Straight Off Base: Corporal Jared

Straight off base, Corporal Jared drops by the Major’s quarters to rub one out for the camera and pick up some extra cash for his next truck payment. Jared is a nicely toned 21 year old Marine stud from the great state of Texas who stands at 6’1″ and weighs in at 185 lbs. Corporal Jared competed in bull riding at local Texas rodeos throughout his high school years and is packing 6.5 inches of hard USMC Grade-A Prime Marine tubesteak.

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Next Door Studios: Markie More and Dalton Briggs

With disagreeable weather raining out plans for a fishing trip, Markie More and his girlfriend’s brother, Dalton Briggs, find themselves just moping around the house with nothing to do. Markie makes the comment that days like these are great for staying in bed and just fucking the afternoon away, and Dalton confesses that he hasn’t had sex in a while.

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Bel Ami: Adam Archuleta and Miguel Estevez

It is an action picture Friday this week and we have for you two dark haired beauties, one older and one newer.
Adam Archuleta is paired up with Miguel Estevez in this upcoming scene where Miguel is bottoming for Adam.

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Cute Sexy Hunk Rubs One Out At His Dorm!

Cute Sexy Hunk Rubs One Out At His Dorm!

That happy trail is going to look even better after he decors it with some white stuff!

The anxious wait until his roommate was out was rewarded with a quick wank. This cute guy was in bad need of rubbing one out and he shared the hot moment with us. It took a few strokes for his swollen cock to start releasing its load. Volunteers to lick clean that sexy tummy?

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Watch the complete video for FREE after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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ChaosMen: Jerome and Phineas Flip Fuck – Bareback

ChaosMen: Jerome and Phineas Flip Fuck - Bareback

Both these guys cum from getting fucked!
Not a big deal to you? Well, this was Jerome’s first time taking a cock, and he found out he loved it!

Jerome practiced at home with a small toy, but was still anxious about bottoming for the first time. He is always turned-on during the shoots, and despite thinking he was completely straight, he has been enjoying the videos and really pushing his boundaries. He has moved himself more center on the sexuality meter.

Bryan figured he would go soft while getting fucked, but he stayed hard. Once, while Phineas was fucking him and playing with his cock, the guys had to halt shooting or risk an early cum shot. No doubt that he was enjoying it!

Phineas is a Power Bottom, but he is actually a great Top too. This is his first time Topping for ChaosMen. It took a bit to get Phineas’ cock inside Jerome, but after a few minutes, Jerome had an “Ah Ha!” moment when he realized why guys like to be fucked.

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Hetero Aaron’s Ass Discipline At BreederFuckers

Hetero Aaron’s Ass Discipline At BreederFuckers

Aaron‘s straight butt is going to get badly sore! The devilish guy at BreederFucker did a pretty good job and he’s probably not going to be able to sit right for weeks. The were relentless. Despite A’s moaning and resistance his captors didn’t back down a bit. A flogger, one cane, a massive vibrator and another dildo were some of the weapons in their arsenal. Right off the bat Dave demanded for his silence and things weren’t easy. The punishment in his feet was a test the worst was about to happen to his sphincter. As the escalating unfolded you can tell how badly he wanted to cum but his captors forced him to delay the release by stretching his foreskin to unthinkable limits!

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28 Apr 17 By G. Write a comment! – Using the Football Captain’s Ass in a Gay Sauna

At, during the day Freddie looks like any other bright young athlete running laps and drills on the football pitch. But the night time is when he really works to advance his career – first submitting to the intrusive inspections of the management in a filthy public toilet, and now in a seedy sauna he helps the wealthy sheikh who owns Mancastle United to relax.

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Queer Clicks: April 28, 2017 | Love In The Time Of Tinder: Why You Can’t Blame Technology For A Rise In Affairs, New Series American Gods: Where Supernatural Meets Super Gay, & Other News

New Series American Gods: Where Supernatural Meets Super Gay

“What if gods walked among us? No, Chris Hemsworth doesn’t count. We’re talking about American Gods, the highly anticipated new Starz series based on Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel, which centers on actual, ass-whooping deities. Co-created by gay showrunner Bryan Fuller (Hannibal), the mind-bending adaptation follows a group of warring divinities battling for spiritual dominance in contemporary America. Bonus: One of them is queer. ” Out

Love In The Time Of Tinder: Why You Can’t Blame Technology For A Rise In Affairs

“Technology has revolutionised our relationships, changing how we find, organise and even finish them. As a 36-year-old gay man living in London, I’ve had a front row seat in this revolution. I started my dating life in the 1990s, responding to personal ads in my local newspaper. In the 2000s I started exploring internet dating. More recently apps like Grindr and Scruff have become a dater’s best friend.” Wired

Bill Nye Uses Ice Cream To Show How Ridiculous Gay Conversion Therapy Is

“On an episode of his Netflix series, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” the 61-year-old science educator blasted the conservative Christian belief that LGBTQ people can be “cured” of their sexuality by using ice cream flavors as an analogy. The hilarious clip, which can be viewed above, depicts an “ice cream conversation therapy” meeting in which a vanilla cone attempts to “convert” strawberry, chocolate and other flavors into being vanilla, too. ” Huffington Post

‘Star Wars’ Love Story For Finn And Poe A Real Possibility, Says Head Of Lucasfilm

“Here’s something we certainly weren’t expecting: The head of Lucasfilm has not only acknowledged the popular fan theory that romance is in the cards for two of Star Wars’ leading men, she’s opened the door wide open for it to become a reality. ” Queerty

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Simon Dunn, Aussie Bobsledder And Former Rugby Player, Acknowledges The Existence Of His Naked Selfie And We Have Seen It!

Simon Dunn, Aussie Bobsledder And Former Rugby Player, Acknowledges The Existence Of His Naked Selfie And We Have Seen It!

It’s the day we have all been waiting for probably since we named him our QC Crush!

Simon Dunn the first openly gay Aussie bobsledder and former Rugby player seemed genuinely embarrassed that his nudes (finally) leaked. He has taken numerous racy images but there was a line that Simon never crossed and it was exposing his cock. The butt, that was fine. IG postings and professional shoots showcased his athletic rear end but there was a particular image that was too much for Instagram.

“Unfortunately pics of me have ended up online (…) This is obviously not one of my best moments, for that I’m sorry.”

When Dunn tried to recreate a Kim Kardashian selfie (black boxes notwithstanding) the photo sharing app censored his image and he expressed his anger and disappointment. Now that very same image has surfaced but in its entire naked glory. And not only that but a companion image also leaked confirming, thanks to his side tattoo, that the nudes were indeed his! Since then Dunn apologized and even sent a reminder that he also looks good “with clothes on as well”. Something that we already knew but the scandalous image of his long cock is something we won’t forget any time soon!

Make the jump to see more Simon Dunn. What do you think of this horny Aussie athlete? Let us know in the comments!

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Butch Dixon: Rogue Status & Mick Stallone

Its rough and tumble time as studly gents Rogue Status ( you’ve seen him top but this guys a real hot bottom too) and Mick Stallone, (who’s just a total versatile, stunning, cock-hound) get down to the sweaty and nasty. Mick Stallone is in like Flynn as Rogue sucks his big, dark, uncut dick to throbbing attention and spread his muscular hairy ass for the meat delivery.

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