Some Thanksgiving Treats For You

Happy Thanksgiving! I have arrived at your holiday feast bearing a cornucopia of tasty Turkey day treats, both bitter and sweet. Enjoy!

When it comes to holiday music, unfortunately, Thanksgiving is lost in the long shadow of Christmas. There’s a severe lack of Thanksgiving songs, aren’t there? All we’ve got is Let’s Turkey Trot by Little Eva, and even then it is not really about Thanksgiving at all. The song’s title refers to the Turkey Trot, a dance step popular back in the early 1900’s.

Let’s Turkey Trot was Eva Boyd’s third single, released in 1963 with the hopes of recapturing the #1 success of her debut platter, The Loco-Motion. Let’s Turkey Trot gave Little Eva a respectable showing on the charts, peaking at #20, although it should have been billed as Little Eva & The Cookies, as the backing group is as much a part of the success of the record as the lead. Group member Earl-Jean McCrea delivers solo lines echoing their own hits Chains & Don’t Say Nothing Bad About My Baby, which also featured Little Eva on background vocals.

Here’s an abbreviated performance by Little Eva on Shindig in 1965. Darlene Love and the Blossoms stand-in for the Cookies in what must be one of the proudest moments of their career. Gobble Diddle Dip!

The Dollyrots also covered this track in 2014. Besides using footage of Little Eva’s Shindig performance throughout the video, they also namecheck “Little Eva back in ’63”:

During the Thanksgiving episode of SNL in 1997, Lilith Fair stand-up comic Cinder Calhoun (a recurring character played by Ana Gasteyer) & singer Sara McLachlan paid a visit to Norm MacDonald and the Weekend Update desk, singing the Thanksgiving classic Basted In Blood. It would not be nearly as funny if they didn’t sing it so well.

On the darker side… one of the faux trailers from Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse is the hilariously spot-on Thanksgiving, directed by Eli Roth. It is entirely plausible that someone would have jumped on the bandwagon of grade-z holiday-themed horror films that followed the success of Halloween. But this one is a fake. As of now. Who knows…. maybe Roth will film it one day.

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Bromo: Tomi Run and Ricky

Bromo: Tomi Run and Ricky

Tall, tattooed Tomi Run crawls over to dark-haired Ricky so he can worship his feet with a little shrimping action. Athletic Ricky rubs his feet all over muscular Tomi’s face until he’s ready to spread his ass and finger his hole. He loosens his tight hole, inserts his big dick deep inside of him, and doesn’t hold back as he shoots a satisfying load all over his face.

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William Higgins: Jan Nurad

William Higgins: Jan Nurad

Jan Nurad is a sexy str8 guy from Melnik. He is aged 20 and is a student who enjoys sports, soccer and floorball. In his interview he says he is straight, but that he has only had anal sex with another guy. He is at pains to say he can do so again as he wants to be a porn star. Then he starts to feel his body, removing his tee shirt. He gropes himself too and takes off his pants and pulls his growing cock out of his underwear. He wanks his cock, pushing the underwear down.

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Raging Stallion: Tegan Zayne, Ziggy Banks and Stephen Harte

Raging Stallion: Tegan Zayne, Ziggy Banks and Stephen Harte

Ziggy Banks and Stephen Harte are making out on stage in front of an empty house when Tegan Zayne enters with his fat wad of cash. Stephen and Ziggy snap to it and start putting on a show when Tegan joins the fun. Stephen pulls Tegan’s big hairy cock out of his white jockstrap and starts sucking as Ziggy brings up the rear to eat Stephan’s extra hairy ass.

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20 Nov 18 By Dave 4 Comments Dante Colle and Paul Canon  Dante Colle and Paul Canon

Adorable, fit Dante Colle has been having a hard time getting it up so when he finally got that erection going, he was more than happy to jerk off multiple times before heading into work. The only problem is his boner just wouldn’t go away! Luckily, athletic, brown-haired Paul Canon returns home just in time to help him finally bust a nut with a proper blowjob, and some ass pounding that will hopefully fix his long-standing erect, cock!

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Handsome Boy Seduces You With His Charm!

Handsome Boy Seduces You With His Charm!

Cute twinks are a cup of tea for many. And we are pretty sure that this guy has amazed a lot of twink chasers out there!

But his charm does not end there. He wants us to know that there is more than his good-looking face and adorable features. He knows how to get you hot by showing you what he does when he is alone. And stroking his cock is the deed he’s been wanting everyone to see. See him use spit on his hard dick to get it harder if that’s your thing. Get ready to get all horned up if you’re into cute twinks!

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Kristen Bjorn: Ridder Rivera and Santi Sexy

Kristen Bjorn: Ridder Rivera and Santi Sexy

The greatly anticipated hook up of Santi Sexy and Ridder Rivera has finally arrived. Two perfectly sculpted muscle gods clash in a sexual explosion of massive proportions. Each has something the other desires and today we witness those fantasies coming to life. Santi backs his muscular ass up against Ridder, who begins to rip his shorts off of him in great anticipation of what is to come. Ridder goes down on Santi’s straining cock and swallows him whole. Ridder’s cock sucking skills are fed by his desire to pleasure Santi by fulfilling his own pleasures. Santi’s balls quickly draw up tight by watching this handsome man devour his cock and the sensation of his hot tongue working his cock all the way to the base. Turning around, Santi spreads his ass open as Ridder dives in tongue first. Both men are hungry for a feast and Ridder is blessed to be the first man at this feast of plenty. Ridder has set Santi on fire with lust and desire and now it is time for him to return the indulgence. Santi drops to his knees and in one lunge forward his mouth is open and ready to receive all that Ridder’s cock has to give.

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Queer Clicks: November 20 | Chinese Erotic Writer Tianyi Jailed for 10 Years Over Erotic Gay Sex Scenes, Michael Henry Makes Fun of Gays Thirsting Over Beards, & Other News

Chinese Erotic Writer Tianyi Jailed for 10 Years Over Erotic Gay Sex Scenes

“he author of a gay porn novel has been sentenced to more than 10 years in prison in China prompting outrage on social media.

Known by her writing alias Tianyi, the author—surnamed Liu—was jailed for “producing and selling pornographic materials” in October, The South China Morning Post reported. Though pornography is illegal in China, Tianyi’s sentence has garnered attention due to its unusual severity.” Newsweek

Jude Law: The World ‘Bloody Well Should Be’ Ready for a Gay Children’s Icon

“Fantastic Beasts actor Jude Law sat down with the New York Times to talk about The Crimes of Grindelwald and how he came to be involved, and also about his character Dumbledore’s “explicitly gay” controversy.

The NYT asked Law to explain what the director David Yates meant when he said the young wizard wouldn’t be “explicitly gay:”” Towleroad

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Rinsing this shoot like a flannel

A post shared by Tom Hutchinson (@_tomhutch) on

Insta-Stud: Tom Hutchinson

“Sometimes when you look at someone, you can instantly imagine what they smell like. I feel like our latest Insta-Stud is as fresh as a daisy and ready to be plucked 😉

Tom Hutchinson is British male model represented by Nevs. The sexy blonde bloke is one of the guys featured with Little Mix on Attitude’s December 2018 issue.” Homorazzi

Michael Henry Makes Fun of Gays Thirsting Over Beards

“Gay comedian Michael Henry recognizes the power of a beard well, especially how it affects other gay men. In his new skit, a friend, Daniel, who he hasn’t seen in a while runs into him with a new layer of scruff and Henry is immediately on edge.” Out

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