Authentic Footballers: Benjamin

authentic footballers benjamin

This week's update will blow your mind. Benjamin (20) is a cute guy, smoking hot with a well formed body and a beautiful ass, with a thick crack and a tight hole, surrounded by a bunch of black hair.

Benjamin is a bit shy, so in spite of all his physical features, he has fucked only 5 women so far. What are women doing in his neighborhood? Are they blind? He has a weakness for nurses, he gets horny every time he goes to a hospital.

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Helix Studios: Kody Knight and Liam Riley

helix liam kody

In the newest episode of Helix's "Man On Twink" series, director Dominic Ford explores a gay boy's common summer camp fantasy. (I know, which one, right!) The same group of twinks from earlier episodes are still sitting around, chatting in a reality-show style setting. The question is again posed, this time to the delicious Liam Riley (who looks like a young Mario Lopez): "Is there anyone from your past that you secretly fantasize about?" The soft-spoken Liam shares a cock-warming story about his straight, hunky summer camp tennis instructor, and how he wishes he'd had the balls to kiss him during one of their private lessons.

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Super Hot 10

What’s scorchin’ on QueerClick!

English Lads: Aaron Janes

English Lads: Aaron Janes

Aaron is a very good looking lad, a handsome smile and stunning body. And to top it all, a cheeky personality - great combination! His hair has grown a lot now, and he looks very manly with a large amount of stubble on his face. It's a hot day, so Aaron is on the roof, sunning himself, and starts to strip for us, showing us his muscular physique, and doing some press ups in his boxers.

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Men At Play: Tub Rub - Dato Foland & Axel Brooks

Men At Play: Tub Rub - Dato Foland & Axel Brooks

Dato Foland is laying in the tub, ripped, bronzed, wet and foamy, in the throws of a private jerk off session, what do you do? You're not going to let that opportunity pass you by, you want to be in on this 'private' moment too. That's just what suited business man Axel Brooks decides in the same situation. He reaches into the water for a tug of that beautiful Russian cock and Dato tugs on Axel's tie pulling him in close for a kiss.

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Spunkworthy: Cy

spunkworthy cy

After Cy did a quickie video a few weeks before, Spunk Worthy members asked for more. So Jason invited the bicurious stud back for a blowjob. Cy told Jason that he was hesitant to do the BJ video because it was hard for him to get off from blowjobs. Jason didn't see that as a problem; instead, he saw it as a challenge. Cy's cock was on its way to getting hard before Jason even placed it in his mouth. The hairy stud was in heaven as his fat wiener was being sucked by a master cocksucker. But it wasn't until Jason began to rim and finger-fuck Cy that the stud really got rock hard.

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GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

Love is in the air! This edition of GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week is truly a love fest, and a cock parade at the same time. We could list all the features worth mentioning of these hot GWiP'ers but words fall short in the presence of so much hotness and besides, we're sure you are going to shower them with compliments. So go ahead and prepare to end up drooling over these boner-inducing iPhone-loving guys. Who would you like to kiss the most? And, in which part of his body? Tell us in the comments!

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Deviant Otter: Breeding an Aussie Daddy

deviantotter-aussie-daddy.jpg deviantotter-aussie-daddy.jpg

Sometimes it's a little difficult for Deviant Otter to find hot guys that he's into who are willing to fuck on camera, and sometimes he gets lucky and it just happens. For some reason it's a harder to get the more experienced gents to show off. Well lo and behold a few weeks ago Deviant Otter was playing around on Scruff and he saw this wicked sexy Australian daddy who was just a couple miles away. The porn gods must have been smiling down on that day because all Deviant Otter had to say was "Fuckin wooooof. Looking for guys to film and fuck," and he was on his way!

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Dirty Tony: Augustus Cross

Dirty Tony: Augustus Cross

Augustus Cross is a hot Texas bred muscled stud who wants to step out and make his porn debut. They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and judging by the bulge Augustus works up in his tight jeans, there must be some truth to that. Pretty soon, Augustus' jeans run out of room, and he needs to release his hot thick cock for some hands on stroking action. Augustus' thick veined cock gets a good stroking as he lays back to really get into the action. A fine drop of precum glistens as it oozes out of his piss slit. And he loves to rub those creamy drops all over the head of his cock. Once he flips over and shows his assets off though, things really start to heat up. Watch that perfect V shaped body grind on the sofa as he gets ready to release.

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Mr Man


What better way to celebrate a celebrity birthday than to see him in his birthday suit! Today is Jonathan Rhys-Meyers birthday and Mr Man has him wearing his birthday finest.

And with daily updates there are hundreds of naked male celebs waiting for you. Colt Rivers & Dale Cooper

mencom dale colt

It's a slow and deep ass fucking for Colt Rivers in the hottest new scene from Gods of Men. Dale Cooper hits all the right buttons with his hard dick.

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Bel Ami: Billy Montague and Marc Ruffalo

Bel Ami: Billy Montague and Marc Ruffalo

BelAmi decided to find out what is really important for Billy Montague and Marc Ruffalo when it comes to sex. Good looks or good heart. Turns out that our 2 boys are feeling a little bit shallow today and they both vote that looks are more important for them when it comes to jumping into bed with someone. We know that it is not exactly true for either of them, but when you work for BelAmi you are always a little spoiled when it comes to good looking partners.

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2015 Tom Daley Style


Sexy diver and one of not secret crushes has announced his 2015 calendar. It's a great way to get your daley daily dose of his athletic body and puppy dog eyes....and it's probably the closest will ever get to pinning Tom to our wall.....sigh,

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