Jay Roberts and Diego Reyes

Some people say you cannot live without love—but how far are you willing to go? Jay Roberts comforts Diego Reyes who lusts after love down on Earth’s surface. Once Jay gets that cock in his mouth, there is no other place that Diego would rather be. These gods of men take turns slobbering on each other’s beautiful cocks, and after working Diego’s tight hole with his tongue Jay enters from behind and fucks him right.

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Offering His Hole To His Viewers!

Offering His Hole To His Viewers!

Someone is in the mood for a good ol’ fuck!

What do you think, is he showing the damage after or is he carving for a good stretching exercise? Whatever it’s the case we think his huge bubble butt deserves some loving. This handsome guy has an offer you can’t resist!

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CockyBoys: Manuel Skye Manhandles Taylor Reign

CockyBoys: Manuel Skye Manhandles Taylor Reign

There’s no random selection that brings together Taylor Reign and Manuel Skye. They just HAD to be paired up! Taylor likes experienced, older, muscular guys who basically know what they’re doing. Plus, according to Taylor, “I swear their dicks are bigger!”. Conversely, Manuel Skye likes the tight bodies of younger guys as well as making a connection and building trust in the pursuit of the balance between romantic sensuality and hard sex.

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Aroldis Chapman, Pro Baseball Player And NY Yankees Pitcher, Shows Off His Big Bat In New Leaked Photo!

Aroldis Chapman, Pro Baseball Player And NY Yankees Pitcher, Shows Off His Big Bat In New Leaked Photo!

He might be a pitcher but this is his turn at the bat!

Aroldis Chapman previously played for the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs before achieving great success with the New York Yankees. The Cuban-American 29yo even met Barack Obama when his team traveled to Washington to present the World Series championship trophy to the president. That day Chapman made the news because Obama skipped his name during the ceremony. The cause of the snub were the alleged domestic violence accusations that cost him a suspension during the previous season (although no formal charges were presented according to several reports he discharged a gun eight times in front of his then girlfriend).

Since then Aroldis has rehabilitated his image and continued playing under a new contract with the Yankees while maintaining high profile friendships with celebrities like singer Mark Anthony and rapper 50 Cent. But he seems to be about to attract the media attention again and not because his records in the sport. The former winner of the MLB Delivery Man of the Month Award as the best relief pitcher has a new leaked photos. In it Aroldis is seen completely naked. His face is seen partially but his very distinctive tattoos on his arm and shoulder are a total match. There’s no doubt that the bat in the naked selfie belongs to Chapman!

Make the jump to see more of NY Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman and let us know what you think of this horny baseballer. Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comments!

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Broke Straight Boys: Cowboy Cage Fucks Rowan Adams

Cage Kafig and Rowan Adams exchange a few kisses while they get naked and then Cage bends down to suck Rowan’s cock, working that dick with his mouth until Rowan is good and hard. Rowan returns the favor as he takes Cage’s prick between his soft lips and gets him hard, wrapping his tongue around Cage’s sensitive tip while Cage gets hornier by the second.

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Bel Ami: Jack Harrer and Marc Ruffalo

We’re all for the old adage that ‘Two are better than One’, especially when the two are Jack Harrer and Marc Ruffalo. This week’s featured models have been paired up once before in a scene that Bel Ami showed us a couple of years ago, and they are happy that they were able to get them together again for this photo shoot and video.

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Sean Cody: Kaleb

Sean Cody: Kaleb

Newbie Kaleb is a hottie! He’s got the personality, the body, the nice ass and the big, uncut dick… basically the whole package.

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