Queer Clicks: September 01, 2016 | The Battle Over .GAY, Boxers or Briefs? Guys With Hairy Chests Drop Their Shorts and Spill, & Other News

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The Battle Over .GAY

“The World Wide Web will soon be responsible for more than 10 percent or even 15 percent of gross domestic product in G20 countries, yet gay people continue to be denied opportunity to fully participate in its operation. Despite clear plans and global support to create community benefit from the new .GAY namespace, the top brass of the internet continue to deny LGBTQIA efforts to operate it. What does this say about equality of opportunity and nondiscrimination for the gay community when it comes to operations of the world’s most important means of communication and enterprise?” Advocate

Boxers or Briefs? Guys With Hairy Chests Drop Their Shorts and Spill

“If you like guys with hairy chests you’ll likely enjoy the latest installment of The Underwear Expert’s popular web series, “Boxers or Briefs?”

For those unfamiliar, the series features host MarkEMiller interviewing various categories of men to find out about their underwear preferences. He also puts on a little bit of a peep show for viewers, having his interviewees strip down to their skivvies. And this week it’s all about guys with fur.” Towleroad

Stranger Things’ David Harbour on Seducing Jake Gyllenhaal, Fighting with Winona, and ‘Hopper Butt’

“It’s official: Stranger Things has been renewed. The series that viewers and critics heralded as “the show of the summer” has made a star out of longtime character actor David Harbour, who portrays Sheriff Jim Hopper. Out’s readers may recognize Harbour as Heath Ledger’s competition in Brokeback Mountain. “I’m the third gay cowboy in a two gay cowboy movie,” he jokes.” Out.com

Merman Will Swim Right Into Your Heart In Ocean-Themed Dudeoir Shoot

“The dude who captured our hearts with a hunky cowboy photoshoot is back and sexier than ever.

Josh Varozza looks mighty fine in his most recent dudeoir photoshoot ― and this time it’s ocean-themed. Varozza, who’s a bail bondsman, is showing a little skin in the shoot as a mermaid and a lifeguard.” Huffington Post

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Tom Hiddleston Flashes His Dick And Butt In The Trailer Of His Latest Movie – Uncensored Photo!

Tom Hiddleston Flashes His Dick And Butt In The Trailer Of His Latest Movie - Uncensored Photo!

Has certain country music singer seen this cock in person yet? Make your bet!

Full-time actor and part-time Taylor Swift boyfriend Tom Hiddleston has a new movie to promote. It seems that the marketing department of the studio thought it would be a great idea to flash their lead actor’s junk to the audience to get some attention. And you have to concede that it worked!

Tom stars in “High-Rise” a film adaptation of the J.G. Ballard novel of the same name. Along with Hiddleston, there are other famed stars like Sienna Miller and Luke Evans. But there’s one important cameo that it didn’t get a screen credit, his penis! A couple of trailers and one teaser didn’t get the people talking much about this movie but as soon as the sunbathing scene was posted online everyone was discussing it. How do you rate this movie penis, fresh or rotten?

Make the jump to check out Tom Hiddleston exposed cock and butt in High-Rise and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Ask QC: Cumming On Time


Ask QC is the dedicated place for all of you to connect, support & share your wisdom!

This time domini asks:

Cumming On Time

hey guys…

i have this problem from a very long time and im just wondering if other folks are facing this kind of situation too. i have trouble reaching orgasm if i am having sex with someone. it doesnt matter if the guy im with is my type or not, i could not an orgasm if i dont jack myself off. and even then it takes an unusually long time to reach climax. i dont get this problem if i jack off, only when i have sex.

it places a burden on my boyfriend because he thinks i dont want to have sex with him. its making me anxious to cum and that makes it even more difficult for me to cum because of the anxiety. i have already explained to him, that this happened to me before, to all my previous hook-ups, but i know if he believes me. dont get me wrong, i have no problem getting an erection, i just i have difficulty cumming. think of it as a reverse pre-mature ejaculation, only i could go for hours and not cum, and its not as good as it may sound. any suggestion or insight on overcoming this? thanks.

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English Lads: Brendan


Brendan is good friends with fellow model Casey Lee and both lads have discovered they enjoy showing off on camera. Both have great physiques and work out together and it’s not uncommon for them to fuck girls together! Today Brendan shows us his ripped body, he is a pretty good boxer and his body is so solid and ripped, every bit is rock hard!

