Sean Cody: Nathan (4)

Sean Cody: Nathan (4)
Sean Cody $1 Trial Promo

Sean Cody has taken the unprecedented step of offering a $1 trial and yearly memberships for only $10 per month.

Nathan is a big fan of Sean Cody and totally admires all the guys on the site! He works out quite a big and is totally excited to be on the screen! Nathan mentioned that he felt intimidated by the other guys, but we do think that he has nothing to worry about! Nathan looks super cute especially so when he flashes his mesmerising smile. His body is well built, muscular and he has an awesome cock that fires loads of white protein cum. We are loving when he used a dildo to fuck himself, and definitely looking forward to Nathan having some real fucking session with the other hot men of Sean Cody! DAYUM!

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ChaosMen: Daz

ChaosMen: Daz

Daz looks very Russian and is from an Eastern Bloc country. His English is very good, but he still has a thick Romanian accent. He has been in the U.S. about 4 years, and came here to do some acting.

Daz is a boob guy, and likes skinny girls. His cock is uncut, and though he has plenty of foreskin, he seems to pull it back and stroke directly on his head. The head of his cock is very shiny and it looks like a tasty polished drawer knob!

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Ask QC: He’s so big he made me bleed


Dear Ask QC,

So I slept with this guy and turns out he’s really big (I mean HUGE), we were both a bit high and ended up fucking. Thing is he caused some bleeding and he kinda freaked on me and we didn’t finish up.

I’m not really sure where we stand now, he’s someone I’ve known for a while in our circle of friends but this is the first time we hooked up – which sorta just happened when we both ended up getting drunk after work.

He’s not been in touch since this happened (last week) and I was wondering the best way to approach this. Should I just make a joke about it and send him a text? From what I can see there is no permanent damage or tears, just probably some light bleeding from overstretching and not enough lube (or my own greed in wanting his big dick up my unused ass – I’ve kinda had a dry spell for sex and especially for anal)

Any ideas guys what’s the best way to handle this? Cheers!


Hi Bryson and thanks for writing in with your questions and concerns. Anal intercourse with a larger than average penis (or toy) requires a decent amount of lube (and practice!). It’s not uncommon for slight tears to occur but we would advise a medical check up just to ensure everything is okay. That said, humor is often a great way to approach a delicate or potentially embarrassing topic such as this. If you can’t think of anything too witty then just text to say you would like to discuss it with him either face to face or on the phone (which may be less embarrassing) and then just stick to the facts rather than the emotions of the situation. So dear QC readers, what advice would you give Bryson? Have any of you experienced this before, either giving or receiving anal intercourse? If you have any ideas on how to help him and his friend then please share your thoughts, advice and experiences in the QComments section!

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

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Builders Trash Sub At Brutal Tops!

Builders Trash Sub At Brutal Tops!

Horny Master Lucas and Tom return to Brutal Tops! They will viciously mistreat the sub Elliot like only they know. In the changing room they will have a sex feat and the first order they impart is to make him lick clean their sweaty, smelly bodies as they slowly strip off their clothes. Using a piece of plastic glass and a desk, the two psychotic tops take it in turn to trample on the sub’s shitty little cock and crush it and his balls until he is screaming in pain!

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

There’s a new QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week in town and he wants his cock serviced asap! This South Carolina native and football fan is currently in the military and you guys know what happens when this type of horny dudes end up all alone in the barracks after a long day of training, they think about only one thing and one thing only: Sex! Blondie here has a great body and stamina to spare! He’s cute as a button and embodies the clean cut BF type you can introduce to your family and later take to the bedroom to do the nasty. QC readers often complain that we don’t feature guys with average size cocks enough in this section, and although we wouldn’t use that terminology to describe the very nice penis he has, we want to remark that his endowment will please more than a few, specially considering the mouth-watering thickness! Do you guys think we should keep him? Tell us in the comments!

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Active Duty: Michael and James

Active Duty: Michael and James

This one’s a bit of a continued learning process for Active Duty boy James. Michael comes off as confident and dang right excited to connect with James, right off the git go.

Michael is a sweet guy, but also has a part of him that aggressively loves sucking cock and fucking hot young guys. We get to see him here coaxing James forward, using a nice combo of stern direction and gentle guidance.

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