Queer Clicks: October 24 | The Deuce Goes Where Most Cable Shows Won’t, The Place Beyond The Fire Island Pines, & Other News

The Deuce Goes Where Most Cable Shows Won’t

“The Deuce has the most dicks on TV. I’ve thought about touching on this subject in previous weeks; even the pilot had at least three instances of full-frontal male nudity—which, in a show about sex work, is expected even if it’s refreshing. HBO never shies away from nudity, but it’s typically women who show up on camera bare-assed naked. Women are often nude on The Deuce, as well; Maggie Gyllenhaal has had at least two nude scenes in each episode. But I, for one, am grateful to see a cock or two in my prestige TV.” Esquire

One of Tom Bianchi’s classic Fire Island Pines Polaroid

The Place Beyond The Fire Island Pines

“COLUMBIA COUNTY, N.Y., a two-hour drive north from Manhattan, is a bucolic vision of rural America — lush rolling farmland, cow-dotted hillsides, stalwart red barns. The Hudson River School artists of the mid-19th century captured the visual splendor of the region, including the English-born painter Thomas Cole, who first encountered upstate New York in 1825 and once remarked that “the Hudson for natural magnificence is unsurpassed.” Though primarily agricultural, the area has long attracted gentlemen farmers: Over the years, various Livingstons, Rockefellers and Roosevelts have made homes here. In modern times, however, the county has also been distinguished by its outsize share of gay artists and writers, refugees from the city.” New York Times

The Galactic Cap: ‘The pleasure is out of this world’

What Comes In 66 sizes And Vegan Latex? The New Generation Of Condoms

“Too big, too small or not enough feeling – it all matters when it comes to prophylactics. But will a new wave of innovation make us happier in bed?” The Guardian

Matthew Camp On Being An Object Of Desire And Owning His Own Sexual Health

“With more than half a million Instagram followers of stunning photos of his chiseled torso (and other body parts), Matthew Camp may be the most lusted after man on the planet. But he’s also so much more than a pretty face. He’s the star of Getting Go, the critically acclaimed film based on his own life as a go-go boy, the lead designer for Matthew Camp Designs, and an articulate spokesman for sex-positive approaches to owning your own sexual health among gay men. ” Queerty

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Xavier Serrano, Spanish Super Model, Cock Exposed In Alleged Leaked Snaps

Xavier Serrano, Spanish Super Model, Alleged Cock Exposed In Leaked Snapchat Pics!

Are you in the mood for a Mediterranean dish?

Xavier Serrano is probably Spain’s top model at the moment. The Barcelona-born hunk has graced the covers of countless fashion magazines all over the world, from GQ to Harper’s Bazaar. And walked the runway for premium brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani and Givenchy. This 24yo was briefly sentimentally linked to Mischa Barton last year when a photo of the couple taken backstage on the set of Dancing With the Stars made the rounds.

Despite that incident and other female companions, Serrano’s sexuality has always been a mystery and the subject of online rumors. And we’re sure that this leak will only fuel them even more. A set of images leaked via Snapchat is attributed to Xavier. The snaps in question put front and center his alleged sexy bulge first and later an impressively hard and super THICK cock! We recommend to take the story with a healthy pinch of salt as there’s no 100% confirmation, but those tight abs look suspiciously similar don’t you think? 😉

Make the jump to see more of Xavier Serrano. What do you think of this European top model? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

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Lucas Entertainment: Shawn Reeve Fucks Dakota Payne Bareback – Internship Gone Raw

Lucas Entertainment: Shawn Reeve Fucks Dakota Payne Bareback - Internship Gone Raw

Shawn Reeve has to make his final decision: does Dakota Payne have what it takes to be his intern? The more important factor is whether or not Dakota Payne is willing to put in some “overtime”. The internship might be unpaid, but when you get fucked by a boss as hot as Shawn Reeve, who’s going to complain? Dakota sure isn’t!

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Nerdy Guy Jacks Off In Squatting Position!

Nerdy Guy Jacks Off In Squatting Position!

A bit of working out and a bit of having fun with his cock at the same time!

This sexy nerdy guy made an awesome display of his powerful legs. We suspect he wanked the whole time in squatting position to maximize the time his butt and balls were on camera. The expert wanker gave us a super hot show. Specially when his load exploded out of his hard meat!

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Watch the video in its entirety for FREE after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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