GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

Are you guys prepared for your weekly dose of the hottest top ten in town? This edition of GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week is truly amazing, it has more hotties than what you could possible handle in one sitting, so we're sure you'll have to come back to keep checking them out. Those perfect bodies and huge cocks deserve all the praising they are going to get but who's going to be your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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Super Hot 10

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Legend Men: Anthony Straka

legendmen anthony straka

Anthony Straka is a bit of an exhibitionist. He loves to jerk off in the great outdoors, and if he is seen so what! See lots more at Legend Men.

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Kristen Bjorn: James Castle and Logan Moore

kristen bjorn james logan

James and Logan are out having a fun and romantic day. When they pass a photo booth in the metro they stop for some fun and daring photos. Both suck each other's meaty cocks for the camera before heading home where they can really get raw. Logan begins by tongue fucking James' perfect pink hole. Logan senses that James is primed at this point and shoves his raw cock deep inside of his well lubed ass.

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Naked Sword: Cameron Kincade and Alex Greene

naked sword alex cameron

Cameron Kincade and Alex Greene can barely keep themselves from ripping off each other's clothes and fucking HARD! Right in the middle of a passionate kiss Alex's huge cock drops out of his swim trunks. Cameron gets on his knees, opens wide, and swallows Alex deep. Alex returns the favor but he's really more excited for his fucking.

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Private Gym


There's a new product on the market for sexually active men that promises to make your cock harder, make you last longer, and make you shoot your loads further. It's called Private Gym and it actually works! They just got the results from a four month clinical trial and the results are EXPLOSIVE (pun intended).

Study Results Included:

  • 75% improved erectile rigidity and strength (25% greatly improved)

  • 90% experienced heightened orgasm intensity

  • 40% improved ejaculatory control (25% greatly improved)

  • 75% improved ejaculatory force (12% greatly improved)

  • 90% improved confidence in the bedroom/sexual performance (50% greatly improved)

  • 60% experienced increased sexual pleasure (38% greatly improved)

(The randomized study comprised 30 men aged from 24 to 65-years-old)

While you are debating to buy one or not (isn't it time you had a gym membership that was actually useful!) be sure to check out this smoking hot video featuring two of our favorites - Johnny Hazard and Austin Wilde trying out the system together. As you can see it is super easy to use and actually comes with an interactive CD that guides you through every step. Where do we sign up!

Visit PrivateGym today and see results fast!

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Lucas Entertainment: Brice Farmer Barebacks With Joey Pele, Alejandro Alvarez and Esteban Nice

l ucas entertainment joey

Brice Farmer
returns to Lucas Entertainment to bareback with Joey Pele, Alejandro Alvarez, and Esteban Nice! And I don't want to be biased, but I'm now on the lookout for Alejandro Alvarez because he loves taking raw cock as much as it is given to him. Brice and Joey take on the roles as tops, and Alejandro teams up with Esteban to bottom for their throbbing uncut cocks.

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Men of Montreal: Damon Ducharme

men of montreal damon ducharme

Today's hottie is another one of Montreal's male strippers. Indeed, Damon Ducharme has a lot of charm going on with his luscious lips and sexy and piercing bedroom eyes. This 5'10', 172 lbs., sandy haired, 22 y.o. stud swings a 7.5 to 8 inches of uncut meat on him, which he loves to play with. Damon hails from the city's suburbs and he will easily jerk off 3 to 4 times a day.

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Bentley Race: Jay Townsend

bentley race jay townsend

Bentley lost touch with Jay Townsend for a couple of years. So he was pretty happy when he moved back to near Bentley and they started making scenes together again. As Jay rolls around on the bed pleasuring himself you can see all his muscles tense up as he's getting ready to blow.

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Dirty Tony: Camden Connors

dirty tony camden

Camden Connors sounds like a hot southern boy, but he actually grew up in a small town named Visalia in central California. He was raised on a ranch full of peacocks, cows and walnut groves. He likes to visit southern California every chance he gets, when he is not putting the vise in Visalia that is. Camden wastes no time in getting his pants loosened up and diving his giant man hands down under his waist band.

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Cocksure Men: Thomas Ride Barebacks Adam Weisz

Cocksure Men: Thomas Ride Barebacks Adam Weisz

Hairy muscle stud Thomas Ride and sexy jock Adam Weisz kiss like their in heat. They remove each other's shirts before unbuckling their jeans. They kiss and play with their cocks before getting fully undressed. Thomas hops on top of Adam and fucks his mouth. He then goes down on Adam and swallows his thick cock, wrapping his lips around his dick. Adam squats over Thomas' face, making Thomas dig his tongue deep into his bubble butt, getting it ready for the thick, uncut cock.

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Men At Play: From Behind - Malek Tobias Introducing Jalil Jafar

Men At Play: From Behind - Malek Tobias Introducing Jalil Jafar

Have you ever had the feeling you're being watched? Your sixth sense is telling you that gazing eyes are burning through the back of your skull? Let's be honest, if someone is eyeballing you, it's usually for one reason - they wanna hump you. That's the feeling young Malek Tobias gets when he's clocking up a bit of overtime one evening in the company office. Fortunately for Malek that searing gaze comes from his, hot, hairy, hunk of a suited supervisor, Jalil Jafar.

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