GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week


It’s about to get hot in here, a new GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week has arrived! Look at those bodies, they are all winners in our eyes but, how can you pick just one?
And although there are ten spots, two “bonuses” have crashed our lineup as they have tagged along with their partners to increase their chances of getting more mention in the comments, will that strategy work? Guess we’re about to find out! Perfect bodies, huge cocks, and horny situations captured with their iPhones are going to send you over the moon. Make the jump to discover your next favorite GWiP’er and don’t forget to share your pick in the comments!

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28 May 16 By G. 6 Comments

Staxus: Jeffrey Lloyd and Tony Conrad Enjoy a Flood of Piss and Cum


Pity the poor folks who had to clean up after Tony Conrad and Jeffrey Lloyd met up for this tremendous piss and spunk fiesta, which begins – innocuously enough – with Conrad jigging his butt for the camera in a deliciously hot pair of cheek-exposing Barcode Berlin shorts. Not that he’s alone in his antics for very long. Soon Lloyd is joining the fray dressed in a butt-clinging wrestling suit; at which point the action turns decidedly hardcore, with both boys taking it in turns to unleash their meaty, uncut swords and in order to engage in a hot, sweaty session of cock-sucking.

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28 May 16 By Dave 2 Comments

Broke Straight Boys: Brandon Evans And Junior Fernandez


Broke Straight Boys likes to give their members what they want, and they want to see Brandon Evans top, so today his going to be fucking their new guy Junior Fernandez to welcome him to BSB! Brandon starts with a slow massage, sliding his hands across Junior’s body as he reaches for that cock and they make out, slowly losing their clothes as Junior makes his way down to Brandon’s dick.

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28 May 16 By Dave Write a comment!

William Higgins: Kamil Apolon


Kamil Apolon is aged 20. This sexy straight guy comes from Brno and is a student. In his leisure time he enjoys sports, bodybuilding and ice-hockey. Oh what a handsome guy Kamil is and, as he takes off his tee shirt, he shows us that he had a great body too. He poses to let us enjoy his chest, then removes his shorts to stand in just his bulging underwear. When he removes the underwear he turns to show off his sexy ass.

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28 May 16 By Dave 1 Comment

SpunkWorthy: Dustin

SpunkWorthy: Dustin

Dustin was referred to SpunkWorthy by either a fan of the site, or an anonymous model who’s already appeared on the site. The story was a little vague, but whoever it was that was doing the recruiting thought that Dustin would probably look good naked. And we couldn’t agree more; like Clark Kent’s hot military son.

A former Marine, Dustin is 23 y/o and decided to drop trou’ for some cash, much to his girlfriend’s chagrin. At least at first. She warmed up to the idea since he first told her about the plan and actually ended up curious about things.

“I wasn’t sure if it’d be okay,” Dustin said when he showed up, “but she wanted to come along and watch.

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28 May 16 By Jo 3 Comments

Corbin Fisher: Grant and Harper’s Poolside Fuck

Corbin Fisher: Grant and Harper's Poolside Fuck
Corbin Fisher Spring Fling Save Up To 30%!

Harper couldn’t help himself when he saw Grant’s tight and ripped body laying out on the pool. He had to get close to him one way or another. He splashes in to draw him out and get him where he really wants him – in his mouth!

You can’t really blame him, spending any amount of time with the tall blue-eyed stud makes both the guys and girls at Corbin Fisher look for any excuse to get his attention. Well Harper sure makes the most of it – and gets himself quite the fucking in the process!

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28 May 16 By Ken 3 Comments

This Self-Suck Will Leave A Good Taste In Your Mouth!


If you can’t do this prepare to be jealous and if you are able to perform this feat take notes! This flexible dude sucked his own cock like a champ we bet that load left a really good taste in his mouth. This gem is one of the latest additions to the Premium section of Sticky and we’re sharing it with our readers completely for FREE. Make the jump to watch the video and let us know if you are capable of emulating this formidable self-suck!

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28 May 16 By G. 1 Comment

CockyBoys: Ashton Summer & Carter Dane

CockyBoys: Ashton Summer & Carter Dane
CockyBoys: Ashton Summer & Carter Dane

CockyBoys presents a new scene with CockyBoys exclusive, Carter Dane and Cockyboys newcomer, Ashton Summer. Ashton and Carter have a lot of similarities not just in strong elegant, athletic bodies but with an awareness of their bodies and how to share it. Being in the outdoors with the warmth, birds and the possibility of being caught, their foreplay was slow and sensual.

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28 May 16 By Ken 4 Comments

Cocksure Men: Ryan Mondo Barebacks Miky Bolton

Cocksure Men: Ryan Mondo Barebacks Miky Bolton

Miky Bolton plays with his huge, thick, uncut cock when Ryan Mondo sneaks up behind him. They kiss & Miky stands up showing us how hung he is. They remove their clothes & take turns sucking, ending up in a 69 position. Miky, on his back with his legs skyward, gets a great rim job from Ryan. Ryan slides his lubed raw cock into Miky’s ass bareback. Ryan is very flexible & sucks Miky’s long cock while still fucking him.

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28 May 16 By Ken Write a comment!

Underwear Model Max Emerson And YouTuber Davey Wavey Made A “Sex Tape” For A Good Cause


Two social media stars, Emerson (Instagram) and Wavey (Youtube) joined forces and sweaty bodies for an extremely good cause and to bring more attention to the matter they made a “sex tape” well sort of.

As Davey eloquently explained in a funny video he made, the couple is planning to bike their legs off in the annual AIDS/LifeCycle that covers a ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, that’s like 545 miles, with the noble objective of raising money (and awareness) to fight HIV/AIDS and to accomplish that the two ripped guys have a personal fundraising goal of $20K (if you feel like donating you can do it from here) so far they have collected almost 8k in donations so their target number is still far away.

If you need an incentive to support their cause, just check Max’s naked butt after the jump and watch the “sex tape” with them pretending hilariously fuck off-camera. What do you think of Max Emerson and Davey Wavey joint venture for a good cause? Let us know in the comments!

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27 May 16 By G. 5 Comments