Prediction: Men Will Have Bigger Cocks in the Future

Size queens, pay attention! Men will have symmetrical facial features, deeper voices and, here’s the good news, bigger cocks when humans reach physical perfection by the year 3000, according to two British scientists. Due to sexual selection, the human race will split into two groups — those “perfect” humans who stand between 6ft and 7ft tall and live up to 120 years and those sad creatures who get the short end of the DNA stick.
If you can’t wait 1,000 years, head over and see Jessie’s massive cock (pictured above) at You Love Jack.

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Mitch at

Mitch at
Mitch is a fun outgoing straight guy with a pretty open mind. He’s a big time skater, and tries his best to surf, but admits that he’s not that good at it. Buzz West asked if he’d ever had any experience with another guy, and he told Buzz that he “got fucked in the ass once”. Pretty different from the usual “I got head” answer. He has very captivating blue eyes, size 13 shoes, and stands 6’4″ tall. A very tall stud with a nice hard 7″ dick! We’ll be curious to see if this guy is willing to do more in the future…

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Mattox at

Mattox at
Can you believe that Mattox doesn’t think his ass is cute? We completely disagree! His ass is beautiful. He’s stacked. And that refers to both sides. This guy is horse-hung, a huge pre-cummer and a sexy/cocky show-off. We like how this guy knows how to show off. And we sure wouldn’t mind seeing a guy with his lips wrapped around that cock of Mattox’s!
UPDATE: Yes, Mattox has appeared on other sites under other names. See him as Trent at and as a more hairy Blair at Hopefully he’ll settle on one name before he does further appearances.

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Queerying Francesco D’Macho

QC’s Spanish Editor Rick recently spoke with mega-hottie Francesco D’Macho about his porn work, dating in the business, cooking, and sex on the beach. An Italian native, Francesco has become a well-known Hot House star over the past year. The Spanish translation is available on QC Español, the English below.
QC: How did you ended up doing porn?
Francesco: Well, my ex-boyfriend, Felipe Romano, was working in the industry… He used to work for Falcon and I had the chance to look at the industry and how it is like. I was very jealous with all the attention he was getting and he was also making a lot of money, so I decided, “I can do it too.” Then my best friend Martin Mazza [QC Link], who is Spain, said “why don’t you try? I received emails from some companies and they saw your pictures, they are offering this amount of money”. So I got in touch with Hot House… after two weeks I was in California shooting my first movie. And then my company offered me an exclusive that I signed, so then I found myself as a porn actor one day (laughing) and then rest is history.
Did you get nervous on your first scene?
I was very nervous, yes. My first experience was in the movie “Black” from Hot House, a leather movie. Initially I was supposed to be in the movie for only one scene but I ended up in another scene because the director said “I can not believe this is your first time doing it, you are very good and you are very natural, you know exactly what to do” and honestly, when I look at it now the first scene I can tell that I was very nervous. Everybody told me and I was doing great and everything, but I don’t like it, it’s not my favorite movie.
And for how long have you been doing it?
Very short. Many people don’t realize that, but I did my first movie in June 2006, so it’s just over one year and four months. I’ve done seven movies so far and every movie it’s being better than the last. My last movie is “Jock Strap” from Hot House, and I saw a little bit of it and it’s my favorite movie.
How do you deal with people on the streets who recognize you? How do they react to you?
Here in Europe they don’t. In Europe there’s a different market for porn. I live in Madrid, Spain, and everybody knows me. I live in the gay area, I go to shopping, I go to the gym, occasionally to clubs… so I know a lot of people here, they used to see me around, so it’s not like a big deal. When I go to United States is different, there is a different market. If you go to San Francisco you will find big posters on the streets and literally if you go to Castro, porn stars are celebrities. I used to go to San Francisco with my ex-boyfriend François Sagat [QC Link] and people used to stop us, they wanted to take a picture and everything. It was always very nice. But, I must say that the most of attention that I get is through my website, e-mails, Myspace.

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Pref Magazine on Newsstands Now!

If you’ve been frequenting QueerClick for awhile, you know we have a soft (or is hard?) spot for the French gay magazine: PREF. Issue 23 swoons our hearts with the artful photos by Robert Lakow, Bruce LaBruce, Anthony Gayton and Corey Seeholzer among others. And if you read French, this issue has articles on gays in Colombia, the rights of gay frenchmen since the election of Nicolas Sarkozy and the “Rupture”, and well… plenty of pictures of the cover model. Yum.

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