Kurt Wild Goes After Michael Lucas... Mostly Because Kurt's Drunk

In high dudgeon and Jackie O glasses, pass-around party bottom Kurt Wild decided to get wasted on camera and call out Michael Lucas for his outburst against Brent Corrigan at the last GayVN awards. And while we're always pleased to see the big-dicked fuckpup, we're wondering why he decided to get all pissed about this just now; after all, it happened almost a year ago (Maybe he missed our awesome coverage of the whole ordeal).

Nonetheless, if you like sass, then you'll love Kurt's tirade. It includes him non-stop swearing and using the word "bitchfit", smoking and drinking all classy-like, a shot of his daughter, and his wife threatening to sodomize him with a beer can—fun! We know you're busy (masturbating) men and may not have time to watch Kurt's entire 9-minute 51-second video, so we've pulled out the best parts for your post-coital pleasure:

0:55 - He kisses his daughter and wipes his mouth clean moments after (probably because he wasn't paid to kiss her on camera. That usually costs at least twenty dollars, you little freeloader).

1:40 - He paraphrases Lucas' comment from the GayVN that Brent Corrigan's underage acting in porn jeopardized the entire porn industry and then refutes that claim, by eloquently stating, "You know what really puts our in jeopardy, Michael? What really puts us in jeopardy is your out of country, out of mind, RETARDED BULLSHIT!"

Kurt continues by saying, "We're at war with a country that you go over and find models to FUCK! For what? The same thing that George Bush finds over there? Oil? YOU FIND PORN STARS, you're even worse than George W. Bush, Michael Lucas! You know you are!"

We're assuming that Kurt means that we're at war with Israel, which we're not really. Also, we wouldn't compare Michael Lucas to ex-President Bush, although Lucas will probably savour the comparison (seeing as their foreign policy views are so similar). But errors aside, Kurt's a drunken porn star, not a geo-political science major, so we'll let 'em slide.

4:45 - He turns to his offscreen wife and says, "Hand me a beer... now. My beer lady... hand me my beer, my cheap two dollar six-pack of beer after giving you five-hundred dollars. Yaahaa!" She then says, "Your beer lady? I'm gonna jam it up your ass." Kurt's positively delighted at the prospect. No wonder they get along so well.

5:50 - Kurt gets all huffy at Michael Lucas for not talking to him. According to Wild, Lucas asked Wild to be in his Fire Island film, but Kurt couldn't do it because he had a shoot "for at least as much if not more" money with College Dudes 24/7. Kurt then says he accepted an $800 paycut for doing the scene with CD247, "because I like 'em." Might be time to get a business manager, sweetums.

6:50 - He almost lights the wrong end of his cigarette... classy!

7:30 - He asks Lucas, "You think your champagne's better than my Natty Light? I don't give a fuck. I have just as much ab, if not more. Just as much cock, if not more. Just as much director talent. I'm actually writing a movie right now, and I keep it in a little bitty box. Right here. Wanna read it? Read some parts of it? Get some fucking action? Wanna read how the camera starts? Wanna read how—who talks to who? You wanna read how all that stuff goes? Cause fuck you."

OK, that settles it... we want a fuck-off between these two. They get to go at each other and direct their camera men while comparing their dicks and abs. The finished video that makes us cum the hardest wins.

It's been a rough couple of years for Kurt. First Subway fired him, then he took part in the failed resurrection of Angel Slut Garden, and then he was fucked by a subway train. He hasn't even updated his blog since July 2009. Hmmm... But luckily, he just did a an Extra Big Dicks scene (ch-ching!), so maybe we'll be seeing more of his sexy ass soon.

At 9:30 in the video, he removes his shades and smiles. Is it wrong how badly we want Kurt to fuck us? So what if he's a married father of four? That just makes him a DILF and we'd gladly let him shove his Natty Light can up our ass any day. Call us, Kurt...

Thanks to Gay Sex Blog for the transcription.

