This Cutie Wearing Specs Is Not Shy To Have His Dick On Display!

Standing in front of the mirror with his phone, you’d probably think this pretty boy is just gonna take a selfie.

But he actually wants to do more than a selfie. Not even a naked selfie. He videotapes himself naked. Trying different angles while checking himself in front to of the mirror, our sexy man takes us to his bathroom for an intimate session while he tries a few poses to see if he looks hot. Whilst all these, his beautiful cock also made an appearance. It’s a bit shy too just like how he looks with his specs so he continues to stroke it turning the dick’s head a bit red. We may not be there but his camera phone perfectly captures his nude body with a nice set of abs and of course that fetching dick that needs a whole lot of sucking!

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ChaosMen: Chett and Thompson Flip Fuck Bareback

ChaosMen: Chett and Thompson Flip Fuck Bareback

Chett seemed down to fuck as well as be fucked. Not sure if it was his first time, but he acted like it would be. Thompson has been working with professional guys, and was eager to take on a newbie.

They suck each other’s cocks, but Thompson is eager to get Chett ready to be fucked. He flips him over and begins to eat his hole. Chett smiles as his hole is tickled by Thompson’s tongue. His smile is replaced by a look of hunger, as he grinds his ass back into Thompson’s face.

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Amateur College Sex: Wesley After Hours

Amateur College Sex: Wesley After Hours

In our After Hours series, we want to give you a chance to get up close and personal with our guys, as they show off for you in a more intimate environment. Wesley is tall, dark, and handsome, with a winning smile and one of the most laid-back and easy going personalities here at Corbin Fisher. This Texas stud has quickly grown into one of our most versatile guys and in this episode we really wanted to let him loose.

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Queer Clicks: July 20 | So Many Hollywood Stars Turned Down ‘Brokeback Mountain’,New Logo Doc Details Early Push for LGBTQ Inclusion in Sports, * Other News

The Inspiring Story of a Gay Swim Team That Swam Its Way To Victory Back In 1982

“Light in the Water is a new documentary by Logo that tells the incredible story of the LGBTQ athletes who literally swam their way to victory during the first-ever Gay Games back in 1982.

The West Hollywood Aquatics Club acted as a refuge in the early 1980s for many gay men and women. They could escape their daily troubles and find a sense of community in its Olympic-sized lap pool. ” Queerty”

So Many Hollywood Stars Turned Down ‘Brokeback Mountain’

“Gus Van Sant is promoting his new movie, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot, but it’s his revelations about some gay films he didn’t direct that are garnering attention. Van Sant told IndieWire he was approached to helm both Brokeback Mountain and Call Me By Your Name.” Hornet

New Logo Doc Details Early Push for LGBTQ Inclusion in Sports

“Though the American LGBTQ community is proud of Adam Rippon for becoming the first openly gay athlete on Team USA to earn an Olympic medal, his win – and even his inclusion on the team – were a long time coming.” Out

Top Male Models Accuse Photographer Rick Day of Sexual Assault

“Male models in the fashion industry are groomed in the art of seduction. Newcomers must learn to thrive inside a hypersexualized paradigm. Teenage models referred by their agents to powerful photographers, often in their 40s or 50s, worry that resisting norms could result in being blacklisted or viewed as difficult. Now two fashion models — Barrett Pall and Kai Braden — tell The Advocate exclusively about a different kind of grooming, one they say was meant to confuse these young men as a renowned out photographer took advantage of them sexually.” Advocate

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QC’s Gratuitous Post Of The Day: Jiraiya and the Kamu (熊) Culture In the Bara Genre

Bears (熊) are very prominent in Western media but we want you to look at this bears interpreted in another culture. This is QC’s Gratuitous Post of The Day!

We know Japanese art can be aesthetically eccentric but this one can actually gain attention from anyone. If you are a fan of Japanese illustrations, you may have heard of Bara. To those who don’t know it yet, it’s a Japanese erotic genre made by gay men for gay men. Jiraiya is one of the most prominent cartoonists specializing in this genre. His artwork stands out because of its realistic approach. He’s known for these illustrations that were made out of someone’s bear fantasies. Guys with huge muscles, broad shoulders, and huge cocks are his expertise. His drawings look elegantly realistic and sexually captivating. If you’re interested, you can check here to know more about Jiraiya’s works.

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CockyBoys: Fantasy Bondage Fun with JJ Knight and Sean Zevran

CockyBoys: Fantasy Bondage Fun with JJ Knight and Sean Zevran
CockyBoys Summer Sale 2018!

Sean Zevran is already in bed stripped down to his underwear and tugging at his wrist and ankle restraints when JJ Knight enters to begin a bondage session… in which Sean is a very willing participant. JJ is teasingly affectionate with Sean and his hardening cock and things get hotter as JJ strips naked and lies on top of him. He blindfolds Sean and enjoys his muscular body even more while adding more intensity to his sensory deprivation by using a feather tickler over his body.

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