ChaosMen: Archer

ChaosMen: Archer

Archer is a friend of another model. He was moving from one side of the country to the other, and it just so happened I caught him on his travels.

With his dark hair and blue eyes, he has a handsome face. He also has a great cock with natural pubes. His lean build makes his cock look even bigger.

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Queer Clicks: July 23 | Ryan Reynolds Wants to Unmask Deadpool’s Pansexuality, Problems With The Fit of Condoms Are Really Common, & Other News

Ryan Reynolds Wants to Unmask Deadpool’s Pansexuality

“Ryan Reynolds hopes to see greater LGBTQ representation in the Deadpool universe.

The 41-year-old actor joined the Deadpool panel Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con, Variety reports. A fan, who described herself as bisexual, asked if future Deadpool movies would include more queer characters.” New Now Next

Problems With The Fit of Condoms Are Really Common

“Multiple scientific studies dating back to 1993 each identified that 40-45% of men suffer problems with traditional ‘one sizes fits all’ condoms not fitting them properly” They Fit


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Model Alec Nysten’s Nudes are Leaked and It’s a Real Sight to See

“Alec, who proudly rocks a mustache that looks retro yet superbly hot on him, has developed a major social media following over the past couple of years due to his insatiably hot body and “pushing the boundaries” types of photos that he posts.” Instinct Magazine

Derrick By Benjamin Veronis

“Derrick earned his medical degree literally the week preceding our shoot, amazing accomplishment!“ – Photographer Benjamin Veronis on working with model Derrick. via DNA Magazine

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

He can call your attention without saying anything. He is here to please you for this edition of QC’s Nude Boyfriend Of The Week!

We can tell he’s really used to teasing anyone that likes him and we’re pretty certain that he can drive someone he likes crazy with that sick physique. Our hunk for this week has a super tight body. Those abs you cannot resist, his popping chest and ripped arms are all works of art. Maybe someone can give him a reward for working intensely to get those muscles visible. A blowjob maybe? Aside from flaunting that hot bod, he also makes sure that his incredible torso should not be the only focal point of his selfies. Since he wants our full attention, he’s gotta show that nice cock. It looks perfectly delicious. A candy you can suck day and night and a tool you can exploit for your oral and anal pleasure. He is meaty from head to toe!

We’re darn serious in ending hunger so feed yourselves with all these meat you will see after the jump. Let us know if he is worth keeping in the comments below!

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Freshmen: Benny Saverin and Bobby Noiret

Freshmen: Benny Saverin and Bobby Noiret

These are two guys you don’t see muchof – Benny Saverin and Bobby Noiret. The intense chemistry they share is probably due to their similar personalities. Both guys are good natured, full of smiles and sexual energy, with dicks that get hard as soon as they’re freed from their pants confines. Yet there is an air of innocence as both boys appear to explore their nascent sexual attraction for each other. Then they give in completely – enjoying every aspect of man on man sex.

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Kink: Tyler Rush Cowers Before Max Ferro

Kink: Tyler Rush Cowers Before Max Ferro

With leather gloves, leather pants, and a leather vest, Max Ferro enters the scene dragging his submissive, Tyler Rush into his lair. Max shoves Tyler down to the floor and climbs on top of his back, slapping his ass through his jeans. Tyler pleads, telling Max to let him go but Max just pulls down Tyler’s pants and spanks his ass hard with his gloved hands. Max strips all of Tyler’s clothes off and reveals the cock cage that Max has fastened to Tyler’s cock and balls.

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Falcon Studios: Sean Duran and Jack Hunter

Falcon Studios: Sean Duran and Jack Hunter

After being instructed to strap a monitoring device around his ankle Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan is forced to perform a series of bizarre sex acts and challenges or risk suffering a severe electric shock. The fun and games come to an abrupt end when Brent is given private access to a horrific live video feed showing his assistant Jack Hunter gagged and shackled in the back of a truck.

