UK Naked Men: Optician

UK Naked Men Optician

We didn't think it possible for Toby to get any sexier, but wow! how wrong we were. Toby's joined by Kallum Ash who might be a UKNM newcomer but has been making some great porn in the U.K recently. The horny, young, hairy-chested optician has a special eye site test set aside for his cuter customers, and as Kallum Ash reads his way down the chart he realizes words are being putting in his mouth—followed by Toby's hot, wet, uncut dick. Kallum can't get enough of Toby's furry body. The two studs fuck all over the examination room with Kallum more then eager to stick his sweet, smooth ass in the air and take a right royal battering.

Bang Bang Boys: Yuri With Toys

Bang Bang Boys: Yuri With Toys

Here is a great new solo of Yuri. There's just something about this guy that we can never get enough of. Maybe it's that sexy, sexy body, his hairy legs and ass? Bang Bang Boys managed to get him to play with some toys this time, and he just loved it.

Super Hot 10

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Bel Ami: Sex Buddies 2 - Manuel, Alex, Matt and Colin

bel ami colin alex manuel colin matt

Today's clip comes from the upcoming Sex Buddies 2 and features Manuel, Alex, Matt and Colin. After a little chat about the economics of the fun park the 3 guys invite Manuel to come over and join them on the oversized sofa, and you have to measure time in milliseconds from that point to when their hands are all over each other. 4 guys make for a lot of fun!

All American Heroes: Fireman Jacob

all american heroes jacob

Firefighter Jacob is hot. This guy has lean muscle and a huge cock. His cock is so huge; most guys' jaws would have to unhinge to deep throat his thick 9 1/2 inch dick. Hot is an understatement this man is walking chocolate, he would melt in anyone's mouth. Too bad this man is a rural firefighter. Just imagine what guys would do to Jacob if he ever rescued them, not to mention mouth-to-mouth.

You Haven't Forgotten About His Nipples, Have You?

You Haven't Forgotten About His Nipples, Have You?

Located between your handsome face and your delicious cock are perhaps two of the best kept secrets for incredibly hot foreplay—your nipples. Lovers often overlook these coin-sized hot spots, but they're chock full of nerves endings that, when handled well, can really heat up your lovemaking from sizzling to scorching. In fact, two separate studies in the US and UK confirmed that 52% of guys find nipple stimulation arousing and 40% get even more turned on from nipple-play during sex. When you think of what that could mean for a guy already edging, you'll understand the orgasmic possibilities.

male erogenous zones

You see, nipples are areas of concentrated nerve tissue every bit as sensitive and erectile as your dick. And just like your dick, they respond to gentle rubs and licks as well as rougher tweaks and tugs. In fact, nipples are one of the male erogenous zones (areas of heightened sensitivity that create sexual arousal) along with the scrotum and anus. Though nips usually get some love in porn scenes, they're often treated like a pit stop on the way to the main event, so it makes sense why lots of experienced lovemakers forget to incorporate them into foreplay.

More You Haven't Forgotten About His Nipples, Have You?

Gemini Men: Austin and Dustin

gemini men dustin austin

At last Gemini has the two blonde brothers Austin and Dustin naked and hard. And together! Yes, it is true: 26 year old Austin and his 28 year old real brother Dustin have done a video together! They pose, oil their sexy bodies, get naked and get down to business. They shoot big load on their chests and then even give you some dual butt shots. It is like XXX comparison shopping. Anyone want to max out their cards?

Buk Buddies: A Look Back at Jeremy & Billy

Jeremy & Billy at Buk Buddies

Long-time porn hounds (we love you) will remember Jeremy and the Jeremy's creative photoshoots. In his early days, he posed with Buk Buddies quite a bit. And this remastered duo between him and Billy is one that we apparently overlooked from years ago. We're happy that Buk Buddies is remastering and making all of this old footage bigger, higher res and back into our attention. A perfect example is watching Jeremy and Billy out in the woods jacking off—it's fun, sexy stuff. And whatever you do, don't miss their full length video now also available on the site.

Speaking of Jeremy: This was one of our favorite shoots he did... and this one too. (Hmm, wonder why?)

Buzz West: Justin's Massage

Justin gets a massage at Buzz West

How cute is Justin? He was really looking forward to getting a massage from Buzz West, because he knew Buzz would unleash his load that he had been saving for six days. (By the way, Justin claims he usually jerks off two or three times a day.) The massage starts out with a nice, relaxing back and ass massage. Of course it isn't long before Buzz's focus is on that gorgeous cock. With a single touch, it grew rock hard. And Buzz works him over good with nice long strokes that edge him over and over. And you guessed it, it leads to a huge explosion of cum all over Justin.

Men Over 30: Chad Brock & Kain Warn

Chad Brock and Kain Warn at Men Over 30

We love it when porn studs and actual lovers—Chad Brock and Kain Worn—are cool with sharing their passion for the whole world to enjoy. These two heat things up at Men Over 30 with palpable feelings for each other. Chad slowly sucks Kain's cock as he licks his knob and dances his tongue around the Prince Albert piercing Kain wore. Chad then returns the favor as he sucks Kain's pierced dick and from there he lifts up Kain's legs and slides his beef inside. Chad holds Kain's legs as he fucks him as he watches his dick disappear inside that hot ass. Kain then moves over to the chair and bends over awaiting more of that dick he loves. Kain's cock explodes sending his load up onto Chad's chin and chest. Chad smears his load all over his chest and even samples some of his boy's cream as he spills his own nut.

Maskurbate: Tore featuring Chris

Chris gets torn at Maskurbate

How can a guy resist? The moment Chris walked into the room at Maskurbate, he got his clothes literally ripped off of him. And who can blame Maskurbate, check out that torso. Holy cow! And that thick uncircumcised cock is absolutely mouth-watering wouldn't you say? Watch him get worked over with a fantastic cum-sloppy ending.

Top 10 QComments

Top 10 QComments

Between our interview with Michael Lucas and pics of Zac Efron's bulge we posted load after load of hot men. You, our beloved QC readers, let us know what you thought and we collected the best for you here. There's cheers, jeers, queers, and a few QComments that sounded like they were written on beer. Let's catch up on this week's best by checking out the Top 10 QComments!

Michael has teeth

Straight Hell posts always stir up a bit of controversy, especially when the rough Englishmen round up someone as angelic as Corey. They take the young student off the streets and into a horrid dungeon where he's tied up, flogged, and his balls and nips get clipped and stretched much to his agony. Some guys love it, but b. bitt finds it disturbing and maybe even socially irresponsible:

Pornographic fantasy is understandable, when it is between consenting adults, but this series is condoning the abduction, rape, and I assume eventual "disposal" of school aged boy. I don't want to judge how or where people get the erotic fix, but this seems to below the level of good taste or good judgment.

Though the pain's certainly real, we doubt the scenarios are non-consensual—it's all part of a BDSM fantasy, though it can definitely be disturbing. Maybe Straight Hell should have a "Where are they now?" feature showing their victims living fully-functioning lives as drill instructors, dog trainers, and boot polishers.

Our readers certainly had strong opinions about Drake Rock's Ben Patrick Johnson. He's a manicured musclestud that's either too perfect or abnormally so. One QCommenter got sick of all the "empty and pathetic" hateful comments, but euan countered with his outlook on the usefulness of such QComments:

1 Not every unflattering comment is born of hatred.

2 Anyone who is "smart and sweet" choosing to have cosmetic surgery cares about appearance also--which suggests he cares about the results of that surgery. Why then is it not permissible for third-parties to have a view on the results of that same surgery--after all, the man in the mirror is not the only one to see it, and that man in the mirror is not the only one whose opinion the person himself cares about.

This is at best a failure of the cosmetic surgeon. (Nonetheless, that body is well-maintained. I just hope it is not built on steroids--when the time comes that it inevitably comes crashing down, the results are never flattering.)

Ben's hot though he certainly looks a little over-done. At least his eyebrows will constantly convey a sense of slight surprise for any of his partners. And talking about frozen facial expressions, we interviewed Michael Lucas this week. True to form, he had opinions on just about everything. But also true to form, every picture we posted had him doing his Derrick Zoolander pout. walt noticed as well and asked this question:

He's the male Paris Hilton: Same perma-pout in every photo. Does the man have teeth? Never seen them.

We dug up a photo of Michael Lucas to prove that he does indeed have teeth, although they may have been Photoshopped on by one of his press people to avoid a scandal. Can you imagine a toothless porn mogul, gumming on dicks, and eating pureed dinners? No siree.

More Top 10 QComments

Circle Jerk Boys: Giovanni Summers and Lee Stevens

circle jerk boys lee stevens giovanni

When too cute for words, 20 year old, Giovanni Summers walked into the Circle Jerk Boys studio wearing his original scout uniform shirt they raised their eyebrows. "Well, it still fits" Giovanni blushed and as you will soon see, what also fit was the very hard, long, fat cock of recently married and newly a dad, 22 year old Lee Stevens. As Gio licks and sucks on Lee's smooth chest, Lee pulls down his pants as his rock hard cock springs out. Apparently the party started in his pants way before. Lee is soon buck ass naked as Gio continues working that dick in several angles. Lee stands up so he can get deeper access as he starts to face fuck the sassy scout.

Straight Fraternity: Blaine

straight fraternity blaine

Blaine is fresh out of the Army and just moved to California from Nebraska. He hasn't spent much time in the big city, but he is about to get an education in gay sex...Straight Fraternity had him stand up so they could oil him down, and one thing lead to another until he was towering over him and fucking SF's face with his cock.

Sean Cody: Rex

Sean Cody: Rex

Rex is 30 years old and he's a little change of pace!

He's got a ripped body that is the result of years of "natural" body building. He's been competing in shows and hopes to take first in his division this season.

More Sean Cody: Rex

Men At Play: Jay Roberts and Marco

men at play marco jay

A new employee's arrival at the office could signal various things... new talent, fresh ideas, potential competition. But in Marco's case the expectation has been mounting and Jay Roberts sees only hot new meat! And he'll be damned if he lets anyone gets their hands, or mouth, on the sexy new guy on the block. So shamelessly pays him a welcome while hes barely even unpacked to welcome him in and be the first to ride his big uncut cock.

Daddy Mugs: Kurt Wild's Foot Fetish

daddy mugs kurt wild foot

Kurt had told Daddy he had never done a foot fetish scene in his career and was up for it. In his scene, Daddy let him do whatever he wanted. He put on black calf socks and some ankle socks. After the socks come off, he plays with his feet rubbing them and all. But in typical Kurt fashion, he can't even do a dam foot scene without something going in and out of his asshole.LOL....He asked Daddy for a dildo so he got him one and he proceeded to feed it up his asshole, guided in by his feet.

QC Quotations

QC Quotations

The world is not divided into sheeps and goats. Not all things are black nor all things white. It is a fundamental of taxonomy that nature rarely deals with discrete categories. Only the human mind invents categories and tries to force facts into separated pigeon-holes. The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects. The sooner we learn this concerning sexual behavior the sooner we shall reach a sound understanding of the realities of sex.

—Alfred Kinsey, sexual scientist, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, 1948

PataPORN With Chinpoko

PataPORN With Chinpoko!

Oh my God! This week was amazing! Get ready folks; I have so much cum on my head from this week that I look like I'm wearing a Carol Channing wig! So let's get to your PATAPORN WITH CHINPOKO!

PataPORN With Chinpoko

Dominic Ford: Blu Kennedy and Jake Steele

Ever since one of my loyal friends suggested in a comment that I should check out Blu Kennedy, I have been a fan. Also, I love fair-skinned, dark-haired boys. Hence, pairing him up with Jake Steele had me getting hard from the beginning! I literally went running to Dominic Ford when I found out about this post.

And then well... I got a bit bored. Don't get me wrong the first part of the video is hot, mainly because the guys are so hot. Also, as a dick, I must say Blu's cock is an amazing credit to my species—that thing is just gorgeous.

Still though, as the boys made out and sucked one another, I found myself thinking... AND?

Well, I think Blu is psychic because, boy did this video turn around at the point of entry. No, I mean it. As soon as Jake sits on Blu's long-ass cock, the chemistry in the scene sky rockets... and so does the dirty talk.

I just love the way Blu fucks. This might seem weird but he's always so attentive to the guys he's fucking. Maybe he knows taking a cock like his isn't always the most comfortable at first. I wish I could do that, but well I'm just a dick. I get too excited and just ram myself in there. Get ready for me ass, cuz I'm a cummin'!

Speaking of, Blu's cumshot is not to be missed. I won't give it all away, but I almost thought Jake was going to sit on Blu's bare cummy dick. I could totally tell he wanted to. Ah, temptation... isn't it hot?

PATA PATA!!! Hottest post of the week!

Hot House: Vince Ferelli and Josh Griffin

Hot House: Vince Ferelli and Josh Griffin

Okay this is actual dialogue from this scene...

Josh Griffin: I ought a kick your ass for this.

Vince Ferelli: Settle for a blow job?

I have to say, funny is sexy. It is. Vince Ferelli is already a hot muscle-bound man, but when you add to that him completely make fun of himself in a somewhat campy way—well that's just double hot in my book.

I have to admit that I want to fuck Vince so bad—his ass is incredible. I love the way he trims his hair really short. It's just a perfect little bubble butt. And when Josh totally fucks Vince with his tongue... whew! PATA PATA PATA! Ah, I just wanna enter Vince's ass, dammit!

Thankfully Josh does the job for me. Josh is so ripped that his abs literally ripple as he slides his girthy self in and out of Vince. If you're into muscle man fucking... grab the lube!

More PataPORN With Chinpoko

Ruggerbugger: Sheffield Hallam University Rugby

Sheffield Hallam University Rugby at Ruggerbugger

Ruggerbugger have an amazingly hot video of the Sheffield Hallam University stark naked! This team full of handsome, strapping young lads strip for a naked calendar shoot. The video captures these horny guys stark naked in exclusive behind the scene footage which reveals what's behind those socks which the team so coyly holds over their dicks. You can download and save the full video from Ruggerbugger.

Next Door Buddies: Spencer Reed Fucks Gavin

Next Door Buddies: Spencer Reed Fucks Gavin

Spencer Reed is back and ready to play some football with sexy newcomer Gavin, Both of these boys love football so they decide to throw the ball around a bit on a sunny day. Spencer is a bit of a butterfinger but it might be because he can't keep his eyes of the sexy hotty he's playing with.

Spencer has had enough catch and decides to tackle Gavin to the ground and play with a new set of balls.

More Next Door Buddies: Spencer Reed Fucks Gavin

FreshmanX: Kirk Cummings

freshmanx kirk cummings

Sweet Kurt Cummings stopped by for a lil action at FreshmanX, and we are quite happy to share it with you. There is something almost wholesome, oh hell who are we kidding this kid is a satyr, and we love watching him get naked.

Cocky Boys: Guy and Jesse Santana

cockyboys guy jesse santana

Jesse and Guy are back for a repeat scene, and this time Jesse wants to show you why he just won Hottest Bottom at the Grabby Awards. Jesse starts off showing you his amazing oral skills by sucking Guy's thick juicy cock. Guy gets so horned up he needs a mouth full of dick too, so he gets his lips around Jesse's big hard cock and cum filled nuts. Guy puts Jesse on his back on the kitchen table and stuffs his fat dick up Jesse's eager hole.

TimTales: CutlerX and Nils Jacobson

TimTales: CutlerX and Nils Jacobson

Cutlerx is a friend of Tim and Grobes and sports one hell of a cock. Not only is he well-endowed, but he's an absolute charmer and really nice guy. On his last visit to Berlin, he wanted to be paired up with Tim's newest power bottom, Nils Jacobson.

TimTales: CutlerX and Nils Jacobson

Even though Nils is accustom to large cocks, even he had a hard time taking CutlerX's massive meat. This is a video you won't want to miss!

College Dudes 24/7: Adam Campbell & Rob Ryder

College Dudes 24/7: Adam Campbell & Rob Ryder

Rob Ryder and Adam Campbell have known each other for over a year, and even though they stay in touch they never had an opportunity to do a scene together. When they finally had the chance, two studs got into some intense fucking! After some passionate kissing and stroking, Rob goes right for the cock and Adam loves it. Adam returns the favor before climbing on board Rob to pound his tight little asshole.

More College Dudes 24/7: Adam Campbell & Rob Ryder

Straight Hell: Corey(2)

Straight Hell: Corey(2)

The Straight Hell tops have captured innocent young Corey. With a few slashes Corey's uniform is in shreds on the ground. The men have free range of his lithe naked body, and run their hands lecherously all over his smooth chest and ass, feeling his firm young muscles tense with terror.

More Straight Hell: Corey(2)

QCam - Take The Day Off

QCam - Take The Day Off

It's been a long, hard week. and what better way to relax than to take a load off at QCam? Come to QCam and meet a bunch of other guys kickin' back and enjoying the day. We've picked three QCam boys ready to show you a good time, if you show them one too:

GOSIMO (11 pics) - Though he hasn't busted out the full-on party favors just yet, GOSIMO is willing to take it slow and enjoy himself (and yourself as well). Why don't you strip down and get cozy with him on the couch? Maybe you two can watch a romantic movie or some wrestling until it gets too hot just to lay around.

nerotony (5 pics) - Nerotony's already comfortable when you arrive but he's got something to help you out, a nice longneck with some head on it. Pop it open and put some down your throat. It'll help you ease into the evening. And once you're done with his, he'll help with yours too!

per (6 pics) - Do you like games? Per's ready to play. Whether you wanna try a few hands at his brand of poker or wanna go bottoms up and try a shot at his salty rim, he's up for it. Don't be shy; his house is your house and just about anything goes!

It's always the weekend at QCam. Take off the tie and leave the excuses at home. Drop in, meet the other QCam hotties and have a stiff one. You can even take some sexy QCam shots yourself and spend the rest of your day in style!

Randy Blue: Reese and Zachary

Randy Blue: Reese and Zachary

Who hasn't called off from work sick when they weren't really sick just so they could go out and have a little fun? Reese Rideout takes this to the extreme when he calls his buddy Zachary Cook and convinces him to come over to nurse him back to health. When Zachary arrives he finds that Reese's cock is the only thing that needs nursing and he's more than happy to be making a house call.

More Randy Blue: Reese and Zachary

TGIF: This Week's Queerest Clicks!

TGIF: This Week's Queerest Clicks!

The Top 10 Solo Clicks - as determined by QC editors and readers

10. You Love Jack: Alexi Bowman
9. Manifest Men: Vin Rocco
8. English Lads: Bailey Naked on the Deck
7. Cocky Boys: Hugo
6. College Dudes 24/7: Darren Ray
5. Randy Blue: Dawson Riley
4. Sean Cody: Jacob
3. Corbin Fisher: Dru
2. Chaos Men: Hayden
1. Frat Men: Kumar

QC Español
· Têtu: Edilson Nascimento
· Latin Boyz: Victor
· Bang Bang Boys: Lucas Folla Kaio Castro
· Lunes es Día de Rafa Nadal
· Dylan Rosser: RED

QC Chinese
· Filipino Sunshine Ejay Falcon
· Basketball Boys
· 5 Asian Hotties
· GWiP: Asian Hottie
· Taiwanese Hottie Hsiao-Chuan Chang's Shower Gel Ad

QC Japanese
· QC Asians Coming Soon!
· Asian Hairy Legs
· Cute Face and Hot Body
· Asian Bodybuilder
· H0230: Tatsuhiro Nakayama

QC Twinks
· UK Scally Lads: Dillon
· HMBoys: Saladin
· Jizz Addiction: Zack Randall
· Undietwinks: Armando
· Boy Fun Collection: Timothy

· Chaos Men: Kay and Sebastian - RAW
· Butt Machine Boys: Dak Ramsey
· Boys Pissing: Zack Randall
· Club Inferno Dungeon: James Aaron and Ray Dalton
· Hot Older Male: Clint Christoher and Dan Rhodes

Spunkworthy: Tyler

spunkworthy tyler

Tyler's first shoot was so hot, Spunkworthy really wanted to bring him back. They thought they would see how he'd like shoving his 18 y/o fratboy cock into the IceJack. He's tried a sex toy once before but, in his words, "Nothing as good as this."

Last time, Tyler had jacked off the night before, but this time he saved up for a few days. He was rock hard in a matter of seconds and even told them he was going to have to pace himself or he was going to blow too soon.

After fucking the IceJack in a bunch of different positions, he lays back and blasts a massive load that squirted up to his shoulder.

"Fuck! I barely missed my face."

Dominic Ford: Ricoh

dominic ford ricoh

Ricoh is a hot Euro boy. He has that kind of body where you know he grew up playing Soccer. It's naturally toned and his stomach and abs are HOT.

Extra Big Dicks: Peter Stamin

Peter Stamin at Extra Big Dicks

"Walk tall and carry a big stick" is a credo the guys live by at Extra Big Dicks. And today, they walk the talk with Peter Stamin, a 22 year—he's so lean, his flashlight thick eight-incher looks like it will make him topple over just carrying around something that heavy. Peter brought his own porn and could not wait to play it—then play with that big meat. He goes back to the couch where he makes himself comfortable sitting on the arm rest. His meat is rock hard and as he jacks his dick faster, his balls bounce in tandem as he starts to pick up the pace. Not wanting us to feel left out, Peter stands up and bends over the couch to give us a view of that ass. His low hanging nuts still bouncing as he jacks his cock underhand. Peter then gets back on the couch, sits back and spreads those thighs wide, as he heads for the home stretch.

Cody Cummings: Cody and Andrew Blue

Cody Cummings: Cody and Andrew Blue

Sneaky ass Andrew Blue is at it again. When Cody Cummings unleashes his cock down by the pool, Andrew is peering down on him, cock in hand. Now Cody has warned him before not to peek on him, but Andrew can't resist. Cody's lean physique and tanned body are too mouthwatering for him.

More Cody Cummings: Cody and Andrew Blue Night At St. Dunstan's (4) Night At St. Dunstan's (4)

In the new story at, Sophie and Grace are proud that they've been able to disarm and capture burglar Kevin Prestwig, the legendary bad boy of St Dunstan's. He's notorious for getting into rough fights and riding triumphantly away on his motorcycle. Now he's spread out before the girls stark naked and totally vulnerable to whatever their perverted minds desire. See more of the sexy badboy being taken advantage of by clever girls at

This Week's Six Stickiest - No Really, I'm Straight

This Week's Six Stickiest - No Really, I'm Straight

We're not saying that the men in this Week's Six Stickiest aren't straight, but it wouldn't surprise us if we heard they were gay. We mean, after all, they're already on a gay porn site (not that Sticky is all porn—it's also got lot of pop and politics too)! But Sticky's only one click away from QueerClick front page, so no matter how straight they are, they're in good gay company. What straight boys are on Sticky this week? See for yourself...

How Straight Exactly? (5723 clicks) - You may have heard that all straight guys are just a couple drinks away from gay. These guys definitely add proof to that pudding. Between scenes of mooning, spooning, groping and grouping you'll agree, these guys aren't too far from bromance and brojobs.

Shitty Day (4946 clicks) - Turning your head to check out those hot guys you saw while jogging could land you ass-first in a bad SHITuation. Z Reveals tells you his story of Fire Island humiliation as the Pussycat Dolls and hot men land him in an embarrassing spot.

Zac's Sac (4596 clicks) - Zac Efron looks a lot like Brent Corrigan, so it makes sense that we always wanna see his package. Luckily this new shot of Zac does more than half the work as it puts his package on prominent display.

Channing's Totem (4353 clicks) - G.I. Joe stud Channing Tatum used to strip for a living (for women, sadly), but he stripped down further than most. So far in fact that we've found some hot picsof him leaking on the net... plus, did he beg a bride-to-be NOT to be? Straight, huh?

California Creaming (4279 clicks) - Check out Johnny Maui's hot spread for Playgirl. The 23-year-old Californian is well built and has a mouth-watering cock. It's funny how the Playgirl keeps pretending it's a magazine for women when mostly cock-hungry gay men read it.

Public Exhibition (4200 clicks) - New York's High Line Park features a 20-story peep show that's gotten people hot under the collar. Check it out before the city closes it down. Gay or straight, guys and gals are putting on a sex show for all to see!

Sticky has great bits for straight and gay guys alike. So stop by, check out the spread, vote on your faves and leave a few of your own. We update it regularly so there's always something new among our over 20,000 Stickies. Why it's almost enough to make a straight man brave gay porn just to check out what Sticky has to offer!

Miami Boyz: Chris

Miami Boyz: Chris

Chris is a hot 18 year old Cuban with a stunning young body, he loves sports and working out. Chris might be only 18, but inside his underwear he's got a thick uncut 8 inches cock. It doesn't take much to get this straight boy hard and once his cock is hard it stays hard until he shoots an impressive amount of thick cum on his smooth chest for us to enjoy!

Corbin Fisher: Fucking Bryan

Corbin Fisher: Fucking Bryan

Tall, good looking and big-dicked, Bryan is fun to watch in action. He's experienced some incredible new things here at CF, having fucked both Caleb and Lucas with that big dick of his, and he surprised himself by how much fun he had with it all and how great it felt. That dick of his tempted Corbin to just have him top his way through countless CF studs but we clearly deserved to see Bryan take a shot at bottoming, as well!

More Corbin Fisher: Fucking Bryan

Chaos Men: Kay and Sebastian - RAW

Chaos Men: Kay and Sebastian - RAW

Kay used to be a pretty heavy football player and he has been working on morphing his body into a lean mean muscle machine.

At the time of shooting this, he hadn't bottomed before. He suggested that he would be willing to bottom, but only if Bryan found a guy that wouldn't split him in two.

Enter Sebastian, who stays hard and can go slow for first-timers.

See all the raw action on QCX!

QC's Friday Five - Michael Lucas

37-year-old Michael Lucas

37-year-old Michael Lucas is the undeniable King of the Gay Porn world—his premiere in mainstream porn began in 1997 as a Falcon exclusive. In 1998, he set up Lucas Entertainment using the money he saved up from escorting. He became a full-fledged American citizen in 2004 and married his boyfriend of 8 years, Richard Winger, in 2008. His films have won an impressive number of GAYVN Awards including what's been called the most expensive porn film ever made, the $250,000 2006 film, La Dolce Vita, which won 14 GAYVN Awards, one in every category for which is was nominated. But despite his undeniable success and influence in the gay porn world,

Lucas is not without controversy. He's known for his sensational press releases, his outspokenness against drug-use, barebacking, and underage actors, and his vigorous pro-Israel political stance. We've left the political questions alone for a longer interview, but for now Lucas spoke with us about his beef with Brent Corrigan, his opinions on free porn sites, and dealing with gay Israelis in his most recent venture, Men of Israel.

QC: You've expressed hope that your upcoming film, Men of Israel will break new ground, both politically and pornographically. Mormon gay porn seems to have gotten some play and a lot of guys find Jewish men attractive... so why do you think there's been such low-visibility of Jewish gay porn actors and Jewish-themed gay porn in the past?

Because as far as I am concerned Jews usually go for a higher education and graduate as lawyers, doctors, engineers, and business entrepreneurs etc. Let me be honest I rarely see academics in porn ;-)

QC's Friday Five - Michael Lucas

QC: What was the most difficult part of getting Men of Israel made? Can you tell us a major difficulty you experienced making this film (or if there was none, a major difficulty from one of your other productions) and how you resolved it?

Israel is full of gay people Tel Aviv is proportionate to the population of gays in NYC. The difficulty is finding guys who actually want to have porn as their career.

QC's Friday Five - Michael Lucas

QC: With all due respect, your over-the-top press releases have gotten you labeled a bit of a press whore. You've even fabricated a joke letter to President Obama and made a bit of a scandal at the GayVN Awards this year. If you could mastermind the ultimate publicity stunt, what would it look like?

