College Dudes: Davey Anthony amd Armando Torres

college dudes davey armando

All work and no play make college dudes dull boys. These young men are in their sexual peak and they need an outlet for their raging hormones. College Dudes provides that much needed outlet as a service to these horny boys, and to the community, and to you. God bless them! In their new scene, we are treated to a couple of hot dudes with dick on their minds. Davey Anthony and Armando Torres need to get their rocks off, so they head to the dorm room for a hot and heavy session of dude-to-dude ass sex.

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Man Avenue: Mario Cortez

man avenue mario cortez

New hunk on the block, Mario Cortez, loves beating his meat with someone watching. This tall and lean stud leans back on the dresser and starts pulling on his dick through his swim trunks. He slowly massages his body and then pulls his soft member out to the party. Mario strikes a few muscle poses while his cock gets fully erect, as if the posing and flexing were forcing blood into his dick.

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QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

If those puppy eyes won't convince you that he's definitely BF material, then we're pretty sure his cock will! Our new QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week is a dreamboat, he's just one of those guys that is a yes in every checkbox. A horny dude with a sex drive that could put even the pros to shame. How could we not fall for him? Make the jump and prepare to swoon like never before.

Don't forget to tell us what you think about him in the comments!

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Jimmy Fanz is a young man tired of the gay scene. Lucky for Jimmy he finds a real man thanks to the Daddy Hunt app. He logs on and hooks up with hot daddy Dirk Caber who fucks his ass better than he's ever had it!

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Island Studs: Clay

Island Studs: Clay

Beefy Clay is a 29 year old graduate student and college wrestler with a BIG, WIDE, MUSCLE butt and powerful, athletic thighs, that he shows off as he lifts weights and squats, FULLY NAKED with a ROCK HARD BELLY SLAPPER in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs!

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Bel Ami: Cameron Buirski

Bel Ami: Cameron Buirski

Cameron Buirski is one handsome chap with a very delicious thick cock. His luscious nipples are just hard to ignore and definitely waiting to be sucked, bitten and pinched. With his mighty cock springing into action, we just can't get enough of this beautiful man!

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Corbin Fisher: Kellan Plows Brayden

Corbin Fisher: Kellan Plows Brayden

Having observed Kellan and Brayden hanging out with one another, and knowing a fair bit about them, they remind us of the type of two, hot, straight friends you'll see hanging out - maybe at the bar talking up girls, or at a park throwing a football around. You'll see them out on a double date, each with some hot girl under their arm, or walking through campus as they head from one class to the next.

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Staxus: Felipe Esquivel and Johny Cruz

staxus felipe johny

Resting in the shade of a palm tree, Felipe Esquivel has no idea that his peace is about to be shattered by the abrupt arrival of Johny Cruz - an inquisitive white boy, whose initial concern is with the peculiarities of language and the curious differences between Spanish and English. Not that anyone who knows young Cruz is ever gonna be fooled by a performance like that! For the fact is that the ever-horny German is only interested in one thing, and it's tucked away nicely in Esquivel's swimming trunks - though admittedly not for very long!

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Sean Cody: Rusty (2)

Sean Cody: Rusty (2)

Rusty is kind of a health freak and we definitely can see from his tight and muscular body! He has a nice cock that can fire streams of cum right up to his chest! Now, we need to see his sexual power with the other Sean Cody boys!

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Guybone: Sam Bridle and Scotland Grey

guybone sam scotland

Sam and Scotland got comfy on the bed, lying next to each other watching porn. It wasn't long before they were horned up enough to turn off the porn and play with each other. They got on their knees on the bed and began making out. The camera started rolling and soon, Sam's giant uncut cock was out and rock hard and completely down Scotland's wet, hungry throat.

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Queerism - Feet of Cock

Queerism - Feet of Cock

noun: The total length of cock that a bottom took during a given time period. Computed by taking the length of the top's cock times the number of total insertion strokes thrust.

example: Brad, a top with a 7" cock, fucks uber hot-assed Tom for 6 minutes non-stop before blowing his load. At an average of 2 insertion thrusts per second, this yields 120 insertion thrusts per minute or 720 total insertion thrusts. 720 insertion thrusts times 7 inches of cock equals 5040 inches of cock, or 420 feet of cock that Tom took in total from Brad.

Thanks to Richard Janus (our Top Queerism creator this year!) for submitting this Queerism! Do you have an interesting or unusual Queerism of your own you wish to share? Submit your Queerism HERE.

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The Male From: Nico

the male form nico

Nico is a brand new addition at The Male Form. What do you think?

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