Corbin Fisher: Emerson Feeds Brant

Corbin Fisher: Emerson Feeds Brant

There are three main things we think Emerson has going for him in his introductory video - he's handsome as hell, has a truly hot body, and was up for getting a BJ from a guy in his very first appearance on Corbin Fisher!

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Men At Play: Break Point - Jessy Ares and Gabriel Vanderloo

Men At Play: Break Point - Jessy Ares and Gabriel Vanderloo

A game of billiards is the perfect excuse to get a good eye full of a man's suited ass!! All that bending over the table, lining up your cue and stretching forward really puts your behind on full display. No surprise then that in a game between Jessy Ares and Gabriel Vanderloo, Gabriel can't keep his eye on the ball cause that meaty full butt of Jessy's is just too big a distraction. To even the odds up a little, Gabriel tries to flirt with and distract Jessy making him mess up his aim.

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Super Hot 10

What’s scorchin’ on QueerClick! - Boys Jerked off in Class - Boys Jerked off in Class

At, despite the discomfort at their predicament, and the pain of being anally penetrated, the boys have all had the same reaction to the girls' attentions. Full of testosterone, even the slightest stimulation has caused them to spring erections in front of the class.

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Legend Men: Darius Ferdynand

legendmen darius ferdynand

Darius Ferdynand is no stranger to our site, here he is at Legend Men and he is looking mighty fine!

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QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

Who doesn't like sexting? Our new QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week, as you are about to find out, is a big fan of sending naughty messages when he's horny. And the best part is that each of his messages are accompanied with a slow progression of different stages of undress. The build-up is totally worthy because he has a banging body and an even better cock!

Don't forget to tell us what you think about him in the comments!

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Ask QC: How do I tell him his breath stinks?


Hi Ask QC,

I met this guy recently online on the apps, looks cute, killer smile and a great body too - so we decided to hook up.

Really like him and we had great sex but when we kissed his breath was gross - I mean really disgustingly smelly - like crap actually (literally)

I love to kiss a lot so this is a problem and but he didn't get the hint when I pulled away from kissing. I made a point of gargling with Listerine when we where in the bathroom together but he never picked it up and used it.

I would love to get regular with him but the breath is a deal breaker for me - he doesn't smoke so I don't know whether he's got bad teeth (they look great btw), something wrong with his digestion or what the neck it is!?!

He wants to meet again, so how to I tell the guy? I feel uncomfortable being too blunt or direct with him, any ideas?


Hi Brennan and thanks for writing in with your questions and concerns. Bad breath can be the result of a number of things, whether it's something eaten, dental, hygene or digestive problems. All of which can be rectified, so don't write him off just yet! And most people who have halitosis aren't even aware of it... so someone has to tell them. And that's the difficult part, especially if you plan on dating again and so you'll need to do this in a sensitive way. So dear QC readers, what tips and advice can you give Brennan? How would you tell a date if they had bad breath? Woud you tell them face to face? Via text? How would you phrase it? If you can help him in any way, then please share your wisdom and advice with all in the QComments section!

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

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Tim Tales: Tim and Henrique

tim tales henrique

While it gets a little colder everywhere Tim needed some Brazilian heat and spent some time with sexy Henrique. He truly enjoys every inch of Tim´s huge cock and they get very passionate with a lot of kissing while Henrique´s hot muscle butt gets a treatment that every guy wants when it gets cold.

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Blake Mason: Jonas Jackson

blake mason jonas jackson

Blake Mason has another totally hot bisexual hunk for you all to adore! His name is Jonas, and he's a former Royal Marine and personal trainer - could there be a hotter combination? Of course he's a top, and we cannot wait to see him slamming a tight ass with that powerful uncut dick if of his. For the time being we're finding out a little more about him before enjoying a nice solo wank show, with a wet and messy ending!

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SuckoffGuys: Jesse and Leo

suckoffguys jesse leo

Suck Off Guys first met super-hairy, straight stud, Jesse when he came in looking to shoot his load down the throat of a hungry cock-sucker. He had so much fun feeding his load to Aaron French that he's back, looking for more. This time he brings his best friend, Leo, who is also straight and happens to be married to a woman.

You see when Jesse told Leo about how a lot of gay dudes will not just suck their straight cock, they'll also swallow their entire cum load, Leo just had to experience it for himself.

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The Male Form: Michael

the male form michael

Meet Michael, we don't have any details...but hell who needs words. See lots more at The Male Form.

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Military Classified: Thalius and Davenport

military classified thalius davenport

Rob at Military Classified is bringing back two of his prized possessions and the porn gods are smiling on him today because these two blew him away! You all know Davenport and the way this boy delivers a nut but Rob has teamed him up with Thalius, a new comer, and today Rob gets introduced to a double Marine fuck that left him spent. Watch as these two straight Marines navigate around Rob's ass and deliver a load that covers his ass like a glazed doughnut! Damn!

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All American Guys: Ethan

all american guys ethan

Ethan, a relative newcomer to the modeling world isn't very shy about showing off. Ethan is in the works of perfecting his already awesome physique, and we hope you enjoy the photos he shot recently for All American Guys' Heatseeklers.

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