I speak my mind amateur I don't pull stunts. If it is misinterpreted and the press runs with it then it is out of my hands. As far as the Obama letter—this was clearly just a light joke and I can hardly see how so many people misunderstood that. The GayVN's Awards scandalized themselves by awarding child pornographers. I simply stood up for my industry and said what I thought necessary. By the way am I a publicity whore by giving you this interview? Or am I just doing my job promoting my product?

QC's Friday Five - Michael Lucas

QC: As a businessman, how do you feel about the rise of "free porn" sites like XTube and web-only "amateur" studios? Have they positively or negatively effected the professional porn star world?

It makes us look that much better—like we are filming Titanic compared to filming a student project. It really shows what a good product looks like and how much work goes into creating a real quality product. I think consumers are getting tired of poorly crafted amateur sex videos.

QC's Friday Five - Michael Lucas

QC: Obviously you take great care in working out, looking good, etc... but what's the one guilty pleasure that you can't break?

I have always had great discipline—it comes easy for me. I don't have guilty pleasures—besides sex I am very boring to my body: no drinking, smoking, drugs, never go out in the sun, and what I like to eat is healthy.

Thanks Michael for chatting with us! If you want more of the NYC Kingpin of Porn, check out Michael Lucas' QC Fan Club page.

Man Avenue: Jay

manavenue jay

Man Avenue recently spent several days updating and moving their on-line files around and lookie what they found: THAT FUCKING HOT JAY...lots of hot photos that will get your dick hard, just like he did the first time around. Stay tuned. New guy on the block, Martin, cumming this weekend.

Falcon Str8Men: Luke Marcum Fucks Tristan Phoenix

falcon str8men luke marcum tristan phoenix

Tristan defines fun as anything that'll penetrate him. Today he's paired up with Luke who's eager to have some fun. This is the first time they've met and they're pretty much in synch: Luke thinks Tristan is cute; Tristan utters that Luke is "gorgeous". Luckily for that gorgeous young hunk who's never done anything like this before, experienced boytoy Tristan is here to hold his hand ... and more!

QColumn: A Gay In The Life: Commando

QColumn: A Gay In The Life: Commando

By Steve Prince

I threw back the covers. The assault of cool air from the ceiling fan stung against my naked body. Wearily, I pushed myself and sat on the bed. I turned my head and looked at Peter, sleeping calmly. I smiled remembering the night we had together.

I'd forgotten how nice it was to wake up beside someone. Call it cliché or cheesy, but it just feels good to roll over in the morning and kiss someone's shoulder.

The hardwood floor of Peter's bedroom creaked as I stood. I glanced around the room. A pile of my clothes lay in the corner.

"Ugh", I groaned reminding myself I need to do laundry. I walked to the bathroom, my feet thudding on top of the hollow floor.

I flicked on the light as I entered.

"Mmm," I groaned, my eyes wincing from the bright light. I turned the light off.

I rubbed my face in my hands and glanced in the mirror. In the morning sunlight, I could see that my eyes were puffy, the blackheads on my nose looked terrible, and, as I itched my scalp and felt something crunchy, I realized I probably had cum in my hair. Needless to say it was a late night. A good night, but late just the same. No matter how much fun you have the night before there is something about the brutality of morning that is just...well, brutal.

I sighed, debating on whether to brush my teeth before I went back to bed. That would be polite I thought. But tiredness won out and I decided I would just pee.

I sat on the toilet seat. Yes, I sat. Look sometimes I just don't like standing up to pee. For one thing, it's loud. I always feel like a horse peeing in a pond. It just seems crude. The other thing is that I don't trust my aim this early in the morning. It just seemed like too much energy.

As I sat on the toilet, I reached over and turned on the faucet to help give me a boost. I yawned, smacked my lips, and soon the familiar feeling of urination came upon me.

"Owww!" I said audibly, hopping up from the toilet seat. I stopped in mid-pee. Sharp pinpricks burned at the end of my penis. Like a dog looking for a wound, I glanced down at my dick to see what was going on.

More QColumn: A Gay In The Life: Commando

First Auditions: Gerard

First Auditions: Gerard

At First Auditions hard-bodied tattooed Gerard is a semi-professional straight footballer. This muscular man has been an athlete all his life. He's agreed to submit to the pervy guys at First Auditions because of his desperate need to become famous and earn enough to move to Hollywood to become the next action star. They finger his tight ass and shove a butt plug up his hole, then jerk him off to a very horny completion. Download his videos from First Auditions.

Cruiser Boys: Daniel Cummings

Cruiser Boys: Daniel Cummings

Daniel Cummings is a Vegas boy who enjoys extreme sports like boxing, hiking, and rock climbing. His sexual fantasies can get a little extreme too and include being tied up, blind folded and spanked. He loves a good blow job but says his favorite is getting his ass licked.

More Cruiser Boys: Daniel Cummings

Southern Strokes: Ryan C. and Brandon L.

southern strokes ryan brandon

Southern Strokes knew that this was going to be hot when Ryan showed up with his girlfriend in tow. Things always manage to get a little nastier when the boys share it with their girls. They immediately asked Ryan's girlfriend what all she wanted to see happen. She responded with "I want Brandon to totally take advantage of this virgin boy." Needles to say both Brandon and Ryan were more than a little excited at the prospects of Ryan's girl telling them what to do

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off: Johnson

straight australian guys jacking johnson

Johnson loves the outdoors, skateboarding and surfing to name a couple of pastimes he partakes in. His fresh clean cut looks makes him a natural to model and to see what else he has to offer once he gets his board-shorts off.

Queerism - Butt-top

Queerisms - Butt-top

noun: a bottom guy whos always saying hes a top

ex: Yeah, Dustin talks a big game about fucking all these guys, but the one time we slept together he was a total butt-top. I have the tapes to prove it.

Thanks to Carlos from El Salvador for this Queerism! Submit your own Queerism HERE!

Hot House: Vince Ferelli and Josh Griffin

hothouse backroom vince ferelli josh griffin

Bodybuilder turned burglar Vince Ferelli convinces his partner in crime Josh Griffin to rob an office building packed with computer equipment. When the two hunks break in they find the place empty. Griffin threatens to beat Ferelli's ass but he settles for a blow job. Ferelli proves to be a much better cocksucker than burglar and service's Griffin's fat cock like a pro. He then offers his chiseled muscle-butt, which Griffin happily rims then plows. The action keeps going until Griffin fucks Ferelli all over the vacant office space and they both blow huge thick loads!

New York Straight Men: Tyce

new york straight men tyce

Meet Tyce! He is a 40-something demolition man! He does everything from tearing down buildings to just clearing them out to get them ready for renovation.

Tyce got his first blowjob off a guy when he was a teenager. He told NYSM that he bullied his neighbor into sucking his cock. He says he was half kidding and was a bit surprised when the guy dropped to his knees, but Tyce went with it and enjoyed an amazing blowjob. He had the neighbor blow him on and off for the next couple of years till he joined the military. Tyce spent a number of years serving his country, but only had girls service him. In fact this blowjob is his first bj from a guy since then!



You got up early for your flight this morning only to find out it's been delayed! What a bummer—dumb airlines! Now you have to kill a few hours in the terminal, lugging your carry-ons around like a doofus until the plane arrives. What a waste of time! you think, until you see him. Seb's checking you out with his lazy bedroom eyes and open legs. Oh yeah, he's definitely cruising you... and you begin to wonder what he's got hiding under those jeans. Find out, after the jump!

More IAOOC - Seb

On The Hunt: Carter and Alex

On The Hunt: Carter & Alex

On The Hunt arranged for Carter and Alex to be Trevor Knight's birthday present. These two twinks not only got nailed hardcore by Trevor, they also got plenty of attention from two of the biggest hunks of porn star muscle in the world, Caesar and Trent Fosters, who did all the videotaping. Everyone seemed to have a lot a of laughs, alternating with a lot of moans. Two twinks, a sling, a ten-inch cock and two huge muscle gods... here's a present that has something for everyone!

English Lads: Bailey Naked on the Deck

Bailey returns to English Lads

If you've been visiting QueerClick for awhile, you probably know we kinda have a thing for English Lads favorite, Bailey. He's gorgeous to look at, but best of all, he's incredibly horny. This guy just loves to tease and jerk off for the camera. And we love seeing him get all wet in the summer sun—even in these preview images. Check out the full, hardcore set on English Lads.

Wanna see more of Bailey?
Check out his QC Fan Page here...

Sean Cody: Pete and Matt

Sean Cody: Pete and Matt

As they were getting started, Pete was rubbing his bare feet through the plush carpet.

"I love this rug," he said. "If I had a chance to be fucked on it I wouldn't mind being fucked all day."

More Sean Cody: Pete and Matt

Wilmer Valderrama Bulge

Wilmer Valderrama Bulge

Remember Fez from That 70's Show? That same actor played DJ Keoki in the drug-fueled gay 2003 film Party Monster. His name's Wilmer Valderrama and he's certainly grown from the waif he once was into a beefy beach-goer. A QC reader passed along these shots of him on the beach and we're glad he did! Not only did we get a chance to scope out Wilmer's pecs and trimmed abs, but we also got a peek at his bulge. Zoom in for a closer look after the jump!

More Wilmer Valderrama Bulge

Island Studs: Dylan Returns

Dylan returns to Island Studs

Turns out Dylan was spotted again on a local beach, just two weeks after his first Island Studs shoot. He was shirtless and in low-riding board shoots. When asked if his ass was as white as before, he answered by dropping his shorts and mooning everyone on the beach. Without hesitation, Dylan agreed to do another photo shoot—and this time he was extremely comfortable with jerking off in front of the camera. He was so excited and happy to be earning money by jerking his big monster cock off that he actually shot earlier than he expected. We, however have no complaints about the load this 18 year old shot!

Man Avenue: Alain Llamas


Alain Llamas was first featured on Man Avenue almost one year ago and QC readers couldn't stop talking about his tree-trunk legs, massive biceps, nasty attitude and rock hard dick. So here he is again, for you all to drooling over.

Men Over 30: Brenn Weisman and Dean Tucker

Brenn Weisman and Dean Tucker at Men Over 30

Taking a clue from the periodic table to guarantee a chemical reaction, Men Over 30 unveils their most explosive tag team—37 year old, handsome, chiseled Brenn Weisman and 32 year old, fur covered Dean Tucker. Dean can't resist that huge cock on Brenn, meanwhile Brenn can resist Dean's ass. First his roughly shoves a finger up his hole and soon wants more. Brenn spins him around and gets him in position as they begin to dry hump with Dean grinding his hairy ass back onto Brenn's rock hard cock. Brenn pulls him up into a doggie position and gets rough on Dean (who is totally into it). These two pound away, "Tear that hole up!" Dean begs! And Brenn obliges. However, all this work on his hole amkes Dean bust a nut sooner than he wanted and endures getting jack-hammered by one relentless Brenn.

Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

EricDeman has been busy with his spycam catching lots of hot surfers and swimmers changing in a semi-public place where they think no one is watching them. These naked guys look massively hot under the summer sun! See thousands of sexy voyeuristic videos of horny guys being caught naked at EricDeman!

Latin Boyz: Victor

Latin Boyz: Victor

Victor is boyfriend material. He has the cutest face and smile and sports an incredible body. Even though he trims his body hair now, he has the potential to become a hairy Latin Boy in the future.

Badpuppy: Jason Pitt

badpuppy jason pitt

In his own words:

Yes, I do think I look amazing, I'm not cocky, it's called having confidence in yourself. Getting Naked has been my passion since I was a kid. I am a gay porn star! SHOCKER! I am probably the oddest person you could ever meet. I am a pescaterian meaning I eat only FEESH. If you are one of my true friends, you will never be bored around me! lol...Words frustrate me. I'm still continuing on the road to find myself. I don't want to be like you. I get strong urges to punch things, as well as to drink milk. I'm like a book, I'm open about everything. If I have to fart, you will know, because I will tell you, and you will smell it.

QC's Porn Gossip Round-Up

QC's Porn Gossip Round-Up

Every so often, we round up a bunch of porn gossip bits and serve them piping hot right here for you hungry readers. This go around, we'll tell you which "retired" porn star has come back from the dead, which two celebs have dipped a toe in the gay porn pool, why Brent Corrigan is mad at his fans, and share a handful of videos from some of our favorite porn stars of color. So sit tight and get your fill of the latest porn gossip!

Yawn... It's Jason Adonis

You may remember when we announced the mental breakdown and then sudden retirement of porn star Jason Adonis. If you recall Mr. Adonis (who has a reputation for being ultra flakey) said, "This is not a retirement and I won't be back... It just got to the point where the anxiety from having sex with guys on camera was too much."

Well the gay-for-pay nutter stud is back in a Jet Set scene with Dakota Rivers (who's appeared on Randy Blue, Collin O'Neal and Hot House Backroom—stop by Jet Set for more hot pics of the two). Adonis also just shot a new solo scene for "Jason Adonis: Unseen" an end-of-year DVD release that'll feature highlights from his career. On one hand it'll be kinda weird watching a guy who suffered a mental breakdown put himself through the very experience that caused it. On the other hand, it'll be hot for the exact same reason!

Mitchell Rock

Channel 1 Releasing just signed Mitchell Rock to an exclusive contract. You may recall that Rock appeared in TAKEN: To The Lowest Level with bad-music twink Shane Risk. Adam Killian discovered Mitchell and now he's set to star in a trio of features including Gridiron Gangbang, Playing with Fire: Four Alarm and Mitchell Rock's Workin' It Out. We look forward to seeing what he can do with his butthole.

The debauchery continues after the jump!

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The Guy Site: Diego

the guy site diego

Diego has a deep voice and he speaks softly. His uncut dick is more of a grower than a shower. The Guy Site usually likes their men to be a bit beefier, but, they could surely make an exception for him.

William Higgins: Josef "Killer" Socher and Suro Fiala


Scene 4 of In The Heat of Summer features two very hot models, Suro Fiala and Killer. Suro, who proved very popular both on the site and on Prague Buddies is a fabulous bottom and takes it very well from Killer who, as always was on top form. Suro is also still appearing from time to time in as a dancer in Drakes bar.

Ruggerbugger: Adrian Aldrete

Adrian Aldrete at Ruggerbugger

Ruggerbugger have their eyes on Adrian Aldrete, a rising Mexican football star. This smooth boyish athlete is massively sexy and continuously gives teasing hints of his cock and balls which he displays so handsomely when running in his tight football shorts. Check out more of Adrian and all the latest sports stars exposed at Ruggerbugger.

Gemini Men: Austin and Kyle

gemini men austin kyle

Austin takes his revenge on Kyle's ass
in this hot payback story. A few weeks back Kyle fucked the hell out of Austin even making him cum while he was taking cock, and we were anxious to see Austin return the "favor"! They two men are friends but it is a "take no prisoner" fuck that Austin throws into Kyle's tight bootie. They kiss, suck and fuck before Austin shoots on Kyle's just fucked hole, and Kyle shoots on Austin's face

Randy Blue: Brett Swanson and Trent Davis

Randy Blue: Brett and Trent

Brett Swanson made his debut on Randy Blue recently and people cannot stop talking about him. His solo was amazing, so Randy didn't waste any time getting him into action. Trent Davis was the lucky guy to be paired with Brett.

More Randy Blue: Brett Swanson and Trent Davis

Ask QC: Training for a 9-Incher...

Ask QC: How Can I Prepare For A 9

Dear QC -

I always enjoy reading your reader advice comments and never thought I'd be asking a question. I can't find any Google info on this one though and my friends can't help. I just started dating a guy who's handsome, has a great job, a good conversationalist, a great kisser—and, much to my surprise, has a 9" dick that's as thick as a Red Bull can. We're both tops—I'm versatile, but don't think I want to take one that big. That leaves oral, which really makes my jaw sore and it's hard to keep from nicking him with my teeth. Does anyone have any experience in dealing with this challenge?


Sounds like Apprehensive needs to loosen up (his jaw and his hole). He appreciates his big fellow, but how can he best work up to giving great head and enjoying a flip-fuck with his hung hottie? Or do two rights make a wrong in the case of dual tops? Please share any advice and experiences that might help in the comments section.

Have a question for QC? Send 'em to and we'll do our best to solve your problems!

Chaos Men: Jonah - Serviced

Chaos Men: Jonah - Serviced

A couple of days after Jonah's solo video, he called Bryan explaining that he needed more money (rent was due) and he'd be game for a Serviced video. Bryan had him come in immediately and took maters in his own mouth, instead of waiting to get his redheads together as originally planned.

More Chaos Men: Jonah - Serviced

Bang Bang Boys: Lucas Bangs Kaio Castro

Bang Bang Boys: Lucas Bangs Kaio Castro

Bang Bang Boys finally managed to convince Lucas to cut his long hair. His new look clearly won Kaio over, he was all over him on the backstage and the minute the camera started to record Bang Bang could see how horny and happy he was.

College Dudes 24/7: Darren Ray

College Dudes 24/7: Darren Ray

Darren Ray is a sexy young man who has a great deal of exhibitionist in him. He has a beautiful cock that he strokes and plays around with as he warms us up. The big surprise comes when he bends over and gives a hot show off his sexy bubble butt and beautiful virgin asshole. About 30 seconds before his cumshot he begins to tremble and shake, and every muscle in his body tenses up before he explodes a gusher all over himself.

Hot House Backroom: Tyler Saint and Tony Vega

hothouse tyler saint tony vega

Tyler Saint looks like he hasn't had a hung stud like Tony Vega in bed in a long time. He aggressively throws him on the bed, strips him down and gets to work on Vega's big uncut cock and huge nut sack. After rimming Vega's bubble-butt Saint puts him on all fours and fucks him hard. Catch the entire scene live now exclusively in the Hot House Backroom!

QC's Pole Position

QC's Pole Position

Last week's Pole Position saw Bel Ami's Kris Evans slide easily into first by a long shot... but who will be the winner this week? With so many big-dicked studs competing, it's gonna be a hard, long cock race. Luckily, they've got the skills and the drive to handle themselves in a fight-to-the-finish race!

1) Corbin Fisher: Dru

2) Sean Cody: Jacob

3) Manifest Men: Vin Rocco

4) Randy Blue: Dawson Riley

5) Chaos Men: Hayden

6) Frat Men: Kumar

7) Xtra Inches: Cliff Butler

8) Latin Boyz: Ezequiel

9) First Audtions: Darren

10) Hot House Backroom: Dakota Rivers

Vote for your fave, after the jump!

More QC's Pole Position

Straight Hell: Corey

Straight Hell: Corey

Reuben's girlfriend has dragged him all over town today, emptying his wallet as she demands more and more clothes, shoes and jewellery. But when Reuben, eager to get home for a well earned shag, moves in for a snog, his pricktease girlfriend extricates herself and flounces off, tossing her hair. No sex for him tonight.

Straight Hell's burly top Colin has watched the whole thing with amusement, and he sidles over to the handsome stranger. He's been keeping an eye out for victims, but Reuben, seething with sexual frustration and fury, will be the perfect sidekick. When Colin tells him guys are ripe for the taking, with tight asses to beat and fuck, Reuben catches on immediately.

Colin points out a cute young guy, all alone, who is obviously lost - his hesitation and smooth, innocent skin make him appear a deliciously vulnerable target...

More Straight Hell: Corey

Falcon Studios: Road Trip 11 - San Francisco

falcon studios road trip 11 san francisco jocks

San Francisco - the ideal destination for 6 horny day trippers eager to check out its fabled charms.

Bagdad by the Bay ... Emerald City ... Shaky Town ... no matter what you call it, San Francisco is the perfect wonderland for our six thrill-seekers out for an adventure. They're like Pinocchio's wayward boys lost on Pleasure Island acting as crazy as they want and grabbing all the excitement at hand, only to discover that the only treats that'll satisfy their desires are each other.

QCX: Jake Cruise and Riley Owens

Jake Cruise and Riley Owens

Check out Jake Cruise work over handsome Riley Owens at QCX. Riley lets Jake work over every inch of his body (inside and out)... and all of its too much for Jake, he can't help but shoot his load over Riley. Of course, Riley then returns the favor by pounding Jake's ass nice and good. Check out the latest from Jake Cruise over on QCX...

Corbin Fisher: Lucas Fucks Elijah

Corbin Fisher: Lucas Fucks Elijah

Lucas and Elijah, two of Corbin Fisher's most popular studs, are finally getting into some hot sucking and fucking action with each other. This pairing was so hot, Corbin released it as a two video update!

More Corbin Fisher: Lucas Fucks Elijah

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off: Jacob

straight australian guys jacob hole

Straight Australian Guys always trys to get their straight boys to the glory hole, to be serviced by an over eager, expert cocksucker. Some they get some they miss but on this occasion they got Jacob a straight young surfer to the hole. Watch as he moans and groans as the guy below goes to work on his thick cock while he watches lesbian porn.

Corbin Fisher: Dru

Corbin Fisher: Dru

Engaging, charismatic, endearing and downright hot all describe Dru. He readily flashes his winning smile throughout his chat with Pete, and his eyes are just as expressive as that smile. He's one of those guys that speaks with every bit of his face, his entire expression reflecting what he's saying, enhancing the words, and adding to his appeal.

More Corbin Fisher: Dru

Cocky Boys: Hugo

cockyboys hugo

Hugo stars off shirtless, showing off his perfectly built, inked up body. Rubbing himself hard, Hugo pulls out his beer can thick dick and jerks his fat shaft as he rubs his balls. Working his nipples and licking his bicep, Hugo strokes his thick hard cock with his spit lubed fist for a while before turning around and bending over as he works his meat, pulling his ass crack open and teasing his hole with his fingers.

Sean Cody: Jacob

Sean Cody: Jacob

"I was actually the biggest nerd around."

That was how Jacob described himself in elementary and middle school.

By high school, though, things had changed a bit.

"I kind of perked up a little sophomore and junior year," he explained.

We're guessing that his huge dick finally grew in, the other guys saw it in the shower, and word got around!

Having a hot body and being on the soccer team probably didn't hurt either.

More Sean Cody: Jacob

Bel Ami: Manuel Rios and Keanu Faria

bel ami keanu faria manuel rios

As promised in the Bel Ami News, here is Manuel and Keanu in their blowjob special. Kudos to Keanu for even attempting to get that thing down his throat. This is a hot one, don't miss it!

FreshSX: Andy O'Neil and Karl

freshsx andy oneil karl

Andy and Karl are both in the Jacuzzi, they sit on the side and with an Icejack they jack each other each other while they kiss and make out. Andy takes a torch and shines it down the Icejack and we see Karl's hard cock rubbing up and down inside. As they start the Jacuzzi they kiss and suck in the bubbles. Andy stands and Karl starts to play with his ass before sitting him down and fucking Andy's ass. Andy sits on top of Karl, feeling him deep inside before they take the Icejacks again to get close to cumming, before they whip them off and both shoot over each other.

Extra Big Dicks: Tommy & Steven

Tommy & Steven at Extra Big Dicks

They have been using their tape measure overtime at Extra Big Dicks, starting with the King of the Chicago meat packers, 19 year old Tommy Defendi with his lean, slightly hairy bod, square jawed handsomeness and most of his, his jaw breaking 9" missile of a cock. The lucking landing pad for those nine inches of dick is Puerto Rican fire crotch, Steven Ponce. Tommy is tall and has a naturally lean and defined frame. Tommy wants some dick too as they get into a hot 69 on the couch. Tommy soon lubes up & Steven bounces up and down and grinds his hungry a way down to the base, sending them both into orbit. "Harder" Steven begs as Tommy picks up the pace. "Like that ass?" he taunts as Tommy stands him up and gets right back in that ass. Steven loses it and shoots what seems like a gallon of jizz all over his smooth chest and abs. Tommy isn't far behind as he too coats Steven's cum soaked frame.

QC Aural Sex: Mechanical Screams

UPDATE: Most of you guessed correctly. The answer is after the jump!

It's been a while since we've brought you QC Aural Sex, where we give you a short audio clip from a recent porn update and you guess what site it's from.

After watching this video, we knew we had to turn it into a Aural Sex clip. We think you'll find this to be one of the hottest yet!

So here's the drill: Hit the play button above, listen to this clip, guess what site it appears on and let us know in the comments. Tomorrow, we'll reveal the true source of this Aural Sex update.

Previous QC Aural Sex updates:
QC Aural Sex: "Way To Go Today, Stud"
QC Aural Sex: "Don't Cry"
QC Aural Sex: "Fuck Yeah"
QC Aural Sex: "That Hits The Spot"

More QC Aural Sex: Mechanical Screams

Manifest Men: Vin Rocco

manifest men vin rocco

Intensely masculine Vic Rocco is steel hard ripped muscle from head to toe, from back to front and is among the most symetrical models you'll find. He is also hung long and thick. Vic knows how use his muscles and his meaty cock to seduce anyone with who looks his way. When you separate the men from the boys you'll find Vic Rocco at the top of the list.

First Auditions: Harry

First Auditions: Harry

Harry has dark mysterious eyes. He's like a dozen straight boys you might see at train stations slouching around looking moody and horny - only this guy has the balls to come audition for porn. This is the very first time this innocent boy has been filmed naked on camera. We particularly like how he sadly says "I feel like girl" when he has to display his asshole. He has a hot fresh body definitely worth lingering over and a big breathless cum shot that made us cream our pants.

Wrap Your Forbidden Fruit in aussieBum's 7 Deadly Sins

Wrap Your Forbidden Fruit in aussieBum's 7 Deadly Sins

You've all been a naughty, cheeky little monkey and it's time for your punishment... or should we say FUNishment? Because aussieBum's revamped their 7 Deadly Sins line to make you sin with a grin. And what better way to tempt some wayward soul than to wrap your forbidden fruit in tight briefs, trunks, and jockstraps with devilishly devious logos on the bum? Pick your favorite sin and style then let the deadliness begin! Or drop the logo and leave your partner wondering about your speciality. If you've got the time, aussieBum has got the crime.

Check out the entire collection at aussieBum.

Next Door Male: Kevin Wood

Next Door Male: Kevin Wood

Kevin Wood decided to sleep in and relax today. He had a long night and needs the rest. A leisurely shower is just what the doctor ordered and it will give Kevin an opportunity to give some attention to his recently neglected dick. He hasn't had time to stroke his cock in 3 days and needless to say, he has some built up tension.

More Next Door Male: Kevin Wood

Authentic Footballers: Martin

authentic footballers martin

Martin is obsessed with girl's asses; in fact he's been licking holes since his first time. He says he loves fucking assholes and fat bottomed girls.

Martin's cock is pretty thick, so whenever he fucks an asshole he has to lube it up real good with his tongue. He's also the owner of a great ass himself but, as far as we know, his rosebud has never been licked and much less fucked. What a pity!

Mason Wyler: Mason takes a Bath

Mason Wyler: Mason takes a Bath

Young Mason Wyler is learning about Maritime history. He's reading up on old ships, legendary captains, and epic gales. And as his imagination runs wild, he can't help but wonder what it would be like to be captured at sea by blood thirsty pirates! But not just blood thirsty...cock hungry too.

More Mason Wyler: Mason takes a Bath

QCX: Boys Pissing - Zack Randall

boys pissing zack shower

2009 Freshmen of the Year Zack Randall is back and he's THIRSTY!

See more on QCX. Justice Justice

In "Justice" at, spurned employee Damien has brought his female boss Tonya to a workplace tribunal with charges that she sexually assaulted him. The female judge shocks the courtroom by requesting a full examination of Damien's ass to verify the claims and a recreation of exactly how the embarrassed man was fucked in the ass with a strap-on. See more of the wild action where naked men are publicly taken advantage of confident women at

Top 10 QComments

Top 10 QComments

We had a real mixed bag when it came to QComments this week, a fun blend of crackling sarcasm, sweet appreciation, spicy bitchiness, and a zesty sprinkle of wit—kinda like party mix with dicks instead of rye chips. Hungry? Then bust open the bag with us and enjoy!

Arpad Miklos is NOT 100% gay and Johnny Hazzard is hot Hot HOT!

