Ripped Abs Look Better When Are Covered In Cum!


Zero percent body fat, one hundred percent hot cum!

His muscles contract and relax as the moment of truth approaches. By the time he’s about to shoot his load his abs are definitely the focal point where your eyes are fixed. And the it happens, a shower of his special creamy stuff. Oh to be there and lick those muscles clean!

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Sean Cody: Blake, Jayden and Porter Bareback

Sean Cody: Blake, Jayden and Porter Bareback

Here’s another threesome coming your way with hotties Blake, Jayden and Porter!

These three guys are really fun to be around. Not only do they get along and joke around like old buddies, but they also have great sexual chemistry!

Blake went to pick Jayden and Porter up, and what started as friendly reminiscing into the car, quickly turned to kissing and groping… they just couldn’t wait!

Blake quickly told the boys exactly what he wanted,

“My goal today is I wanna get in the middle… Where I’m getting fucked, I don’t care who’s fucking me, and I’m fucking! That’s all I want out of today!”

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Queer Clicks: December 3, 2016 | Are The Republicans Coming For Your Porn?, What Is The Most Popular Sex Postion?, & Other News

image: Kinsey Institute

Are The Republicans Coming For Your Porn?

“The election is over, and while your guns might be safe, America, you better hide your porn. The Republicans are coming! This is not a drill.

Although Red States consume porn at higher rates than Blue, the Republican Party has ironically declared porn a “public health crisis.” According to a provision set in July: “Pornography, with its harmful effects, especially on children, has become a public health crisis that is destroying the lives of millions.” ” Paste Magazine

What Is The Most Popular Sex Postion?

“Defining sex is easy, but having it is slightly more complicated—namely, because there are a lot of different ways to get it on. But is there a crowd favorite out there?

According to Dr. Ed, there is. In a survey of 2,000 people in the U.S. and the U.K., the team at Dr. Ed found that more people prefer doggy style than any other position.” Alternet

Taiwan Debates Gay Marriage

“ON THE eighth floor in a gritty suburb of the capital, Taipei, sits the ten-year-old Wei-ming temple, a Taoist house of worship—but an unusual one. Nearly all the visitors buying bundles of prayers or bringing handwritten ones of their own to be burnt by the priest at the altar are gay. The deity receiving the prayers, and to whom the shrine is dedicated, is the Rabbit Spirit, a 17th-century folk deity from Fujian province in mainland China who protects men who have sex with men. In late imperial China, “rabbit” became a derogatory term for homosexual. In this temple the rabbits are reclaiming the label.” Economist

On World AIDS Day, Look Back At The History Of The Epidemic In These Incredible Posters

“World AIDS Day, which has been recognized annually on Dec. 1 since 1988, is “an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died,” according to

In honor of this internationally commemorated day, the University of Rochester River Campus Libraries’ Department of Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation is sharing a handful of its over 8,000 AIDS Education Posters with The Huffington Post.” Huffington Post

Gay Art Exhibit “Protected Beauty” Opens at Miami Art Basel 2016

“The Kinsey Institute and the World Erotic Art Museum (1205 Washington Avenue, South Beach) present an exhibition that examines masculine beauty and sexuality between 1890 and 1982. “Protected Beauty” opens this week and will be up until March 2017. The show was curated by Helmut Schuster, the Miami museum’s director, and Rebecca Fasman, manager of the Kinsey Institute’s traveling exhibitions. It includes many works originally deemed too controversial for public display by artists including Robert Mapplethorpe, Paul Cadmus, George Platt Lynes and others. WEAM was founded in 2005 by Naomi Wilzig, who passed away last year.” Accidental Bear

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Supermodel Matt Vose Caught Stroking His Cock On Camera!

Supermodel Matt Vose Caught Stroking His Cock On Camera!

Uncut & blond, do we need to say more?

At only 22 Matthew Vose has been called the “MVP of the season” and right now the fashion world is at his feet. The British supermodel (Matt was born in the UK) recently told an interviewer that he’s a bit of an exhibitionist. Well, after seeing his leaked jerk-off video we totally believe him!

“Well I have to say that I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. What can I say I like the attention, don’t we all?” Matt Vose

These new images of him are definitely a huge change of pace. We’re accustomed to seeing him be lensed in glossy spreads about fashion and fitness by photographers like Rick Day, Michael Hallenbeckand and Larry Hamilton but we have to say, Volse’s own skills behind a camera gave us something pro photographers didn’t deliver, an unobstructed view of the goods. The piercing blue eyes and the tight muscles (Matt says he eats nearly 60 eggs a week for the protein) are the perfect frame for his pretty cock. But, is he too perfect for his own good?

Make the ump to check out supermodel Matt Vose while he stroke his cock in a new leaked video. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Lucas Entertainment: Devin Franco and Jacen Zhu Flip Fuck – Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Devin Franco and Jacen Zhu Flip Fuck - Bareback

Devin Franco is a young professional with a strong libido. He’s always horny, even at his demanding white-collar job. He stays after hours one evening, but it’s not to work. He allows his perverted side to take over and he starts jerking his big dick to porn on his office computer. He doesn’t realize his suited colleague Jacen Zhu is still around – but he isn’t offended by Devin. He’s turned on and starts rubbing his hard black cock. Jacen joins Devin and they stroke together. But the longer Devin looks at Jacen’s hard-on the more he wants to taste it.

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The Casting Room: Butch Top Sam at The Casting Room!

The Casting Room: Butch Top Sam at The Casting Room!

Big butch Sam is a natural top into every kind of filth and kink you can imagine. With his shaved head, tattooed body, big angry cock and mean stare he could spend all day and night fucking a slutty sub. His idea of heaven is a dark steamy room filled with men gangbanging and the rich masculine aromas of sweat and arse. He has a lot of experience, confidence and the insatiable sex drive to perform at a moment’s notice.

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Bel Ami: Hoyt Kogan and Rafael Moretti


It is left to Hoyt today to answer all of Marty’s questions as his partner, newbie Rafael Moretti speaks neither Czech nor English. At least we can rest assured that spoken words are not required in ensuring that this scene is going to be great.

See more at Bel Ami.

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Intense Eye-Rolling Orgasm!

Intense Eye-Rolling Orgasm!

He went to heaven and back!

When your eyes roll back into your head you know you had a good wank. This cutie experienced just that. For a second there we thought we lost him but actually he snapped back quite well. Imagine to be the lucky one to make that pretty face go like that when he’s cumming like this for you!

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ChaosMen: Santino and Teo Flip Fuck – Bareback

ChaosMen: Santino and Teo Flip Fuck - Bareback

After Teo broke his leg earlier in the year, Bryan figured he would be down and out for the rest of the year. He worked out hard after getting his cast removed, and was living in Austin for several months before getting back to work at his full-time job.

He is always a hoot to work with. He cracks jokes a lot, and often makes the other models feel relaxed. You can usually spot a goofy photo or two of him hamming it up.

Santino is calm but anxious before doing each shoot. He always worries about bottoming, but once on set, he finally will relax. Though you can tell he is all about a slow gentle fuck, vs. getting hammered. You can often hear him whisper, “Take is slow. Easy!”.

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