Tim Tales: Alexx Desley

timtales alexx desley

Alexx Desley is an uninhibited bottom boy and he has that kind of petite fuckable athletic body that turns Tim on so much. So, on that afternoon Alexx got a real good assfuck in our little home gym and you can see in every minute that he enjoyed it just as much as Tim himself.

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William Higgins: Igor Vesely

william higgins igor

Igor Vesely is aged 25 and is unemployed and enjoys sports, fitness and bodybuilding. What a handome guy he is, very masculine, and with a great body too. Those muscles are just awesome and as he strips off we see them perfectly. Turning, back to camera, Igor lowers his underwear and bends over to show off his hot, tight hole.

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ChaosMen: Jet and Zarek - RAW

ChaosMen: Jet and Zarek - RAW

After a bit of an break, and work at other studios, Zarek came back to ChaosMen to do a couple videos. He opted to bottom.

Jet was excited that he was topping the entire video. He is such an awesome bottom, but he is an equally skilled top.

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Keumgay: Clément and Benoît

keumgay clement benoit

It's always fun to watch two guys compare dicks, and when the guys are Clément and Benoît things only get exponentially more fun! Keumgay was ecstatic to have these two guys naked, erect and in his bathroom.

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CMNM.net - Ed Wanked

CMNM.net - Ed Wanked

New at CMNM.net, Ed is shocked by how far the guys are going with their hazing tactics to distract him and test his mettle at selling. He's now being subjected to the ultimate test as they insistently stroke his cock till he's worked up into a frenzy of excitement and aching need to get off.

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Bentley Race: Phillip Anderson

bentley race phillip

Phillip Anderson is a dominant top all the way from Sweden, with a massive cock and big, juicy Swedish meatballs. Bentley Race didn't have time to shoot as much of the giant Swede as he wanted to; however, he was able to squeeze in a video of himself sucking on Phillip's colossal cock, plus this scene of Phillips stripping out of his snug wrestling outfit and frolicking in the shower. When it comes to servicing his titanic tool, the Swede can get pretty aggressive. He starts off by showing off in the bath.

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CFNM.net - Nightclub Bouncer

CFNM.net - Nightclub Bouncer

Oleg is off his face in the club at CFNM.net. His greed has got the better of him and the chemicals coursing through his system are affecting his judgment.

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Special Exclusive 50% sale at Gayhoopla!!

gayhoopla aiden millergayhoopla-schedule-0803.jpg

Aiden Miller is Gayhoopla's first model ever who joined them for a solo and ended up leaving fucking a guy all in the same weekend. Aiden has a huge cock and great west coast personality. Watch this stud jerk it and eventually stick in another mans booty hole.

And for a limited time you can get a 50% discount off a one month memebership! With that membership you have access to 100's of videos in the Gayhoopla archive as well as nightly cam shows!!

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The Casting Room: Joseph

The Casting Room: Joseph

Self proclaimed sex addict Joseph confidently marches into The Casting Room ready to fuck. If we say go he will drop his trousers and unleash his big hard cock on whoever we present him with. Tall, lean and muscled all over this driven masculine guy has made many home made sex videos and now wants to make his first fully professional porn flick. His taut six pack, large powerful buttock and massive uncut cock make you want to drop to your knees worship this manly specimen.

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NextDoorBuddies: Brenner Bolton and Connor

NextDoorBuddies: Brenner Bolton and Connor

As groundskeeper, Brenner Bolton has some talented hands. Raking and trimming on a hot summer day, Brenner loses his shirt as a secret admirer watches from the house. Making his way out to the garden, Connor keeps his eyes locked on an unsuspecting Brenner, until Brenner makes him lurking in the bushes. Brenner is startled and accidentally pricks his finger on a thorn. As his finger stings, Connor springs into action, soothing Brenner's wound and sucking his finger clean. With one look, Brenner and Connor are on the ground making out, then moving over to a patio table.

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Active Duty: Sonny

Active Duty: Sonny

You won't see him but this update was directed by the legendary King Cole, can ActiveDuty lure him back from retirement? Perhaps a new recruit like Sonny and his puppy eyes will do the trick. In the meantime you'll get to see him in what he describes as a "fucking amazing" experience. He makes very good use of a black butt plug and his perfectly round ass devours it with gusto. Sonny disclosed his sexual preferences in the interview, and it turns out, he identifies himself as bisexual. We're sure he definitely will come back and do more!

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Erotica: Sensory Overload


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