QC Open Forum: Is The #FrozenChook Trend Just Too Weird To Be Real?

QC Open Forum: Is The #FrozenChook Trend Just Too Weird To Be Real?

This is one of those internet memes that has all the ingredients (naked bodies + a bizarre premise) to become a huge thing and yet we’re kind of on the fence to see if it takes off. It originated in New Zealand and the adopters of this new internet craze have one simple goal, to resemble a grocery-store-freezer-section chicken. Think of it as the new planking but it tastes like KFC. There’s no place off-limits for the enthusiasts, from bucolic landscapes in the countryside to urban settings, from indoor places to the top of police cars. There’s even an IG account collecting the best images of this weird social phenomenon where you have to make your butt hover over your feet while you kneel hiding your face and arch your back. We can’t wait to see what’s next after this. QC reader, do naked guys mimicking a frozen chicken turn you on? Tell us in the comments!

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Maskurbate: DILF #01 – Robert

Maskurbate: DILF #01 - Robert

DILF (Dad I’d like to fuck) is a new series of Maskurbate episodes in which Pascal meets hot more mature men for the first time and worship their muscular bodies from head to toe. Some are whom Pascal met online, others on dating sites or sometime simply by making an offer to a hot Dilf in the streets. In Robert’s case, Pascal chatted with him a few times before Robert accepted his offer to let Pascal show him his skills.

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Bentley Race: Tristan Folder


Bentley Race just spent the past month hanging out with some very sexy guys in Berlin. He met guys from all over Europe there, but he did get to spend some time with this local German hottie, Tristan Folder. This fiery red head told Bentley that he did do some nude modeling some years ago, and it didn’t interest him so much. It took some convincing and we are glad he succumbed to Bentley’s charm.

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Randy Blue: Atticus Fox, Jeff Powers and Lukas Valentine


Part one had lots of dick sucking and rimming. Part two is where the crazy fucking begins. Jeff Powers starts by transferring his dick between Lukas and Atticus taking turns filling their holes with his raw dick. Then they moved on to a train position where the three of them plugged their holes with rigid cocks until they all begin sweating and begging for more.

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The Orthodox Calendar Is Back And Controversial As Ever!

The Orthodox Calendar Is Back And Controversial As Ever!

After you see this new production of the famed Orthodox Calendar you are going to wish the year had more that twelve months! The Romanians creators of this polemic calendar have decided to name it “Sancta Paraphilia” and in terms of beautiful bodies and thought-provoking imagery we think they have topped the one they released last year. The name in Latin alludes to an alleged sacred condition found in non-traditional sex practices.

“ The calendar is the brainchild of a group composed mostly of Orthodox eastern Europeans of the former communist region.”

Chock full of hunky European men and religious iconography the photos are not only a source of controversy for that juxtaposition but also because this year they explicitly target renowned homophones like Russian president Vladimir Putin and Moscow’s Patriarch Kirill I in their pages. The creators stress that the purpose of the calendar and their primary intention, is an artistic effort, with an ironic approach, against homophobia in the Orthodox Church not intended to be used for religious purposes but as a starting point for a necessary conversation. Do you think they succeeded? Tell us in the comments!

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New Site Attack: American Muscle Hunks


Founded in 2012 by boyfriends Joey D and Johnny V, American Muscle Hunks quickly made a name for itself in the muscle worship community. With their experience in fitness modeling, bodybuilding, and web-camming, Joey and Johnny have a long history rooted in muscle. Since inception, the American Muscle Hunks community of members has been able to share in Joey and Johnny’s appreciation of chiseled muscle. The experience of the members is that of a personal connection with each and every HUNK through every video.

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