Broke Straight Boys: Ronan Kennedy Fucks Issac Lin Raw

Issac Lin gets right to business as he and Ronan Kennedy get started with their scene. Issac undresses Ronan slowly, sucking on his nipple as he makes his way closer to Ronan’s cock and takes it out of his pants, sucking on Ronan’s huge dick and then adjusting his position on the bed so that they can 69. Issac gives Ronan more oral, doing his best to deepthroat that enormous cock while Ronan watches and then stands up to face fuck Issac.

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23 Jan 17 By Dave 2 Comments Jack King and Colt Rivers

Jack King and Colt Rivers link up for some sloppy dick sucking and hole stretching. Jack blasts Colt from behind, filling him fully over the edge of the bed. Colt then hops on top for a ride, welcoming that cock back into his horny ass. Jack drills himself into Colt until both guys blow their loads.

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23 Jan 17 By Dave 1 Comment

ChaosMen: Hugo

ChaosMen: Hugo

Hugo is a hot Latin dude with a big uncut cock.
It is about 9 inches, and on his 5’5″ frame, it looks like he might tip over!

Hugo was a fan of the site, and when he submitted his pictures it was several weeks before Monster Cock week was set to begin. Bryan didn’t think he would be able to squeeze his video in in time for that week, but the guys actually filmed this during Monster Cock Week. He was very nervous, but his cock responded with some guy-on-guy porn. He is actually best lying on his back, as he often jerks-off just before going to sleep.

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23 Jan 17 By Jo 3 Comments

The Never-Ending Cum Facial!

It was like a hose that you can’t turn off!

This handsome guy is the owner of a truly nice dick but that’s not all. The best part is that he’s capable of cumming load after load after load! Best facial ever!

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Watch the video in its entirety after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments too!

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23 Jan 17 By G. 2 Comments

Sean Cody: Mateo

Sean Cody: Mateo

Mateo has a nice, lean body and wasn’t afraid to show it off!

He’s been in the modeling industry for a little while now, so he’s used to the attention.

“So, you’re going to put on a little show for us today?”

“I’m always putting on a show!”

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23 Jan 17 By Ken 2 Comments

Corbin Fisher: Louis

Corbin Fisher: Louis

Sure, Louis is a hottie. He has a bright smile that pops against his dark features. He’s also got a surprisingly strong body with large arms and cut legs that may surprise you when compared to his youthful face.

This young man has some serious aspirations. Currently serving up coffee as a barista to pay for school, he’s working toward become a firefighter – so one way or the other, Louis is about bringing the heat!

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23 Jan 17 By Ken 4 Comments

College Dudes: Blaine Cross Fucks Mike Maverick

College Dudes: Blaine Cross Fucks Mike Maverick

CollegeDudes Blaine Cross and Mike Maverick get comfortable as they lose their clothes while they make out, unleashing their cocks that are already getting hard from all those gentle kisses. Mike gets on his knees and takes Blaine’s prick in his mouth, deepthroating it as the wetness drips from Blaine’s balls and his dick gets bigger with each stroke of Mike’s soft lips. Blaine gives Mike oral next, letting Mike thrust his meat in and out of Blaine’s mouth and then Blaine gets rewarded for taking hat cock so well as Mike gives Blaine’s dick another good sucking.

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23 Jan 17 By Jo 3 Comments

Queer Clicks: January 23, 2017 | Tom Daley Says Tape Of Him Stripping Is Out There , The Work Of Photographer Ben McNutt Will Instantly Make A Wrestling Fan Out Of You, & Other News


image: Ben McNutt

Tom Daley Says Tape Of Him Stripping Is Out There

“The Olympic hero Tom Daley has admitted that he sent compromising pictures for an online “romp” with another man according to The Sun, after a video emerged of Tom stripping off. Tom told The Sun that it, “will never happen again” after he rekindled his romance with his fiancé, Dustin Lance Black.” The Gay UK

‘God’s Own Country’ Sundance Review

“Clearly indebted to the memory of “Brokeback Mountain” and its cautious handling of gay male love amidst sheep and lonely landscape, Francis Lee’s debut feature “God’s Own Country” is set on a Yorkshire farm much like the one he himself grew up on, and the camerawork seems in thrall to nature here above all else.” The Wrap

The Work Of Photographer Ben McNutt Will Instantly Make A Wrestling Fan Out Of You

“Baltimore-based photographer Ben McNutt fully immerses himself in the world of wrestling, spending his days poring over historic images, and prolifically photographing his own subtly erotic wrestling scenarios.” Queerty

10 Of The Hottest Rugby Players You Should Be Following On Instagram

“It’s no secret that rugby players are some of the most ripped, rugged and manly men to ever exist on the planet, so it’s only natural we can’t stop ogling at them.

Here at GT we’ve got your fix, bringing to you all the best players you should be following on Instagram. ” Gay Times

23 Jan 17 By Dave 1 Comment

QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

One of those guys that when you see him you say “he’s a cutie”, the he takes his clothes off and it’s all “DAMN!”

The sad puppy eyes of our new QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week makes us wanting to give him shelter and keep him with us forever. The body and the cock produce the same response but for an entire different set of reasons. He goes from shy/cute guy from sex machine faster than an F1 racer car. Versed in every position of the Kama Sutra all is missing in his photos is a partner. Then he turns around and a delicious bubble butt will make you drool, turns around again and his hard member will make you understand why he has earned the QCNBFOTW title!

Make the jump to marvel with his complete set of naked selfies and help us decide if this one’s a keeper!

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22 Jan 17 By G. 11 Comments

Maverick Men: Last Crack At Dax

One of Maverick Men‘s most favorite hung tops is back! Only this time, he’s giving up his crack for the very last time. Dax has retired from adult cinema. As you may already know, Dax has serious skills for a straight guy. He’s always full of surprises; from his ability to fuck and cum and fuck and cum again, to his eagerness to kiss and suck man cock, lol. Enjoy this ass-opening, man-moaning, cum-squirting MaverickMen video.

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22 Jan 17 By Laam 3 Comments