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Gayhoopla: Kyle Dean & Sean Costin fuck Alex Griffen


Viagra strength cock Kyle Dean and muscle ass Sean Costin, fucked Alex Griffen for his first actual hardcore scene with GayHoopla. We knew after seeing Alex take both of these cocks, he’d be a super star. The best part about Alex is he’s verse. Alex Griffen can take the big d and dish it out! So who’s next in line… Would you rather top or bottom for Alex Griffen?

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15 Jul 16 By Dave 2 Comments

Gayhoopla: Nick Paul and Sean Costin


Nick Paul has always thought about hooking up with a dude, just never had the opportunity. We found this out during his solo shoot out here when we started talking more about the hardcore content. Ideally, he wanted to top and dominate another man. He loved playing the alpha seductive dominate role when being sexual active. We knew there was nothing more manly then the incredibly sexy Sean Costin for Nick’s first scene. When Nick first met Sean, he sure was intimated by his massive frame. As soon as the two locked lips, Nick was hooked. He was quite happy with his first experience and likely will come back for more.

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13 Jun 16 By Dave 4 Comments

Gayhoopla: Cole Money and Sean Costin


Super horny and couldn’t fall back asleep, Cole Money snuck out of bed with Max Summerfield to see what was in the refrigerator. While walking towards the kitchen, he brisked passed Sean Costin naked and hard horny himself in bed. Cole decided to weasel his way into Sean’s room and make a play at him. Sean already stiff as a board, let Cole wrap his lips right around his curved throbbing cock.

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09 Mar 16 By Dave 6 Comments

Gayhoopla: Clark Bates and Sean Costin


Superman Clark Bates hooks up with a dude for the first time. Not just an ordinary dude, we’re talking Sean “FUCKING” Costin. The people have been asking to see Clark Bates in a hardcore scene for the longest, and it’s finally here. Clark started off extremely shy and nervous. Sean had to ease into him to get him to relax his tense muscles from his first gay experience.

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21 Jan 16 By Dave 4 Comments

Gayhoopla: Sean Costin and Jerry Cabrerra


An unexpected package shows up for Sean Costin. Jerry Cabrera is the sexy delivery boy who gets invited in by Sean, who hasn’t had company in quite some time. Sean asked Jerry if he was done delivering for the day because he wanted him to stick around. Jerry caught his hook and decided a little fun with the muscle man would be a perfect treat for the day.

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10 Dec 15 By Dave 2 Comments

Gayhoopla: Clay Anker and Sean Costin


Gayhoopla isn’t sure that Clay Anker was prepared for someone like Sean Costin! “I think he’s going to be a lot to handle!” Clay said with a little smirk as they headed to the house. “Why do you say that?” “I don’t know…I’ve seen a few of his films and he seems to be pretty dominant and he looks like he fucks pretty hard!” Gayhoopla laughed and smiled only because they knew he hit the nail on the head.

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31 Aug 15 By Dave 5 Comments

Gayhoopla: Sean Costin and Sebastian Hook


Grindr, a new social media app to hook up, linked Sebastian Hook and Sean Costin together. Sean and Sebastian were swiping away looking for a hottie to hang out with. They both liked each others profiles and agreed to meet at the park for a work out. After hitting it off at the park, they went back to Sean’s place that was around the park.

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06 Jul 15 By Dave 7 Comments

Gayhoopla: Sean Costin and Jake Davis

gayhoopla sean jake

The industry has definitely noticed hot muscle stud Sean Costin. Jake Davis also a very popular model was first in line to bottom for this hard-bodied male specimen. Sean is very open to messing around with guys, doing so a few times in his own personal life. When he got his hands on Jake, you could see his smile light the room. It’s really hard what to exactly concentrate on in this video. What were you looking at? Dat ass? Dat smile? Dat Cock?

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21 Feb 15 By Dave Write a comment!

QC Lab Report: Gayhoopla’s Sean Costin Is A Former Exposed Model

QC Lab Report: Gayhoopla's Sean Costin Is A Former Exposed Model

When the new Gayhoopla hunk Sean Costin made his splashy debut this week we thought that something looked awfully familiar about him. That killer smile and cock could distract you but our special team of forensics at our QC Lab knew they were onto something when they took a closer look at the moles on his shoulder and they matched up against certain hot model, who we featured here a couple of months ago when his nude selfies got leaked. Little did we know at the time we had just met a future porn star! See for yourself, the result is conclusive, it’s really him.

Do you think that his previous “leaked” pics made him realise that the porn business wasn’t a bad idea and he went for it or everything was just a tactic to jumpstart his career? Tell us in the comments!

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21 Feb 15 By G. Write a comment!