All Australian Boys: Jack C

All Australian Boys: Jack C

Jack C from Brisbane is into Football/Soccer, Athletics and Gym.

Think he must live in the gym to get his body so well developed. In England where is originally from he is a Surf lifeguard, during the summer months. His strong, hairless, magnificent well defined, muscular body is complemented by his natural good looks. All this and a refreshing “straight boy – give anything a go attitude” makes Jack breathtakingly attractive. On the Beach, In the Studio and at the Gloryhole !

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17 Nov 18 By Dave 4 Comments

Big And Beefy Dad Releases Fountain Of Hot Jizz!

He can make your BBC dreams come true once you see what he wants you to freaking witness! Keep reading!

In this short clip, there’s no guarantee that you can resist yourself from getting involved in a masturbation marathon after seeing him do the same thing. It looks like he has not jacked-off in ages. Just take a look at how much gunk his massive cock has released? It’s the fountain of youth! And not to mention his hard dick that is beautiful, he’s gonna keep you busy all night if he was your boyfriend but who are we to complain?

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17 Nov 18 By Miguel 3 Comments

FuckerMate: Andy Onassis and Santi Konnor

FuckerMate:  Andy Onassis and Santi Konnor

To celebrate the award for “Best Gay Studio – Public’s Choice” that Fucker Mate won at Premios Ninfa 2018, held this week in Barcelona, we want to gift you with one of the hardest and hottest scene that they have filmed so far this year, with two new mates for the first time. Brazilian hunk Andy Onassis, with his massive thick dick and Colombian black stud Santi Konnor, just also got awarded as “Best Gay Newcomer”, with his stunning muscular body and his perfect big ass ready to take the hugest cocks around.

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17 Nov 18 By Dave 2 Comments

Sticky Solitaire – Korean Personal Trainer Koo

(Available for 48 hours only!) Rare and exclusive item. Koo is a Korean executive working with one of the top Korean corporations by day, and a personal trainer by night. He loves lifting heavy and spends much of his time in the gym focusing on major compound lifts – squats, leg presses and deadlifts – we’ve included his hot workout videos so you can mentally derobe him (before you actually do in his jerk off video!)!

S-Grade Korean muscle boy
Orientation: Straight
Cumshot: Yes
Audio: Yes
Great video quality
13 minutes
Full body and face in view
Great solid build with hard tumescent cock
Great + hot collection of personal lifestyle visuals including fitness modeling images + personal videos + personal photos (he’s got a great dress sense!)


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Sean Cody: Jack And Murray

Sean Cody: Jack And Murray

“It’s my first time bottoming!” says an anxiously, excited, athletic Murray. “Oh he’s in for a treat,” responds muscular Jack with confidence. “I think I can take your dick,” replies brown-haired Murray. “The thing is you’ve only seen me in action, you’ve never had me in action so just wait until you have me in action,” specifies tall Jack.

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17 Nov 18 By Lou 6 Comments

Queer Clicks: November 17 | The Magic of Ezra Miller, 30 Hollywood Films That Had the Balls to Include Male Full-Frontal Nudity On-Screen, & Other News

The Magic of Ezra Miller

‘Miller, who is attracted to men and women, tears up when he tells me he has experienced a lot of heartbreak. As a result of these failed relationships, he says he has abandoned trying to find his perfect romantic partner, deciding that monogamy isn’t for him. Calling himself a “sexual being,” he instead finds companionship with a group of sexual partners he refers to as his “polycule,” a portmanteau of “polyamorous molecule.”” Playboy

Interview: Director Ofir Raul Grazier Whose Gay Drama ‘The Cakemaker’ Might be Going to the Oscars

“The Oscars are coming and with them, renewed attention for some of the year’s most memorable films. One of this past summer’s sleeper hits was The Cakemaker, an LGBT drama that’s just been released on DVD / Blu-Ray. The tiny but prolific distributor Strand Releasing, who have released many gay favorites, have been in business for almost 30 years now and, if you don’t adjust for inflation, The Cakemaker quietly turned into their biggest box office hit ever this summer. ” Towleroad

30 Hollywood Films That Had the Balls to Include Male Full-Frontal Nudity On-Screen

” Actor Chris Pine recently went full-frontal in the Netflix film Outlaw King, and although the brief flash of his genitals wasn’t particularly revelatory or patriarchy-smashing, in this day and age it’s still a big deal for male actors to go “full-frontal” in films.

While Hollywood seems perfectly fine flashing women’s breasts, pubic patches and backsides, flashing a penis can occasionally get a film slapped with an NC-17 rating, basically guaranteeing its financial failure.” Hornet

Standouts From ‘The Greatest Showman: Reimagined’

“Like P.T. Barnum, the musical about his life defied the odds. The Greatest Showman overcame middling reviews and won audiences over, instantly becoming a classic. The accompanying soundtrack soared to even greater heights. The album reached number one on iTunes in over 77 countries, going double platinum in the US and quadruple platinum in the UK. It’s no wonder this re-imagining was greenlit. ” Homorazzi

17 Nov 18 By Dave 3 Comments

GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week


Watch out! Because these naked boys are coming your way and we know that you are not prepared. Either way, here are your top 10 Guys with iPhones for the week!

The wait is over and we want to make sure that it’s going to pay off. We want you to look at these men who are already hot but will bring it to the next level by showing off what they got once all of those clothes they cover their beautiful bodies with were taken off. Sexy physiques and suck-able cocks are just the most perfect combination of two things that are waiting for you so we are not going to make you wait.

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16 Nov 18 By Miguel 8 Comments

Lucas Entertainment: Sean Xavier and Jeffrey Lloyd Fuck Lucas Leon Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Sean Xavier and Jeffrey Lloyd Fuck Lucas Leon Bareback

Sean Xavier, Jeffrey Lloyd, and Lucas Leon are all models for high executive fashion, and all three guys are instantly attracted to each other while on set. Lucas and Sean entice Jeffrey to take out his huge and beautiful cock. That’s what turns their fashion shoot into a hardcore gay bareback porn shoot!

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16 Nov 18 By Jo 2 Comments

Raging Stallion: Tegan Zayne, Ziggy Banks and Stephen Harte

Raging Stallion:  Tegan Zayne, Ziggy Banks and Stephen Harte

Ziggy Banks and Stephen Harte are making out on stage in front of an empty house when Tegan Zayne enters with his fat wad of cash. Stephen and Ziggy snap to it and start putting on a show when Tegan joins the fun. Stephen pulls Tegan’s big hairy cock out of his white jockstrap and starts sucking as Ziggy brings up the rear to eat Stephan’s extra hairy ass.

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16 Nov 18 By Dave 3 Comments

Swingin’ Balls: Corey Gunz

Swingin' Balls: Corey Gunz

Sexy redneck Corey Gunz relaxes in a hot jacuzzi, then proudly stands to show how low his sack hangs after the warm soak. He bounces and swings his dick and balls in regular and slow motion. Some jumping jacks give him another chance to shake his goodies for the camera. He stands above the camera and gives his nuts a tender squeeze, then sits down to lube up and jack his dick.

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16 Nov 18 By Dave 3 Comments