Falcon Studios: Roman Todd and Lucas Leon

Falcon Studios: Roman Todd and Lucas Leon

Roman Todd is visiting San Francisco and is renting a room from Lucas Leon. There’s an instant spark between the two strangers as they lock eyes. Lucas leaves to get a towel for Roman, and returns to catch Roman stripping down and rubbing his bulge in front of a mirror. Roman sees Lucas watching him from the stairs and turns to nod his head as an invitation to join.

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Tim Tales: Franklin Acevedo Fucks Alex Roman

Tim Tales: Franklin Fucks Alex

Warning: this scene is so hot, it’s ridiculous! Everyone was asking for more of Tim Tales‘ Exclusive Alex Roman, so here he is at his best! Intense raw fucking like we freaking love. Franklin Acevedo’s massive thick cock is the perfect tool for Alex’ hungriest hole. Don’t miss the moment when he rides that bareback cock. It’s insanely hot! Raw talent meets greediness 🙂

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SpunkWorthy: Blake

SpunkWorthy: Blake

Blake is So Cal native who’s big into the more “extreme” types of sports: racing motorcycles, mountain biking, snowboarding. After turning 25 a few months ago, he wanted to try something a little different from his regular adrenaline fixes.

Though he’d been thinking about getting into porn for several years, he only recently decided to give it a try. Not because he was shy or concerned that his conservative friends might find out. He just assumed that the line to get naked in front of the cameras was so long that he didn’t have much of a chance. Well, once his application came in, he got put right up to the front of that line.

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KeumGay: Guillaume and 4 Hands

KeumGay: Guillaume and 4 Hands

Guillaume was on a trip to Paris and he was booked for a massage with KeumGay. Lets just say things escalated quickly! Guillaume knew he was getting a rub down, but he hadn’t signed on for additional hands. Initially when a second pair of hands began massaging him he grew concerned. Once his underwear was off and his dick began to grow his protestations and concerns disappeared tout de suite.

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Handsome Lad Shows Us How Hard His Dick Is!

Nothing compares to a guy who wants to show you how turned on he is!

Just look at those pretty eyes he has. If that won’t make you look at him appreciate his beauty, we don’t know what will. We love guys who show appreciation. Guys who express their satisfaction thru sexual actions. He does want you to know that he is really into you. He does this by hitting his hand with his dick and it made a loud sound only a hard cock can do. Now that’s definitely arousing, makes you want to suck that cock until it softens inside your mouth. He continues by closing his eyes out of pleasure. You’d hope you could close your eyes with him as you both reach Nirvana!

You wanna see more? How ’bout getting Premium on Sticky and please yourself with thousands of exclusive videos that’ll stimulate your kinky minds.

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Latin Leche: Numero 25 – Save 40%

Latin Leche: Numero 25 - Save 40%

This week Latin Leche convinced a horny guy on a bus in Buenos Aires to come suck off a hung straight guy who won’t show his face because he has a girlfriend. The boy is nervous to be filmed on a crowded bus, but once he gets back to their place he sucks like a pro and rides the anonymous stranger’s raw cock until it spurts out a huge load on his back. This young guy gets an A for enthusiasm.

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Active Duty: John Henry and Spencer Laval

Active Duty: John Henry and Spencer Laval

Since John is a rookie he has to give Spencer some great head before things get underway. Spencer is enjoying his wet mouth wrapped around his big thick cock and John is proving himself. Spencer can feel that John has some great oral skills so he flips the script and gives him a taste of how a true vet sucks some cock. Spencer makes John go wild giving him some deep throating skills until John gets hungry for some smooth Spencer ass.

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Amateur College Sex: Lachlan Gets Lucky

Amateur College Sex: Lachlan Gets Lucky

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that young, horny men like Lachlan love to have a good time. This lean stud made a splash here at Corbin Fisher with his fashion sense, but he’s eager to make an impression by showing off some of his other skills! With dreamy hazel eyes and a square jaw, Lachlan is very handsome clothed, but he loves to strip down and show off his hairy chest and thick cock.

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Queer Clicks: June 24 | Talk About Taking It In The Tailpipe, Adam Rippon Looks Amazing as He Bares It All For ESPN, & Other News

Talk About Taking It In The Tailpipe

“I’ve heard of men loving their cars, but this story takes vehicular affection to a whole different level.

According to The Smoking Gun, Ryan Malek, a 23-year-old Kansas man, was charged Wednesday with lewd and lascivious behavior when he attempted to copulate with a parked car in public with six witnesses present.” Instinct Magazine

Adam Rippon Looks Amazing as He Bares It All For ESPN

“Adam Rippon stole America’s hearts with his quick wit, sharp tongue, and even sharper skates.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that he’s completely adorable and has a legendary (and real) booty that works very well in the construct of stretchy skating and dance outfits.

Now Adam is putting it all out on display. The athlete, 28, took off everything but the skates for ESPN Magazine’s annual Body Issue.” Queerty

Calendar stars from #WR15 Laurie and Matt #tbt

A post shared by The Warwick Rowers (@warwick_rowers) on

The Warwick Rowers Were Just Booted From Instagram (and Reinstated) for Nudity

“The Warwick Rowers, a UK-based university crew team that stages an annual naked photo fundraiser to help fight homophobia, had its Instagram account suspended without notice. Why were the Warwick Rowers banned from the popular photo-sharing platform? It appears they ran into issues with Instagram’s nudity restrictions. Luckily for the team, they have since been officially reinstated on the platform with all their followers intact.” Hornet


“Marty has it all: Body, Brains, Beauty…Beard. He’s open to any concept and always rewarding to shoot,“ – Photographer JMCPHOTOART on working with model Marty. DNA Magazine

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

It’s the time of the week again when we give you the hottest and sexiest self-portraits you’ll see on the internet all day. Here is this week’s GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week!

Looks like our beefy men studied the art of projecting their best angles. Glorious pecs, defined abs and muscular arms are not easy to be left unnoticed. And don’t forget those dongs ready to impress their thirsty audience in a one of kind show. So sit back and but we cannot guarantee that you can relax as we give you ten of the most delectable men who only want one thing from us guys, our undivided attention!

See the hottest photos of these guys after the jump. Tell us who you think should be the best GWiP for the week. Rank them yourselves and tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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