Maverick Men Directs: Breed Me In The Bathroom

Maverick Men Directs: Breed Me In The Bathroom

The Maverick Men loved shooting this video! It’s always been a fantasy of theirs to film in a gay bar in the bathroom where thousands of gay men have had their cocks out. They shot this vid during their wonderful stay at the Rainbow Mountain Resort in PA. Max had been lusting after Dax’s thick monster cock all week. Truth be told; Dax wasn’t very horny that day but after a little teasing and cock sucking he really fucked the hell out of Max’s hairy man ass. Dax shot such a huge load deep in Max’s ass that I could have sworn I saw semen dripping out of Max’s ears

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Next Door Studios: Mark Long and Julian Grey

Next Door Studios:  Mark Long and Julian Grey

Still recovering from a leg injury, Mark Long is hobbled but in good spirits, at least until he realizes boyfriend Julian Grey isn’t in the kitchen making him food. Julian looks at Mark incredulously, and Mark decides to get something cooking in the kitchen, so he wraps his arms around Juilian and signals for him shift his focus. Julian stops washing dishes and begins to spit shine Mark’s cock instead, downing his large meat stick as Mark takes off his shirt.

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15 Jul 18 By Dave 1 Comment Damien Stone and Jacob Peterson  Damien Stone and Jacob Peterson

Jake Porter is going through his grandfather’s things and finds a mysteriously titled videotape. He pops it in and is stunned to find out his grandfather used to be a porn star! Long John Porter, aka Jacob Peterson, was a toned and lean stud packing a beautiful, uncut cock. In this feature, he starred opposite beefy and muscular Damien Stone, who took much joy in tonguing his ass and fucking his hole.

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Inked Hunk Flaunts His Beautiful Body and Hard Cock

When you have it, flaunt it! That’s a mantra this sexy boy may have always been trying to live up to!

Tattooed chest and arms, muscular build, and a handsome face. You wouldn’t dare look for another one when you’re possessing someone like this hunk who wants to put on a show for you! He starts with his shirt on but he knows we deserve what comes next. He may have known that everyone wants to see him without everything on, in his complete nakedness. So that’s what he does next. That visual when he takes his shirt off is the new ASMR. He flashes his nice hard cock and that can be too much but it’s all worth it!

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SpunkU: Gavin

SpunkU: Gavin

Dark, handsome Gavin is as close to an absolute beginner as any student at SpunkU. He’s done a few nudes in the past, and is eager to keep learning, but he’s a diamond in the rough. He’s lean and muscular, with a nice dick, with no experience with other guys.

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Active Duty: Ryan Jordan and Johnny B

Active Duty: Ryan Jordan and Johnny B

Johnny is the first to get his mouth full of cock as he intimately gives Ryan a slow deep blow job utilizing his wet tongue to the fullest extent. Ryan’s dick grows harder each time Johnny deep throats his throbbing cock. He takes his time with Ryan’s dick giving him the utmost pleasure. Once Johnny’s mouth was satisfied the tables turned and Ryan gets his chance at stuffing his mouth full of dick. His method his more fast paced and he loves to be gagged as he moans and drools all over Johnny’s big dick. Ryan sometimes gets carried away when he’s sucking cock and will take every inch too far down his throat making him gag really hard but Ryan is elite for a reason and it dives right back on it sucking down every inch Johnny has to offer.

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MenAtPlay: The Drop – Salvador Mendoza and Xavi Duran

MenAtPlay: The Drop - Salvador Mendoza and Xavi Duran

Over at MenAtPlay, Xavi Duran has a package to deliver to Salvador Mendoza. Beside dropping the package, Salvador has other plans for Xavi at the deserted carpark. Xavi’s tight fitting pants were pulled down, revealing his beautiful bubble butt and thick hard cock. Salvador sucked on Xavi’s thick cock while Xavi can’t wait to get his cock into Salvador’s warm hole.

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

You certainly know what time it is! It’s time for another edition of Guys with iPhones!

All they need is a camera phone, a mirror, and themselves in their most beautiful form. And all we need is their dicks and muscles to get through the day! We are already thankful enough just to see them shirtless but oh boy! These men want us to know that they are the most generous. These modern epitomai of aesthetics are gonna take over again so brace yourselves! Here are the ten gorgeous men we have for you who have two tools for a total kill. Their camera phones and that “tool” down there!

Tell us what you think about this week’s selections. Who’s going to make it atop your favorite lists? Let us know in the comments below!

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BadPuppy: Luke Kennedy

BadPuppy: Luke Kennedy

Luke Kennedy slowly strips out of his clothes while our producer Anthony asks him some rather personal interview questions. Luke bends over, turns his ass to the camera, spreads his hole wide open and starts shoving his fingers deep inside. He begins finger-fucking his asshole and if his moaning is any proof then he’s really turning himself on. Luke spins around on the bed.

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Gemini Men: Jay Diamond Gets Worked Over

Gemini Men: Jay Diamond Gets Worked Over

Jay Diamond has been shooting with Gemini Studios for a while. In those few months he has continuously amazed and astonished Mark and everyone else with his eagerness to perform. Admittedly MMA cage fighting is a performance sport albeit intense sport, we just didn’t expect to me a pro fighter enjoy playing with his ass so much. But when he saw the handsome 25 yo alone getting sucked and sucking, fucking and even getting fucked, Mark decided to see if he’d get strung up.

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