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NextDoorStudios: Kevin Long

NextDoorMale: Kevin Long
Kevin Long brings a bit of midwestern modesty to the table as this ginger haired cutie coyly plays with the camera. With a personality that is immediately affable, Kevin isn’t to hard on the eyes, either. He sits in a window seat after running a hillside trail, resting in the sunlit window as he peels out of his running clothes. Laying back against the sill, he takes his shirt off and runs his fingers down his chest, fingering the waistband of his shorts before removing them, then wagging his exposed cock as it fills up and gets harder.

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29 Sep 14 By Jo 12 Comments

NextDoorStudios: Raoul

NextDoorMale: Raoul
Raoul is a good natured guy who knows when to turn up the intensity, but also knows how to kick back and just enjoy the good times. An east coast gym rat with aspirations to become a professional body builder, Raoul is serious about his training, and his body shows the fruit of his hard labor, as he flexes his massive arms and chest, straining his chiseled back as he curls a heavy load.

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22 Sep 14 By Jo 5 Comments

NextDoorStudios: Return Of Chuck

NextDoorMale: Return Of Chuck
Chuck is back with his winning smile, and more cut physique, and that nice hard cock of his. Clearly dedicated to his workout regime since the last time we saw him, Chuck checks back in with a little more experience and a little more broad shouldered than his first shoot. What he hasn’t changed is his easygoing demeanor, affable sense of humor and a willingness to put on a show.

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02 Sep 14 By Jo 11 Comments

NextDoorStudios: Robert Longwood

NextDoorMale: Robert Longwood
Robert Longwood is a mellow dude from the suburbs of Chicago, just making his way out into the world. Somewhat sheltered, this video game junkie and break-dancing fool is loving the California life-style as he makes his film debut. A bit nervous at first, Robert becomes more and more comfortable as time passes, stripping out of his clothes as he works his cock up into action.

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25 Aug 14 By Jo 14 Comments

NextDoorStudios: Ray

NextDoorMale: Ray
Ray is a soft spoken guy who carries a big stick. Originally from the midwest, Ray‘s quiet, unassuming demeanor masks his extreme lifestyle, where he gets his rocks off drifting cars, street racing and just about anything else he can do to get his adrenaline pumping.
When he’s not pushing the limits of automotive safety, Ray is all business, and we catch up to him here as he unwinds from the tough day, peeling out of his button down shirt, cock ready for action.

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18 Aug 14 By Jo 7 Comments

NextDoorStudios: Leo Winston

NextDoorMale: Leo Winston
Leo Winston is a sharp-jawed, soft-spoken kind of guy, with a bit of shy streak that takes a little initial uncovering. Once he opens up, this Montana bred hunk reveals a thoughtful perspective and a nice, big cock to back it up.
An avid outdoorsman, we catch up with Leo out on the porch, about to take a dip in the jacuzzi underneath the bright light of the midday sun. Peeled down to his skin tight swim-trunks, Leo’s body glistens in the light, as he rubs his hands across his stomach and feels the jets pulsating down his back. Stepping out, dripping wet, Leo towels off and makes his way inside, where he reclines on a chaise lounge, un-fastening his towel and letting it all hang out.

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11 Aug 14 By Jo 4 Comments

NextDoorStudios: Jordan James

NextDoorMale: Jordan James
Jordan James is a hardbodied hunk from SoCal with an even keel personality and a penchant for exhibition. Admitting that he has a thing for being watched, James winds down from a work-out with a little tension relieving, putting on a show in the process. With his thick, hard cock smacking against his washboard abs, James begins to breathe heavily and his control begins to slip away.

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04 Aug 14 By Jo 4 Comments

NextDoorStudios: Joey Jay

NextDoorMale: Joey Jay
Get your tan oil ready and put your fist in the air; Joey Jay is to get down. Confident and cocky, Joey doesn’t take life too seriously unless we’re talking about getting nasty, and then he’s all business. Originally from Detroit, this Sicilian born hunk has finally made it Next Door, and he couldn’t be more eager to show he belongs. A real extrovert when the camera is on, Joey strokes his long cock as he reclines in the gym, stretching out and spreading is legs wide as he fingers his own hole.

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28 Jul 14 By Jo 4 Comments

NextDoorStudios: Alexander

NextDoorMale: Alexander
Alexander is a small town guy with southern charm and a nice hard cock to boot. Originally born south of the border, this regular Joe is the epitome of the guy next door. Unassuming until his cock is out, Alexander’s personality comes alive in the shower, as he puts his wet body in display, leaning against the shower wall as he plays with his shaft, water running down his chest and down the crack of his ass.

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22 Jul 14 By Jo 28 Comments