MenAtPlay: For The Glory – Hector De Silva and Josh Milk

MenAtPlay: For The Glory - Hector De Silva and Josh Milk

Hector De Silva was walking down the corridors of many doors. He chose one and entered it. A hole in the wall beckons him and a hot hard cock was inserted through the hole. On the other side of the wall was Josh Milk, waiting patiently for his cock to be sucked by the warm mouth of Hector. The guys got into some serious glory hole sucking before Josh walked over to the room of Hector and that’s how the hot fuck session started rolling!

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Queer Clicks: December 3, 2016 | Inside The Dark, Dangerous World of Chemsex, Fake News on Gay Science? , & Other News


Inside The Dark, Dangerous World of Chemsex

“When Stephen Port was convicted last week of the rape, drugging, and murder of four young men, police began to look again at dozens more cases involving date-rape drugs. But an investigation by BuzzFeed News into the hidden world of “chemsex” reveals, through unprecedented first person testimony, that this is just the beginning.’ BuzzFeed

Fake News on Gay Science?

“A widely reported study on longevity of homosexuals appears to have been faked. When social justice displaces truth as the core value of academics, bad things happen to science.” National Review

Invisible Men

“Trans gay men visibility evokes a famous line from Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man: “I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.” Cole Hayes is here to correct that perception.” HIV Plus Magazine

World’s First Gay Country Musician Finds Hope While Touring The Heartland

“Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina. Over the past year, Patrick Haggerty ― frontman of Lavender Country, the first band to perform openly gay country music ― has been gallivanting across Trump country.

The band’s most popular song, “Cryin’ These Cocksucking Tears,” might make those who voted for the new president-elect uncomfortable. It’s a bluntly sung story about the pain of living as a gay man in America in the early 1970s. The song was first written and recorded in Seattle, Washington, where Haggerty lived at the time. ” Huffington Post

Eli Lieb’s Los Angeles: Singing In The Shower, Adam Lambert And Tequila

“Singer-songwriter Eli Lieb began his career recording covers on YouTube from his Fairfield, Iowa, hometown. Soon he was holding his own at open mic nights in New York City, then recording his own albums in Los Angeles, where he now lives, and writing for the likes of Adam Lambert and Cheyenne Jackson. His 2013 cover of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” went viral and led him to recording contracts.” Queerty

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Corbin Fisher: Nash Breaks In Jace

Corbin Fisher: Nash Breaks In Jace
Corbin Fisher Black Friday Sale 50% OFF!

It wasn’t too long ago that we saw Jace hook up with a guy for his first time. Corbin Fisher veteran Harper opened Jace’s mind and eyes to new possibilities! After witnessing first-hand how immensely pleasurable getting fucked can be he’s been more than curious – he’s been on the prowl!

Having similar personalities and interests, Jace and Nash quickly became friends. Jace also couldn’t help but admire Nash’s body and the sexual appetite he carries with him. So he goes out on a limb sees if Nash might want to break him in – little did he know what he was in for!

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

What a week, these ten fine gentlemen are here to make your selection process incredibly hard!

This new GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week is all about the BIG guns. Ten tops in search of a bottom willing to take those hard cocks. Who’s up to the challenge? If you can’t handle the entire group do not despair. Just pick your favorite and let us know why he’s the perfect match for you. Handsome faces, big lips, hard muscles and erected members are waiting for your judgment.

Feast your eyes with the bigger version of the photos after the jump. Are you capable of making your own top three? Claim your favorites in the comments before someone else does!

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Falcon Studios: Sebastian Kross and Colt Rivers


Sebastian Kross, searching for the bathroom in the packed club, accidentally stumbles into the alley. Click: the door locks behind him. ‘Fuck!’ he exclaims–no chance of getting back in now. He pulls his dick out to piss in the alley when Colt Rivers leaves the club, heading for his car. Seeing Sebastian’s thick cock, Colt seizes the opportunity and extends an invite to hang out at his place. Sebastian accepts, and once inside, they waste no time getting down to business.

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Next Door World: Jay Austin and Gabriel Cross


Waking up from a drunken night of partying, Jay Austin finds boyfriend Gabriel Cross a few steps ahead of him, feeling frisky and already going after what he wants. As he opens his eyes, Gabriel is already working on his cock, sucking him off in his sleep and rubbing Jay’s chest. Jay comes to and immediately begins fingering Gabriel’s hole.

