Sean Cody: Brody and Blake Bareback

Sean Cody: Brody and Blake Bareback

Brody and Blake are busy preparing the pumpkins for Halloween, but that has not stopped them from taking time out for some hot fun with each other. Blake's sexy ass gets a good plough and pump from Brody's thick beautiful cock. You just cannot miss out the boys firing out awesome streams of white cum everywhere! DELICIOUS!

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Bel Ami: Marc Ruffalo and Gregg Meyjes

Bel Ami: Marc Ruffalo and Gregg Meyjes

Marc Ruffalo and Gregg Meyjes are such a lovely pairing with great chemistry! Gregg has an amazing delicious hairy ass while Marc's big and juicy cock just fits so well into that ass! Gregg is so sexy and enthusiastic as he takes on Marc's hot cum load on his face! DAYUM!

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Staxus:Meet Arthur Kral

staxus arthur kral

Arthur Kral is brand new to the Staxus site, and although there is much more to find out about this handsome and horny young man in the coming weeks and months they wanted to get some pics on here straight away after seeing him in his first video.

He really jumped in at the deep end of the pool with his debut video, starring alongside Jaro Stone and Alan Benfelen in the bareback threesome video which arrived on the site this week. Already that scene has had plenty of views and been enjoyed by so many of the members (many of whom had to comment on it and vote it up too).

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ChaosMen: Troi Fucks Griffin - RAW

ChaosMen: Troi Fucks Griffin - RAW
ChaosMen Monster Cock Week 2014

Griffin does appreciate a rather large cock. Not so much to sit on, but he does like a challenge when it comes to swallowing!

Since he joined the team, Bryan asked him who he would like to work with, and Troi was at the top of his list. He watched a few of his videos and prepared himself for some deep throat action. Griffin was more worried about sitting on his cock, as his anal experience is not nearly as high as his sucking experience.

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Broke Straight Boys: Zeno Kostas Fucks Brandon Beal

broke straight boys zeno brandon

Broke Straight Boys presents, "Zeno Kostas Fucks Brandon Beal." A straightforward title to a new scene that is anything but straight. These gay4pay dudes checked their heterosexuality at the door when they arrived on set; and it shows, because they are clearly hot for each other. And the more they're into each other, the more we're into them.

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Latinboyz: Jamie

latinboyz jamie

Jamie told Latinboyz that when he first came out he was a strict top but that so many of the guys he was with were always trying to get at his ass (and it's one of the finest asses ever featured on LBZ) he finally gave it up and now likes getting fucked just as much as fucking.

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William Higgins: Jakub Moravec

william higgins jakub moravec

Jakub Moravec is aged 24 and lives in Prague. He is a student who enjoys sports, cycling and fitness. What a great looking guy Jakub is. He looks wonderful in his tight-fitting sweater. When he removes the sweater his magnificent chest, with a very large tattoo, is exposed. Jakub poses, flexing his biceps as we examine that hot body. Then he lowers his jeans, turning to show off a beautifully rounded ass.

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College Dudes: Troy Taylor Fucks Jacob Gamble

college dudes troy jacob

"Troy Taylor Fucks Jacob Gamble," the new scene from College Dudes, takes a departure from previous scenes. Instead of having the models uncomfortably look into the camera while they're being interviewed, they work the interview into the dialogue of a proper acting scene. This more organic approach adds to the fantasy, thus making the scene more erotic.

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ChaosMen: Duncan

ChaosMen: Duncan
ChaosMen Monster Cock Week 2014

Duncan brings his 'Grade A Meat' to Monster Cock Week, along with his 'A Game'!

He has an amazing body, a hot sexy vibe, and a 7-8 inch cock that he literally can't wrap his hand completely around! Sure, there are longer cocks out there, but the dude has got some monstrous girth on him!

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Amateur College Sex: Noel and Jamie Fuck

Amateur College Sex: Noel and Jamie Fuck

It's official - Noel is a stud. This young man can fuck like a champ, and we're treated to an episode where we get to see him do that again. Now even more comfortable in front of the cameras and eager to show off for us, Noel holds nothing back here. He fucks hard, he fucks deep, and he fucks fast.

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Sneaky Peek Update

Sneaky Peek Update

The pervy camerman at SneakyPeek spies on a young bearded athlete in the locker room who has a long uncut dick and a big ball sack. The oblivious lad takes his time changing having no idea anyone is watching or filming him in his natural naked state.

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Authentic Footballers: Rafael

authentic footballers rafael

Rafael (25) is a super hot mixture of masculinity and hair. He's got a hairy chest, legs, groin and ass crack, plus a muscled body, a big cock, and a heavy pair of balls.

He really needed the cash, but he was very reluctant to show his hole. He mentions his discomfort several times. He says his ass is truly tight (which is true).

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