Let's begin on a positive note with a thank you QComment posted by Joseph, the writer of our most recent Ask QC, My Family Hates Gays (Like Me). His letter heartbreaking letter recounted threats made against him by his family and implored QC readers for advice. Not only did our readers step up, but so did Joseph:

I just wanted to thank you so much for your advice. I do have friends who I can talk about this with so it's not all bad. I do plan to move as soon as I can (I have found a temporary job so it'll help me save up). Someone said that family is created by love and respect and not by blood and I never thought of it that way. I will assure you all now that I do not plan to kill myself. I have friends who love me for who I am and it would not be fair for them. I joined a queer group at university so I'm hoping that will help me feel more comfortable in my own skin. I really can't express just how much talking about it and reading what you all had to say has helped. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I promise you all that I will get through this! I will live the life I deserve, that we all deserve. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love, Joseph

His response also goes to show the real side of our Ask QC feature. It's a QCommunity service we're happy to provide, especially when we can help out someone as earnest as Joseph. Our resident QColumnist Steve Prince gave our readers a real treat this last week with a blow-by-blow account of oral sex with his new beau. His retelling certainly turned us and a lot of other readers on. A few QCommenters even said that they edged to it. Steve Prince certainly impressed Shoco, so much that Shoco thinks Steve should open a blowjob school:

Wow! Having a guy say he gives great head, well that's one thing. having read detailed description of how one performs the great art of blowjob is nothing short of mind fucking blowing. that was simply incredible. you're definitly amazing, Steve!! you should like teach a woman's course or sometihg (then again, don't. we don't want those bitches learning all the tricks and keeping the good endowned men to themselves, right?) can't wait for the rest XD :P...

We also got a very nice QComment from jjgg5... or rather, Johnny Hazzard, the star of our most recent Friday Five did:

Johnny is a tremendously sexy guy. Also, he seems quite intelligent. I have never been a fan of the tattoo, especially the multiple tattoos. But, Johnny knows how to work this. It's an intrinsic sexuality, I think. A friend once told me that Johnny looks like Richard Gere. My response was that Johnny is so much better looking and that he can, actually, act. But when I complained about Johnny's big ears and wondered why he didn't wear his beautiful hair longer to cover them up, my friend said those ears are just good handles for getting the best, thrusting blow jobs. Case closed.

We agree, jjgg5. We'd call Johnny adorkable, except that he's not a dork, he's just an intelligent hot guy with big goofy ears, perfect for blowjob direction (not that he needs it). But not all of last week's QCommenters had warm fuzzies for us. Take gayrightsNOW!. He was less than pleased with our article about Arpad Miklos going straight-for-pay. In it, we said it'd be nice to move past the "gay" or "straight" labels, but he prefers those labels stuck right where they are. We've run gayrightsNOW!'s QComment below with some interjection in between:

Thanks, QC! Another gay site with no soul. Of course you don't care. Why would you? It's all about the Benjamins. I just knew you guys weren't going to touch this. But, you did. And, you don't care. So, why don't you take down the comments? If our opinion doesn't matter to you, then stop asking for comments. And stand for something, for god's sake.

Err... what?! You knew we wouldn't run the Arpad story (which we did) but that only proves how much we don't care about that story (which we do). Then you get mad at us for accepting QComments (like yours), because according to you, we don't think your opinions really matter... because if we did, then we wouldn't run them to begin with? Huh... yes, we see... (nods head appreciably)

Where has the pride gone in being fucking gay (i.e. not fucking women). Sure there will always be weird ass queers that will fuck anything, throw "labels" to the wind. Hmmmm, let's see how well that will work in the real world. No psychology/psychiatry. No social work/sociology. No anthropology. Hell, you might as well throw the medical field in there as well. Why? Because they ALL label people. Labeling is a part of the human psyche, cognitive reality. Our brains are wired to label. It's NORMAL! It's a part of how we solve problems, reach solutions, and diagnose ailments. Oh, hell, this is so stupid. Let this dumb-ass do whatever he wants to do and say he's "gay." He is in the death throws of his porn career (I hope); so, this childish, sophomoric behavior will hopefully put an end to it. I guess I am rare breed of gay man who finds exclusive relationships with men normal, good, something to be proud of/virtuous. No wonder the tards in society call us freaks of nature.

And, if this is the future of "gay" porn, then the future is about as bright as whale shit in the Marianas Trench.

gayrightsNOW!'s rant illustrates our point about the needless strictures of labels perfectly. We're not saying that identifying yourself as gay has no value—of course it does (we love parades and handjobs as much as the next guy)— we just don't see the point of getting our panties in a wad when a gay guy gives a woman the business. Arpad's hardly the only gay porn star who's done it and plenty of other self-identified gay men have slept with women too. Does that somehow disempower the gay identity? We don't think so.

But as far as the future of "gay" porn looking shitty, gay porn does involve butts, so a little shittiness is par for the course!

Ugly penises, "fascist faggotry," and shitting the leopard bedspread... all AFTER THE JUMP!

More Top 10 QComments

Zac's Sack

Zac's Sack

So Brent Corrigan Zac Efron went traipsing through Central Park yesterday shirtless, in loose-fitting pants, and sandals. And though the cynical part of ourself thinks he's just a twink clone, the teenage girl in us remembers that he is the original twink—and all look alikes are but poor replicas of the original. Except for Brent Corrigan... he does all the slutty things we wish Zac would do on camera. Oh well, too bad most celebs wait until their 30s to do a sex tape.

For more celebrity bulges, check out The Bulge Report. And for nude celebs, check out Cinemale and Male Celebrities.

Active Duty: Sky, Domenic, and Elijah

active duty sky elijah dominic

You may remember that cute Marine from Major Wood's Special Ops: Alpha Company, Sky? Well, Sky has come over to meet some of the Active Duty guys and Dink decided to team him up with Domenic and Elijah for some threeway fun. In the War Chest Update you can catch this hot scene between these three gorgeous studs. If there's anything military guys are proud of and always anxious to show off, it's their tattoos. So these three strip off their shirts and show off all their ink. It's a manly thing. But it's so hot to watch as you imagine them getting them just to show off to some other dude to prove their masculinity. Men will be boys.

Randy Blue: Dawson Riley

Randy Blue: Dawson Riley

Dawson Riley's bright personality is infectious and everyone who meets him either gets a big smile, a hard on or both. He's really handsome and has a boyish face but a manly body. You might get distracted by his smile for a moment but when you see the huge muscular arms you'll feel compelled to explore his powerful chest, gorgeous ass and nice hairy legs. Plus, he's got a perfectly mushroom capped cock that's just begging to get sucked.

More Randy Blue: Dawson Riley

Caption This!

Caption This!

Chaos Men: Hayden

Chaos Men: Hayden

Hayden is a construction worker and has a more mature look than normally featured on Chaos Men. He really love his scruffy beard. He seemed cool with doing a solo, and even mentioned several times he cums easily from a blow job.

More Chaos Men: Hayden

Dominic Ford To Do 3-D Harry Potter Porn Spoof

Dominic Ford To Do 3-D Harry Potter Porn Spoof

Will the homosexuality at Hogwart's never cease? First Harry shows off his penis after blinding six horses, then he has a sexual adventure with the Black Leather Cunt, the Cedric Diggory (aka Robert Pattinson) starts making out with dead playwrights, then Cormac McLaggen (aka Freddie Stroma) dances around in his undies two different times! Ohh... but Hogwart's gayest trick is yet to cum!

Dominic Ford has decided to shoot a comic 3-D porn spoof of Harry Potter, their first feature-length movie entitled, Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls. In it, Whorrey Potter (newcummer Luke Marcum) must keep the Sorcerer's Balls (protected by Robert Van Damme) from the evil clutches of Voldemorecock (Matthew Rush). Helping Whorrey wield his wand will be Cameron Adams as Himmoine and red-haired Blu Kennedy as Ron Sleazely. They've already shot some footage in Budapest, Sweden and other European countries and will incorporate special effects and an original symphonic score for a end-of-year release on 2D and 3D DVD with some scenes available to their website members!

We're wondering what special effects they're gonna use. Just imagine the amazing things that could come out of their wizards' wands—dicktastic!

Foot Friends: Ricky

footfriends ricky

Ricky loves his black socks... the feeling of stretch fabric sliding over his size 11 feet and up his hairy calves always makes him hard. Now if he could just get those meaty toes in his mouth....

Frat Men: Kumar

Frat Men: Kumar

We like it when porn sites, like Frat Men show a little diversity, and by that we mean its nice to see a guy with an uncut dick. A beautiful one, nonetheless! Heck, who are we kidding, Kumar is stunning all over. We love everything from his smile to his beautifully sculpted torso to that amazing butt. Kumar is downright, drop-dead gorgeous (in our humble opinion).

More Frat Men: Kumar

English Lads: Matt, Tom, and Kai

Matt, Tom, and Kai at English Lads

Big Matt and his one foot cock is very turned on today, just look at his bulge his boxers! Tom not having seen Matt before looses the ability to speak when Matt flops out his massive meat. He watches Kai give Matt head and worried he won't be able to open his jaw enough he quickly shows Kai how to suck massive cock quickly sliding most the way down the one foot cock. Matt slams into Kai who is so winded he can't whine loud enough to slow down Matt! Though once Kai's ass has dislocated, he loves being pumped by such a massively long and fat cock! Kai then takes a break and fucks Tom who sucks Matt and then they switch round and Matt again fucks Kai who explodes a nice load quickly followed by Tom then Matt.

Get Your Gayme On (And Yourself Off) With Keric's Complex and Kingdom Cum

Get Your Gayme On (And Yourself Off) With Keric's Complex and Kingdom Cum

Digital men are much easier to get along with than actual men—they're quieter, less costly, and don't require as much clean-up. So it makes sense that we've fallen in love with the digital hotties over at the The Humplex—a blog featuring gay fan art and arcade games. After all, you know how much we like sexy computer games.

The Humplex recently released chapter 3 of Keric's Komplex, a game in which ultra-hunk anime elves suck, kiss, and jerk each other in different cum-drenched scenarios. Keric's admirer, Cyl, just won't leave him alone. Cyl employed a pizza boy to help tag-team Keric in chapter 2 and now Cyl's back for more, except that a big-dicked angel has fallen to heaven and needs some "lip-to-lip resuckitation" first.

What follows are a series of mini-games involving your keyboard and mouse to help get the angel up and into action—thank goodness you only need one hand to play. You can help Koric handle his morning wood in chapter one or check out the Humplex's full range of gay sex games at The HUMRcade.

Get Your Gayme On (And Yourself Off) With Keric's Complex and Kingdom Cum

We found another game (via hook-up site called Kingdom Cum. The premise is simple, choose your character (either a twink, leather daddy, bear, or suit), pick up some condoms, and then cruise the forest for ass. Everytime you fuck or suck a guy, you get points and a boost on your boner meter—the bigger your boner, the bigger your bonus! Pick up lube and cockring powerups to help you move faster and maintain your erection even longer; and avoid porcupines and sleeping men along the way. Make your way through Hardwood Forest and up Squirt Mountain, you'll reach the enchanted Bathhouse where more action awaits. It's kinda like Super Mario Brothers, but with lots more blowjobs and anal sex.

Buzz West: Roman

Roman at Buzz West

Roman is one of those naturally sexy guys that just turn us on. He's mostly into girls, but said he likes to play with guys on the side. He's mostly a top, but said he likes to get poked too sometimes. His perfect cock, and tight little ass are so inviting, Buzz West could hardly contain myself. He's so laid back, in a skater pothead kinda way, and just goes with whatever feels good. So, he asked if it was ok to play with his ass a little, and said it might make him bust really fast. Well, he was right, he stuck a finger in and shot like a fountain up over his shoulder and sprayed cum everywhere! We're sure there will be more of him too on Buzz West.

Buk Buddies: Mario & Tony

Mario & Tony at Buk Buddies

These are the updates we love, and these are the kinda guys we love Buk Buddies for—rugged, masculine studly men. Mario and Tony get the idea that a little weight session on the sunny deck would be a great way to work up a summer sweat, so off we go and what ensues is more macho fun and games as Tony spots Mario, and then the tables turn, in more ways than one, as both dudes end up doing a sizzling hot nude workout set. Mario follows up grabbing a cold one standing naked in the half shade pouring his icy brew on his best buddy below. A quick dip in the shallow pool is next as Tony shows off his wet tighty whities and a raging boner that will make your day. It sure seems to have made his as he and Mario both polish one off to finish the set.

Latin Boyz: Marcio and Luis

Latin Boyz: Marcio & Luis

Luis and Marcio are soccer mates, who play together at least three times a week. Marcio called Luis to invite him to have a drink before practice, but Luis was thirsty for something else.

Hancock Men: Rod Barry and Trevor Mustang

Rod Barry and Trevor Mustang at Hancock Men

When Mike Hancock asked Rod Barry to come over and "hang out" on camera, he thought it would be a blast. He also said he would have his buddy, Trevor Mustang, join him to make it even more interesting. In typical "Rod Barry" style, these two guys talk tough and play even rougher. Watch as Rod talks Trevor out of his pants, slaps him around and fucks him hard with two once! I don't think Trevor will forget this session. "How could he when he has a welt of a huge dildo on his ass?!"

You Love Jack: Alexi Bowman

Alexi Bowman at You Love Jack

Alexi tells You Love Jack that he has a fetish for video cameras! No, seriously! He admits he gets hard whenever a camera comes out and has a tough time cumming unless he's filming himself. Sounds like someone needs a little attention. His cock is rock hard in an instant and he's grinning with anticipation as he satisfies his most perverted desires.

New York Straight Men: Troy

new york straight men troy

Meet Troy! He is 26, a Greek-American who grew up in Astoria and now lives on his own in Brooklyn. He is in the oil business, not the kind you find in the Middle East or Texas, but the kind you find in NYC; he repairs and fills Oil Burners the kind that keep NYC apartment buildings warm all winter.

When NYSM met Troy, it was apparent that he is cut from the same mold as their friend, Tony. He has the same thick accent, plays the field with the girls and very recently learned that when he needs to, he can use the "services" of gay guys who are most willing to get down on their knees for him without question.

Southern Strokes: Wade and Brandon

southern strokes brandon wade

Although Brandon and Wade had never met in person, they definitely both knew of each other and they were both eager to play together. It took a while to get their schedules coordinated but Southern Strokes was finally able to set a date for them to meet at the Lake House. We can tell you that the crew was just as excited and anxious as the models. They were ALL ready to watch Brandon bottom for Wade.

More Southern Strokes: Wade and Brandon

CockyBoys: Wolf and Jesse Santana

cockyboys wolf jesse

After a hot make out session, Wolf licks Jesse's sweet ass deep and hard. Wolf doesn't spare Jesse's cock from his whirlwind tongue either as he sucks Jesse's dick deep down his throat. Not to be outdone, Jesse pushes Wolf back to have a go at some serious cock swallowing himself. Wolf, who usually fucks his victims without mercy, has to take a turn at getting fucked this time while Jesse shows him who's boss. Wolf begs Jesse to fuck his tight hole as Jesse gives Wolf a seriously hard pounding.

QCA Art: Dyllan Rosser's RED

Following the success of his previous book, "X-Posed", the South African photographer Dyllan Rosser has released a new collection to celebrate the naked male body and the nature of passion and desire. In "RED", Dyllan devotes his stunning male photography towards exploration of the emotions surrounding the color red—the color of lust, passion, luck, and fury.

"After my debut book last year, I really wanted to focus on a theme," said Rosser. "X-Posed was all about showcasing my work from over the past few years. So, this time I wanted to come up with a concept that would be visually pleasing. I had not seen a book of nudes based around a color theme, and what better color than red? It is all about sensuality and even danger! I had already started using the color in my work during the previous years, so once I had the book concept in my head I started to expand on what I had already done."

Rosser used a variety of male models from an array of diverse backgrounds and body types, while also including shots of the phallus in various states of arousal. He even used adult film stars Marco Blaze, Turk Mason and Andy O'Neill. Many of the other bueatiful models in the book agreed to go nude exclusively for his project. Though they appear naked, he draped many of them in red fabric to add a sensuous texture to their already glorious physiques.

You can pre-order RED or see more at The Male Form.

Straight Fraternity: 4 Man Orgy

straight fraternity greg justice bo matt

Greg, Matt, Bo and Justice are horned up and ready to go. They start out joking around, but soon get busy stroking each other and giving each other head. Matt and Bo 69 with Justice and Greg and switch it up. Bo gets his first taste of cock and really starts to get into it. Next it's all hands on Greg as the guys suck, stroke, rub and coax him to a load. This guy is in heaven!

All American Heroes: Brad and Tanner

all american heroes brad tanner

This is the first time Navy Yeoman Brad receives a blowjob from a guy. And who better to give it to him then Petty Officer Tanner? Tanner gives excellent blowjobs, so Brad is one lucky guy. Brad doesn't seem nervous at all, actually he seems pretty excited. Brad and Tanner get along so great that it didn't take Tanner that long to get into the Yeoman's pants.

Bentley Race: Rodo Garcia

bentleyrace rodo garcia

This guy is so incredibly hot! Bentley loved watching him pump some weights before the shoot. He has one of the most amazing bods. So what should have been a solo shoot ended up being a duo with Bentley.

He couldn't help but to roll him over and stick his face right up that bubble butt! After much kissing and cock sucking (he sucked Bentley's cock down so deep!) Bentley started to wank his fat cock until he was moaning wildly and cumming over his belly.

Miami Boyz: Will

Miami Boyz: Will

This week Miami Boyz features a young Peruvian named Will. Will is just 18 years old and totally straight. He has a lean build with a nice 6 pack and golden brown skin. Will also has a nice uncut cock between his legs that gets as hard as steel and stays that way until he unloads a massive load of cum all over his chest.

Badpuppy: Neo

badpuppy neo

Neo is a therapist, a sexual therapist to be exact. He is quick to point out that he honestly feels that masturbation is the cure to many issues and that it's a very healthy outlet for stress and tension. Oh and he always practices what the doctor ordered!

QC Quotations

QC Quotations

I get sick of listening to straight people complain about, "Well, hey, we don't have a heterosexual-pride day, why do you need a gay-pride day?" I remember when I was a kid I'd always ask my mom: "Why don't we have a Kid's Day? We have a Mother's Day and a Father's Day, but why don't we have a Kid's Day?" My mom would always say, "Every day is Kid's Day." To all those heterosexuals that bitch about gay pride, I say the same thing: Every day is heterosexual-pride day! Can't you people enjoy your banquet and not piss on those of us enjoying our crumbs over here in the corner?

—gay comedian, Rob Nash

CFNMtv: Exam Day for James

Exam Day for James at

Imagine a group of sexy school bullies being tricked into stripping naked in the middle of class and jerking off together! That's what happens in Exam Day on CFNM TV! Passing their exams seems to be the last thing on these students' minds. Creative and horny ways are found to get all of the male classmates naked. The teacher's pet is attacked and forcibly disrobed in the middle of the exam. Embarrassing things are written over his privates and he's forced "wank" over his test paper completely covering it in gooey sperm.

The sexiest man of the video is the gang of bullies' leader, James, who is secretly getting off with two different girls. A conspiracy is made and the muscular stud is trapped naked in front of everyone. He and his tough cohorts end up in a jerk off line emptying their balls standing right next to each other. Seeing big dumb thug James run around with a semi hard-on and getting his thick angry cock worked over is massively hot! The videos on CFNM TV are totally original and unlike anything you've seen before!

Sean Cody: Tyler and Kurt

Sean Cody: Tyler and Kurt

Tyler was being very coy. He was sitting next to Kurt on the bed and he claimed that he'd never seen Kurt's cock.

"No, I haven't," he said, looking away.

But he had. Before the shoot, he was asking if it was as big as it appeared in the pictures.

So maybe he meant he hadn't seen it "in person."

More Sean Cody: Tyler and Kurt

The Guy Site: Adonis

the guy site adonis

If you like muscle, you'll like Adonis. He's also a very nice person, so, you'd like him if you met him in person as well. For his session, he came prepared with several pairs of underwear to model, some giant rubber bands to flex with.

QCam - Complete And Uncut

QCam - Complete And Uncut

You oughta be in pictures and QCam's the place to get your start. Whether you like watching or want a starring role, QCam has got handsome actors, bit parts, surprise endings, and everything you'd want in a quality flick! Don't believe us? Stop by QCam and check out these plotlines for yourself!

kingk15 (8 pics) - King K is a regular rajah with a princely body and a beautiful scepter. He's prepared to let you ride his royal stallion and give you the lay of the land. You never knew how good "the royal treatment" was!

Scott (21 pics) - He's an actor looking for a lead role—but his best part is the one in his pants. Watch Scott grab hold of his destiny and finish hard... the eye-popping special effects will amaze you. They're completely real with no stunt or body doubles.

alfred (127 pics) - This old fighter's still got plenty of bite... the body of a man and the mind of a master. He's a quick change artist with lots of undies and jocks to tease you and a hefty body and fat cock to please you. Get in the ring with this slugger and you'll see, he's a knockout.

QCam has got more hits than Cockthruster Video. Give yourself a hand—instead of going out, stay in with a nice hot pic and you'll find yourself standing in your seat, coming again and again! And while you're around, maybe you can make a QCameo yourself—it's fun, easy, and as personal or anonymous as you like!

Dirty Tony: 29 Loads

dirty tony 29 loads

It's like Christmas in August! Dirty Tony has a present for all you cum lovers out there! In 29 loads Tony dug deep into his archives to feature some of the biggest, brighest, and best cumshots he has filmed over the years.

More Dirty Tony: 29 Loads

Circle Jerk Boys: M. J. Taylor and Giovanni Summers

Circle Jerk Boys: M. J. Taylor and Giovanni Summers

M.J. Taylor sports his rocking, lean body, natural blonde hair (yes, the carpet matches the drapes), a rock hard beauty of a cock on Circle Jerk Boys this week and his charms, and his dick, are very much appreciated by Giovanni Summers. M.J. made the national mainstream news with his support of Prop 8 recently, but the news he's making on CJB is how he forgot his boy friend and seemed as smiiten with preppy, cute as a button Giovanni as Giovanni was with him! Giovanni wastes little time with formalities and gets to the meat of the matter as he swallows his meat down to the hilt again and again sending M.J. into orbit as he watches the master at work.

More Circle Jerk Boys: M. J. Taylor and Giovanni Summers

PataPORN With Chinpoko

PataPORN With Chinpoko!

It's been a busy week and Chinpoko has got his game face on... or is that his game dick? Well, either way, grab the lube because it's PATAPORN WITH CHINPOKO!

Bel Ami: Gil Adams

Bel Ami: Gil Adams

Okay, I usually don't go for the twinks, but PATA PATA... Gil's just drop dead gorgeous. He's one of those guys that you don't believe actually exists in real life.

Also, the boy is packing heat. For as skinny as he is, I was surprised by the girth of his cock—yum.

However, it's not all good in Bel Ami land. It was a bit weird watching the video. I mean, Gil's just... well, so pretty. It almost seemed weird to see him jack on his cock. His face is so perfect, that you almost forget he's human. He looks like a mannequin. No really... he does!

And it got even weirder once he came, mainly because his face doesn't move that much. It always stays smooth and emotionless, maybe he's had botox. Or maybe a Mannequin sequel is in the works?

More PataPORN With Chinpoko

TimTales: Ali and Tim

TimTales: Ali and Tim

Grobes, Tim's boyfriend, was shooting pictures for a photo gallery with Ali when Tim snuck in and the boys started to play around. They ended up in a bed and Grobes grabbed the video camera and continued shooting his boyfriend's fat cock fucking this Arabian prince. To see some of what happened, check out the video below or hit the jump. We think you'll agree it's one of Tim's hottest video!

More TimTales: Ali and Tim

This Week's Six Stickiest - Front Page Nudes!

This Week's Six Stickiest - Front Page Nudes!

Seems like getting naked on camera is just part of being a celebrity these days. Who could possibly keep up with everytime a celeb or sexy dude decides to drop trou and flash their junk? Sticky can, that's who. And with Sticky, you don't have to browse a bunch of websites, because Sticky brings the best web bits straight to you. So if you wanna know what famous foxes got down and dirty this week, just check out our 6 most popular posts and you'll know:

Gray's Anatomy Star Shows off His (6338 clicks) - You may remember steamy stud Eric Dane from the medical drama, Gray's Anatomy. Well, Eric had a druggy threesome with two sexy females and showed his cock on tape. Wanna see? We've got the uncensored sex tape right here!

Levi Out Of His Levis (5786 clicks) - Levi Johnston is the sexy Alaskan hockey-playing hunter who knocked up the daughter of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. After the limelight faded, he said he'd pose nude if offered enough money. It didnt take long for an offer ...

A Game of Inches (5480 clicks) - For those of you who want to be honest about your dick size, let 34-year-old James from Wisconsin show you the correct way to measure your erect penis. You may be surprised to learn that your cock's a bigger than you thought.

The Best Clothes Are Off This Year (5415 clicks) - Talk about hot fashion! With global warming heating up the international streets, what cooler thing to wear than your birthday suit? These naked folks donned just a touch of paint to decorate their sexy bodies and walk around without a stitch of shame... scandalous!

Sabato's Body (3973 clicks) - Antonio Sabato Jr.'s new VH1 reality series just premiered. So now's a good time to celebrate the hunky stud by taking a look back at his finest moments in full frontal nudity and shirtlessness.

Mad Manhandling (3486 clicks) - If you missed the sizzling gay scene from the season three premiere of Mad Men, check it out. It's got parent groups hot under the collar and gay guys begging for more. You'll wish your hotel had room service like this...

And that's just a sampling of Sticky's non-stop sexiness. Stop by Sticky, check out what else is popping, post some Stickies of your own and join in the Sticky fun! Your favorite celeb could be the next to get stuck naked on Sticky.

Xtra Inches: Cliff Butler

Xtra Inches: Cliff Butler

Rubbing down his washboard abs and bulging pecs, Cliff will have you from the opening moments of his solo video and that's before he even brings out that beautiful uncut meat. He whacks off with a fast and furious method and when he sprays a load all over those muscles after his long jerk-off, you'll love his little orgasmic sighs of triumph. This is spunk we're killing to see more of.

Dominic Ford: Blu Kennedy and Jake Steele

dominic ford blu kennedy jake steele

Our favorite hottie, Blu Kennedy, is back for another hot session. This time around, Dominic wanted him to top. They paired him with the tall and lean Jake Steele. The pairing was an instant success, and they couldn't wait to begin. Dominic had to hurry up and get the lights set up because they were already getting into it before the camera was rolling!!

Ruggerbugger: Pierre Ducasse and Marc Planus

Pierre Ducasse and Marc Planus at Ruggerbugger

Pierre Ducasse and Marc Planus. Ruggerbugger has two of the hottest footballers from Bordeaux FC completely naked only at Ruggerbugger—handsome Pierre Ducasse is caught with his perfect cock exposed and horny Marc Planus accidentally showing his firm ass to the world. See more of them at Ruggerbugger!

Spunkworthy: Darian and Ben

spunkworthy darian ben

Ben and Darian are best friends who met in the Marines. They've tag-teamed lots of girls together so when Spunkworthy talked with them about doing a side-by-side jerk-off video they were pretty cool with it.

Spunkworthy asked them who had the bigger dick.

"Well, right now he does," Darian admits. 'But when fully hard mine is longer. His is thicker."

That's probably accurate. Ben does have a nice thick one.

The guys sneak a few peeks at each other during the shoot, but it's really hot to watch them as they check each other blowing their loads. Ben goes first and it's probably his biggest cumshot yet. Darian shoots out a big one, too, even though that horny little dude had already jerked off an hour earlier.

College Dudes 24/7: Buddy Davis and Tucker Vaughn

College Dudes 24/7: Buddy Davis and Tucker Vaughn

Buddy Davis with Tucker Vaughn had an immediate chemistry. Buddy had a rock-hard cock poking out of his jeans from the first second Tucker touched him, and we could tell that Buddy would give Tucker everything he needed.

