BadPuppy: William Crown

BadPuppy: William Crown

Hot young cub, William Crown, returns for a solo performance and after his interview he can’t wait to show off what’s hiding in his underwear. He pulls down his jeans and there’s a huge bulge going on in his shorts. He soon drops his underwear and grabs his thick, 7.5-inch cock and starts jacking it. William spins around and bends over the chair.

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Czech Hunter #412

Czech Hunter #412

I was looking for some outdoor action but couldn’t find anyone willing to even talk to me. After almost an hour of searching, I bumped into this cutie. He was in Prague only for three months and he loved it here. Unfortunately, he just lost a job and needed money to pay rent. I offered him some cash for a chat, I wanted to hear about all the juicy stuff he did.

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21 Mar 19 By Dave 2 Comments James Castle and Tyler Berg  James Castle and Tyler Berg

Tyler Berg has studied hard under master Jessy Ares, and now he’s being given a chance to show off just how much he’s learned on the lean and hairy James Castle. Tyler takes control of James, giving him a slow and sensual working over with his hands and tongue while Jessy watches. Tyler takes James’ feet over his shoulders and fucks him fast and hard as James begs him to keep giving it to him.

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We Have A Fiery Webcam Boy Wanking For You!

We Have A Fiery Webcam Boy Wanking For You!

This is one of the ways we want guys to use technology nowadays.

This guy only wants your undivided attention. So why not give it all to him. All eyes should be on him as he jacks-off his hard cock. He is bringing this spectacular show from his house to your computer screens or mobile phones, wherever you watch him.

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Corbin Fisher: Brooks, Dane And Elian

Corbin Fisher: Brooks, Dane And Elian

We’re going to skip right to the end to point out just how well Brooks has settled in at Corbin Fisher. Elian is on his back, taking Brooks’ cock in his hole deep while Dane alternates between feeding his cock to Elian and letting Elian tongue his hole. The guys all blow their loads in quick succession – Brooks blows his load all over Elian’s cock, Elian’s own dick starts firing off a massive load, and Dane starts to blow his load all over Elian’s face and in to Elian’s hungry mouth.

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Queer Clicks: March 21 | Chella Man Cast As Jericho For DC Universe Series, Netflix Will Get Even Gayer This Summer, & Other News

Chella Man Cast As Jericho For DC Universe Series

“Man is a model, a student at New York University, and a You Tube presence (173,000 subscribers, 2.5 million views) with his personal account of gender transition and living “deaf, Genderqueer, Chinese, and Jewish.” Man has also contributed writing to multiple blogs (including Condé Nast’s Them) and is a speaker on gender, identity, race, and disability.” Deadline

Netflix Will Get Even Gayer This Summer

“eady for another cruise down Barbary Lane? Streaming behemoth Netflix has just dropped the first images to its much-anticipated revival of Tales of the City.” Queerty

7 Famous People You Didn’t Realize Were Sex Workers

“What does Roseanne Barr have in common with Malcolm X? Not a whole lot, really, except that they both were sex workers at early stages of their careers, as were lots of other actors, musicians and activists.” Hornet

Murray Swanby By Alex Budin

“It was great working with Murray in Los Angeles!” – Photographer Alex Budin on working with Murray Swanby. DNA Magazine

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