QC Open Forum: Is The Meerkat App The Future Of Porn?

QC Open Forum: Is The Meerkat App The Future Of Porn?

Traditionally, the porn industry has always taken advantage of any new kind of technology to present in new ways content that has remain unchanged practically since the beginning of mankind, namely, people fucking. From VHS to DVDs and from 3D releases to Oculus Rift POV scenes, there’s not denying that everyone is looking for that next big thing that will revolutionize the way in which people consume porn. The flavour of the month, seems to be, Meerkat, an iOS app that let people stream a live video to their followers on Twitter, an app that it got so popular it was banned from the biggest startup day in Silicon Valley. Gayhoopla is experimenting with this app and their first attempt of delivering porn-related content via this new medium was by livestreaming the behind the scenes of the intense fuck session between Sebastian Hook and Ryan Winter. We ask you QC reader, are you excited about this new method of porn consumption or you see it just as a fad? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to vote on the poll!

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Corbin Fisher: Quinn Swallows Vance

Corbin Fisher: Quinn Swallows Vance
Corbin Fisher March Promo


Since arriving at Corbin Fisher, muscled stud Vance has set out to explore all aspects of his sexuality. With every experience he’s finding out a bit more about himself and different ways of receiving pleasure. More so, he’s found that what may be considered taboo is usually incredibly hot and satisfying!

Quinn works at training Vance, coaching him on just how to suck a cock and working him up till he can’t wait to get into him. Then the real fun starts.

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Bentley Race: Ryan Kai

Bentley Race: Ryan Kai

21 year old Ryan Kai joins Ben’s large group of straight mates stripping off at BentleyRace. Ben was really excited to hear that Ryan wanted to model for him as he doesn’t get to shoot often with Asian guys. Ryan got changed in to some soccer kit and proceeded to pose on the bed. Ryan has got a chunky muscly body. Big legs and a perfect round chunky bum. Wait till Ryan turns around and you see his huge cock!

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Naked Sword: Jed Athens and Alexander Gustavo

nakedsword jed alexander

Jed Athens and Alexander Gustavo spot each other during a morning run in Dolores Park. They’re both so horny they race home to start the real #Workout. They bust through the door and it’s ON! They take turns sucking dick and eating ass, ending up in a smoking-hot standing-69 position that defies the imagination. Alexander flips Jed over and shoves his cock in Jed’s ass in an athletic reverse cowboy then rolls over to be fucked by Jed. Both studs shoot their loads all over Alexander’s ripped torso. That’s a #Workout!

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Bel Ami: Jason Clark and Tom Pollock

belami jason tom

Some models are destined to be stars, and some, like Tom and Jason are destined to be constant crowd pleasers, always putting in solid performances, without seeking the spotlight of stardom. Bel Ami sent Tom down from their Prague office, where he normally works as their archivist, to pay a visit to their Budapest studio for this hook-up with Jason Clark. Both models are truly versatile.

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Amateurs Do It: Tate, Leon, Will and Henri

amateursdoit tate leon will henri

Amateurs Do It brought together Tate, Leon, Will and Henri for a fantastic foursome that leaves very little to be desired folks! Tate is a really tall hunk and to call him adorable would be a serious understatement. Will has done some shoots with us before and he always as cute as can be. 31 year old hunk Henri is back again too and looking as great as ever. And for those of us who appreciate a masculine, scruffy man, Leon is certainly to paid attention to!

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QC Open Forum: Is Randy Blue Too Late To The Bareback Game?

QC Open Forum: Is Randy Blue Too Late To The Bareback Game?

In a move that surprised no one, Randy Blue decided to go “condom-free” in their latest updates and QC readers started to notice. The first RB update to include the novelty was”Jordan Levine and Dominic Santos” followed by “Cooper Dang gets barebacked by Roman Todd“. No need to add that both are very hot scenes. But we wonder if this move by the studio was a bit late to the game considering that other major porn studios risked it all with the gamble and went bareback years ago. They took a lot of heat for that decision and that conversation/controversy continues to this day. For example Sean Cody jumped on the bareback bandwagon in 2011! Who can forget that SC classic starring Brandon and Pierce when they went “unwrapped” for the very first time? Hell, back in the day those updates were part of QCX and condom-free porn scenes have yet to make it to the mainstream. Corbin Fisher didn’t stay behind for too long, and although CF hunks were no strangers to bareback, it wasn’t until 2012 that with the release of “Jordan getting fucked by Connor” that the studio stopped tiptoeing around half-bareback scenes and went for the same raw action that they featured in the bisexual scenes. So what do you think QC reader, is Randy Blue late to the party? It’s pretty obvious that they struggled with the decision, why do you think that it took them so long to go bareback? We want to know your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to vote in poll!

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Staxus: Florian Mraz and Jace Reed

staxus florian jace

There’s a distinctly “tongue-in-cheek” approach to the start of this locker-room scene, with Florian Mraz playing the part of a footballer who’s accosted by his number one fan (Jace Reed). The joke, of course, is that Reed clearly doesn’t know where to draw the line in respect of getting his young idol’s signature; and the fact that the action is filmed POV-style, which perfectly captures Mraz’s blue, puppy-like eyes as he looks up into the camera, seems only to emphasise the underlying humour all the more.

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