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Cade Maddox tells about this new update on pair of supremely talented hands have always wanted to give me a rub, and I’m not one to turn down a good time. I’ve got to say this was one of the most stress-relieving experiences I’ve had in a while. Y’all all really going to enjoy the attention he gives to my muscular body ’cause this slick massage had me cumming hard by the end.
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19 Jul 23 By Dave Write a comment! Chenny Chenny

Cade Maddox fills us in (we WISH) on this update on Cheney is a slim Asian twink with a tight ass who loves a good dicking. He’s so sensual, I fucking love it. There’s nothing like a sweet gentle fucking that stretches an ass to the limit. A highlight for me is the shot when he’s on top.

You’re gonna love the sight of my thick cock sliding in and out of his tight ass. Looking back at the footage Im about as big as his arm. It’s just an amazing fuck. What do you think?
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25 Jun 23 By Dave Write a comment! Dillon Roman Dillon Roman

Cade Maddox tells about his newest update on Dillon can’t wait to get started and plays with my cock as I set up the lights and camera. He just loves sucking on my cock and playing with his smooth hole dressed in his bright green jock. His perfect ass calls to me and I eat out his pussy while he’s swallowing my dick.

I do love a smooth hole and he has me precumming everywhere. He rides my cock with that perfect ass before I flip him over and dick him down, shooting my load deep inside. Damn, he’s so fucking sexy!
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11 May 23 By Dave 1 Comment

Cade Maddox: Getting Throated

Cade Maddox: Getting Throated

Cade Maddox tells about the newest update on Tony and I meet up and he gives me one hell of a blowjob. Let me tell you, his sweet red lips feel amazing, and he throats my cock real good in this one.

Not to mention the view while he throats me on his back. Smooth sensual and hard as a rock. His nice cock got a few strokes in too before he gets me real hard and I pound his sweet ass and give him a hot breeding. Fuck, I hope you like it!
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13 Apr 23 By Dave 1 Comment