Dominic Pacifico: Dominic Pacifico and Casey Everett

Father Casey knows that the path to righteousness is contrition of his lustful thoughts. With the help of Father Dominic, Casey’s carnal sins are purged through flagellation and fornication. With a switch whips Casey till he whines, and the continues with the palm of his hand. To Cleanse him he pisses all over him before he barebacks his raw hole and give him his holy load.

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Next Door Studios: Markie More and Ian Frost

Markie More is giddy with excitement for his scene with Ian Frost. Ian, an Argentenian ex-pat currently living in Florida, is a soft spoken newbie with a sensual side, and Markie is all about his assets. Taking their time, the two of them take turns giving each other head, and then Markie flips Ian over and primes his ass for penetration. Ian begs for Markie’s cock and Markie obliges, sliding it in and slowly working Ian’s hole with his hard dick.

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SexedChat! is an adult webcam site featuring hundreds of live great looking guys from around the world. This isn’t a motley collection of average guys, they are all smoking hot, muscular and horndogs waiting to get off.

You can chat with any of the online models for free or you can sign-up for an account and enter a private live sex show. Click here to start chatting now! Check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

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Former QCNBFOTW Perfects His Two Hand Jerk Off Technique!

Former QCNBFOTW Perfects His Two Hand Jerk Off Technique!

That truly is a monster cock!

It’s always a delight when we reconnect with a former crush of ours. This guy almost made us reconsider to give him the QCNBFOTW title again. That cock brings many, many sweet memories. Any dick that requires two hands to be completely jerked off deserves to be worshiped again. Don’t you agree?

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Don’t forget to let us know what do you think of this hung man in the comments!

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CockyBoys: Outdoor Romance with Allen King & Taylor Reign

CockyBoys: Outdoor Romance with Allen King & Taylor Reign

Taylor Reign and Allen King show that when you’re horny and resourceful you don’t need a bed or even a stick of furniture to experience an exciting afternoon of outdoor summer sex at Camp CockyBoys. They begin by kissing while reclining in a large hammock and in no time Allen has Taylor’s cock out of his shorts and in his mouth, sucking it passionately. Taylor clearly enjoys it, but soon wants to give Allen the same pleasure and seconds later Allen is standing next to the hammock feeding his cock to Taylor’s eager’s mouth. Time to cool things down? Not quite.

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Queer Clicks: July 20, 2017 | Joey Sbarro Connects With Men, Milan Christopher’s Latest Poolside Instagram Leaves Zero To The Imagination & Other News

Joey Sbarro

Joey Sbarro Connects With Men

“”The photo-making process for me is really about the connection it allows with those I photograph,” photographer Joey Sbarro tells us. “Being behind the camera gives me an access point to a space where we can relate to each other on a more honest level. When someone sits for my camera, what I’m interested in is having a real moment with them, a conversation.””

Bring Some Excitement To Your BBQ With A Surprise Penis Apron

“You’ve just moved in with your partner, and decide to throw a housewarming meets BBQ with all your friends and family, to show off how grown up and together you are.You are ready. You are the best at BBQs. The sun is shining, it’s a lovely day, your guests arrive and everything’s going wonderfully.

Then your partner walks out of the kitchen, tongs held aloft, burgers ready to throw on the barbecue.

They’re wearing an apron.There appears to be a towel sitting on the apron. You point it out. They lift it.Underneath that towel flap is a pretend penis, proudly out for all your friends and family to behold.” Metro

Milan Christopher’s Latest Poolside Instagram Leaves Zero To The Imagination

“Fresh off his very, very NSFW photoshoot with Paper magazine, Milan is back with yet another revealing photograph.

The 33-year-old rapper, who stars in VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, just shared a picture of himself posing poolside in an itsy-bitsy speedo that leaves little, if anything, to the imagination.” Queerty

The Shirtless Violinist Gets Super Nipply And Slays Some ‘Game Of Thrones’ Themes

“If you’re in need of a violin break today, look no further. The Shirtless Violinist always finds the perfect setting for his videos, and he’s done it again with this Game of Thrones extravaganza. Winter is coming.” Towleroad

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Gregg Sulkin, English Actor From MTV’s Faking It, Alleged Jerk-Off Video Hits!

Gregg Sulking, English Actor From MTV's Faking It, Alleged Jerk-Off Video Hits!

Another MTV hunk who gets his junk leaked!

Gregg Sulkin had his break in Disney shows like As the Bell Rings and Wizards of Waverly Place but he soon graduated to teen series like Pretty Little Liars and starred in MTV’s Faking It where he was part of the main cast for three seasons. Next year he will star in the anticipated Marvel adaptation of Runaways for streaming service Hulu. This English lad was the former BF of Bella Thorn (who also dated other celebs with exposed peens like Charlie Puth and Tyler Posey)

Sulkin started a career as an underwear model in Europe and he certainly demonstrated that he was capable of filling a pair of Armani undies very well. His VLP in the ads was legendary and a constant topic of online debate. It’s safe to say that he has an English sausage down there. A couple of months ago a few screen shots of a very hard cock were attributed to him. The speculation was fueled when the images were pulled down from social media sites. Now our patience has been rewarded as the video has finally leaked. Take it with a grain of salt as there’s no 100% certainty. But we’re inclined to think that the alleged cock belongs to him.

Make the jump to see more of Gregg Sulkin. What do you think of this English heartthrob? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

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Active Duty: Cody Smith

Cody Smith is fresh and ready to break in and see how far he can climb. Cody is 24 standing at 5 foot 10 and weighing in at a strong 160lbs. Cody is either at the gym working on his fit hairy body or he’s hanging out at the local Tattoo shop acquiring more ink. He’s got that bad boy look especially with those manly tattoos inked all over his body. His hairy chest and sexy muscles are lovely to look at as he strokes his hard cock.

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William Higgins: Miro Dalek

Miro Dalek is aged 18 and lives in Prague. This good looking straight guy works as an electrician and enjoys sports, fitness and ice-hockey. He looks so sexy as he sits on the end on the bed for his interview, flashing a lovely smile as he chats. Then Miro lays on the bed and starts to feel his body. His hands run under his tee shirt, pushing it up and showing off his hot abs. As he rubs his chest he also gropes himself through his jeans.

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Next Door Studios: Dean Phoenix and Dakota Young

Dakota Young has been clashing with his mom’s boyfriend since the beginning, and today it seems to have all finally come to a head. As Dakota rifles though the bags of birthday gifts Dean got for Dakota’s mother, he finds a naughty little gift that he’d like to try out for himself, so he pillages the bag and locks himself in his room to try out the massive new dildo.

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