MormonBoyz: Elder Gardner

Bishop Angus watched as the Elder Gardner came into his office. It was part of the boys’ regular routine to meet with the priesthood leadership and to discuss all that was going on during their mission.

Usually the conversations center around fellowship and P-Day activities and how they’re getting along with their companions. As a member of the Brethren, Angus knows all what transpired between Elder Gardner and President Ballard.

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Bel Ami Online: Helmut Huxley Fucks Ian Roebuck – Bareback

Bel Ami Online: Helmut Huxley Fucks Ian Roebuck - Bareback

It is hard to feel sorry for poor Helmut Huxley at the beginning of this clip when he finds his privacy interrupted by a very horny Jerome Exupery and Ian Roebuck. Somehow his complaints come off as a little empty when he very quickly decides to join in the fun with the other 2 guys.
Although Ian is not a regular on BelAmiOnline, this will not be the last time you see him in action.

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Beefy Guy Jerks Off While Standing In His Room!

Beefy Guy Jerks Off While Standing In His Room!

This wank deserves an standing ovation!

With his hairy chest and cool tattoo this beefy guy was horned up to the max. You can almost feel the sweat dripping from his body while he jerks off his meat. As the time passes by and the stroking action intensifies things start to heat up. The cumming is glorious as you could expect but the surprise at the end is delightful. He eats his own cum!

This super sexy video is brought to you by the Premium section of Sticky and today’s your lucky day because we’re sharing it for FREE! When you go Premium you get instant access to content regular users don’t get too see… Exclusive and secret stuff curated especially for your eyes only!

Watch the complete video after the jump and don’t forget to share your impressions in the comments too!

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ChaosMen: Bronson and Wright – Serviced

ChaosMen: Bronson and Wright - Serviced

Bronson‘s sexual activity with dudes was really just art and photo shoots. No actual contact.

With his hot body, Bryan figured he would appreciate working with Wright. Sometimes the straight guys get into a little homoerotic body worship, that is close to being a chemical attraction.

There is a significant difference in height between the two guys, but at 5’5″, Bronson will likely be quite a bit shorter than his partners. Still, these two look extremely hot together.

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Maskurbate: Tyson

In Maskurbate‘s previous scene, we met Ron, who is Tyson‘s friend. They both needed extra cash to fully enjoy their last days of vacation. This time Maskurbate had the pleasure of meeting Tyson, one of the hottest newcomers this year. We love everything about this straight 19 year old dude. His physique, his manly open-minded attitude and of course his huge uncut cock. For a guy who has never done porn before, he was really impressed with his performance. Enjoy!

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Queer Clicks: August 23 | 17 Ways To Tell Your Straight Friend Is Gay-Curious, Watch Three Clips from the Gay Drama ‘Beach Rats’, Due Out This Friday, & Other News

17 Ways To Tell Your Straight Friend Is Gay-Curious

“A quick search for gay porn will reveal our bizarre obsession with straight men — “straight dude fucks his teammate,” “straight bro first time anal,” and so on. Where does this come from? Internalized homophobia, perceptions of masculinity, or our childhood fantasies of fucking the quarterback? Probably some compendium of all three.” Advocate

Watch Three Clips from the Gay Drama ‘Beach Rats’, Due Out This Friday

“Here are three new clips from the Eliza Hittman film Beach Rats, about a gay teen’s sexual awakening in modern day Brooklyn, which is out this Friday.” Towleroad

Men Strip Down To Celebrate Body-Positivity

“In celebration of body-positivity, gay pin-up magazine Meat has assembled a group of “everyday” men to take off their clothes, as an f-you to body shamers everywhere.

For their new 2018 nude calendar, editor Adrian Lourie gathered a bevy of handsome gents.

He says he hopes to, “defy the body shaming that goes on in the gay community.”” Instinct Magazine

This Photo Of ‘Dinosaur Kid’ + Athlete Francesc Gascó’s Bubble Butt Will Drive You Wild

“Self-confessed ‘dinosaur kid’ and CrossFit athlete Francesc Gascó isn’t afraid of taking his clothes off. We’re also not afraid to watch him take them off, either.

Alongside being an athlete, Francesc works deep in the world of science, with a PhD in palaeontology. He’s even been on the pages of Men’s Health Spain, too. However, his work on Instagram is giving us life!” Gay Times

Tom Noonan By Dion Rowe

“We’re loving our latest daddy! Mr Tom Noonan! The 40-year-old is only interested in clean healthy living and exercise, particularly when travelling the world.

Like what you see? Share this post on your social media for all your friends to enjoy.” DNA Magazine

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Jorge Alberti, Puerto Rican Telenovela Star, Fully Naked In Leaked Selfies!

Jorge Alberti, Puerto Rican Telenovela Star, Fully Naked In Leaked Selfies!

This “boricua” cock is going to make your mouth water!

Believe it or not Jorge Alberti is 40 years old! This former runway model turned actor and producer has some really good Puerto Rican genes. Alberti got his big break when he moved to Mexico in 2002 and quickly went from small parts in TV Azteca produced telenovelas to leading parts. American audiences got their first taste of Jorge when he appeared in Telemundo’s “La Isla de la Tentación” (Temptation Island) a reality TV show featuring Latin American celebrities, the same year he got one of his most memorable roles, a gay character in “Dueña y señora”.

Jorge has continued starring in telenovelas and reality shows all over Latin America and a few years ago he took himself out of the dating market when he got married. Now a father of two Alberti seems to have settle down in his role of family man with a low profile. Or so we thought. A set of leaked photos of his recent past have surfaced. One of the selfies show the Puerto Rican completely naked covering his parts with a hand but the follow up shot shows a upward curved cock completely hard that allegedly belongs to him.

See more of Jorge Alberti after the jump. What do you think of this Latin hunk? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

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Hot House: Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose

Two stunning studs, Ryan Rose and Andrew Stark share a bottle of whiskey at sundown and sneak away to the barn for some privacy. After their final swigs, Ryan makes a move and locks lips and tongues with Andrew. Wasting no time, they rip each other’s clothes off and Ryan hunkers down to swallow Andrews cock. After slobbering all over Andrew’s cock, Ryan wipes his face with it, and taunts Andrew with his crack hanging out of the top of his jeans.

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Military Classified: Nathan

When Nathan arrived he was all cleaned up and dressed in some Charlies! Rob could hardly wait to get the paperwork out of the way because he had finally convinced this little straight boy virgin to let him suck his cock…. for the right price of course! When they got all the particulars out of the way, they made their way to the bedroom where Military Classified was all set up and asked him to find some porn and sit on the edge of the bed relaxed and laid back.. He did just that!

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