Men of Montreal: Johnny Venture


Say hi to one of the legend of Montreal sex life the one and only Johnny Venture. The bad boy took a break from the social life and is now ready for his comeback to the screen. Obviously an exhibitionist at heart he strip slowly for the voyeurs at home. Unzipping his pants he start playing with his manhood that made him so famous threw the years. His monster thick cock as destroy more ass than anyone in Montreal and around the world.

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Guybone: Cord and Zeus


Talk about steamy! Cord and Zeus wasted no time getting right to the hot making out and rolling around on the bed. Their chemistry was evident from the start and the way their mouths and bodies moved in sync told me we were in for an excellent scene! Cord, the ever dominant bi top, took control of the situation pretty quickly, getting Zeus on his back, boner bulging in his boxer briefs.

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Raging Stallion: Dylan Knight and Chris Bines


Handsome medical ASSistant Dylan Knight is dressed in his scrubs reviewing the patient load for the day when his co-worker, Chris Bines shows up early at the office. Chris brings their coffees and hints that there’s an hour before any patients arrive. An expert cock sucker, Dylan gets Chris super hard and gets a woody in the process. He jerks on it while he deep throats Chris, and it’s not long before they’re both naked making out and stroking each other’s cocks. Dylan’s cock is equally sizable and tasty for Chris to savor, but what he really wants is a taste of that hot hole.

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Is Self-Sucking Becoming More Popular?


There’s no doubt that self-suckers have always been popular. Proof of that is that when we post a video about it they get a great response. Maybe it was because of the impressiveness of the skill or the scarcity. But lately we have seen an increase of video of this theme. Is this a sign that self-sucking us becoming more popular?

Take this hottie for example. He engulfs his own cock with gusto. And it seems that recording this video is turning him on even more! This horny new video comes directly from the Premium section of Sticky. We are making it available to all of our readers for FREE as an invitation to join in and become a member of our beloved site.

Make the jump to watch the video in its entirety. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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CockyBoys: Liam Riley Finally Gets Clark’d

CockyBoys: Liam Riley Finally Gets Clark'd
CockyBoys: Liam Riley Finally Gets Clark'd

CockyBoys presents a new scene with CockyBoys original stud, Gabriel Clark and the star of “One Erection”, Liam Riley. It is wonderful to welcome back Liam especially as he gets to fulfill one of his longtime fantasies which is being Clark’d. Being Clark’d is like an initiation into CockyBoys for most newcomers, so it was past time to set up this pair and make both of their fantasies came true.

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Queer Clicks: July 26, 2016 | Pokemon Go Players Are Heading To Gay Saunas and Sex Clubs To Pick Up Pokeballs, Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke Comes Out As Gay, & Other News


Pokemon Go Players Are Heading To Gay Saunas and Sex Clubs To Pick Up Pokeballs

“A number of gay saunas, bars and porn shops have experienced a surprise influx of Pokemon trainers. The massively popular mobile game Pokemon Go sees players travel around the real world in search of Pokemon.” Pink News

“Urinating With Style” – Queerly Inspired At San Diego Comic-Con

“Now in its 29th years, the Prism Comics organized Gays in Comics panels are a longstanding tradition of the show. Moderated by Roger Klorese and Boom’s Shannon Watters, panellists included Roger Rodi, Ed Luce, Tillie Walder, Kat Leigh, Magdalene Visaggio, Justin Hall and Dylan Edwards. The panel discussed many esoteric topics around the theme of being queer in comics, ethics, influences and inspirations. Providing many deep and varied responses, it was nice to see where opinions overlapped, differed, and the groups openness and own personal experiences and understandings of being queer in the industry.” Bleeding Cool

Cristiano Ronaldo and Conor McGregor Fight for Title of World’s Tightest Abs

“Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo stepped into the ring this weekend with Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor. Not to fight, but rather to show off their taut torsos. Ronaldo was reportedly in Vegas while on vacation after the Euro 2016 soccer championship. McGregor trains in Vegas, the so-called “fight capital of the world.” Towleroad

Here’s What It’s Like To Have Your Sex Tape Leaked Online

“Imagine this: You wake up, pour yourself some coffee and check your email. An acquaintance — and it’s not even someone you particularly like — has emailed a video link with the subject header “Is this you???” So you click. And it is. It is. It is. It’s you, in a highly vulnerable position: having sex with an acquaintance — and it’s not even someone you particularly liked.” Queerty

Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke Comes Out As Gay

“The Sun reports that the reality TV star, who had previously revealed he was bisexual, has come out as gay after breaking up with fellow reality personality Catherine Louise Radford. Speaking to the paper about the upcoming series of Made In Chelsea, Ollie said: “It’s the first time the viewers have seen me as gay instead of bi. I do say the words ‘I am a gay man’.” Gay Times

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Paddy White, Celebrity First Dates Contestant, Alleged Naked Photo Surface! – Has Rugby Star Keegan Hirst Enjoyed His Cock?

Paddy White, Celebrity First Dates Contestant, Alleged Naked Photos Surface! - Has Rugby Star Keegan Hirst Enjoyed This Cock?

Rugby star Keegan Hirst is on the market for a date! He accepted to participate on Channel 4 reality Tv series “Celebrity First Dates” with personal trainer Paddy White and the “first date ever with a man” didn’t go very well. But did he get to meet Paddy’s cock? If not, we can help him with that!

Hirst made the news when he became the first British professional rugby league player to came out (while active). Being the first was disputed but tabloids called him that way. A fact that didn’t seem to matter to his wife who declared that upon learning the truth she wanted to “rip his head off and kill him”. Fortunately, she came around the other side of the idea and publicly showed him her support later on.

The Batley Bulldogs captain date was kind of a disaster. Considering that this was his “first” date with a man, more on that later, and on national television no less you could say that it could have been worse. Paddy tried to alleviate the awkward atmosphere with racy jokes but it didn’t help. He said to him “Have you got any Irish in you? Do you want some?”, the cringe-worthy attempt didn’t connect at all.

But during the airing of the show something shocking happened, Hirst’s ex-wife declared on Twitter that this was not the first date with a man Keegan has ever had with. In a message that read “Aww @_Paddy_White_ maybe try to date lads without boyfriends next time they may be more interesting! #awkward i should know i married him.” Sara Hirst cast a shadow of doubt on Keegan’s single status.

This is when things get juicy. Paddy White, the other half of this equation, has always been very active on social media sites. And he has been considered a perpetual tease by his fans. The closest we have seen him to be completely naked was when we saw him covering his crotch area with his hand on GuysWithiPhones back in 2012! But now that he appeared on television an alleged photo of his cock has surfaced online!

Make the jump to check out Celebrity First Dates contestant Paddy White’s alleged cock photo. Do you think he would have made a good match for professional rugby player Keegan Hirst? Share your opinions in the comments!

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Lucas Entertainment: Adam Killian Fucks Rex Cameron – Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Adam Killian Fucks Rex Cameron - Bareback

Adam Killian has a fetish for guys who frequent the gym: he loves them when they’re sweaty after a long workout and strutting around the locker room showing off their goods. Rex Cameron is relatively new to the gay porn industry, and he’s been working hard to tear up his physique in the gym as much as possible, which is why he caught Adam’s eye. When Rex takes his clothes off for Adam, he admires the progress he’s made and quickly gets a hard-on. The sucking turns to fucking, and Adam fucks Rex on his back plenty, which is Rex’s favorite way to take dick.

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CollegeDudes: Leo Luckett Fucks Conner Mason

CollegeDudes: Leo Luckett Fucks Conner Mason

CollegeDudes Leo Luckett and Conner Mason get each other warmed up with some deep kisses and gentle touches, running their tongue across each other’s chest as they drop their pants next and reach for those already hard cocks! Leo is impatient for Conner’s dick and takes it and pulls it into his mouth, giving it a few sucks before massaging Conner’s balls with his lips next!

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Bentley Race: Andre Johnson

Bentley Race: Andre Johnson

Most new guys would do a solo shoot before getting in to a scene with other guys. But Andre Johnson was kinda different. This sexy Hungarian ended up doing his first scene with the beautiful Dave Circus.

When Ben saw him in action he really wanted to get him back modelling solo. So a few days later Andre was back in the hotel room. He was a little tired from celebrating NYE in the city, but still looked pretty dam hot. This guy has got a serious rocking bod. He was already getting hard as he pulled his dick out.

Make sure you also check out the video where Andre is helping Dave get off.

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