MormonBoyz: Elder Esplin and President Ballard

Since his phone call with President Ballard, Elder Esplin found himself moving about his day with an unexpected ease. He’d spent so much of the time in his mission questioning and resisting the teachings of the Church that he’d forgotten what it felt like to be truly at peace.

By completely giving himself over to the Order, he found a sense of purpose and freedom that he hadn’t expected. As he made his way to the Temple, he cleared his mind and prepared himself to receive whatever the Brethren had in store for him.

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GuyBone: Charles Tops Zeus Raw

Fuck. Yes. These two. Back again. This time in a role reversal with Charles topping Zeus bareback. These guys have so much intense chemistry, the electricity between them can be felt from the first kiss. Guybone loves filming them. They love watching them make each other smile. It’s as romantic as it is smoking hot. And that’s rare, to find a couple who work so well together on and off camera, you wish they’d get married already.

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Bel Ami: Christian Lundgren and Rocco Alfieri

Bel Ami‘s final double scene this month is with Christian and Rocco. (They will have a special coming up with Christian right after ‘Loving Kris’ is over). The boys are back at home here after a fairly heady evening where Brian’s recent ex had tried hard to pick up Christian. Luckily Rocco was there to keep him safe from marauding hands and keep him all to himself. In the first part of this scene we have Rocco fucking Christian, and to exercise a little equality in the relationship they swap roles for part 2 on Saturday.

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Soapy Wank In The Shower!

Soapy Wank In The Shower!

“Allow yourself to be yourself”. And now with that piece of inked advice out of the way let’s continue with the wank part!

This bearded hunk rubbed one out in the shower. The slippery situation aided by the soap got his impressive shaft ready for a nice close-up. He’s a total show off but are loving what we are seeing!

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Watch the complete video for FREE after the jump and let us share your impressions in the comments!

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Queer Clicks: February 23, 2017 | Video: How SF Is (And Is Not) A Queer Safe Space, ‘When We Rise’ Chronicles Gay History, & Other News

Religious Right Blasts Lego Batman for ‘Pro-Gay Propaganda’

“Holy gay propaganda, Batman!

The editor in chief of LifeSiteNews, John-Henry Westen, is accusing the new film The Lego Batman Movie of seeking to “indoctrinate the little ones” to the gay agenda.” Advocate

Video: How SF Is (And Is Not) A Queer Safe Space

“San Francisco is a city that is so queer it’s easy to forget that, not long ago, it wasn’t a safe place to be queer.” So says filmmaker Heather Smith, who along with KQED producer Claudia Escobar has just put out this short, a co-production between KQED Arts and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, using footage from Smith’s film That They — a film which was inspired by seminal gay porn film That Boy by Peter Berlin.” SFist

OUTsider Review: Queer Animation

“Queer Animation, a short film collection curated by Judith Foster, left the audience amazed and inspired at Sunday’s screening on the last day of the 2017 OUTsider Festival.

The showcase, co-sponsored by Austin Film Society, featured 13 films from various countries, including Japan, Israel, and Germany – each sharing multicultural perspectives on the meaning of queerness.” Austin Chronicle

‘When We Rise’ Chronicles Gay History

“Starting Feb. 27, ABC will begin airing “When We Rise,” a seven-part, eight-hour miniseries about the history of the gay rights movement, written and created by prominent gay filmmaker, Dustin Lance Black.

“I started working on this about four years ago, and never would have guessed it would land in times like these where unfortunately, it feels so necessary,” Black says. “I would give anything in the world for it to feel less necessary.” Washington Blade

Straight Guys Confess Their Same-Sex Sexual Encounters In Candid New Study

“Can a guy identify as straight while still hooking up with other guys from time to time? According to another new study: Yes!

The study was published in the journal Sexualities and was led by Héctor Carrillo and Amanda Hoffman from Northwestern University. They interviewed a total of 100 straight-identifying men of various ages who say they occasionally have sex with other men.” Queerty

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William Higgins: Igor Tenar

Igor Tenar is aged 19 and lives in Teplice. This very hot straight guy is a cook and enjoys sports, athletics and fitness. He looks so good as he poses for the camera, lifting his tee shirt to show some skin. Then the tee shirt comes off and Igor’s sexy chest is revealed. He flexes his biceps before turning and lowering his jeans to expose his hot ass. With the jeans removed his teases, pushing the underwear down a little and then turning again to show the ass some more.

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Randy Blue: Jake Wright and Jeffrey Lloyd

Randy Blue is giving you their first oral only scene in over five years. Jake Wright kind of wimped out on doing the anal sex thing. He was too scared to bareback, but the guy was so hot, we couldn’t just send him home. So we had to have him suck some cock. Jeffrey Lloyd and and Jake Wright started making out at first. And Jake started to warm up to the idea that he was with another man. Jeffrey had a huge package in his pants and once it came out, Jake couldn’t avoid that he was about to do something really really gay.

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Next Door Studios: Gabriel Cross and Jake Davis

When Jake Davis knocked on his neighbor’s door, he never thought he’d soon be analyzing the construct of his marriage, but when Gabriel Cross enlightens him to the concept of an open relationship, Jake is immediately intrigued, concluding that ultimately his wife would find out. Gabriel smiles and tells him his secret is safe, and without much more convincing, he’s going down on his straight, married guy from next door.

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22 Feb 17 By Dave 7 Comments Dorian Ferro and Ashton McKay

Dorian Ferro salivates over Ashton McKay’s delicious dick, sucking and riding that strong rod deep into his guts. Ashton pumps from behind, Dorian feeling every inch before they both explode.

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Active Duty: Richard Buldger

Active Duty: Richard Buldger

This handsome young man goes by the name of Richard Buldger. Chatting with Claude, he seems just a tad nervous, but in the good way. Something about Richard tells us he’s an adventure seeker who craves new experiences. Hey, he wouldn’t be here in the first place otherwise! Richard relaxes on the couch, letting his hands run up and down his slick boner, displaying for us his impressive length and strength, sometimes beating his hard cock against his palm. From the couch, Richard stands up and Claude gets low to give us an upward view. Boy, Richard sure does have a lot of meat to work with! Then it’s back to the couch, where Richard hits his stride, really getting into the greasy fun of showing of his pulsating erection.

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