BREAKING: Michael Lucas Speaks Out About Alleged Run-In With Corrigan's Boyf*

BREAKING: Michael Lucas Speaks Out About Alleged Run-In With Corrigan's Boyf*
Michael Lucas is hardly one to turn the other cheek. His latest press retaliation unapologetically keeps up his fiery attack on Brent Corrigan, even going so far as to name Brent's boyfriend who allegedly threatened to throw acid on Lucas' face. *"Boyf" is horrible abbreviation for "boyfriend" and should be used by no one, not even as a headline in a gay pornography blog.

Michael Lucas has issued the following letter regarding matters that took place this past weekend during and after the GayVN Awards. QueerClick has been following the drama every step of the way; you can check out the play-by-play at the Lucas Vs. Corrigan QC News Page.

"It is shocking how lightly the industry is taking this matter. By falsifying his government-required identification, Brent Corrigan put himself, producers, and the general public at the mercy of federal prosecution. Because Brent performed while he was underage, all the material that he appeared in during that time is now considered child pornography, and rightfully so. However, anyone in possession of those titles, who purchased them or viewed them assuming that the producer had taken the necessary precautions to eliminate the risk, now has illegal pornography on their hands. Can you imagine the trauma of having to deal with something like that? And with the internet being what it is, who knows what images of Brent are legal and illegal? This is a disgusting and horrifying question.
To those who are saying that Brent Corrigan didn't know what he was doing, let me tell you that even a 17-year-old knows that forging documents is against the law. A 17-year-old also knows that he cannot take part in adult videos. Erik Menedez was only 17-years old when he and his brother killed their parents-- he is serving life behind bars. No I am not equating this to murder but a crime is a crime and at 17 you know that. We cannot prosecute in one instance and then turn our heads the next... and then honor the criminal with awards for his work.
To those who are saying that I went on stage because I was jealous of Corrigan's nominations, let me remind you that I've been speaking out against celebrating Corrigan for at least three years now. This was before he had received any awards.
To those who are saying I am going after Corrigan because he declined to be in my movie, how can that make any sense? In 11 years of business, there were many models which my company turned away and there were many models who turned down working for my company. Today we looked through all of our casting records, and found an email dating back to September 15, 2006, between our previous casting director and Brent Corrigan. At this point we, regrettably, did not know about his past and we are forever thankful that things did not work out and we declined working with him. My conscience would have never been cleared and a heavy deal of personal guilt would have shadowed me and my career.
For those who said it was not a good time to make a statement, please tell me what's a better time than after the city of San Francisco honored the industry for its work to stop child pornography. Well, I'm not the type to sit silently and listen to this hypocrisy because unfortunately many in the adult industry do not seem to care much about using underage models. You see, there are thousands of young, beautiful guys out there that have made it in this business legally without putting the revolting burden of being involved in child pornos on anyone. So why do many of you decide to support and nominate this particular one? What a strange coincidence. I'm talking about reviewers and judges here. Some of you don't care, because it's not you, it's the producers who are in danger. It's the company heads, like myself, who are risking their freedom because of criminals like Corrigan. This cannot be our industry's protocol.
I'm incredibly dismayed by those who are questioning me on the details of the situation that occurred at the GayVN Awards. I read posts by bloggers stating that they know Brent Corrigan's boyfriend and that he is not the violent type. To those who are uninformed, I would recommend doing some research. Read the testimonies below that I have easily found today. You will clearly see Corrigan's pattern of choosing very violent partners. His previous boyfriend wanted to kill Bryan Kocis. His new boyfriend, whose name we now know is Eric Paul Martinez, seems to be a violent psychopath as well. And now, just a few highlights from Tory Mason and Jason Sechrest's observations of Brent's boyfriend Eric Paul:
On Jason Sechrest's blog, Tory Mason said:
"That guy that brent's dating is nuts.. when I was seeing John (who is stationed in the navy and lives in San Diego) we all went out, although Brent wasn't there, and at the end of the night he [Eric Paul] got into a really loud argument with some kid and John and I tried to seperate them, he [Eric Paul] ended up throwing me down to the ground and then went after the kid, who's a bartender, and knocked him out cold.. he then hid out at John's place till it was safe for him to go home. Absolute fucking lunatic! He [Eric Paul] has some very dangerous obsession with this Corrigan kid (which he made clear the night we went out and the crazy things he was saying about him) and those death threats probably weren't just words but actual threats.. i think he's delusional too, have you ever seen the way he watches over Brent at a club. It's as if he thinks that if he takes his eyes off him somebody's going to swoop in and kidnap that chubby little washed up runt."
Also, Jason emailed me this story about Eric Paul:
"Caleb Carter, who has unfortunately since passed away, came up to me at an event one night with a black eye and when I asked him how he got it, he told me it was "the work of Brent Corrigan's new boyfriend." ... That was when he [Corrigan] had just started dating this guy."
Lastly, I would like to end this letter by again telling those who thought that my short appearance on stage was a publicity-driven decision, and who are saying that it was the wrong moment. For me there are moments in life when keeping silent becomes a fault and when speaking becomes an obligation. I hold the conviction that we need to protect our industry and our youths; it is a civil duty, a moral challenge, a categorical imperative task from which we cannot escape.
I'm off to Russia, as tomorrow it will be the one year anniversary of my mother passing away and I will be with my father. So this is my last statement, but I will be than happy to answer further questions when I am back next week.

