The Casting Room: Will

The Casting Room: Will

Will is desperate to get his hands on some cash so even though he’s as straight as they come he’s willing to bend for the next stage of TheCastingRoom. He won’t be cast in any video until the guys are sure he won’t freeze up and can actually get off with another man. It’s incredibly horny and satisfying knowing that his long term girlfriend was eager to fuck; Will wouldn’t allow it, but they get to take this boy’s cherry!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Augustine Creampies Kody


Kody is quite the little performer- on and off camera. Guys In Sweatpants paired him up with Augustine because who doesn’t like a nice, uncut cock deep inside them? If you ever meet Kody, kiss his ear and see what happens (to say that’s his sweet spot is definitely an understatement). That’s just how Augustine started the process of seducing him, then eventually lubing up his cock and sliding it in Kody’s nice, warm hole. If you can make it to the end, you’ll get Augustine giving Kody a nice creampie!

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ChaosMen: Kai Fucks Truman – Bareback

ChaosMen: Kai Fucks Truman - Bareback

Truman has been coming along as a great bottom. He is naturally passive and gets off to pleasing his buddy.

Kai was eager to get in, and he is a bossy Top type. He is endowed, but not huge. Bryan will just keep getting bigger and bigger cocks for Truman!

Truman does seem more interested in pleasing Kai. He gets right down to sucking his cock, and he really tries to tease and play with his cock in the most pleasing manner. Kai kicks back and lets him service him.

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Corbin Fisher: Nolan and Jacob Double Team Quinn

Corbin Fisher: Nolan and Jacob Double Team Quinn

Now that Nolan’s got a few notches under his belt, he shows off his cocky side when the prospect of a three-way with Quinn and Jacob comes floating his way. Seeing as we love cock any way it comes here at Corbin Fisher – we welcome it with open holes!

The three guys share a triple kiss as they strip down. Quinn bounces back and forth between their hard cocks. He goes down on one while jerking off the other like the penis pro he is. Meanwhile Jacob and Nolan focus on making out.

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Nine Boards That You Should Be Following On STICKY!


Did you know that Sticky is the home of some incredibly hot boards? Whether you are a newbie or an experienced user you will find that your Sticky experience can be different depending on the paths you have chosen to follow. The possibilities are almost endless that’s why we have curated nine of our favourite boards that are indispensably necessary for your enjoyment. From Scandals and Leaks to Cute men and dogs and from Delicous Bulges to a Wank Wank Revolution these are definitely must-haves if you have a voracious appetite for hot men. Don’t forget that you can also create your own boards and start pinning anything that you find interesting and sharing them with other Sticky users, it’s super fun! QC reader, which ones of these boards are your favourites? Tell us in the comments!

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New Site Attack: Asianschlong


Urban legend has it that Asian Men are, how shall we put this, not so endowed. Enter Jeremy Long stage left to place a nail in the coffin for that myth. It could be the California sun, in the water supply? Jeremy just returned to a new semester at college but he has plenty of time to dip his huge wick into cervixes, cervices?. Yeah he’s straight…we are holding out…but his videos are fucking hot. Seriously he’s amazing and the camera loves him. Check out the trailer video after the jump it’s worth it and it will make an impression! Can’t wait check out Asianschlong.

Do your self a favor and check out the previews after the jump. Be warned as there is fish after the jump, but there is also one freaking amazing schlong too.

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TitanMen: Colby White And Dario Beck – Spur Of The Moment

TitanMen: Colby White And Dario Beck - Spur Of The Moment

Colby White is lounging on his deck when approached by “handyman” TitanMen exclusive Dario Beck. “I guess there’s just one thing left to do before you go,” says Colby, looking up at the blue collar stud. “Show me your dick.” Taken off guard, Dario quickly warms up to the idea, releasing his uncut beast and stroking it as Colby stares at him, taking out his own boner to jack off. Colby stands up and faces Dario, eye to eye and cock to cock, the two taking each other in as they stroke.

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Deviant Otter: Pent Up


Devin is always thrilled when a random dude shows up to fuck around and is cool with some of the action being filmed. He met this dude, Miguel, off a hookup app this past week and really didn’t know what to expect. At first Devin thought Miguel might stab him and steal things, but he was willing to take that risk because Miguel was pent up and would probably do anything Devin wanted. Luckily the only thing he ended up taking from Devin was his piss and cum, and the only stabbing going on was Devin cock in Miguel’s throat.

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Maverick Men Directs: ‘Southern Fired Raw Dogs’ – Andrew & Josh


Southern Fried Raw Dogs is all about that oh-so-sweet-and-sexy southern hospitality. The chemistry between Andrew and Josh is undeniable. These two hung southern boys were flirty with each other moments after they were introduced. Cole and Hunter matched these two true bottoms and forced one of them to be top daddy. Much to their shock and amazement, it turned out to be one of Maverick Men Directs‘ most aggressive fucking videos ever.

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