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Awwww, THANK YOU for your heartfelt submissions guys. We gotta admit that you got us tearing up reading your entries. Wow, we go waaaay back with some of you (although the fact that some of you read us before legal age got us freaking out! Never ever do that again, you hear us?). After all these years, you’re still reading us. Talk about a committed relationship! We found it difficult to pick 3 winners out of all those of you who wrote at length… as such we’re giving out 5 Sticky Premium Memberships instead of 3. WOOHOO!

Mark, Argent, John Now, Isaiah, Jedm – Each of you have won for yourself a 1-month Sticky Premium Membership. Yay! Would you please state your username on Sticky (in the comments section below your original entry) and we’ll upgrade your membership rightaway. :)

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30 Jul 15 By Editor D 24 Comments

This Week on Sticky


This Week on Sticky, we have webcam models’ recorded sessions, hot Asian guys’ wank videos, young fireman stud shooting his huge load, and loads more premium and free stuff!


Hello fella QueerClickers! This weekend, we are running our very first Sticky Premium Membership Giveaway. Share with us YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH QUEERCLICK and WHY YOU DESERVE A STICKY PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP! More info about how to get a free Sticky Premium Membership here.

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26 Jul 15 By Laam 3 Comments

DancingHard’s Policeman Striptease Teaches Us How To Dance Like No One Is Watching

DancingHard policeman dance

Anyone remember DancingHard? We used to be obsessed about him many many moons ago over here at QC. Stop everything you’re doing right now and watch this new-ish video we’ve unearthed of him doing a cray-cray Police Dance. So you think you can dance? You’d think twice after watching the video.

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21 Jul 15 By Editor D 17 Comments