ChaosMen: Bowen

ChaosMen: Bowen

This month is going to have some hot daddy types on ChaosMen. Bowen has hot daddy written all over him.

He is married but described all kinds of encounters with men, from topping to being an eager bottom. But since it was ‘just sex’ with no attachment, it didn’t count.

At the age of 30, his sex drive is stronger than ever. He thought he would put it to work doing some porn.

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All Australian Boys: Luke (12)

All Australian Boys: Luke (12)

All Australian Boys met this boy outside Sydney Central railway station. He had just arrived in town from the country to start a new life and find a job. All Australian Boys asked him if he would like to make some quick money to do a shoot with us. He said no at first but after a long-talk over coffee he said, Yes.

Think he needed the money. Luke R. left school last year and this year he is on All Australian Boys. He has an outgoing exuberant and full of life personality. His hairless, naturally smooth, youthful body with milky skin is a real turn on. His country boy friendly attitude and charm complements his body adding to his attraction.

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Sean Cody: Giovanni

Sean Cody: Giovanni

Muscular, hung stud Giovanni is 26-years-old with Italian roots, and he’s definitely proud of it! “I have a big, Italian cock!” says brown-haired Giovanni. “If I were to describe my dick to you, it would be a cut dick that hangs very low. I have a great ball to shaft ratio, and he’s got a great personality! Perks up when you walk into the room!

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week


There’s nothing more blissful than seeing a good naked body from a good-looking guy just like this new QC’s Nude Boyfriend Of The Week.

With a face that can bring sunshine to your life, it is not impossible for this cutie to score a date. But when he takes his clothes off, the potential increases from just scoring a simple date to a wild one night stand. He is going to lure you with his effervescent eyes and he’s not going to let you turn him down. He is irresistible with or without his clothes off. Also, it looks like he wants us to take a moment to look at his beautiful cock. He would have not taken multiple shots of it for no freaking reason. It is incredibly almost straight when stiff. It’ll surely hit the P-spot for some good prostate milking! Get all horned up as how he is, how he wants us all to be, as to how he intended it by posing nudes for all of us!

Make a jump and check his hot selfies perfect to get you turned on. Let us know your thoughts about your nude boyfriend for this week. Is he worth keeping for another week of sexy time? Tell us all in the comments below!

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Freshmen: Jake Gheisar & Jeff Mirren

Freshmen:  Jake Gheisar & Jeff Mirren

Jake Gheisa is Freshmen‘s Flirting with Freshmen boy this week. He is paired with the sweet and charming Jeff Mirren. Jake is a scruffy skater type who is nervous before his first video shoot. Jeff generously offers to help ease his nerves before the scene begins. Jake is a more “twinkish” model. However, he also has a bad-boy confidence in sex, loves getting fucked, and shoots a very decent load.

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Kink: Obedient Slave, Marcus Rivers Serves Dominic Pacifico

Kink: Obedient Slave, Marcus Rivers Serves Dominic Pacifico

Marcus Rivers is brand new to Today he will learn the basics of servitude. He’s here to serve his Dom, Dominic Pacifico. He must obey his every command and take all the punishment given to him. The first scene starts with Marcus on his knees in the corner of a dark dungeon. He waits to be summoned over to his Master, Dominic Pacifico who stands silent gripping a leather paddle in his leather gloves.

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Tim Tales: Sly Fucks Alex Roman

Tim Tales: Sly Fucks Alex Roman

New BBC alert! Warning, this time it’s an epic huge one. Newcomer Sly from Nigeria is one hell of a hunk. He’s a 6’5 dominant alpha raw fucker living in London and Paris. The back story here is that he’s a long time fuck buddy of Alex. As you already know, our power bottom Alex Roman got this wild sex life in London. So he brought us Sly’s humongous cock for the pleasure of your eyes and his greedy raw fuck hole.

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Hot Stuff 4 Guys: Passionate Nights Fucking Machine


What do you do when you are really horny but there are no dicks around ?

Get ready to enjoy the best pleasurable orgasm of your life with this incredible device this weekend, it features: automatic thrusting, automatic heating for natural warmth as well as 12 levels of vibration, from kitten purr to jackhammer demolition!

Hurry and go to to get yours now!
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Badpuppy: Gavin Carter

Badpuppy: Gavin Carter

Gavin Carter is 24 years old, has always loved porn so he thought he would make a profession out of it. Sexual turn-ons for this stud are a person that takes care of themselves, getting his balls sucked and getting his ass eaten. The strangest place he’s had sex was in a massage facility where he and his partner got in a quickie after their couples massage.

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