Ah, the old "I'm-going-to-mourn-my-dead-mother-in-Russia" trick; his final paragraph shows that Lucas considers the matter closed (he has the last word). If Brent says anything further in his own defense, Lucas can play the "How-disrespectful-to-keep-up-this-quarrel-while-I'm-in-mourning" card. Very trafty**, that Lucas.

** trafty = tricky + crafty

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BREAKING: Brent Corrigan Speaks Out About Lucas' Accusations

BREAKING: Brent Corrigan Speaks Out About Lucas' Accusations

Actually, Brent's response to Michael Lucas is more respectful than a middle finger, but who can resist a picture of the plucky young porn star flippin' the bird?

On his blog, Brent Corrigan has given his side of the story about Michael Lucas' outburst at the GayVN awards and the alleged threat and arrest supposedly involving Corrigan's boyfriend. You can follow the unfolding story at the Lucas Vs. Corrigan QC News Page. We'll follow up with some analysis of Brent's story.

Wow! This year's GayVN Awards has proven to be far more eventful and encapsulating than of any of the few years I have attended in years past!
I have much to share about my experiences of Saturday night. Currently, I am pulling resources, photos and calling on new friends and allies to help definitively set the record straight on some misconceptions that have surfaced over the last 36 hours
First! The good news! I took home 3 awards my first year nominated as a producer and a performer. I would like to graciously and humbly thank GayVN for presenting me with the awards Best Professional Amateur Video for Summit, Best Twink Video for Just the Sex 1 and Best Bottom Performer of the year.
It has been a stressful and harrowing long few years. Possibly for the first time ever since starting work within this industry I have been able to shed feelings of inadequacy. Decisions I made in my past have inspired studios, models, producers - and well, lets face it, at times; the whole industry to completely turn it's back on me.
There is nothing worse in life than feeling like an outcast. To be shunned and stripped of all dignity and worth; deemed reprehensible because you were misguided into an unsafe and detrimental situation that you were unprepared to make wise and informed decisions.
In what was an otherwise wonderful evening there was some negativity directed at me from Michael Lucas. While unprovoked, his attempts to thwart a special evening for me were unsuccessful. Without warrant or invite, ML forced himself onto the stage and to the mic during a transitional moment during the show's proceedings. Bitterly and maliciously, he made this statement:
"Shame on the judges who nominated and awarded Corrigan. On a night we honor ASACP there should be no forgiveness for the company's and individuals who put the industry in danger by supporting this . . ."
I can't recall exactly which derogatory terms he used, but it was harsh and aimed to hurt. The boos and applause drown it out on the live feed. More boos were heard than clapping though.
I've been called many things over the years. I learned to accept early on that this comes with the territory of living in the public eye. Living my life openly and honestly as a public figure also means people have and always will target me. Saturday evening at the GayVN Awards, Michael Lucas used me as a personal pawn in his game of publicity foul play. He has a running track record to these theatrics and stunts.
Mr. Lucas' account of the evening in his blog is one long string of fallacies. He reported that the next my boyfriend was taken into custody after threatening ML at the after party.
No one was arrested, and no one was threatened with any sort of bodily harm. Michael Lucas did say to my boyfriend, however, that he would "never, ever stop harassing your boyfriend!"
Later in the evening after the show, at the after party, Michael Lucas put himself between my boyfriend and me and the exit of the club. We were on our way home. He forced his body into Paul (my boyfriend of almost one year) and stepped on his toes and shoes. Michael immediately was hostile and a shouting match began. Paul requested the aid of two security officials of the venue. A warning was issued to Michael Lucas. The club was loud, there were many people around but words could not easily be heard over the noise unless you were within inches of the incident like I was. Despite this and what lies have been told, no threats of bodily harm or death were made ever to Michael Lucas. Names were called and threats of social ruin and disdain were made.
