CockyBoys: Just Love – A Pornstars Guide to Sexual Freedom – Boomer Banks & Ricky Roman

CockyBoys: Just Love - A Pornstars Guide to Sexual Freedom - Boomer Banks & Ricky Roman
CockyBoys: Just Love - A Pornstars Guide to Sexual Freedom - Boomer Banks & Ricky Roman

CockyBoys is excited to present a new erotic documentary mini series called Just Love – a Pornstars Guide to Sexual Freedom. This is a series about love, acceptance and embracing who we all are which is definitely the CockyBoys motto. We all have had different journeys in self love but embracing our differences and loving each other leads to acceptance and sexual freedom.

This first episode is starring two CockyBoys fan favourites, Boomer Banks and Ricky Roman. Ricky Roman expresses what he says Just Love is about – “It is by loving yourself enough to put yourself out there in the world for all to see. When you can accept that part of yourself then you can really emote and express every facet of yourself.” Just Love is being who you are and communicating what you need so that you and your partner explore and enjoy every pleasurable aspect of each other. There is no pain or fear but just love!

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Queer Clicks: June 25, 2016 | Unveiling the International Tickle-Porn Conspiracy & Other News

Anderson Cooper

Unveiling the International Tickle-Porn Conspiracy — It’s Not As Funny As You Think

“This movie begins as a lighthearted exploration of a peculiar online spectacle known as “competitive endurance tickling,” in which athletic young men are paid to tickle each other on camera. But before “Tickled” ends it has become something entirely different, a globetrotting investigation in pursuit of a shadowy figure who can never be pinned down and may not exist, like the Orson Welles character in “The Third Man.” Except with tickling.” Salon

President Obama Just Created the First National Monument to Gay Rights

“It was the quintessential dive bar—a Greenwich Village gay institution with Mafia ties and overpriced drinks. But in 1969, the Stonewall Inn went from dive bar to historic icon when a police raid led to violence and a historic protest on behalf of civil rights. Now, reports the Associated Press, Stonewall will become America’s first national monument to gay rights.” Smithsonian

Anderson Cooper Doesn’t Like Being A “Silver Fox”

Mr. Cooper may consider his grey hair a bit much, in fact he jokingly says he is related to the white walkers in HBO’s The Game of Thrones series. The internet and most of humanity begs to differ. Anderson has said that he was prematurely grey, but as of late he has caught up with his hair. Instinct Magazine

Sebastian Stan, Aka Bucky: Giving Captain America A Boyfriend Is “Great”

“Speaking to GQ, Stan — who plays Captain America’s bestie Bucky — discussed his feelings about the Twitter campaign #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, which begs Marvel to suddenly make the superhero recklessly gay and even starting dating his preferred partner in crime.” Queerty

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QC Crush: Meet Model Henry Licett The Self-Proclaimed “Eggplant” King Of Instagram


To be perfectly honest he hasn’t exactly claimed the “Eggplant” King title (yet) but Latin-American media outlets have called him that way and with his provocative extreme bulge Venezuelan model Henry Licett has certainly earned it!

An underwear model, actor and occasional singer, Licett likes to flaunt his muscles but there’s one in particular that he seems to be most proud of. The one between his legs. Three suspensions on Instragram have not stopped him from posting and he keeps raising the stakes. Although the true size, and girth, of his cock is a mystery we have reasons to believe that he’s the real deal. Skeptics could soon be eating their words as an alleged dick pic has been floating around and we have it!

Make the jump to see more of Venezuelan Instagram sensation Henry Licett. And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

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Next Door World: Michael Del Ray and Javier Cruz


Best buddies Michael Del Ray and Javier Cruz share quite a lot of things: their home, plenty of interests… hell, they even end up banging the same chicks from time to time, so as the two of them sit around killing time playing video games and shooting the shit, Michael gets the idea to share something else with Javier, rubbing his dick against the back of his neck as Javier focuses on the TV.

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New Site Attack: Straight Off Base


Straight off base, Corporal Dakota, a very handsome and nicely ripped Marine stud from rural Washington state, visits the Major’s place in downtown San Diego for some much-needed relief after a few weeks of being in the field for training aboard Camp Pendleton. Cpl. Dakota wrestled in high school and lost his virginity at age 14 to his minister’s daughter. Cpl. Dakota removes his t-shirt and jeans, lubes up and begins to stroke his massive cock while fingering his tight butt hole. Naturally, the Major can’t resist offering his skilled helping hand and ultimately brings Dakota’s thick cock to an explosive and very enjoyable climax!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Ross and Jacob Taylor


Ross loves getting fucked bareback by big cocks, but add the 210lbs that is Jacob Taylor behind that, and he’s in heaven. Ross goes from rubbing and feeling Jacob’s chest, to grabbing and slapping it as Jacob has him on his back fucking him balls deep. Ross is the definition of an insatiable bottom. But Jacob’s 8″ uncut cock is no joke though– Ross unexpectedly came a little while he was riding it, and then Jacob literally doggystyle-fucked the cum out of him handsfree!

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This Two-Handed-Jerk-Off Could Still Use An Extra Hand!


We have double hand wanker. This is not a drill, we repeat. WE HAVE A DOUBLE HAND WANKER!

Forget about rulers, this is the best way to measure a huge cock. The sheer size of it is simply jaw-dropping. This muscled hunk and his big appendage will leave you wanting to reach through your monitor to lend him an extra hand. Another super hot video from the Premium section of Sticky, available for FREE to all our readers.

Make the jump to watch the video in its entirety and let us know in the comments, have you ever serviced a cock like that?

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All Australian Boys: Dylan (5)

All Australian Boys: Dylan (5)

All Australian Boys presents ex-UK Military, Dylan, in Northern Australia. He is into so many outdoor activities. Kitesurfing, volleyball, cliff climbing being amongst his interests.

This knock about guy has a huge fat cock! It’s like a shape we haven’t seen before. Thick at the bottom like an arm and a smaller top. As soon as he began to watch lesbian porn his cock got hard and the depth of his sexuality took over.

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