CockyBoys: Rock Mercury In A Fetish Filled RAW Scene With Devin Franco

CockyBoys: Rock Mercury In A Fetish Filled RAW Scene With Devin Franco

It’s a sexy and kinky day over at CockyBoys! Rock Mercury makes his CockyBoys debut by treating Devin Franco to a sensual session of bondage & domination in a CBFO condom-free scene! Devin & Rock get turned just talking about bondage & edging and it spurs some making out before they get down to it. Rock uses Shibari-style rope bondage to immobilize Devin’s arms and make him the obedient sub to Rock’s focused and intense, but passionate domination. He starts by taking off Devin’s tight jeans and suck-teases his growing cock, kisses him and creatively ties one leg to the chair.

Rock orally tantalizes Devin’s rock hard cock and full balls, he sucks each of his sensitive nipples and plies him with kisses until Devin begs to suck him. Once Rock gets a proper “Sir” and “please” he feeds and face-fucks Devin but soon returns to stimulate his cock and nipples. Devin is ready to cum but gets held back by Rock’s masterful vocal and physical edging. After more deep sucking Rock finally offers to fuck a subservient but excited Devin.

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Queer Clicks: October 19 | How Sites Like OnlyFans and JustForFans Are Democratizing Gay Porn, Homoerotic Horror: 7 Movies That Put the Adam and Steve Into All Hallow’s Eve , & Other News

How Sites Like OnlyFans and JustForFans Are Democratizing Gay Porn

“In September 2017, the budding entrepreneur uploaded a photo of himself “inching,” as he calls it. In the image, Macho (who stands at 5-foot-2 and is of Puerto Rican descent) shows the base and first few inches of his penis above the waistband of a pair of dark gray sweatpants. Since it was posted, the tweet has accumulated well over 3.5 million impressions and 17,000 likes. “That’s when I realized this was something I really could do, because people are obviously looking,” he says.” Out

Homoerotic Horror: 7 Movies That Put the Adam and Steve Into All Hallow’s Eve

“Horror as a genre is already breaking any number of taboos. Its entire nature is to cross boundaries and violate the viewer’s sense of safety, scaring them with monsters, maniacs, beasts, blood, ghosts, or a very pale child in a British accent. Which is why horror has always been a good partner for other kinds of taboo-breaking subjects as well.” Decider

Jonathan Skow, the Man Behind the Mr. Turk Label, Has Died at 55

“Tragic news out of Southern California, as Jonathan Skow, the designer behind the label Mr. Turk and husband of designer Trina Turk, died this past weekend in Los Angeles. Skow and Turk were residents of Palm Springs, where they had moved to escape the hectic pace of living in Los Angeles.” Hornet

Insta-Stud: Costa Lillios

“Who loves a Midwest boy? If so, you’ll appreciate our latest Insta-Stud.

Costa Lillios is a male model originally from Chicago. The 5’11” brunette is represented by Wilhelmina NY and Surface Models NY.” Homorazzi

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Austin Wolf and The Delta Airlines Aircraft Hook-Up Video


Austin Wolf is in the middle of a scandal after getting involved in an aircraft lavatory sexy time with an employee of Delta Airlines. The employee, who was wearing his uniform by that time, has since been suspended.

The clip has surfaced online and lots of copies were all over Twitter. Many have seen the clips but looks like most of them now were taken down. According to some, it was an 8 minute-long video but unfortunately, it’ll give you a hard time to look for this version. However, we have obtained a shorter version of the clip where you can clearly see Wolf’s arm tattoo and mostly, the airline staff’s face.

The airline company has also released an official statement about the incident saying “This video does not reflect the standards of professionalism expected of our employees while representing the Delta brand or traveling as passengers on Delta aircraft. We have suspended the employee and are conducting a full investigation.

Here are some stills from the said clip:





You can watch the video on Sticky by following a link and tell us your thoughts about this mile-high sexcapade in the comments down below!

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BadPuppy: Zario Travezz

BadPuppy: Zario Travezz

We learn during his interview that 30-year-old, southern stud Zario Travezz is gay; but, first had sex with two separate women. He said he knew something wasn’t right and after he had his first sexual experience with a man, he’s been gay ever since. Zario stands at the end of his interview and strips his shirt off over his head. His body is tight and lean.

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18 Oct 18 By Dave 3 Comments Blaze Austin and Brandon Evans  Blaze Austin and Brandon Evans

Blue-eyed Blaze Austin just got a call from his hunky and upset boyfriend, Brandon Evans, who just informed him he’s quitting his job. Muscular Blaze dabbles in a bit of magic, and creates a paper doll version of fit Brandon so he can remove his anger and make him feel better. Brown-haired Brandon can’t believe what’s happening to his body as Blaze manipulates the paper doll, but whatever he’s doing is definitely working!

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Well-Built Daddy Shows Off His Hot Bod And Hard Cock!


He may have gotten all you want in a man’s physique but he wants to show you more to your satisfaction!

This hottie is already super sexy with his undies. Nice built, big arms, hot chest, etc… However, he definitely into turning it up a notch. It’s really nice seeing him with that hunter green undies but he knows we would see him better without those. See him pull his already stiff dick out and slap his hand with it just to show how steel-hard it is already. It’s going to turn you on much like how he is turned on in the video!

You might want to consider getting Premium on Sticky and watch our exclusive clips that will erotically satisfy you every single day. New videos are being uploaded non-stop.

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Broke Straight Boys: Ricky Daniels

Broke Straight Boys: Ricky Daniels

The newest Broke Straight Boy is in the studio ready for his solo scene, and although this isn’t Ricky Daniels’ first time doing porn, he’s still a little nervous as he stands up to undress. His clothes come off to reveal a fit, toned body, his pubes unshaven and his big balls hanging on either side of his big cock. He shows off his ass and tattoos before reaching for the lube and kicking off his BSB debut, his strong fingers wrapped tightly around his shaft as he starts to pull on that hanging cock.

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Corbin Fisher: Sawyer Fucks Beau

Corbin Fisher: Sawyer Fucks Beau

In a match-up between an amazing bubble butt and a huge cock, sparks are bound to fly! Beau is ripped and eager to please, and Sawyer knows just how to work that massive member of his to leave another guy weak in the knees. Beau had the pleasure of welcoming Sawyer to CF back in April, and both of these studs have only gotten better with time, so we thought it was time for a rematch!

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