Amateur College Sex: Devon Blows His Load

Amateur College Sex: Devon Blows His Load

Being the typical college guy, Devon loves to wind down from a long day on campus with some hot, sensual time with a sexy coed – especially if it starts off with him getting his big cock sucked! This hot stud doesn’t complain about getting to lie back and get great head, but he definitely isn’t a passive lover and quickly takes control to pound her nice and hard.

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Peter Fever: Black Panda Episode 4 – Osiris Blade & Levy Foxx

Peter Fever: Black Panda Episode 4 - Osiris Blade & Levy Foxx

Levy Foxx is curious about King T’Balla’s (played by Osiris Blade) intentions and pays a visit to the King’s private quarters. Levy needs to find out if the King is sincere with his offer of a trade for the sacred Peckeranium. Then and only then, will the Panda Brotherhood consider giving up their elixir of eternal youth. But first, a private audience with the King’s cock is in order.

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Queer Clicks: April 25 | Is the Term ‘Daddy’ Now Just a State of Mind?, How The Gay Genius Behind Your Favorite Disney Films Rejuvenated Animated Musicals , & Other News

Is the Term ‘Daddy’ Now Just a State of Mind?

“What defines an actual “daddy” in the gay community now? Is it one’s biological age? The type of behavior one exhibits when out and about or in the bedroom? A look that makes one want to submit to him more than my cubby self diving into a big burrito?” Terms in the gay community can have a way of flipping on themselves depending on a ton of factors. Gone are the days where the labels equate exactly to one of two things: age and look. Now, terms are used much more freely and have more room to breathe.Instinct Magazine

Are We Losing Queer Spaces Like San Francisco’s Castro Street Fair To Assimilation?

“My friend Ronnie Lynn, Miss Gay San Francisco 1977, moved to San Francisco in 1968.

She proudly boasts that she attended every queer event that happened back in those days and was at the very first Castro Street Fair in 1974. She remembers how excited everyone was to be there as it was one of the first fairs of its kind in San Francisco outdating even the Haight, Union and North Beach festivals. It still fascinates me to imagine what those early queer years were like. ” Queerty

Sebastien Garcia by Reid Harrison

“Sebastien’s photogenicity is amazing, he has a very masculine face, with a wide jaw, an intense look and a charming smile. He has a well-sculpted fitness body with just the right amount of tattoos, looks perfect for any type of photography that calls for a muscular lean physique.“ – Photographer Reid Harrison on working with model Sebastien Garcia. DNA

How The Gay Genius Behind Your Favorite Disney Films Rejuvenated Animated Musicals

“Howard Ashman was the lyricist behind three of the most successful and beloved Disney films of all time: The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. Ashman was diagnosed with AIDS in 1988, and passed away from the disease on March 14, 1991, four days after the first preview screening of Beauty and the Beast. His life story is now being told in Howard, a new documentary having its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.” New Now Next

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Erik Kuselias, ESPN And NBC Sports Radio Host, Exposed Cock In Leaked Nudes!

Erik Kuselias, ESPN And NBC Sports Radio Host, Exposed Cock In Leaked Nudes!

If this exposed cock doesn’t give you horny daddy vibes then probably nothing will!

Erik Kuselias is at the center of a scandal. The famed radio host from ESPN and former co-anchor at NBC Sports Network became a side causality of another leak. This year naked photos of his ex-wife Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders became a hot topic when they were discovered as a part of the infamous Fappening 2018.

What many overlooked at the time was that among her leaked iCloud pics there were racy photos of the Emmy-Award winning “Fantasy Football Now” host. The 44yo television and radio personality was photographed completely naked in a hotel room by his own wife, who by the way is now divorcing him for allegedly cheating on her. In the nudes in question Kuselias, who’s in great shape for his age, can bee seen pantless next to the bed flaunting his circumcised cock!

Make the jump to see more of Erik Kuselias. What do you think of this exposed ESPN radio host? Let us know in the comments!

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IconMale: Kory Houston and Michael Delray

IconMale: Kory Houston and Michael Delray

Sexy but academically struggling southern twink Kory Houston has a huge crush on smooth talking tutor Michael Delray — and seduces the older student one night after studying for a big exam. Watch Kory suck Michael’s huge, hard cock and then use it to fill his tight little hole. These two young studs fuck hard until they make each other cum in mutual explosive orgasms.

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Maskurbate: Sam Cuthan

Maskurbate: Sam Cuthan

Maskurbate‘s cameraman is meeting with his real estate broker, Sam Cuthan, to visit his future furnished apartment. The place is small but perfect for one person. The first time they met, Sam was in serious need of money and agreed to take his clothes off with a mask on. This time, before signing the official papers, the cameraman asks him if his financial situation has improved and offers him to perform again without the mask.

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William Higgins: Lubo Oner

William Higgins: Lubo Oner

Lubo Oner is aged 24 and lives in Prague. This handsome bi guy is a student who enjoys sports, jogging and dancing. He looks very good as he sits on the edge of the bed for his interview where he reveals quite a lot about his sexual experiences. Then Lubo lays on the bed and begins to feel over his body. He quickly feels inside his pants and lifts his tee shirt as he rubs his sexy chest. He gropes himself a lot too as he rubs his chest and removes his tee shirt. Then he opens his pants and pushes them down to release his stiff cock.

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Next Door Studios: Griffith Hawk

Next Door Studios: Griffith Hawk

Griffith is a hardworking man trying to conquer his dreams. This guy is the most active man on the planet. He is either working out at the gym or trying to start his own supplement business. We feel lucky he decided to come try out with us. We hit him up on a social media site and he became interested very quickly so we brought him out to see if he has what it takes to be an Next Door Male.

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Flirt4Free: Toby Trey

Flirt4Free: Toby Trey

Hello. I am the only uncopyable original of my kind. A little bit crazy and an adrenalin addict in any way imaginable and unimaginable. My craziness reflects as you would not expect- who would hava a moustache tatted on their fingers?I love the feeling when the adrenalin flows through my veins in such a way that it makes me do super crazy things. Sports addict. I love soccer, MMA, ice-hockey, break dance, parkour freerun- If you tip, I can flip:)

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