Queer Clicks: June 21 | You Could Be in a Gay Bar Right Now and Not Even Know It, Broadway’s Hottest Dancers Raise Over $1.8 Million For HIV/AIDS Charities, & Other News

Amy Lombard for The New York Times

You Could Be in a Gay Bar Right Now and Not Even Know It

“A lesbian bar from the 1920s. A “fairy den” from the 1890s. An Ecstasy-fueled disco from the 1990s. Celebrating the hidden places in Manhattan where gay night life once flourished. ” The New York Times

Has straight sex become shameful?

“Heterosexuality is marginalised by our liberal arts culture. Not by culture in general: it still allows boy-meets-girl to be celebrated by the masses, sort of (Love Island, Harry and Meghan). But liberal arts culture scorns the crude mechanical drudge of heterosexual coupling.

Last night I saw a short monologue on BBC4, one of the series called Snatches, which is part of the Hear Her series. It was about a Liverpudlian typist, circa 1963, discovering the joys of the orgasm. But of course without the aid of a dull old man: it was a female colleague who initiated her. It was well written, well acted, and I make no complaint about the soft-porn content.” Spectator

Broadway’s Hottest Dancers Raise Over $1.8 Million For HIV/AIDS Charities

“The annual fundraiser Broadway Bares crushed it once again Sunday night as Broadway’s hottest dancers and the production crew came together to raise funds for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. ” Instinct Magazine

Tom Daley Doing Hip Thrusts In Slow Motion

“Honestly, if this doesn’t appeal to you one bit, you’re probably on the wrong website. I guarantee this will be the highlight of your day.

Ever wonder how Tom Daley gets his perky bubble butt? The 24-year-old British diver shares his secrets in a six-minute tutorial. No equipment is required to perform the exercises, so there’s no excuses.” Homorazzi

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Naked Sword: Ace Era, Tyler Roberts and Dave Slick

Naked Sword: Ace Era, Tyler Roberts and Dave Slick

Nerdy Professor Kelp (Ace Era) has until the end of the semester to make himself more relatable and modernize his appearance or he’s out on his ass. When he returns to his classroom he catches Professor Studly (Bruce Beckham) and his crush, Justin Brody, finishing up their sweaty sex session and it pushes him over the edge. Kelp rushes to the lab and concocts a secret potion that turns him into a smoking hot, muscular stud named Buddy Fuck.

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William Higgins: Igor Zobor

William Higgins: Igor Zobor

Igor Zobor is aged 19 and lives in Cadca, Slovakia. He is a student who enjoys sports, ice-hockey and football. He does a very nice interview as he sits on the sofa. Then Igor starts to feel himself as a helping hand arrives. The hands start to feel over Igor’s chest, pulling ihs tee shirt up and playing with his nipples. Then the tee shirt is removed and the hands run over the chest and arms. Igor rubs his groin as oil is rubbed over his sexy chest. He moves sidesways on the sofa so the hands can pull off his jeans.

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Bel Ami Online: Andre Boleyn Fucks Rhys Jagger Bareback – Jambo Africa

Bel Ami Online: Andre Boleyn Fucks Rhys Jagger Bareback - Jambo Africa

As BelAmi’s production manager, Rhys Jagger gets to organise a lot of things just the way he wants them. Today he wants to get everyone out of the house so he can spend some time alone with Andre Boleyn. Although Andre initially seems a little disappointed that he doesn’t get to join the others on their field trip, he soon realizes that Rhys has other plans for him and his dick.

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Young Twink Shoots His Cum Like A Pro!

Here’s a young boy serving you a milkshake of cum fresh from his handsome cock.

Our fresh-looking man looks like he’s in his age when he is just starting to discover orgasm. This is despite having a dick size of someone who is a couple of years older than him. His thrusts are rhythmic, making sure that he cums when he wants to cum. He manages to hold it until he climaxes frantically. His jizz shoots and it’s all over the place proving that his jack off technique works for him. Man I wish he could give us a magical handjob too!

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Active Duty: Blaine Jameson

Active Duty: Blaine Jameson

Blaine is a very sexy tall well-built young man with ripped abs and big firm arms. He lies out on the couch with his long strong legs and begins to slowly take his clothes off showing us his body. Once Blaine drops his clothes he starts working on his cock which gets hard right away and he continues to stroke it at a slow but firm pace. He was so excited to bust a nut but we had to tell him to hold it back so we could bask in his sexiness and make sure he gives us a great sexy show.

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CockyBoys: Josh Moore Initiates Newcomer Andreo Matteo

CockyBoys: Josh Moore Initiates Newcomer Andreo Matteo

We’re excited and happy to introduce Andreo Matteo as he makes his adult debut with CockyBoys! He’s welcomed by Josh Moore with sweet, sensuous passion… and the dominance Andreo desires. Andreo starts on Josh’s lap and they kiss as Josh’s hands glide over his body and when the time is right Josh stands with Andreo’s legs wrapped around him. Multi-tasker Josh unzips and takes out his cock and as he puts him down, Andreo takes the challenge and swallows him to the root. Josh is impressed by how Andreo pleases him and keeps on going deep-throating him through teary eyes.

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