Active Duty: Roman Eros

Active Duty: Roman Eros

Dirk breaks it down with Active Duty’s new soldier making him comfortable in all ways possible. Roman Eros is a very nice guy with a great laugh. He is upbeat and ready to have fun. Dirk lets him go at it after the interview and Roman wastes no time in dropping his clothes and stroking his hard cock. Roman loves to play with his hard nipples while stroking his cock and Dirk notices that he also likes to play with his ass. Dirk throws a thick dildo his way and Roman’s eyes light right up and he eases it deep into his tight smooth ass.

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CockyBoys: Fans Only – Taylor Reign Happily Takes Jack Hunter’s Big Cock Raw

CockyBoys: Fans Only - Taylor Reign Happily Takes Jack Hunter's Big Cock Raw

With someone hung like Jack Hunter a special talent is required, someone who can take and enjoy his big dick in every way. Enter Taylor Reign who shows again he’s the man for the job as he swims up to Jack sitting by the pool at the start of their condom-free CBFO scene. There are no words, just the sound of the cicadas serenading them as Taylor goes down on Jack immediately. Within seconds he deep throats him… and just keeps on sucking every tasty inch for a long time, much to Jack’s visible awe.

At one point Taylor lifts himself out of the water to passionately make out with Jack who subsequently puts his mouth to work. He sucks Taylor’s cock as it gets fed to him and feasts on his tight hole when Taylor turns around to resume sucking him. Soon they move just few steps away to the day bed under the veranda where Taylor spit lubes Jack’s cock and rides it deep, bouncing up ad down with uninhibited energy.

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Queer Clicks: September 26 | The First Gay Doctor on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Will Have a Romance, Front Row at the Lube Olympics: Inside Turkish Oil Wrestling, & Other News

The First Gay Doctor on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Will Have a Romance

” When Grey’s Anatomy returns for its 15th season this week, Alex Landi will make his debut as surgeon Nico Kim, the show’s first male gay doctor.

But he won’t just be for show. Dr. Kim will be getting a romance of his own in what’s being dubbed “the Season of Love.”” Hornet

Witness Tom Daley Tumble And Twerk His Way Back Into The Pool

“Tom Daley is back in the pool after taking a few months off from training to focus on being a dad.

Daley shared a video yesterday with his 2 million Instagram followers of himself getting back in the swing of things, along with the caption: “Papa goes back to training. Watch the full video on my YouTube.” ” Queerty

Front Row at the Lube Olympics: Inside Turkish Oil Wrestling

“Recently, Milan-based photographer Aleksandar Crnogorac traveled to Edirne, Turkey, to capture a rare array of portraits of the Kirkpinar, the nation’s traditional oil-wrestling championship, held annually since the 1300s. Now in its 657th year, the Kirkpinar holds the Guinness World Record for oldest consecutive sports event (before 1582, most wrestlers were former prisoners of war).” Out

New Music, ‘The Welder & The Lark,’ Evolves From Queer Collaborative

“ut singer/songwriter Richard Cortez recently dropped his 7th studio release titled, The Welder & The Lark.

The collection of six tracks, which OUT calls “especially profound,” explores innately personal themes of unrequited love, intimacy and monogamy across three music videos.” Instinct Magazine

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Madame Spivy’s Alley Cat


Ladies and Gentleman, I’d like to introduce you to a long-lost lady of song that you should know: the late great Madame Spivy LaVoe (1906-1970), also known simply as Spivy. A lesbian entertainer, nightclub owner, and character actress, Spivy has been described as “The Female Noel Coward” – to which I would add “…. if he was born Bertha Levine in Brooklyn.”

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Military Classified: Kato

Military Classified: Kato

Like Rob does with all straight models, he lures them in with the money and the chance at making money in porn. That’s when the questions start coming in like “who’s the chick i’m fucking?” “what kind of porn is this?” “where is this going to be shown?” Those questions! And of course, Rob is prepared for everything after 15 years in the business and offered Kato an offer he couldn’t refuse.

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GayHoopla: Big Cock Bradley Whitman Destroys Buck Carter’s Ass

GayHoopla: Big Cock Bradley Whitman Destroys Buck Carter's Ass
Looking for some big cock stuffed in bodybuilder booty? Look no further. Bradley Whitman is a hunky stud that gives big Buck Carter the fucking of his life.

After Bradley got Buck’s ass up in the air and pounded it deep, it was enough to make him cum all over it. Anyone else a sucker for round muscle butts like Buck’s?

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