More College Dudes 24/7: Buddy Davis and Tucker Vaughn

Chaos Men: Nash and Vance - Raw

Chaos Men: Nash and Vance - Raw

Nash and Vance would look amazing together. They are about the same size and height, and they both were good for a flip-flop fuck. Vance still struggles with bottoming, but Nash treated him right.

See all the raw action on QCX!

Randy Blue: Davin and Leo

Randy Blue: Davin and Leo

Devin Draz and Leo Giamani—Randy put these two mountains of muscle together and let the sparks fly. Watching them make out while running their hands and tongues all over each others gigantic pecs is such a turn on. They loved rubbing their muscular bodies together so much that it wasn't long before they were naked and Leo was getting a face full of Devin's beautifully curved cock. Of course he had his hands full working his own gigantic dick just wanting to get a crack at Devin's... well, crack.

More Randy Blue: Davin and Leo

QCA Film Quickie: 41 Seconds

There's a saying that goes, "Women are half the reason I became gay, men are the other half." We're sure the two friends in this short film by German photographer Rodney Sewell, would agree. Handsome actors Alexander Kaffl and Amir Arul play Friend #1 and #2, respectively; two guys who have had it up to here with the same girl. Little does she know, she may have driven her blonde twink of a boyfriend into the arms on another! Not much of a plot, really... just an excuse to watch two handsome guys make out. And lucky for us, their kissing goes way longer that just "41 Seconds." It's more like "46" or "49 Seconds." Makes us wish that pornos would show a lot more making out; if they showed at least 41 seconds of hardcore face-suckage, we'd watch for at least 15 more minutes (or as long it takes us to cum, whichever's first).

More fun at the QCA Archives. Swim Trunks (4) Swim Trunks (4)

At, inches away from ending his painful ordeal of being trapped in the local swimming pool fully naked, Carl discovers that the door to the men's changing room is locked and he's stranded in reception. The receptionist is only a few feet away and customers are likely to walk in at any time. Instead of getting dressed again he's forced back into the hands of the girls who make him display his cock and butt before getting him to show off his swimming skills.

Cocksure Men: AJ Irons and Jeremy Hunt

AJ Irons and Jeremy Hunt at Cocksure Men

It doesn't matter what we say about this Cocksure Men scene, it will not do it justice. You've got two hot guys, and one them, AJ Irons is in a military uniform—the other the beautiful Jeremy Hunt. They're both vocal, aggressive, and the chemistry is undeniable. They flip-flop-fuck and suck each other's big, thick dicks until they both release their sticky loads onto AJ's ripped abs. Did I mention both the guys are hot? Just watch the scene.

TGIF: This Week's Queerest Clicks!

TGIF: This Week's Queerest Clicks!

The Top 10 Clicks - as determined by QC editors and readers

10. Frat Men: Boston
9. TimTales: Bastian Winkler
8. You Love Jack: Chris Nichols
7. Cocksure Men: Bo Dean, Dane & Brock
6. Bel Ami: Kris Evans - Snapshots
5. College Dudes 24/7: Shane & Logan Birch
4. Corbin Fisher: Josh Fucks Derek
3. Sean Cody: Hawaii - Doug and Isaac
2. Chaos Men: Nathaniel and Teague - Raw
1. Randy Blue: Brandon and Christian

QC Español
· Miami Boyz: Will
· Latin Boyz: Ezequiel
· Bang Bang Boys: Tom Arbel Con Juguetes
· G Magazine: Rafael Caumo
· Latin Boyz: Octavio

QC Chinese
· Shake Cutie (3)
· Korean Scottish Model Kegan Sean Gordon
· Asian Hottie at GWiP
· Fit Hong Kong Man
· Shake Cutie

QC Japanese
· QC Asians Coming Soon!
· Asian Hairy Legs
· Cute Face and Hot Body
· Asian Bodybuilder
· H0230: Tatsuhiro Nakayama

QC Twinks
· Billy Simmons and Marian Doss
· Boynapped: Dave, Justin, and Zac Ryder
· UK Scally Lads: Tommy F.
· Twinkscape: Jake and Ethan
· Toegasms: Colby Bond and Dylan McLovin

· Chaos Men: Nathaniel and Teague - Raw
· Pantheon Bears: Clint Taylor
· Butt Machine Boys: DJ
· QCX - Bang Bang Boys: Christopher Moraes and Mariana
· Daddy Mugs: Tim's Toes

Latin Boyz: Ezequiel

Latin Boyz: Ezequiel

Ezequiel is an exhibitionist like most of his colleagues at Latin Boyz. He loves to show off and gets really horny when there are people looking at him naked. The balcony door was open and he couldn't resit to go out to jerk of, without worry about what his neighbours would say.

Blossoming Soon

Blossoming Soon

Hello peeps, we will be launching something new this weekend. Stay tuned! =)

Hairy Boyz: Steve Cruz, Jake Deckard and Collin O'Neal

Hairy Boyz: Steve Cruz, Jake Deckard y Collin O'Neal

Bald and buff hunk Jake Deckhard and famous furball Steve Cruz are lost and delirious in the desert heat when unconsciousness hits them along with a sex-filled mirage by a seaside oasis. Collin O'Neal is there waiting to join their group fuck. Steve's hole is well-and-truly worked by Collin as Jake looks on, before he decides to take a turn and finishes off by spewing a white, hot load all over his bottom's back.

QC's Friday Five - Johnny Hazzard

QC's Friday Five - Johnny Hazzard

Channel 1 darling, Johnny Hazzard, is versatile in the truest sense of the word. Not only can he give and take a dick with aplomb, but he's also a prolific blogger, produces his own online cooking segments, has made a badass dance track, models for Rufskin underwear, and is one of the most charming and intelligent stars we've ever had the pleasure of interviewing—yeah, we're fans alright. He spoke with us about his work in bedroom, the kitchen, and the music studio just a while back...

QC's Friday Five - Johnny Hazzard

QC: The latest installments Hazzardous Life have taken to the kitchen. Are you trying to become the authentically Naked Chef or is something else cooking in your career oven (maybe a porn star cookbook)?

JOHNNY: I had no idea about the Naked Chef until we started doing this and the comparisons began. We really just wanted to do something new, fresh and fun for the blog. My friends are constantly amazed by my kitchen adventures and often seek my advice on things so it seemed a logical progression to do a web segment. We also have toyed around with the idea of doing a cookbook, among other things; we have a lot cooking.

QC: In our humble but accurate opinion, your first single, Deeper Into You, is a million times better than other porn star's abortive forays into music (Colton Ford and Dempsey Stearns to name two). What artists or other factors influenced your decision to make a dance track? What do you think makes a successful dance track compared to a crappy attempt?

JOHNNY: Thank you very very much. I know for a fact that Depeche Mode influenced the vibe of DIY. To be honest, it was not my idea to produce it. The inspiration came from a little video of me dancing around to a song called "Spellbound" by Sherrie Lea and written by James Collins. After James saw it on YouTube, he approached me and asked if I could sing. My response was "I can try". I really think that to make anything successful everybody has to be on the same page and have a real passion for what they are doing. Being aware of abilities is also pretty imperative; somebody who has never written a dance track should not be the sole contributor of one. A team effort is usually required when it comes to any creative project.

QC's Friday Five - Johnny Hazzard

QC: Congrats on recently being named among Cybersocket's Top 50 Porn Stars and for your recognition in 2009 Grabby Awards. As a veteran, if you could change one thing about the porn industry, what would it be?

JOHNNY: Most of the things I would change about porn would require a complete reworking of the moral structure of our society; so barring my sudden endowment with god-like powers I would like for adult workers to be unionized. If properly implemented, such an organization would be mutually beneficial to models and studios.

QC's Friday Five - Johnny Hazzard

QC: "Gay-for-pay: an important distinction or macho BS? On that note, would you/do you do straight sex, if so, for pleasure, pay or both?

JOHNNY: First of all, I'm gay to the core so let's just put that inquiry to rest right away. Secondly, gay guys will always be fascinated by their hetero counterparts. We grow up as outcasts and are made to feel somehow inferior to "normal" guys and because of our orientation we are bombarded by erotic scenarios on every front. From PE class to summer camp to Boy Scouts and back we fantasize about what we can't have. Is it any wonder we line up in droves to watch "straight" guys take a bone up the hole? Personally, it bores me to death, but it makes serious bank and blows open the door for "questioning" and "curious" guys everywhere. Let's face facts: It's a win-win situation.

QC: You recently made a video about your childhood for Father's Day. Did you tell your family/parents about your work in the adult-industry? How did that go?

I told my Mother pretty much the day I decided to do this because I didn't want her to find out from somebody else. Two years later oddly enough, somebody mailed her a bunch of clippings from some magazines with a little note that said "thought you should know". The actual unveiling went very well. She is a very cool woman and was understandably shocked. I wrote an article about it in the May issue of UnZipped. One year she came out to see me and I took her by the Channel 1 office and she met Chi Chi and saw the sets. the offices, everything which I think helped humanize everything a bit.

Thanks for talking with us, Johnny! Want more? Check out Johnny Hazzard's QC Fan Club Page.

Sean Cody: Auditions 30

Sean Cody: Auditions 30

Guy #1: Straight. 27 years old. Says he into "older" women.

"I like making them cum," he said. "I like being the best fuck they ever had."

Smooth body, big dick, curly hair.

More Sean Cody: Auditions 30

Straight Hell: Alec(8)

Straight Hell: Alec(8)

At Straight Hell, despite his subjugation, Alec is still trying to escape his fate. So Tops Stan and Adrian put their most painful clamps on his nipples and nuts, thread them through the bathtub handles, and yank them tight, immediately forcing Alec into a cruel bent over position where his mouth and ass are at their mercy.

More Straight Hell: Alec(8)

QColumn: A Gay In The Life: Blow By Blow

QColumn: A Gay In The Life: Blow By Blow

Blow by Blow
By Steve Prince

I kissed his neck. In return, Peter sighed and the heat of his breath caressed the back of my shoulder.

His hands lay by his side on the bed. As my tongue licked his collarbone, I pulled his arms so that his hands met above his head, exposing the fleshy underside of his biceps.

The smell of him wafted towards me and I kissed his bicep, following down into his armpit, and began working my way down his side. Against my thigh, I felt his exposed cock begin to swell—now we're getting somewhere.

I love sucking cock. Maybe it's the performer in me, but every time I do it, it's like I'm trying to do it better than before.

it also helped that Peter craved a good blowjob.

As I kept kissing down his side, I could feel his cock becoming harder and harder. Nope, not yet, I thought as I inched my mouth back towards his nipple—foreplay's one of the best parts.

I had forgotten that when you've been sleeping with someone for a while, you become accustomed to their body and the sensations they like and don't like. I was beginning to know Peter's body like the back of my ass. With this in mind, my wet lips began sucking on his nipple. I anticipated his reaction, but not the intensity of it.

Instantly his left hand clutched the back of my head. A hiss came from his mouth as his lungs drew in a short breathe of air—he bit his lip.

"Ohh," he sighed. His cock began to bounce against my stomach.

More QColumn: A Gay In The Life: Blow By Blow

New York Straight Men: Vin

new york straight men vin

Vin arrived from a day at Jones Beach. He heard about NYSM's newest Resident Cocksucker and wanted to try him out. Vin didn't get a chance to shower after the beach so he wanted to get a tongue bath followed by a slow wet bj.

Sergio knows that he really doesn't get much choice as NYSM RC, he just knows that he does what he is told, no questions asked. Vin gave Sergio the "job order" to lick out his ass and suck his cock till he nuts.

Sergio got right to work, warm, flat tongue on Vin's butthole, licking off the sand, salt and sweat. When Vin was satisfied he turned around and told Sergio to open up his mouth and prepare to suck. Sergio did just that and gave Vin an amazing blowjob! After Vin blew his load he gave Sergio a thumbs up, suggesting that NYSM keep him in their stable. We agree with Vin, Sergio is a keeper!

First Auditions: Darren

First Auditions: Darren

In the horny new Groping Hands video at FirstAuditions, Posh boy Darren likes hard sports. He frequently boxes and plays football making his body slender, hard-muscled and hot. The directors were eager to get their hands all over his body and up his ass.

More First Auditions: Darren

Hot House Backroom: Dakota Rivers

hot house backroom dakota rivers

Dakota Rivers makes his Hot House debut in Movers N Shakers as the moving man hired to clear out Johnny Gunn's office. Hot House grabbed the 6' tall hunk and made him show his qualifications... all 8 inches!

Adam Lambert Hit By Fan's Dildo During Concert

We just had to post this. Ever since Adam Lambert's gay kissing photos surfaced, we've had a crush on the stylish young rocker. He totally should've won American Idol instead of his dorky straight counterpart, but whatevs. Apparently, we're not Lambert's only sex-loving fans. In fact, fans have been throwning so many pairs of panties, handcuffs, and sex toys at him onstage, that Lambert actually had to ask them to stop, but that didn't stop them.

In fact, poor Lambert got hit in the leg with a dildo during his show in Hamilton, Ontario. There he is singing Led Zepplin's "Whole Lotta Love"... and WHAM! 2 minutes 10 seconds into it, he gets a dildo to the leg! He kicks it back into the audience; we hope it hit whoever threw it, but it probably hit some 12-year-old girl whose only wish was to see him—now she has a dick-shaped bruise on her face—oh Adam you beast!

But seriously, why you trying to injure our glamour boy? Let him sing the damned songs. If you don't stop, he's gonna have to start performing behind a dildo-proof glass bubble, like the pope. Besides, if you really wanna throw a dick at him, do it in person once the concert's over—he'd probably appreciate it a lot more.

Cody Cummings: Cody and his Jeep

Cody Cummings: Cody and his Jeep

Cody Cummings has been ridin' dirty. That's why he's washing his Jeep! And it's way too nice a day to be wearing - you know - clothes. And one thing about Cody is that cool cars turn him the fuck on. That's why he grew that massive hard on. And Cody know there's only one cure for a boner like that...he's gotta stroke that cock 'till it bursts.

More Cody Cummings: Cody and his Jeep

Bel Ami: Gil Adams

belami gil adams

Another new stunner from one of our favorite studios, we are continually pleased with Bel Ami - they are so damn consistent. Gil has the looks and body to go far in the Bel Ami stable of studs!

Queerism - Drop Down Gorgeous

Queerisms - Drop Down Gorgeous

adjective: When someone is so good looking that you would drop to your knees and service them on the spot.

ex: That hot Israeli guy is drop down gorgeous. Maybe I can pull him into the coat check and give him a quick BJ. Would that make me a slut?

Thanks to ohjustcoolit for this Queerism! Submit your own Queerism HERE!

Next Door Buddies: Christian Wilde and Andrew Blue

Next Door Buddies: Christian Wilde and Andrew Blue

Andrew Blue was just hangin' around the house when Christian Wilde showed up with a gigantic boner bulging from underneath his pants. Since Christian didn't mention it, Andrew tried to act like he didn't notice. But when they finally sat down on the couch and looked each other in the eyes, they both knew Andrew would soon have Christian's luscious dick in his mouth, sucking like a champ.

More Next Door Buddies: Christian Wilde and Andrew Blue

Corbin Fisher: Fucking Sean

Corbin Fisher: Fucking Sean

Young Sean has experienced quite a bit of new stuff since arriving at CF. Jerking off and having sex in front of our cameras are big enough deals in and of themselves, but fucking a guy for the very first time - and doing so while all of us are watching - is quite the step to take also! That first time seemed to have gone well for Sean, though, and he didn't mind it one bit!

More Corbin Fisher: Fucking Sean

IAOOC - Nathan Dang

Dang, Nathan! You already had us with that cocky smirk, that lean torso, and that sexy shot of the fly of your jeans wide open... but then you go and show us that big bulging pouch in your Ck underwear and an ass just begging for a tongue? What are you trying to do to us? Well get ready, readers... because if you're turned on now, just wait until Nathan Dang really turns up the heat by showing us the serpent and the hole lurking beneath the waistband....

More IAOOC - Nathan Dang

All American Heroes: Corporal Carlos

all american heroes carlos

Carlos is surely a hero; he has had a battle deployment, has had grenades thrown at his convoy and lives to tell the tale. Anyone who hears his story will be mesmerize and puzzled on how he kept such a perfect beautiful body. With those enormous pecs with the letters "USMC" tattooed across them and chiseled abs, it just makes one wonder what else Carlos is packing.

Daddy Mugs: Kurt Wild

daddy mugs kurt wild

Kurt really enjoys being in front of the camera and it shows. Daddy Mugs took him out to the farm and let him do his solo in an outdoor setting. Though the farm is very secluded, you can still see the cars passing in the background and we think that turned him on even more. The boy is hung. He stokes that big cock of his and plays with his hot asshole by spitting on his fingers and fingering his hole. While sitting on the tractor, he plays with himself more and shoots a nice load all over his stomach.

aussieBum Pulls Soldier Promo Vid Amid Ricky Sinz and QC Reader Complaints

aussieBum Pulls Soldier Promo Vid Amid Ricky Sinz and QC Reader Complaints

You may remember aussieBum's Soldier line of underwear that we featured last week. You may also remember the accompanying promotional video: it showed an Australian soldier in Afghanistan taking a bullet. As the medics pull off his uniform, he flashes back to a memory of his granny telling him always to wear clean underwear. Back on the field, the female medics discover his sexy skivvies and compliment his style. aussieBum has a reputation for being cheeky—their past videos have featured male slaves being forced by women to strip in public—but some of our QCommenters thought the video tasteless and they weren't alone.

Disgruntled porn star and war veteran Ricky Sinz also railed against the video in a post entitled "aussie bum bad taste i think so dont but their shit". We're assuming that Ricky meant "dont buy their shit", but those Y and T keys are so darned close to one another. Anyway, let's see what else the quick typing vet had to say:

i wonder how all the disabled veterans who were injured from around the world would react if they saw the commercial that i am going to post below.
i do support free speech and i understand the marketing aspects of them doing this but seriously
mother fuck aussie bum i will never wear any of their stuff while performing in photo shoots or anytime after seeing this and i encourage you to do the same....

Yeah Ricky, we won't wear any aussieBum underwear during our photo shoots either. Of course, a good number of us don't wear underwear to begin with, granny be damned, but we digress...

why dont you put out a commercial with an appoligy to all the soldiers that im sure are either offended or will be.
i know that not only america has quite a few but im sure your austrailian forces wont be too happy when they see this

Well, they didn't make an apology video, by Lloyd Jones, Executive Assistant over at aussieBum did send us this e-mail:

As you would have noticed, we have removed the video for our new Soldier range.

Sean wants to apologise for any offense caused. We have withdrawn the video out of respect. As you also would have noticed, many were offended and we never intended this.

You know how much we love military men so we're happy to see aussieBum respect people's sensitivity over this. And even though the controversial video's been pulled, you can still snag the very sexy Soldier briefs at aussieBum.

Manifest Men: Hayden Taggert

manifestmen hayden taggert

The new gallery update shows Haydn Taggert working out and pumping up and getting naked for photographer Vin Marco . You've seen a few preview pics of this photo shoot already but we think you'll be even more impressed with this brand new photo set. In pic after pic Haydn Taggert exudes the same steady muscular confidence you'll find in his videos and in his live shows.

Island Studs: Huck

Huck at Island Studs

Huck is—as you'd probably guess—not native, but a white boy from the midwest who came to the islands for school. He is vice-president of his fraternity and told Island Studs that his college brothers are known for dropping their pants at school. Nudity is no big deal for him and his frat bros. "We love to jerk off and drink beer!" Huck reveals. And as you can imagine, this college student is more than happy to bust a nut for cash. His facial expressions while jerking off with both hands is absolutely priceless. Just watch his fat stick get more red and swollen as he jerks off.

Squirtz: Mathieu

squirtz mathieu

Mathieu is a friend of previous Squirtz model Gabriel. And like Gabriel, he is straight, likes sports and all sorts of activities with girls. But one thing that makes him unique in his category is that his ambition is to open a beauty salon. Maybe this is some new str8 boy strategy to pick up girls or something. Mathieu is fairly soft spoken and almost seems a bit shy, but based on what he has told Squirtz he does pretty well getting the kind of lovin' he wants.

Sites We Like: Contributing Editor

Sites We Love: Contributing Editor

Black Bronx boys on bikes. Russian men stripping down after a party near the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Tattooed indie rockers hanging in the Bowery on a fall evening. The nonstop photo spreads in Contributing Editor show NYC fashion photography like you've never seen it. The everyday compositions look professional, yet spontaneous... serious yet trashy. It's almost as if someone shot the photos at just the right second to capture a telling intersection of male sexuality and urban life. And while there's no cock to be had, the sensuality and energy of the pics will keep you turned on just the same.

Contributing Editor continues an arty trend with QC's recent selections for Sites We Like. Check out our last post on Try State for several other arty photo blogs that may stroke you the right way.

Bang Bang Boys: Tom Arbel With Toys

Bang Bang Boys: Tom Arbel Con Juguetes

Tom is getting some anal play. We love to see this sexy stud playing with a collection of toys and getting that hole ready for something very big. That's right, this video is just to get us ready for the real exciting stuff coming next.

Men Over 30: Tony Robo

Tony Robo at Men Over 30

Men Over 30 is in a New York state of mind today as they welcome Tony Robo, a freshly 30 former college jock. Ink on his pecs, girth to his arms, solid abs and juicy, hairy untouched white ass start the charms of this adventurous stud. "It's all good in my hood" he grins which he confessed even includes eating his ass. He pulls his tee back over his head and we get our first glimpse of his defined pecs and abs. He has a broken heart tattoo over his left pec. He sits down as he buries his hand inside his jeans, groping his growing cock. He leans back on the couch and his cock is rock hard and begging for attention. He strokes it and releases it as it makes a hard slapping thud when it ricochets back against his firm abs. His smooth balls bounce with every pump of his fist as they slowly begin to pull tighter and tighter. He sits back on the couch as he spreads those thick thighs wide and beats his thick meat even faster. His pecs are flexed as his body braces for release. "Gonna cum," he mutters and sets off a battering of jizz like a Roman Candle on the 4th of July!

Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

EricDeman has discovered a cute new young star named Tommo. This drunk straight boy stands unsteadily at the urinals with his trousers down around his ankles flashing his pert ass and unloading his cock. His buddies circle around laughing as Tommo fearlessly flashes his cock and enjoys being the center of attention.

Cocky Boys: Damian and Tory

cockyboys damien tory

Sometimes a guy's just in the mood to see a hot blonde twink get drilled and that's exactly the mood Kyle was in when he picked up Damian and Tori at the bar one night. Kyle saw them flirting with each other by the dance floor, walked up to them and told them if they were gonna go home to fuck that they may as well do it on camera and make some money in the process...and they agreed! You gotta love the power of alcohol. They start off making out in bed but it wasn't long before Tori was gobbling up Damian's cock.

Videoboys: Jessy Karson and Lukas Wild

videoboys jessy karson lukas wild

Jessy Karson and Lukas Wild are out in the woods doing some scouting for their Army Cadet military games. After they set up a base, Jessy goes to take a leak and Lukas is absolutely captivated by Jessy's magnificent tool. Jessy notices Lukas' interest and decides to take advantage of it at the first available moment. Minutes later the two boys are rolling in the grass, licking and licking. First Lukas takes Jessy's massive meat up his tight little hole and then they turn the tables and Jessy bends over while Lukas slams him to orgasm. Three blasting loads in this scene.

Southern Strokes: Gabe

southern strokes gabe

Here we go again with another Ginger Boy wanting to show everyone his junk. If we were to take a guess, we would have to say that red-heads definitely like to show off the most. Gabe originally sent in some pictures saying that he wanted to do a shoot with Southern Strokes. After a few months of texting back and forth, they were finally able to get Gabe up to the Lake House for some fun.

During their months of texting, Gabe made it clear that he was gay and loved to bottom. He is a 21 year old college math major from University of Georgia. When you get a look at his Prince Albert piercing, you can tell that this country boy definitely has a wild streak him. Gabe openly admitted that his loves to get fucked hard. In fact, the rougher the better as far as this Ginger Boy is concerned.

Ruggerbugger: Mimoun Azaouagh

Mimoun Azaouagh at Ruggerbugger

Ruggerbugger has pegged sweet faced footballer Mimoun Azaouagh as one of the most exciting up-and-coming footballers in the world today. This 26 year-old Moroccan born athlete has quickly become a prominent player in Germany. Stunningly cute, his pert sporty ass has been revealed by Ruggerbugger in these exclusive photos taken in a busy changing room. See more of the rising stars of sports exposed at Ruggerbugger!

Arpad Miklos Does "Straight-for-Pay"

Arpad Miklos Does

If you've been reading QC long enough you know how aggravated some of readers get whenever vagina, Jake Cruise, Cody Cummings, barebacking, or gay-for-pay comes up. Well, those readers are gonna have an aneurism when they read this. In celebration of their 4th anniversary, Jake Cruise Media featured hung uncut hairy top daddy, Arpad Miklos, in his first "straight-for-pay" scene.

What's "straight-for-pay" you ask? Well, it's kinda like what Cody Cummings and Pat Bateman do; but instead of paying a self-proclaimed "straight" guy to fool around with guys, you pay a self-proclaimed "gay" guy to fool around with girls. Arpad's scene with blond starlet Holly Heart is currently up at Straight Guys For Gay Eyes. XBIZ has more about the business details, but Arpad's switch brings up some very interesting issues:

1) "Straight-for-pay" is gonna be the next big thing in bi porn - Bisexuals exist and even gay guys will enjoy seeing their favorite stars in action (chick or no). already films straight scenes with a gay audience in mind, so the lure (ie. $$$ and buzz) will surely snag other big name stars.

2) The "gay-for-pay" label's gonna start meaning even less - After blowing a load on Holly's back, Arpad reminds fans that he's still gay. After Cody Cummings blows a load from a "brojob" he reminds fans that he's still straight. Maybe Gore Vidal was right when he said, "There are no homosexual people, only homosexual acts." QC could give two farts about labels, so maybe when everyone just starts fucking whoever they want whenever they want, we can all move past the idea of labels, "gay" or "straight" entirely. Wouldn't that be nice?

3) Idealism aside, fans are still gonna be pissed - OK, OK, OK... so Arpad also didn't wear a condom for his "straight" scene, which he always does for dudes. Barebacking's par for the course when it comes to Jake Cruise, so it's not a HUGE surprise that Arpad didn't. But that on top of having straight sex will surely disgust some of Arpad's biggest fans. Lots of porn stars will have to decide whether or not to go the "straight-for-pay" route, knowing that they risk blowing their gay rep and disappointing fans if they let a chick blow them first.

We'll let you have a field day in the QComments. As for us, we simply say, if you don't like it, don't watch it.

UK Naked Men: Sensory Pleasures with Lucas Knowles and Ivo Costa

Sensory Pleasures 5 with Lucas Knowles and Ivo Costa at UK Naked Men

Lucas Knowles has another helpless, yet willing naked soul in his dark dungeon. Filled with lust, Ivo Costa is there only to please his master. Although he doesn't know what is in store for him inside the master's lair, he anticipates Lucas's every move with a groan of desire. Strung up and blindfolded, Ivo is virtually helpless but he trusts that Lucas will bring him only pleasure... with a few twists. Bindings, a blindfold, cigarette smoke and cold water are only the foreplay. This master doesn't only tease and taunt. He also delivers the full-on fucking that Ivo has been anxiously awaiting. Both men eventually erupt in a cum explosion that leaves Ivo's chest and stomach drenched in spunk.

English Lads: Anthony

Anthony at English Lads

Anthony is an exhibitionist (there's 412 uncensored photos of him on English Lads) and loves nothing better than being dared by his best mate with a naked challenge! Today he can't wait to pull down his boxers and once his cock pops into view you can see its already getting a healthy blood flow looking at the veins visibly pumping. Anthony has a big piece of uncut meat that gets very hard, he lies back and slowly slides in a butt plug and can't get enough of it pumping it in and out of his ass. He stands up and bends over, squats down, kneels and a hole load of other positions, with the plug never leaving its hole. With all this stimulation you won't miss his cum shot, because it another of these multiple squirts that covers his body and face!

