Maverick Men: Dax


There will always be something extra special about a straight, hung top that asks Maverick Men to train him how to take hard cock in the ass. When horse-hung top Dax surrendered his tight and hairy delicious man-hole as tribute to, Cole and Hunter were MORE than happy to comply. Dax is not only AMAZING in the sack, but he’s genuinely a sweetheart and so funny that he makes you want to cuff him to your bed for life. Plus, this boy likes to make out like it’s prom night! You’re gonna love watching Cole and Hunter train Dax to bottom.

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William Higgins: Petr Rysak


Petr Rysak is a great looking straight guy, he is aged 21 and works as a motor mechanic. In his spare time Petr enjoys, sports, swimming and fitness. He is very handsome and has a great smile, which he flashes early on in this shoot. He also has a great body, as we see when he opens and removes his shirt. That chest looks so good as he poses to show it off. Then he takes off his jeans too and stands in just his tight, bulging underwear.

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What Do You Think Of This “Double-Finger” Stroke?


Our friend in the hoodie here has a peculiar way to stroke his meat! Seems like the double-finger massage in the base of his shaft is all he need to send him to the stratosphere when it comes of releasing his load. This new video is another great find from the Premium section of Sticky and we’re sharing it for FREE. Make the jump to check the full video and let us know what you think in the comments!

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SpunkWorthy: Karl

SpunkWorthy: Karl

Karl had toyed around with the idea of doing porn for a while. It was a couple of his military buddies, both of whom had done shoots before, who re-kindled the idea and got him to finally make the leap.

Karl is 23 y/o and described himself as a thrill-seeker and somewhat of an exhibitionist. Although he hadn’t done much in the way of showing off in public, he’d gotten walked in while jerking off so many times that Jason gave him points for at least trying! He listed them all off:

“I’ve been caught by parents, siblings, friends, higher-ups at work came into the barracks rooms.”

Lately, Karl had also been testing the waters with some bi curiosity. He hadn’t gone very far with that yet, but admitted that one of the things he likes is watching guys get fucked. That seemed to have some influence on his own porn debut.

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Cocksure Men: Diego Canales Barebacks Rudy Martins

Cocksure Men: Diego Canales Barebacks Rudy Martins

Young jocks Diego Canales and Rudy Martins make out on a couch. Rudy pulls out Diego’s stiff prick and sucks it. They take off their clothes and kiss while stroking each other’s rods. Diego gives Rudy a hot blow job before fingering his hole. He’s getting Rudy ready for a bareback fuck. Rudy likes his ass played with and kneels on the couch. Diego rams his raw cock inside, fucking him bareback.

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Kristen Bjorn: William Bravo, Alex Stan and Lorenc Byro

Kristen Bjorn: William Bravo, Alex Stan and Lorenc Byro

William Bravo has bought himself a whole lot of pleasure when he meets up with Alex Stan and Lorenc Byro. William pays the hefty fee to experience erotic pleasures in Prague. Alex and Lorenc invite William in and swiftly remove their clothes, because time is money. William moves in and begins to exam his new friend’s cocks with his ravenous mouth and tongue. William works his way from one hot cock to the other, eating them up as if he hadn’t eaten cock in months. Lorenc hasn’t experienced such a huge, coco brown cock before and does his best to suck on it, while Alex dives right in and forces the massive cock as far down his throat as possible.

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Pervy Doctors Use Ross’ Body at BreederFuckers


This greasy young “skaterboi” is right where the BreederFuckers doctors wanted him! Ross is going to be their subject in a psychological experiment to see if he can modify his wild behavior on the streets. Through degrading, belligerent and relentless bondage and submission the doctors expect to turn him into a docile and submissive subject. He’s tied to the table so he can’t escape and then is presented with an ass he’s forced to lick. Ross fights and this only gets the doctors horny.

At , now that we have in our clutches we’re going to use him in any way we want. Not only will we use his horny hetero body to get off, but he’s a . How can we train smarmy sexy ingrates like this to sexually service men rather than causing havoc on our streets? Ross’ wrists and ankles are tied to the table so he can’t escape when Dave rams his ass into the angry boy’s face. He demands Ross push his tongue up his stinking hole while Adrian delivers some bare-handed spanking to the resistant boy’s bare ass. With his testicles tied tight a vicious flogging starts and after that a vibrator is located near his sphincter and although he squirms his pleasure is undeniable!

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Ryan Reynolds’ Naked Butt In Deadpool Finally Leaks in HD!

Ryan Reynolds' Naked Butt In Deadpool Finally Leaks in HD!

When we nominated Ryan Reynolds for our “QC’s Wish You Were Queer” column Deadpool has just came out and the talk centered around the then-recently low-res pics of his butt in that movie and since RR has joked a LOT about that perfect rear end of his we couldn’t wait until we could take a better look. Gentlemen, the day has arrived and it’s everything you wished for and more!
To the surprise of many Deadpool did terrific at the box office becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time and much to Reynolds credit he really committed to the role by not only respecting, or in Deadpool’s case disrespecting, the source material but also by exposing his naked body as much as he could during the movie giving us several shots of his bubble butt and even a hilarious scene where he was pegged by his co-star Morena Baccarin, holy chimichanga! Another surprise came in the form of an unexpected sneak peek to his private parts during a fire scene and although we’re betting it’s all prosthetic covering his body we can’t help seeing his cock between the flames. Suffice to say that if you haven’t seen the movie yet the after the jump collage may contain some spoilers of the movie so consider yourself warned. Make the jump to see Ryan Reynolds naked body in Deadpool and don’t forget to share you opinions in the comments!

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Lucas Entertainment: Damon Heart and Adam Killian Flip Fuck – Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Damon Heart and Adam Killian Flip Fuck - Bareback

Adam Killian shows off his tender side: he wakes up with the handsome Damon Heart next to him, and Adam’s morning wood is the greatest sign of affection Damon could have ever asked for. When Damon and Adam suck on each other 69-style, the position shows off their different – but very hot – body types. Adam’s thick muscular ass makes Damon’s mouth water, and if he wants a taste all he has to do is ask.

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