Brent Corrigan And Matthew Rush Commit Statutory Rape In New Safe Sex PSA

Fleshjack’s new posterboy Brent Corrigan and Matthew Rush have both shown their hard cocks in DC FUK!T’s ads before. And now they’re appearing in the same ad and breaking sodomy and statutory rape laws in the process; but they’re both cute, so shut up.
Coach Rush wants to teach young Corrigan a hard lesson in safe sex, but Corrigan already knows his stuff. Yet when it comes to putting that knowledge in action, the camera cuts away! What the—? We know the 1950s were way uptight, but what cock teases! Oh well, we still get a nice look at Corrigan’s delicious cock and Rush’s tight fuckable ass.
Plus, we also learned a few things along the way: 1) We should have failed a sex ed test to get our high school coach to show us his ass. 2) We gotta stop fucking with motor oil. 3) We uncut boys should pull back our foreskins before putting on condoms.
Wait a second…has anyone else heard of this rule? We’ve never done that and we’ve always gotten our nut off safely. Have we been playing an unwitting game of anal Russian Roulette? Anyone in the know please school us; we’ll show you our asses in return.

May 31, 2010 By paperbagwriter 5 Comments

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