Ask QC: My Family Hates Gays (Like Me)

Ask QC: My Family Hates Gays (Like Me)


I'm 22-years-old and a few months ago I came out to my mother. I have known for many many years that I was gay and spent too long in the closet. I grew up in a conservative home but I thought my family would understand (though I still feared being rejected). I became so depressed that I just gave up and came close to suicide. But my friends showed me that it was not all bad; they didn't care about my sexuality and I found happiness with them.

I have a good relationship with my mother and so I thought it was best to come out to her first. However, the response was quite devastating. I told her how depressed I'd been and how I only ever felt right liking boys not girls. That made her cry. She said I was sick (she said I had a mental illness) and that I should go to a doctor. Then she said I couldn't be gay because no one else in my family was gay and she "knew" it was all genetic.

I told her nothing about me had changed, only her perspective on me. She got angry and ordered me to never tell anyone else. She told me to find a woman to cure me and when I was cured I would see how idiotic I was for thinking I was gay. I argued that it doesn't work that way. Then she brought up religion and told me I was going to go to hell because homosexuality was against everything Jesus and God taught. We both cried for a bit and then she gave me an ultimatum: change or she'd be out of my life forever. She insinuated that she would commit suicide because she was a proud person and could not bear to face the shame. I told her pride was one of the seven deadly sins and she said she didn't care.

I haven't come out to anyone else since I told her. Several members of my family have told me directly that they don't want me to be gay or else... I don't know. I know my father would hate me if he knew. Every time he sees a gay couple on TV he says they're disgusting and changes the channel. My sisters seem like they might understand but I thought the same of my mother. My sister's boyfriend is an outspoken homophobe. He tells me gay people (men in particular) should be put in jail or, better still, killed. He said he would kill his own son if he turned out to be gay. It's all very emotionally crippling.

I haven't ever been out with a guy because I'm afraid that someone will see me with a guy and tell my family. I'm finding myself becoming depressed again and I really don't want that. I'm afraid that coming out will destroy my family and me. On the other hand, remaining silent will consume me. I don't know what to do. My mother pretends that I haven't said anything believing I will listen to her and find a woman. Being gay feels right to me and I can't compromise who I am. But in keeping silent is compromising me. I don't know what to do. I can't afford to move out but I'm working towards it.

My family hasn't had an easy life by any means. They have sacrificed so much for me and I feel like I owe them everything. Basically, I have no fucking idea of what to do. Should I just come out and risk destroying my family's life, risk my mother killing herself? I can't stay in the closet forever but I feel as though I may have to. I'm sick of feeling like shit every day.

What the hell should I do???


Joseph's stuck in a hard situation with an emotionally abusive family. He's 22 and slowly coming out, but he could potentially sever important family ties in the process. What options does Joseph have to stay true to himself while getting the support he needs? And how should his family life factor into his decisions? Please share any advice and experiences that might help in the comments section.

Have a question for QC? Send 'em to and we'll do our best to solve your problems!

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Randy Blue: Travis and Vincent

Randy Blue: Travis and Vincent

When Travis James and Vincent DeSalvo met it didn't take long before they were all over each other. The attraction was electric and Randy couldn't wait to get the camera rolling to capture it all.

More Randy Blue: Travis and Vincent

Frat Men: Boston

Boston at Frat Men

Meet Frat Men's latest, Boston. He's is a northeastern soccer superstar and definitely interested in showing off more than his soccer skills. He loves to handle his own balls and jerk that nice cock whenever he gets a chance. Boston is such a hunk! He kinda has a bad boy, jock image—unlike the usual corn-fed, pure Frat Men-sorta guy. In other words, you may not want to take him him home to meet mom and dad, but he's definitely a lot of dirty fun with.

Chaos Men: Nathaniel and Teague - Raw

Chaos Men: Nathaniel and Teague - Raw

How about quickie for Wednesday morning?

Bryan seriously misjudged Teague's ability to handle pain. He has always kind of bragged about his tolerance level.

Now Nathaniel may not look like he has a giant cock on his large frame, but it IS quite large. Long and wide.

See more on QCX!

Sean Cody: Hawaii - Doug and Isaac

Sean Cody: Hawaii - Doug and Isaac

Doug arrived in Hawaii shortly after Isaac.

The poor guy was really tired because from where he lives a flight to Hawaii is very, very long!

So when we got to the house he crashed and went right to bed.

More Sean Cody: Hawaii - Doug and Isaac

Eric Dane Sex Tape Features More Tits Than Cock

If you've learned anything from our run-in with Dustin Lance Black's lawyers, it's this—watch the celebrity sex tape AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT. Don't wait to watch it after finishing your pimento loaf sandwich. That dumb sandwich will still be around in 3 minutes, this video may not be.

That being said, the sex-tape of Grey's Anatomy hunk Eric Dane only shows him, his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, and former Miss Teen USA Kari Anne Peniche engaging in drugged up foreplay rather than actual sex. And even though you get to see their titties much longer than you get to see Dane's cock, Eric's deep drugged-up voice is sexy. There's also something hot knowing that these two attractive women can't wait to get up on his dick. What can we say? QC's got a bisexual streak.

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Straight Hell: Alec(7)

Straight Hell: Alec(7)

At StraightHell, beating and humiliating straight lads usually knocks some of the fight out of them leading up to the real fun of having hard dicks forced into their resistant mouths and asses. But Alec is still shouting and struggling as the hard tops drag him into the bathroom for yet more violation.

To shut the little cunt up, and make him behave, the tops repeatedly plunge his head underwater, into a cold, muddy tub left behind by the rugby players. Forced to choose between drowning, and begging to lick Stan's asshole, Alec, desperately gasping for breath, finally begins rimming Stan as Adrian shoves his reluctant head deep into the hairy crack.

More Straight Hell: Alec(7)

QC's Pole Position

QC's Pole Position

Our first Pole Position ended in a nail-biting two-way tie between Fratmen's Cutter and Man Avenue's Girth Brooks! This week, we're hoping one of our ten racers has enough fans to get a strong lead, but only you can make that happen. Let's meet our ten racers and then head to the voting booth to see who'll end up in the winner's circle!

1) Active Duty: DJ

2) The Guy Site: Chance - Naked Boxing

3) Jake Cruise: Tex Gemmell

4) Next Door Male: Johnny Torque

5) First Auditions: Todd

6) Southern Strokes: Ryan C.

7) Man Avenue: K-Slay

8) Bel Ami: Kris Evans - Snapshots

9) College Dudes 24/7: Delcan Ashe

10) UK Naked Men: Tyson in the Kitchen

There you have them! Their engines are revved up and ready to speed towards an impressive finish. Who will be this week's winner? Place your vote after the jump!

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Mason Wyler: Mason and Justin Jameson

Mason Wyler: Mason and Justin Jameson

It's been pretty nice out, so Mason Wyler and Justin Jameson decided to go to the zoo earlier. They happened to get to the monkey cage just in time to catch Lulu and Bobo fucking like only wild animals do. Even though they had only been at the zoo for 15 minutes, they dashed off to act on their raw desires that had been sparked by watching the animals do it.

More Mason Wyler: Mason and Justin Jameson

Military Classified: Kellen

Military Classified: Kellen

Kellen is a musician and moved to California trying to make it big. Tall, lean, gorgeous blue eyes and a big fat uncut cock, he's got the complete package.

More Military Classified: Kellen

Corbin Fisher: Josh Fucks Derek

Corbin Fisher: Josh Fucks Derek

Derek gets right to it here, eagerly sucking Josh's cock and getting it hard and slick with spit. He looks like a man on a mission as he goes down on Josh, and Josh is clearly enjoying every bit of it as he runs his hands along Derek's tight, defined body and watches Derek's head bob up and down on his cock. Occasionally breaking to kiss or finally peel those last bits of clothes off (they couldn't even wait to get naked before Derek had swallowed Josh's cock!), Derek works over that dick and has a blast doing it.

"You got a mouthful for a little guy!", Derek can't help but say. That gets quite the chuckle out of Josh. Flattery will get you everywhere!

More Corbin Fisher: Josh Fucks Derek

Falcon Str8Men: Nash Lawler With Toy

falcon_str8men nash lawler

Nash has brought his own toy for a little assplay - a 4-bubble plug with each orb growing in circumference. He admits he's been using it at home to loosen himself up for his bottoming debut and only plays with it to satiate his carnal need for cornholing. And he stresses yet again that he's never ever been fucked by a guy, even though plenty have wanted to try. That said, he's ready to rock 'n' roll.

College Dudes 24/7: Delcan Ashe

College Dudes 24/7: Delcan Ashe

Delcan Ashe is a 21-year old Midwestern collegiate stud who seems like the shy type at first glance but surprises you once he starts talking. Declan has never been in front of the cameras before, but once he gets his shorts off, his rock hard big-headed cock is throbbing at attention! Declan gives us a sexy show of him stroking his dick, bends over to give us an eye at his tight pink butthole, and then rolls over for his grand finale. Watching Declan cum is really hot—he tenses up from his head to his toes and literally explodes into an orgasmic fury!

Authentic Footballers: Gaston

authentic footballers gaston

This week Authentic Footballers proudly introduces Gaston (23), an incredibly cute player who is simply stunning. He has an excellent body, he's tall, he has green eyes, and a beautiful face. Even his voice and his way of speaking is hot.

Xtra Inches: Huessein and Justin Christopher

Xtra Inches: Huessein y Justin Christopher

Beauty meets the muscled beast in this video between the smooth Justin and the hunky, hairy Huessein. Dressed in army garb, they start sucking face before going down on each other's hot cocks. Huessein was hungry to taste Justin's huge dick, and when he's done sucking it he sticks his own in Justin's hole while the handsome bottom whacks his own monster meat.

David Anthony Becomes Titan Media Exclusive

David Anthony Signs With Titan Media

Attention all man-lovers! 41-year-old Men Magazine model, David Anthony just signed with a multi-year exclusive contract with Titan Media and will debut in the upcoming feature Eye Contact and eventually star as a "fetish top" in the third installment of Titan's Rough fetish line titled Bound and Beaten. Vincent Lambert has more:

Titan director Brian Mills said, "Working with David is a lot of fun, because he's such a nice and intelligent man. He has the kind of confidence that only a mature man can have. He's also a complete exhibitionist and pig. This guy walks around nude all the time. It's distracting! This guy is going to be very popular!"

We'll say. Though we've only featured David Anthony once before we certainly hadn't forgot about him. and though we're looking forward to seeing him top, we think it'd be a shame if he never bottomed. It is a multi-year contract, so fingers crossed...

Active Duty: Conrad, Kaden, Cash

active duty conrad cash kaden

Here's a small gallery of photographs Dink took while the guys played on the beach before their scene in Summer Recruits.

More Active Duty: Conrad, Kaden, Cash

First Auditions: Vasil

First Auditions: Vasil

At First Auditions, Vasil was nervous about auditioning for porn and reluctant to open up when the casting director asked him probing questions about his sexual tastes. He thinks because he's made a few home movies he has the talent to be a porn star. He's ordered to pose in very specific sexual positions as a test to see if he can follow orders. This straight guy finds it difficult to spread his ass open so it's on full display. Guys like Vasil are all cock and balls with no brains.

Next Door Male: Mason Silver

Next Door Male: Mason Silver

Mason Silver is a cop. To keep up with the usual gang members and street riffraff, he's gotta eat right and take care of himself. That's why Mason is having some healthy fruit and trying not to get stressed out on his day off. The best way for Mason to blow off steam? To blow his load, of course!

More Next Door Male: Mason Silver

Steven Daigle's Dingle on GWIP

Steven Daigle's Dingle on GWIP

Funny and charming gay rodeo champion Steven Daigle got unanimously voted off Big Brother 10 last year. But we could all vote in favor of him filling out a nice pair of Wranglers and riding a bucking bronco, especially with that thick lasso rope hanging between his chaps—ride 'em cowboy! He popped up on apparently in a bid to get more followers on Twitter:

Last week, he asked, "I am just 39 away from a thousand.. Do I have to get naked to get more followers?" He decided the answer was yes, posting updates such as, "Oh Crap, Only 12 more followers and I gotta get naked..." Wednesday evening, he posted, Ok, so it put it on Twitpic, I am certain I am going to 'Immediately Regret this Decsion.'"

We don't regret your decision, Steven. And we wouldn't regret it either if you decided to put your wiener in our mouths—everyone at the house has already voted you out and you're desperate for Twitter followers, so you really need all the friends you can get, eh?

Buk Buddies: Josh in Hot Water

Josh in Hot Water at Buk Buddies

Summer's not over yet! Josh gets us awfully hot and bothered while hanging out on the deck and in the pool at Buk Buddies. This 6 foot blond cutie has a tight body, a nice tan and a hole that is begging for some attention! Teasing us at first with his board shorts, Josh eventually loses them and soaps up and rinses off his dirty thoughts... or does he?

More Buk Buddies: Josh in Hot Water

Mike Hancock: Frank Spark

Mike Hancock auditions Frank Sparks

Frank is a bartender at Mike Hancock's new favorite watering hole down at the beach. He's straight, dark, and handsome—and agreed to do an audition. When he arrived, he reinforced the fact that he was straight. "Don't they all?" When Frank started stroking that dick of his, he got into a zone and really let go. Frank was an animal, and he knew how to turn himself on and that turned Mike on. Hancock tried to respect his boundaries, but you can't teach an old cock-hound new tricks!

Buzz West: Duke's Massage

Duke's Massage at Buzz West

You've gotta love military men! Why? Well, Duke at Buzz West is a fine example why. He's never had a massage, and was so excited when Buzz offered to give him an erotic one. Fresh out of the shower and ready to go, Duke could hardly wait to get started, and was already hard before he got his towel off. His ass kept pressing up into Buzz West's hands, and he kept moving his arm over to press against Buzz's own firming bulge. Needless to say, he loved the ass play, but when Buzz got to his cock, it was so hard in Buzz's hand, he could hardly wrap his fingers around it. He has a massive thick cock, and a huge load to match. And this is one very good reason we love to watch these military guys get off.



Straight, handsome Tomas wants badly to make a porn film where he can prove how manly he is by screwing loads of women. It's a big surprise to him when he turns up for an audition and finds two discerning female casting directors who want to see how well he copes in the spotlight. Tomas feels the pressure as he's coerced into stripping off and displaying every inch of his body, then masturbating on camera. Check out this sexy amateur man's first time performing under pressure.

Corbin Fisher: Colby

Corbin Fisher: Colby

Colby is a young, fresh-faced baseball player who recently decided to try getting naked and jerking off on camera. He's very laidback and personable, with a wide smile and mischievous sense of sexual experimentation.

More Corbin Fisher: Colby

Sean Cody: Carson

Sean Cody: Carson

Carson's favorite part of his body are his calves.

"People say the look like bowling pins," he told Sean in his tell-tale Southern accent.

He does have nice legs. Thick, muscular, and hairy, topped off by a nice furry bubble butt. He's also got a nice thick pubic bush!

More Sean Cody: Carson

Chaos Men: Ian Serviced

Chaos Men: Ian Serviced

Looks like we've found another amazing cock sucker! Ian, meet your fella cock sucker, Elliot.

More Chaos Men: Ian Serviced

Caption This!

Caption This!

Randy Blue: Erik Rhodes

Randy Blue: Erik Rhodes

Hands up those who do not know Erik Rhodes. No one? Good boys!! Erik is a towering giant of pure muscle, but with a handsome face and a monster cock. This guy could just stand there and he'd create erections from coast to coast. But he's not going to rest on his looks alone. He's going to grab that huge manrammer of his and start working it for all it's worth.

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William Higgins: Josef ''Killer'' Socher and Pavel Vlasek

william higgins josef killer socher pavel

Is it us or is there something incredibly erotic about a big muscle man fucking a twinkish cutie? It's a juxtaposition of body, size, shape and form, and it's erotic as hell. Killer looks like he could split Pavel in two ramming his huge dick into Pavel's hole. And Pavel is in sheer delight as he struggles to accomodate Killer's sheer size. Yup we enjoyed this one!

UPDATE: Cyborg Queen Derek Rivero And Human Urinal Zack Randall Mere Puppets In Shadowy Porn Conspiracy To Break Them Up

Cyborg Queen Derek Rivero And Human Urinal Zack Randall Mere Puppets In Shadowy Porn Conspiracy To Break Them Up

So you may remember the "tragic" break up of hung, uncut porn pups Zack Randall and Derek Rivero (they both run Soon after their split, Mr. Rivero delivered a "heart-rending" video press release in which he recounted the details of their breakup the same way your mother might tell you to pick up the dry cleaning on the way home.

Well, apparently that moronic video WAS ALL LIES!!!!!!1!!!!! and Zack and Derek are but mere ass-puppets in a larger, industry wide conspiracy to market Zack as a "single dude" and force Derek into bottoming on camera! You may wonder what we're smoking, so let us share some with you. The more adorable of the pair (recent 2009 Freshman of the Year winner Zack Randall) posted a whacked out blog entry in which he gibbers incoherently about "tolerance" before quoting Derek in a interview with no confirmable source. In it, Derek weeps tears of blood over how shadowy porn entities manipulated him into staging a breakup with his piss-drinking pal:

...I was told the video would only be seen by bloggers and industry people for the purpose of it advancing mainly Zacks career with a singles man image. It wasn't until after we saw how the video was used that we realized the game that these entities were playing with our images...

there are forces in high places involved in this fabrication and it was they who orchestrated the entire "break-up". Careers were threatened and promises of success were made all in exchange for the public demise of our relationship... it's scary to think that these forces have so much to gain and receive so much pleasure in causing so much damage to our public image as a couple.

Yes, Derek... it's scary alright. Scary like a BIG DILDO!!! But there's more horrors to come, young reader! Derek reads QueerClick and knows that we called him the iciest cyborg queen of them all. And he'd like to explain why he came off as so icy and metallic. Truth is, he was POSSESSED BY A LIE DEMON!!!!1!:

I did look robotic but only because what I was saying was not the truth and it was hurtful to even pretend that what I was saying was even remotely true. If I seemed to be holding back its only because I didn't actually agree or believe the lies I was fed and conveying. You try memorizing a speech you didnt even write while knowing its all lies. Anyone who knows me can see that I am not being myself in that video and that I was doing something that went against everything I believe in.

And the kicker? The dark mastermind behind Derek's forced VLOG OF UNTRUTH then set up a fake YouTube account in his name and uploaded the video press release to infect the minds of millions thousands a few gullible porn bloggers!!!!

BEWARE YE PORN COUPLES AND PORN BLOG READERS—your hearts and minds are but playthings in capitalism's gay claws. Why won't they let Zack drink his piss in peace and leave his obscure fashion victim boyfriend alone?!! Don't we all have enough trouble without spreading lies about Zack, forcing Derek to make YouTube videos, or calling them names like "fuppets" or "dillholes"?

But this dark tale has a "happy" ending! The "good" "news" is that she-borg Derek and piss pig Zack are still "together" and ""very much "in love."" Ugh... and just when we thought we might have a crack at Zack's crack, we find out that he's still "married"! Oh, it's enough to make us slam our bedroom doors shut and cry unicorn tears on our black lace pillows!

"Thanks" to Unzipped for this deformed news nugget.

Badpuppy: Kurt Wild

badpuppy kurt wild

Kurt! What could we possibly say that hasn't already been said? It's great to see our little boo again, we have a real soft spot in our hearts and a hard on in our Aussiebums for Kurt. Yeah it's good to see that impish smile and oh so inviting ass again!

Don't forget to visit Kurt's Fan Page.

Gemini Men: Dustin's First Toy

gemini men dustin toys

Gemini Men's email inbox has been flooded with requests to see this hunky straight 28 year old guy loose his cherry. So here is his very first ever ass action! He really tries and goes from a single finger to a plug to a vibrator and shoots a load all the way up to his neck! As if that wasn't enough, he does a water sports piss scene and then takes a hot shower! And we get to see it all!

QCA Comedy Quickie: Sperm Facial With Marty Beckerman

Remember the last time your partner forcibly ejaculated in your eyes and nostrils? You should have thanked him for giving you the skin care treatment that's the toast of New York City—a sperm facial! Young writer Marty Beckerman had to visit a midtown spa to get one, though his female skin care specialist seemed much too "womanly" to provide him with fresh, high-quality sperm. Whoever's sperm she spreads on Marty's face, we would've at least ask for a picture of the sperm provider's cock.

Then, to prove his "manliness," Mr. Beckerman swigs some Jack Daniels and talks about the many times he's tried to convince women to accept his free facials. However, he also likes the smell of sperm, considers drinking cum with his chamomile tea, and thinks facials make a great Father's Day gift. So excuse us if we don't entirely believe when him when he answers "When was the last time you had a facial?" with "Never."

Lucas Kazan: Federico

lucas kazan federico

Italian jock Federico is 24: can anyone resist his sexy smile? His bubble butt? Federico is in an open relationship: "I'm not the monogamous type," he admits. "Neither is my boyfriend. We'd rather be honest and open with each other." Federico knows what he wants and dreams of getting gang-banged by four or five guys. He hasn't found enough takers... yet. Watch Federico pound a Fleshjack in this super hot display of masculine beauty.

You Love Jack: Chris Nichols

Chris Nichols at You Love Jack

Chris Nichols not only works his hole at You Love Jack, but he works us up too! This hot, little Italian twink jacks his cock, while burying three fingers deep in his ass. And he loves to stretch his hole out for you. Working both his cock and his butt, he can't help but shoot a massive load of cum all over himself. Better yet, this dirty boy scoops his cum up and stuffs into his own ass, before licking his fingers clean.

Hairy Boyz: Logan McCree & Mike Dreyden


Bearded cutie Mike Dreyden gets all horny by a giant poster of Logan McCree and decides to relieve some of his sexual frustration by whipping out his meat and jerking off to the shirtless shot of the star. What follows is a fantasy come true as Logan appears and lets Mike deep throat his tattooed cock, leaving it lathered in saliva. Fantasy-Logan then returns the favor before hammering his hole with that famous dick.

Top 10 QComments

Top 10 QComments

Either our features from last week were more controversial than we thought or else there's something in the water because last week's QComments came fierce! Between our interview with Cody Cummings, Harley's farewell fuck on Sean Cody, and our usual mix of hot men, we certainly riled up some passions. Hell, someone even found a way to get cheesed off at a pair of underwear. Wanna see what we mean? Read on and find out!

Everyone hates Cody...

We knew our QCommenters would have lots to say when we interviewed Cody Cummings. Personally, we don't know why our readers get in such an uproar—he's a hot guy with a big dick who likes getting head—sounds good to us. But nonetheless, he certainly rubs other guys the wrong way... or maybe they just wish he would rub them the wrong way. One QCommentor, caleb, has had enough with "gay-for-pay" and thinks it's as bad as, say, "Jew-for-pay":

i'm not offended that he isn't having sex with another guy (especially since he IS) for my pleasure.

i'm offended (as are COUNTLESS others) by the way he constantly degrades gay sex even though he is actively and voluntarily participating in it...

i don't think gay-for-pays exist. i'm therefore afraid of anyone who purports the sick "i'm disgusted by gay sex but i'll still engage in it" attitude...for money or for any other reason.

he IS a heterosexist and near-homophobic douchebag... replace "gay" with "black" or "jewish" or any other marginalized identity and the things he says become even more obviously absurd. too many gays are willing to look past what he says just because they think he's "hot". that is pathetic.

if he is so straight and he hates having gay sex so much then why doesn't he just stop doing gay porn so that he can then, in turn, shut up about it already?

Well obviously, caleb, there's a lot less money in that, isn't there? Although we might take you up on your "Jew-for-pay" offer, but only if we get all the Motza ball soup we can eat. Whether you think "gay-for-pay" is just a marketing label or a political choice, it's also a very popular gay porn niche that has as much fantasy and performance behind it as your average fuck scene. A lot of gay guys fantasize about seducing straight men. Who hasn't thought, Even though he's straight, I'd still suck his dick. Yeah, well... Cody Cummings is that dick, er, we mean straight guy. But it's not like we gotta stand up for him, especially when Todd is on Cody's side:

Caleb, Eric - what is wrong with you two? You're offended that a guy isn't going to have sex with another guy for your pleasure? Seriously? He doesn't owe you guys anything, and as for the "heterosexist and near-homophobic gay-for-pay douchebag" - this is the sort of thing that drives people away. Some people seem to have chips on their shoulders in these commenting sections, and it sounds a bit like heterophobia.

Though now that we hear Todd, we're inclined to agree with some of Caleb's points. Cody has called some gay-for-pay actors "gay" and he didn't quite answer our question about why he bothers calling himself straight to begin with. It definitely raises and eyebrow, but in the end it all comes down to personal preference in porn, right? Right? Echo... echo...

But while we're feeling morally outraged, let's jet on over to Maskurbate's new post entitled, The Lawnmower Man. It's much better than that awful virtual reality movie because Maskurbate's film contains much more nudity and cum. However, Mark wasn't impressed. In fact, he finds the whole "masked" concept quite sad:

The premise of this website is so psychologically messed up where does one start? It's creepy. Having sex with guys with masks is a throw back to the days of when gays were deep, deep in the closet. For those of you that like your sex this so disconnected you can't look another guy face to fave have some serious baggage and issues. Maybe this website does it for you, but I happily long for the days when this type of fetish site is history.

Yes, it's kinda Japanese to have sex on camera yet cover your face for fear of being recognized, but that's only one side of the story at Maskurbate. The other half? Incognito encounters with a man in masks is pretty damned hot. Then again, we may have baggage of our own, eh? Anyone wanna help carry our load (in their mouths)?

Harley's goodbye fuck, Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds and more after the jump!

More Top 10 QComments

Cocky Boys: Jag

cockyboys jag

Jag's a bartender friend of Kyle's who is known for making the strongest drinks in Hollywood. Kyle has always been curious to see what Jag was packing so one night after he'd gotten Kyle sufficiently wasted he asked him to do a scene for the site - and he agreed!

College Dudes 24/7: Shane & Logan Birch

College Dudes 24/7: Shane & Logan Birch

Logan Birch gets nailed by Shane in this sweaty vid full of balls-deep rough fucking. Shane and Logan hit it off when they met, and you can tell that when the camera turns on each of these studs cannot wait to get into each others pants. After Shane swallows Logan's rock hard cock, Logan gets an amazing face-fucking and keeps begging for more.

More College Dudes 24/7: Shane & Logan Birch

Bel Ami: Kris Evans - Snapshots

belami kris evans

'Snapshots' is aimed at giving you a closer and more intimate experience with the model, and Kris, with his outgoing and exhibitionist personality, was the ideal model to try this out with. None of these images are retouched. They show Kris as he really is, and in a some cases, it is Kris actually taking the pictures of himself. Some of the pictures as a result may be a little out of focus, or a little out of frame, but they all add up to provide us with this interesting portrait of a very stunning model.

Dirty Tony: Taylor

dirty tony taylor

Nineteen year-old Taylor shares what he calls "every man's dream", to be a porn star. Banging hot porn star chicks is something he has dreamed about since high school. Don't let his wholesome looks fool you tho, there is a wild streak in this athletic all star-looking young man. He has done everything from a threesome with a married couple to banging his boss in a dressing room during store hours! He has even had an unexpected encounter with a tranny he took home from a club. Taylor was so innocent looking until he took off his shirt to expose a huge chest tattoo and some beautiful broad shoulders. Even more suprises came when he pulled off his jeans and let loose a thick and already hard cock.

