Sean Cody: Clyde And Lane

Sean Cody: Clyde And Lane

Muscular stud Clyde and athletic cutie Lane are cuddled up and cozy as they discuss what Clyde’s first time fucking on film might be like. “It’s a little nerve-wracking, you know? He’s hot, and it’s scary. I might cum like three seconds before!” says brown-haired Clyde. “Oh that’s not gonna happen! I’m not going to let that happen. My ass is real real tight, and you’re gonna figure that out real quick,” states tattooed Lane.

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Queer Clicks: January 24 | What Happens When You Win at the “Oscars of Gay Porn”, Penis Size Infographic Reveals Hollywood’s ‘Growers and Showers’, & Other News

What Happens When You Win at the “Oscars of Gay Porn”

“The best of the best of the gay porn world received accolades on Monday night when the GayVN Awards handed out their annual prizes to industry actors, films, and directors. Staged at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Cafe, hosted by Shangela with performances by Danity Kane and Brooke Candy, the awards — sometimes called the “Oscars of gay porn” — recognized winners in 15 judged categories, 11 fan-voted categories, and inducted one industry veteran into its Hall of Fame. ” Out

The GOP’s Latest Ploy For Border Wall, $20 Porn Tax

“Their latest inventive scheme involves a new bill introduced into the Arizona State House that would charge people a $20 fee to access porn on their computer. Called the “Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act,” the bill would require that all devices connected to internet sold in Arizona to come with a pre-installed porn blocker that would require users to pay the government to unlock access to the adult content and punish distributors that failed to comply with a Class 1 misdemeanor.” Paper

Penis Size Infographic Reveals Hollywood’s ‘Growers and Showers’

“Michael Fassbender has been branded the biggest ‘shower’ in Hollywood, while Terrance Howard landed himself at the opposing end on of the ‘growers’, in a chart compiled by the full frontals in film experts, Mr. Man.” Cocktails and Cock Talk

Insta-Stud: Simu Liu

“Simu Liu is a Canadian actor who stars on the CBC sitcom Kim’s Convenience. Thanks to Netflix, the series has garnered plenty more eyeballs since arriving on the streaming service in July 2018. No doubt those eyeballs have been fixated on Simu’s washboard abs. Dude is definitely no stranger when it comes to crunches.” Homorazzi

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Southern Strokes: Aiden Ward and Timber Harvest

Southern Strokes: Aiden Ward and Timber Harvest

Aiden Ward wants a piece of ass and there’s only one way to get it… Invite Timber Harvest to join him at the Stroker’s Athletics Club. Timber is eager to get with Aiden and desperately wants what the trainer has to offer. After making out, he sucks Aiden, getting him nice and hard. Aiden returns the favor but quickly moves to eat ass, giving Timber one hell of a rim job!

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SpunkWorthy: Ryler – Qwicky

SpunkWorthy: Ryler - Qwicky

Jason met Ryler when some of his friends were visiting. Ryler was working the valet parking at the hotel and Jason struck up a conversation that lead to him giving him the “How’d you like to porn” line.

The tips from parking cars might be good, but Ryler was all about making some extra cash. Even if it meant dropping his pants for the world to see.

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Look At This Guy Squirting All Over His Own Body!

Look At This Guy Squirting All Over His Own Body!

No, we’re not on Stranger Things. He is literally just jacking off upside down.

It’s undeniably hot to see someone getting squirted by his own jizz and this one does the job! Let him show you how to do a facial on your own so you won’t need a man to do it for you. Talk about sexual independence here! He is here to help and to turn you on at the same time!

If you wanna see more vids like this, a Sticky Premium subscription is the way to go! Watch exclusive clips to get you in the mood for some sexy time.

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ChaosMen: Owen Forte and Ransom – Serviced

ChaosMen: Owen Forte and Ransom - Serviced

Owen Forte is just as expressive as he was during his solo, and the POV (from Ransom‘s phone) benefits greatly from his obvious enjoyment.

Since Owen brought a dildo with him, Bryan thought they would try the new remote control butt-plug.

Ransom slides it in and activates the vibration. He get’s Owen back to servicing his cock, changing the vibration as he sucks his cock. Owen’s amazing ass looks even better plugged with a toy!

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Active Duty: Zion Nicholas

Active Duty: Zion Nicholas

Once the interview is over Dirk tells Zion Nicholas to get undressed and once he does he reveals his sexy big cock. Zion covers his dick in lube and begins to stroke it making every inch grow right before your eyes. He has one big hard cock that would look great going in and out one of our long time vets. Dirk can see that Zion has no problem keeping that cock hard and tells him to get on the bed so we can see his sexy ass. Zion obeys every command and soon enough has his ass up in the air stroking his cock from behind.

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CockyBoys: Cade Maddox and Carter Dane

CockyBoys: Cade Maddox and Carter Dane

Over at CockyBoys, Carter Dane acts out the raw, intense sexual fantasy of total submission he imagined when he first saw Cade Maddox and it all happens in the dreamy dead of night. Cade lies back as Carter sucks his full, thick cock and he makes sure that Carter swallows every thrusting inch. Cade’s dirty dom talk incites Carter into a 69, sucking cock as his bubble butt is relentlessly tongue-teased. With one slap of his ass Carter swivels around again to make out and tease his own hole on Cade’s cock.

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Queer Clicks: January 23 | What’s Queer at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival?, Live Tinder With Out Soccer Player Collin Martin, & Other News

Babewatch: River Viiperi is Scorching Hot as a Naked Lifeguard

“The former beau of Paris Hilton shared a snap of himself wearing nothing but a smize. And just like that, thousands of people across the world just suddenly forgot how to swim. As the float he used to cover his modesty was thinner than Jodie Marsh’s belt strap skirts, we’re hoping the Insta-police won’t get involved.” Cocktails and Cock Talk

What’s Queer at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival?

“This year’s Sundance Film Festival unspools in Park City, Utah from January 24 to February 3. As always, the annual indie film showcase provides us with a glimpse of the queer film forecast for 2019. Below, to the best of my knowledge, are some of this year’s LGBTQ highlights. I’ve been writing these Sundance queer previews since 1997 and I’m here to tell you that identifying gay films based on festival catalog descriptions and the information provided by the festival press office is a unique art.” New Now Next

Dean Murrell by Sylwester Wojcik

“You will find Dean Murrell from London upside down, spinning, balancing and entertaining people all across the globe with Cirque Du Soleil. Dean trains Monday to Friday for 7 hours a day. Sylwester brings us a colourful insight of a Circus Performer.” DNA

Live Tinder With Out Soccer Player Collin Martin

“With Robbie Rogers no longer playing, Collin Martin is the only active openly gay athlete in MLS. And here’s the best part for all you thirsty folks. The 24-year-old soccer player is single. Exactly for how much longer, who knows? He might’ve just found the love of his life thanks to James Corden.” Homorazzi

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