Happy New Year 2023!

Happy New Year 2023 from QueerClick!

We hope you have a wonderful year 2023 ahead!
May the porn gods be with you! 😀

Please also remember:
We’re in the last hours for the ‘QueerClick Man of the Year’ – Vote, make sure to give your favorite your click!

Poll is closed at the end of Jan 1st.

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01 Jan 23 By Jo 6 Comments

Open Nominations For the 2021 QueerClick Man of the Year

As 2021 draws to a close we start thinking about the year, about all of the blessings we have, and about all of the porn that the year has given us. Perhaps a bit too much of the latter but hey that’s why we’re all here!

It’s time to nominate and vote for the QC Man of the Year 2021!

Put your thinking caps on and let us know who you think was the Crème de la crème of men this year. Who was the most spunk worthy? We always love this part, seeing who you think was the best of the best.

Please comment below.

06 Dec 21 By Dave 24 Comments

Site News: QueerClick (Gay Porn) Quick Check

Site News: Quick Check

As you all know, we are always working 24/7 to bring you the latest, hottest, gay porn updates! Our team has been refining and tweaking the site in the background to hopefully make your visit even more worthwhile.

The more observant of you have already noticed a new tab on our Navigation bar called »Quick Check«. So what is this? It’s been designed to bring you an instant snapshot of what’s currently happening on QueerClick.

QC Archives stretch back to 2004 (17 years!) with an incredible amount of blog posts, features, articles, news and interviews.

With access to over 110,000 posts on QueerClick, 280,000 on Sticky and 230,000 on GuysWithiPhones you can easily search and access your favorite models, studios and scenes.

Just hit the QuickCheck tab and see the new layout!

The newest posts are displayed in a grid gallery for a quick overview. And with the comments displayed to the right, see what’s being talked about most currently! Feel free to jump in and comment yourself, too!

We hope you enjoy these site enhancements, please have fun clicking and remember to keep your eyes peeled for further exciting site developments yet to come!

14 Nov 21 By Dave Write a comment!

Most Clicked of 2020 – Part 2

So here they are mates! The top 10 most clicked posts of 2020. It’s always great fun to see what captures your fancy, what turns you on, what makes you CLICK. A blast form the past returns to make us all pop-UP, clearly Cody Seiya is one to watch Brad Hunter is a feast for the eyes, and he knows how to work a pair of short shorts for all they’re worth. And number one…well you guys a clearly SIZE queens when it comes to dick. Savage resonated in a big way.

Check out Part 1

27 Dec 20 By Dave 1 Comment

Most Clicked of 2020 – Part 1

It was a year that challenged the porn unlike almost no other. An invisible pathogen transmitted by air and proximity is not exactly conducive to sexual activity. And yet there were some incredibly hot scenes and updates to fuel our onanistic activities….and in lockdown we imagine most of you traveled that road.

The latter part of 2020 began to yield some new, and QUITE memorable, faces and bodies. Most notably this new meat wave marked an evolution from OnlyFans models dabbling, and dribbling, their way into mainstream porn, a definite inversion of the trend of mainstrem models dabbling in the OnlyFans universe. Dare we say it was a most welcome injection of freshness.

20 Dec 20 By Dave 2 Comments

Holiday Savings Extravaganza!

It’s the holiday and there are pressies all around. We’ve put a few of the best seasonal deals and bargains under the tree! We’ll keep on updating the list as the week rolls on. Chill out, relax and Happy Holidays from Team QC!

Some of these deals may expire before year end so act fast!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Deals page, we are always updating the best finds there!

25 Dec 19 By Dave 1 Comment

Here’s Your Last Call To Nominate Your Favorites For QueerClick’s Man of The Year 2019!

QueerClick’s Man Of The Year 2019 – Nominate Your Favorites!

To our beloved readers, this is your final call to nominate all your favorite for “QueerClick’s Man of The Year“! Tell us who made the most impact in the gay porn industry for you, the model you want to own the title next, or the men you want to be recognized!

Tell us the names of the men you want to nominate by leaving your comments down below! We’ll see you next time as we reveal all the nominees!

10 Dec 19 By Miguel 10 Comments

QueerClick’s Man Of The Year 2019 – Nominate Your Favorites!

QueerClick’s Man Of The Year 2019 – Nominate Your Favorites!

The year is about to end but who left the most impact to you? That is why we are going to need your help again to tell us who should be “QueerClick’s Man of the Year 2019“?

Are you eyeing on some of the most delicious newcomers of the year or are you still faithful to those guys who have been making you hard for the past years? Is there an underrated neophyte you want to nominate so his beauty would be revealed to everyone? Has there been any model with the most remarkable gay porn comeback that you want to be highlighted? We want to hear your voices!

Do not hesitate to nominate all the men you want to be included for this year’s choices! Get your favorites nominated by leaving us your comments down below! We cannot wait to crown this year’s king!

03 Dec 19 By Miguel 10 Comments

QC 12 Days of XXXMAS – Day 12 – Sticky

For the final day of our 12DaysofXXXmas we have 2 prizes to give away. The first prize winner gets a 1 year membership to Sticky! and the Runner up wins a $100 credit to the sticky shop! To enter let us know your favorite Men.com scwne and why it is your favorite.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and the gifts and discounts offered! Happy Holidays to all of our viewers, we wish you the best for the new year!

24 Dec 18 By Dave 7 Comments

QC 12 Days of XXXMAS – Day 11: Boneyard Toys – The Nut Ball

For Day 11 of our 12DaysofXXXmas he have a giveaway that’s sure to make you nuts REALLY happy. Boneyard Toys will send the winner The Nut Ball

The Boneyard Nutball Cock Ring Set is all a man needs for hours of pure unadulterated fun. The kit includes the Boneyard Ultimate Silicone Ring, and the brand new Boneyard Silicone Nut Ring. Both rings are designed with superior materials and production thus increasing both comfort and lifespan. The powerful and iconic Boneyard-branded design has a sleek soft touch silicone finish and features a superior and durable stretch.

To enter for the giveaway just comment on this post with your favorite toy experience.

A big thanks to Boneyard Toys for donating this great giveaway!

23 Dec 18 By Dave 3 Comments