Ricky Whittle. From Starz’s Hit Show American Gods, Caught Masturbating On Camera!

Ricky Whittle. From Starz's Hit Show American Gods, Caught Masturbating On Camera!

The endowment of this Demi-God is heavenly!

Ricky Whittle came to fame in his native England as a Reebok model in the early 2000 but he transitioned to acting smoothly. After fan favorite role in Hollyoaks and a participation in Strictly Come Dancing he crossed the pond in search of a bigger audience. A couple of small roles, more prominently on the CW show The 100, were enough to caught the eye of the producers that cast him in a leading role in the much anticipated series American Gods based on the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name.

So far 2017 seems like a banner year for Whittle. The show he stars in is a hit with the audiences and his character, Shadow Moon, carries much of the weight of the narrative and according to the critics Ricky is impeccable on the show. However, not all are good news for him. Two lengthy, and explicit, Skype video have leaked and the British actor is seen masturbating on camera. Unlike other cases there’s no doubt that is him. Ricky is seen on a couch of his apartment completely naked stroking his HUGE cock!

Make the jump to see more of American Gods actor Ricky Whittle. What do you think of this sexy Brit? Let us know in the comments!

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CollegeDudes: Dylan Drive Fucks Conner Mason

CollegeDudes: Dylan Drive Fucks Conner Mason

CollegeDudes Conner Mason and Dyland Drive have some sexy chemistry, and these horny guys don’t hesitate to act on their urges as they make out and suck cock. Conner gets a taste of Dylan’s meat first, savoring that sweet cock as he deepthroats it and then lets Dylan get at his dick next. Dylan wraps his soft lips around Conner’s prick but has some other oral in mind as he spreads Conner’s ass cheeks apart and licks that tight hole, warming it up with a rimjob before he sticks his dick in it!

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Extra Big Dicks: Bryan Cole, Lex Ryan & Eli Lewis

Bryan & Eli are lovers who are getting ready for their workout at the gym when they see Lex walk into the locker room. As Lex starts to undress they both stare at him with wide eyes when they see the big cock hanging between his legs. Lex then heads to the shower as they both continue to ogle him. He knows they are looking and he starts stroking his own cock as they begin to do the same with theirs…

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Broke Straight Boys: Romeo’s Bareback Cock Inside John

Romeo James is all over John Henry’s soft lips, kissing him hard before making his way down to John’s cock and taking that in his mouth next, sucking that thick shaft and those big, hairless balls as John writhes in pleasure under him. Romeo bends John’s legs up and rims his ass, reaching around and yanking on John’s dick while he goes town on that sweet ass. Romeo leans his body back and lets John get a taste of his meat too, loving the feeling of John’s warm mouth wrapped around his cock,

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Flirt4Free: Jack Andy

Jack Andy is a hell of a lot more than a country boy raised in Missouri with southern manners and values. He LOVEs coffee,and his music tastes ranges from soft rock to pop, to jazz, to heavy metal. He LOVES to dance and preformand is gently easing his way into the porn industry. Very experimental, willing to try what you like and see if I like it also including DP. I’m attentive by nature. Say hello, lets chat, we’ll see where things go and how I can give you what you need.

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Bel Ami: Hoyt Kogan

Bel Ami is almost tempted to call this the soft opening of their Summer Break season as the action really begins this Friday, but as Hoyt‘s photoshoot is so hot, there won’t be anything ‘soft’ at all. This is the first of Rick Day’s ‘Art Collection’ shoots that they are bringing us over the summer period, and they picked Hoyt especially to kick the season off with a bang. Over the series will see a lot of variety here, sometimes 1 guy, sometimes 2 and sometimes a couple, but always a great set of collectable quality images. On Wednesday as normal we have the video that goes along with the shoot.

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Hottie Wanks While His Roommates Are Out!

Hottie Wanks While His Roommates Are Out!

The moment the last one of his roommates left the apartment he got naked to wank!

Excuse the messy background. This cute guy didn’t have time to tidy up his place but he invested those precious minutes doing something much better. He pulled out his LONG cock to get those tight abs covered in his hot cum!

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Watch the complete video after the jump. Let us know what you think about this hottie in the comments!

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ChaosMen: Timmy

ChaosMen: Timmy

Timmy has a great smile, beautiful eyes, and a hot ‘twink’ build. He brought some underwear for the shoot with baggy cock pouches in the front to which he assured Bryan he could fill them out while soft. He is a show’r and a grow’r!

He says he is very evenly split between liking guys and girls. He watched straight porn for the photos and a gay one for the video. His cock is massive while soft and gets up to nearly 8-inches when he is fully hard.

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Queer Clicks: May 29, 2017 | Stunning Erotic Photo Series Captures The Struggles Bisexual Men Face In India, How Will Young Beat Off Addiction To Porn, & Other News

How Will Young Beat Off Addiction To Porn

“Pop Idol winner Will Young has opened about his addictions to alcohol, pornography, and even shopping – revealing how he battled them with the help of a shaman.

In an intimate interview with The Times Magazine, the 38-year-old stated: “I heard about her and I thought, ‘I’ll give it a go’. I don’t talk about what happens in the shamanic process because it goes beyond words.”

He claims his addictions stemmed from past childhood trauma, such as seeing his sibling in an incubator to treat his pneumonia: “I think that created a nervous system that was on edge, and understandably so. Trauma lies beneath 99.9% of addictions.” ” Gay Times

Stunning Erotic Photo Series Captures The Struggles Bisexual Men Face In India

Amit Bittoo

“Amit Bittoo is a fashion and wedding photographer from Kolkata, India studying at the National Academy of Photography. He is also bisexual.

In his most recent photo series, Bittoo focuses on what life is like for bisexual men in India, and how they are often pressured by their families to silence their feelings and marry members of the opposite sex.” Queerty.com

Nyle DiMarco Is Spread Eagle In A Speedo In Mexico

“America’s Next Top Model winner Nyle DiMarco certainly knows how to turn up the heat!!

Nyle was spread eagle in a speedo in this steaming hot photo from his Mexican vacation!” Instinct Magazine

Every Penis Tells a Story | 100 Penises Photographed and “Talk”

Laura Dodsworth

“Every one of Laura Dodsworth’s penises is unique: introvert and extrovert, straight and bendy, wobblers and bobblers, growers and showers. There are contented penises that have led full lives, and disappointed penises that have let down their owners – or been let down by their owners.” Accidental Bear

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