- Stewart Wanked - Stewart Wanked

At, cheap boss Stewart may have deferred giving out any bonuses so he could pay for a few more whores, but now the vengeful men are ready to make him pay with his sperm! His dick is so excitable he quickly gets an enormous stiff erection which the men lube up with their own spit.

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The Casting Room: Ian

The Casting Room: Ian

New at TheCastingRoom, Ian is a sweet looking fit-bodied man, but this audition proves that looks can be deceiving. Up until this point he's only engaged in conventional sex with women, but he's secretly harboured many fantasies involving bondage like being tied and used by both men and women.

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Super Hot 10

What’s scorchin’ on QueerClick! - Office Sexist - Office Sexist

At, Tom's anus still throbs from being repeatedly penetrated. He's not sure what was worse - the women's eager probing fingers, or the big thick vibrator. But his debasement has left him shaken and utterly humiliated.

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Active Duty: Raylon

Active Duty: Raylon

Raylon has got a rockin' body with muscles in just all the right places! This Brazilian demi-god moved to the U.S. at a young age, he's super active and loves outdoor sports and surfing. You can tell how those activities definitely shaped a body that can certainly stop traffic!

It's Halloween time and ActiveDuty is slashing prices! Members save more with 50% off your already discounted prices! Plus, if you're not already a member, you can join now for $13.13 for 13 days... if you dare. Also, make sure to take advantage of half-priced DVDs at both Active Duty and Dirty Bird Pictures!

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Dirk Caber can't stop fucking his stepsons. Part 8 of Stepfather's Secret escalates to a triple penetration in the most intense Jizz Orgy ever! Dirk Caber is the first man in gay porn to successfully get three stepson (Asher Hawk, Johnny Rapid & Trevor Spade) cocks inside one daddy asshole!

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Suck Off Guys: Hunter Oakley

suckoffguys hunter oakley

Hunter tells us a bit about himself including the fact that he has recently given up masturbation. He needs some relief and that's exactly where comes in! He's super frisky and raring to go so they get right to it.

Aaron swoops in and starts exploring Hunter's body. Hunter is definitely a grower and his cock gets hard and huge within seconds as Aaron works him over.

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Straight Fraternity: Victor at the Gloryhole

straight fraternity victor

Victor steps up to the Straight Fraternity gloryhole to get his thick, uncut cock sucked and his big, swollen balls drained.

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Authentic Footballers: Gonzalo

authentic footballers gonzalo

Gonzalo (25) is a very masculine and a very confident goalkeeper. He has two big hanging balls and a large cock with a huge head.

You'll have the great views of his generous tool and balls in the two jerking off video, particularly the second one!

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Titan Men: Dario Beck and Alex Graham

titanmen alex dario

On a balcony overlooking a pool at night, Dario Beck is approached by Alex Graham, and his smooth, muscular chest catches his attention. They kiss, Alex unbuttoning Dario's shirt and pulling the hairy-chested stud in closer as their jean bulges touch. Alex reaches down to stroke Dario's thick boner, his own big cock soon released. He strokes them together in one hand, Dario's foreskin sliding up.

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Helix Studios: Collin Payne and Evan Parker

helix evan collin

Collin Payne and Evan Parker are the stars of this new scene from Helix Studios, entitled "New Neighbor." Collin is in his kitchen washing dishes when he hears a knock on the door. Standing there in none other than the sexy Evan Parker, dressed in a black dress shirt. Instead of flirting, Collin goes on an impromptu, Julia Sugarbaker soapbox rant, beginning with "I'm not interested in what you're selling," and ending with, "I'm gay." And the plot thickens...

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UK Hot Jocks: Yoshi Kawasaki

UK Hot Jocks: Yoshi Kawasaki

If ever there was a perfect mix of dirty, sexy and adorably cute, Yoshi is it! Japanese jock and super hot and exotic looking Yoshi Kawasaki is exclusive to UKHotJocks. Living in London and studying English he's sweet, polite and an insatiable bottom boy! Covered in hot tattoos, when he's fully clothed you couldn't imagine the sexual beast that lies beneath. When he gives 'that' look into the camera you know he's hiding something much more.

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Fratpad: Benji and Maddox - Jerkoff Race

fratpad maddox benji

Men can be so damn competitive! Benji challenged Maddox to a jerkoff race. Maddox looked to Benji and said "winner cums on the loser?", Benji said "hell yeah!" All bets were off as the two got naked and got down the business of winning. Maddox was determined to win.

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