MenAtPlay: Wrong Place, Right Time – Massimo Piano and Philip Zyos

MenAtPlay: Wrong Place, Right Time - Massimo Piano and Philip Zyos

Sometimes the biggest mistakes can turn in to the best times. Massimo Piano had no idea that turning up at the wrong venue for his important business conference would lead to him falling to his knees and deep throating on a big juicy Spanish cock. Similarly Philip Zyos couldn’t have known when he put on his suit and tie that morning that he’d find himself ripping it off again to pummel some guy he met at a conference that was actually happening a few blocks away.

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SpunkWorthy: Freddy – Serviced

SpunkWorthy: Freddy - Serviced

The stars aligned in a way that worked out pretty well. Just when Freddy got in touch to say that he was ready to take the next step and get blown by a dude for the first time, a fan and member of SpunkWorthy (we’ll call him Myles) messaged Jason on Tumblr saying that he’d like to be part of action. And Freddy was at the top of his list!

After some brief introductions and tips on how the shoot was going to work, the guys went at it. Myles was practically on auto-pilot as he dove in, peeling back Freddy’s shirt and sucking on his nipples before focusing his attention on Freddy’s cock.

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24 Sep 16 By Jo 2 Comments Connor Maguire, Jimmy Durano, Jack Hunter and Wesley Woods


Jimmy Durano tries to snap a quick pic of the Prince in his skivvies, but security guard Wesley Woods promptly kicks him out. The Prince and his posse continue their sexcapades in the hotel room with some royal cock worshipping. Jimmy is able to sneak back in and capture the action before Harry notices him and invites him to play. A double penetration and a fuck-train later and the Prince is feeling fulfilled.

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Pink Toy Up His Ass – Do You Believe His Reaction?

Pink Toy Up His Ass - Do You Believe His Reaction?

Acting or genuine reaction? You’d be the judge!

This fit webcammer put quite a show for his viewers. They banded together to send him tokens at the same time via the pink sex toy he had plugged deep up his gorgeous butt. For a second there we became concerned over his state. The orgasmic reaction was a tad over the top to say the least. But when you consider how sensitive are some dudes down there you could give him the benefit of the doubt. Either way it was tremendously hot!

This fun and sexy video is one of the latest additions that you can find at the Premium section of Sticky. Become one of our members and you will get instant access to exclusive content and secret boards. This tasty treat is a FREE share that we’re making available to all of our readers.

Watch the FULL video after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Corbin Fisher: Jace’s First Time

Corbin Fisher: Jace's First Time

You know Jace has to be nervous for his first time. He’s never kissed a guy before, and his first time is not only with a Harper, who’s been there since the first time he’s been on camera, but also live for everyone to see!

Jace is so laid back and naturally confident that he’s able to excel in every situation he’s put in. Plus, we all know Harper knows how to take care of a girthy jock. Starting from the top and working his way down, there doesn’t seem to be an inch of Jace that isn’t taken care of.

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Queer Clicks: September 24, 2016 | Almost Everyone Is Masturbating, But We’re Still Not Talking About It, Survey Finds, The Osos (Bears) of Mexico , & Other News

Photographer – José Luis Bueno

Almost Everyone Is Masturbating, But We’re Still Not Talking About It, Survey Finds

“There’s no denying communication is essential to a healthy sex life. But why should we just limit that to talking about sex with a partner? There’s so much shame in society around peoples’ sexual fetishes, desires, STIs, and sexual dysfunctions that keeping quiet about it isn’t doing us any good for our sex lives or our well-being.” Bustle

John Waters Shares Tales From the Trash Heap

“John Waters describes Provincetown, Mass., as “a gay fishing village” that has been his summer home for the past 52 years. But the legendary cult filmmaker, photographer, author and equal-opportunity offender was quick to point out that he was not on vacation.” Montreal Gazette

The Osos (Bears) of Mexico

“José Luis Bueno is a successful commercial photographer in Mexico City. In between celebrity photo sessions and product shoots, he takes photographs of some of the hottest men in Mexico and around the world. His style is sweet, classical, and not without a wry sense of humor.” Advocate

‘American Male’ Offers Dark Look At Hyper-Masculinity And Internalized Homophobia

“American Male tells the story of a college student who feels the urgent need to prove his masculinity to both himself and his fraternity brothers. In the process, however, he is forced to suppress his own sexual desires, and bury the parts of his personality that might be seen as too ‘feminine.'” Queerty

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Spanish Actor Daniel Grao Doesn’t “Repress” His Nakedness!

Spanish Actor Daniel Grao Doesn't “Repress” His Nakedness!

Pedro Almodóvar has a good eye when it comes to hot Mediterranean men!

Spanish Actor Daniel Grao has sustained an upward trajectory for his career. He started as a television actor but after a brief period doing theater plays he landed a couple of movie roles that positioned as Spain new it boy.

It was probably in one of those early films where Almodóvar got his sight on him thanks to the full-frontal he made in “Reprimidos” (Repressed). Grao was recently seen during the Cannes press tour for Pedro’s latest film “Julieta” in which he stars in. Like all European actors Daniel seems very comfortable sharing his naked body on camera, specially when it comes to expose his round butt and his uncut cock!

Make the jump to check out Spanish actor Daniel Grao’s full-frontal in drama film “Reprimidos” and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Japan Boyz: Manabu


Manabu is just 18: young, sexy and with a voice. He’s here to fulfill a fantasy he has about doing porn. Exploring his body, and taking off his underwear, this boy has got a big cut cock and a pair of nice-sized nuts. Sitting on a glass tabletop, he tugs feverishly; he is close. Cumming, a thick pile of jizz pools on the surface. This boy can make a mess anywhere he wants for

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Lucas Entertainment: Andrey Vic Fucks Bogdan Gromov – Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Andrey Vic Fucks Bogdan Gromov - Bareback

It starts out as a nature walk between Andrey Vic and Bogdan Gromov. But the nature walk turns erotic when Bogdan and Andrey come across a creek and decide to misbehave in the great outdoors. Andrey Vic is a power top that can back up his ability with a big uncut cock. That’s a perfect score for Bogdan, who has the hots for Andrey and enjoy servicing Andrey’s uncut cock with his mouth and ass in the running stream.

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Titan Men: Matthew Bosch Fucks Eddy CeeTee – Say Uncle Pt. III

Titan Men: Matthew Bosch Fucks Eddy CeeTee

Back at the job site, Matthew Bosch runs into former high school wrestling teammate Eddy Ceetee. “You’ve definitely beefed up since high school,” admires Matthew — who is soon pinned to the ground as Eddy shows off his skills. “See what you did to me?” says Eddy, the bulge growing in his pants. “You did give the best blowjobs.” Matthew smiles back: “I’ve gotten better.”

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Straight Off Base: Quinn


Straight off base, USMC Corporal Quinn visits the Major’s penthouse in his Dress Blues following a special event at the Port of San Diego. The Mighty Corporal Quinn stands at 6’3″, weighs in at 205 lbs and is covered in a wide variety of tattoos. This massive stud Marine is constantly horny and he asks the Major’s permission to bust his nut before heading back to his barracks aboard Camp Pendleton.

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