Paul and I woke the following morning at 8 AM with several police officers at our bedside. Paul was cuffed and taken out into the hallway so he could be questioned separately from me. Paul is 6 foot, 200 + pounds. There was no resist or hostility from either parties; the cuffs were used as a precaution based on the misleading statements ML had previously made to the authorities.
This occurred because Michael Lucas' pride and ego was brutally wounded when he was booed and the bulk of the GayVN patrons expressed distaste for his uninvited ranting on stage at the event. Michael filed false statements of a serious nature to use the San Francisco Police force as a pawn in his charade. Are you seeing the trend here?
This was done to humiliate and dehumanize me and those who care and look after me. I have people in my life who care about me and who stand by me; when necessary they defend me. I am as proud of them as they are of me.
Once Michael's history, motives and his outcry on stage were all brought to light to the authorities; Paul was released from his cuffs and we gave our written statements. The police were very fair and even sided. They were polite and quickly drew the correct conclusions. They departed after a little over an hour of discussion. Together Paul and I returned to bed to sleep the morning away.
Michael Lucas could not stand to walk away from the awards with just one accolade. He had to pull tricks and play the bitter card to make it all about him. But at what cost? Anything Michael Lucas has to recite says more about him than me. If he wants to go on with his fabrications of hate and theatrics, I will have no part in it. He, or anyone else, can only take from me what I allow them to have.
In the last few years I have been called things that would make most people give up on themselves. I have apologized and made arrangements in the past to do what I could to set right what was so very wrong about my underage work. Later this week, I intend to republish and reiterate the circumstances surrounding my premature entrance into the adult industry.
With so much attention once again called to this issue, it is my belief that once and for all I might be able to close the book on that part of my life. I do have thoughts and strong convictions about the legal age of models working within the adult industry and I look forward to sharing.
Thank you to all of you who have supported my work and found it within your hearts to forgive the mistakes I made as a boy. I look forward to sharing pictures from the weekend! I'm still awaiting replies from some of the photographers.
Your Friend and Lover, Brent Corrigan

BREAKING: Attendee Of GayVN Awards And After-Party Recounts Lucas Vs. Corrigan

BREAKING: GayVN Awards And Party Attendee Recounts Lucas Vs. Corrigan

We continue of breaking coverage of the Michael Lucas / Brent Corrigan altercation at the GayVN Awards this weekend with a firsthand account of the action told to us by someone who attended the awards show and stayed at the hotel where the alleged "arrest" went down. You can track all the drama at the Lucas Vs. Corrigan QC news page. The attendee's story starts here:

PRE-SHOW MOOD: Michael Lucas entered the hotel on Saturday morning before the award show to an amazing number of loud hisses and whispers from others in the industry, like he Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons or something! Wow. Alone in the elevator, he made a brief comment about how he hoped he would win, but was skeptical of the show itself. Ding! His floor and he left... in his signature, diamonds-are-shoved-up-my-ass gait.

AT THE SHOW: Once again, people hissed as he walked by (but you have to understand and appreciate that the GayVN Award shows are a bit like "Showtime at the Apollo"—if people don't like you, they aren't shy about letting you know. They cat-call, get up, charge the stage (as Michael did), sometimes everyone forgets what they're doing. The show's a lovely mess.

