Inked Bad Boy Cums On His Favorite Couch!

Inked Bad Boy Cums On His Favorite Couch!

That upholstery is going to need a deep cleaning!

This inked bad boy furiously wanked the raging hard-on he had. The impressive boner didn’t lose one bit of hardness even after he came all over the placer. The glorious first cumshot needs to be seen to be believed. For a few seconds his was was transformed into an out-of-control hose. Those abs never looked better that after they were covered with the hot stuff!

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Active Duty: Quentin Gainz and Johnny B

Active Duty: Quentin Gainz and Johnny B

Active Duty‘s sexy men have a passionate connection as they begin to kiss right after introductions. The slow moving kissing and rubbing soon leads straight into them on the bed in just some red underwear with their big bulges very noticeable. Johnny wraps his fresh recruit mouth around Quentin’s hard waiting cock. Quentin wants to see just how good this rookie really is. Quentin loves the sultry BJ he is receiving but he wants to get his mouth stuffed with that big cock of Johnny’s. Both men impressed with their amazing blowjobs leads Johnny into a moment where he thinks he can shine.

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Kristen Bjorn: Room Service – Titan Tex and John Rodriguez

Kristen Bjorn: Room Service - Titan Tex and John Rodriguez

Titan Tex has checked into the exclusive hotel and finds himself in need of more towels, the room attendant, John Rodriguez arrives just in time. John arrives and finds out that their towels are not able to contain Titan’s mighty tool. As with all boutique hotels, customer service is paramount. John immediately sees that their guest is in need of some special attention and John just so happens to be the expert that is needed in this particular room. Titan drops his towel and shows John his massive, meaty cock and John springs into action. Sizing up this monster is no simple task, John begins by running his tongue up and down the huge mahogany cock then delves in and consumes it with his ravenous mouth. John does everything within his powers and the expanding limits of his mouth and throat to pleasure his guest. With Titan’s colossal cock all glistening wet, John lowers his ass over Titan’s darting tongue. Titan bathes John’s ass with pleasure and abundant saliva.

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Queer Clicks: January 21 | Gay Porn Stars Clash Over The Term “Big Black C*ck”: Is It Ever Acceptable To Say?, Would You Buy Rocco Steele’s Underwear?, & Other News

Gay Porn Stars Clash Over The Term “Big Black C*ck”: Is It Ever Acceptable To Say?

“On Wednesday, Max Konnor, a gay porn actor, tweeted a serious thought to his fans.The tweet has since racked up over 500 favorites and replies, spurring an evolving conversation on the topic. But with responses from fellow porn actors like Austin Wolf and “Big C” pushing back, the incident emphasized the controversy within these dialogues.” New Now Next

Mr. Man

Indie Hit Jesus Gives Us Full Commitment From Its Actors

“From a general cinematic perspective, the critically-acclaimed indie Jesús, now available for rent on Google Play and Amazon Video, is a gritty tale of one rough-and-tumble Santiagan teen’s violent, drug-fueled, and overall aimless life as the member of a street gang. The Village Voice refers to this as a “bad-seed street-teen” movie, and considering the far-reaching and somewhat blasé classification, Jesús really shouldn’t be something that we give a rat’s bootay about here at Instinct. Oh, but, wait. From an LGBTQ perspective, Jesús is a flick that remarkably, unceremoniously shuffles in a gay element to our anti-hero’s coming-of-age tale in the form of explicit unsimulated sex.” Instinct Magazine

Would You Buy Rocco Steele’s Underwear?

“Rocco Steele is more than just a pretty face. He’s a businessman! And he’s got a sexy new line of underpants to prove it.

“I’m actually kind of pulling back on the porn and the appearances around [my porn persona] and now I’m just doing appearances for 10Seven,” Steele recently told media at the Mid Atlantic Leather 2018 convention. ” Queerty

This Gay Singaporean DJ Is Also One Smoking Hot Muscle Daddy

“DJ Big Kid has already made a name for himself globally as a musician, playing shows from Tapei to Zurich to Sydney. But what some people may not know, is that he’s also sexy AF.” Hornet App

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

This new GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week is like a gallery of donkey cocks!

The sheer size of some of these specimens could instantly bring any type of men to his knees. All the glory of the male anatomy in one spectrum that is going to cater many preferences. We can’t stress enough how good this lineup is. Prepare to fall in love ten times over and after that you can go back to the beginning and start the whole cycle again. Whether you’re looking for a handsome face to look at while he makes tender love to you or a HUGE cock to have a wild fuck you will surely find the GWiP’er of your dreams here!

Make the jump to claim your favorites, rank them in your own order and don’t forget to share your picks in the comments!

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Straight Off Base: Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Tyson

Straight Off Base: Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Tyson

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Tyson, is a beefy, is a 21 year old soldier who stopped by the studio straight off base. He’s from the wilds of Oregon state, but he didn’t stop by to talk about the woods or the weather, well maybe wood had his singular attention. He was headed off tho the beach after this but he wanted to get off on the webcam beforehand!

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Naked Sword: Arad Winwin Fucks Brad Payton

Naked Sword: Arad Winwin Fucks Brad Payton

Arad Winwin calls up his favorite boy toy, Brad Payton and entices him with a swim. It’s not long before Brad is enticed by the bulge growing in Arad’s speedo. Brad blows him then climbs out of the pool so Arad can eat his hot, tight pink hole. The deep-tongue rim job turns into a sweaty fuck.Brad shoots his load then sits up so he can swallow Arad’s jizz. Overheated and spent, they both melt back into the water to cool off.

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Introducing – Porn. But Better!

Gay YouTube icon, Davey Wavey, has launched, An erotic playground for men who have sex with men to enhance their experience of sex and sexuality. is building a community around sex and sexually via weekly video updates, live video chats for members only and much more on the full website. is using the vehicle of porn to teach gay men about sexual exploration, connection and ecstasy.Davey says ‘Many gay men learn about gay sex through gay porn. ‘Porn doesnt teach you what feels good or about pleasure or how to connect with another person’. is like porn, but better!

It’s like porn. But better.
Exploration. Connection. Ecstasy.
Do you want better sex?

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