GuyBone: Roy Gardener, Damon Andros and Stephen Harte

D’d Down Raw gets its title from the ever sexy Roy Gardner (who was at Folsom and filmed with Stephen separately). He used the phrase “D’d Down” once and got GuyBone curious as to its meaning. He explained it as “just giving a good dicking” and that was a hot enough explanation for them (and their suddenly throbbing cock). So Guybone knew when they got Damon and West to both fuck Stephen bareback, they had to callback to Roy’s hot as fuck phrase. So very appropriate for this scene.

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Raging Stallion: Alexander Gustavo and Sebastian Kross

Ripped and tatted Sebastian Kross kisses athletic, inked Alexander Gustavo as he strokes his body and rubs his cock, hidden away in a thin white jock. Alexander wants a taste of Sebastian’s mouth-watering cock and falls to his knees to give him a sloppy spit-filled hummer. Continuing to please Sebastian, Alexander pushes his legs back and buries his chiseled face into Sebastian’s hairless, muscle ass. Alexander slurps and sucks Sebastian’s hole, cock and balls.

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Bel Ami: Tommy Poulain

Tommy Poulain is the last of Bel Ami‘s Freshmen month photo sessions. Tommy is one of the newest members of the Freshmen team that you will be seeing more of in the upcoming months. Today he steps in front of the camera of Eliot Klien to show us what he has got. They are back next week with the start of the ‘Month of Romance’ photosessions with Torsten and Harris to get the ball rolling.

See more at Bel Ami.

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There’s Only One Way To Start The Day Off Right!

There's Only One Way To Start The Day Off Right!

It’s the breakfast of champions!

If this horny hunk and his first wank of the morning doesn’t set you in a good mood for the rest of the day then nothing will. Energetic, cute, horny and best of all ready to cum and eats his fresh load. What else could you possibly want in a man?

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Watch the complete video after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Corbin Fisher: Wiliiam Worships Tanner’s Ass

Corbin Fisher: Wiliiam Worships Tanner's Ass

There’s not much more we can say about this video than it involves studly young Tanner getting William‘s huge cock in his ass. With that alone, you know this one is going to be hot!

William does indeed worship Tanner’s ass at the outset, and rightfully so – Tanner has a hot ass! It doesn’t take long for Tanner to turn things around, though, and make William’s huge cock the focus of his own worshipping. He strokes it, feels how big it is, then quickly wraps his lips around it to start sucking. Soon after, William is pounding Tanner’s hole and driving him wild.

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Queer Clicks: January 24, 2017 | The Year’s Hottest Inventions In Porn Are Already Here, Imagine An Alternate Gay Universe Where AIDS Never Happened, & Other News

Terra the Amazon Wyvern

The Year’s Hottest Inventions In Porn Are Already Here

“This year’s Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas was filled with porn stars, and the people who love them. And by people who love them, I mean men with big cameras who want to take pictures as close to the porn star’s butthole as possible. Ah, young love! If you were able to tear yourself away from the adult entertainers for even a minute, as I so bravely did, you would find an entire banquet room brimming with new sexventions.

4. Magical beast dildos. If JK Rowling did a bunch of acid and opened a sex shop, it would be Bad Dragon. This mythical creature dildo emporium has something for every wizard or muggle on your naughty list. We’re talking grizzled werewolf dongs, gigantic, shiny demon dick, and something called, “Terra the Amazon Wyvern.” Not into penis? There’s also tentacles, tongues, and other huge, pointy, and very bumpy things that are fit to travel to the land where the sun don’t shine. Enjoy the ride, Khaleesi! ” Cosmopolitan

Peter Hujar’s Gay Lower East Side: Out of the Shadows

“Every enclave seems to produce one successful photographer. On the Lower East Side’s gay arts scene of the 1970s, Robert Mapplethorpe broke out to achieve fame and notoriety. But, there was also Peter Hujar, Mapplethorpe’s prolific contemporary. He, like Mapplethorpe, depicted aspects of gay life, was an insider among a circle of famous artists and writers, and even preferred the square format. Yet his photographs, overshadowed by Mapplethorpe’s, tell different stories. ” New York Times

Imagine An Alternate Gay Universe Where AIDS Never Happened

“What if Vito Russo ran for President? What if Mapplethorpe got into a Twitter feud with a Kardashian? What would David Wojnarowicz do about the gay executions in the Middle East? “

“These are the questions artist and filmmaker Leo Herrera hopes to tackle “with integrity, humor and history” in his new project Fathers, a “faux” documentary produced with a team of collaborators that will include historians from the GLBT Historical Society, survivors, friends, lovers and family of the men featured.” Towleroad

Why A Bollywood Memoir Has Kicked Up A Storm About Being Gay in India

“Bollywood director and talk show host Karan Johar’s autobiography has kicked off a loud debate on being gay in India, writes Sudha G Tilak.