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William Higgins: Petr Sebak


Petr Sebak is aged 18 and lives in Prague. This handsome straight guy is a student who enjoys sports, athletics and jogging. He looks so good as he poses for the camera, quickly baring his hot chest. Then Petr turns and lowers his jeans to give a hot view of his sexy ass. After more posing, in his underwear, he kneels to show that ass again and it looks so hot. Then the underwear comes off to let us enjoy his soft cock. That looks very good indeed, but even better when he gets it rock hard.

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[UPDATED] Supermodel Matt Vose Caught Stroking His Cock On Camera!

Supermodel Matt Vose Caught Stroking His Cock On Camera!

Uncut & blond, do we need to say more?

At only 22 Matthew Vose has been called the “MVP of the season” and right now the fashion world is at his feet. The British supermodel (Matt was born in the UK) recently told an interviewer that he’s a bit of an exhibitionist. Well, after seeing his leaked jerk-off video we totally believe him!

“Well I have to say that I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. What can I say I like the attention, don’t we all?” Matt Vose

These new images of him are definitely a huge change of pace. We’re accustomed to seeing him be lensed in glossy spreads about fashion and fitness by photographers like Rick Day, Michael Hallenbeckand and Larry Hamilton but we have to say, Volse’s own skills behind a camera gave us something pro photographers didn’t deliver, an unobstructed view of the goods. The piercing blue eyes and the tight muscles (Matt says he eats nearly 60 eggs a week for the protein) are the perfect frame for his pretty cock. But, is he too perfect for his own good?

Make the ump to check out supermodel Matt Vose while he stroke his cock in a new leaked video. Let us know what you think in the comments!

[UPDATE: 12-03-2016] Seems that Matt’s leak scaled into a full Split-Identity case! Our eagle-eyed readers have identified porn work that he did in the past. Turns out Matthew Vose went by the name of “Wesley Seaton” for EnglishLads and he even had some action with another guy! h/t: @CasperFan and @Gees

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SpunkWorthy: Drew’s Massage

SpunkWorthy: Drew's Massage

Drew‘s only experiences with happy-ending massages were limited to basically foreplay. Not that he hadn’t hoped for more when he’d gone in for a “regular” massage in the past; it just didn’t seem to be in the cards.

When Jason told him he could get one on SpunkWorthy, and make some money doing it, he gave it some thought and decided to take the leap. He’d never done anything with a guy before, so J. asked how he was feeling about it.

“I’m just going with the flow,” he replied in a nonchalant tone. But he admitted that the cash certainly helped grease the wheels.

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03 Dec 16 By Jo 7 Comments Diego Sans, Brandon Evans and Ashton McKay


Diego Sans is finding it easier than ever to “shop” for men with the swipe of a finger. Brandon Evans and Ashton Kay aren’t too keen on Diego’s version of speed dating at first—but they sure are happy once he invites them upstairs for some cock sucking and fucking. The boys prep each other’s poles and holes before taking turns pillaging Brandon’s ass.

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Ripped Abs Look Better When Are Covered In Cum!


Zero percent body fat, one hundred percent hot cum!

His muscles contract and relax as the moment of truth approaches. By the time he’s about to shoot his load his abs are definitely the focal point where your eyes are fixed. And the it happens, a shower of his special creamy stuff. Oh to be there and lick those muscles clean!

This super hot session is brought to you by the Premium section of Sticky. Go premium and start enjoying hot guys like this one on a daily basis. New content is added every day!

Watch this video in FULL and for FREE after the jump and share your impressions with us in the comments!

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Sean Cody: Blake, Jayden and Porter Bareback

Sean Cody: Blake, Jayden and Porter Bareback

Here’s another threesome coming your way with hotties Blake, Jayden and Porter!

These three guys are really fun to be around. Not only do they get along and joke around like old buddies, but they also have great sexual chemistry!

Blake went to pick Jayden and Porter up, and what started as friendly reminiscing into the car, quickly turned to kissing and groping… they just couldn’t wait!

Blake quickly told the boys exactly what he wanted,

“My goal today is I wanna get in the middle… Where I’m getting fucked, I don’t care who’s fucking me, and I’m fucking! That’s all I want out of today!”

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