Anyway, it was clear Lucas Studios was getting overlooked and Raging Stallion was winning by a landslide... which was also stirring the crowd up. Michael was obviously annoyed as well. While accepting an award in very broken English, he made a subtle jab at Raging Stallion, which many didn't catch. It was clear at this point that Lucas was searching for a way to stir up, in his classic, any-publicity-is-good-publicity approach of doing business. While Brent Corrigan looked genuinely grateful and stunned for his honors (and the crowd wasn't entirely supportive of him either), Lucas clearly set his sight on him. And the opportunity came after an excellent announcement from the ASACP (Assoc. of Sites Advocating Child Protection) folks, that Lucas suddenly bolted on stage, took the mic and congratulated the ASACP folks (in perfect English) and the shamed Brent Corrigan and the studios involved with him as being an example of how the industry can exploit underage kids. He was immediately boo'ed and told to get off stage. As Corrigan and others nearly rushed the stage to confront him. But the attempt was immediately and abundantly obvious: He wanted to get his name in the press. Love him or hate him, you've got to admire the quick public relations genius he is... his name will be the name you read. In porn, you can't really get notice from paparazzi shots of your pussy hanging out as you get out of a cab. Instead, Lucas finds any controversy he can. Brent and company were very obviously irritated: he got up and went to get drinks and re-group.

Lucas later apologized for the statement on-stage and wanted it to be clear he wasn't attacking Brent, but rather the industry as a whole. The apology (in very broken English) fell flat. People were yelling, music was playing. You barely could understand his message. It seemed his final attempt to sealing that he'd make headlines.

AFTER THE SHOW: The after-party ended at 4:00am and back to the hotel, two police cars sat outside with cops inside. In the elevator two officers said "no" when asked if anyone was being loud or out of control, but offered not further information. A very drunk (messy) drag queen said, "Sounds like Michael Lucas got in fight". Now mind you, she was fidgeting with her panty hose (sort of pulling them down) and no one took her very seriously, but it sounds like that might have been "the arrest," wish we'd have asked more about what was going on.

BREAKING: Michael Lucas Twitters GayVN Run-In With Brent Corrigan's Boyfriend

BREAKING: Michael Lucas Twitters GayVN Run-In With Brent Corrigan's Boyfriend

Apparently Michael Lucas Twittered his crusade against Brent Corrigan before during and after the GayVN awards. Very soon we'll have first-hand coverage from someone who attended the GayVN and partied in the hotel where the alleged arrest went down... STAY TUNED! In the meanwhile, you can keep up with the Michael Lucas vs. Brent Corrigan coverage at the Lucas Vs. Brent QC news page.

BREAKING: Brent Corrigan Calls Lucas Release "Blown Completely Out Of Proportion"

Is this pic of Brent Corrigan's Latin boyfriend, the one that Michael Lucas said threatened him? Or is this some other guy and Michael Lucas has just blown a small argument "completely out of proportion?" Thanks to The Sword for the pic!

Brent Corrigan has made brief mention about his altercation with Michael Lucas on his blog promising more to come soon:

I am literally sitting in an airport as I write this, trying to get it off to all of you before I get home. I have many other things I would like to write about, but this post has been in the can for a few days now and I don't want to go out of order. On a completely unrelated note, I am pleased and very proud to share great news with all of you! I was awarded three accolades yesterday evening at the GayVN awards. I took home Best Bottom, Best Twink Film of 2009 and Best Professional Amateur Film.
The whole story is to come. For those of you who are catching wind of a minor altercation with Michael Lucas and my boyfriend - More to come on that very soon. At this time it is important that all of you know whatever anyone has said or writtten has been blown completely out of proportion. I have and will continue to conduct myself regarding the matter in a civil and respectable manner.

We'll keep you posted while doing some digging of our own.