“Everybody knows what my sexual orientation is. I don’t need to scream it out. If I need to spell it out, I won’t only because I live in a country where I could possibly be jailed for saying this. Which is why I Karan Johar will not say the three words that possibly everybody knows about me,” Johar says in the book.” BBC

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Is Tom Daley Trying To Upstage Chris Mears With His Own Allegedly “Leaked” Video Or Is It All A Publicity Stunt?

Is Tom Daley Trying To Upstage Chris Mears With His Own Allegedly “Leaked” Video Or It's All A Publicity Stunt?

This is such a weird story, it will surely make you raise an eyebrow.

Olympic diver Tom Daley sat down with a British tabloid to admit that he had “Snapchat sex” with a fan consequently cheating on his fiancé, Oscar-winning screen-writer and 20 years his senior, Dustin Lance Black during a “secret” 7-month breakup they had and not mentioned to anyone until now. Distance relationships can put pressure on any couple, especially if there’s an ocean between them, but something seems suspicious on how this story unfolded.

The media op. started BEFORE anything had leaked and immediately AFTER another Olympic diver, Chris Mears, was in the headlines everywhere because of his juicy scandal. In the interview Tom, who so far hasn’t disclosed his Snapchat handle, carefully slips that the exchange occurred with a “Liverpudlian male” which implies two things. One, he was not catfished, at least not by his own recount, and two, the casually vaguely name drop (including the location) makes it sound like he’s telegraphing a coded message to the third party via the press, i.e. do not leak anything (we know who you are and where you are). Then guess what happened? Yes, you guessed it… something did make it to the internet! but don’t hold your breath, we wouldn’t want to dash your hopes as the first video that’s surfaced is in some ways a non-event.

This first video involving the Tom Daley did leak, the footage is, sans face and shows a man showing off his chest and grabbing his hard underwear bulge. There’s also brief glimpse of pubes too. Though it’s allegedly Tom Daley we can tell for certain it’s him. The headboard of his bed is the same and his Olympic tattoo and engagement ring are all matches though, so some conclusions can be drawn from that. So apparently we could be at the beginning of something here, only time will tell if we get to see what’s inside his famous speedos!

Make the jump to see more of Tom Daley and let us know what you think of this story in the comments!

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Lucas Entertainment: Devin Franco and Sergeant Miles Flip Fuck – Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Devin Franco and Sergeant Miles Flip Fuck - Bareback

Devin Franco looks up to his business superior, Sergeant Miles, so when Sergeant invites Devin over to his apartment for some wine after a long day in the board meetings, and there’s no way Devin would turn down the chance. Devin had an idea that Sergeant was sexually attracted to him, and once the wine takes over, Sergeant makes his move. When their hard raw cocks are throbbing, Sergeant Miles and Devin Franco move take secret affair into the bedroom.

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English Lads: Miles Richards

Miles is back to try something new and today he takes off his clothes, plays a little with his nice uncut cock, he loves pulling on his extra bit of foreskin and when that happens his uncut cock rises up and never come down! He has a great erection, one that stands up high and proud and after a quick play he plays with the purple dildo shoving it up quite quick, watch his face revealing those sensations!

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Broke Straight Boys: Ronan Kennedy Fucks Issac Lin Raw

Issac Lin gets right to business as he and Ronan Kennedy get started with their scene. Issac undresses Ronan slowly, sucking on his nipple as he makes his way closer to Ronan’s cock and takes it out of his pants, sucking on Ronan’s huge dick and then adjusting his position on the bed so that they can 69. Issac gives Ronan more oral, doing his best to deepthroat that enormous cock while Ronan watches and then stands up to face fuck Issac.

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