Felipe at TwinkAcademy.com

in the clearing stands a naked boxer

Felipe has been taking up boxing in his spare time at the Twinkacademy. The Academy is well known for it's outstanding sports activities, and much to our delight, always involves a lot of nudity and manual stimulation.

Francis at TwinkAcademy.com

a match to remember

Get your gloves on and prepare to go toe to toe with Francis from TwinkAcademy. With his endowment it will be a match to remember.

Super Hot 10

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Xavier at TwinkAcademy.com

swing batter swing

Such intensity, not even a hint of a smile, Xavier is a triple threat. On the field he is fiercley competetive, and in the bedroom he is very versatilie. In sports terms Xavier is a switch hitter, he'll top and bottom with ease and great pleasure. All we can say is batter UP!

Geraldas at TwinkAcademy.com


This blonde hottie looks like he's been in the sun just a lil too long, but he's still quite stunning as he removes his kit and works his tender twink-meat to a spewing conclusion.

Michael at TwinkAcademy.com

a beauty all the way to the tips of his toes

When Michael takes his clothes off people notice, but his beauty isn't confined to his face alone; it extends all the way down to the tips of his toes. Ok and to the tip of his man sized dick, yeah that gets noticed a lot too in the lockeroom.

Radeon at TwinkAcademy.com

he's a treat for the eyes

The Twink Academy has the finest athletic program, and some of the finest twinks enrolled there. Radeon is a wonder on and off the court, working a basketball or his balls with equal aplomb, and once his kit comes off he's a treat for the eyes.

Arvydas at TwinkAcademy.com

manhandling it for his own personal goal

Arvydas has a bit of a soccer kit fetish, he loves the feel of the silky fabric against his skin. When he isn't on the pitch he is often in the locker room sneaking a feel of his dick, and if he's alone for a few minutes he's sneaking more than a feel of his dick, he's manhandling it for his own personal goal.

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