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Helix Studios: Cameron Parks and Shane Cook

Cameron Parks is hard at work doing some gardening while boyfriend Shane Cook sits back sunning himself and flirting with his fella who is doing ALL the work. Parks is NOT having it one bit! He’s through playing games and soon our gorgeous gardener gets to hoeing with his super handsome, hard bodied boy toy! Cook makes up for slacking in the groundskeeping department by keeping his cocksucker glued to his guy’s gargantuan groin. He may not have done work in the yard but Shane works the FUCK out of Cameron’s cock before tossing his legs in the air for a gaping good ass eating!

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Queerying Dink Flamingo

Queerying Dink Flamingo

As we mentioned yesterday we opened our inbox and discovered, much to our delight, that retirement for Dink Flamingo was a bit of a premature (verbal) ejaculation so to speak. Dink has staying power and he still has quite a few tales left to tell. The founder of Active Duty, and to a degree the genre of military porn, could only stay away from porn for so long. Dink realized from the get go that authentic porn was the way to go. He was stationed near a military base and the isolation and male bonding on base produced a pressure cooker of horniness; a fuse that was always easy to light in some. Active Duty, and later Amateur Straight Guys featured real guys just hanging out, letting off some steam, and getting into some new adventures. Dink always had an eye for the everyday man, no twinks or twunks. Dink’s eye and tastes were for the virile, not quite the guy next door and yet the guy we fantasized DID live next door. Drinking a beer and washing his truck before watching the game on televeision.

In this modern age, some won’t recall the state of digital porn in the Nineties. Floppy discs were still a thing and internet access was via phone line. Land line. If you wanted to get your porn fix you couldn’t use the phone. The internet was in it’s early days, learning how to walk. Dink was there. Active Duty was part of the fabric of online porn. It’s almost impossible to describe how (r)evolutionary things were. There was no Only Fans, no sexting, no PornHub….just the sound of that dial up modem, which to this day if I hear my dick starts to get hard. It’s Pavlovian. That sound meant porn!

Dink was kind enough to answer a few questions for us, he is a natural storyteller cottoning to telling his story with a twinkle in his eye. Both his charm and natural effusiveness were, and are, quite effective, we imagine, with his models. The interview Starts after the jump!

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22 Jul 18 By Dave 3 Comments Dante Colle and Darin Silvers  Dante Colle and Darin Silvers

Dante Colle receives a video of himself masturbating, followed by an anonymous clip from the sender jerking off. This mysterious man then shows up to his door moments later, and of course, he’s shocked to see it’s Darin Silvers! He happily invites the buff, big dick hunk in, so they can make a new video together. The athletic, good-looking beau takes in every inch of Darin’s cock before mounting it and riding him as the camera captures all the action.

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This Humongous Cock Can Destroy A Lot Of Virgin Asses!

We hate to burst your bubbles but you’re not gonna see a shirtless hunk in this video. But the most important meat is what you will get instead!

Our man for today might be ripped but he does not even need to be shirtless to impress you. His hard cock is enough to keep your eyes glued on your computer screens or monitors wherever you’re watching this. And that dick’s girth is something you might want to try sucking. It’ll certainly make you drool, both literally and figuratively! But it is not advisable if it’s gonna be your first time bottoming. His big dong may bring a lot of pain at first but if you’re into big cocks like this one, his magic wand will surely give the pleasure you will be seeking for every once in a while! He strokes his cock and looks at the camera like he wants to choke you with his tool until you shut the hell up. Better be ready if you get to encounter a dick like his!

For big dicks that can make you drool, make sure to get Premium on Sticky. Get access to our library of exclusive videos and other exciting stuff to satisfy your sexual desires!

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Active Duty: Spencer Laval and Markie More

Active Duty: Spencer Laval and Markie More

Markie was eager to get this scene going so Active Duty let him go at and he wrapped his mouth around Spencer’s big dick with a quickness never seen before. He started deep throating him while stroking his own dick. Spencer couldn’t believe the sensation he was feeling and his dick was rock hard as Markie kept sucking every inch of that shaft. They both continued to swap back and forth seeing who could give the best blowjob but Markie wanted to be fucked by this young buck and Spencer was ready for it. Markie bent his smooth ass over and let Spencer slowly push into his tight hole stretching it out and once he was balls deep Spencer started pounding that tight ass.

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