ChaosMen: Palmer, Vander and Zarek - RAW

ChaosMen: Palmer, Vander and Zarek - RAW
ChaosMen Monster Cock Week 2014

A lot of "firsts" in this video.

All the guys are super easy going with their limits. Both Vander and Zarek bottom in this video, leaving Palmer Top Dog. He might not have made too much of a fuss, but after seeing both Vander and Zarek's cocks, he was just fine topping the entire video. He stays rock hard the entire video, so he performs awesome.

All the guys were down to kiss, suck, rim, share cocks back-and-forth and just really just got piggy with it. Zarek is still very passive, and both Palmer and Vander liked using all his holes.

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Lucas Raunch: Nigel Banks & Rocco Steele

Lucas Raunch: Nigel Banks & Rocco Steele

It's short, but anything with Rocco Steele is a scene worth watching. His scene partner: the adorable Nigel Banks, who looks great working on a big dick. The intergenerational aspect to this raunchy encounter makes it shine, especially when Nigel is down on his knees sucking Rocco's enormous cock and taking his piss in his mouth. Talk about a tease: these two need to fuck in full soon!

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Titan Men: Hans Berlin and George Ce

titanmen george hans

George Ce reaches for his box of belongings on his way out--but is pulled in by Hans Berlin. Hans slides his fingers inside the pocket of George's jeans, the two suddenly kissing. Hans rubs the muscle stud's body and works up George's growing bulge. "Is that really what you want?" asks George, his uncut slab soon bouncing in Hans' smiling face.

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Lucas Kazan: Tomas Brand

lucas kazan tomas brand

In his mid 40s, Tomas is arguably one of the sexiest, manliest and beefiest pornstars coming out of Europe. His muscular definition is nothing short of spectacular and certainly more impressive than most guys half his age. So is his sexual charisma. And his stamina. With a lucrative day job in Sweden, this sexy Capricorn has ventured into porn as a hobby of sort and as a fantasy outlet --the right attitude to make it BIG!

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At, bearded Oscar is an ambitious junior executive. All his time is spent working late to impress the boss and when he's out of the office he's at the gym giving him a hard muscular body. He's thrilled at the prospect of getting a promotion. But will he really go to any lengths to become the new office manager?

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Jason Sparks Live - Declan Mcclain and Zach Lockhart - Exclusive 40% Discount

jason sparks declan zach

Jason Sparks' latest new porn star find is Zach Lockhart. Jason was so excited about Zach that he immediately got him to join the Nationwide Model Search and he's been a hot ass-et to the team!

Due to popular demand Jason Sparks has extended our exclusive 40% membership discount. Click to see more!

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Logan Moore makes his debut in an amazing threeway with Dato Foland & Colby Keller. The scene is part of the halloween series, Howl.

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Live Events are Back at Fratpad - Earlybird special!!

fratpad maddox micky
fratpad maddox micky

That's right! Fratpad is introducing a special offer for the LIVE duo of Maddox and Micky! Buy your ticket to the show now and get it for only $49 but if you wait until the day of, it will be full price. There's been lots of excitement and questions surrounding the return of the LIVE duos so for any remaining questions, feel free to shoot an email to

Check out the trailer after the jump!!

More Live Events are Back at Fratpad - Earlybird special!! - Office Thief - Office Thief

In the new story The Office Thief at, suspicious hot boy Paul is confronted about items missing from the office. He thought he could brazen it out by offering for the women to search him. He assumed they would just check his pockets and finding nothing hidden, let him go.

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Staxus: Sam Williams

staxus sam williams

Sam Williams is a new face at Staxus, and what a face, and body, and dicks and... Well you get the idea. He's smoking hot and really looks great in front of the camera. Here's a little tease of a set we are publishing tomorrow where he and Carl Ross have some fun together. If you can't wait, and we can't blame you, you can see more at Staxus.

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The Casting Room: Darren

The Casting Room: Darren

At The Casting Room, young hetero Darren arrives in the casting room as innocent as can be. He's grown some whiskers to make him look older when he goes out to bars and clubs. He's got a rampant sex drive and desire to fuck more than wank off.

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Active Duty: Ron


Meet Rod, he stands at 5'11" tall and weighs in at a muscular 180-185 lbs. As a brand new Active Duty recruit, he was a little bit nervous and said he really didn't know what to expect because he's never really done anything like this before. But he, and his thick cock, delivered a really good show! For a solo scene, he ended up doing everything and the some, like gyrating and flipping over onto the bed, giving it a great work out and a great view of his ass!

More after the jump!

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