ChaosMen: Gennaro and Griffin - Serviced

ChaosMen: Gennaro and Griffin - Serviced

Griffin is a very sexual guy, and Gennaro was eager to get a nut off. Both guys are hard and ready to go. Griffin, though it is his first film, is clearly the more experienced, and the aggressor. They both REALLY enjoyed the Fleshjacks, and they take turns kicking-back and letting the other guy do the stroking.

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Sneaky Peek Update

Sneaky Peek Update

Through the tiny hole the pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek drilled in a changing room wall he films this handsome lad pulling off his football kit before disappearing into the shower with his mates. Revealing spycam video capturing his cock and fine ass.

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Island Studs: Vinnie

Island Studs: Vinnie

Vinnie is a sexy college jock who is addicted to the gym, women and the warm tropical weather found on our Islands. Standing only 5'5" and weighing a slight 135 pounds, this 23 year old is a nursing student at the University in Honolulu. Watch Vinnie pump iron fully naked with a full Hard cock and piss outdoors in the hot Hawaiian sun in this exclusive video from Island Studs!

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Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

EricDeman has posted the sexiest new home video of a group of macho guys playing naked paint ball. They go all out for it, trying to psyche each other out by waving their cocks at each other. The stakes are high because the impact of a paintball to their sensitive parts will sting all the more.

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Corbin Fisher: Swallowing Sheldon's Load

Corbin Fisher: Swallowing Sheldon's Load

Sheldon loves getting his dick sucked, so there's no better way to welcome him to Corbin Fisher than having him get a BJ right at the start! He actually doesn't remember too much about his first BJ back when he was in high school, but we suspect he will most definitely remember this one.

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College Dudes: Bryan Cavallo and Bobby Clark

college dudes bryan bobby 1000

It's not "College Dudes: The Musical," but that doesn't stop the sexy Bryan Cavallo from strumming his guitar and singing a cute, little ditty about college dudes (of all things). This song must be Bryan's mating call because it makes a swooning Bobby all sexed up and ready to go. Before you know it, they are both bare-ass naked and exploring each other's mouths with their playful tongues. After some serious groping, Bryan gets down to business and sucks Bobby's rock-hard college cock.

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Caption This!

Caption This!

Post your funniest comments and see who got the most votes last week!

Have a 'Caption This' pic you want published? Submit your pic or link to it HERE.

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All Australian Boys: Kasper and Sam

all australian boys sam kasper

Kasper looks like the boy next door. That butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. In reality he would like to have hot cocks from big rugby boys in his mouth servicing them. Kasper in this shoot went to work on Sam's every ready hard cock. Giving Sam a wicked blow job and then bending over and backing up to this young 19 yo rugby player, from the country, throbbing cock. Sam went to work on Kasper relentless fucking him.. Sam continued to fuck Kasper till he blew . .Kasper was in ecstasy.

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Maskurbate: Calvin Unmasked

maskurbate calvin

Days before his bodybuilding competition, Calvin arrived to shoot his very first Maskurbate unmasked scene. The timing was perfect! Calvin's body was astonishing and even though he felt a bit weak, he was in a great mood.

He talked about his sacrifices and discipline in order to reach his goals and even gives some advice to young bodybuilders.

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Broke Straight Boys: Kaden and Skyler

broke straight boys kaden skyler

Adorable Broke Straight Boy Skyler returns for another gay4pay session. He's still broke, he's still straight, and he's still out to make some quick cash. Joining him this time around is the sexy and bi curious Kaden -- who is also out to make some fast money any way he can. These two arrive horny and they don't need much encouragement to start trading spit, as they get buck naked and voraciously tongue kiss. But Kaden is hungry for more. He pushes Skyler on the bed and makes a hardy meal of his raging boner while he wanks himself off. When Skyler looks down and sees Kaden slobbering all over his cock with such passion, he immediately knows that he wants the randy stud inside him -- bareback.

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Falcon Studios: Marc Dylan and Goran

falcon studios marc goran

It's late, and there aren't many guys left at the sex club, but Goran still hopes to connect with someone. In the shadows, a muscular hulk, Marc Dylan leans against the wall. Goran approaches, making sure the first point of contact is cock. Marc, wanting the same, responds with a kiss.

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Gemini Men: Dustin

gemini men dustin

He's back! Dustin has been called by some as the greatest power bottom at Gemini and here he is for a new round! When he started videos in 2009 we watched him go from his first video JO to his first toy and it was hot.

But when he started playing with his milky white ass, we had no idea how far this straight country boy would go. Well, he conquered every toy in the Toy Box (especially his favorite, the ManRammer!) and then went on to explore same sex fun! He even did toy shoots with his younger brother, Austin! And that was even hotter, on an earlier poll, over 1700 QueerClick viewers wanted to see them have sex together. That hasn't happened (yet) but he is back and at 33 looking good!

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