Myles Landon and Chance Summerlin  Myles Landon and Chance Summerlin

Myles Landon is the strong silent type, a muscled dom who lets his big, thick dick to do the talking for him. His boy, Chance Summerlin, is genuinely eager to please, and Myles takes every advantage of him. Chance scuttles into the room at Myles’ order, and obediently does as he’s told, showing his smooth ass and asshole, licking and worshiping Myles’ leather codpiece, and taking a good cropping on his ass. Myles then ties Chance face-up to the top of a cage and sucks his cock, teasing him with pleasure before doling out the pain.

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QueerClick’s CHULO Underwear Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Update 2018-02-18: Thank you all for taking part in our Chulo Underwear Giveaways. Congratulations to our Round 1 winner Manual and Round 2 winner Akif! Akif, please check your email and let us your details. CHULO will send the items your way shortly.

CHULO is a cultural clothing line that donates proceeds to help marginalized young people. Each purchase has a direct impact: all proceeds go to a local community-based organization (CBO), scholarship program or charity that services the very same youth they work with, and whom they hope to inspire.

We are celebrating this Valentine’s Day with this CHULO Underwear giveaway. Enter by Saturday night for a chance to be the lucky winner, good luck!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Say Hello To Chandler

Guys In Sweatpants: Say Hello To Chandler

Chandler is an 18 year old cutie who came to Guys In Sweatpants from Tennessee. This is his first time ever getting filmed having sex on camera, and what better way to spend it than getting fucked and bred by Austin? Chandler was hoping for a shoot with Austin, and Austin loves breaking in his new boys, so this it was a perfect match. Watching Chandler suck on Austin’s huge cock is enough to make you cum in itself, but luckily it didn’t stop there!

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Gorgeous Hunk Cums In The Shower!

Gorgeous Hunk Cums In The Shower!

This POV video will make you feel as though you’re actually in that shower and kneeling in front of him!

The camera angle couldn’t be better! This gorgeous hunk captured one of his best jerk off sessions and he decided to share the incredible moment with the whole world. He’s handsome, horny, his cock is big and the load is abundant… what else do you need to know? So yummy!

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Watch the complete video for FREE after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Badpuppy: Scott West

Badpuppy: Scott West

29-year-old Scott West is a big, beefy stud who loves working out in the gym. He primarily identifies as bi; but, if he bottoms he wants a big, muscular guy. If he is going to top he wants a smaller, more feminine guy. After a brief interview Scott slowly slips off his shirt, stands up and turns around to show off what he calls his best asset; his ass. His body is totally ripped with a few nice tattoos; but, his ass is extremely hot and one you’d love to bury your face into.

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Active Duty: Ryan V and Princeton Price

Active Duty: Ryan V and Princeton Price

Princeton calls the shots and he wraps his mouth around Ryan’s hard shaft right after the introduction. Ryan kicks back and takes pleasure in his first blow job from a man. Princeton gives him the special treatment taking care of every inch on that throbbing shaft. He even lets the new recruit fuck his face giving him the illusion that he’s calling shots. Ryan wants a taste of some hard dick and Princeton kicks back and let him go at it. Ryan slowly wraps his virgin mouth around Princeton’s hard dick and begins to please his throbbing shaft. Princeton man handles Ryan and puts him in position so he can grab his ass while being blown. Princeton lays Ryan on the edge of the bed and spreads his legs wide as his hole gets stretched for the first time. Princeton tells him to breathe and let his hole open and soon enough it does which makes Princeton fuck him harder and deeper. The sweet moans from Ryan will make your cock twitch as he enjoys a dick inside of himself for the first time.

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Queer Clicks: February 18 | ‘Butterscotch Goddam’ is Fischerspooner’s Fresh, Sticky, Sexy Love Affair, Insta-Stud: Jorge Del Rio Romero, & Other News

73 Images of Leathermen on Exhibition at the Faultline

The three-day leatherfest took place at one of Los Angeles’s most popular leather and fetish bars, the Faultline. Luis Ramos was crowned Mr. Faultline Leather 2018. Advocate

Insta-Stud: Jorge Del Rio Romero

“Those eyes!!! I could get lost looking at those bad boys all day, and more importantly, all night. Meet Jorge Del Rio Romero– a green-eyed stunning Spanish male model.” Homorazzi

‘Butterscotch Goddam’ Is Fischerspooner’s Fresh, Sticky, Sexy Love Affair

“Fischerspooner today released the video for “Butterscotch Goddam”, the follow-up to its sexual deep dive “Top Brazil” which took viewers into the depths of a sex club. Both come from the group’s new LP Sir, released today.

“Butterscotch” is “about a tumultuous love affair,” its director Carlo Van de Roer told NME.” Towleroad

Celebrating Chinese Year Of The Dog With Tim

“Photographer West Phillips is helping us bring in the Chinese New Year with an extraordinary series of photography celebrating the beauty of Asian men, today we feature the beautiful Tim.” DNA Magazine

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

Ten incredibly hot guys are here to make your heart race, your mouth water and your knees weak!

Your favorite Top 10 of the week has arrived. Over that past seven days have hundreds of guys have tried their best to make the cut and these fine, fine gentlemen are at the very top of that harsh, and very naked, friendly competition. The masses have spoken with their likes and we have rounded up the very cream of the top but who among them will reign supreme is still a mystery. Handsome men, HUGE cocks celebrate the extraordinary achievements of the male beauty in this super hot GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week!

Make the jump to check out the full lineup. Pick your favorites rank them in your own order and don’t forget to share your selection in the comments!

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French Twinks: Paul Delay and Gabriel Lambert

French Twinks: Paul Delay and Gabriel Lambert

The hot Paul Delay and the lovely Gabriel Lambert are watching TV in bed before sleeping but the proximity of their two smooth bodies almost naked will delay bedtime. The two delicious twinks huddled together kiss each other passionately and while their wet tongues intertwine their hands slip under the bed cover. Paul strokes the beautiful bump formed by the panties of Gabriel then licks his nipples and makes him moans of pleasure. Always so naughty Paul is wearing a jock-strap that offers an ideal view and a perfect access to his pretty ass.

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