Helix Studios: Evan Parker and Alex Jordan

helix studios alex evan

It's a dreary day for Evan Parker as he takes a walk in the rain to reflect on his faltering relationship with starving-artist boyfriend Alex Jordan. Evan is the pragmatic one in the relationship and has lost patience being the de-facto patron for Alex while he works on his art. As Evan wanders the cold city streets contemplating the breakup he runs into a flirty old flame, Ian Levine. It doesn't take long for the ex-lovers to warm up to each other but after their fling Evan is left facing that same lingering question: So what happens now?

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Corbin Fisher: Calvin

Corbin Fisher: Calvin

If you like them cute, young, tight-bodied and easygoing, you're going to like Calvin. He most definitely has himself some nice eyes and a great smile, and didn't take too long to settle in at Corbin Fisher and get along well with everyone here.

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Super Hot 10

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Butch Dixon: Delta Korba and Michel Rudin

butch dixon delta michel

Big Bad Delta Kobra couldn't wait to take on the all man, hairy, hung Michel Rudin. Two sexy guys, with two sexy, long foreskinned cocks. Delta fucked the beejezus out of Michel Rudin, their hairy bodies, thrusting into each other and writhing - sweaty hairy chest against sweaty hairy chest and when Delta had finished fucking him and both guys had shot their steamy, creamy loads Delta pissed all over the spent stud.

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Caption This!

Caption This!

Post your funniest comments and see who got the most votes last week!

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Mr. Man


Celebrity Cock for only $8 a month. Mr. Man is your one stop shop for celebrity nudity. It's updated daily and this week Super hunk Milo Ventimiglia is getting naked. Hot!!

UK Naked Men: Paul Walker and Bruno Fox

uk naked men bruno paul

Bruno Fox has had a long term fantasy about servicing a hot straight boy, so when he got the chance to play bottom to stunning Paul Walker he jumped at the chance and at Paul's veiny, stiff cock. Bruno bent double and spread his tight hole for Paul's mighty meat, he struggled at first taking the full length, with Paul gently thrusting deeper and deeper into Bruno's steaming hot hole.

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Gemini Men: Mike O'Keefe

gemini men mike okeefe

Mark was having some work done at the studio and hired a guy off Craig's List to help move some stuff. On the second day, he brought Mike along to help. Instantly drawn to Mike's rugged masculine persona and sexy blue eyes, Mark offered him a chance to do a shoot. Mike agreed this video is the result. He was a little nervous and not sure this was his "thing" but he fulfilled his agreement even though he did rush to his cum shot!

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NextDoorEbony: Marc Williams, Brandon Jones and Jay Black

NextDoorEbony: Marc Williams, Brandon Jones and Jay Black

Down at the club, the daytime shift for barkeep Marc Williams is about to end. When Marc closes shop in the early afternoon, the place doesn't open again until 10pm. Brandon Jones has been Marc's only customer today. As they lightly chit chat, Jay Black warms up for his go-go routine he'll perform that evening. Brandon tells Marc how sexy Jay looks to him and Marc agrees that Jay has a special, sensual quality to his moves.

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Lucas Entertainment: Chris Crocker and Anthony Verruso

Lucas Entertainment: Chris Crocker and Anthony Verruso

Chris Crocker and Anthony Verruso are putting in overtime at the old porn warehouse, but putting them together was a bad idea from the start. Why is it a bad idea? Well, for one Anthony Verruso is a notorious hungry bottom: he's always begging to get fucked -- morning, noon, or night! And the other issue is Chris Crocker, who is a dominant top who always wants to fuck bareback! Their lustful chemistry takes off from the onset -- they suck each other's dicks before stowing away in the warehouse's backroom, where Anthony rides and bounces on Chris' cock raw.

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Hot House: Colt Rivers and Vance Crawford

hot house vance colt

Judging from his raging hard-on Colt Rivers really enjoyed his workout. Rivers' big boner didn't go unnoticed by Vance Crawford who follows Colt into the locker room, gets on his knees and swallows the young stud's dick to the base.

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Authentic Footballers: Maximo

authentic footballers maximo

Authentic Footballers had to stop Maximo during the jerking off videos (both of them) so as to give these two clips a reasonable duration. This horny guy was ready to cum a couple of minutes after he started to wank. Jerking off for the camera aroused him too much and the result is that his first blast of jizz reached his shoulder.

Maximo is a nice and friendly footballer, a bit out of fit but yet very skilled. He's got hair in his groin and around his anus, and a quite fat and big cock!

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Picture This: Dane Sulliuvan


In case you were wondering whether 19 year old British bi-curious lad Dane Sullivan enjoyed his first experience of getting naked, hard and horny on camera last year, for top UK porn site picturethis-studios, we think the appearance of this brand new shoot will probably answer that question. The truth is he absolutely loved it and quite clearly discovered some hidden exhibitionist tendencies that along the way.

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