Cocksure Men: Max Bourne Barebacks Martin Dajnar

Cocksure Men: Max Bourne Barebacks Martin Dajnar

Max Bourne and Martin Dajnar make out in a hotel room. Soon Martin is naked and on the bed sucking Max’s big uncut cock. Max gets nude and jumps into bed, sucking up Martin’s prick. The sucking gets them hornier for bareback fucking and Martin gets on all fours. He wants Max’s hard raw cock up his ass. Max obliges and barebacks Martin’s hungry hole, pounding him hard and raw.

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Dirty Tony: Taylor Greene and Rob Stonebridge


Taylor Greene is feeling a little more experimental today, so Dirty Tony introduced him to Rob Stonebridge. Taylor is helping Rob with his flexibility. So, of course, they strip off their pants so they can be a little more comfortable. With each stretch, Taylor gives a little hands on assistance. Before long, Rob is at eye level with Taylor’s crotch and can’t resist trying to give it a little attention.

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William Higgins: Jirka Mendez and Tomas Decastro

williamhiggins-jirka-tomas - Copy

Jirka Mendez and Tomas Decastro are two very hot guys. They are enjoying each other’s company, with Jirka Massaging Tomas’ shoulders. He bares Tomas’ chest and they begin to kiss. Then Jirka’s hot chest is on show too. Soon Tomas’ jeans are down and his throbbing cock is deep in Jirka’s eager mouth. Jirka loves to suck and does a great job on that cock. Then he loses his pants and climbs over Tomas to 69.

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Randy Blue: Kevin Falco and Antonio Deluca


Kevin Falco is no stranger to gay porn. He sees Antonio sitting back in the hot tub with his fuzzy chest getting all wet. Kevin is immediately turned on and strips down and joins him in the tub. They begin to make out until their uncut dicks are hard as rocks. Then they take turns sucking each other off. The passion gets to them and they move things into the bedroom where they begin to bareback. Kevin has Antonio sit down on his hard cock and ride it like a pro. Then Kevin fucks Antonio’s tight ass doggy style and on his side before straddling him and cumming right into his mouth.

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Bel Ami: Tony Conrad and Dalton Briggs


It seemed only natural to us that when Dalton was over visiting that we assign him Rick as a babysitter. With his easy going nature and near perfect English we thought that they would get along fine, and although they did hit it off on a social level, Dalton didn’t want to spend all his time with the one buddy (and also maybe Rick wanted some time on his own too). So when they run across Tony Conrad in the park, Rick is happy to set them up together and organise Dalton’s 2nd fuck of his visit in Prague.

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Are You A Loud “Grunter” When You Jerk Off?


Muscle daddy is out of breath!

The more he jerked off his big cock, the more his noises intensified. Hope his walls are sound proof otherwise we wonder how his neighbors reacted to such loud grunting. Do you unlock your orgasm the same way?

This noisy, and horny, new video comes from the Premium section of Sticky. A FREE share we’re posting here so you can have a glimpse of the hot things you can discover when you become a premium member.

Watch the video in FULL after the jump. And let us know, are you a heavy breather or a loud “grunter” when you jerk off?

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Corbin Fisher: Jayden Gives It To Quinn

Corbin Fisher: Jayden Gives It To Quinn

Jayden is teeming with sexual tension as he and Quinn makeout. His eyes are locked in on the Corbin Fisher fan favorite, and for good reason – Quinn looks hot doing what he does! The blowjob he gives Jayden reminds us why he’s regarded as the best dick-sucker on campus! He comes up for an impassioned kiss and the whole time I’m staring at Jayden’s plump lips – which Quinn puts to use shortly thereafter!

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Queer Clicks: July 28, 2016 | Justin Bieber Says He Never Refused Gay Male Movie Role, How Will Openly Gay Athletes Be Received at Rio Olympics?, & Other News


Justin Bieber Says He Never Refused Gay Male Movie Role

“After rumors swirled this morning, Justin Bieber has come forward and said he never refused a movie role that would have included a gay sex scene. In fact, he said he’s not involved with the movie at all. A Bieber rep told Gossip Cop that the original story by the New York Post was false.”

How Will Openly Gay Athletes Be Received at Rio Olympics?

“Gus Kenworthy was ready to tell the world he was gay. The freestyle skier had his coming-out story planned in his head before the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. He understood the gravity of the situation. Through weeks of soul-searching he had concluded the stage was perfect. Russia was attracting global attention for introducing legislation that purported to criminalize homosexual activity on the spurious grounds that it corrupted the minds of children. What better place to make a stand?” USA Today

Homophobia Is the Real Monster in Stranger Things

“The child protagonists of Stranger Things — a Netflix series about supernatural happenings in suburban Indiana in the 1980s — have many foes to fight, among them a sinister government entity and a bloodthirsty creature from another dimension. But for the everyday humans in the suburban town, the monster they encounter most frequently is homophobia. In fact, nearly every episode of the eight-part series contains an antigay slur or an act of bullying aimed at characters who step outside the borders of heteronormativity.” Advocate

The World’s Hottest Math Teacher Pietro Boselli Takes It Off In New Fashion Campaign

“As you may recall, Boselli became an overnight internet celebrity last year after one of his students discovered his steamy Instagram account and shared it with the world. In addition to teaching kids how to crunch numbers, Boselli has posed for a number of fashion designers and has graced the pages of Vogue and Attitude magazine. His latest photo shoot for Dsquared2 promotes their new “Bitch Where” collection.” Queerty

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Jonathan Groff Gave A Rimjob To Fellow Actor Michael Rosen In Looking The Movie!

Jonathan Groff Gave A Rimjob To Fellow Actor Michael Rosen In Looking The Movie!

Jonathan Groff likes to give rimjobs! Well, we don’t know about his personal preferences but his character certainly does.

HBO’s gay-themed comedy-drama Looking had a rocky start, and mixed reactions from the critics, but it managed to survive for a couple of seasons. In great measure probably thanks to their leads’ charisma, specially Jonathan Groff, before being cancelled for good. Now fans are having some closure in the form of a movie that wraps up the stories of the central characters.

Jonathan has done nudity in the show. If you are feeling nostalgic, don’t worry we have included some naked bits with him and Russell Tovey from previous seasons. Even that funny brief moment where he cleaned up his butt before sex in the bathroom floor. And who can forget that other time he showed off his cock!

But getting back to the Looking finale we were surprised to learn that he not only stripped off his clothes. But he also made a scene with fellow actor Michael Rosen where he firmly planted his face between his buttcheeks! Oh, and there are no spoilers in this post, just some fun anilingus. 😉

Check out the rimjob that Jonathan Groff gave to Michael Rosen in Looking The Movie after the jump. And let us know what you think in the comments!

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Amateur College Sex: Cale Gets Laid

Amateur College Sex: Cale Gets Laid

Having recently broken out of his shell, you know Cale was looking forward to showing a coed a thing or two of what he could do!

His hands and mouth are all over Laura throughout the action here – that is when they’re not on his cock! He peels her clothes off to get her naked, spreads her legs, and buries himself between them! Laura asks if she can suck his cock and he’s very happy to feed her his meat. With his big cock fully in her mouth, Cale talks dirty and face fucks the hungry brunette.

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