徐河俊 Seo Ha Jun (aka Seo Ha Joon), Korean Actor, Involved In Jerk-Off Video Scandal!

徐河俊 Seo Ha Jun (aka Seo Ha Joon), Korean Actor, Involved In Jerk-Off Video Scandal!

There’s a scandal in Korea that has the entire country talking. And no, it’s not the scandal about the impeachment of the President. This one is way more juicy!

Seo Ha Jun is a MEGA star all across Asia. The 27yo actor, (also known as Seo Ha Joon – 徐河俊) was at the center of the rumors that accounted during the weekend that certain celebrity had a racy sexual video where he was seen jacking off. Turns out all those rumors were indeed true!


Ha Jun achieved mainstream popularity thanks to a character named Yoon Seol-Hee in the drama series “Princess Aurora”. The pretty-faced Seo is not only skilled in the acting department, he also appeared in the TV show “King of Mask Singer” where his pipes and musical talent were praised after a blind audition that left the audiences and judges raving for more. At the moment it’s unknown how this scandal will impact his career in such a conservative country like South Korea. The actor and singer could have dodged the bullet though because the quality of the video opened the door to speculations regarding the identity of the man seen. Seo Ha Jun only added fuel to the fire though, and seemly confirmed the whole thing when instead of denying the rumors went into complete lock out mode as he set his 27k followers on his IG account to private. His representatives also went silent and didn’t reply to the inquires from the press.


The date of the masturbation video is a mystery but some eagle-eyed fans not only identified his face but also noticed that the bracelet and the necklace he wears while he jerks off are items that Seo Ha Joon has been seen using in his everyday life. Other important things to notice are his bush, pubes lovers are going love him! But the scandal didn’t end in just one wank. Two more videos (which we totally have) surfaced immediately after the first one and in them are the juicy parts everyone was waiting for see! Seo Ha Jun stroked his cock to cumpletion!


Make the jump to check out Korean actor and singer 徐河俊 Seo Ha Jun (aka Seo Ha Joon) in his jerk-off video scandal and let us know what you think in the comments!

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“Uniqlo Sex Video” China’s Latest Internet Sensation! QC’s “Straight Sex For Gay Eyes”

"Uniqlo Sex Video" China's Latest Internet Sensation! QC's "Straight Sex For Gay Eyes"

China has gone crazy over a viral video featuring a couple in a Uniqlo changing room, the now called “Uniqlo Sex Video” was uploaded to social media site Weibo and became a massive hit within hours of being posted after it was heavily shared via private messaging apps. The cute Asian couple, a bespectacled man and his lady indulge in some risky semi-public sex action behind the curtain of a changing room in a Beijing branch of Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo.
 It’s no secret how conservative China is when it comes to sex but why did this particular video became such an overnight sensation? Is it because the location? The hotness of the couple? After being identified, the Uniqlo store has become a somewhat destination spot for curious people that want to take a selfie in the place of the scandal and some are even suggesting that the clothing company even orchestrated the sex tape. We ask you QC reader, what’s your take on this scandal? Tell us in the comments!

The government statement called the “indecent” footage recorded in the store “a serious violation of socialist core values.”

[Update 07-19-2015]: The couple has been arrested!

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Straight Sex For Gay Eyes: Uniqlo Sex Video


A viral sex video now known as the “Uniqlo Sex Video” that set the Chinese internet alight was leaked on to social media and has since been viewed by millions of people, shows a bespectacled man and a woman having sex in a Beijing branch of Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo.
 The outlet at Sanlitun has become very popular with people taking selfies.

Watch the video for free on the Straight Sex For Gay Eyes board!

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Japanese Pro Soccer Player 松田陸 (Riku Matsuda) Gay Porn Scandal

Japanese Pro Soccer Player 松田陸 (Riku Matsuda) Gay Porn Scandal
フレッシュなスクープです! 2015年のキックオフに相応しいヨダレもののセンセーショナルなスキャンダルが日本から到着しました。そのスキャンダルとは、FC東京に所属するJリーガーの松田陸(まつだりく)選手が2012年12月に武山翔太郎という名前でBeast Studioの2本のゲイビデオに出演していたということです。


本当に本人なのか、それとも本人ではなくただそっくりな男性なのか…。 本人はTwitterで事実ではないと否定していますが、本人なのかどうか画像で検証してみましょう。その結果はいかに…。

號外,號外!新鮮出爐!日本足球員松田陸的鈣片門! 2012年十二月,日本職業足球聯賽球員松田陸以武山翔太郎為藝名演出了兩部Beast同志色情片


Fresh scoop! A new sensational scandal kicks off 2015 and is sending rivers of collective drool in Japan. It has come to our attention that J-League pro soccer player 松田陸 Riku Matsuda appeared as 武山翔太郎 Takeyama Shoutarou in two gay porn videos from Beast Studio, released in 2012 December.

There’s been some doubts regarding the authenticity and some chalked it up to mere resemblance and we’ve sent the evidence to the QC Lab for verification. Check out the result after the jump!

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Turkish Footballer Deniz Mehmet Nude Pics Leaked!

QC Scandals: British-Turkish Footballer Deniz Mehmet Nude Pics Leaked!
Sexy professional football player Deniz Mehmet, who was born in Kent, United Kingdom but plays for Turkey got his amazing nude pics leaked and everybody is going crazy over them. The 22 years old not only is totally naked but fully erect too! His bulge delivered a huge surprise, Denis hard-on is pretty spectacular but given the kind of stud he is that was in the cards but what we didn’t expect was getting an extra bonus in the form of his perfect firm bubble butt. He’s totally drool-worthy front and back!
More after the jump!

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[Video] Hayden Kho Sex Tape Leaked!

[Video] Hayden Kho Sex Tape Leaked!
Doctor and celebrity Hayden Kho sex tape. This was one of the biggest celebrity scandals hailing from the Philippines as Hayden maintained a goodie two shoes and devoted boyfriend persona in the media. Until the sex videos leaked and everyone realised he had a weakness for pretty girls and he loved secretly filming his sexual conquests. There were a total of 7 videos.
This is the hottest of the lot where you have a full view of the towering Hayden Kho fucking his girlfriend (he was cheating on his other girlfriend celebrity aesthetician Vicky Belo then) in various positions. Their sex is raunchy, sweaty and noisy (that girl is so noisy when riding Hayden, but who wouldn’t be?).
The money shot is when Hayden Kho cums internally in her when doggie fucking her (you’ll see from several other videos that this is Hayden’s favourite position to cum and usually the last position he adopts) and creaming “URGH, IMMAGONNACUM.”
Watch these two beautiful people fuck like rabbits on Sticky.

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Filipino TV Host Paolo Bediones Sex Tapes Leaked (1 of 5)

Filipino TV Host Paolo Bediones Sex Tapes Leaked (1 of 5)
Paolo Bediones is a highly revered and award-winning TV host, news anchor and radio announcer from the Philippines. His sex tape was first leaked in July 2014 and the scandal went on to shake the Filipino entertainment industry mostly due to Paolo Bediones’ squeaky clean and goody-two-shoes public image.
Before the storm could die down, a second sex video leak hit in August 2014. Till date there are a total of five sex videos leaked.
Make sure you check out the full collection of Paolo Bediones sex videos on QC Sticky’s Scandals board.

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