyle is a pizza delivery boy -- the pizza delivery fantasy that each of us has when a hot, cute guy shows up at our door and we imagine eating more than the pizza in his hand. So if seeing a budding porn star in his first performance isn't enough for you, we hope you'll enjoy fantasizing about having Kyle slide his hot sausage into your piehole the next time you order in for delivery.

Super Hot 10

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Zak at

a clean steamy twink

Taking a shower can be oh so sexy, and Zak lathers up like crazy and all of those bubbles get him horny. After toweling off he's jerking off in front of the miror, getting off to the site of his clean, twink body. And so are we!

CJ and Ethan at

down for some anal loving

CJ is back for another shoot, and still broke. He explained that he spent most of his money on rims for his car, and stashed some of it away from his current girlfriend. BSB asked him if she had any idea of what he was doing in the shoots to make that money. CJ explained that there was no way that he would tell her what he was doing to earn the money, especially doing things with guys. BSB had him remind the camera a little bit about himself, and he started out saying that he was 18, and wanting to make some more money. BSB told him that he wanted him to do another shoot with a guy, and do some more anal play this time. BSB asked if he would be down for some fucking and he told him no. However, he did give him an ok for them to do the shoot, BSB explained that he would bring in Ethan. Ethan has done some shoots for BSB before, and has done pretty well. He is a skater, loves to be outside, and loves the money that he is making for showing off for the camera.

Red at

deliciously etched in marble's Red's smooth body seems etched out of white marble, with every sinewy muscle just begging for your touch. Then there is that fat, heavy, hungry cock with a crown of skin that looks just as edible as that tight puckered hole. While it may be impossible to decide where to start on a boy as deliciously sweet and unbelievably sexy as Red, it is easy to know how you want to finish!

Christopher at


Just to refresh your memory. JA had met Christopher in a bar in Copenhagen, and just knew that he had to have him naked in front of the camera. It took 5 nights and 52 Mojitos, which he dutifully brought over to the table, to get him to agree. Once he had finished his solo video JA couldn't let him disappear without at least one more photo set. JA told him that he had a toy he might find 'interesting' He returned the next day, and after answering the door JA could see the outline of his hard dick in his jeans. Once he was seated he wasted no time in thrusting his rock hard dick in and out of the Fleshlight. JA didn't even have to ask him to let the cum drop all over his face, by then he knew EXACTLY what he liked!

Ivy at

the elepahnt in the room

In his clothes Squirtz could tell Ivy was a big boy but it wasn't till he took his shirt off that they realized how well built he was. That is some very solid framework there. And once the underwear was off, there were some other massive features that Ivy just couldn't hide.

Kyle Lane at

secluded jerking off

Kyle is addicted to masturbation. He says that he actually prefers sex for one over duos and trios. He'll have intercourse, and enjoy it immensely; however he prefers to drive to a secluded spot and get naked with the sun shining down on his body and get off. Kyle admits that he really enjoys getting naked in the snow, he can't explain why, but he really getss off on that!

Ray at

smooth loving

Ray is oh so smooth, he makes up feel a little light in the knees, yeah we are sitting but still he makes us swoon a little. He has a body meant for all night loving.

Big Dick Nick at

luvs agood ass pounding

Nicholas love's to play hard to get with the boys at the bars, but loves to get a good ass pounding every night.

Frederic and Jan at

shocked to see his friend naked

One day Frederic told Jan about Alexboys and showed him the pictures they took of him. At first Jan was a bit shocked but after a while he decided to try out a shooting as well. And as he found out how much fun this is, Jan agreed to do a duo shooting together with his friend Frederic. Of course Frederic didn't hesitate for a second and so we can show you a new hot set of pictures.

Caleb at

experiment with voyeurism

Boyfunk met up with Caleb and took him up to an old abandoned building. They had planned to do an indoor shoot, it being a little chilly that day, but Caleb was down for an adventure, so they were happy to oblige. You can tell he's pretty nervous when he starts out, but before long his nice smooth 6.5 inch cut boymeat is standing at full attention, and you can see that his hours at the gym have paid off as his taught, toned abs move rhythmically with his breath as he gets more into stroking his hot cock. Caleb rewards us with a nice creamy load all over his almost-shaved pubes, and quickly wipes up and gets dressed. Caleb told Boyfunk later he'd enjoyed his little experiment with voyeurism and ended up doing another scene with them that same weekend.

Roberto at

knows his way around a dildo

Ok he's straight, but he does enjoy a dildo, we love it! He says that his girlfriend playfully tried to slip it in one night when they were having sex and once it was in he blew a load all over the place. He hasn't looked back since.

Tim at

fantastic tim

Fan-fucking-tastic! That's all we are going to say!

Ian and Skug at

naked feet and cutting up

Ian and Skug hang out and act silly, as only young men can, playing with their lovely feet for our enjoyment.

Jonny at

street wise naked punk

At first glance you might think that Jonny is trouble, he has a look of troube about him, but in actuallity he is one of the sweetest guys. His soft spoken demeanor often throws people who expect him to be a streetwise thug type. One look at his naked body and all thoughts of menace are replaced with major lust.

Cal and Jacob at (part 1)

what will he do for a ring?

Jacob is back for another shoot with, and he would like to make as much money with as possible again. The last time he got fucked by Tyler from the car show. Jacob spent the money that he made last time on a pretty big insurance payment, and now wanted to turn around and possibly get engaged to his girlfriend. BSB asked him if he had a good time getting fucked, and right away he said that he didn't like it, it wasn't for him, so BSB knew that there was probably not going to be anything going up his tight little ass again. However, BSB hope was that they could get him to fuck another guy to make the money to by the ring that he had his eyes set on.

Aaron, David, Kyle and Ryan at

if three is a crowd then 4 is bliss

They say the three is a crowd, but we think 4 is bliss! These 4 twinks suck, kiss, and fuck their way into their own private nirvana in an English garden. Our only complaint is that WE weren't there.



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