CollegeDudes: Juan Carlos and Zeke Weidman Flip Fuck

CollegeDudes: Juan Carlos and Zeke Weidman Flip Fuck

CollegeDudes Juan Carlos and Zeke Weidman make out and Juan can’t keep his hands off Zeke’s big cock, stroking it while they kiss until Zeke lays him back on the bed and captures that sweet dick with his mouth. Juan’s eyes close in pleasure as Zeke sucks on his balls and cock and then they trade places and Juan gets a good taste of Zeke’s meat, swinging his legs around so that they can 69. When those fat dicks are throbbing hard Juan climbs on top of Zeke and straddles his cock, lowering his ass onto it and slowly sitting down as he struggles to take the full length of Zeke’s shaft up that tight entrance.

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Queer Clicks: April 24, 2017 | Sherlock’s Andrew Scott To Star In BBC’s Gay Britannia Season, 7 Sexy Facts About Colin Wayne That Might Surprise You A Lot!, & Other News

Shawn Simms By Alex Hilbert

Sherlock’s Andrew Scott To Star In BBC’s Gay Britannia Season

Picture: Samir Hussein/WireImage

“The BBC will show a season of programmes to mark the 50th anniversary of The Sexual Offences Act 1967. Gay Britannia includes dramas, documentaries and radio programmes to mark the half century since the act, which partially decriminalised homosexual acts between men over the age of 21, was passed.”

7 Sexy Facts About Colin Wayne That Might Surprise You A Lot!

“If you’ve been around the Internet any amount of time, you’ve no doubt seen pictures of fitness model. Colin Wayne. He’s the guy with the shredded bod, tatted arms and dreamy blue-green eyes. No doubt about it, the hunk is hard to miss!” Gay Pop Buzz

New Google Home Ad Features Adorable Gay Dads

“Google Home is a hands-free, Siri-like device that allows users to ask whatever questions they need answering.

By premising a question with ‘Ok Google,’ users can ask whatever they want.

And now multiple users can activate the device, with unique voice analysis technology.” Gay Star News

Does Your Manhood Get Smaller As We Get Older?

“We have a lot of data about the size of men’s penises, thanks mainly to Grindr (that is research isn’t it?) however penis size from 60 years ago is near impossible to obtain, so finding out whether our penises are getting smaller as we age, is difficult to compare to previous generations of men.” The Gay UK

Shawn Simms By Alex Hilbert

“Meet Shawn Simms, he is a 23-year-old North California fashion model and college track and field star athlete. He loves modelling and has participated in several runway shows, photoshoots, and editorials.” DNA

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

Our new QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week is going to take us on a trip to his favorite places to be naked at!

He loves the calmness of nature and we love his wild side even more. Our latest crush is a 33yo blond with a ripped body and sexiness to spare. An active dude who goes regularly to the gym is nice but when you discover he’s an outdoorsy guy who’s not afraid of ANY season to take off his clothes then you know he has the stamina of a stallion. Then you pan down and see what’s dangling between his legs. It’s lust love at first sight. And he not only braves the elements to make you horny with his nudes he’s also venturous and a romantic. Whether it’s in a frozen waterfall, the jungle, a forrest or an airplay bathroom his BIG cock is always ready. And we haven’t mentioned his muscular butt yet because you need to see that for yourself. But without the location that favors him the most is his bedroom and that’s where we’re headed to right now!

Make the jump to see the complete set of photos of our latest QCNBFOTW. Would you like to go on a naked hike with him? Let us know in the comments!

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Maverick Men: Kitchen Floor Raw Dawggin’ – Hoytt

When Hoytt stepped into the kitchen looking sexy as fuck, Cole and Hunter knew they had to have him right then and there. As quick as you could say “bend over”, they were face fucking him and pulling his pants down to eat that hairy man ass. Then they fucked him right there on the kitchen floor, both coming all over his face and beard and leaving him face-down, ass-up and covered in sweat and jizz with a big smile on his sexy face.

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IconMale: Billy Santoro and Roman Todd

Straight Boy Billy Santoro hires the gorgeous Roman Todd for a massage at his house. Once Billy feels Roman’s hands rubbing down his naked body he is completely turned on. He starts jerking off, then pulls Roman’s hands towards his hard cock. The massage quickly turns into a hard-core guy on guy fucking session! With dick sucking, and ass slamming, till the two are exploding with dripping cum! After a massage this good, Billy may not be so straight after all!

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American Muscle Hunks: Joey D & Johnny V Part 1

Part one of this release finds Joey D lying in bed reading with his muscle ass sticking out when he rolls over to find Johnny V in the kitchen cleaning. As Johnny’s muscled body flexes with every movement, Joey begins to stroke his cock. When Joey has had enough stroking he gets up and goes into the kitchen. He tells Johnny to get onto his knees and worship his cock.

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Next Door Studios: Jimmy Clay, Quentin Gainz and Ty Thomas

Just when you think things are calming down, Quentin discovers that his roommate and his girlfriend were a bit careless in their sexual adventures and managed to live cast Jimmy and Mark‘s sexual adventure. Overwhelmed by the responses from viewers and the amount of money it made, he convinces Jimmy to keep the video up and think about keeping the business going. Unfortunately, Mark doesn’t feel the same way about the situation when Ty gives him a call and let’s him know about the now viral video.

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Skyy Knox’s ripped physique is just what Jason is hunting for. A quick suck and fuck is the best thing for these two guys to get rid of their heartbreak.

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Some Forearm Porn Before Showing Off His Thick Dick!

Some Forearm Porn Before Showing Off His Thick Dick!

Those veiny puppies must have taken so much work at the gym!

Today’s hero is a horny blond guy who has a thing for showing off his well-trained arms. But the show doesn’t stop there. As the camera lingers on him it goes down to capture the very thick cock that many must be craving right now!

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Watch the video in its entirety after the jump. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

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Active Duty: Rix & Richard Buldger

Active Duty: Rix & Richard Buldger

We got a sweet surprise for you today. We welcome Rix back to the war room and he did such a great job showcasing his skills in his solo that Active Duty brought him back as fast as they could. He will be with one of Active Duty’s newest vets Richard Buldger who has just a mere two scenes under his belt but he has proven his worth in the fog of war. Rix is still fresh so Richard takes the reigns by sucking his big dick. Once Richard has him warmed up and comfortable in his new surroundings, he stands up and has Rix suck on his fat cock. Rix can’t believe how thick it is and this is his first time having another man’s dick in his mouth.

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