Kristen Bjorn: Salvador Mendoza, Alberto Esposito and Logan Moore

Kristen Bjorn: Salvador Mendoza, Alberto Esposito and Logan Moore

Alberto Esposito is hot and horny as he cruises through his mobile when there is a knock on the door and his good friend Salvador Mendoza surprises him with a treat, Logan Moore. Logan is stripped down to his jock strap as he begins to service his new friend’s hefty cocks. Working his mouth up and down on both cock shafts raises everyone’s level of desire. Salvador loves being the center of attention, so he positions himself so that Alberto can suck on his throbbing hard cock and Logan fucks his hairy hole with his ravenous tongue. Alberto gets down on all 4’s and Logan gets in the same position over top of him while Salvador comes in from behind and begins to fuck both of those hot, raw asses to his desire. The guys switch up positions as Alberto slicks up his cock with his spit and rams his bare cock into Logan’s gluttonous ass and Logan wraps his luscious lips around Salvador’s cock.

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Staxus: Clyde Walton and Ray Mannix


Given the country backdrop, it’s perhaps rather fitting that young Brit, Clyde Walton, should have a penchant for country-and-western music – but to be fair that’s not the element of his personality that particularly attracts Czechia’s very own slut par excellence, Ray Mannix. Discovering the visitor in the local barn as gives a sweet rendition and sharpens his tools, Mannix immediately underlines his reputation as a cock-whore by making a beeline for Walton’s crotch.

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Helix Studios: Calvin Banks and Joey Mills


If you haven’t been following the Helix boys on social media, you’re definitely missing out! Huge hung top Calvin Banks has been eyeing Joey Mills tweets hardcore. When they finally meet big man Banks is smart enough to make the most out of the opportunity. Armed with his smart phone and a big dick, Banks breaks out Joey’s super hot video thats exploded online. Then he poses a question….. “Joey, do you think you can deep throat my dick as good as in your video here?”

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Raging Stallion: Rikk York and Hugo Diaz


Tall, tattooed Rikk York‘s hot cock rubs against Hugo Diaz‘s furry stomach as they exchange kisses. Hugo can’t resist getting a taste of Rikk’s meat. Rikk helps out with lubrication by letting a thick strand of saliva drip into Hugo’s mouth. Signaling that Hugo’s more than turned on, precum oozes from his uncut cock. After getting face fucked, Hugo gets his hairy ass eaten.

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Bel Ami: Jon Kael and Andrei Karenin


Jon Kael back in his second scene for Bel Ami Online. Today’s pairing is with stunning Andrei Karenin. We first met Jon in his debut in the Offensively Large series together with Raf Koons and Joel Birkin. You can look forward to seeing much more of him in the future.

See more at Bel Ami.

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Playing With His Big “Stick”!

Playing With His Big “Stick”!

Careful, you could have someone’s eye out with that!

There’s no other way to describe this wank session as “testosterone fueled”. We love watching a manly man jerking off. Specially when they cum hard. This bearded hunk made such an effort to cum that he almost pop a vein on his forehead. The release couldn’t have been sweeter. You need to check out how his belly ended up covered with his hot load!

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Active Duty: Matthew Reeves & Scott

Active Duty: Matthew Reeves & Scott
Active Duty 50% OFF!

We have ‘fresh steez’ Matthew Reeves paired up with ‘smokin’ hot’ Scott. It doesn’t take too long before Scott subtly suggests Matthew lean on over and have a taste. Matthew enthusiastically dives right in, taking Scott’s happy cock into his warm mouth. Scott wasn’t about to let Matthew have all the fun. After a little while, the guys reposition so Scott can service Matthew for a while. Scott sure knows how to work a hard cock. It’s easy to see how well he does by Matthew’s reaction. The guys move from the couch to a standing position so Scott can continue pleasuring Matthew. Scott takes advantage of this opportunity to display his impressive collection of cock-sucking skills. In fact, Matthew enjoys it so much, he decides to have some more of Scott’s dick.

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Island Studs: Chris Pryce and Chuck

Island Studs: Chris Pryce and Chuck

Popular Oregon Rafting Guides & Roommates Chris Pryce with his smooth body and big ball sack and his roommate, bearded furry Chuck, take us on a totally Balls-Out Nude white water rafting adventure in the Oregon mountains for this, their second exclusive video from Island Studs. The Island Studs’ unique underwater sports action cam goes underwater as these two sexy jocks go cliff diving and skinny dipping in the crisp river!

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Cocksure Men: Ondrej Oslava Barebacks Miky Bolton

Cocksure Men: Ondrej Oslava Barebacks Miky Bolton

It’s a beautiful day at the lake. Muscle stud Ondrej Oslava and hung jock Miky Bolton are soaking in the sun, sitting back to back on a dock. Miky is naked from the waist down, his huge cock pointing up to the sky. Ondrej turns around, grabs the uncut rod, and begins to kiss Miky. Ondrej wastes no time and goes down on Miky’s huge piece of meat. Miky pulls off Ondrej’s clothes and returns the favor, feasting on his dick. They get down on the dock and 69. Ondrej lays down on the wooden boards and Miky slowly puts Ondrej’s raw cock into his ass. Miky rides Ondrej hard as he strokes his thick, rigid pole. Miky unmounts and Ondrej blows him again. Miky didn’t have enough so he rides Ondrej bareback once more, this time facing towards him.

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Queer Clicks: September 25, 2016 | Gay Guy Trying Virtual Reality Headset For The First Time Is Total Hysteria, Cuckolding Is On The Up And Up Among Gay Couples, & Other News


Cuckolding Is On The Up And Up Among Gay Couples

“More and more gay couples are engaging in cuckolding, the act of watching one’s partner have sex with another person, typically someone with larger genitalia. Cuckolding used to be classified as more of a heterosexual activity (in fact, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary still defines it as such), but it appears those rules are being rewritten.” Queerty

Guy Trying Virtual Reality Headset For The First Time Is Total Hysteria


6 Sites Recognized by Britain for Significance to Gay History

“Historic England, a body that designates places worthy of legal protection, announced the decision, the latest in an effort to showcase “queer history.” Last September, Historic England gave the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, a well-known gay pub, a Grade II listing, meaning that it cannot be demolished, extended or altered without special permission.” New York Times

24 Tom of Finland Condoms—in Time for Folsom

“The Finnish artist Touko Laaksonen (1920-1991) became internationally famous as Tom of Finland, widely considered the most influential creator of homoerotic art. His drawings eroticized masculinity by featuring men with exaggerated attributes and overtly sexual poses. Many of his images involved police officers, S&M imagery, and/or leathermen, which made the timing of the condom release particularly meaningful.”

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

We have one hunk for each day of the week and three more as a back-up plan!

When you have such a perfect lineup there’s no question on who you like best. Forget about that, what really is in dispute here is in which order are you going to take these cocks. We know you want them all!

This new GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week left us gobsmacked. Are there mouths big enough to deep-throat these humongous dicks? Because our jaws are already sore just by looking at those things. Be sure that the spectacle doesn’t begin and end with the manhood of these GWiP’ers, there are plenty of other muscles waiting to be worshiped. The possibilities are endless. We could handle this pack all in one night but we’re saving a few to savor them later on. Who would you pick first and last?

Make the jump for the bigger images to appreciate these fine men in all their naked glory. Try your best to rank them all in your comment!

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