ChaosMen: Jon

ChaosMen: Jon

Jon surprised Bryan during his interview. He is a gay guy, and when asked about what he liked to do, he mentioned fisting. That’s not one Bryan had actually heard before. Ironically, he is not into super hung guys, but every now and then, having a guy dig in with their hand turns him on.

He is blond and has that twink vibe about him, but he seems like mature guy. At 23, he has his life together, but is always looking to make a little extra money and has been debating giving porn a try.

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30 Mar 15 By Jo 3 Comments

Ask QC: Am I the world’s worst bottom?


Dear QC,

I’m a total bottom, but probably the worlds worst! I’ve no interest or desire to top, I never have, I love cock and I love serving and pleasing my guy. The thing is I can’t even bottom/fuck which is a total joke (a bad one) at my age – I’m 21 yo already. My boyfriend is 25, an experienced top and he’s been great at being patient with me but I know that he really wants to fuck me – and I really want him to be able to do that with him too. I would say I’m a good kisser and good at hand jobs/blow jobs but I feel that my boyfriend is missing out because he can’t fuck my ass they way I know he wants too :(

Since I was a teenager I’ve had this desire to be fucked but when it comes to the mechanics of it I just can’t get over the pain or being able to widen my hole enough – it hurt so much when I tried a few years back when I tried to finger myself that I just didnt try anymore. Now I’m beginning to wonder if I have some sort of medical or physical problem thats restricting me from being able to do that – I really can’t even get my pinky in :(

Since I started dating my boyfriend then I thought some how it would just happen naturally and I would either get used to or be able to overcome the pain so that I could be fucked. But as that hasn’t happened, so a few months ago I bought a butt plug (the smallest I could find) and lubed up and even after lots of practice I can’t bear to get it in – if I do then I can’t keep it there for more than a few seconds without breaking into a cold sweat and wanting to pass out! I literally scream in agony!

And it’s kinda difficult to know how to go any further now, I still live at home with my parents and I can only try with my butt plug when they’re not there as they will hear me as there’s zero privacy in our home :( So guys, what I need to know, is how long should I keep it in, hours? days? Is this the only way I will stretch my hole? Cause at the moment I can’t even take it for a minute! So if thats the case then I doubt I will ever be able to take a cock in my ass, and thats would be really sad as its something I want to do to keep my boy friend happy.

Actually I’m worried that I will lose him eventualy over this, he’s not said anything and he’s being really patient but when we first met and I asked him why he broke off with his previous boyfriends he did mention sexual incompatabilty as one of the reasons :(

I’m really envious of all the great bottoms on here and I want to be like a porn star power bottom :) So I’m hoping you guys might know of some other (better/less painful) ways that I can train to be the best bottom for my guy!

Thanks and hugs and kisses xoxo


Hi Thadd and thanks for writing in with your questions and concerns. Learning sexual techniques, especially bottoming is like anything else and takes practice, and your boyfriend will be aware of that. He’s knows it takes time and practice and so it’s great to hear that he is an understanding guy and being patient with you. That should alleviate any physhological concerns you may have. It may also be advizable to visit a medical professional too, it could be something as simple (and treatable) as hemorrhoids that’s causing the pain, so it’s worthwhile getting a physical to eliminate any medical conditions. While we can get a lot of tips and ideas from porn, let’s get real, these guys are pros, well practised and those shoots are filmed over several hours/days and then edited. It would be great of course if a porn model gave a few tips here, but back to the real world and our lovely QC fans! So dear QC readers what advice would you give Thadd? Please share your tips and experiences to help him and all in the QComments section!

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

30 Mar 15 By T 1 Comment

Masters Anal Douche Into Sub’s Face At Brutal Tops

Masters Anal Douche Into Sub’s Face At Brutal Tops

By the end of this extreme session Elliott will be completely defeated. At BrutalTops, psychotic Masters Josh and Derek return to complete their humiliation. All are completely naked and lead Master Derek squirts water into his own arsehole with a douche. Then, as the other snarling top holds the sub’s head, straight-boy Derek jets dirty water from his hole directly into the sub’s mouth!

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30 Mar 15 By G. 3 Comments

QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

Guys, this is it, we think we have found the definitive QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week… well for the time being at least! This mountain of muscles and boy-ish looks is the owner of that kind of wide dick that’ll have you dripping for hours and he could stretch your love tunnel to limits you wouldn’t think were possible. We dare you to not instantly fall in love with him. Would you consider him a keeper or a one night stand? Tell us in the comments!

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29 Mar 15 By G. 9 Comments

Corbin Fisher: Kennedy and Ryder’s Locker Room Fuck

Corbin Fisher: Kennedy and Ryder's Locker Room Fuck

From start to end Kennedy and Ryder show just how much they enjoy blowing, rimming and fucking young, big cocked, men!

Kennedy takes the alpha-male reins as Ryder sucks on his veiny dick. Ryder, who’s a pretty dominant male himself, certainly appreciates a good dose of dirty talk and gets rock hard from sucking cock and taking direction.

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29 Mar 15 By Ken 8 Comments

Topless Muscle Hunks in Taiwan’s Most Popular Talk Show “Kangsi Coming” – 康熙來了

Topless Muscle Hunks in Taiwan's Most Popular Talk Show

Here’s your gym inspiration for the day. “Kangsi Coming” (康熙來了), probably Taiwan’s most popular talk show, invited a varied pack of hot guys that had one thing in common, they were all dumped by their exes because of their scrawny physics, they were even labeled as “weak chickens”. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves they started fitness training, the results as the before and after pics show are quite impressive in some cases and others are work in progress. One of the guys, who also happens to be gay, just started a year ago and thinks that he probably only got invited so that he could be laughed at, but he was happy to participate nevertheless. The hostess loves to check out their pecs and judge whose feel softer, and whose are more manly!

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29 Mar 15 By G. 8 Comments

Sean Cody: Elliott

Sean Cody: Elliott

Elliott has an amazing lean and well-defined body! His muscular chest to his ripped abs are just too hard to resist, and together with his handsome face and an infectious smile, you will fall in love with his friendly chap! When this handsome man gets naked, that’s when you will drool at his hot, long and hard cock. Watch Elliott pleasures himself for us as his hot cock fires streams of cum that makes us very happy!

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29 Mar 15 By Ken 8 Comments

English Lads: Paul Jones


Paul is a tall hunk of a rugby player with a great physique that is really hairy. His muscles are nicely rounded and he is pretty ripped, has real hairy legs and chest and pretty much everywhere, even with an impressive bush! When Paul drops his boxers you can enjoy his uncut cock, he plays with his foreskin and gets a nice semi, wow this cock grows and wait til you see it full erect.

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29 Mar 15 By Dave 13 Comments

Gayhoopla: Ryan Winter meets Zane Penn’s monster ass- Live March 30


Ryan Winter meets Zane Penn’s monster ass. Love these two together. The room lit up with huge smiles as they admired each others bodies. This was only Ryan’s second time with a man and looks like he’s starting to get the hang of it. This was the true test for Zane’s ass because Ryan has a monster cock and a pair of balls to match it. Watch insanely hot Ryan Winter, tear Zane’s ass apart at GayHoopla.

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29 Mar 15 By Dave 5 Comments