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William Higgins: Niko Molen


Niko Molen is a good looking straight guy aged 32. He lives in Plzen and enjoys sports, ice-hockey and fitness. What a very sexy guy he is, and as he lifts his tee shirt we see that he has a great body too. After removing the tee shirt Niko poses to show off that gorgeous chest of his. Then he opens his jeans and turns around to push them down and give us a great look at his sexy ass.

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Men.com: Diego Sans and Dylan Knight


Ever crushed on a porn star? You’re not alone. Diego Sans fills bottom boy Dylan Knight with his throbbing member in ‘Porn Crush’, a scene sure to make you and your eager hole envious.

See more at Men.com.

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Tattooed Hunk Unloads On His Desk!

Tattooed Hunk Unloads On His Desk!

Have you ever had to buy a replacement keyboard because the one you use gets covered in cum way too often?

Watch and learn. This tattooed hunk seems to be a very organized person. He displayed a great sense of restraint and control by directing his cumshot to avoid unnecessary spillage. Marvel as his hard long dick shoots the load on the on his computer desk. A perfect landing. Some cleaning is still needed but a bigger mess has been averted. He can re-assume his studies like nothing happened. So tidy!

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ChaosMen: Franco and Sky – Serviced

ChaosMen: Franco and Sky - Serviced

Franco has decided that he is at least Bi. When he talked to Sky, who is also Bi, he kind of realized that he didn’t have to be gay or straight, and he admitted to Sky that he really did like to get fucked. That he could actually like sex with both guys and girls.

Sky agreed with him, and that his favorite was sucking cock and eating cum.

Which is a good thing, because cum was on the menu that day!

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Raging Stallion: Boomer Banks and Jack Vidra


Jack Vidra‘s red beard rubs against the deep black of Boomer Banks‘ facial hair as they make out passionately. Boomer’s gargantuan uncut cock needs to get sucked, and Jack impressively swallows Boomer’s monster. With a hand on the back of Jack’s head, Boomer guides the talented cocksucker in the art of oral service. Jack teases the head of Boomer’s cock with his tongue and nibbles on Boomer’s foreskin.

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Active Duty: Scott

Active Duty: Scott

Hey Troops, Y’all are gonna just melt when you meet this brand new recruit. His name is Scott and he’s the most delicious 18-year-old! Scott seems to be a young, but very confident young man and he certainly knows how to pleasure himself. His body is just perfect. He’s lean but has some nice muscular development and it’s easy to see he has such potential for the future.

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Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

Self fucking requires some serious skills!

EricDeman has gained access to a new incredible hot video and they are sharing it with their subscribers! The contortionist in question is a skilled youngster. He did an amazing feat by sliding his tumescent cock into his own asshole. And the disappearing magic trick didn’t stop there. He shot his load immediately leaving his own cum all over his just-fucked ass!

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Queer Clicks: August 31, 2016 | Impromptu Locker Room Strip Tease Interrupted By Unsuspecting Bro, Matt Bomer to Play Trans Sex Worker, Criticism Over Casting Ensues , & Other News


Impromptu Locker Room Strip Tease Interrupted By Unsuspecting Bro

“You’ve just finished a particularly intense leg day at the gym, and upon entering the locker room, the unique scent of man-sweat, mildew and cheap shampoo suddenly inspires movement.

No, not the squats or presses of your previous hour’s (or 30 minutes if you’re us) hard work — a different sort of movement. Expression. Finesses. The power of dance compels you!” Queerty

Matt Bomer to Play Trans Sex Worker, Criticism Over Casting Ensues

“AHS co-stars Matt Bomer and John Carroll Lynch will appear together in the upcoming film Anything, which will follow a man (Lynch) who moves to Los Angeles after the death of his wife. There, he meets a transgender female sex worker (Bomer). The two soon come to terms with each other’s histories and find companionship, reports Variety.” Out.com

‘The Gay Bachelor’ Robert Sepulveda Jr. Opens Up About His Past As An Escort

“Robert Sepulveda Jr., aka the dapper bachelor and leading man on Logo’s new reality dating show, “Finding Prince Charming,” responded to rumors with The Huffington Post on Tuesday about his past as an escort.” Huffington Post

Scientists Discover Cells that Make Nipples Go Hard

“Scientists trying to understand the biological processes behind involuntary human responses say they have been able to determine what makes a person’s nipples become hard.” Towleroad

Juan Gabriel Was Mexico’s Gay Icon

“With his glittery capes, slinky dance moves and ultra-romantic lyrics, Mexican superstar Juan Gabriel was an unlikely king in a country known for its machismo. He never spoke about his sexuality, yet was widely assumed to be gay.” LA Times

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