Corbin Fisher: Jack

Corbin Fisher: Jack

The first thing that struck us about Jack was his sexy accent – he’s spent his life in a lot of different countries, and that British accent really stands out. He has a wry sense of humor that makes him a lot of fun to have around, and we were impressed by how easily he got used to the idea of showing off on camera.

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Sean Cody: Romeo

Sean Cody: Romeo

A health buff like Romeo definitely knows what’s good for his body. Part of staying fit means sweating it out in any way he can. What he probably doesn’t know is how much we like seeing a naked man dripping in sweat with a hard dick in his hands.

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Queer Clicks: July 16 | Is There Anything More Romantic Than Proposing After Filming a Gang Bang Scene Together?, Sex Addiction is Officially a Mental Illness, & Other News

Is There Anything More Romantic Than Proposing After Filming a Gang Bang Scene Together?

“A gay porn star proposed to his boyfriend, right after they’d finished shooting a bareback gang bang scene together.

During a post-scene photo shoot with the eight other guys from the gang bang, Brian Bonds was already on his knees when he popped the question to his shocked boyfriend Mason Lear.” Gay Star News

The Highest Rated Queer Movies of The 2010’s on Rotten Tomatoes

“Queer cinema has entered a renaissance of late, with a beautiful array of new voices coming together across the diversity spectrum. And Rotten Tomatoes does a pretty good job serving up reviews, both from critics and regular people like us.” Queerty

Sex Addiction is Officially a Mental Illness

“Compulsive sex behavior has been classified as a mental illness for the first time.

Its inclusion on the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases list comes a few weeks after gaming addiction was added.

Dr. Valerie Voon, from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said between 2 and 4 percent of the UK population suffer from compulsive sex behavior. In the US, it’s estimated to affect between 3 and 6 percent of adults.” New York Post

The Sequel to “It” Will Feature a Gay Couple, Played By Openly Gay Actors

“Yes, Andy Muschietti’s follow-up to the 2017 phenomenon, the highest-grossing horror movie of all time if not accounting for inflation, will feature a gay couple. But if the movie is anything like the book—and considering the slavishly faithful first film didn’t really change any plot elements it did not altogether omit, it damn likely will be—they don’t get a happy ending. At all.” Instinct Magazine

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

If you want to play dress up, our QC’s Nude Boyfriend Of The Week is the perfect guy for you!

This hunk is like a doll. You can dress him up, then take his clothes off. But we are certain that you won’t be able to stop him from getting totally naked. But it’s totally fine! Just look at him! Eitherways, he looks good with his corporate appeal and casual clothes on. But of course, he looks better with all those fabrics stripped off from his body. Him with all these covers defeats the purpose of getting a nude boyfriend for the week anyway. And once getting him naked, make sure to explore those muscles he has been hiding underneath those fancy garments. The abs are a killer! Those lean arms and shoulders are perfectly sculpted! Get a boytoy that can do both!

Make the jump and tell us what you think of our star for the week. Is he worth keeping for another week? Or shall we put his clothes back on? Let us know in the comments below!

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Maverick Men Directs: Breed Me In The Bathroom

Maverick Men Directs: Breed Me In The Bathroom

The Maverick Men loved shooting this video! It’s always been a fantasy of theirs to film in a gay bar in the bathroom where thousands of gay men have had their cocks out. They shot this vid during their wonderful stay at the Rainbow Mountain Resort in PA. Max had been lusting after Dax’s thick monster cock all week. Truth be told; Dax wasn’t very horny that day but after a little teasing and cock sucking he really fucked the hell out of Max’s hairy man ass. Dax shot such a huge load deep in Max’s ass that I could have sworn I saw semen dripping out of Max’s ears

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Next Door Studios: Mark Long and Julian Grey

Next Door Studios:  Mark Long and Julian Grey

Still recovering from a leg injury, Mark Long is hobbled but in good spirits, at least until he realizes boyfriend Julian Grey isn’t in the kitchen making him food. Julian looks at Mark incredulously, and Mark decides to get something cooking in the kitchen, so he wraps his arms around Juilian and signals for him shift his focus. Julian stops washing dishes and begins to spit shine Mark’s cock instead, downing his large meat stick as Mark takes off his shirt.

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15 Jul 18 By Dave 3 Comments Damien Stone and Jacob Peterson  Damien Stone and Jacob Peterson

Jake Porter is going through his grandfather’s things and finds a mysteriously titled videotape. He pops it in and is stunned to find out his grandfather used to be a porn star! Long John Porter, aka Jacob Peterson, was a toned and lean stud packing a beautiful, uncut cock. In this feature, he starred opposite beefy and muscular Damien Stone, who took much joy in tonguing his ass and fucking his hole.

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