BadPuppy: Sam Syron

Originally from Belfast, 25 year-old Londoner Sam Syron joins BadPuppy for a little one-on-one time with just Sam and his rather large… Well, let’s just say that both Sam and the deep-blue sex toy are rather large, and speaking of deep, although Sam is strictly a top when getting it on with a real cock, he’s definitely into the receiving end of toys and other sundry items (you’ll have to listen to his interview to learn more).

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Free Video Promo Bundle At Sticky Shop

Free video promo bundle at Sticky Shop

Dear Sticky Premium Members, we’re running a FREE VIDEO PROMOTION over at the Sticky Shop this weekend. Get this video for FREE with any combined purchases of over $40 during this qualifying period.

Meet Chiang. A fine young handsome chap who would make the perfect boyfriend and arm candy. He’s got that adorbs Asian face + lean fit bod honed from an active lifestyle. He tops it all up with a THICK STIFF ROD under his briefs which he works for good measure. We’re totally in love!

+Bonus: We’ll be including an extra special treat in this pack for you as a surprise. You’ll have to check it out for yourself.

Promo ends on 24 September (Sunday). Don’t miss!

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GuyBone: Brayden

Welcome to Brayden’s Storytime Solo. Hot and horny Brayden Wolf had a few hours left of his inaugural visit to GuyBone, so we thought why not get one more scene out of him? I’d had this book lying around for years and always wanted to film someone’s solo jerk off scene with it. The stars aligned and Brayden was that someone. Not sure any other dick would look quite so nice poking through the glory hole-esque pages. Sit back, cuddle up, and enjoy a good boner… er… book with Brayden.

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Bearded Hunk Can’t Stop Cumming!

Bearded Hunk Can't Stop Cumming!

That fountain of cum between his legs is mesmerizing!

Imagine being siting on that comfy couch next to this hot bearded guy. He could have definitely used an extra hand during this session. That magnificent shaft and those tight balls get hotter and hotter with each second that passes. Once he achieves the climax we bet you will too!

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Watch the complete video for FREE after the jump and feel free to share your impressions in the comments too!

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Queer Clicks: September 23 | Garrett Clayton Poses With An Umbrella, But You’ll Probably Be looking Elsewhere, This Charli XCX Parody Celebrates ‘Toys’ Of The Gay Adult Variety, & Other News

Garrett Clayton Poses With An Umbrella, But You’ll Probably Be looking Elsewhere

Just another day in the office. If that office is a trailer full of clothes (that I’m wearing none of) and I’m only in underwear in the scene. O! This is an umbrella, I thought it would be a nice touch in this pic. 👍 Instagram

Image: Andrej Tarfila/REX/Shutterstock

Marilyn Manson Interview Goes Viral And This Journalist Deserves A Gold Medal

“Someone should give Guardian journalist Alexis Petridis a cup of tea for making it through his interview with Marilyn Manson. I’d call it predictably bizarre, but honestly that’s a complete oxymoron in this case.

Marilyn Manson is clearly intelligent, and he likes to experiment both musically and socially. He is also quite deliberately terrifying, as Petridis found out first-hand in an interview.” Mashable

This Charli XCX Parody Celebrates ‘Toys’ Of The Gay Adult Variety

“Underwear model and parody singer Pablo Hernandez enlisted a group of fellow undie models, actual models, and social media celebs to join him for “Toys”, a parody of the Charli XCX hit “Boys”, which rhapsodizes on toys of the adult variety.

Thus, the clip (also an extended ad for Adam Male), which features some less-than-subtle lyrics about where those toys go along with some kinky pancake eating, leather play, shower games, and more, is NOT work-friendly. But you didn’t come for the lyrics.” Towleroad

People Guess Which Strangers Are Sex Workers In Stereotype-Busting Video

“In a fun social experiment, the video production company Cut asked four people to interview 10 strangers in a room and figure out which of them are sex workers.

Five of the 10 were sex workers, including porn actors, a paid escort and a webcam host. A few subjects were asked to eat bananas and whip a riding crop, but of course their actions didn’t always identify who they were ― or weren’t.” Huffington Post

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Seven Bootylicious Guys You Are Going To Drool Over On IG!

Seven Bootylicious Guys You Are Going To Drool Over On IG!

No flat pancake butts allowed here!

Meaty, bubbly, peachy! We’re running out of adjectives to describe these amazing rear ends and the proud owners that love to parade them. If by the end of this post you are not salivating like a stranded dog in the middle of the desert then you are most certainly not alive. These seven Instagram hotties have many qualities, and certainly other physical attributes worth to mention, but once they drop their pants everything else gets eclipsed by their asses. Get ready to be mooned and to howl to these increible bare buttocks!

Make the jump to connect the perfect butts to the handsome faces of this lineup. Pick your favorite and don’t forget to vote on our poll!

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Lucas Entertainment: Sergeant Miles Fucks Ricky Verez – Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Sergeant Miles Fucks Ricky Verez - Bareback

Ricky Verez gets off on bottoming for macho alpha men: look no further than his recent bareback sex encounter with Dylan James. Dylan is muscular, covered in tattoos, and has a nine-inch cock he used to pound Ricky senseless. Sergeant Miles is next in line to bend Ricky Verez over and make him submit like the bottom bitch he is.

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Helix Studios: Ashton Summers

On a sunny sensual day, smooth young stud Ashton Summers shows off every inch of his erotic assets. Alone and extremely horny in a secluded cabin in the woods, Summers works up some hot, hard wood of his own. This picture perfect specimen puts every angle of his chiseled physique on display in these devastatingly delicious still shots just for you. Take your time and treat yourself with this drool worthy work of art.

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