Taste His Creamy Man Juice In This Jack-Off Clip!

Taste His Creamy Man Juice In This Jack-Off Clip!

He may have gotten all you want in a man’s physique but he wants to show you more for your satisfaction!

And a good ol’ jack-off scene just adds to all the heightened sensation that you are supposed to feel while watching this hottie do his thing. Make him your snack and he’ll give you the juice to quench that thirst after seeing him in this hot clip!

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ChaosMen: Bogart

ChaosMen: Bogart

Bogart has got to be one of the most quiet and shy guys Bryan has worked with in a long time. When asked, thinking maybe he was worried about doing the shoot, he said that was just the way he is.

He does play sports, including basketball, and he does have a girlfriend.

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20 Feb 19 By Jo 1 Comment

Active Duty: Danny D

Active Duty: Danny D

Over at Active Duty, Danny D makes himself more comfortable once he lies down on the bed and spreads his thick muscular legs. His golden hair on his body glistens as the lube slides up and down his cock. He likes to stroke his hard cock fast with a bear grip. The intensity on Danny’s face tells you he is committed to releasing his balls and giving us a great show. His muscular chest reveals itself in great form once Claude is under him revealing his furry balls and the sounds of his hands sliding up and down his hard dick.

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Queer Clicks: February 20 | Randy for Gandy: Hunky Model David’s Most ‘Zaddy’ Moments, Taron Egerton Belts Out ‘Tiny Dancer’ in Elton John Biopic ‘Rocketman’ Featurette, & Other News

Randy for Gandy: Hunky Model David’s Most ‘Zaddy’ Moments

“David Gandy is the Godfather of male models. You know, if you actually wanted to get touched up by yours.

They say men age like fine wine, but we’ve yet to find a 39-year-old bottle of sauvignon blanc that we want to put our dick in. In fact, David Gandy is one of those celebrities, that when doing this kind of round-up, we actually struggled to stop picking images.” Cocktails and Cock Talk

Taron Egerton Belts Out ‘Tiny Dancer’ in Elton John Biopic ‘Rocketman’ Featurette

“Taron Egerton’s impressive vocal chops are the subject of a new featurette from the upcoming Elton John biopic Rocketman which focuses on Egerton tackling the rock legend’s classics.” Towleroad

The Wild West Was Actually Much Gayer Than You Think

“When most people think of the Wild West era of 1865 to 1895, they imagine ultra-masculine cowboys who drank whiskey, roped steers, shot revolvers and frequented brothels. Just look at HBO’s Westworld — it’s filled with blood-thirsty bandits but nary a gay cowboy. But no matter your preconceptions, queer historian Michael Lyons says the 19th century American frontier was much gayer than most people think.” Hornet

Chanel Visionary and Fashion Trailblazer Karl Lagerfeld Dies at 85

“Legendary Chanel fashion designer and creative director Karl Lagerfeld has died at age 85.

Lagerfeld, who helmed the luxury French fashion house from 1983 up until his death, was confirmed dead by spokespeople for Chanel Tuesday, February 19. Chanel reps did not reveal his cause of death.” New Now Next

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Tim Tales: Drew Dixon, Sly and Devon Lebron

Tim Tales: Drew Dixon, Sly and Devon Lebron

Holy fuck! At TimTales, they believe Valentine’s day is for the lovers…of hole stretching. That’s why they got Drew Dixon the unholy fuck of his life. It’s an extreme double penetration session like no other. Timtales Exclusives, the mammoth cock stallions Sly and Devon Lebron are double the trouble for Drew. Two massive big black cocks for one hole only.

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Military Classified: Landon

Military Classified: Landon

Landon was hitting Rob up via Time to see if Rob could get him in for another scene and Rob said sure but he had to do something Landon hadn’t done to cross the line, otherwise it didn’t make sense to keep repeating the same scenes unless they warranted it.

Well Landon then said, “well how about if you try fucking me?” Rob’s mouth nearly dropped and he said, “you sure? because it always sounds better than it actually feels.” Landon was certain he wanted to try it!

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Next Door Studios: James Ray

Next Door Studios: James Ray

James Ray has just got home from a long days work and first thing he does is kick back on his huge comfortable bed. James lives alone and for good reason. He might be tired but once he hits that bed James begins to get horny and soon enough he has his shirt off and he’s unzipping his pants. James starts to touch his hairy chest with his manly hands making his way down to his hard cock.

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Raging Stallion: Sean Zevran, Johnny V and Jacob Taylor

Raging Stallion:  Sean Zevran, Johnny V and Jacob Taylor

Sean Zevran and Johnny V endure a rigorous joint training session coached by Jacob Taylor. Afterwards, Johnny cools down by stripping off his shirt and pouring the contents of his water bottle down his shredded torso. The three ripped muscle studs can’t keep their hands off each other, and they start to make out while groping each other’s ripped bodies.

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Men.com: Paddy O’Brian and Troy Daniels

Men.com:  Paddy O'Brian and Troy Daniels

Muscular Troy Daniels was getting ready to leave the office in chiseled Paddy O’Brian’s clothing when he’s intercepted midway through getting dressed by the big dick stud himself. Paddy sends his assistant away, and demands tattooed Troy get undressed so he can teach him a lesson about borrowing other people’s things. Horny Paddy bends the tall hunk over to rim his hole, and pound it in doggy style.

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