Raging Stallion: Andrew Stark and Ricky Decker


Andrew Stark claims that a midnight tryst in the kitchen will cure Ricky Decker‘s insomnia. Ricky’s dubious, but when Andrew pulls out a hard, fat cock, Ricky figures it’s better than a glass of warm milk and he agrees to ‘give it a shot.’ He kneels and sucks Andrew’s veiny member with long swallows, stroking the shaft and squeezing his nuts.

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William Higgins: Michal Kozub


Michal Kozub likes sports, football and fitness. In this Dream Set he looks so masculine, with his handsome face and hot body. Smartly dressed at the start Michal soon opens his shirt to reveal his hot, hairy, chest. He looks like the perfect fashion model as he removes the shirt and trails it over his right shoulder. He then sits and relaxes on the bed, bare-chested and looking great.

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PeterFever: “Christmas – Santa’s Lap” with Seamus O’Reilly & Rey Luis


It’s Christmas and Rey has an annual tradition of going to sit on Santa’s lap. Santa is a lucky man if he gets to have Rey’s squeezable ass sitting on his lap. Seamus wanted a piece of that, so this year he was Santa and Rey sat those ass cheeks right on his cock.

Seamus O’Reilly helps fulfill Rey Luis’ Christmas tradition in the Novella Series S5E9 “Christmas – Santa’s Lap”.

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ChaosMen: Jet and Silas Flip Fuck Bareback

ChaosMen: Jet and Silas Flip Fuck BarebackChaosMen Special Deal

Watching new guys work their way through their limits is erotic in its own way, but there is nothing like watching two pros go at it.

Bryan wanted a scene with two veteran ChaosMen models. Both Jet and Silas are totally versatile, plus Jet is basically an ejaculation machine. They start by sucking each other’s cocks. Getting each other hard and turned-on. They 69 and rim each other holes. Both guys work hard at pleasing their buddy’s cock until it is bone hard.

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Active Duty: Sean (2)

Active Duty: Sean (2)
Active Duty SAVE 33% NOW

Here’s a sweet ‘n’ hottie for you to feast your eyes on. His name is Sean and he has gorgeous eyes with a wry, mischievous smile. Sean is 27 and likes to indulge his passion for soccer when on leave. After having the privilege of seeing Sean nude, we’re not surprised he’s an avid sportsman. Sean was blessed with a delicious skin tone and a wonderfully plump rear end.

Sean became a little more comfortable after a few minutes and settled into a nice groove. He put his feet up on the leather couch at one point and laid back, continuing to tug his boner. Not long into the session, Claude had Sean fuck in between a couple leather pillows. In this shot, we get a great look at Sean’s strong ass muscles and his propensity for thrusting hard. We can certainly imagine Sean giving a fellow soldier a jolly-good rogering with that power.

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Corbin Fisher: Jasper Gets Fucked

Corbin Fisher: Jasper Gets Fucked

Jasper and Marc create a sexy contrast, Jasper with his light features serious smolder and Marc with his dark good looks and big smile. One thing the guys have in common though are their smoking hot bodies!

Jasper is curious of how it’ll feel to be on the receiving end of a dick but gauging how big and hard he gets – the curiosity also has him quite excited! Marc goes to work on Jasper’s big dick, using his mouth to get it hard and straining. Then he moves to focus on his tight hole, sucking on his balls as he slides his finger in.

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Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

Let’s join him in the showers! EricDeman has a new buddy and this sexy guy is kinda dirty but we’ll make sure that the soap reaches every inch of his bod. You’re gonna love to watch as he washes his cock and takes care of his foreskin. He’s obviously is enjoying himself and is working the camera like a pro, for a while he even jokingly simulates some wanking movements and laugh about it! What do you think of him?

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QC Open Forum: If Your Testicles Could Speak What Would They Say?


Some people say that the penis has a mind of its own, but what about the neighbours down there? This hilarious serious of vids by Australian underwear brand Bonds puts the focus on this couple of balls and the mistreat they suffer from their owner. Horniness false alarms, itchiness, cold water, bicycle rides, going commando, crossed legs while sitting and mobile phones ringing too close to comfort are some of the obstacles that the guys that live in a dude’s crotch face every day. Have you ever stopped to think how do you take care of one of the most vulnerable parts of your anatomy? We’re sure these videos in addition to making you laugh will leave you thinking too. So QC reader, tell us, if your testicles could speak what kind of awkward conversation they would have about the way you treat them? Tell us in the comments!

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Men of Montreal: ‘A Raw And Savage Love Fest!!’ with Brandon Jones & Samuel Stone


As Samuel is bearing down on Brandon over the bed, he pushes his boyfriend onto his stomach and starts to rip his briefs off, cursing him in the process. Unceremoniously, he shoves his bare cock into Brandon tight ass, telling him that he was going to give him one hell of a punishment. And a punishing Brandon gets… But it becomes pretty obvious that the line between anger and lust is a thin one.

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Broke Straight Boys: Vadim Black and Jaxon Ryder


Vadim Black and Jaxon Ryder are about due for a scene together, and these guys don’t object as Vadim kicks things off with some gentle kisses, working his way down to Jaxon’s big dick. Vadim massages Jaxon’s balls while he sucks and licks that sweet cock and then they swap and Jaxon’s mouth is on Vadim’s meat next, taking that prick all the way down his throat as Vadim watches him work it.

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