Queer Clicks: December 12 | Porn Legend Michael Lucas Has Announced He’s Retiring, This Transgender Pro Boxer Just Made History, & Other News

Porn Legend Michael Lucas Has Announced He’s Retiring

“In a sit-down with Michael Musto, longtime porn legend Michael Lucas, 46, has announced that while he’ll continue to direct and produce films, he will no longer be in front of the camera starting next year. “You have to stop somewhere, unless you’re Madonna,” Lucas says, who notes he’s been starring in gay porn films since 1996. ” Hornet

This Transgender Pro Boxer Just Made History

“America’s first trans male professional boxer is celebrating a historic victory in the ring.

This Saturday, 33-year-old Patricio “Pat” Manuel won his debut pro match against Mexican fighter Hugo Aguilar at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, CA. The match was over in 12 minutes, reports The Los Angeles Times, and judges unanimously ruled Manuel the victor.” New Now Next

“Come Sit on My Lap”: Sexy Santa Keegan Whicker Tells Fans

“We may be grown adults, but if Santa really looked like this, we’d probably never have stopped dreaming of him empty his sack. Social influencer and world’s hottest engineer, Keegan Whicker slipped into (or was it, out-of?) a Santa suit this weekend.” Cocktails and Cock Talk

Zac Riley by Joee Vee Photography

“Have you been naughty or nice? Santa came early in the guise of Zac Riley for Joee Vee’s holiday themed shoot.” DNA Magazine

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“Where’s the (American) Beef?”


Let’s make American Gay Porn great again!

In case you haven’t noticed, in a head-to-head, with their European counterparts the major American studios are coming up short when it comes to recruiting new talent and grooming the potential superstars of tomorrow. Even the combined resources of all the major American studios have been unable to match the number of exceptional new talent introduced by William Higgins and English Lads. Put another way, if this were Fantasy Football using new gay porn recruits, we would be in for a world of hurt without any comparable talent to match up against the stable of uncut studs who have debuted this year.

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GuyBone: Zaddy

This bearded, furry, tatted, uncut hunk of beefcake is all man, all hot, all horny! Zaddy is a GoGo dancer, which is evident by the way he moves in bed. He’s vers but prefers the top dance floor. Something tells me it won’t be difficult finding willing bottoms to open up for that thick cock of his.

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Colby Knox: Angel Cruz and Colby Chambers

Colby Knox: Angel Cruz and Colby Chambers

In this weeks new gay porn video release from Colby Knox, Colby Chambers welcomes back a fan and studio favorite Angel Cruz!!! These two are barely giving Mickey Knox a chance to film the video they are so explosive and into each other. The perfectly matched pair start out with some intense dick sucking and ass eating. Its hard to tell who the top is going to be during the foreplay as both Colby and Angels energy is very amped up and very dominant.

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Tim Tales: Sly and Oscar Marin

Tim Tales: Sly and Oscar Martin

TimTales Exclusive Sly and his mammoth cock are back for one hell of an epic fuck-of-your-life scene. Oscar Marin had no idea what was waiting for him. Never he expected the raw fuck of his life. Sly is completely out of control. He keeps fucking harder and stronger by the minutes. Oscar’s hole can testify, it’s an insane breeding session! Huge massive black cock with the deepest strokes, what’s not to love 🙂

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Men.com: Ethan Chase and Theo Ross

Men.com:  Ethan Chase and Theo Ross

Cute, athletic Theo Ross decided to get away for a few days, and opted to rent a room for his accommodations. Upon arriving, a naked and fit Ethan Chase opened the door to welcome him. Tattooed Theo is taken aback at the sight of his nudity, and realizes after the fact that he rented a room from a nudist! Slender Ethan can’t wait to sit on his thick cock, and comes up with a plan to get him stripped down, and sliding his dick between his eager cheeks in no time.

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This Guy Wants To Turn You On With His Strip-Tease!

This Guy Wants To Turn You On With His Strip-Tease!

Watch him as he takes it off for you one by one.

Some of us want to rush it while we are in the heat of the moment but this pretty boy seems like he wants to do the opposite. Taking is slow is his game and he does it by doing a tempting strip-tease for you. See him take every piece of clothing for your viewing pleasure!

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Queer Clicks: December 11 | China Is Offering Its Citizens Up To US$86,000 To Snitch On Porn, Tumblr’s Porn Ban Further Stigmatizes and Alienates Sex Workers Online, & Other News

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China Is Offering Its Citizens Up To US$86,000 To Snitch On Porn

“China is hoping to create a nation of porn bounty hunters. The country, which regards all kinds of pornography as illegal, has just doubled the reward for reporting illegal publishing to 600,000 yuan (US$86,500).

The National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications – a government body tasked with cleaning up China’s web – last week issued New Measures for Rewarding Reporting on Eradicating Pornography and Illegal Content, which will become effective December 1.” Tech Asia

10 Things You Won’t Believe Are Illegal In Australia

“There are many strange and eyebrow-raising crimes on the books in Australia. Some are old laws that are probably due for repeal, others have been recently upheld as valid despite seeming out of place.” Psychics, mooning, bad(?) music, begging, tackling pigeons, objecting at weddings, and laser pointers are all illegal. Oh yean and you guessed it…porn as well. via Cairns Post

Tumblr’s Porn Ban Further Stigmatizes and Alienates Sex Workers Online

“The Tumblr porn ban follows this year’s passage of controversial anti-sex-trafficking law SESTA/FOSTA, which led to the erasure of online spaces vital for sex workers. Now, sex workers say, they have been further silenced with the loss of yet another space—one that grew thanks in part to the communities they built.” Gizomdo

Insta-Stud: Konstantinos Vasalos

“Still hot and bothered from that 2019 Greeks Come True Calendar preview? Thought I’d stay in the land of filo pastries for our latest Insta-Stud. Can you blame me? Just look at him.

Konstantinos Vasalos is a 29-year-old personal trainer and bodybuilder from Athens, Greece. He competed on Survivor Greece in 2017 where he place in the Final 3. Why anyone would vote him out is just insane? Deserted island with this hunk… yes, please. ” Homorazzi

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