Colby Knox: River Wilson and Cameron Taylor

Colby Knox: River Wilson and Cameron Taylor

River Wilson just moved to the area a few weeks ago and is still getting used to his new home. He is from Montreal and moving to North Carolina has been quite the shock for him. Luckily River has been able to make friends fast, he runs track and has made friends with some of the boys on the team. Cameron Taylor is one of those boys, he is awesome at Track and Field and happens to know everybody in town, so he figured why not take River under his wing and help him get used to his new surroundings

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Falcon Studios: Jimmy Durano and Ace Era

Falcon Studios: Jimmy Durano and Ace Era

Jimmy Durano should have finished painting the office already, but he’s barely halfway done. Jimmy’s boss, Ace Era, is furious with him, but Jimmy doesn’t give a fuck: he shows Ace what he thinks of him by rolling a giant stripe of paint across Ace’s expensive dress shirt and tie. Ace is so mad he tries to fight Jimmy, but Jimmy has the upper hand because he knows how to subdue his blustering boss. Grabbing the back of Ace’s head, Jimmy pushes Ace’s face into his crotch.

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Tattooed Hottie Masturbates In A Bathroom Stall!

Tattooed Hottie Masturbates In A Bathroom Stall!

Look at this bad boy all lubed up and nowhere to go!

This tattooed hottie locked himself up in the farthest stall from the entrance at a public bathroom. Once he made sure no one was around he stripped off his clothes spat on his dick and wanked away. We get the feeling that he totally wanted to get caught in that compromising situation. So hot!

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Queer Clicks: February 22 | All Fired Up: Ceramics With a Queer Twist, Insta-Stud: Obaid Habibi, & Other News

Aaron Jay Young’s Self-Portrait Series Explores the Queer Male Body

“In his ongoing self-portrait photography series, Aaron Jay Young captures the varying energies of masculinity and femininity channeled through the queer male body. His images explore gender, humanity, and performativity, as well as being really hot. You can order prints hereOut

All Fired Up: Ceramics With a Queer Twist

“In this exhibition at Pennsylvania’s Allegheny College, the semantic geography of the word “trade” is explored to move it beyond male sexuality and sex acts specifically, and to reconceive the word within the broader realm of queer art theory to explore nonnormative identities, power play, desire, and the allure of risky assignations.” Advocate

Insta-Stud: Obaid Habibi

“Do you like your men with a little hair on their chest? Then you’ll enjoy our latest Insta-Stud. He’s got fur in all the right places.

Obaid Habibi is a stunning male specimen. He’s got that whole mysterious vibe about him. From what I can tell, he’s of Syrian descent but now calls Germany his home.” Homorazzi

Calum Scott Goes Shirtless for ‘Gay Times’ Cover, His First Ever!

“Calum Scott puts his muscles on display while going shirtless for Gay Times magazine’s March 2018 issue, his first ever cover spread for a magazine!” Just Jared

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Split Identity: Gay Porn Star Ryan Stack Vs Steve Brockman, Russell Tovey’s Future Husband!

Split Identity: Gay Porn Star Ryan Stack Vs Steve Brockman, Russell Tovey's Future Husband!

Russell Tovey got himself a beefy-licious former porn star to walk him down the aisle!

Yesterday news broke that openly gay actor and Being Human star Russell Tovey was announcing his engagement. The mixture of happiness (because of the heart-warming news) and sadness (because one of the hottest bachelors out there was off the market) was quickly followed by a “where have we seen that guy before?”

The Quantico star told reporters that he and his BF, Steve Brockman, were looking forward to having a proper party to celebrate the “completely unexpected” proposal. After the dust had a ettled all looks were on Russell’s better half wondering who he was. Brockman, a British fitness coach and rugby player (he plays for the Kings Cross Steelers, UK’s first gay rugby team) had relocated along with his adorable pup to New York to be closer to Tovey who’s in the States because of his work with his equally adorable French bulldog. Steve, as many noticed online, also had a suspiciously familiar face and a very distinctive tribal tattoo on his arm that rang many bells and ultimately was what confirmed his porn past. Turns out that he’s none other than gay porn star Ryan Stack who was very active in the adult entertainment industry a few years ago until his (second) retirement in 2012. He left prior to that but attempted a short-lived comeback before his definitive goodbye to porn sets. As Stack he did most of his work with R.B. studios where he performed solo scenes, got serviced, fucked on camera as a top and produced some memorable, and now iconic, photos. So are you sadder about Russell no longer being single or about “Ryan” no longer being a porn star? In all seriousness we wish all the very best to the lovely (and hot) couple!

Make the jump to see more of our latest Split ID case. Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to vote in our poll at the end!

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson – Bonds of Brotherhood

MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson - Bonds of Brotherhood

Bishop Gibson couldn’t stop thinking about the way President Faust ordered him around. As intense and demanding as it was,

Gibson only craved more.

All his life he’d been aroused by powerful men. Even when he was younger, he’d get embarrassing erection whenever his dad yelled at him or disciplined him. This continued throughout his life, even into his work with the church and the Order.

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William Higgins: Tomas Frol

William Higgins: Tomas Frol

Tomas Frol is aged 21 and lives in Brno. This handsome guy is a bartender who enjoys athletics, jogging and sports generally. He looks very good as he sits on the edge of the bed for his interview. The Tomas stands and starts to feel over his body. As he raises his tee shirt we see some hair on his belly. His hand drops to his groin too and rubs over the jeans. Then Tomas lifts the tee shirt to show more skin. He bares his chest, showing hair on that too, and rubs all over it. Opening his jeans Tomas reaches inside.

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Naked Sword: – Exclusive Trial Membership Only $4.95

Naked Sword:  – Exclusive Trial Membership Only $4.95

For years guys have been hooking up and taking their tricks to The Ten Spot, a legendary fuck pad located in San Francisco’s Castro District. Today Sexy Falcon Exclusive Woody Fox lives in the apartment next door and runs the operation, where everyone is welcome as long as they leave $10 on the bed on the way out. Some people wonder why it’s so cheap but there’s something they don’t know: Woody has a secret fetish that makes it all worthwhile. If you’re lucky you’ll find out what it is at The Ten Spot.

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Next Door Studios: Ty Thomas and Mathias

Next Door Studios:  Ty Thomas and Mathias

Having recently won a lot of money in the lottery, Ty Thomas doesn’t really know what to do with himself. He shows off his new crib to his buddy, and as he takes him from room to room, it’s obvious that Mathias is excited for his bro. Mathias wonders when they’ll break in the house with a raging party, but Ty is not so sure he wants a bunch of drunk idiots tearing up his new digs.

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