CollegeDudes: Anthony Rican Fucks Aaron Perez

CollegeDudes: Anthony Rican Fucks Aaron Perez

Aaron Perez and Anthony Rican make out, already bulging cocks pressing together as they get closer. Anthony shows Aaron how skilled he is with his tongue as he goes down on him. They spend some time with those cocks down their throat as they get one another all worked up. Anthony gets Aaron on the bed and pushes inside of him, burying that cock deep as he fucks him good.

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Broke Straight Boys: Cory Parker and Jos Alvarez Flip Fuck Bareback

Broke Straight Boys: Cory Parker and Jos Alvarez Flip Fuck Bareback

Jos Alvarez is back from a short hiatus. He’s as ready as ever to get back to fucking for cash, and lucky Cory Parker is his partner today. Kissing hard and making out, these boys get all worked up. Cory works Jos’s cock and then stands up and pulls him to the edge of the bed, lining his cock up with his hole and slowly pushing inside of him.

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Bel Ami Online: Jean-Luc Bisset and Danny Defoe – Couples

Bel Ami Online: Jean-Luc Bisset and Danny Defoe - Couples

Jean-Luc Bisset and Danny Defoe are here today for this special couples photoset. While Jean-Luc is usually paired up with Nino Valens, the guys from BelAmi think that Danny makes a perfect partner for him here. Both boys are handsome, lean, sexy and qualify as ‘twink’ – making a nice contrast from the run of more athletic boys they have had recently.

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Get A Piece of Meat From This Wanking Cutie Boy!


When most are busy, there are some who just want to lay back and unload some jizz.

Now watch this cutie try to get you all hard by showing you his masturbation routine. Getting freaky while you’re alone is a pretty fun but this guy wants to do another task. He wants his audience to have a good time along with him. So generous of him. See him squeeze all that fresh juice from his super hard cock as he gets the temperature a little bit hotter for you all!

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Now watch this FREE video and make sure to leave us a comment if you were able to satisfy yourself without star wanker of the day!

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Sean Cody: Cam

Sean Cody: Cam

Brown-haired Cam is 26-years-old, and from the Midwest. He’s an athletic cutie and a real gym buff who works out twice a day to keep that fit body in shape! “I like a guy who’s about my size with a nice bubble butt and a nice shaved ass I can eat out for a couple of hours; that’s a kinda nice,” says Cam.

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Queer Clicks: October 22 | Fabulous News: TV Is About To Get Much Gayer, V, & Other News

‘London Spy’ with Ben Wishaw

Fabulous News: TV Is About To Get Much Gayer

“Television juggernaut the BBC just made a surprising announcement: the network wants more gayness on TV.

The proclamation follows a series of surveys that found only about half of young people (ages 18-24) identify as “fully heterosexual.” Internal surveys of BBC employees have also reported that workers deem the work environment a “heteronormative culture.” ” Queerty

‘The Voice’ Winner Craig Lucas Drops Romantic Video a Month After Coming Out as Gay

“Craig Lucas, the winner of Season 2 of South Africa’s version of The Voice, has released a new video for his song “Hearts Exposed” a month after coming out as gay in an emotional letter in which he revealed he had become suicidal after winning the competition and feeling like he had to keep his sexual orientation a secret.” Towleroad

These 5 Shorts from Queer Male Animators Represent [some of] the Best in Contemporary Animation

“While Disney fans continue longing for a same-sex romance on the big screen, Sven Bonnichsen, Director of the Northwest Animation Fest — an annual international animated film festival in Portland, Oregon — has turned us onto five gay animators who’ve put same-sex relationships front and center in their work. Their work shows off an interesting cross-section of animation styles and storytelling methods, from music video and documentary to abstract symbolism completely without language.” Hornet

2019 Australian Firefighters Calendar

“Love a man in uniform? Prepare yourself for some thirst-inducing visuals. These hotties from Down Under look good in, and more importantly, out of uniform.

Since 1993 firefighters from Australia’s urban, rural, aviation, armed forces and corporate fire-fighting services have been coming together to create the world’s most iconic calendar. This year’s calendar took 17 rigorous days of shooting which included some snapped at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo. Definitely worth it. All the pics look fantastic. ” Homorazzi

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week


He’s got everything. The looks, the built, the sexy tatts, the dick, plus the cockiness all in one package! This is this edition’s QC’s Nude Boyfriend Of The Week!

He’s got some style to turn everyone on. Who would not want to see tattoos across his chest? It needs to be shown along with some other ones strategically inked on his sexy physique. The body he’s been working hard too need to be exposed too. Showing them and his tatts are what we think the real purpose of having them anyway so like what they say, if you have it, flaunt it. And the main course is going to be served hot. His beautiful cock compliments his very nice form. We stan a boy with a beautiful body and a cock we would love to be inside our holes.

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