Kurtis Wolfe and Ryan Bones Kurtis Wolfe and Ryan Bones
Kurtis Wolfe is out taking a walk and he runs into Ryan Bones, a newbie in the neighborhood. They exchange a few stares before Kurtis invites him over for some coffee but the only thing he wants to drink is Ryan’s cum but to his surprise, he has a micro dick! He sends him on his way, however, Ryan returns a short while after with some dick growing pills and boy do they work!

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Next Door Studios: Jacob Peterson and Carter Woods

Next Door Studios:  Jacob Peterson and Carter Woods

Carter Woods was just minding his business walking down the street when he notices a stranger spying on him from up above. Perched high on his balcony, Jacob Peterson‘s wandering eye has found the object of its affection, and when Carter returns the glance and the two of them make eye contact, with a look, Jacob invites Carter to join him upstairs.

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Horny Guy Nearly Faints While He Milks His Big Cock!

Horny Guy Nearly Faints While He Milks His Big Cock!

His cock is so big that he needs two hands to have a proper wank!

For a second there we feared for his safety. His orgasm was so big and intense that he nearly fainted in that chair. Which is totally understandable, all the blood in his body was flowing in one direction, his THICK VEINY cock. The epic cumshot needs to be seen to be believed. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!

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Watch the complete video after the jump and let us know what you think the comments!

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Active Duty: Spencer Laval and Owen Steal

Active Duty: Spencer Laval and Owen Steal

Owen is taking it to the next level and Spencer is the lucky man that gets to dive deep into his ass but first Owen needs to suck on that big dick of Spencer’s. Owen wastes no time in getting his mouth full with hard throbbing dick. He takes every inch down his eager throat sucking it with such a great fluid motion. Spencer loves Owens oral skills as he looks down and sees Owen’s smooth body and amazing bubble butt. That ass almost made Spencer cum in Owen’s mouth so before they start some fucking Spencer gets his mouth wrapped around Owen’s stiff cock. Spencer grabs with it a hand and begins to use his succulent young lips sucking and stroking.

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

These ten gorgeous specimens will leave you breathless!

A new GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week has arrived and it’s chock-full of perfect hunks. Humongous cocks seems to have been the running them over the past seven days. These horned up GWiP-‘ers are no kidding around, they want your attention and they’ll do anything to stand out above the rest. Diamond-hard muscles, shredded washboard abs, powerful legs and thighs and faces you’re going to dream to wake up to. Come with us to celebrate this awesome display of male beauty!

Make the jump to shower these hot guys with compliments. Claim your favorites before someone else does. And don’t forget to share your own ranking in the comments!

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Badpuppy: Dane Stewart and Wesley Woods

Badpuppy: Dane Stewart and Wesley Woods

Dane Stewart and Wesley Woods see each other all the time at the gym and as you’ll see from the beginning of the video these two hot studs could not wait to pair up. From the moment the video started I was captured by the upbeat attitude of both guys and their smiles are both stunning. Wesley enters the room and literally pounces on Dane, who is lying on the bed in only a pair of jeans.

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Maverick Men Directs: Tank and Josh

Maverick Men Directs: Tank and Josh - little things cum in big packages

For you guys out there that love to watch a hot little ass get stuffed with a big cock, this ones for you – especially if you love hearing a little guy moan and whimper. Superfan Tank and his lover Josh came to see Cole and Hunter when they did a club appearance at Club Inter Belt in Ohio. They all spent the night together and the next morning they discovered that Tank and Josh had a friend sleep over. They all woke up horny and wanted to do a fuck video. Get your cum rags ready for this one!

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SpunkWorthy: Derek

SpunkWorthy: Derek

You might call it something between “porn prequel” and “found footage” because Jason almost forgot he’d shot Derek once before his other scenes had come out.

Derek was going to college in San Diego and, being a bit of a daredevil, decided to try something different. He hadn’t told any of the guys in his fraternity about shedding his clothes for the world to see, but it sounded like it wouldn’t have surprised many of them. They have a bit of a ritual that the pledges go through to ummm … enhance their brotherly bonds.

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Flirt4Free: Aiden Kay

Flirt4Free: Aiden Kay

Here are some of Aiden Kay‘s likes:

Bdsm, leather, foot fetish, cum, solo, jerk off, deepthroat, domination, top domination, leg fetish, muscles, muscle fetish, bodybuilding fetish, gym sex, flexing, jerk off, hard penetration, double penetration, cock slapping, speedo, underwear fetish.

Need we say any more?

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