Adorable Muscle Boy Spits On His Dick For A Sloppy Jack-Off!

No lube? No problem. This hunk knows how to solve this problem!

We’re in for a treat from this sexy boy toy with his naked smooth body. But of course, he won’t let us just sit and have us watch him in nude. He exposes his hard cock and gives us a heck of a show! He also wants to stimulate a sloppy blow job so he spits on his hard dick and massages it firmly. That is very smart and productive of him! No need for lubricant because his saliva is enough. We bet that it’s edible too like those lubes you can buy in stores. And also before we forget, his abs certainly needs to be mentioned! It would really be nice to see a mix of spit and cum sliding down those six-packs after his orgasm.

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SpunkU: Rave & Alex

SpunkU: Rave & Alex

Alex Miles is texting on his phone when honors student Rave Hardick drops by to ask how the first-term enrollee is doing in his Spunk U classes. Alex tells him he’s had an important lesson in getting out of his head and going with the action and how it feels. Rave seizes that opportunity to get sexy Alex to stop thinking and start feeling and experiencing a good hard fuck. Though Alex usually tops, tonight he goes with his feelings, wherever that’s going to lead.

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Island Studs: Parker

Island Studs: Parker

Super Hung 9″ Parker is a humble college football player from Florida state with the classic All-American jock look: short blond hair and blue eyes, cute young happy face with a natural smooth ripped body, firm muscle thighs and a long 9″ cock, big balls, and bushy blond pubs who flops his cock out of his sexy underwear, flexes, poses, and stretches fully nude and hard, workouts with weights with a throbbing boner, spreading his muscle butt wide open with his heavy nuts dangling as he performs chest presses, before shooting a massive load of jizz all over his smooth ripped abs and balls for the first time on camera in in this exclusive new video from Island Studs.

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Queer Clicks: August 16 | 7 Things to Remember When You Watch Porn, Mr. Gay New Zealand and Model Max Small isn’t so Small After All, & Other News

KJ Heath

7 Things to Remember When You Watch Porn

“Many forces stand in the way of gay men’s healthy sexual and emotional development – external shunning and internalized homophobia, religious- and/or family-based shaming, consumer-capitalist encouragement to treat each other and ourselves as commodities – all of which converge in the paradoxical pleasuredome of pornography.” Advocate

Opinion: Disney Fails to Slay the Dragon of Inequality When Casting Latest Queen

“For a company that made its fortune off of queens, fairies, and handsome princes, Disney sure missed the chance to slay the big, powerful dragon of inequality with the casting of their latest live-action feature, Jungle Cruise.

It was announced on August 13 that the entertainment giant has cast comedian Jack Whitehall, a straight actor, to portray their first openly gay character—who just happens to be “hugely effete” (euphemism for a very-stereotyped, effeminate, over-the-top gay man).” New Now Next

Mr. Gay New Zealand and Model Max Small isn’t so Small After All

“Queensland native Max Small was crowned Mr. Gay New Zealand last year, and at the time said: “The thing that excites me the most about being in this competition is that you get the chance to meet so many people who are all so positive about the gay community and getting equal rights for couples.” ” CocktailsandCockTalk

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Would You Rent Alijigsaw?

When you just want a relaxing massage or a super hunky companion for a 3-day vacation, would you rent someone who meets your criteria? This is “Would You Rent?” where we feature models from around the world who are willing to lend you their astonishing bodies for a staggering moment of intimate camaraderie!

For this edition, we have here Alijigsaw. If you’ve been dreaming about an Aladin-like heartthrob, well, Ali is gonna be perfect for your preference! Currently in Barcelona, this fine specimen is a Bahrani top model and TV presenter. He is more popularly known as Alee Alamm and considered one of the sexiest men in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Just look at that jawline, isn’t it enough to make you drool? And his eyes like it once belonged to an angel are very enigmatic. Looking straight through his eyes are one of those moments when you don’t want to be distracted but you won’t be able to help yourself. When you thought his model status or jaw-dropping physique and his very masculine facial features make him untouchable, guess what? Everybody can get a shot of this pretty boy and his warm company. But the question is would you rent Alijigsaw?

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GuyBone: The Electric Seven

GuyBone: The Electric Seven

Celebrate GuyBone’s 7 Year Anniversary with seven sexy men in one very electric circle jerk. Every year they try to do something they’ve never done before to really honor the site’s birthday. GuyBone has always had the idea of a circle jerk in their back pocket, but never filmed one. Lots of group oral and bukkake scenes and plenty of gang bangs and orgies, but never just a pure circle jerk where the guys could kick back and really enjoy their hard dicks as well as each other’s.

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IconMale: Max Sargent and Michael Delray

IconMale: Max Sargent and Michael Delray

Sexy young Michael Delray has a thing for daddies, and older Max Sargent just happens to be one. The only problem is, Max is his boyfriend’s Dad, and fucking him would be all kinds of wrong! But luckily for Max, Michael has no conscience, and luckily for Michael, neither does Michael. The two engage in hot, sweaty, guilt-free sex with enough fucking and sucking to satisfy their burning lust — at least for the rest of the day.

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Watch Thyle Knox at Chaturbate and

That age old discussion about whether bottoms are born or made is much like the chicken or the egg debate, omelettes are tasty and bottoms are . It’s a moot discussion. Just enjoy the ride is our motto! ANd to that end Thyle is definitely a bottom…a hungry bottom at that! Visit him at Chaturbate for a live show or watch his adventures at JustFor.Fans!

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Next Door Studios: Dante Martin and Zander B

Next Door Studios:  Dante Martin and Zander B

Seeing his roomie Zander B down in the dumps, Dante Martin finds out it’s Zander’s birthday and none of his friends bothered to remember. Zander is moping but Dante thinks he’s got just the special surprise that can turn this party around, and he quickly returns with a can of whipped cream and nothing else, save for his hard dick staring straight up at Zander.

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Bel Ami Online: Henrik Bjorn Fucks Jerry Hannan Bareback – Jambo Africa

Bel Ami Online: Henrik Bjorn Fucks Jerry Hannan Bareback - Jambo Africa

Today Henrik Bjorn and Jerry Hannan enjoy some early morning fun. Henrik is outside going through his morning stretches, and Jerry is still laying in bed dealing with his morning wood. Thankfully it seems that the stretches have limbered up Henrik enough to give Jerry a good early morning fucking that will keep them both happy for most of the rest of the day.

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Hot Shower Scene Is Brought To You By This Hunk’s Huge Cock!

How would you like joining this hot guy for a warm bath?

Getting him in the shower is the most perfect way to spice things up before you cuddle in bed. This guy likes to take us to a very intimate routine. He wants to us to see him get his body wet and cleaned which is a very nice visualization of a pre-sex honeymoon preparation. See drops of water slowly touching every inch of his muscular physique down to his dangling cock. And yes, before we forget to mention, that dick is already massive even it is not hard yet. What more if it erects? We can imagine how it would look like but we couldn’t think how it would wreck mouths and asses. Anyway, we’re certain that this hunk wants to get himself fresh and clean right before he gets devoured by a carnivore!

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