ChaosMen: Caley

ChaosMen: Caley

Caley is former military. He was medically discharged after one too many injuries, so he has been working odd jobs. From construction to a bouncer at a bar, he seems to be working hard at working hard. He knew he was packing some meat, so porn on ChaosMen was an option he thought he would try.

He is straight, but admits to messing around a couple times with guys. Though you can tell the incidents were fairly random. In fact for the oral, he actually just wanted to be the one to give head. At first Bryan thought maybe he liked sucking cock, but it turns out he was worried he wouldn’t get hard, and since he had sucked dick before, he figured it would be more of a success. As you find out next week, his worries were misplaced. No problems staying hard!

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Corbin Fisher: Dillon


Meeting Dillon was really interesting and pleasant experience. He’s very well spoken for a guy in his early twenties, with a great sense of style, and a personality that fools you. He’s equally comfortable with silence but, if engaged, is a talented conversationalist. In his interview with Pete, he’s completely open about every topic- no matter how intimate!

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25 May 15 By Dave 5 Comments

Ask QC: Do we even want the same thing?


Dear Ask QC,

I’ve met this guy like two months ago. From the moment we started chatting I felt something for him, I felt a compatibility. I’m the silly guy who wants romance and commitment; I don’t really see the point in sex without love so when he told me he was looking for the same I thought I had found a treasure.

The first time we met for a date he mentioned he was looking for a job and if he didn’t find it soon he would be moving to another city. When he said that, it kinda made me lose interest a little since I knew if he didn’t find work then he would be moving on and our relationship wouldn’t last anyway.

But the next time we saw each other, we couldn’t help ourselves anyway and we ended up kissing and having sex (although we didn’t actually fuck.. is that classed as sex anyway?). It felt really good though, but I was nervous since it was my first time but I couldn’t really enjoy the moment due to my nervousness.

We went out together a few more times which I liked but then he started avoiding me. In his case, he’s closeted and nobody knows he is gay so he said he wouldn’t answer my calls if he was with his friends. I guess I kinda understood that but I wanted to see him sometimes and he was always making up excuses and saying he was going out with his friends instead of being able to meet me.

I’ve been trying to talk to him to know if we want the same things but I still don’t get any real answers. Now, after a few messages I sent him, he answered saying that we weren’t boyfriends because he’s not into that kinda thing and didn’t like that, he said we were just friends. He said he liked me and going out together occasionally was fine and that he enjoyed the times when we were together and had sex. But now he was tired of me asking for explanations all the time. And then he said he now has a girl friend but when I asked him he wouldn’t tell me her name (we promised to tell each other if we were going with someone else).

So now I don’t know what to think!

Did he lie when he said he wasn’t looking for just sex? Don’t I mean anything to him at all? Should I give him another chance? Should we remain friends? Is fuck buddies in this situation even an option?

I’m starting to lose hope in finding a good guy, like I said I don’t want to just have sex, and these days it just seems almost impossible to find anyone and I’m getting tired of meeting up with someone new and then having to start all over again just to realize it won’t work out anyway.

I don’t really know how to move forward now with this, should I continue to make efforts to meet him or is he really just not interested in me, what should I do?

Thanks for your advice!


Hi Todd and thanks for writing in with your questions and concerns. Finding the right guy, someone who you connect with and are compatible can be a challenge but it’s not impossible! It’s right that you should discuss whether you both want the same thing, perhaps you are both at different stages of your life or career and this is why he doesn’t feel ready to commit. Some guys may not yet be ready to settle down or be looking for a steady relationship, even though in this case he initially said that’s what he was looking for. So Dear QC readers, how would you help Todd? Have you been in this type of situation before? What did you do and how did you resolve it? If you can help him in anyway then please leave your advice and experiences in the QComments section.

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

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Jaime Slams His Cock into Sub’s Gob at Brutal Tops

Jaime Slams His Cock into Sub’s Gob at Brutal Tops

Horny straight Master Jaime returns at Brutal Tops, he finds squirming his sub completely naked on the floor of a toilet already chained to a urinal waiting for his punishment. Master Jaime thrashes him with a cane and orders him to lick his filthy shoes, he gets so excited that his next move is to present the sub with a huge dildo that he orders to lick it clean before ramming it up his loose asshole!

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

Such a gorgeous face, and the rest of him ain’t so bad either! You know those guys that when you saw them from the myriad of adjectives at your disposal to describe them you inevitably end up blurting “so cute!”? Well, our new QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week is the very definition of a cutie.

From his laid-back attitude to his cheeky smile there was something magnetic about this handsome blond lad that had BF material written all over him. We just can’t stop loving those puppy eyes that go to bedroom eyes in 0.1 seconds flat. And when you are done with that part you can start paying attention to other parts of his naked anatomy. He’s perfectly endowed and he has, as you might expect, a wonderful bubble butt.

We think this is it guys, we are in love. Do you think a crush/BF like him can last? Tell us in the comments!

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Kristen Bjorn: Chemistry – James Castle and Craig Daniel

Kristen Bjorn: Chemistry - James Castle and Craig Daniel

James and Craig return to their hotel after some sightseeing around the city on Kristen Bjorn. Both men have worked up an appetite for some wild sex and are planning to feed on the other. James seems to be the hungrier cock sucker and immediately goes for Craig’s huge, uncut cock. After seeing James stroking his fat cock Craig’s appetite has been peeked and he goes in and down on James’ fat shaft. After some hot 69 cock sucking, James plants his hot, pink hole directly over Craig’s hot fuck tongue. Craig savours the intense sensation of his strong tongue penetrating James’ perfect ass. James gets on all fours and turns his amply, spit slicked ass up for Craig. Craig takes full advantage of this position and slams his raw cock deep inside of James.

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