Active Duty: Quentin Gainz

Active Duty: Quentin Gainz

This is by no means like Active Duty‘s usual solos. Quentin takes the reigns and shows all the new recruits out their how to pull off a solo the proper vet way. He begins by showing off his rock solid body. He has spent countless hours in the gym working on his physique and it looks like perfection. Quentin shows off his freshly shaved ass by spreading his pink tight hole for us to see just how great of a job he has done and it looks amazing. He starts to play with his cock and balls slowly building up his throbbing dick. Once his cock is hard he strokes every inch of it while he grabs his balls tight tugging on them. He bends over and strokes his hard cock from the back while rubbing his hole with a finger and slowly pushing it in his ass getting ready for some toys.

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Hetero Lee Turned Into Cum Dump At BreederFuckers!

Hetero Lee Turned Into Cum Dump At BreederFuckers!

Hetero Lee doesn’t know it but he’s the BreederFuckers team favorite big-dicked scally lad.

He’s wearing only a pair of sheer white shorts and is already tied when he met him. His lean muscular body fights against his restrains and soon it dawns on him that he about to experience a rough time in that room. Lee’s face radiates anger and disgust which of course only turns his captors more. They unleash a ferocious attack on his ass that brings him to his knees as tears of humiliation and pain pour out of his eyes.

The nasty macho pride is been whipped slowly but surely out of him and all that is left is snot and spit drips down his face. Much to his horror a hard cock is violently shoved in his mouth and with the gag restraint firmly in place there’s nothing Lee can do to stop those cocks from entering his gaping hole. If he thought that was the worse part, he couldn’t be more wrong. The grand finale transformed him into a human urinal!

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Queer Clicks: November 22

The Ultimate Queer Gift Guide: 12 Great Presents That Give Back

“This holiday season, try gifting with a conscience: We’ve selected 12 presents that feel good and do good by benefiting a variety of causes. And in a turbulent 2017, we need all the good we can get. (Bonus: They’re all priced under $50!) ” New Now Next

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

The Weird Science Of Homophobes Who Turn Out To Be Gay

“2017 has been a banner year for the armchair psychological theory that anti-gay public figures are secretly gay themselves.

Never mind the long-running jokes and memes about Mike Pence covering up some secret homosexual identity. There have been actual examples this year of outspoken anti-LGBT figures exhibiting behavior that seems to contradict their political ideology.

The same idea emerges every time: The hypothesis is that their bigotry doesn’t just make their sexual behavior hypocritical, it actually functions as a cover for it, consciously or otherwise.” Daily Beast

Scientists Want To Ban This Quintessential Gay Accessory

“There are many reasons a person might want to ban glitter. Like, they happened to brush against a drag queen at a party one night, and now their bed is covered in glitter, they keep finding it in their eyebrows, and bits of it continue cropping up for weeks despite serious efforts to eradicate the sparkle infestation.

Now, an environmental anthropologist at Massey University is calling for all the glamour to be gone: She wants glitter to go the way of the Dodo and Dorian Corey. ” Queerty

Channing Tatum’s Morning Wood, Drag, And Incredible Dancing: Pink’s New Video Has It All

“It’s never a dull moment in a Pink music video, and the visual for her latest single Beautiful Trauma is certainly no exception to that rule.

The fact it starts with Channing Tatum’s, ahem, morning wood sets up a string of surprises yet to come.

From some beautifully choreographed routines, to drag and bondage, the bright and colourful visual is packed full of twists and turns.” Gay Times

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Jack Maynard, From British Reality Show “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”, Uncut Cock Exposed In Leaked Selfie!

Jack Maynard, From British Reality Show “I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”, Uncut Cock Exposed In Leaked Selfie!

It’s the moment 1.2million followers on YT have been waiting for a very long time!

Jack Maynard made his big break when he begun his solo act on YouTube after being a recurring face, and the comic relief, on his brother’s channel (Conor Maynard). The popularity of this 23yo British DJ skyrocketed and soon he was signing contracts to make appearances on national television.

2017 seemed to be poised to be the year for Jack to take over the entertainment industry but it’s turning out to be a nightmare. Maynard became the most controversial participant in the ITV survival reality TV game show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! He had to publicly apologize when some inflammatory homophobic and racist remarks were broadcasted on the show. But it wasn’t that what made the Brighton native quit the program. As the newspaper TheSun reports Jack made his exit from the televised jungle when explicit images taken on Snapchat leaked online showed. The snaps in question feature Jack grinning with nothing but a hat. The reveal couldn’t be more juicer as we get to see his hooded British peen!

Make the jump to see more of DJ and TV personality Jack Maynard. What do you think of his leak? Join the discussion in the comments!

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PeterFever: The Deuce Episode 1 – China Gold with Jessie Lee, Ari Nucci, FX Rios, Alex Chu and David Ace

PeterFever: The Deuce Episode 1 - China Gold with Jessie Lee, Ari Nucci, FX Rios, Alex Chu and David Ace

Alex Chu and David Ace are two sexy Asian guys on the run, looking to hustle and make some cash. They are on the lookout for China Gold (Jessie Lee), a pimp who is starting a new agency and looking for Asian boys. Fresh off the train, they run into Bandit (Ari Nucci), who leads them to the hidden lair of China Gold and his male accomplice, Silky Dick (FX Rios). If they want the job, they are going to have to prove they’ve got what it takes, and in this no holds barred raunchy orgy they definitely take a lot! But is it enough to please their horned up pimps?

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Raging Stallion: Sebastian Kross and Tegan Zayne

Raging Stallion:  Sebastian Kross and Tegan Zayne

Sebastian Kross wants a piece of Tegan Zayne. Well to be more precise he wants to stick phallic shaped objects into his orifices. The sight of Tegan in a jock makes Sebastian really fucking horny. Seeing Sebastian’s hard dick Tegan drops to he knees and swallows the hard dick all the way down to the balls. And then suddenly a large dildo appears.

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Falcon Studios: Dakota Rivers and Peter Marcus

Falcon Studios: Dakota Rivers and Peter Marcus

Peter Marcus is looking for a job and he’s talking with Dakota Rivers, the manager, in the hopes of getting a position at the drive thru. He’s enthusiastic but lacks knowledge or experience in food. He replies that he is eager. And a fast Learner, and he really need the position. Dakota decides to see just how much he wants it and if he can work in a variety of position.

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