Queer Clicks: June 23 | He’s naked: English footballer Jordan Nuttell, A Conversation With My Friend Who Really Wants To Have Sex With Mr. Incredible, & Other News

He’s naked: English footballer Jordan Nuttell(allegedly)

OMG BLOG has got the goods if you are interested, and we suspect you are…

Mr Incredible….DILF?

“Will Wiesenfeld, aka Baths, would like to screw Bob Parr “up and down the goddamn block.” I had a few questions.” Huffington Post

Feeling strong. 📸 @jerradmatthew

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Insta-Stud: Matthew J. Dempsey

“Instead of my usual go-tos of fitness trainers and male models, I thought I’d put the Insta-Stud spotlight on someone in a different field. This one will have you lying on a couch within seconds of meeting him 😉

Meet Matthew J. Dempsey. This silver-haired fox is a psychotherapist living in the Los Angeles area. The Columbia University grad likes to talk about common issues many people struggle with and gives particular consideration to the gay male community.” Homorazzi

Where’s the Beef? New York City of course

“Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski, who is allegedly the show’s food expert but seems to spend most of his time looking adorable in graphic t-shirts, is opening his own restaurant in New York City. Do you think they’ll serve guacamole and grilled cheese? Will it be fully avocado themed? Will The Strokes’ Is This It play constantly on a loop?” Out

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A Newbie’s Guide To Buying His First-Ever Aneros

You may have heard of “Prostate Massagers” being brought up to some pep talks about male sex toys. Have you ever thought of buying your first one? Aneros is one brand that pops up when it comes to this particular toy. You can read more about our hands-on review here. Just a heads up to newbies though, it’s not just a toy you stick up on your anus and then you’ll magically get the inexplicable climax that you bought it for. It’s not! It’s gonna take time until you learn how to manipulate your own sensations. Aneros veterans can attest to that!

But just like anything that you are gonna buy and try for the first time, you might get confused with its huge variety of selections. But let me tell you something. This brand has something for everyone! And for the ones like people who just want to strike out into the anal play game, these three Aneros variants might narrow down your choices for your very first-ever prostate massager. IT’S PLAYTIME BOYS!

1. Helix Classic (If You’re Into Basics)

So here is “The Icon”. That moniker says a lot about this model’s reputation. If you wanna get back to basics, you can give this one a go. Made from medical grade plastic material, this iconic model has helped a lot of veteran users to begin their Prostate Pleasure journey when they were just starting it. Despite being offered for novices, it’s tilted shaft does not make it any different from the other models when it comes to mechanically stimulating the prostate.

2. Aneros SGX Classic (For Beginners Who Base It Upon Sales and Testimonials)

Dubbed as “The models that started the Male G-Spot phenomenon” along with the MGX model, this one is also a good catch for neophytes. As of writing, the SGX Classic model is $20.00 cheaper than the Helix line but that doesn’t mean it does lesser than the other models. In fact, it is Aneros’ best selling model. With a 3.5 inch insertable length, it perfectly fits who? COMPLETE VIRGINS!

3. Helix SYN (For the Meticulous Tyros)

So according to Aneros’ website, unlike the classic model, the award-winning Helix SYN is made with “Velvet Touch Silicone for Extreme Comfort“. What does that mean? Well basically, it is soft to the touch because of the silicone coating so it would make it easy and comfortable for you to introduce it to your anal walls. So if you’re new to the game, you can start your sexual exploration with this devil.

You can take this guide as your starting point. This should definitely give you a hint of what best fits you or your partner to start your own voyage to heightened satisfaction!

For more information, you can visit Aneros.com and get that Super-O you deserve!

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Guys in Sweatpants: Quin Quire and Brandon Evans

Guys in Sweatpants: Quin Quire and Brandon Evans

We’ve all been there: it’s summer, you’re packing up the car to go to the beach, and next thing you know, you’re sucking dick and getting fucked bareback in the backseat. If anyone loves sucking cock, it’s Quin. He worships every inch of Brandon‘s like it’s his last meal. Both of these guys have the perfect cocks for fucking, and that’s just what they did….flip fucking each other both outside and inside the Jeep.

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Family Dick: Kissing Cousins Ch 2 – Save 40%!

Family Dick: Kissing Cousins Ch 2 - Save 40%!

It’s perfectly natural for guys to compare their cocks with those of their peers. The concept of “grower, not shower,” isn’t always the most comforting. Luckily for this boy, his uncle is there to remind him just how sexy and special he is. Finding the boy stuffing his underwear before school, the older man takes it upon himself to give the boy the attention he so desperately craves.

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Men.com: Dante Colle, Casey Jacks and Alaska Thunderfuck

Men.com: Dante Colle, Casey Jacks and Alaska Thunderfuck

Hunky news anchor, Casey Jacks, is having an office affair with his sexy producer, Dante Colle. Dante sneaks up on Casey at the office for a quick nuzzle, but Casey is way too uptight and doesn’t want anyone to find out so Dante’s solution is to stick an ass controller inside of him so they can keep the fun going privately. As Casey and Alaska go on air for their news report, Dante slowly starts switching the ass controller from level 1 to 5; five being the most explosive! Casey can hardly control himself let alone his ass and requests to get fucked ASAP!

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Bel Ami Online: Andre Boleyn and Rhys Jagger Fuck Pip Caulfield Bareback – Jambo Africa

Bel Ami Online: Andre Boleyn and Rhys Jagger Fuck Pip Caulfield Bareback - Jambo Africa

BelAmi today has two of their ‘veteran’ performers, Rhys Jagger and Andre Boleyn joined by Freshmen Pip Caulfield. Patience is the lesson that Rhys is trying to teach Andre in this 2nd part of our Jambo Africa special, but sadly it is one thing that Andre seems incapable of learning. Luckily Rhys is a forgiving teacher and gives in fairly soon and presents him with his surprise: Pip Caulfield, who the boys then take turns fucking until they all end up covered in puddles of cum.

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Inked Hunk Couldn’t Let Go of His Hard “Gear Shift“!

You wouldn’t bother to be stuck in a heavy traffic situation with our tattooed stud.

Our hunky driver may be in control of the steering wheel but he also offers a free driving lesson. And this part of the video is where he teaches you how to use the “gear stick”! We can tell you wouldn’t be able to concentrate if he was with you in a car, alone. He lifts his shirt up which exposes his inked and beautifully sculpted bod. Just look how sexy the cuts he has. Our man makes it even hotter when he spits on his hand and uses it as a lubricant for added pleasure. He wanks off his hard dick looking like he could have worn a seatbelt to lessen the impact when he reaches the climax. He’ll surely not just drive you home but he’ll also drive you crazy AF!

See more arousing adventures like this with other thousands of exclusive clips updated daily when you get Premium on Sticky.

Watch the FREE video after the jump and tell us your thoughts about our “baby driver” in the comments below.

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ChaosMen: Dani deMuse and Timmy Tag Team Matthew West Bareback

ChaosMen: Dani deMuse and Timmy Tag Team Matthew West Bareback

Matthew West indicated to Bryan that he loved group sex, especially when two guys spit-roast him. So he wanted to make sure Matthew was completely ‘full filled’ for his first ChaosMen sex shoot.

Both Dani deMuse and Timmy took delight in fucking their boy, but also had a lot of chemistry between each other. They take turns sucking each other cocks while also urging the other to fuck Matthew.

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