BREAKING: Michael Lucas Has Brent Corrigan's Boyfriend Arrested For Threats Made After GayVN Awards


You may have heard that last night at the GayVN Awards that Lucas Entertainment President, Michael Lucas, rushed the stage to tell the audience "shame on you" for awarding Brent Corrigan, someone who put the industry at risk (so says Lucas) by shooting porn before he was of age. It seems like usual Michael Lucas "look at me!" press whoredom, designed to steal the spotlight from Brent and give himself some press. After all, far from "endangering the industry," only Cobra Films and Corrigan would have to answer for their crimes. Gay porn has a seedy image worldwide and Corrigan's underage flouting of the law seems but a single log thrown onto the already raging anti-porn bonfire. But Brent's illegal modeling and Lucas' outburst are only half the story.

According to a Michael Lucas press release issued today, the porn mogul may have made himself some enemies in the process as Corrigan's boyfriend threatened him afterwards, resulting in his arrest early this morning:

There is nothing new about my campaign against the honoring of Brent Corrigan. I took to the stage to speak out against nominating him, which was made very timely after for the ASACP was recognized for their child protection. In my speech, I said shame on those who nominated and awarded Corrigan. There should be no forgiveness for the companies and individual who put the industry in danger.
Let me make it clear right away that I have no personal vendetta against Brent—I've never even spoke to him. My purpose is to protect this industry fromjuveniles and set the standard rule for not accepting the risk they put us allin. We can not forget the crimes he committed because they are in the past. He is of age now—I get that but he could have put a lot of people in jail for hiscrimes to get where he is now. We can not let this precedent stand as a protocol for young boys looking to follow in his path.
During my call to action Corrigan's boyfriend rushed to the stage and started yelling insanely at me to get off the microphone. As I was leaving the theatre, several people were warning me to watch my back, as some overheard Corrigan's boyfriend making threats to my address. Among all the scattered lunacy, people were saying THANK YOU for having the courage to say what I did. I didn't see my statement as too heroic at that point. I simply exercised my right of free speech and I strongly believe in the importance ofmy message. The adult industry shouldn't award models who work when they're underage and forge their identification.
Conversely, and apparent in this occasion, speaking your mind can be dangerous. At the after party, Corrigan's boyfriend came up to me and bumped his chest against mine. I do not know the boyfriend's name but I know that it's not his ex Grant Roy. This guy was a buff Latin male that appears to be in his thirties. He then threatened that he was going to kill me and demand that we leave the club together immediately so that he could break my neck. The club's security swiftly came and separated him; he came back and told me that he will splash acid into my face, "which will be the end of your career." I called the police immediately when I reached the hotel and recalled to them what happened. The cops went to Corrigan's room, but the couple was still out partying elsewhere.
I called the police at 7:00 am, San Francisco time, as soon as I found out that they were back in their room (I simply called the room and Corrigan pickedup the phone). The police were there within ten minutes. They talked to Corrigan and his boyfriend for about twenty minutes, and then handcuffed the boyfriend and took him into custody.
Corrigan has a history of choosing violent boyfriends.During a 12-hour cross examination at the Kocis murder trial, Grant Roy, admitted to saying several times, he wanted to kill Kocis. So now, the new boyfriend was threatening to kill me. There's a certain pattern here. I was really impressed by the work of the police department. They were very professional and very polite. They were extremely concerned and worked fast and effectively. They asked me if I would be willing to fly to California in the case of a trial, and I said absolutely, as I don't take threats to my life very cavalier.
I've written about it and spoken about it for years, and I'm not about to stop any time soon. I think Mickey Skee asked me about the point of forgiveness for Corrigan. Not in my case, as I'm a producer and a company owner. It's my nightmare to have an underage performer with fictitious identification working for me. Does anyone want to go to jail for a defiant and impatient juvenile? I certainly don't, no matter how adorable the boy is. We should be protecting youth and protecting ourselves. There is no performer who is worth losing freedom for. Let's be strong in our dedication to take the cliché out of porn being an underground and dangerous business, which uses and abuses minors.
Also, whoever witnessed the threats and said events at the party, please contact me. I have witnesses now, but it's always great to have more.

We'll be reporting more as the story unfolds...



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