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NextDoorStudios: Anthony Russo

Next Door Male: Anthony Russo
Anthony Russo is one sexy Italian stud, and he is on full display in this locker room solo. Bulging out of his pants, he slowly rubs himself down as he gets himself worked up. Getting ever harder, he begins to stroke it standing up, then turns to show his sculpted ass as he fucks the glory with his shimmering penis going in and out. Now that he’s really worked up, he leans back against the stall and sits down on the floor to finish off this whack attack, talking into the camera and shooting a messy load all over his hands. Luckily the shower is right there, but that’s a whole other scene for a whole ‘nother time.

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NextDoorStudios: Anthony and Madison Mason

Next Door Hookups: Anthony and Madison Mason
The tattooed hunk and the lovely Madison Mason are going to be late for a night out on the town if she doesn’t get ready fast enough. Luckily for Anthony, his girl gets ready rather quickly. Unfortunately for their plans, she was looking a bit TOO good, turning him on so much that he was forced to undress the petite princess and give her a good fucking.

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09 Mar 09 By Jo 1 Comment

NextDoorStudios: Orgy in the Gym

Can I please join this gym?
Have you ever wondered what it would happen if a gym full of hot beefy men got naked and started sucking and fucking? Well have we got some excitement for you. On Next Door Buddies, you are going to find the boyish Mason Wyler, the tall tatted hunk Anthony, monster cock Jonny T, the sexy toned Miguel Prange and the tanned happy Sebastian Taylor all getting down and dirty in this hot gym orgy. All these hot men in one gym is going to get your cock throbbing instantly.

26 Feb 09 By redmonkey 6 Comments

Mason Wyler: Mason and Anthony

mason wyler anthony
The scene starts with Mason being face fucked, hard by his buddies large, thick, cut cock. The inked up stud has a great ass that hypnotizes you while he pounds deep into Mason’s tight asshole. They utilize the couch but all the action ends up on the bed when Mason is laid onto his stomach and is spider mounted so all you can see two hot asses and some large balls bouncing around while Mason’s ass it savagely pounded.

24 Feb 09 By Dave 8 Comments

Mason Wyler: Mason and Anthony

Mason Wyler: Mason and Anthony
Mason is hanging out on the couch flipping through channels waiting for Anthony to get out of the shower. Anthony, with his well groomed body, takes no time in dropping his towel so Mason can take that monster cock deep into his willing mouth.
Anthony kicks back and lets Mason deep throat his throbbing member but sometimes Mason just won’t suck fast enough so Anthony takes matters into his own hands by face fucking Mason’s watery hole.
In the end Anthony leaves a great steamy blast of cum dripping down Mason’s face.

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Anthony at NextDoorStudios

Anthony at
Anthony is one of those good natured, independent, successful young guys that we all strive to be when we’re growing up. At the young age of 22, Anthony owns his own business, is single, and has a group of great friends that he says have supported him through thick and thin.
Standing at 6’2″, this guy is no joke. Weighing in at a healthy 200, Anthony loves pumping iron in his garage, where he’s set up his own gym. He also tells us he’s somewhat of a sexual deviant, liking things a bit more than your “average” experience. That’s also why he’s on NextDoorMale for his THIRD time; he’s got a huge cock and he loves to get off.

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Anthony at NextDoorStudios

Anthony at
Yo, fool. That’s not Kid’n’Play, yo. That’s Anthony from! Anthony at the young age of 22, owns his own business, is single, and has a group of great friends that he says have supported him thought he good and the bad. Standing at 6’2”, this guy is no joke. Weighing in at a healthy 195, Anthony loves working out in his garage, where he’s set up his own gym. He also admits to being a bit of a sexual deviant, liking things a bit more than your “average” sexual experience. We’re not sure what that means exactly, but we hope we see more in the future. But for now, we’re just glad he likes sharing his great body on…

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Anthony and Brady Rey at NextDoorStudios

Luvin at the trailer park has got a hot oral scene for you this week featuring the studly Brady Rey and the smooth, long-cocked Anthony. Brady heard that Anthony was cleaning out one of the trailers the guys were going to use for camping during the upcoming weekend, so he decided to see if his friend needed any help. As he approached, he noticed that Anthony’s pants were ripped, and his ass was showing. Watching the hot young guy work his arms, cleaning the exterior of the trailer, started to turn Brady Rey on. Feeling risky and cocky that day, Brady decided to make a move and see how it played out. Surprisingly, Anthony doesn’t back away when Brady walks up and starts rubbing his ass. Knowing that he’s got it, Brady reaches his hand up the tears in Anthony’s pants and starts tugging on his cock. The two move into the trailer to have a bit more fun. See all the details at…
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Anthony at NextDoorStudios

Meet Anthony at This almost 20 year old loves the feeling of working his muscles. From playing rugby to power lifting to sex, you can tell Anthony has put many hours into his body once you see him shirtless. As of right now, Anthony is single. So here he is, Anthony, enjoying himself on the couch, in the bathroom and jerking himself to completion on to the kitchen chair. Enjoy at…

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