Circle Jerk Boys: Alex Foster and Rocky Charles

circle jerk boys rocky alex

Guys always learn a lot on Circle Jerk Boys and Rocky Charles, despite living with his girlfriend for the past 2 years, has learned how to suck a cock like champion fluffer and today his skills sucked the life, and the load, right out of 19 year old, mop topped new cummer, Alex Foster. Within seconds Rocky has his hands in Alex's thick head of hair as they make out and begin to feel each other up. Rocky undoes Alex's jeans and is the first to strike oil as He wraps his skilled lips around dick.

Straight Fraternity: Derek

straight fraternity derek

This stud Derek is sexy and funny with a hot tattooed body. He's fresh out of the Army just a few weeks ago. He tells me about jerking off with another guy and other sex tales. Derek strips down and gets hard. Straight Fraternity took one look at him naked and knew he had to make a move on him - even if it got his ass kicked.

FreshSX: Andy O'Neil

freshsx andy oneil

Andy is a sexy young lad from Brasil who has now made London his home. He loves sex and that certainly shows in all the scenes he stars in! Being a power bottom he does love a big cock and can never seem to get enough.

QCam - Finger (c)lickin' Good

QCam - Finger Lickin' Good

It's always a regular man-buffet over at QCam. With so many tasty men putting out their spread for your hungry libido, you'll work up an appetite just browsing the selection. We pulled out three delicious studs from QCam picnic basket today—they're sure to leave you sticky, satisfied, but hungry for more!

ckippen1 (6 pics) - Though his "come hither" look seems a bit sleepy or stoned, he's definitely horny and ready for some oral action. He's got a big juicy piece just beggin' for a mouth. We imagine that once you get it going, it probably seeps all sorts of sweet juice... you'll savour every last drop.

jc1 (28 pics) - Where to begin? He's a spring chicken with a large uncut cock, an ample bush, and a hairy hole. You could get lost nuzzling deep in his brush... oh, but the pleasures you'll find there. And you can wrap up your journey with a freshly tossed salad... delicious and good for you!

Spence (4 pics) - You want an extra tasty and spicy piece of finger lickin' goodness? Spence has got it under control. One peek into his basket and you'll find just what you came for... some delicious white meat filled with flavor. Just pop it in your mouth and see what you've been missing... Mmmmm, mmmm good!

And there's always more men to munch at QCam. Stop on by, check out the spread, show some appreciation in the QComments, and even leave a shot of your own! QCammers tend to stay hungry and so whatever you bring to the visual feast will definitely get the guys salivating.

Quick bit of love to gemini26—love the sexy new pics!

Man Avenue: K-Slay

Man Avenue: K-Slay

K-Slay's body is amazing and he's clearly been working hard to maintain his rock hard abs and masculine physique. After several months of arm twisting, he was ready to make his mark on the site...and boy, does he.

More Man Avenue: K-Slay

QCX: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes - Kevin Falk

Straight Guys For Gay Eyes - Kevin Falk

Gentle giant Keven Falk joins us this week with a tropical paradise as the backdrop. Anywhere Kevin gets naked and flexes those bulging muscles of his is paradise in our book! At 6'3" and 245 lbs, Kevin is a big boy, but he looks even more massive when standing next to his petite girlfriend.

See Kevin in action on QCX.

Maximo Latino: Brent & Benjamin

Maximo Latino: Brent & Benjamin

This week's Maximo Latino duo, Brent and Benjamin, are from different backgrounds. From what we've seen, it may not be a perfect match made in heaven but it definitely satisfies both.

Twilight's Kellan Lutz's Bulge

Twilight's Kellan Lutz's Bulge

Twilight's vampires walk during the day sucking on men's necks, masquerading as human, and going on sexy jogs. Luckily Kellan Lutz (aka vampire Emmett Cullen) ditched his cape and pale skin for some revealing workout clothes and a nice healthy bulge glow. If you wanna get a closer look at the vampire's stake, check out our close-up shots, after the jump!

More Twilight's Kellan Lutz's Bulge

Dominic Ford: Jason Beal and Luc

dominic ford luc jason beal

Justin is a hot, athletic top. He has a naturally fit body, and obviously takes care of it at the gym. He also has a cock that won't stop.

In this video, he pounds Luc, lifts him up over his shoulder, and uses him every which way. The best part? He gives Luc a facial that seems to go for days. He literally shoots 3 huge loads all over Luc's face. They were all surprised!

Hot House Backroom: Johnny Gunn, Dakota Rivers, and Beaux Banner

hothouse_backroom beaux banner johnny gunn dakota rivers

Johnny Gunn has an office full of furniture to unload. Dakota Rivers and Beaux Banner show up and tell him that if Gunn gives them $40 they will haul it all away plus let him fuck Banner's fat white ass. Gunn power-fucks the greedy bottom until his boss Rivers throws him on a nearby filing cabinet and takes a turn at his puckered butthole. Determined to get his $40 worth, Gunn jumps down and unloads all over Banner's chest.

Video Boys: Yuri and Bobby Long

videoboys yuri bobby

There may be more to this duo than meets the eye. Yuri and Bobby both work together at a warehouse and Yuri introduced Bobby to Videoboys as a potential model. They thought it was to help them find a model, but Bobby had a different story to tell. Bobby insists that Yuri's been cruising him ever since they started working together and he suspects that Yuri's motive in getting Bobby modeling was purely to find an excuse for the two of them to end up fucking. Yuri denies this but his enthusiasm for Bobby's body parts seem pretty real to us.

QC Quotations

QC Quotations

There is nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex. People should be very free with sex, they should draw the line at goats.

—Elton John

QC Art: Achilles Heel Art

QC Art: Achilles Heel Art

Now here's something you've never seen before: An entire site dedicated to tickling art! Why tickling? The site explains:

As fetishes go, tickling is pretty harmless. But what is it about? Tickling is about finding someone's weak spots and exploiting them in a playfully torturous way. The name of this website plays on both a reference to a part of a foot (a notoriously ticklish part) and an implied physical vulnerability. A ticklish male is especially exciting because we're told that a man by his very nature is supposed to be tough and strong. The idea that even the strongest guy can be reduced to helpless giggles with the lightest of touches is what the fetish is all about.

So if you like erotic art and you love tickling, then you'll definitely want to visit Achilles Heel Art.

New York Straight Men: Officer G

new york straight men officer g

Meet Officer G! He is buddies with both Officer X and Officer M. He is just as "bad" as they are.

Since Officer G is an active duty police officer, there is so much NYSM can't tell you about him, but what they can tell you is that besides being a straight cop who lives out on Long Island, he is VERBAL, HAIRY, DOMINANT and ARROGANT!

Boy oh boy is he arrogant. In his world, gay men do serve a purpose: to suck! He says that he loves gay men, just as long as they are down on their knees. He learned long ago that is is much easier to get a blow job from a guy.

TimTales: Bastian Winkler

TimTales: Bastian Winkler

Meet Bastian Winkler, a young guy from Berlin who would rather bottom, but look at that cock! His big piece of meat is almost shouting for being sticked into someone's hole.

More TimTales: Bastian Winkler

Extra Big Dicks: Scott Alexander and Krist Cummings

Scott Alexander and Krist Cummings at Extra Big Dicks

Extra Big Dicks brings your a sexual match of anyone's wet dreams between 6'4", 190 pound, chiseled chocolate uber hung, Scott Alexander giving 5'4", 130, alabaster Krist Cummings exactly what he needed—the fucking of his life! Scott has little Krist on his back with his legs in the air, as he strips his pants off him. Scott's large frame towers over his prize as he begins to lick and suck on Krist's cock and smooth balls. Krist knows exactly what to do as he goes right to work. Krist braces as Scott's 8.5" meat is forced deep. The look on Krist's face coupled with his grunts and groans says it all as he winces with every inch he's taking. Scott's cock means business and in no time he's pounding away at his smooth, stretching hole. And as you might expect, Scott fucks the cum out of little Krist and then explodes his own jizz all over his conquest.

This Week's Six Stickiest - Stripped Bare

This Week's Six Stickiest - Stripped Bare

Sticky bares all for you each and every week with a great assortment of porn, politics, and pop. The Stickiest men this week dropped their acts and their pants to catch you red-handed looking at their goods. So strip yourself bare and prepare to get Sticky.

Vampires Suck (2936 clicks) - When it comes to vampires, everyone usually watches their own necks. But when it comes to the nude pics of True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard, you'll be watching his ass... necks be damned!

Clubbed With A Night Stick (3185 clicks) - Ever been roughed up at a night spot? Maybe manhandled in the toilet or roughened up by a bouncer? How about pinned by a stripper? Tune in for some strip club fun and games with hot men ready to show it off & more. Now, who's the birthday boy that ordered the beefcake?

Milk Does a Body Good! (3128 clicks) - Whether you're a top or a bottom, there's more than one reasons to milk your prostate. Not only does it promote good health, but you can also achieve a mind-blowing anal orgasm if you do it right. Here's more health facts and instructions how! Now get to milkin'!

Stark Raving Naked (3144 clicks) - Maybe you've seen a streaker when you least expected and thought, "That guy's crazy... nice butt though." Photographer Lope Navo treats us to a dose of male beauty in his new book, Stark, and you won't be able to keep your eyes off these bare beauties.

G.I. Ohhh! (3507 clicks) - G.I. Joe star Channing Tatum was 18 once and made a striptastic video, complete with ass, g-string, and pelvic facial thrusting in Nick Carter fashion realness! Check out his goods and some nastee accompaniment in his hot, Hot, HOT video.

Flashed! (4762 clicks) - A famous camp icon once flashed his cock in the pages of Playgirl. He's outta this world (in a sci-fi) way... and if our pun-clues haven't helped you guess who it is, see for yourself. He's turned 55 now, but he used to be our intergalactic hero!

And Sticky has even more goodness for the taking! Stop by, check out the hotness, post your own, and vote on your faves. Sticky never covers itself up. No, Sticky> lets it all hang out... and we hope you'll hang out there too.

Southern Strokes: Ryan C.

southern strokes ryan c

Ryan just might be one of the South's best kept secrets. Southern Strokes met a friend for lunch at one of the best Bar-B-Q restaurants in North Georgia. Just when they were about to be seated, Ryan walked out of the bathroom wearing a pair of baller shorts, a wife beater and flip flops. Southern Strokes usually is not that obvious when they see a boy in public that they want to film , but with this boy they didn't even hesitate to approach him.

They could tell that Ryan was more than just a little interested in the thought of jacking off in front of a camera. He had a lot of questions and didn't exactly jump at the opportunity immediately. After what seemed like 10 conversations, Ryan finally agreed to come up to the Lake House and let them see what he was all about.

Island Studs: Jack

Jack at Island Studs

Jack, a handsome 18 year old boy fresh out of High School, came to the Island for several months to visit his relatives who live next door to me. His uncle asked if Island Studs could put Jack to work doing landscaping, house cleaning and painting. Like Jonah, Jack worked for Island Studs for several months before they asked him to model. This video was shot after Jack had already sweated for 6 hours working clothed in the garden. Although it was the end of the day, he was very excited to deconstruct scaffolding behind the Island Studs studio—completely nude.. Jack has worked on roofs and scaffolding before and has no fear of heights—or being naked.

PataPORN With Chinpoko

PataPORN With Chinpoko!

One word... DIAMONDS! Uh-oh, now you're intrigued. So let's put your curiosity to ease, it's time for PATAPORN with Chinpoko!

Butch Dixon: Dillon Buck & Ulysse

Butch Dixon: Dillon Buck & Ulysse

Diamonds are forever!!!

Until you shoot your load at least. I know that I usually review videos... HOWEVER! (Clearing throat importantly) These pictures are incredibly hot. Dillon Buck is just one gorgeous hunk of a man, and the fact that he's playing private dick with Ulysse makes this scene even better.

I must say these pictures really do tell some type of story... and it was fine, a fine story I told myself. Butch gives you the important details but you're the one who gets to fill in the cracks with your own imagination.

HAHAHA! I just said, "Fill in the crack." I'll fill in your crack, Ulyssee.

Damn, I think Ulyssee was birthed out of the womb already knowing how to ride cock. The man can take a pounding and I'm definitely perusing the rest of Butch Dixon to find some of his videos. PATA PATA PATA!

Man Avenue: Girth Brooks (2)

Man Avenue: Girth Brooks (2)

Girth Brooks is quite possibly the cutest man in America. He really, REALLY IS!

Man Avenue has hit a home run with this boy. Girth has just the most handsome face that you've ever wanted to give a facial to. Ah, and his fuzzy chest, tight body...


I know I don't say this often, but I'm in love, dear fans. Okay, I say I'm in love with different men all the time, but this time I really mean it. If you don't check this post out, well then, you're not really gay, are you? In fact, if you're not in love with Girth, then you're just as straight as... ?!!

I'd like to have a cute baseball cap just like Girth's. I only hope under that hat he has good hair. If not, well... that would be unfortunate. But I'd still love him... no, that's not true. I can't deal with bad hair. I'm a shallow prick and I'd drop him like it's hot.

But Girth, I still love you! Hottest post of the week.

More PataPORN With Chinpoko

Mason Wyler: Mason and Christian Wilde

Mason Wyler: Mason and Christian Wilde

It's a steamy, horny afternoon for Mason Wyler. He just returned home after watching a few rough looking neighborhood guys play a very physical game of basketball down at the schoolyard. He can't wait to get some balls in his face and cock in his mouth.

More Mason Wyler: Mason and Christian Wilde

Sean Cody: Hawaii - Jake & Keith

Sean Cody: Hawaii - Jake & Keith

The Sean Cody boys had such a great time in Hawaii! Would you expect anything less when the food, the sun, the water, the weather... everything was perfect? And throw in a perfect poolside fucking session as well!

More Sean Cody: Hawaii - Jake & Keith Apprentice Boys


In Apprentice Boys at, Charlie and his friend Marcus are desperate for work. After being continually turned away for lack of qualifications, the 22 year-old lads are fed up. They're young, handsome and have barrels of energy! They think modeling will lead to easy money, but the two female interviewers only want to use the fit young guys as their sexual playthings. They make them try on embarrassingly skimpy clothes, make Marcus fuck himself with a dildo and pit the boys against each other in a jerk off contest to see who will get the job. See more of these nervous lads used and abused by confident women at

Maskurbate: The Lawnmower Man

Lawnmower Man at Maskurbate

Imagine this hot stud doing work around your house: cleaning your pool, planting flowers, mowing your lawn. Then you invite him inside and still pumped up from his hard work—he asks you if he can make extra cash somehow. Well, you gotta love the minds at Maskurbate and what they suggest this stud could do for some extra change.

Club Jeremy Hall: Jason, Soaking Wet

club jeremy hall jason

Jason is a cute 19 year old farm boy from Kentucky. Really, he actually works on his parent's farm outside a small rural town. Luckily for Jeremy he was able to take some time off the farm to visit him. After telling his parents he would be camping out with friends he boarded a plane for LA. Not long after he arrived they went for a dip in the pool. One thing led to another and their dicks were rock hard. Jeremy grabbed him and him and headed inside to shoot this very hot video!

Cocky Boys: Mason and Andrew

cockyboys andrew mason

It was time to put the old adage "Blondes have more fun" to the test. So Kyle tossed those two SoCal hotties, Andrew and Mason, into a bed together, turned on the camera, and let the sparks fly! They start off with an intense makeout session which leads to Andrew making his way south to give Mason one hell of a BJ. Mason's only too eager to return the favor as he bobs up and down on Andrew's dick. Andrew decides he wants some ass attention though and sits down on Mason's face so Mason can feast on his hot hole.

Straight Hell: Ed(6)

Straight Hell: Ed(6)

At Straight Hell, the hot bursts of screaming brought about by Pierce's anal torment clearly adds to the pleasure for Ed. Despite being recently drained, his dick responds in his buddy's wet reluctant mouth.

More Straight Hell: Ed(6)

TGIF: This Week's Queerest Clicks!

TGIF: This Week's Queerest Clicks!

The Top 10 Clicks - as determined by QC editors and readers

10. Frat Pad: Friends
9. Blake Mason: Cole and AJ
8. NakedSword: Porn Stars in Love QC
7. Chaos Men: Kiyser - Toys
6. College Dudes 24/7: Carter Nash Fucks Bryson Hughes, Part 1 5. Jake Cruise: Tex Gemmell
4. Cocksure Men: Arpad Miklos and Seth Sweet
3. Corbin Fisher: Brandon and Zeke
2. Randy Blue: Cody Blackford
1. Sean Cody: Harley and Matt

QC Español
· Latin Boyz: Octavio
· Exterface: Mirage
· StagHomme: Leche en la Cara (5)
· Miami Boyz: Randy
· Bang Bang Boys: Renan

QC Chinese
· Hot Chinese Fitness Trainer
· Asian Hotties at GWiP
· IAOOC - Nathan Dang
· Hidden Camera in Changing Room
· Mr Hong Kong 2009 Contest (2)

QC Japanese
· Cute Face and Hot Body
· H0230: Tatsuhiro Nakayama
· Boy Fun: Tommy
· Hot Japanese Guy on TV Shopping Program
· Bathing with Vegetables and Fruits

QC Twinks
· HMBoys: Davi
· Jizz Addiction: Marcus Mojo
· Broke Straight Boys: Jordan and Scott
· Boy Fun Collection: Billy
· Enigmatic Boys: Victor

· Boys Pissing: Viper
· Naked Kombat: Luke Riley and Samuel Colt
· Chaos Men: Santana and Teo - Raw
· Butt Machine Boys: Rusty Stevens
· Chaos Men: Degan and Nathaniel - RAW

Randy Blue: Brandon and Christian

Randy Blue: Brandon and Christian

When making That 70's Gay Porn Movie (See Part 1 and Part 2), Randy observed an amazing chemistry between Brandon Kent and Christian Sharp. Even though they were playing enemies on screen, off screen they were having a blast. At some point someone had left a copy of the Kama Sutra laying around and the two of them started jokingly acting out the positions...

More Randy Blue: Brandon and Christian

Manifest Men: Kash Fernando

manifestmen kash fernando

Director Adam Killian takes you on a visual and verbal tour of the exotically bronzed, muscled and ripped rising star Kash Fernando. Once Kash takes off his shirt there's no stopping Adam as he gets the hot muscled stud to pose and flex for YOU. Kash Fernando is the perfect subject showing off every inch of his perfect body before Adam instructs him to remove more clothing and show off his hard bubble butt. As directed, Kash Fernando gets naked and strokes his hard cock.

QC's Friday Five - RJ Danvers

QC's Friday Five - RJ Danvers

It's no secret that we love Raging Stallion exclusive RJ Danvers. It's not just that he occasionally drops by QCam or pops up on GuysWithiPhones. It's not just that he's a passionate power bottom with a furry little body and long lean cock that we'd love to get our hands on. Nor is it that the artistic, adorkable stud wears his QC t-shirt with pride. Rather, it's all those things combined with his fun-loving, easy-going attitude that makes him one of our favorite performers. So we're delighted that he chose to discuss his worst porn experience, music and porn preferences in our weekly chat!

1. Porn stars always talk about the positive sides of doing porn. Can you tell us your WORST experience doing porn? You don't have to name names, but can you tell us a story of a bad scene or porn-related experience?

I've been lucky that most of my experiences in porn have been, for the most part, extremely good. Of course there is going to be the occasional bad scene or bad scene partner. You can't have perfect chemistry with everyone. (smiles) I can think of one time in particular where it seemed like the top was grudge fucking me or something. (laughs) Maybe I reminded him of an ex? Who knows. It's pretty hard to hurt me when it comes to fucking, but he was tearing my ass up... and not in a good way! I eventually had to tell the crew to let him know that when I say "stop" or "use more lube" that I'm not kidding, that he actually needs to stop. He caught the hint once the director told him to knock it off! Other than that, most of my experiences have been great.

QC's Friday Five - RJ Danvers

2. Why'd you decide to finally do a fisting scene? What was it like? Do you feel like "power bottoms" are expected to do it? Do you think it'll become a regular part of your repertoire?

I kind of always knew I would film some fisting scenes for Raging Stallion, as it had been something Chris Ward and I had talked about since the beginning. It was really just a matter of timing with my career and making sure I was ready to do it on camera for hours on end! (laughs) A big concern of mine was also how my fan base would react to it, but lucky for me the response has been overwhelmingly positive. It's definitely something I like off camera, so if my fans want to see more of it, then I definitely hope for it to become a regular part of my career.

When it came time to figure out a scene partner, I told Chris how hot the chemistry was between Junior Stellano and I when we shot our first scene together. I was really happy when Junior agreed to do it, since we get along really well and aside from being ridiculously hot and a great fisting top, he's also a total sweetheart. I was pretty nervous about the scene but it ended up being my easiest shoot to date, and I think we were on set for less than two hours. Chris and Ben Leon co-directed it, so having my two favorite directors on set made things a lot easier as well.

I'm really glad I made the decision to do it. I don't think I'd say power bottoms are "expected" to do fisting, but I do think it helps extend your career if longevity is something you're going for. My career has been evolving since the beginning when I was a kid in the back of a moving RV in "Road Trip Russian River"... That was over two years ago and a lot has changed since then. I'm looking forward to hearing what people have to say once the scene comes out later this year!

More QC's Friday Five - RJ Danvers

Cocksure Men: Bo Dean, Dane & Brock

Bo, Dane and Brock in the Lockerroom at Cocksure Men

Bo Dean is pounding away on a heavy-bag but it's flying all over the place. Brock offers to steady the bag and Bo winds up clocking him on the chin, laying him out on the bench! Dane doesn't miss a beat and quickly begins to administer CPR while Bo compresses Brock's chest. Brock comes to, cracks a smile and says he wasn't really knocked out. Just for that, Dane shoves his cock in Brock's mouth and the action begins.

More Cocksure Men: Bo Dean, Dane & Brock

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off: Tysse

straight australian guys tysse

Tysse comes from a Military background. He is very much an outdoor type guy, playing Rugby and Boxing at an elite level. His body is magnificently well developed. Great chest, abs thighs and ass. Feast your eyes on this Adonis as he gets his clothes off and gets himself off.

Frat Pad: Friends

Frat Pad Friends

There's no denying that the naked guys over at Frat Pad have inevitably become best friends. In fact, this season has been aptly titled, "Best Buddies" for good reason. Watching all of the guys' antics together, you realize how well these guys all get along. And there's absolutely something sexy about watching them all together naked, not afraid to grab each other, jerk off together and yes, on occasion go a little further. Sure we love watching him beat off and obey our commands over chat, but it's the love amongst these guys that ultimately turns us on the most.

First Auditions: Todd

First Auditions: Todd

At First Auditions, Todd is one of those sexy guys with an insatiable sex drive who was born to do it. He posed for nude photography a long time ago, but hasn't done anything since having finally got over his nervous disposition. His naturally smooth body is well toned from frequent gym sessions. With his hot body, easy-going manner and willingness to do almost anything with anyone, the director has a lot of potential videos he wants to cast this fit guy in. We hope that this is only the beginning for horny Todd.

QColumn: A Gay In The Life - Dinner For Two

QColumn: A Gay In The Life - Dinner For Two

Dinner for Two
By Steve Prince

"Lunch for one?" the waiter asked.

"Actually, no," I said. I paused and grinned, "Two."

He looked at me a bit oddly then he sashayed away like a contestant from RuPaul's Drag Race. Admittedly I was bit too excited, but it had been a looooooong time since I could say that I was having lunch for two. And today I was, with Peter.

Peter should be here any minute, I thought to myself. As I sat there waiting for him, I couldn't help but notice the oddity of the moment. Normally, I wouldn't be nervous waiting for one of my best friends, yet now I was waiting for my best friend... that I was dating. My knee bounced with excitement.

Even though, we had been fucking for almost four weeks, this was really our first date. Yeah, it seemed a bit slow for me, but I was giving Peter time. I had to keep reminding myself that I'd been out of the closet for over ten years now, and Peter had not even been out a month. I didn't want to rush him.

The glass door of the restaurant opened, tingling the bell and allowing sunlight to stream onto the dark concrete floor.

It was Peter.

More QColumn: A Gay In The Life - Dinner For Two

Next Door Male: Johnny Torque

Next Door Male: Johnny Torque

If you wanna talk about cool dudes, you gotta talk about Johnny Torque. This guy was born to be bad and today he's jerkin' off with some serious attitude. He's got nothing to prove and doesn't care about rubbing his dick all over some soft, textured pillows.

More Next Door Male: Johnny Torque

Jake Cruise: Tex Gemmell

Tex Gemmell at Jake Cruise

Tex has got his shit-kickers on and he's ready for no good. He's a carpenter by day and a stripper by night, which is a great combination for someone about to jack off for you. It means they're good with their hands and have some great moves to show off. We like what we see with Tex—he's masculine and sexy, with not a bad angle from any view.

Wanna see more of Tex?
See more of Tex as he gets serviced by Jake Cruise on QCX...
That's right you can see him getting serviced too! Don't miss his expressions as he gets worked over by Jake Cruise over at QCX...

Chaos Men: Devin and Gavin - Raw

Chaos Men: Devin and Gavin - Raw

This video goes to the top of the list of best videos.

New members of Team Chaos, Devin and Gavin. go at it fast and furious, complete with dirty talking!

Gavin prefers to top in his daily sex, so he was a bit nervous taking on Devin's slinky sized cock.

Gavin must give great head, cuz he worked Devin's cock from soft to hard, and had him telling him to, "Suck that dick!" under his breath. Asking Gavin if he wants him to fuck him with his fat cock. Hot!

Devin starts of slowing inserting over and over, trying to ease Gavin into his long rope of a dick, but after that, the words, "No Mercy" come to mind.

See all of the action on QCX.

Corbin Fisher: Brandon and Zeke

Corbin Fisher: Brandon and Zeke

Most of the guys had an idea something was up, and that Corbin had been working to arrange a pretty big shoot in Europe with a producer based out of there for many months before the actual shoot took place. Some were aware that Corbin had been going to Europe a few times to hammer out the details, and they all really got clued in when Corbin started taking an informal survey of who had passports!

As the time came to put together the final roster of which guys Corbin would be taking to Europe to film with Bel Ami, Zeke kept coming to mind. He's mature, composed, reliable, and - of course - as hot as can be! That great bod and big dick would be great assets for this joint shoot, and so Corbin decided to hit him up and see if he might be up for it and available to go.

More Corbin Fisher: Brandon and Zeke

Straight Lads Update

Straight Lads Update have uncovered some extremely hot pictures of these an amateur rugby team's naked game! Conducted in total seclusion these photographs were never meant to be seen by anyone except the team mates themselves. Stark naked except for their ties and rugby socks, this is an orgy of hot rugged athletes! See much more at!

aussieBum's Soldier Will Make You Stand At Attention!

aussieBum's Soldier Will Make You Stand At Attention!

The Village People made the Navy sound like a nonstop cruise, a floating YMCA filled with big guns and big fun. With all their appeal, who can resist the fantasies of being buff in the barracks with a bodacious bunkmate? aussieBum gets the military fetish and has made your dream of enlisting a reality (with none of the boot camp)!

Their Soldier line of briefs and jockstraps come with fun camouflage print, a wide-width metallic waistband for a unique and fresh strong look, and a great cut to best show off your basket and butt. Gear up for early morning drills or nighttime exercises in MANeuvering—talk about the Battle of the Bulge! No matter your position, Soldier will make sure you come out on top!

aussieBum's always rotating their styles to keep you on the cutting edge of hot underwear—check out Soldier and their other great styles before they're gone!

Xtra Inches: Jake Deckard and Remy Delaine

xtrainches jake deckard remy delaine

Jake Deckard has a crack at Remy Delaine in this elevator shaft-set video (we'll spare you the unavoidable analogies there). Rubbing their dicks together, Remy quickly gets a taste for Jake's beautiful tool in his mouth. He gets onto his knees and stares up at Jake's big hairy pecs as he swallows him down. Jake's ass is then the first to get ridden after a hot round of ass eating. Remy digs in with his tongue and then with his fat uncut cock giving Jake the ride of his life. Remy pounds away until his ass is begging for it. Jake takes his turn both aggressive and sweet, teasing Remy's asshole and then giving all he's got.

