The Casting Room: Mike

The Casting Room: Mike

Think of the many hot straight men out there aching to get their chance to prove their sexual virility on camera, but who don’t have the opportunity to try it! Mike is a horny guy who has been wanting to fuck on film for years, but TheCastingRoom is the first legitimate company he’s found. Lucky guys! He shows a cheeky amount of bravado when he strips, but you can see that he’s still nervous stripping on camera for the first time.

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ChaosMen: Reuben and Ulysses Flip Fuck – Bareback

ChaosMen: Reuben and Ulysses Flip Fuck - Bareback

Ulysses has been eager to work, so he knew he needed to tackle bottoming soon.

Reuben did such a good job with his first ChaosMen fuck, and his cock is a good size to start with for a dude’s first time. Reuben also turned out to be a very good Bottom, so Bryan knew they could flip-flop. Ulysses’ cock is a little bigger than Tegan’s, so he was going to have to broaden his horizons as well.

Having two guys who identify as straight was a little awkward. Thankfully, the awkwardness doesn’t last too long.

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Corbin Fisher: Hunter and Cameron Swap Loads

Corbin Fisher: Hunter and Cameron Swap Loads

If you like fun – and dirty – and dirty fun – this is the video for you!

Cameron and Hunter are both kind of crazy – and you see it full on in this video. As they get ready for their scene, they are joking around and having a blast with each other and Pete. Once the joking around stops though, it’s time to satisfy Cameron’s cum munchies!

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Dirty Tony: Casting Couch – Wesley Rush


With his chiseled features and rock hard body, Wesley Rush is one hot stud. He is also intensely sexual, and loves to empty his nut sack any chance he gets. Wesley would love to get himself in between two girls. But he has also had a chance to do a three way with a dude and his girlfreind, and that seems to have gone pretty well for him. As a birthday present to himself, he decided to come show off his talents in front of a camera.

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QC Open Forum: Have You Ever Played “Gay Chicken” With A Straight Friend?

QC Open Forum: Have You Ever Played “Gay Chicken” With A Straight Friend?

Ah, how can you not love those straight dudes who are willing to test their limits by playing a harmless “gay chicken” game? Many gay dudes reject the idea of lusting over straight guys, specially in homoerotic situations like these, but others are all for it. That’s why YouTuber Michael Henry decided to make fun of the phenomenon a bit with a hilarious video. But we have also found some real-life cases of bros going at it during GC games, some backed up when the situation became too real and others, well other you will have to see those other. That’s why we want to know if our QC readers have ever played this game with a straight friend and how it went. Make the jump to see the videos, share your comments and don’t forget to vote on the poll!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Michael Delray Cums in Brett Beckham


Michael Del Ray and Brett Beckham make a hot pairing. These two hunks attack each other with hot French kissing and soon their engorged cocks are sticking out of their swim suits. Brett bends down to get a taste of Michael’s cock first. He deep throats it with ease. But Michael has no gag reflex and wants to show off his skills too. After Brett face fucks him he turns around and plants his ass right in his face and they 69. Soon Brett begs for his cock and he lowers down on it. It is so hot to watch Brett’s hard cock bounce up and down as he lowers himself down on Michaels erect dick. Michael fucks him doggie and then ends things on Brett’s back – cumming in his ass and loading Brett up with tons of his cum.

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MormonBoyz: Elder White


Elder White is dizzy from the thorough pounding he just received from Bishop Angus, but his journey of priesthood preparation through the temple isn’t over yet!

Despite the sexual nature of the Mormon temple rituals, the boys are still held to strict moral standards of conduct dictated by The Order. But they’re adolescents, and they have the same fantasies and sexual urges as other boys.

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PeterFever: Novella 5 “Behind the Scenes Part 2”


In this last installment of the Novella Series 5, we get one last close up look at this dynamic production. When a group of studs get together you can’t help but drool over their naked bodies against one another for a photo shoot. Raphael, Shawn, and Bryan leave a last few words about their lives as stars.

Watch the Novella Series 5 “Behind the Scenes Part 2” featuring PeterFever‘s creative and talented cast.

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