Queerism - Spermanent

Queerisms - Spermanent

adjective: The permanent state of a cum stains on your sheets or clothing that just wont come out.

ex: Argh! I've washed this shirt eight times since I accidentally jizzed on it, but the cum stains are spermanent!

noun: The awkward and hard-to-undo hairstyle that results from cumming on a person's head.

ex: Then, when I was about to nut, I pulled out and totally gave him a spermanent. Poor guy had Ocean Spray bangs for the rest of the day.

Thanks to Moxy for this Queerism! Submit your own Queerism HERE!

The Guy Site: Chance - Naked Boxing

the guy site chance

Chance has come a long way since starting out at The Guy Site and it really has been an amazing transformation. Besides his willingness to do scenes with other men, he's gained a lot of confidence. He's also let his body hair grow out and that's even better.

For this update, The Guy Site had him do some naked boxing. We never get tired of seeing his big uncut cock swing around when he does that. He also gives one of his trademark intense orgasms ending up dripping in sweat.

Tommy D. XXX: Tommy and Mason Wyler

Tommy D. XXX: Tommy and Mason Wyler

Mason Wyler is a little absent minded sometimes. He totally missed his flight the last time he was supposed to go see TommyD. Fortunately he made it this time and Tommy has definitely been waiting eagerly. Tommy knows Mason loves to be treated like a dirty slut and the fact is Mason's mouth has been watering for Tommy's cock since he missed that flight weeks ago!

More Tommy D. XXX: Tommy and Mason Wyler

IAOOC - Top Gear

IAOOC - Top Gear 1

Top Gear's got it all under control. He's an easy rider who just coasts along on his cockiness and good looks. We always envied guys like Top Gear—they seem to have it so easy. And as much as we resent them, we also want to get our hands in their pants and our mouths on their cocks. We bet he'd come undone when his cock's out and throbbing in our hands... or maybe he'd be just as cool and confident. Either way, we'd win!

See if Top Gear has what it takes, after the jump!

More IAOOC - Top Gear

Ruggerbugger: Steven Gaudette

Steven Gaudette at Ruggerbugger

Ruggerbugger are very excited that the hot athletic superstar American Gymnast Steven Gaudette has made the transition from Olympic contender to hot gay pornstar! At Ruggerbugger check out the amazing hardcore photos of the young star being fucked and the incredible uncensored XXX video of the powerful gymnast having his cock sucked by equally horny Levi Poulter.

Hot House: J.R. Matthews and Robbie Ireland

hothouse robbie ireland jr matthews

Muscle-pup J.R. Matthews thinks he's alone so he strips down and jacks off. When his roommate Robbie Ireland walks in on him he doesn't stop - and Robbie doesn't want him to. The site of J.R.'s smooth white skin and big cock gets Robbie all worked up so he pulls out his own fat long tool and feeds his horny friend his cock and balls. Robbie spends a good amount of time eating J.R.'s ass before laying back so Robbie can ride his cock. The two all-American hunks jack off and shoot huge loads all over J.R.s hot body.

College Dudes 24/7: Carter Nash & Bryson Hughes, Part 2

College Dudes 24/7: Carter Nash & Bryson Hughes, Part 2

In Part 2 of this update, Carter pounds the holy hell out of Bryson's virgin ass. Once Carter's thick cock entered Bryson, the fucking was some of the best on College Dudes 247 to date. Carter kept asking how much Bryson loved Carter's dick up his ass. Bryson screamed out, "I love that thick dick up my ass!"

Carter pumps Bryson like crazy until Bryson shoots a big load of cum all over himself, followed by a gusher from Carter.

Previously on QC: College Dudes 24/7: Carter Nash & Bryson Hughes, Part 1

Active Duty: DJ

active duty dj

While the boys play on the beach, DJ plays ... well, with himself as he gawks at the guys outside in Summer Recruits.

QCA Comedy Quickie: Guy Catches Laptop With Butt

In what's probably the strangest viral marketing campaign of all time, Taiwanese computer company MSI, advertises its 13-inch X-Series laptop's slim, lightweight design by tossing one into a guy's butt—yes, it's so sleek and light that you can have a pal toss one right into your ass.

Twink-jocks in singlets? A blondie hoisting his butt in the air? Uh... are they trying to market to gay porn lovers? The video's obviously fake, but then again so is the other slim, lightweight 13-incher we normally slide in between our buttcheeks.

Check out more "art" and comedy quickies at the QCA archives.

Sean Cody: Noah

Sean Cody: Noah

Noah is a sweet, quiet guy who also has an aggressive side. He's been training in martial arts for years, mostly Jiu-Jitsu and kick boxing.

He's 21, 6'3", and straight.

"I'm totally into girls who are aggressive in bed," he told Sean. "The wilder the better."

True story: After doing this video, Noah agreed to get fucked by another guy.

More Sean Cody: Noah

Randy Blue: Mike and Ryan

Randy Blue: Mike and Ryan

Mike West and Ryan Rockford were planning on doing a scene together. Mike was really excited about working with Ryan because he is so damn hot and has quite a reputation for being an amazing bottom. Mike has only stated fucking other guys and the chance to tap a seasoned ass was just too good to be true. Mike had never been fucked before and when Randy suggested he return the favor, he was a little apprehensive. He'd been wanting to try it but was a little nervous.

More Randy Blue: Mike and Ryan

Queerying Cody Cummings

Queerying Cody Cummings

Cody Cummings knows what you think of him. Half of you lust over his chiseled body and fat cock and can't wait for his next video. The other half of you despise him as the epitome of gay-for-pay and find his personal limits with men boring, arrogant, or downright insulting. We read both sides in the QComments and so does Cody. He spoke with our QColumnist, Steve Prince, at the 2008 Cybersocket Awards:

He stood sipping a beer with a small group around him, literally looking like he'd just walked out of a UCLA frat house. I know he's not for everyone, but his look is so All-American and I just think he's a hunk.

Again, I introduced myself.

"Oh, I know QueerClick," he said. "You're the site that's always dogging me." This last part he said with a smile almost as if joking; yet I heard a hint of truth.

"Sugar," I said, (yes, I called Cody Cummings "sugar"), "I never dogged on you. Now my readers might have, but that's their opinion."

Truthfully, I wanted to say, "if you'd just take it up the ass and get it over with, you'd have so many fans beating off to you that it'd create enough electricity to power a small island for a week."

Steve has a point... if Cody went a little further with men, his haters might turn into his biggest fans and he might turn into a very wealthy man—so why the hesitation? We caught up with him last week to talk with him about his personal limits, his love of Tommy D, the difference between shooting gay, bi, and straight sex scenes, and how he feels about all his haters.

QC: How and why did you decide to start

CODY: CodyCummings was started because some great people believed in me. I had done a couple scenes with a girlfriend, then found FCF. They were the ones that thought about it originally. But I was flattered and excited.

QC: What's been the most difficult and most gratifying thing about doing porn (besides the money)?

CODY: The most difficult thing about being in porn would have to be trying to maintain a relationship. There are so many x-factors and temptations to resist everyday. And my personal weakness is some "strange" (pussy I've never fucked). The most gratifying would be the way that it has opened my eyes. The sex, the great people, and I had never been so safe 'til I was in porn.

QC: Despite your videos with men, you identify as straight. You've also mentioned that many other "straight" and "gay-for-pay" actors are really gay. Why bother with such labels, when your on camera work speaks clearly for itself? Doesn't the label risk alienating gay fans or does it serve another purpose?

CODY: K, I've been misquoted over and over on this. I did not say that these guys were gay. People really seem to be offended by the fact that I only do some things with guys. And because of it, I'm either lying, it's a marketing scheme, I'm really gay and just in the closet, or just an asshole. (laughs) When I allow a guy to give me head or do anything to me, I really am going out of my box—every time. I haven't labelled anyone; I hate labels. It's just people can't get over the question: "Why don't you do more with the guys? There has to be something behind it." Everyone seems to know the answer. But why can't it just be? I'm a straight, confident guy that will let a guy give him head—and I'm ok with it. No labels here and I think my FANS can see that.

QC: You've said that your favorite gay porn star is Tommy D. What do you like about him?

CODY: Tommy D is my fave because he is my friend. He is an amazing guy. He did my first scene with me—that's huge. He really puts it down too. Tommy can Fuck—he always makes 'em cum. And we share a lot in life.

QC: Since you have both male and female fans, do you approach your gay or straight scenes differently?

CODY: Yes, I approach them different. I always am thankful and kind, but I like to hump girls. I know that sounds horrible but... Yeah, if you're a hot fan, I'd probably want to fuck you. (smiles)

QC: Even though you've done more with a guy than most of our straight friends would be comfortable with, you still get a lot of flack for not doing more with the men in your videos. Do the negative comments ever get to you?

CODY: I try not to let the haters get to me, but I'm human and some seem to find their way in a little. I'll think about it here and there, but I know the world is filled with haters—it's all motivation in the end.

QC: Though you've acknowledged that you enjoy getting head from a gay guy, you've also said you're more likely to put on a strap-on then ever blow a guy yourself. We understand setting personal limits, but what would it take for you to loosen this rule? We're sure tons of prospective subscribers and fans would gladly repay you for your adventurousness!

CODY: When it comes to me pushing my limits I have to be really comfortable. It takes a special person and I haven't worked with her in awhile. But in comfort like that, I might do anything.

More about Cody's off-camera sex life, the secret behind his neck tattoo, and the one thing he'd change about the porn industry... after the jump!

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Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

There is a large group of very horny army inspection videos at Eric Deman! Recruits are given thorough medical exams as part of their induction. This involves them lining up naked to have their dicks and asses inspected by a pervy old doctor and the commanding officers. Each morning the innocent young recruits are woken at the crack of dawn and have to line up by their beds whether they are naked or only wearing underwear which reveals their throbbing morning wood. See amazingly horny military videos at Eric Deman - included in his massive library of over 22,000 videos of naked men, all available to download and permanently save!

Cruiser Boys: Fabio

Cruiser Boys: Fabio

With puppy dog eyes, dark hair, bronzed smooth skin, cut abs, a sexy ass and a stimulating Italian accent, Fabio is the hottest Italian Cruiser Boys has met. He's very open to sexual encounters and would love to experience a 'surfer type' (hope Natester is reading this).

More Cruiser Boys: Fabio

Next Door Buddies: Justin Jameson and Andrew Blue

Next Door Buddies: Justin Jameson and Andrew Blue

While at the pool earlier, Andrew Blue saw the lifeguard's dick from up his shorts. It was much bigger than average, which made Andrew quite horny. He raced over to meet up with Justin Jameson who Andrew knows is always ready for action.

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Man Avenue: Girth Brooks (2)

Man Avenue: Girth Brooks (2)

Our readers went so ga-ga over Girth's, errr, girth, that we tracked down a few more photos for another showing. Enjoy!

Previously on QC:
Man Avenue: Girth Brooks (1)

Chaos Men: Santana and Teo - Raw

Chaos Men: Santana and Teo - Raw

Just how many videos of Teo does Bryan have in his vault? One too few! We get all giddy every time we see him on Chaos Men, so we were horned up when we saw this video with Santana.

See all the raw action on QCX.

Channing Tatum VPH

Channing Tatum VPH

Just yesterday we ran the video of 18-year-old Channing Tatum stripping at a Florida ladies' club in 1999. He's 28 now and has beefed up by swimming his laps. Lucky us because when he emerged from the pool, his suit decided to stick to his cock. We can't blame the suit, especially after seeing the outline of his cock's lickable head. In fact, we should thank the suit's manufacturer. You may want to as well, especially when you see it up close after the jump!

More Channing Tatum VPH

Butch Dixon: Dillon Buck & Ulysse

Butch Dixon: Dillon Buck & Ulysse

Sexy, bearded Dillon Buck is playing a detective in this scene and he's charged with the interrogation of Ulysse, a thief who is hiding some diamonds. The detective takes Ulysse into custody and they head into a prison cell for some questioning. The con man isn't being very co-operative, so Buck decides to convince him. He orders Ulysse to bend over the table, then Buck pulls down the con man's pants. Doning a pair of rubber gloves, the detective goes searching for the diamonds. But Dillon quickly loses track of what he's doing when Ulysse squats down and starts swallowing Dillon's huge cock. And it's a whopper! Over 9.5 inches long and super thick. But this thief makes Dillon's dick disappear, just like he made those diamonds disappear. And he loves every inch of that big cock, especially when the detective slides it deep inside and pounds the thief's ass.

Bentley Race: Troy (2)


In the second part of Troy's visit with Bentley Race, he stripped off in the kitchen, took out a bottle of milk and proceeded to drench his abs and cock in the creamy milk. Slurp!

Previously on QC: Bentley Race: Troy (1)

Ask QC: Are Asians Anyone's Cup Of Tea?

Ask QC: How Do I Start An Open Relationship?

So, I had taken myself completely out of the dating scene for over a year after a very ill-advised relationship as well as some memorable long-term ones. I felt I needed to really grow up and get to know me as 'Me' before I became a "We."

Anyway, after years of fighting against it and peer pressure, I thought it was time I tried my hand at online dating. Seemed like a logical answer to my dry spell. After 1 month, no hits. I figured, these things take time and I should be really patient. After 2 months, I got a bit anxious and thought, "Hmmm? Guess my profile isn't juicy enough". So, I had a bunch of friends critique my profile to see if there was any improvement I needed. Done.

After about the third month after I finally got a couple of hits, I decided to really read a few of the profiles from guys I thought I'd be interested in (and some I wouldn't be interested in). I had finally discovered what was the problem. Under, "Your type should be"... the answer was staring me in the face....."sorry, not into Asians...." or "Caucasian, Hispanic, Black."

After reading through a bunch of profiles, I was completely offended and a bit hurt. I know on some level people didn't feel that Asians weren't their type. I mean, I had non-Asian friends tell me to my face that Asians weren't their type. I figured, well everyone has a type and why should I be angry?

However, after all of this, I'm starting to feel like perhaps I may never date again because my race isn't considered 'marketable'. The worse part is, my own kind (not all, but some) won't even date me.

I've had several boyfriends some white, some Hispanic, even a few Asians thrown in the mix. The older I get though, I crave what everyone wants—a partner.

I'm finally in a place where I really know who I am and like myself. I can't change my ethnicity nor would I want to. I live in Toronto, a city that prides itself on being mutli-cultural.

I guess my question is, how am I supposed to find someone if I'm basically considered a leper in my own community? Should I consider this an indication of everyone's attitude towards me and just accept that my life will probably be spent in solitude?

Thanks in advance,


Online dating can be tough on your self-esteem but Proud2BAsian raises a valid point: how can you personally connect with someone when so many guys seem hung up on race? Is there another way Proud2BAsian can go find a mate? How can continue feeling proud while increasing his chances of finding someone who'll appreciate his uniqueness? Please share any advice and experiences that might help in the comments section.

Have a question for QC? Send 'em to and we'll do our best to solve your problems!

UK Naked Men: Tyson in the Kitchen

Tyson at UK Naked Men

We've seen Tyson on UK Naked Men on several times and we're happy to see more of him. This guys is scorching and his videos are always hot. Best of all, he always delivers a voluminous cum shot that never fails to impress. And he's got such a wholesome, yet naughty look that makes us wonder how much fun Tyson would be in the bed.

QCA Art: Exterface's Mirage

QCA Art: Exterface's Mirage

A sultry city night. Summer darkness. The heat descends. Even fresh out of the shower, you drip wet with sweat. Thirst grips you in bed. You turn and roll, unable to quench your desire. Just the sort of sexiness scene you can depend on from the French duo at Exterface.

Their latest work, Mirage, features Sean Anthony, a hung hairy and sculpted young buck who's hard up, hot, and willing for a fuck. He's sweating out his cabin fever indoors, but what he really wants is someone to share his sickness. If you like these shots, check out the others shots from Mirage or any of their other amazing work at the QCA Archives.

Via QC Español

Fierce Dog: Mark

Fierce Dog: Mark

College boy 20-yr old Mark loves staring straight into the camera the whole time he's working his huge balls and thick staff.

QC's Pole Position

QC's Pole Position

Porn sites often test drive new models by starring them in a solo scene. A solo vid allows them to show how they'll handle their gear, how they react as they pressure builds, and if they can pull off a stunning finish. But with so many hot new guys racing to cum every week, it can be easily to lose track, that's why we're gonna start running our new feature Pole Position. We'll round-up our hottest solo vids from the past week and ask you to vote on your favorite. Simply scroll down to see our favorite racers, click on their link to see more of their skills, and the vote for your favorite at the end. We'll announce the winner next week along with the lineup of new racers.

This week has 22 racers, so gentlemen start your engines!

1) Extra Big Dicks: Scott Alexander

2) Drake Rock: Josh Griffin

3) Sean Cody: Miles

4) Randy Blue: Brett Swanson

5) Corbin Fisher: Kenny

6) Chaos Men: Kiyser - Toys

7) Frat Men: Cutter

8) Next Door Male: Caleb Black

9) First Auditions: Ashton

10) Randy Blue: Forest Winters

11) Latin Men Society: Gabriel

11 more racers and voting at the finish line, after the jump!

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Ruggerbugger: Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal at Ruggerbugger

Ruggerbugger focuses on sexy Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal. This 23 year-old hottie is a former World Number 1 and has won six Grand Slam titles. The feisty Spaniard is known for his aggressive playing, but we particularly like the way he pushes out his ass when hunkering down during play. See more of this long-haired athlete revealed at Ruggerbugger!

Miami Boyz: Randy

Miami Boyz: Randy

This week Miami Boyz bring you a hot straight 20 year old named Randy. He has it all going on from the body to the tattoos to the thick, uncut, 9" cock between his legs! Randy might have the biggest cock that Miami Boyz has ever brought to us.

More Miami Boyz: Randy

Straight Hell: Ed(5)

Straight Hell: Ed(5)

Trapped in stocks bridegroom Pierce has been rogered by Ed... it was like two dogs on heat. The animalistic humping of the two straight men made the Straight Hell tops incredibly turned on. Stan is so aroused, he wants to offload his balls up Pierce's already aching hole, straight away. But what to do with Ed? He has only just shot a bucketload of straight love piss over his mate. Adrian decides he can make himself useful as a human mattress.

More Straight Hell: Ed(5)

Spunkworthy: Woz

spunkworthy woz

Woz is a 20y/o str8 Marine with a tight bod and a Devil-may-care attitude. You can tell he's a bit of a wild guy just by looking in his eyes. And that wildness carries over into the bedroom, too. He says his favorite thing to do during sex is getting bitten and scratched.

Woz is stationed in Florida, but was visiting some friends in San Diego when spunkworthy met him. Apparently he told everyone about doing this video, cos they kept calling and texting, giving him a hard time and asking if he was "done jerking off yet??!!"

Southern Strokes: Wade and Tyler

southernstrokes wade tyler

Southern Strokes receivied a phone call out of the blue from Tyler saying that he had a friend that wanted to do a shoot for Southern Strokes. The first time Wade showed up at the Lake House, they could see why Tyler was so excited for them to work with him. They knew it was only a matter of time beforethe two of them would be fucking on camera.

Bel Ami: Jean Daniel Chagall

belami jean daniel chagall

The recipe for this video is quite simple, but the results are quite satisfying. Take a super hot guy, give him some dildos, and turn the camera on. It's like a really simple meal with just a few perfect ingredients and the taste just lingers on the palatte...

Corbin Fisher: Elijah Fucks Vince

Corbin Fisher: Elijah Fucks Vince

When Elijah has Vince on his back, legs in the air, and is furiously pounding his hole, you know Vince is being totally honest when he grunts, "That feels so good!". His face thrown back in pleasure, his hard dick bouncing around, and those moans and groans made that pretty clear already! He can't help but continuously pant, "Oh yeah!" as Elijah drills him.

More Corbin Fisher: Elijah Fucks Vince

G.I. OHH! - Channing Tatum's Stripping Video

G.I. OHH! - Channing Tatum's

When he was 18, G.I. Joe star, Channing Tatum stripped at a Florida ladies' stripclub called Male Encounter. The year was 1999 and the ladies went wild for his brand of bump and grind—he obliges them with some gryating, crotch grinding, and a bare ass shot. US Weekly released video of his strip routine and we've placed it after the jump!

Channing Tatum Previously on QC:
QC Gallery - Channing Tatum Steppin' Up!
Male Model Moment with Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum Frontal Nude

More G.I. OHH! - Channing Tatum's Stripping Video

Extra Big Dicks: Scott Alexander

Scott Alexander at Extra Big Dicks

Extra Big Dicks knows when a man looks like Scott Alexander; 6'3", 198 of etched ebony muscle, an ass out of sculpted marble, a pendulous 8 1/2" of jaw-breakingly thick, cut meat with a colossal pink end always ready for business—a man like this all you need. Discover Scott Anderson unplugged, no story, no plot, just this handsome, charming, sex man in the studio, giving you a guided tour of that world class, ass cracker of a dick and the man behind it. He hauls out his uncut cock and begins to awaken his growing python. It isn't long before he's at full mast. His cock is rock hard and as he strokes it, his smooth balls bounce in tune. And while he tops 99% of the time, he wasn't shy to show off that hidden hole in the Promised Land between his cheeks—but the real star of the show remains on the flip-side. He then lays back on the couch and continues to play with his thick dick. As he lays back we get a better view at his massive frame, "Oh my God" escapes his lips over and over as his uncut cock erupts, sending huge volley after volley of thick cream all over his heaving chest. Stay tuned for next week and see what happens when this stud has a friend to play with—stock up on Kleenex now and don't say we didn't warn you!

Cody Cummings: Cody and Justin Jameson

Cody Cummings: Cody and Justin Jameson

Cody Cummings is all set to relax and watch some porn. He's got a comfy bed and an air-conditioned room. Little does he know, Justin Jameson is waiting in the wings, ready to pounce at the right moment. When he sees Cody's throbbing member in plain view, he knows it's time.

More Cody Cummings: Cody and Justin Jameson

Frat Men: Dallas

Dallas at Frat Men

This week, Frat Men introduces us to another sexy athlete, Dallas. He's a wholesome-looking, baseballer stud. He looks great in uniform—with something so perfectly sexy about him for summertime. But quite frankly, the balls were interested in aren't on the field. Dallas peels off the clothes to reveal that maybe he is more devilish than we imagined.

More Frat Men: Dallas

QC FYI: Foods For Fucking, 6 Totally True Sex Myths, and Macho Men With Tight Holes

Better Sex Through Food

Every now and then our features editor gets backed up onto someone's dick with a wealth of un-published material. So with a backlog of QC FYI material, he threw together this mixed bag of medical info for pervs and nerds alike.

Better Sex Through Food

Everyone knows that oysters are a natural aphrodisiac, right? WRONG! Well, not unless you eat 50 to get the sex benefits from zinc iodine. Well how about red hot chili peppers, or half a bottle of wine? The fact is that seemingly boring foods pumpkin seeds, asparagus, and and vanilla ice cream contain more sexual boosters than the more famous "sex foods."

You should check out the entire list for yourself. Luckily, the list of good sexfoods includes chocolate covered strawberries, sirloin steak, bananas and other genitally-shaped edibles. Plus, with just a minor tweak in your diet, you can dramatically improve your libido!

What do you eat to get yourself in the mood?

6 Totally True Sex Myths

6 Ridiculous Sex Myths That Are actually True

Ever heard the one about the guy who gets his wiener stuck in a pool drain? How about the guy who called for a hooker and got his daughter instead? Or the groom who played a video of him fucking a dog at his wedding reception? Turns out they're all true and Cracked has the details.

One of the most interesting stories is about an "orgasm pill" called clomipramine:

An anti-depressant in use since the 60s, this little pill has the sexual prowess of most NBA superstars but with less VD and paternity disputes. It also causes weight gain, nausea and, oddly enough, impotence in men; but even a fat, nauseous dude with a limp noodle has to be pretty stoked if he's having spontaneous orgasms.

And, sure enough, around one in 20 people that take the pill will get off whenever they yawn... keep in mind that while five percent of people experience orgasms, most of the other 95 percent have the exact opposite reaction.

In addition to its six strange sex tales, there's also links to the 6 strangest object people have been caught having sex with and 18 of the world's most disturbing sex toys—brills.

Macho Men Don't Do Prostate Exams

Macho Men Don't Do Prostate Exams

Ever met one of those "total tops" who are so butch that they'll never wear pink, cry at musicals, or let you slip a pinky finger into their hoo-ha? They're not just just uptight, they're also less likely to get prostate exams or make simple preventative medical visits, so says a study done by the Rutgers University in New Jersey.

They got 1000 middle-aged men to respond to eight statements on a scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree. These statements included, "The husband should have the final say when it comes to making important home purchases" and "It bothers me when a man does something that I consider 'feminine.'" Those with higher levels of machismo were less likely to go in for a check-up, a flu shot, or a prostate exam.

Men who strongly endorsed macho ideals were 26 percent less likely than other participants to have received a physical exam in the prior year, nearly 30 percent less likely to have completed a prostate exam and nearly 50 percent less likely these and a flu shot in the prior year.

The researchers suggest several reasons for why macho men would avoid preventive healthcare. For instance, men in high-status jobs "do not want to feel emasculated by placing themselves in the subordinate position of patient," the researchers note.

C'mon bro. It's totally not gay if you let a doctor stick his prober into your chutthole, unless you get a boner... fag.

Jake Cruise: Pat Bateman and Derreck Diamond

Pat Bateman and Derreck Diamond at Jake Cruise

Pat Bateman's done a lot of different scenes, but never one quite like this. After an extended blow job from Derrek, the action moves to the bed, where the temperature goes way up. Then history is made, as Derrek mounts Pat's erect cock. Pat then thumps Derrek from the rear, and the action speeds up. The climax, appropriately enough, is nearly simultaneous cum shots, that cover Derrek's abs in that sweet (or is it salty?) white stuff. Pat may never be the same again.

Men Over 30: Dane and Brock

Brock and Dane at Men Over 30

Men Over 30 serves up a real treat with a handsome, hairy, sexy twosome that are porn stars by day and real life lovers by night. They begin kissing and Dane slides Brock's shirt up revealing his furry chest as he licks and teases his nipple. Brock, standing at 6'5", has an impressive frame and his chest is no different. Dane is next as Brock returns the favor and samples his own furry chest. Dane's cock is rock hard and glistening as Brock sucks it to the hilt. The attention is driving Dane wild and it gets better as Brock puts him on all four and starts to lick that furry hole of his. His skilled mouth works Danes cock and ass getting Dane that much hornier for dick. "Oh yeah, Baby" coos Dane as Brock begins to slowly fuck his ass. From bent over the chair, they move to the couch as Dane goes face down and Brock mounts him from behind. He lies down on him as he impales Dane's ass for more fucking. He slowly buries his meat inside and it isn't long before we hear! Dane say, "Oh Baby, I think you're gonna make me cum." His cock explodes all over his furry chest while Brock is still burying his rock hard dick deep inside him. Brock is next as he pulls out his fuck stick and sends his own load of cum all over Dane's thigh and spent cock and seals it with a kiss.

CFNM.NET: Car Wash

CFNM.NET: Car Wash

Sexy innocent schoolboys Scott and Brad are tricked into washing cars naked at! Forced to go door to door to earn some extra money the boys come upon an older lady whose car needs washing. The lady and her daughter remove their clothing a piece at a time until the boys are washing the car out in public completely naked! Just as they are left alone to finish the job along come a couple of Scott and Brad's friends from school. The delighted girls take great pleasure in exploring the nervous naked boys' bodies for the first time! See more women taking advantage of exposed boys at!

Sean Cody: Harley and Matt

Sean Cody: Harley and Matt

Sean met Harley two and a half years ago. He knew he was something special then, and he was right.

Sean has loved working with Harley and there's a reason that he's been one of his most popular guys. Well, several reasons, actually. Of course, he's hot. Perfect body, big, uncut cock, handsome face, and disarming smile. He's also charming and he has a really fun personality. He's smart and he's talented (and not just with his dick).

More Sean Cody: Harley and Matt

Bang Bang Boys: Renan

Bang Bang Boys: Renan

Bang Bang Boys recently featured Renan in a photo shoot and now it's time to see him in a bit of solo video action. Renan a very sexy guy, he's got the most amazing ripped body and beautiful pecs.

More Bang Bang Boys: Renan

First Auditions: Finlay

First Auditions: Finlay

Although he seemed a little shy at the start, new straight boy Finlay at FirstAuditions proved the saying that it's always the quiet ones that shock us. He's had more sexual experience than most lads his age, and his naive expression belies a keen interest in alternative sex.

His immediate response to many of the casting director's questions about his limits was to say no—particularly when they involved contact with other men. Maybe it was the promise of untold riches, but it didn't take much for him to change his mind.

College Dudes 24/7: Trent Blade & Rob Ryder

College Dudes 24/7: Trent Blade & Rob Ryder

Trent Blade and Rob Ryder heat up the shower this week. Trent was pretty skeptical about whether he would be doing a scene with a guy, but the Dudes got him on the phone with Rob and they hit it off right away. Rob can give one of the meanest dick jobs of all the Dudes, so they figured they would give Rob first crack at Trent. When the cameras turned on, though, Trent and Rob were sucking face before Rob went down, and Rob even managed to get a taste of Trent's hot virgin asshole before getting facefucked into a hot cumshot!

Chaos Men: Kiyser - Toys

Chaos Men: Kiyser - Toys

Kiyser describes himself as a mutt, with his mixed heritage of American Indian, Mexican, white, and black.

Despite being gay and an eager bottom, Kiyser had never used a dildo, so Bryan jumped at the chance to let Kiyser use some toys.

More Chaos Men: Kiyser - Toys

Corbin Fisher: Abel

Corbin Fisher: Abel

Abel is an extremely engaging, friendly, charismatic guy. While it's not uncommon for guys to be visibly nervous at the outset of their interviews, Abel was smiling and comfortable right from the start. He had no problem at all leaning in to the camera and flashing a big smile, having fun answering Pete's questions and telling us all about himself.

More Corbin Fisher: Abel

Randy Blue: Cody Blackford

Randy Blue: Cody Blackford

This QueerClick editor looks at hot guys all day long, so after a while, he's gotten bored with naked men. (One of the occupational hazards of the job!) But then, Cody Blackford popped onto his screen.

Cody is both gorgeous and adorable all rolled into one package. His torso look like it is made of concrete and his ass is something to drool over.

This boy is the real deal!

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Caption This!

Caption This!

Perfect Guyz: Tyler Saint Returns

Tyler Saint shoves his giant cock into a Fleshlight at Perfect Guyz

Tyler Saint has a following that spans the globe and he's back on Perfect Guyz. Tyler Saint has one of the largest, very highly acclaimed (or is that exclaimed!?) cocks in porn stardom. The challenge of making his cock fit into a tight Fleshjack was exciting and fun. For Tyler, it took a lot of maneuvering to squeeze his huge tool through the orifice. After experimenting with a few different lubes and positions, Tyler made it happen. What resulted was a steamy, hot self-fuck session—one of the best we've seen on Perfect Guyz! Tyler Saint is stunning to watch and is always enthusiastic when it comes to sex, but this scene is über hot!

Mike Hancock: Nick Jacobs' Toys (Part 2)

Nick Jacobs and his toys at Mike Hancock

Nick Jacobs is always up for a good time, especially when it comes to pleasuring himself. With a finely chiseled body, a nice thick cock, and a beautiful bubble butt, watching Nick do just about anything would be a pure turn-on. But when Nick decides to play with his own ass using 3 dildos, each increasing in size, his moans of ecstasy will send you soaring! He works that pink manhole, penetrating himself with nice, deep strokes, busting a creamy load as he climaxes. Pull up a chair and cum along for the ride with Nick Jacobs and his toys!

Buzz West: Remy

Remy at Buzz West

Straight Navy stud Remy is full of surprises. One, he's really of legal age, although this guy is gonna get carded in bars for many years to come. Originally from Ohio, Remy got stationed out in San Diego a few months ago, and he's ready to start exploring. Remy tells Buzz West that he's mostly into girls, but has only actually had sex three times, and two of those times were just a blowjob from a guy. (LOL) Watch Remy throw one of his legs behind his head, and then the other one behind his head too—all in an attempt to blow himself. He gives a good stretched and licks the precum off the tip! I think with a little more effort, he could probably suck himself! Remy said he jerks off 6-10 times a day (clearly the boy is horny beyond belief!), but saved up a whole day for this one. Needless to say, he shoots a nice load, and the final shocker was his finger lickin finale! Did he really say he was straight?

Bentley Race: Troy (1)


Bentley's other mate Zac shott and directed the first set with Troy dressed in worker's gear and ripping his way out of his undergears. Troy's Aussie Bums were ripped to shreds at the end of this set.

Top 10 QComments

Top 10 QComments Dustin Lance Black

The QCats came out to play this week in a full-tilt case of cat scratch fever. Between outraged QComments on our treatment of Dustin Lance Black and some comic cruelty served out to porn stars, this last week's QComments crackled with cattiness and wit—so grab your Lee Press-On Nails and join in the fun.

First, as you may have heard Dustin Lance Black (pictured above), and his roving gang of lawyers have threatened everyone associated with his bareback sex pics to remove the pics, or else. We thought the move unnecessary and pointless, but got strong reactions in favor and against our position. First, why asks, uh, why we would criticize Black for standing up for himself:

While I think your argument is valid, I do think your berating someone for trying to stand up for themselves. I think LA is a viper pit. If you rise to certain level of success, people are going to try to pull you back down. I think Dustin is completely right to go ahead with a lawsuit. No ones personal information, or private photos should be published online without the subjects consent. Regardless of the kind of content, either a social security number or private sex acts on film or photos, these are not to be made public unless the individual themselves publish it for public consumption. When did we go so wrong culturally? If Dustin doesn't want those photos published, he should have every right to prevent them from doing so. We value privacy laws in this country, these photos are not owned by the public, there were created by the two individuals in the photos, and therefore they co-own by each. If they don't mutually agree on what to do with them, then they cannot be used. These guys never followed up with Dustin, and I'm assuming if they did, after he rightfully declined their request to use them, in which case they went on a smear campaign after they failed to blackmail him! This is essentially blackmail: "purchase these photos, or we will take them to a publisher" -- Well, you don't own the photos, Dustin is in them with his "trick" and therefore automatically co-owns them. I bet you the partner in the photos didn't have Dustin sign off on a model consent before taking the pictures of them together.

Yes, from our experience most people who photograph themselves fucking you rarely stop to ask about fair use and licensing agreements—it's more of a second date conversation. QCommenter Phil took the opposite position, throwing in a bit of psychoanalysis to determined what might've motivated DLB to pursue a lawsuit:

if DLB wasn't so full of his Gay Pride, he'd have a sense of self-irony sufficient to recognize the artistic opportunity presented by this farce. But then this 37 year-old Brent Corrigan impersonator is obviously wanting in the 'insight' department. DLB is obviously engaging in what shrinks call 'undoing', a 'primitive defense' -- primitive because it's childish, and lacks insight. A lawsuit will not efface these pictures anymore than it will purge the virus from his body. Being exposed with his knickers down only serves DLB right for presenting to us a white-washed version of Harvey Milk bereft of the bath-houses that were his second home. Instead, Black used the conveniently dead Milk as a as the poster-boy for some white-picket fence monogamous future Never-Never Land Homotopia, and of course Black's naughty past only demonstrates precisely why that vision is nothing more than a delusion. As Armistead Maupin said 'when it comes to sex, gay men are like all men -- only more so!' The last thing on earth Harvey would ever do is apologize for being sexual. I mean, that's what 'gay liberation' was supposed to be about, right? Black's lawsuit only demonstrates just how far away the gay movement gotten has gotten away from anything Harvey Milk would recognize.

Though Phil speculates and speaks for a dead man and blames DLB for singlehandedly white-washing Milk (an unfair assumption), both QCommenters have a point—whoever originally posted the pics had no legal right but, beyond DLB barebacking, most LGBTs didn't seem to care very much. When we went so far as to post fake sex pics of Dustin and his BB beau, some QCommenters criticized us for beating up a good guy. Though we find DLB's lawsuit short sighted, we're not anti-DLB. In fact, we even posted the guy's Oscar acceptance speech along with a great article about his background. Ultimately we're a porn blog and we (along with a lot of other "reputable" publications) posted links to the original sex pics. We'll admit... yeah, we're sad to see the pics go. But ultimately we support DLB's career and wish him longevity. The lawsuit may re-establish his partial ownership over the pics, but the scandal's here to stay. You can be sure we'll post more on the legal proceedings as they come to light.

IAOOC Whiteboi03

Writing for a gay porn is good hard work (ha). There are only so many synonyms for cock and buttfucking (though "chunder plunder" is one of our favorites), so sometimes we lean on puns and poetry to get us by. We made a little rhyme in a caption for our latest In And Out of Clothes post, but Brody refused to tolerate our literary achievement:

"after the club, and a pub, let's rub, love."? more like "get a real career and watch me sneer at your lousy poems on queers" seriously, ftw?! anyways, this boy has an amazing ass that i'd fuck anyday

A very nice poetic retort, Mr. Critic, though (not to nitpick, of course) WTF does "FTW" mean? We may have different tastes in poetry, but we can both agree that whiteboi03 on IAOOC has a great ass. We'd fuck it, like a cucumber in a bucket. Talking about poetic dicktion, when QCommenter Brett mindlessly called the uncut penis of Maximo Latino's Sebastian "un-natural", James and a bunch of other QCommenters rightfully jumped down his throat:

Brett, that's the most fucking retarded thing I've heard in about six months. How is an UNCUT cock (i.e. the way someone is BORN before they are surgically changed!) unnatural?!? Let me guess, American?

Hey James! Although sometimes those some Americans aren't not learnding English and other facts too good, no need to lump all American in with Brett's dumbass. Plenty of American guys love (sucking on) uncut cock and find nothing more natural or pleasing than uncut satisfaction. Sure, foreskin may not be Brett's flavor, but he wouldn't be saying that with Sebastian's cock in his mouth. He'd probably be saying something like "mmmmmmrph, agggggaggggllle." Talking about big dicks though, if you haven't checked out the big dick at Latin Boyz' Paulo and Ruben do yourself a favor and go check it out now. The hilariously named Bigcock4eyesonly sure did and though his eyes went out to Ruben's cock, his heart went out to Paulo's bum:

No way! There IS a such thing as too big. But when he's wearing Depends in old age, he'll realize that he doesn't have a vagina.

We're pretty sure old vaginas wouldn't fare much better against Ruben's mighty love hammer either.

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Gemini Men: Dustin

gemini men dustin

Dustin's second video is up for your viewing pleasure! This hot 28 year old straight guy has already got a legion of fans and this should get him even more. The brother of Gemini's exclusive model Austin, he just gets better and better and the videos get hotter and hotter. His hunky chest, big biceps and sexy ass are all there for you! He shoots quite a load in his hand; he didn't want to taste it.....yet!

Porn Stars Swap Baskit Underwear Instead Of Blowjobs At Falcon

Porn Stars Swap Baskit Underwear Instead Of Blowjobs At Falcon

In a shameless effective attempt to plug their latest feature, Falcon Studios partnered with /baskit/ for a fun undie swap with the stars of Dripping Wet 2, including the Jarics, Turk Mason, Bobby Clark, Jason Pitt, TJ Hawke, and a some other porn hotties. Whether you're an underwear fetishist or not, it's a great little diversion—you pick two hotties, they stand side by side, strip down, toss each other their undies and then slip into their buddie's pair. We found it merely amusing until we came several times under its influence.

Baskit's also holding a modeling competition at their blog and a sale at their website, both featuring great pics of studs in their skivvies—between the two, you should either find a new pair or easily stain your old ones. Either way, you win!

Buk Buddies: Raphael

Raphael at Buk Buddies

Raphael has both the look and personality that will always make him a popular guy to be around. In this feature, he had just turned 21 so you clearly see the man in the boy as he shows off for the first time in front of a camera. The video footage in this set is fun and sexy. Raphael is immediately at ease in front of the cameras and in no time he's talking and joking just like making his first porn appearance was an everyday occurrence. After some great close-ups of his naked butt. He plays with his hard dick for you and the camera and ultimately brings himself to a magnificent climax shooting his load on his stomach and pubes.

Cocksure Men: Arpad Miklos and Seth Sweet

Arpad and Seth at Cocksure Men

Welcome to Arpad's massage parlor where all his clients leave with a smile on their face. Seth Sweet drops in for a firm rub-down from furry muscle-daddy Arpad. Seth lays face down on the table and Arpad begins to work Seth's back with his huge paws. Seth says that his lower back hurts and needs some extra attention. Arpad "..will take care of that." and sticks his tongue in Seth's ass. Now, that won't help Seth's back, but it will certainly take his mind off it. They suck each other off and move the action onto the nearby coach when Seth spreads wide to receive Arpad's fat cock. Arpad delivers top notch service and pounds Seth until they both cum onto Seth's cut abs. Arpad's massage technique may need some work, but his cock-sucking and ass-fucking skills are second to none!

Colt Studio: Tom Chase and Darin Hawk

colt_studio inside out darin hawk tom chase

This 2nd scene from COLT Studio Group's newest release Inside Out features COLT Men Darin Hawk and Tom Chase. In a peaceful open field ...deep in the woods; these serene outdoor settings serve as the majestic backdrop for these four sizzling COLT Man encounters. A surreal atmosphere is created as the man-on-man passions from INSIDE the bedroom are brought OUT into the world of nature and the great outdoors. In the full light of day COLT Men indulge their passions and satisfy their lust for each other... what could be more natural?

Camera Boys: Goldenboy22


By now, you've noticed that QueerClick likes to indulge in a weekly "one-on-one" with a hottie camboy. This week, we were mesmerized by Goldenboy22 and his tight body.

This young stud flashed his meaty cock before jerking a nice big load all over himself—all while flirting with us on chat.

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Camera Boys

Man Avenue: Girth Brooks


Guessing by the response so far, Girth Brooks will have his hands full as an upcoming porn star...and we do mean a hand FULL. This mother fucker's dick is so fat, well... pictures do speak for themselves and he really could NOT get his hand around his own dick. Can you imagine trying to choke that cock down your throat, much less trying to sit on it? Girth Brooks is a guy that REALLY lives up to his namesake!!! Thanks for a great time, Girth. And hurry back with that big dick anytime.

Sean Cody: Nate

Sean Cody: Nate

Nate had a big smile on his face the whole time, and he was making the crew laugh a lot.

He is Argentinian and Sicilian, which makes a beautiful mix of dark skin and just the right amount of body hair.

More Sean Cody: Nate

Straight Fraternity: Xavier

straight fraternity xavier

Once he took that shirt off, Straight Fraternity was hooked on this hottie. He gets himself worked up to a woody inside his underwear...As he strokes himself, he wiggles his toes around and really starts getting into it. He is a natural on camera. He comes close to shooting a few times, but he slows it down each time before he does. He looks totally in ecstasy.

Men of Colour: New Site Attack

Men of Colour: New Site Attack

QueerClick just stumbled upon the only site dedicated to British black and mixed-race guys. Most of these guys have girlfriends, so they only show their faces to members, but we've got some preview pics of their black, uncut cocks and tight asses for you to enjoy. Some guys even take butt plugs, receive blow-jobs and fuck ass.

Well worth a visit if you like European guys of color.

Blake Mason: Cole and AJ

Cole and AJ at Blake Mason

Cole set about his solo determined to prove that he can perform just as well as his gorgeous counterpart. But as Cole starts to stroke his fine uncut 7 inches to full mast, he's playfully interrupted by a "can I join in?" from the corner of the room! Yep, AJ was feeling real horny watching his boyfriend stroke his dick and wanted in! Given a resounding "Yes!" from Cole, AJ walked over and began to remove his cock from his jeans. Soon they found Blake Mason's Fleshjack and both Cole and AJ were quickly taking turns pleasuring each other. As the frustration of only being able to go so far increased so did the sexual energy, and so Cole jerks off AJ sending his spunk flying everywhere before AJ takes Cole's throbbing dick in his hand and receives one huge face-full of hot jizz.

Authentic Footballers: Kevin

authentic footballers kevin

Kevin (23) is a skilled midfielder, as you can tell from his playing video and also from his "in the field" pic gallery. He's got beautiful blue eyes and a masculine face, undoubtedly the influence of his Polish roots. Kevin was raised in South America, far from Poland. So his tastes are the usual ones from down there: he likes rock and roll, a bit of cumbia, cannelloni, girls with big boobs and big butts, having his cock sucked and also his balls...and oh what a pair of balls . . .

Hot House: Ethan Wolfe and Josh West

hot house josh west ethan wolfe

Heads up enormous cock fans - here comes the battle of the biggest boys in the business, Ethan Wolfe and Josh West. Both guys pack gigantic tools - not only long but extra thick - and they can't wait to whip 'em out and get busy. An impressive 69 proves that both men are capable cock suckers. But the action heats up when Wolfe opens his hole and sits on West's monster - quite a feat. Catch the entire bigger-than-life XXX scene live now, exclusively in the Hot House Backroom.

UpYerKilt Update

UpYerKilt Update

It's hard work tossing cables of wood the size of telephone poles. No wonder this big beefy Scotsman has a good long sit down in the grass with a beer. The poor lug is so worn out he doesn't even notice his kilt creeping up his legs, giving the pervy cameraman at UpYerKilt something to record! He was also caught playing football so fiercely that his cock is briefly revealed during a high kick. More new pervy kilt videos are appearing at UpYerKilt!

Toby Goes To Hollywood!

Toby Goes To Hollywood!

WOOF WOOF!! Toby has been working very hard at the QC headquarters being everyone's favorite pooch. He decided he needed a little R&R so he jetted out to the Coast for some sun and fun. Toby was spotted in Hollywood in front of Paramount Studios (a movie deal in the works?). He was also seen hanging out with his entourage a gay friendly dog park in West Hollywood and playing on the beach in Malibu.

It is also rumored that Toby was out in Palm Springs and also enjoyed a mountain get-away in Big Bear. Toby is a big hit in California and word on the street has it that Toby is the toast of Los Angeles!

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All American Heroes: Petty Officer Tanner and Civilian Fabian

all american heroes tanner fabian

When Petty Officer Tanner came in to introduce himself to a rather hot civilian, he almost immediately tackled Fabian to ride his huge cock. Keeping his cool though, Tanner coaxed his way into Fabian's pants by inching his hand down his pants, occasionally sliding his hand up and down the smooth, sexy, tan, surfer washboard abs.

Finally achieving victory, Tanner got his lips around a thick, dark, juicy meat and slid that monster all the way down his warm throat. Sliding and slurping with his tongue caressing Fabian's gigantic member, Tanner ate this dick up like a starving puppy.

Dominic Ford: Patrick, Aaron, and Chris

dominic ford aaron patrick chris

This is a HOT 3-way with Patrick, Aaron and Chris; the three were really into each other, and the footage is hot. They shot this on the road and enlisted a subscriber of the site to be the second camera man. They randomly met, and they both thought it would be cool for him to see how a scene is filmed. He also took a few of the photos in the photo gallery!

QC Quotations

QC Quotations

You don't have to be straight to be in the military; you just have to be able to shoot straight.

—ex-Arizona senator, Barry Goldwater

Ruggerbugger: Andres Nunez's Sex Tape

Ruggerbugger presents Andres Nunez Sex Tape

Sports Scandal Alert! Ruggerbugger have hot Costa Rican Footballer Andres Nunez's sex tape! This horny young Costa Rican footballer has been filmed by his equally randy girlfriend on her camera phone. Ruggerbugger have this awesome 100% hardcore footage. See this handsome Latino stripping and fucking his girl senseless.

QCam - Hung

QCam - Hung

There's nice cocks and then there's big dicks and QCam has 'em both. But in this week's QCam mix, we had lots of well-hung guys. We're talking lockjaw hung, meaty cocks, pendulous dongs. You get the idea. Whether you wanna suck 'em or fuck 'em
QCam's the place to find your member and go to town.

Real quick before our top 3 this week, kirasakuya's the hairy dork bottom has been doing his stretches—ucky us!

(7 pics): If you wanna pick a "fyght" with fyghter, he's gonna have a big, fat BONE to pick with you. And no matter whether you end up on top or bottom, you're sure to win. He keeps it under wraps at first, but then it grows until it shows—hot damn!

skool kiid (8 pics) - If you like fine art, you might wanna see what skool kiid has hanging in his "special collection." It's a masturpiece, sure to widen your eyes and make you want it for your own. But don't be distraught. He's willing to give you a good look so you can take it all in.

sackfun (6 pics) - Sackfun knows you gotta have other fun things in your sack of tricks if you're every gonna wow your audience. So along with his nice prick, he's got a toned, hairy body and able hands ready to pleasure your treasure. You could easily lose a night or two caught up on his cock, and the rest of your life worshipping his body.

They say there's two types of gay men, size queens and liars. But while a big dick's not everything, sometimes it can be the only thing. QCam has got all sorts of great dicks and hot men. Check out QCam today to get a load off these studs and maybe even post a few pics of your own.

XXX Gay Asian: Hot Rimming Action

XXX Gay Asian: Hot Rimming Action

If you're into Asian studs licking ass, you'll want to check out XXX Gay Asian. Sure, these Asian studs do more than rim each other, but as you'll see in this video, it's worth a visit to XXX Gay Asian just to see them eat each other out.

PataPORN With Chinpoko

PataPORN With Chinpoko!

I love my job. I really really do and after you get finished reading this... you'll understand why. It's time for PATAPORN WITH CHINPOKO!

Str8Cam: Messy Creamsicle

Str8Cam: Messy Creamsicle

I love a man who's up for experimentation!

Str8cam is packing some punches this week from the beefcake, Jeff. Oh! First of all, Jeff is just yummy. His hot face, nice eyes, with his tight bubble up, and a nice thick cock—damn. I'm getting a chubby folks.

Also, I love it when porn actors take the advice of their fans. I mean, I know more than anyone that I'm nothing with out all my adoring fans.

I love that Jeff uses the old-fashioned shaving cream; that was the first lube I ever used. Yep. I remember sneaking into my father's bathroom and stealing his can. But I must admit, Jeff uses it in a much hotter way than I did. He literally pounds his thick meat with that Fleshlight. I think my favorite is to see his cum mixed together with the shaving cream... PATA PATA!!!

Oh, and who's wearing QC orange? That's right. Jeff is!

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New York Straight Men: Cory

new york straight men cory

Meet Cory! He is 26, and works for his Dad's contracting firm. They mainly do house renovations where Cory works on the roofs. Cory dates lots of girls and gets plenty of sex. However, about a year ago a guy asked to blow him, that freaked Cory out, and refused but he has been pondering it ever since.

When Cory arrived after much negotiation, he didn't know what to expect. All he knew that a guy's mouth was going to be on his cock (also turns out Sergio's tongue would be on his balls and up his asshole as well.) He was really nervous but really horny. NYSM felt this should unfold organically, with minimal direction.

Latin Boyz: Paulo and Rubén

Latin Boyz: Paulo y Rubén

There isn't much we can say, well there is when you get right down to it...but the thickness of Ruben's cock speaks for itself don't you think? It speaks chapters....

Bare Adventures: Zack and James Fuck Lucky

Bare Adventures: Zack and James Fuck Lucky

When buff studs Zack and James join the twinky Lucky during a workout, Lucky's in for one hell of a good time. Flexing their muscles and working their pecs, these men build up an aggressive horniness which needs satisfying. Ramming the cute dark haired twinks face onto their throbbing dicks, they stuff his mouth full of cock, fucking his face hard, forcing it down his throat!

See the raw action on QCX!

This Week's Six Stickiest - Voyeur

This Week's Six Stickiest - Voyeur

Admit it... you like to watch. You love seeing hot action caught on camera (and it's even better when they don't know you're watching). Peek into Sticky and see what you can see—sexy neighbors, bisexual celebs, gay Greeks, and Lady Gaga's penis. Say what?!! That's right. Sticky the perfect place for peeking. Just glance at the small windows that made up this week's top 6.

Window Blow (3411 clicks) - You cheeky monkey! How dare you watch the neighbors through their bedroom window. What? The two cute boys from across the street are blowing each other? Oh my... get your webcam. We'll film it and post it on Sticky.

Cuddling on Camera? (3419 clicks) - Watch what happens when Derek, the gay guy from this year's Real World tries to spoon with his straight roommate Bronne. They caught the whole funny and sexy encounter on video!

The Lady's Penis (3741 clicks) - After someone caught a picture of Lady Gaga's sizable bulge on camera, folks started talking about her penis. Then, the Lady herself came out the closet and confirmed she is a hermaphrodite. What?!! Read all about the penile pop scandal here.

Greek Not Gay (4528 clicks) -
Sometimes porny bit slip into mainstream TV shows. So when we heard that ABC Family's show, Greeks, has some gay action of its own, we just had to know how far the network went... they went much further than you might think!

He's Bisexual??! (4662 clicks) - Apparently the hunky star of 300, Gerard Butler, confirmed his bisexuality in an archived interview from 2004. Wowee-zowee! He happens to be a hot chiseled daddy. Mmm... maybe he open to doing bi roles?

And Talking About Spartans... (5247 clicks) - With a mix of gay and lesbian characters, sex, violence and full frontal male nudity, what's there not to love about the new action series "Spartacus"? Hey Gerard, did you audition for this show? Seems right up you butt alley.

How's that for your voyeurism fix this week? You got the curiosity, Sticky's got the cure! Stick around and Sticky some of your favorite finds from around the web. As John Hughes once wrote, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Channel 1 Releasing: Double Czech

Channel 1 Releasing: Double Czech

Identical twins Adam and Konrad Richter embark on a five scene exploration to discover their sexuality—first with each other and then with friends. It is an adventure which takes them from their initial feelings of brotherly love, to a desire to experience all that they can give each other. Scene by scene they find and enjoy new experiences, with friends such as Bjorn Gedda, Matthus Reinhardt, Viktor Kana and Nikolas Rezac, until finally they find all that they want—with each other.

NakedSword: Porn Stars in Love QC

NakedSword: Porn Stars in Love QC

Real porn stars, real couples, having real sex. It's as simple and hot as that. Some of the biggest names in the business are lovers in real life and here, in all their glory, they fuck and suck for the camera like they do at home. Director Ben Leon said it this way: "My intention is to catch some authenticity, moments of vulnerability and of course down and dirty sex. I think these four scenes each have real and distinct personality and intense man on man action."

Cocky Boys: Jude and Guy

cockyboys jude guy

Jude is a true Cocky Boy; gorgeous, hot body and an irresistible smug attitude. Oh yeah...and a big fucking cock! He starts off by pulling that fucker out and, with a little encouragement, gets Guy to deep throat him. Getting blown makes Jude horny for cock too so he goes down on Guy - Jude looks so fucking hot with a big dick in his mouth! Then these horny dudes get into a sweaty 69, pumping each others' mouths full of cock. Then Guy flips Jude overtop of himself and, in a sight so hot it will possibly fry your computer, Jude starts licking and sucking his own dick! Guy is dying to get fucked by that big piece of meat, so he gets on all fours and lets Jude spread his hungry hole open nice and wide before Jude finally plugs it up that big dick of his.

CFNM: Night At St. Dunstans (3)

CFNM: Night At St. Dunstans (3)

At, if sexy teacher Mr Douglas were to be discovered stark naked and being led astray by Maggie and Julie he would be in a lot of trouble. But the confident young women have totally dominated their favourite teacher and are busy showing him he still has a lot to learn about erogenous zones. See them tease his asshole and hard cock at!